Kratom Stories: Stephanie Sue from Virginia

“Hi! I would love to tell you my story. I documented two surgeries with no pain medication and only kratom used. One was oral surgery and the other a cesarean. I also got clean after three years of addiction to opiates and now work for a kratom vendor.“

This is Stephanie Sue from Virginia. She is very active in the kratom community, and even switched careers from convenience store manager to work in the kratom business. Stephanie has documented her experience with kratom online and has been an advocate for keeping kratom legal. How long have you been using kratom?

Stephanie Sue: I first started using it in 2013. I incorporated it into my daily routine January 2017.

KS: Why do you use kratom? Did it help you get off opiates or other drugs?

SS: Kratom actually didn’t exactly help me get off opiates. I withdrew from those on my own. It did however keep the cravings at bay so that during PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) and my emotional recovery I could have a fighting chance to get through those times. I also weaned off of my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds (wellbutrin, Prozac, klonopin, buspar) with kratom.

KS: Did you originally start taking opiates because they were prescribed to you by a doctor?

SS:  I originally started taking opiates because I get kidney stones twice a year. A friend of mine informed me if you snorted them then you could get a good feeling from them. That’s what hooked me.

KS: What are your preferred kratom strains, dosage, and preparation method?

SS: I started out loving white. Mainly white maeng da (even tho that’s not a strain) and white Hulu. I needed the energy. My whole draw to opiates was the initial energy after they kick in. I used to prepare it like a kratom shot (warm water and kratom in a shot glass). I now prefer white and green blends to combat my fatigue and depression and I have finally mastered the toss and wash.

KS: Have you experienced any problems or side effects with kratom?

SS: I experience withdrawals. There’s just no two ways around it. I get watery eyes, fatigue, and sometimes cold sweats. The truth is though…I get withdrawals from almost anything I take daily. I actually have a review group on Facebook with over 500 members who are aware that from November 14th to November 24th I will be video documenting with a short daily video diary my effects of stopping kratom.  I will update you about that as well.

KS: Do you do any activism around keeping kratom legal?

SS: Yes. I do absolutely as much as I can. I started out by live-documenting my oral surgery in April last year, and posting in the large kratom group on Facebook NACU. I didn’t take pain medication after [the surgery] and documented this. Then in June of 2017 I discovered I was pregnant and documented this as well. The past two times we were advised by AKA to contact our reps, I made a post for those who have phone anxiety or have to work to send me their info and I would call on their behalf. I made 246 calls one day last December. I admin for Kats Botanicals and work for Carolina Kratom.

I’m involved in the Facebook community quite a bit. In fact, my child born in February is now known by NACU members, admins, and the owner a personal friend April as Baby NACU. I want nothing more than to make my life Kratom.

Unfortunately the Facebook group [Kratom (New and Current Users)] is a closed group but it’s the large group on Facebook with over 30,000. But if they join the group and search “Stephanie Sue” all posts will come up.

“me in the heart of my addiction” – Stephanie Sue

KS: What would you say to a politician who wants to ban kratom?

SS: I would tell this politician that I am one of over 5 million Americans who use kratom and to place a full ban would be diminishing every single one of those people’s quality of life.

KS: What would you say to people who say kratom is just replacing one addiction with another? What’s the difference between your life as an opiate addict and life using kratom?

SS: I’ve had this conversation a lot. And my response is always the same. What about those people who drink coffee every morning? What about those who get a fountain drink to combat that caffeine headache? We all have our vices. There are pros and cons to all of them. Kratom is mine.

My life as opiate addict consisted of me making money as fast as I could, finding drugs, doing drugs, repeat. It was a lot of time and energy wasted. Now I spend every single day working/or advocating for kratom and/or spending time with my children. I have days where I don’t take kratom at all because I’m having a good mental health day. I could never say that when I was an opiate addict.

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  1. I would like to know honestly how much people are taking a day. I am horribly addicted to Kratom and trying to wean myself off of it but the withdrawal symptoms are so bad I have to have more within a few hours.

    How much is everyone taking? Why am I having such horrible withdrawal symptoms? Kratom IS an addictive substance and it IS ruining my life. I want off and away from it but the withdrawal symptoms are making me feel like I might die.

  2. The only withdrawal symptoms I’ve had from kratom; just felt a little off, almost like anxiety but not like real anxiety, just felt a little wierd for like three days. And it damn sure wasn’t debilitating. Able to eat, work, and function normally. The symptoms passed within 4 days. Not EVEN comparable to opioid withdrawals, I wouldn’t even compare it with having a bad day, just felt a little off that’s all.

  3. I can relate with every post on here I’ve been on kratom for 1 year, come off the methadone program which was brutal, turned to kratom white vein, itgave me energy drive and replaced opioids 100%..
    When I can I donate to the kratom society lately I’ve been financially embarrassed due to being in between jobs but I don’t expect that to last long in this wonderful economy thanks to our leader.

  4. Wow Steve here I tried Kratom liked it and then I stopped taking it and don’t know why but after reading your blog I’m going to start taking it again why did I stop I’m going to think real hard about that anyway thanks

  5. One year ago due to the opioid epidemic and the stricter laws my doctor took me off my lortab. My story, I am a disabled nurse resulting being hit from behind from a driver traveling 70 mph on the interstate and he was not paying attention because if he had been he would have seen all the traffic stopped due to a car wreck. My health problems consist of fibromyalgia, cfs, chronic back and neck pain, rls, osteoporosis, depression, depression, osteoarthritis, hyperthyroidism, PTSD, hx. of falls and brain fog. I had been on lortab for approximately five year’s and with no addiction problems. The pain became so unbearable that I was close to suicide, until someone suggested that I try Kratom. I had never heard of it, so I started researching it. I read everything good or bad about it. I bought books and read them. I researched companies and found a very highly respected one and ordered capsules. First, I took four stretched out throughout the first day and became very I’ll at my stomach. Second day I cut back to three. There was no sickness, my pain lessened, as each day passed my pain became less and less, my brain fog gone. I didn’t have to rely on my husband to finish my sentence. That has been a year ago, I am down to one capsule a day and very rarely have pain especially that makes me think of suicide. Kratom is a miracle and honestly saved my life.

  6. this is no better than heroin simple as that my girlfriend is horribally addicted 2 it she can’t even go a few hours without it.She told me it gives the samê effect of herion.Of course if you are selling it you would tell people 2 buy it.It need 2 be banned.Im so tired of all these fools telling how great it is it costs a fortune 2 use it once u take it and get used 2 taking it u will have 2 use more and more to keep your high.This shit ruins lives u can lie all u want about it.if u stop taking it u will have terrible withdraws puking being very irritable and feel like dying.

    1. Wow you compare this to heroin. At least you can’t overdose and die. I have barley any withdraws from it but heroin I feel like I’m dying. Your girl is probably on heroin and your to ignorant to realize it.

    2. I’ve been using kratom for severe rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disc disease for six years and I haven’t had to up my dose at all! If she’s taking more it’s because she wants to not because she needs to and you have to keep in mind that she is addicted to heroin. Heroin users have to use more and more to get the same high. She needs to be detoxed and go to rehab to get her mind right. People do drugs for a reason. They have been deeply hurt somewhere in their lives. Please get her some help. I will be praying for y’all 😘😘😘

    3. It absolutely is addictive. However, It’s just like any other addictive substance if you are an addict, you’re going to abuse it. It sounds to me like your girlfriend is abusing it. It’s a great tool for those who are not addicts. And for those who are including myself you need to be very careful and take it responsibly. She can wean off of it to eliminate all withdrawal symptoms if she really wanted to.

    4. Respectfully sir are you are highly uninformed, if your woman is experiencing this she is absolutely abusing it to the fullest, I’ve read about actual physicians abusing it to the fullest just to see the adverse reactions and all they got was acute constipation. It sounds more like a mental thing with your woman and I mean that respectfully.

    5. You have been misinformed because if you had taking this miracle plant you would not be saying those things cuz that’s not how it works. If your girlfriend can’t go more than 2 hours without having some of it there is an underlying problem that she needs to go seek medical attention for there are millions of people on this miracle plant that don’t have that problem. You really need to do your homework cuz you had definitely been misinformed I haven’t taken it for over 4 years I have stopped at times and of course my pain comes back. I have not robbed stole from anybody to get kratom all the other drugs last a different story you really need to do your homework my friend. It’s sad when someone comes on here and states false information from their lack of knowledge.

  7. Damn straight….
    Former opiate addict here. I also withdrew myself from the worst of the worst. It was a goddamn nightmare.
    I broke free but that didn’t seem to matter much because I lost everything else. I had no drive, no joy, no energy. I genuinely didn’t want to live anymore, even though I was off the drugs. Kratom gave me my life back! I’m 44, work two jobs and have three vices;
    Caffeine, nicotine and kratom. These are the things that get me through the day. I don’t want to live without them. I’m productive and interested in life.
    I also fight depression on the regular, taking an antidepressant everyday. Were this shitshow of a government to do to kratom what they did to marijuana, I would simply ignore thier laws. I’ve found something that keeps me going, keeps me interested in life.
    That right there is worth everything to me.

  8. I love you, Stephanie! You are an amazing friend, mother, and advocate. We all appreciate your hard work helping keep kratom legal and available to all of us who use this amazing tea for our personal health and well-being. Thank you ❤

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