Methods of kratom ingestion

June 21, 2013 josh General

Kratom Tea Preparation Instructions This is our recommended method. Toss ‘n’ wash This refers to when you just eat kratom. Toss and wash is quick, dirty, convenient, and a little gross, an exercise in mind over matter. How I toss and wash: place kratom in mouth, dry. It is very important that you accept the […]


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Can you overdose on kratom? In short, no.

March 18, 2013 josh General

There seems to be a lot of misconception about people overdosing on kratom. Basically, it’s essentially impossible to actually overdose on the powdered leaf. The leaves contain a variety of alkaloids, 2 of which are primarily responsible for the plant’s opiate like effects, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. But the plant also contains what are believed to […]


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Why kratom from online vendors is better than the version sold in headshops

March 7, 2013 josh General

Various kratom products have started appearing in head shops across the United States. They either come in a bag of powdered leaf, or more commonly in a package of capsules. The capsules are sometimes just powdered leaf, in which case they may barely be enough for a small dose and likely cost upwards of $20. […]



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