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Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family. Explore the different strains below to learn which one is right for you.

Bali kratom is commonly known as “premium commercial” quality kratom. It is the most well known kratom on the internet.

Maeng Da has been historically used for various purposes, but many find its energizing, yet still relaxing, properties to be most the unique and beneficial.

Red Kratom strains feels a lot like a traditional kratom. They are highly regarded for their pain relieving attributes. Maeng Da is known as one of the best examples of a premium red strain.

White kratom strains generally have the full range of kratom alkaloids. As a result, these strains are regarded for their noted euphoriating, stimulating aroma. 

Green strains are notorious for their distinct ability to combine the pain relieving properties of a red strain with the energetic boost of a white strain. Bali is the most well known green strain.

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Many kratom extracts are a reformulation of a classic kratom strain. They are a potent alkaloidal extract of kratom thats reapplied to powdered leaf. This results in a significantly more concentrated version of kratom.


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  1. Courtney Meitz

    I just heard about Kratom. I have severe back pain, and several other pains naturally. I also have a lot of anxiety. Caffeine really effects me so I’m worried about being amped up, but I’m also susceptible to anything that “ may “cause drowsiness ( I’ll be out for 1/2 a day) I would love to try kratom because I hate the way Percocet makes me feel. I usually take on half at a time, which barely helps. I’m also fortunate to have a sensitive stomach. Yay for me .
    Can anyone help me figure out which kind and dosage to get? Please 🙏

    1. Danny

      I have been on 45mg. A day of oxycodone for 6+ years. Just started using Red vein Borneo a few days ago and the very first day I cut my oxy down to 20mg. a day. I use 2 tsp. dissolved in about 4-6 oz. of water or warm orange juice on is the best to mask taste. Will take 2-3 times a day.

    2. Gil

      For which ever kratom vein you choose, they all cause an opiate-like stimulating, yet relaxing effect. It’s that unique blend of euphoric awakeness and calming sedation. How it effects you, in particular, and considering your sensitivities, will be unique, so experiment. The only sensitivity you should be aware of is, again like opiates, nausea. So dive in with the starter dose of about 3g, or 6 capsules and build from there. For you, I recommend a more mood focused strain like Red Vein Thai. I prefer a mix of white and green veins and currently take about 10-12g (I am 215lb with high liver function and moderate tolerance) depending on my tolerance. Tolerance builds exponentially like opiates, so try to limit use to 2 days in a row then take a minimum of a day off. To avoid the nausea, find your correct dose and ingest very slowly – over an hour or two, or even better, slowly in first 2-4 hours over the beginning of the day. The plant peaks in roughly 1.5hrs, and lasts up to 6 hours after ingestion. Best way to ingest is through tea, it also allows you to add herbs reflecting your needs and sensitivities. Yerba Mate as a stimulant, chamomile as a sedative, and/or mint or ginger to help with nausea, but the kettle is your oyster – put whatever herbs help you the most right on in. I also like regional honey for allergies and sweetness. Put the ingredients in a pot and simply add scorching water. Kratom does not completely break down like other plants so scorching water and the kratom sits for an hour or more; you can add the other ingredients later as water cools down if need be. Boom Bang Pow you feel like oonst rockstar yaa?

  2. Judy

    I’ve been on pain meds for over 17 years off and on for chronic pain, back and neck. I have been prescribed high doses of OxyContin Er & Roxicodone for breakthrough pain.
    Now with the new opiate crisis.. now my insurance won’t cover the amount ‘s I’ve been prescribed and they require an authorization, plus the pharmacy now gets a say in what I can and can’t have…I’m really struggling with tapering down. I still work 40 hours every week, I’ve never heard of Kratom until now where some people are trying to sue drug companies. Crazy all of it. I’m just trying to function, work and not be struggling at home and work every day. Thanks for the information, but what would you suggest for someone like me.

    1. Sherish

      Hi I can tell you that I was in a wheelchair for 3 years and on intense amounts of oxycodone and dilaudid. Well they were tearing my stomach up and feeling like even the high amount wasn’t doing much I decided to try kratom. It is the most wonderful thing I have done for myself. I mean I’m outside doing stuff now. No side affects. If you start out and feel nauseous it’s just that you took to much . But once you get your dose right . You will feel great. And I’m finally going to the bathroom every day without having to sit there for hours . Please try this you won’t be sorry. If you are in Canada? Then I would suggest ordering from Canada kratom express. They have the best kratom at great prices and they also do COD so you can order it and it will come to the post office and they will hold it for you until you can come in and pay for it. Good luck my friend. You won’t be sorry 😊

    2. Jane

      I think the Green Maeng Da might be helpful to you. Along with Red Bali.

    3. Mark

      I’ve taken plenty pain killers in my time. I had more trouble with Tramadol than any and I’ve taken all of them. This stuff is a miracle for me. If the FDA takes this away from us they are just cruel. I don’t even want pills any more. I have no noticeable bad side effects from Kratom. It has helped with Anxiety and energy. The pain relief is where it has helped the most. I used to be in pain all of the time. I got so depressed taking Tramadol. Kratom has actually helped me to have normal bowel movements. I guess it has some type of good roughage in it. It has really turned my life around. I don’t feel that I’m a junkie any more. It dont give me that chemical medicated feeling. I can tell it is natural just by the way my body responds to it. I can only speak for me but I’ve struggled with pain med for 20 or so years and this is my miracle.

  3. Abby

    I am new to even hearing about kratom, but I need to find something to help my pain and keep up my energy. What is a good strand for me to start with? I am a 32 year old woman with 3 children and CML (leukemia). I have been having crazy bone and nerve pain that makes it impossible to sleep or even sit down sometimes. I take adderall to sleep (calms my mind enough so I can think about one thing at a time which allows me to cut it off and sleep) weird I know. They give me Percocet 7.5mg but I don’t like the feeling of being out of control or exhausted all the time. I suffer from migraines on top of this. I want to come off of all of my meds (besides chemo). I was counting on CBD but I have tried CBD and I get a massive headache, I tried using a thc/cbd pen and got the spins which made me nauseated. I was sad because I feel I’m running out of options. Any suggestions? I’m willing to try just about anything at this point….

    1. Sherish

      Hi sweetie ok it sounds like your tolerance level is very low and with the children you still need to be alert. I would suggest for the pain and headaches/nerve pain to get Red Bali and for energy and anxiety attacks I would suggest White Maeng Da. But you must start at a small dose . Take 1 gram of the Red and 1 gram of the White . You can get the measuring spoons from a dollar store or 1 teaspoon is 2 grams. Mix them together in a small amount of chocolate milk and chug it real fast. And chase it with chocolate milk. Now this tastes pretty gross like green tea on steroids! Lol. Ok if you find you feel nauseous just take a couple gravol about 30 minutes before you take the kratom and if the gravol makes you to tired then tell your doctor you can’t take gravol and that you would like Meteclorpromonide. It’s a very useful medication for people taking chemotherapy . It’s just for nausea it won’t hurt you. Good luck my friend. Oh if you order kratom and your in Canada. I would suggest ordering from Canada kratom express. They deliver it to your post office and you can pay at the post office when you pick it up COD. And they deliver in 2 days or less. You can also pay to have it delivered that day by airmail 😊

    2. Barbara Lavicka

      I just read your post and would recommend Jillian’s juice— you can look it up on internet or Facebook — it’s basically making your own fermented cabbage juice ( one cup shredded raw cabbage to one cup water to one teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt or Celtic gray salt because it has the minerals) put in a jar for 72 hours minimum then drink it — it’s a probiotic and alkaline boosts the systems immune and gives body a chance to start healing itself. Many people have benefited from it who are in situations similar to yours.

      1. Barry

        This has been debunked on the Dr Phil show. She was on there and proved it was nothing more than snake oil.

        1. Anon

          You sound like you work for a pharmacuetical company or at least a representative for one. Snake oil? Who says that anymore? What would be beneficial wise one? The money maker Suboxone or the life sentence of methadone?

          1. allan

            Amen brother. I would eat a turd to get away from pain meds . White mang di. Seems to be helping

        2. Angela

          You have no idea what you are talking about and neither does Dr. Phil!!!!

        3. cass

          DEBUNKED??? Dr. Phill is an idiot anyway…

    3. Aguywhocares38

      Your getting the Rhodes brand of Percocet aren’t you which used to be Perdue! The Percocet causes you to have crazy sciatic nerve like pain it’s insane and the side affect kicks in way later. Insane ! Let me guess medicaid or Medicare? Cvs? Which insurance which pharmacy ? It’s your Percocet generic ! It’s awful trust me it took me 2.5 years to figure it out ! Wean off with kratom and hopefully Xanax and get off of it . Or force it to be in name brand do not go to cvs or major drug stores I guarantee you are getting Rhodes Pharma manufacture. Now what you need to do is a metals detox ! Edta you can find the supplement on eBay 11.69$ ! It took me 1000s of $$$ and years of shaking like crazy in the morning not getting any sleep and yes same here Adderall stopped it same with Xanax but they are gunning for those generics too

    4. Charlie

      Abby, you take Adderall in order to sleep? I have never heard of this unless you have bipolar disorder and you don’t know it. Taking adderall and being bipolar will give you the opposite effect, e.g. stimulants make you drowsy/ alcohol giving you energy

      1. jimmy

        i agree with charlie, if i took an adderall before bed id be sorting my clothes by color at 4 am

      2. Rusty

        For those of us who actually have ADHD adderall calms us down. Take too much and it makes us plain out tired. Most people take it for the wrong reason. If you are hyperactive is has the opposite affect, it calms you down. A little education for you.

    5. Just Terry

      Kratom will be a wonderful experience. I don’t think doctors have a clue about how chronic pain affects people. I was in a car accident almost seven years ago and it did major damage to both shoulders and my right hip. I continue to suffer with horrible pain, but thanks to Kratom I am able to function – not well, but something is better than nothing. I use a walker or two canes to get around, but my mobility is very limited. Kratom has been a God send. It was hard for me to try it, but I am so glad I did. I was beginning to have thoughts of suicide because of the never ending pain. I use Maeng Da either white or green. I wish I could find more people to discuss what works best for their pain. I hope you try it, because I believe you will fine relief.

  4. Heidi

    I have had a chronic dry cough siin e Nov 2016. I have had allergy tests, chest X-rays, pulimonary tests, asthma medication to try and treat the cough. Nothing helps. Sleeping is my biggest issue. The only way I get sleep is if I take a opioid. Of course my doctor won’t prescribe so I have to resort to useing my family members. I did research and read Karatom night help. What I would like to know is what is the best type. Any help would be great.

    1. Kimberly

      Chamomile tea can help you with that dry cough and sleep. It is a natural intestinal relaxant that works on the throat through the intestines. Don’t boil it hard. You want to get the water hot enough to come close to starting to boil. If you get the water boiling hot the beneficial oils in the chamomile will be boiled off, leaving it very bitter and almost useless. It should have a fruity, sweet, clean green apple smell to it. The taste is pleasant. Add sugar or honey to taste. Honey also soothes a dry cough. I’m not sure what meds you’re on so always check with your doc and/or pharmacist for possible drug to herb interaction. I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist. I am a nurse and an herbalist but I’m not making any diagnosis or giving you medical advice. It’s a suggestion that has worked for many others as well as myself. Hope it helps you.

  5. David

    Ok so im a heroin addict and im trying to get off this shit its ruined my life and someone told me about kratom and i was wondering what type i should get ?

    1. Penny

      I hope you get this soon, and I hope you have tried kratom by now. I am a total drug addict..any kind of opiate I can get my hands on and the withdrawals are pure hell. Omg like “I want to die” awful..and then I tried kratom. It is effin awesome. I would try the Red is euphoric like opiates and relaxing like Xanax. It makes the agony go away! I hope you have tried it by now. Let me know if you email address is [email protected] and my name is Penny..I hope your feeling better

      1. Aguywhocares38

        Stay away from Rhodes Pharma brand of generic and cvs !!

    2. Cory Lyons

      There isn’t really a “tyoe” for specific situations. Everyone is different. Personally, I was on opiates for 8 years, had withdrawal a few times, so I know what it’s like. I tried a couple different kinds to find the one best for my spinal arthritis and ended up on Super Green malaysian. FOR ME, it was the most opiate-like strain and I was amazed at how it killed withdrawal AND pain (better than opiates on the pain front). I’ve used it for 5 years now, no dosage or tolerance increase and it’s made my life MUCH better. Just order a small quantity or a sample pack of different strains (almost every store has one or two) and find the one that works best. Start dosage on the low side and work up…if you get dizzy and sick to your stomach, you took too much. Took me about a month to get my dose right but smooth sailing ever since. I wish you the best of luck and hope this helps.

    3. rachael newman

      Red maeng da is usually what is the best for detox. I speak from experience. You might have to start off with a little larger doses but once you get 7-10 days under your belt you can cut down some and you will feel ALOT better 🙂 GOOD LUCK

      1. jimmy

        i am starting tomorrow with the red maeng da, i smoke around a gram a day of philly dope, wish me luck

  6. Tyler Durden

    All these comments make me feel extremely hopeful that kratom is my non-opiate pain answer. Thank you to everyone for posting their stories.

    1. Raquel

      What’s the best strain for Adderall withdrawal? I get conflicting information

  7. beachbum

    The head shop I use in Loveland Co. is cheaper then any on line outlets I have even those with free shipping.

    1. Pamela

      I live in Denver and would like to go to this store. Can you please tell me the name of it?

    2. Cindy Restivo

      Does your shop take online orders?

    3. Darin Allen

      Which shop in Loveland?

  8. emily

    Hey guys, I suffer from PTSD and serious anxiety. I’m a 5’10, 140lb female, which strain and how much would you guys advise? I’m looking for something to help me through my panic attacks. Doc gave me xanax but I have had problems with addiction in the past and am afraid to start taking it. Looking for a safer alternative.

    1. dankdaddy

      Kratom is mildly addictive and does carry some physical withdrawals but it’s not nearly as severe as the withdrawals from benzodiazepines or opioids. With all that said…

      I’d recommend using red veins for relaxation. I prefer the Maeng Da when I buy reds. Some green veins are good too although they are more energizing than the reds. Red Borneo is always a good one to start with. Good luck!

      1. Youknow

        Bullshit. If you have an addictive personality you will abuse krato m and the withdrawals ARE opiate withdrawals. See quittingkratom on Reddit.

        1. Sherish

          Bullshit to you. I was on oxycodone and dilaudid for 10 years and when I tryed coming off of them I thought I was dying. So I went from oxycodone and dilaudid to Kratom and then I stopped taking the kratom one day and I’m feeling fine it’s been 8 days and maybe a little headache but that’s it! Oh and don’t be rude!!!

        2. Laura Renata

          Thank you for your honesty. I have seen first-hand the negative effects of this DRUG.

    2. Joe Blöe

      Straight up red 20x will help a lot. I’m coming off xanx as well as tapering off the pain meds and I actually am able to do this thanks to this wonderful plant.
      Join online and local petitions to keep it legal!!! It’s needed for so many ways!***

    3. Kasey Rife

      100% Id say red vein thai, It is the MOST relaxing and anti anxiety strain I have taken. I also have anxiety and I combine 4-5g of this strain and another herb called “Kava Kava root” It is honestly bullet proof against anxiety.

  9. Elaine

    Hello and thank you for having this terrific site filled with your knowledge and,experience with kranom! I’m a newbie to Kratom and so is my husband. I have fibromyalgia along with back issues and need both knees replaced. I’ve been on opiates for a few years now and I’m tired of the struggle. Especially when I run low on my prescription and have to scramble looking for something to hold me over till my next prescription refill! Which Kratom strain acts more like an opiate and takes away pain without knocking you out? My husband has been taking Methadone for pain and wants to get away from that as well. Can you please help? We are forever grateful!

  10. Trina

    Hello I was told about kratom by my husband who was given som kratom from his friend so I looked it up and seen there’s different ones for different issue’s, now I smoke legalized marijuana and I sometimes can’t think and I’m looking for something to help with gathering my thoughts as we’ll as energize me and I have back pain and I breast feed so anyone know what kind of kratom is best for me???

    1. Yankee1

      Trina- I’ve tried 5 different strains, and, think that either Maeng Da or White Vein would be appropriate for you. They’re both uplifting and, have good pain killing properties. But, for God’s sakes, TREAD LIGHTLY using Cannabis and Kratom together!! I used both, and, I was utterly useless for quite a while…. I was overly sedated for sure. Usually, capsules are 600mg- I found that starting with 3 tabs is a good starting point. Just realize Kratom is not like Cannabis- it doesn’t “hit” for 30-45 minutes. DON’T do what I did at first, and, keep hammering down pills until “something happens”- BAD plan! Good luck!

    2. Manda

      Don’t breastfeed on anything!!!

      1. Coastalmom

        I have been using legalized cannabis and kratom for years. I have breastfed with both and had no change in supply and my children did not get ‘high’.
        So, please don’t preach about things you don’t understand.

        1. Matt

          Actually marijuana when pregnant isn’t bad but Mj when breastfeeding is highly linked to poor motor skill development and slowed learning in children. It doesn’t get them high, but it is 100% sent into the breast milk, it’s terrible to do. Strongly advise to stop. Mild smoking while pregnant (Mj) can be beneficial because of the reduced stress on the mother and in turn the baby but do some research on breastfeeding and Mj and you won’t do it anymore, not if you care about your children.

          1. EJ3000

            Do you have a link to these particular studies or are you just assuming that must be the case? I’m not so sure I agree with you. Nothing in cannabis to my knowledge has ever yet been shown to have permanent damage or retardation of any stage of human development or trait. In fact, many cannabiniods have been shown to function as neuroprotectants.
            Although it’s possible that a very young infants body may not yet be ready to process the natural compounds of cannabis in a beneficial way. Still, considering the human body has within it an endo-cannabinoid system, which means our bodies are literally primed to receive cannabinoid from our environment. Therefore without some proof, I find it hard to believe that anything in the cannabis plant can cause that kind of harm on any human body in the way you describe.
            Also, cannabis is self-regulating. If one infests or smokes too much, they will simply throw up. The pertinent question is, is this system fully active in babies, that is, can they vomit if they need to and will too much exposure to any cannabis material activate this response in them?

            Well, without getting the final word from some kind of medical expert, I would have to say I don’t see why not. Babies certainly vomit for other reasons, so why wouldn’t they be able to do so, if needed, in the case of accidental cannabis exposure over whatever limit they can normally accept?

          2. 420Daddy

            LOL! We’ve got 5 spectacularly healthy kiddos, and she didn’t quit smoking flower at all…stop giving advice.

        2. Todd

          Your awesome go to church preacher

        3. Sherish

          Ok so I will preach because I do know about this first hand . I totally believe that kratom is great for a person in chronic pain and pot . But kratom has been out longer than you think and my sister was taking it 7 months ago while smoking pot while she was breastfeeding. Her daughter seemed totally normal until she stopped breastfeeding and then shit hit the fan!! My niece started crying uncontrollably and dirhea. She was crying like she was in pain. We took her in when my mom finally told the doctor about the kratom and pot while breastfeeding and they did blood tests on my neice and found that she contained small amounts of the drugs from kratom and pot in my neice. They then had to get my sister to pump her milk and they mixed it with normal milk to wean my neice off. So I think your really childish and do not give a crap about your child if you cannot handle not taking kratom and pot until your done breastfeeding or put her on the bottle. But by the sounds of it it’s too late. Good luck with that screaming baby when you stop breastfeeding!

    3. Wtc

      Don’t breastfeed while taking kratom. Big no no.

      1. Sherish

        I totally agree! I love my kratom for my pain. I wouldn’t go without it. But I’m not childish enough to breastfeed while on it like those woman are saying. My god what are they thinking.??🤬

  11. Dan

    I have serious RLS which has only been manageable with opioids. Now, however, treatment is being denied due to Medicaire cuts, so I have the double challenge of going off 11 years use of methadone and tramadol and keeping the RLS as well controlled as possible at the same time. I will be able to go off the opioids and tramadol gradually but go off them I must and the RLS is of a killing level – it will allow no sleep at all if left untreated, so there is no choice about leaving it untreated. What variety of Kratom should I order? I am new to Kratom, so almost clueless, yet in a position where I have to jump right in.

    1. Yankee1

      My thoughts are with you – Opioids, in my opinion are THE most overprescribed drug on the market. Kudos for looking into Cannabis for some of your pain relief! As a recovering addict, I’ve found Kratom to be a Godsend- depending on the strain and dosage, you can go from “I’m a happy lump on the couch” to “I feel like cleaning the house.” Generally, the Red Strains are the most sedating, Maeng Da is typically the most uplifting/ energy producing. Usually, capsules are 600mg of powder- I’d start with 2400mg as you appear to have a tolerance to Opioids built up. One thing about Kratom- this isn’t like smoking a joint – it takes around 30 minutes for the effects to kick in. Also, I would give CBD a try (Google is your friend)…. helps when you have a pain flare up and need some quick relief. And, it’s got NO THC, so, it can be purchased online. Good luck!!

      1. Juniper

        Opioids are most certainly NOT overprescribed. That is part of the DEA’s panic-inducing propaganda. Many of us have a diagnosed pain condition that hasn’t responded to any other type of treatment. It is very difficult to get opioid treatment, and even when you do, the urine testing, etc, from the pain management docs is stringent. Please don’t tell someone suffering from severe chronic pain that his only effective treatment is being “overprescribed”. I think underprescribed is more accurate, and more barbaric.

        1. Celia

          They are extremely overprerscribed. You are not the one who has daily intense chronic pain that does not respond to many treatments. Opiates actually increase inflammation while only “numbing” your pain. That’s why you feel even worse once they wear off. Not to mention the numerous other severe issues they cause. Even death. I’ve suffered from chronic daily pain my entire life. Nothing has ever helped either. Dr prescribed pain meds and I became addicted. My pain not only intensified but it caused me to bed ridden. My pain was horrible before pain meds but after, I wanted to die. I started taking Kratom 2 years ago and I’m a completely different person. It saved my life. Not only has it decreased my pain but it helped with depression, insomnia, RLS, …. I can’t even list all the benefits. I only have to take it twice a day whereas the pain meds I was having to take more and more and more often. I got to the point I was taking 10 oxycodone 30 mil a day. The difference in Kratom and opiates, Kratom is a plant, pain meds are man made in a lab. Everyone on pain meds are skeptical before they try Kratom. “Ohh this isn’t going to help my pain. Nothing but pain meds helps”. I seriously suggest you try Kratom before you say pain meds are the only thing that helps. Then you will realize that pain meds are definitely overperscribed. It’s sickening.

        2. Aaron

          I’ve seen a study about using oxycodone in conjunction with a microdose of an opiate antagonist, naloxone, and I mean a very small dose of naloxone. It was showing the difference in tolerance with and without the naloxone. In the study baseline, patients reported taking oxycodone for only three days before their subjective pain level became higher than before they started taking anything. The only time their pain level would go down was about 45 minutes after dosing and the rest of the time they were more miserable than they were without medication. The point of the study was that adding about .2 milligrams of naloxone with every dose (to cycle the oxycodone off the opiate receptors, I suppose), kept the subjective pain levels much lower. But to me the striking part of the study was the fact that oxycodone almost immediately starts doing more harm than good, but patients apparently become addicted so quickly that they can’t see the forest for the trees…. Oxy, and morphine, etc. are clearly not helpful for long term pain control, but pharmaceutical companies push things they can sell more of, and addicted patients aren’t going to argue. And then there’s the doctors, who sat in classroom lectures for a few years and think they know better than both the people who responsibly use and those who have had their lives ruined by it. Some will shovel it out for a toothache, some want you to take Tylenol for an amputation. The whole system of control is absurd. Now you have Kratom, which affects the same receptors and causes similar withdrawal, and nobody is getting hurt by it to speak of, any more than they are hurt by caffeine addiction. The DEA and the FDA are freaking out about it because supposedly 15 or 50 people have died, depending who you ask, and more people will die in the next few years from tripping over fat dogs, but nobody will suggest banning Corgis. Its so obvious that the whole system is solely designed to push pills and make money for Perdue and the other drug companies. How else can a company make 15 or 20 dollars off a single dose of morphine, when the same dose can be found in it’s natural state on a poppy plant for about a nickel? By making the drug illegal. And anyone who wants to can go to a clinic and get signed up for the mother of all moneywasting, timewasting, superpotent man-made addictions available, methadone. Only 4 or 5 grand a year. And these addicts are so exhausted from struggling with prohibition that they are grateful for it. I guess my point overall is that the only way to help people is to educate them about medicine and keep the government and big business as far away from it as possible. Otherwise you just get scarcity, methadone clinics, outrageous drug prices and misinformation, with no effect on the number of users whatsoever…

        3. tammy

          So true.

      2. Celia

        I agree with you 100%!!! They give them out like candy just so you will have to keep coming back to get more.. herbs heal. Pills kill.

    2. C hilbert

      I also have severe RLS and was on ropinirole, then gabapentin to wean off the ropinirole. But gabapentin can cause rapid weight gain, I gained about 8 lbs in two months even though my appetite was down. I then switched to 1mg clonazepam and begin using kratom to help me wean off clonazepam. I’m down to .5 mg clonazepam using 1.5 – 2 g of kratom about an hour before bed. I sleep well with no RLS symptoms. In another few weeks I’ll quit taking Clonazepam and use only kratom

      I’ve been using red Borneo, red bali and red hulu, they work!

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