With Kratom, Quality Is Everything

How a vendor markets their kratom is a good indication of the level of confidence they have in their own product. If a vendor emphasizes low price, you can be assured you’re buying a low quality product. If a vendor markets kratom as a “legal high”, they’re demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of how kratom works, not to mention a disrespect for the plant. It would be no surprise if a vendor marketing kratom as an “opium alternative” would be caught selling unnatural adulterated kratom.

Packaging is also an indicator. You don’t buy quality kratom in ziplock bags. I don’t know about you, but neon-colored trucker-speed style packaging doesn’t scream “quality” to me. Some large wine manufacturers sell everything from high end pinot noir to “bum wine” – and it’s reflected in their choice of labeling. Some people like cheap wine, but there’s no room for cheap kratom. A kratom vendor who has respect in their product will reflect that in their packaging. 

Kratom Science Tip: Various kratom products have started appearing in head shops across the United States. They either come in a bag of powdered leaf, or more commonly in a package of capsules. The capsules are sometimes just powdered leaf, in which case they may barely be enough for a small dose and likely cost upwards of $20.

When they do contain extract, often it’s a weak extract requiring in some cases every capsule to be consumed to get any effects.

Recommended Vendors

High Quality Ground Leaf

Experience counts. Anyone posting about kratom online will surely be inundated with offers from Indonesian suppliers – none of whom are vetted for quality or safety. Unlike many “pop up” vendors, Get Kratom has been in business since 2007 and is well established. They have high quality kratom at affordable prices, and reliably ship same day. Their customer service and support is also top notch and the staff are very familiar with the products they carry.

Ensure that you are buying from a trusted source

As the kratom industry grows, big business kratom vendors want to sell massive amounts of kratom. In any industry, a large economy of scale sacrifices quality. Think Olive Garden vs. an independent family owned Italian restaurant. Think Budweiser vs. craft beer. Small, experienced vendors who buy kratom by the box instead of the truckload can assure that each package contains the best quality product, and quality isn’t sacrificed on the assembly line for maximized profits. Get Kratom is a small Pittsburgh business with over a decade of experience in the kratom world.

Shipping speed is also a factor if you don’t want your kratom sitting in a hot delivery truck for weeks on end. All kratom powder from Get Kratom is tested to ensure naturally occurring alkaloid content, free from contaminants, adulterants, or heavy metals common in lower quality kratom. They also go the extra mile to pack their product in vacuum sealed, moisture-barrier bags that ensure freshness.

Kratom Capsules and Tablets

For some, kratom powder is a hard pill to swallow. Luckily there’s a great source for high quality kratom capsules and tablets. Also tested for contaminants, heavy metals, and alkaloid content, Nectar Leaf offers the highest quality kratom in capsule and tablet form on the market. You’ll find a large variety of extracts from the speedy ISOL-8 to the famous Gold Reserve capsules. While extracts are available in easy to use 00 capsule form, they offer some of the more popular ground leaf such as Bali, Maeng Da, and Red Vein Kali capsules in both 00 and 000 capsules.

Ensure that you are buying from a trusted source

It is important to do your research and learn about how to approach kratom responsibly. Vendors are often unable to answer questions about particular strains so we encourage you to seek advice from others on forums such as this one. There is a growing field of research available on the effects of kratom.

It’s also the case that the head shop employees know little of kratom, marketing it as a sexual enhancement pill (which it’s actually pretty poor at).

Online vendors, on the other hand, are forced to compete more on quality, especially with the wide range of forums critiquing the quality from various vendors. They have a reputation to maintain, and are forced to compete with all the other online vendors, whereas headshops often have little local competition.

The only downside to online vendors is that they must sell kratom as “not for human consumption” due to it not being approved by the FDA and on their Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list.

Headshop employees have the luxury of being able to just tell a customer about how to consume it, but online stores tend to be weary of this risk. This in no way means that kratom is unsafe, but it often confuses customers.

Have more questions about kratom? Find Out More About Ground Leaf Kratom OR Kratom Capsules and Tablets.

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  1. Vanessa

    I live in Louisville KY 😣 where can I purchase this product

    1. drifter

      Here’s a great reliable vendor

  2. Mr Mikael Smith

    Hi friend,

    What is the strongest Kratom powder in terms of
    stimulation, euphoria and pain relief ?

    Thanks for your help !

    1. Betsy

      I would say a good Red Vein Thai or supereme or royal Indo.

    2. Michael Smith

      It’s not stimulation. It is motivation. Your heart rate will not increase when you take kratom

  3. john wickard

    need price list

  4. Mindy Aptheker

    The worst state I’ve lived in is Indiana. I’m there now. Been here for almost a year. For Twenty years I lived in Florida and was treated by a very reputable pain management gruop. The opiate laws. Started getting ridiculous bout 2010. People couldn’t fill their prescriptions, doctors were frustrated. When I moved up here my husband and I had no clue how poor healthcare is here. Or the DEA s ruling up here. I had to also go through valium withdrawal after 30 years of use. No one ,not even a hospital would offer helping me with the dangers of withdrawal. It was sheer hell for 6 weeks ,I thought I wasn’t going to live thru it. Finally as I was able to see a family Dr. He saw what a mess I was. He ordered a low dose of clonzepam,which I take daily . I was just turning 61and I thought my heart was gonna give out. Tis medical community wouldn’t have cared. DON’T MOVE (ESPECIALLY HERE) or anywhere Without CHECKING THE DRUG STATUS. NOW We are dealing with kratom being banned in this godforsaken xx idiotic state. I live in a college town that’s very different from any other place in this state. BLOOMINGTON. I’M LIVID WITH IT ALL.

    1. Michael Smith

      Hi also take clonazepam if you take clonazepam and Kratom at the same time. The Kratom will not work. If you do not get anything done around the house it is because you’re taking the clonazepam it’s extremely addictive I take it also but only when I have a panic attack or I can’t slow my brain down I need to take it to sleep.

      1. Melissa

        Hello! I saw your post and I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I am planning to start taking Kratom soon. I have been on high dose of pain meds for several years and I’m just over the whole “game”. Anyway , I am prescribed Klonopin as well but, like you , I literally only take when necessary… for anxiety . It’s also a low dose 0.5 mg. So, in your post , you state that Kratom will not work in conjunction with Klonopin …. is this due to a physical factor as in how it is chemically processed or do you just feel that it would somewhat “cancel “ out the effects of the Kratom ? If you can elaborate on this, I would appreciate it. Thank you for Any Info you can provide me . Feel free to email me as well. Thanks !!

      2. ea

        what are you talking about? Been on clonazepam for 15 yrs and have used kratom on/off entire time, stop spreading BS “it won’t work” Maybe understand the drug you’re addicted to before talking about it to others???

        Clonazepam is a benzo which acts as anti anxiety, this also produces a downer effect and is similar to drinking alcohol. making other drugs/medications you take less “powerful”, it’s still working, trust me. This is EXACTLY WHY kratom deaths are reported a lot because people like you mix 2 downers, think they don’t work, keep doing more, and OD…

        Anyways…no matter what you take/do while on clonazepam it will act the same way. It potentiates the effects of the clonazepam at lower doses, which is why you seem to feel nothing (similar to being drunk and not realizing how drunk) which is also why benzos/alcohol are interchangeable and have similar pharmacology makeup.

        So if you want to take kratom and feel the FULL effects while on a benzo, it’s simple. You just increase your ONE TIME dose amount, dont keep redosing. Just will need a higher amount than normal people is all, there is NO way to “block” a kratom high. even opiate blockers can be broken through as well, just all about dosing.

        1. shelley christian

          I’m not so sure of your statement on not being able to block a Kratom High?(ER)I believe persons initials who made statement replying to.
          Like I said in prev.post yesterday Jan4th 2020 I took large amount of White and Red each from different vendors thinking maybe it was their product?But take Adderral and KLONOPIN both for years (severe ADD)and I tried this Kratom as a trial for daughter who is debating trying Kratom for withdrawal but afraid won’t work.Now I’m having doubts but then have read EVERYONES POSITIVE STORIES.But I felt NOT ONE THING!!!!
          good or bad just no effects!!Started with probably 6g.and 15 minutes later added 6-8 more grams.Felt NOTHING maybe little nausea but afraid to keep increasing.
          Can ANYONE explain WHY I felt nothing?EUPHORIA,ENERGY,TIREDNESS,SICK just something???and actually this was 2nd time I tried with different Red and White from different headshop with NO OUTCOME?
          I still want to try for my daughter,will do anything if chance to get her off drugs and she doesn’t take any other scripts.I live in OKC area legal still in OKLA.but want a Co.if anyone knows of reputable Co.to buy from or online Co.but want to know it has VG REPUTATION?
          Thanks and f anyond can explain why It had NO effect with me?????

      3. Shelley A Christian

        I don’t know what person in post 2 down but I take ADDERRAL and KLONOPIN took KRATOM to see how it felt my daughter getting ready to try it to detox off Heroin but scared it won’t work.
        I didn’t tell her but took a lot of white then red felt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Now I’m wondering I had high hopes for her? But now unsure I didn’t tell her but hoping it was those meds???
        I took probably 12 grams at least felt NOTHING!!If someone can explain please do.

    2. MJ

      I’m so sorry. Why did you move there It sounds horrible.
      If there going to get rid of Kratom. I say you better move or stock up or if you have a friend they can get it for you or you can get it online. I’ll give you my email address and if you are in need of some I’ll be more then happy to get you some. Hang in there and let me know what happens take care
      Sincerely a Friend
      [email protected]

  5. Jeremy

    To much water,to much vitamins, to much of anything can and will kill you. I watched documentaries on a man that so much water it killed him of water intoxication. Same thing with a woman took to many vitamins every morning she died from over toxification . so I support kratom 100%!!!!!!!!… If it was not for kratom I would had never gotten clean from heroin and methadone!!!. So here is my pledge to keep kratom legal. I tried everything the doctors gave to no avail what so ever!.. Kratom blows pharmaceutical medication away!.. Yes on kratom . thank you.

    1. Tim

      Can I purchase it in Wisconsin

      1. Chemist4Hire

        No because wisconsin made Kratom a Schedule 1 substance within their state.

        Which is very dumb considering its a harmless plant that can’t kill anyone and it’s not addictive like anything on the schedule list.

        For a substance to be added to the CSA Controlled Substance Act of Scheduled Substances list it must be similar to the substances on the list, have no medical use whatsoever, have a very high potential for abuse.

        to be a schedule I substance like they made it there:

        and it meets none of those requirements.

        In fact a DR. and 1471 Doctors, Scientists, and Chemists did several 8 panel tests and studies showing it’s not dangerous, not addictive like a controlled substance should be. and that it doesn’t meet the requirements of CSA requirements!

        Look here for more information:
        Look at Petitions and sign all 3.
        then check Facts and Science section. Tests and Studies

      2. T

        I am about to detox off of methadone on my own using kratom for getting through the worst of the withdrawals can you tell me where you got your kratom and what strain? Dosage etc?

    2. Chemist4Hire

      yes anything has a LD/50
      but Kratom does not cause respiratory depression so it’s not possible for anyone to die from the Plant alone.

      if you take 7-hydroxymitragynine and extract that alkaloid and refine it further otherwise synthesizing it then you can kill someone with it. if anyone even got close to 1/100th of the LD50(lethal Dose at 50%) for Kratom in its Regular plant powder/leaf form, then they would Vomit all of it out before dying.

      1. Michael Smith

        6 capsules is 5 grams 1 tablespoon. If you take too much kratom you will either throw it up or go to sleep.

      2. Michael Smith

        No one has ever died from taking LSD they have only died when they’ve done stupid things while they were taking LSD LSD was originally designed for depressions by psychiatrist. Small doses eliminate depression.

    3. Michael Smith

      The canola oil in all the fast food restaurants you eat at is highly toxic. The FDA approved it in the 1980s I think it was 88. It’s made from the plant called rapeseed Farmers like to grow it. Because it’s pest-resistant. Insects thanks it’s poisonous. The FDA thanks it’s okay for us all to die slowly. Another FDA-approved item for consumption is ethyl glycol. It is the number one ingredient in antifreeze. All alcoholic beverages with sweeteners in it are using antifreeze as a sweetener. The FDA does not care that we’re dying as long as they’re collecting a prophet. You can find all this information out for yourself on the internet use a couple different search engines you will find many things. Another thing about the canola oil I’m sure you probably heard of mad cow disease about 20 years ago. They discovered it wasn’t a disease it was the canola oil in their feed this is a fact. If you eat at a fast food restaurant you were killing yourself I’m not exaggerating

      1. Michael

        you are crazy! stop giving wrong information! what is wrong with you?

        1. Lynne Ploetz

          Michael you don’t know what you are talking about and for sure don’t know how to spell. The FDA wants to earn a PROFIT, not a PROPHET!!!!!!

    4. Eugene

      Right on Jeremy! I’m proud of you brother, for kickin’ the heroin. Thank you for your inspirational comment.
      I, too, am coming off of years of the headache meds (Fioricet) and muscle relaxants. Most Red Vein I’ve taken has been 6 capsules. How much did you take to get off of H?

      1. Tiff


    5. Candy

      Thank you for your positive feedback! I have been on opiates, methadone etc. currently prescribed suboxone which haven’t took in over a month because been using heroin in low doses! A friend told me Green Malay Kratom worked for her, but I also have liver failure and trying to get on transplant list and what I’m doing now, will surely put a stop to that! I have suffered horrible vomiting and muscle cramping in the past! My body doesn’t absorb vitamins normal or eliminate toxins properly without meds! Can anyone please help me with what Kratom will work for me with withdrawal and if it will hurt my liver further! Thank you for your help!

  6. Cynthia Johnson

    I am SO confused! I’m a 61 year old female on SSDI as of March 2017. I have spent the last four years in a war on chronic pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis. I started weaning off the opiates about a month before the Feds mandated that all opiates were being stopped, even for chronic pain patients. I’ve been waiting for medicinal cannabis but also have onset of COPD and my state won’t be offering edibles, conundrum for mornings especially. A couple of months ago I ran into a FB fellow who swore he had 100% pure Kratom, sold me Buy 2 Get 1 Free Maeng-da strain ozs…at $150 total. I don’t know why I thought it was a deal, I’m finding I should have done my homework first because even afterward and because he was in a bind, I sent him $300 and got 9 ozs. I’m seeing that was STILL a rip-off! He says to use 2 tbsp/dose. It is sickening sludge! So I bought the largest gel caps and take 16 for a dose, they last 3 1/2-4 hours. In only two weeks, I’ll be off all opiates, the Kratom has helped immensely but my concern is that I cannot intake 16 capsules and 2 20-oz. bottles of water first thing in the morning, when I’m in my worst pain. Can you PLEASE advise the best strain for chronic pain, the easiest method of intake (for a.m. especially) and which product you have that will help my chronic pain? I’m on SSDI, I’ve wasted enough $, this will be my main path forward and I need reliable assistance and true honesty, good product, fair prices..HELP please?

    1. Chemist4Hire

      you need to find online vendors that sell gummys or edibles of c02 extracts. basically you eathier take a chewable tablet that is one dose or gummys which one gummy would be anywhere from 10-20 grams in one single gummy of red vein.

      red veins specifically bali or borneo which is indonesian region of southeast asia are the best opiate like strains for pain and withdrawals i also hear Mengda is great for pain as well. and greens for energy.

    2. John Zunich

      Oh I forgot to mention that if you have lung problems try the superheated air or steaming way of getting your thc. I do not smoke but it sure seems like a clean way to get it inside your lungs. No smoke just steam. zunich

    3. Justin Carter

      For pain use pretty much any red. I use the Red Bali and have great success.

    4. Kathy

      By the way, I’m starting with Maeng Da for morning and afternoon and Red Bali for night time.

    5. Florencio Cabrales

      What I do i put a teaspoon inside a coffee cup. While my Keurig Kcup is brewing I stir it when finished than I pour creamer. Let me tell you that teaspoon with hot water Intensifies The kratom effect. The white Maeng Da is great for am and Red Bali at night. Hope this helps.

  7. Alison Brennen

    Does anyone have a suggestion for buying Kratom in Canada? I would really appreciate some guidance.

    1. Michael Smith

      Botanical kratom in Canada. Quality is good overpriced maybe not for you if you’re in Canada good luck

  8. mike purcell

    just saw the site,i am 68yr old vet recent lumar fusion.typical v,a. littie to no pain relief. and never enough, i need something now long tern,will it help/

  9. Scott Wright

    Fight for your right against DEA. They are a corrupt organization who want to make Kratom illegal because it cuts into their profits of keeping people addicted to opiates. People may say they are concerned about people and the illegal pill drug trade. This is what they use as a screen to pass their drug scheduling laws but to cut every veteran and citizen off from pain medication like they are doctors is a disgrace and a lie. They are stopping doctors from prescribing the needed amount per patient needs and bundling everyone into a single drug addict basket. They say people are overdosing killing themselves, the data is so scewed. There have been more suicides by doctors who have lost their practices from the DEA because of their evil, greedy, disgusting agenda. Also there have been a substantial increase in suicides from patients who just can not live in agony any longer and quality of life has diminished to laying in bed. Their real intentions are to have people by their illegal opiate products they have seized from drug traffickers. They have 100 of millions of tons in humidity temperature controlled environments. I know because I used to work for a government contract company storing these horrible allicite drugs. Well if this stuff was being held for legal prosecution cases, then one must ask themselves do they need to preserve these drugs under such costly conditions to prosecute someone? No, they do not! They need to keep the product quality maintained for as long as possible for when they are ready to send it out in the streets they can command top dollar and make as much money as possible. They also know if you have the best, the faster it moves. The better the quality the faster people get addicted. The size, quantity, quality of the stuff the government has in storage is absolutely mind blowing. They have scientist who test these products and the stuff that doesn’t pass quality control is incinerated. Why wouldn’t they incinerate all of it if they never planned on redistributing it back out on the streets for public consumption. So are they truely worried about us as potential drug users/addicts? They count on it! Write your politicians and let everyone know their true intentions and put a stop to this corrupt government who has been abusing us and its powers way to long! We are not your pons to finance your black budget projects!! God bless America

    1. Michael Smith

      Something else you need to know the drug companies are now adding narcan to other opiate medications which means you have to take more than you used to to get it to work narcan is what they give people who have taken over doses of something. They’re getting richer the pharmaceutical companies that is and pretending to try to help us it’s all a lie the FDA needs to be sued and if I were rich I would sue them I have lots of evidence of stuff they have done and approved that are toxic. do not eat fast food every time you eat fast food you are eating toxic chemicals

    2. Michael Smith

      It’s not the DEA responsible for the few States that it is illegal. the DEA decided they wanted nothing to do with it and turned it over to the FDA. FDA! Each state that’s illegal has a pharmaceutical company. The FDA is corrupt they’re taking bribes from many different corporations and industries to approve things that will not harm us in small doses people tell that to the people that have been drinking fireball Cinnamon whiskey. The sweetener in the whiskey is called ethyl glycol. The main ingredient I’ll repeat this the main ingredient in antifreeze. fireball Cinnamon whiskey is the number one drink on college campuses in the United States it’s been banned in many European countries

      1. Lynne Ploetz

        No they aren’t. Please stop ranting on about things that are false. I think by now people know you are ignorant but please give it up. Antifreeze is polyethylene glycol–not ethyl glycol.

        1. steven brockman

          Both of you are idiots anti freezes have either propylene glycol or ethylene glycol and there are a few consumables that use them !!!! You should shut up if you dont know what you are talking about !!!! And while i 100 percent agree that big pharma is corrupt i still would not say anything i am not sure about !!!!! Kratom saved my life and i wwill advocate for it til death which will be a lot longer thx to Kratom !

          1. Mark Klouda

            It is October 2020you still cool with kratom. I am just now thinking about it long time addict heroin crack.

  10. marina reisher

    my son wants to start on kratom because of very hard methadone detox, i would help him get it, yet how one knows if it is pure?

    1. melanie

      Yes Marina and it will help him. Any red kratom will help him feel better quickly. I would get the capsule form as he may suffer nausea from the methadone withdrawal.

      1. Yogie

        Yes I need to use Kratom and get of this opiod hell

  11. Hitching Post

    The Hitching Post Campbellton FL and they know what they are talking about. Well informed top shelf product.

  12. Robb

    I’ll be ordering some Kratom within the hour. Just read an article publish at 12:01 Am, October 5, 2016 which was 3 & 1/2 hours ago. The article can be found here: http://townhall.com/columnists/jacobsullum/2016/10/05/the-deas-contrived-kratom-crisis-n2228023
    One main point the article makes is that the DEA had Kratom placed on the Schedule I list, this is not good. Once the Government gets involved things get AFU !
    Looks like the DEA is very interested in Kratom. I tend to think this is not good for us. Each time our Government declares something to be illegal it creates an opening for organized crime to get into.
    Buy some Kratom, Go in Peace and may the force be with you.


    1. Christine

      In the beginning of big pharma their first lie, was water bathing was bad. Then it was keep oranges a secret! It gets a little fuzzy, there is Lobelia inflata they called poison, it’s not, it is a puke weed, not a posion, very healing body purge… and if you take too much you wont die you might not feel to well if you take too much. Licorice root, comfry… And anytime big pharma starts to lose some change they make us pay or try.
      It would be so cost effective if our doctors could scribe us medicanal herbs, wild flowers(weeds), roots, bark, excetra. But we might live to long & big pharma might get mad & then we might not live to long after all.
      We have to stick together and educate, hopfully not retaliate. I have not tried Kartom yet i tried to order, but site i chose & my phone are repealing each other, so i guess i have to get a phone number.
      I will sign whatever to support our botanicals. I really wish it wasn’t sold like pot, i never bought that. We just grew it back in the day. That is what i saw a place to buy plants but i lost it, this Valley does not make a good cell connect.
      Together we stand. Need to stop oxy. Peace out.

    2. Michael Smith

      The DEA try to make it a schedule 1 drug. The states that were successful and making it illegal have pharmaceutical companies. the DEA was unsuccessful at making it illegal so they turned it over to the FDA the FDA is the one responsible for approving or disapproving the kratom. I wonder what a couple million dollars will two from the pharmaceutical companies given to the head of the FDA would sway his decision. Our entire country is corrupt

    3. steven br

      I am stocking up !!! And thats whay everyone should do !!!! If it becomes illegal i qill have a supply for years !!! And as much as i would want to help if illegal i wont sell or share i aint goin to prison for it !! People yall need to pay attention and see whats going on and stock up now !!!!! Kratom is a life saver until the gov. Gets involved !!! The the drig lords take over and its all f’d up and people start dieing !!!! Sucks but thats the way of the world!!!!

  13. Rich

    FUCK the law.
    Our God given right to consume natural products TRUMPS laws born of greed and corruption.
    The DEA can kiss my ass. And the FDA can shove their rules up their ass!

    Now, where can I find Kratom in S Fla? ANYONE?

    1. Frank

      I agree about our God given right, listed in the Bible, to use plants for ourselves. I just wanted to mention that the schedule 1 ban happened under Obama’s watch. I truly think we have hope if we work very hard to educate the public and our Congressman. Also, write Trump! First Lady really dislikes ph companies,so we should try reaching her as well. Each and every one of us who takes krtm has a responsibility to inform our politicians about kratom and ask for it to remain legal, or it will be rescheduled next year, 2018. Here is a very helpful article written in April of 2016, before the Schedule happened, saying this herb has “excellent potential” for treatment. http://speciosa.org/mississippi-study-on-kratom-and-addiction-christopher-r-mccurdy/ Here is another article written way back in 2013 showing that Ole Miss knew kratom had great potential in medicine before the 2016 ban in fall. This shows how corrupt the FDA and DEA are. https://news.olemiss.edu/new-hope-for-addicts/ Make a decision to fight this fight EVERY DAY, even if you just drop a letter in the mail to Trump/Congress.

    2. Michael Smith

      It’s not the DEA they turned it over to the FDA

  14. Scott

    You can get Kratom local in Austin, TX at Austin Vape and Smoke. The staff actually knows what they’re talking about there, which was helpful when I first got into it.

  15. al morales

    this product has helped me over come my addiction to opiates addiction.
    don’t know where i would be with out it

    1. Amy

      What strain did u use? I want to get some for my opiate addiction, as well. But, want to purchase the correct format of it. Is it better in pill form?

    2. Gennie Kendra

      I’m thinking of buying to get off. Any info that will help

    1. Jim

      Done. God, how I hate the laws of Florida…

      1. DoinTimeOnEarth

        the laws Everywhere, unfortunately! 🙁

  16. eric acres

    My name is Eric Acres and I can offer merchant services for Kratom business. If you currently need an account or want to setup a backup account in case your money gets held up, contact me and we can get the process going right away.

    Eric Acres
    [email protected]

  17. Tom Spollen

    I live in Richmond Va. Are there places to get “non- head shop varieties” near me? I would order it online. But the people I live with are scared of me having anything of this nature sent to the house. (It’s their house- I’m renting.)

    1. Lois

      You can always get a private mailbox. In our area there is PostNet and some storage places. have PMB. Your address is then the address of wherever the box is. Good luck, cause this Kratom does work. I only need 2 grams, two or three times a day. I am starting out very slow.

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