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Here at Kratom Science, we receive daily comments detailing how kratom has helped people recover from drug addiction and injury, and manage chronic pain, painful diseases, depression, and anxiety.

We felt it was important to compile these testimonials in one place as part of our Kratom Stories series. If you would like to be interviewed for this series, email Brian at [email protected]

These are just a tiny fraction of the people who were helped by kratom, just part of the reason to #FollowTheScience and #KeepKratomLegal

I suffer from pancreatic disease, put on hospice, and it Hurts. Daily. Bad. Functioning at 3% they say as they stare at me like I’m hiding a big secret still functioning as I do…I stare flatly back and just say, “Take it up w/ God!” Being a patient w/chronic pain and knowing that the pain is not going to go away, is just an awful, horrible thing to live with. We try to be positive though don’t we?! If only they could walk a block in our shoes!! I’m Sure you all understand, that’s why we’re here right?! Anyway, I had Enough!! I fired hospice. I had hydromorphone iv flowing through my veins…I couldn’t stay awake, I could get six extra doses and hour prn, (yeah, I pushed that button!) Yet, of course, I felt worse than ever. Poison. Yeah, I felt poisoned. Couldn’t stay awake, carried a bag around w/ me like a purse w/ the pain meds in it everywhere, it was connected internally in my body! Real fun showering like that!!

Not! So I finally said “Enough!” After hospice kept coming in here every other day looking @ me like, “Aren’t you Dead Yet?!” So I fired hospice, got the iv out- WHOA!! Even trading that for 18, 8mg. Dilaudid pills per day w/ 8, 10 mg. Hydrocodone, AND diazepam, I Still hit withdrawal hard!! FNA Man! I couldn’t believe it! (Mind you, I’m still being told I’m gonna die soon) Soooooo, Sorry, I wasn’t gonna write this long, guess it’s a purge. So Thank You For This. Anyway, I am OFF the dilaudid, the vicadin, and so far the diazepam, AND………I’m Still Alive!! Kratom comes From Heaven And Heavenly People! God Bless You All!! We Can Do This! Together…

– Joy

Green maeng da!!!! I have fibro[myalgia] and fatigue bothers me way more than pain most days. Like, can’t-move-or-think-straight fatigue. This stuff gives me focused energy, like a wide-eyed clear-headed feeling, not at all an “affected feeling”, so I’m even comfortable using it before work. I use a very small dose in tea. Green bali relaxes my muscles and lets me sleep on days I can afford to. What a life saver!

– Angela

I don’t really have an extensive story. It’s was simply a matter of desperation. I magically tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder while in the hospital with my wife shortly after my son was born. The pain was unbearable and excruciating, especially holding my son. I wasn’t having this, and it was a pain that, at its worst, neither ibuprofen or acetaminophen would touch (or even a 15mg oxycodone, to my surprise). I had known about Kratom as my brother was an enthusiast, but never really found the allure myself. Finally, I broke down and grabbed some, and the difference was immediate. It’s not by any means a cure all, At least not for inflammation in my experience, but I would advise this over many pain meds that will get you hooked.

– Matthew

Kratom is a miracle plant and has enhanced my life tremendously. I no longer need anti-depressant’s for anxiety issues. I am “freed” from the ball-and-chain of pharmaceutical drugs. Also my the evening glasses of wine are a thing of the past. Since I have found kratom it seems my immunity system has benefited as I don’t get sick anymore (knock on wood). It also enhances my mental focus, which is critical at my job. I am exposed to multiple viruses working in a hospital and its amazing how, if I do feel any cold or flu symptoms, they quickly go away so any potential germs cant get a hold on me. What the FDA is trying to do is ban kratom for its own personal agenda, mostly greed. Due to the latest kratom “craze,” it has cut into huge profits of the pharmaceutical companies, which they were becoming very accustomed to. Everybody going off their meds now, prescribed by doctors. Money being lost here. The government hates this! I don’t have any negative side-effects from kratom at all, except constipation. Yes, I do admit I am addicted, but I am also “addicted” to insulin, blood-pressure, and cholesterol medication , so what’s the big deal? if I have to use kratom the rest of my life to keep me staying healthy, off psych meds, booze and nicotine, in my opinion its worth being addicted to. If this stuff gets banned, I don’t know what I will do but it will be a huge negative infringement on the quality of my life.

– Rick

I was on 40mg of oxycodone a day and quit cold Turkey thanks to kratom. But if you’re on high doses of meds, you need higher doses of kratom. I started with 1 Tablespoon of green Bali because I didn’t know what to take, and I was already in withdrawal. Within 15 minutes, my withdrawals totally went away and I felt like I had just taken a pain pill. I experienced NO opiate withdrawals thanks to kratom. Now I take a teaspoon a day to manage my pain. Kratom WILL stop all withdrawal symptoms.


My pain doctor in Chino, Ca put me on Methadone 12 years ago ( 3 stomach surgeries gone south) and it actually saved my career, I was on 60 mg a day the entire time living a very productive life. Then the big fucking opiate crisis comes along and the Doctors put their tails between their legs and bow down to all the politicians. They started decreasing the amount and were very dirty about it, then if you tell them you are experiencing withdrawal, you suddenly become a piece of shit addict. I slowly weened myself off the shit while continuing to get my 30 mg dosage so I would have more time to do it. No amount of time will eliminate the fatigue symptoms. They last what seems to be forever, even today. If anyone thinks that Methadone isn’t one of the most addictive substances on this planet , they can take their opinions and shove it where the sun don’t shine, because unlike Mr pharmacist, I know the shit gets in every cell in your body. No book-learning can dispute this. Even the moron Doctor that put me on it told me that it would be completely out of my system in 3 days. This is hysterically insanely stupid, he needs to be slapped. It was the hardest thing I ever quit, Nicotine being second. Alcohol was nothing compared to Methadone and I gave up all Beer and Cigs 30 yrs ago cold turkey.. People need to find answers to their health problems elsewhere because today’s doctors are only interested in money and they do not care about people. It is to them how many office visits they can cram into a day so they can increase revenue. Pharmaceuticals are the same. Insurance companies have caused this but are they to blame completely, probably not as they are trying to overcome the costs associated with all the low-lifes in this country not paying for insurance. Enough of the countries problems. If Kratom helps you feel better, I say go for it at least till the Congress puts our asses in jail for it. Isn’t it easy to take away the worlds pain meds when you yourself have no pain?

Thank you law makers for taking away the Doctors’ ability to treat chronic pain, and all because young people want to party with Grandmas Opiates and blow out their heart. I’m happy to say I don’t need the doctors or their drugs anymore. Good thing too cuz they wont give them to you anymore anyway. Use the Kratom now cuz I can assure you that these crooked fucking politicians will be paid off by big pharmaceutical soon enough. Good Luck

– Steve

I am a retired methadone user. Honestly, kratom gave me a second chance on life without going to the clinic everyday. I know what withdrawal is like from methadone…. horrible experience!!! Kratom made it completely tolerable. I was also on Subutex and transitioned to kratom with almost zero withdrawal symptoms. I work a very laborious job and I didn’t miss a beat. Even my co-workers noticed an improvement in my demeanor and mood. Kratom has been a godsend for me. Hope this helps.

– Nate

I was on hydrocodone for seven years when the opiate scare started and my doctor cut me off. So I tried kratom. It is great for me. There was no withdraw symptoms at all. Works great for me. I use two rounded teaspoons every five or six hours and I feel better than those opiate drugs they were handing me. Somebody needs to spread the word. This stuff is great. I worry about long-term effects since there don’t seem to be many studies of it. But so far it works for me and that’s all that matters to me.

– Lenny

I have been using Kratom for over 4 years as an alternative to medicine. I suffered a lot from severe pain. After using Kratom Powder I don’t feel pain anymore. Actually, Kratom is a natural painkiller supplement which works well for every person. This also helps to recover mental depression as well.

Happy to use Kratom for a long-term.

– Josie

Suffering from severe lower back pain and slight depression, which the depression is from lack of physical activity due to pain, I finally took a friend suggestion and with great hesitation, I tried kratom. I was extremely hesitant at first due to the negative stigma that I found while researching on the web, but I held fast and trusted my friend would not steer me in the wrong direction. Thank God I didn’t give up on my research! In short, my life changed dramatically for the better after consuming kratom! My severe back pain was extremely manageable immediately after getting on kratom! And a bonus side effect was a feeling of positive, well-being! Not like a caffeine jittery high, but a smooth increase in energy, and a dramatic “Get up and get it done” feeling!!! It literally saved my life. I even had mild thoughts of suicide prior to taking kratom. I was one of the fortunate ones who ignored the false and misleading write-ups on kratom and just listened to the results of my friends journey!

Purity and freshness is key. The only negative thing I can say about kratom is there is no concrete dosage to go by. You have to work that out on your own. I find my dosage is between 4 to 5 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and it works within 45 minutes and usually effective during working hours. And the last negative I would mention, and I don’t even know if you could call it a negative but there are many strains and you really need to do your research and experimentation to find which strains work best for your particular situation. I have experimented with seven strings and now only use two specific strains for my energy and back pain. those two strains are white maeng da and super green indo. Kratom sounds too good to be true but the miracle is real!

– Devin

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