Strains And Effects

Many people new to kratom have questions about the effects of different strains. The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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BaliEuphoric and the most classic opiate like among the strains of kratom1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Maeng DaEnergizing and stimulating with pain killing effects1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein ThaiSimilar to Bali with fewer negative side effects1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein KaliSedating and more classically opiate like1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red IndoSimilar to Red Kali and many other traditional strains1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green IndoBalances pain relief and energy boosting qualities1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green Vein KaliA stimulating strain which also has painkilling attributes1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein KaliMore euphoric or dissociating1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein ThaiMore euphoric or dissociating1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein Indosimilar to red indo known for its pain relieving attributes 1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Super IndoSimilar to Bali with less euphoria1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Super Green MalaysianVaries between suppliers but is typically more stimulating with little euphoria1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Ultra Enhanced IndoMost euphoric of the extracts and works well for reducing social anxiety1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Gold Reserve ExtractPowerful extract by applying highly concentrated kratom alkaloids back to natural kratom leaf1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
ISOL-8 ExtractISOL-8 is an outlier and has caffeine like stimulation1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced True ThaiMade from taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction of Thai Kratom and reapplied to a Green Vein Thai leaf 1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced White SumatraCreated by taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction from white vein kratom and mixing it with White vein leaf1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)

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  1. I just started taking kratom I got lucky and went to a kava bar and they had it. Just a simple question. How much Kratom should I use =in a 16 oz cup. please use teaspoon measurement

    1. I take a teaspoon. I would strongly encourage you to start small since it can do a number on your GI tract. Too much kratom makes me feel weird, not a good weird.
      Good luck!

  2. I’m one of those people who gets physical withdrawal when stopping kratom. As soon as 12 hrs. after my last dose & it consists of *extreme* akathisia, sweating, intense body aches, *deep* mental depression, sneezing and of course bad insomnia. This is because I’ve been a daily high-dose user of kratom. Anyway, I recently discovered that I can jump right to Stem & Vein use and avoid all of that. I did not have to ‘slowly taper’ or slowly incorporate Stem & Vein into my regular kratomn either — I could just jump straight into Stem & Vein.

    I discovered this by accident, actually. My vendor accidentally sent me Stem & Vein — instead of the usual White Vein Borneo that I order so regularly. So I was stuck…oh crap. I had no choice but to use this Stem & Vein, straight up and without ‘easing into it’. For 3 days I used the Stem & Vein and had literally no withdrawal from the kratom. Even the mental depression didn’t appear (not much, anyway).

    First though, the taste of Stem & Vein is *awful*. Powder kratom is like whipped cream compared to it! S&V is so bitter it felt like it was burning my mouth. And the S&V didn’t give me the exhilarating ‘bright energy’ that I use kratom for. Instead, the S & V would give me a calm, peaceful relaxation — very similar to Kava, There was a slight amount of euphoria, very slight, but not what I really look for. But the important part is that I was calm, had no physical withdrawal and I could sleep good at night also.

    I could actually see Stem & vein as useful for regular opiate withdrawal too. Straight up, as it is. It works. If you really want to quit using kratom, I recommend jumping right into Stem & Vein for a few days — and then jumping off totally.

  3. Would everyone please stop saying they became addicted because of severe pain. Just say you like/liked drugs. Shit

    1. Umm, I NEVER took pills before my scoliosis correction surgery. After that surgery, I was prescribed 180 Norco 10/325 a month for two years, and became horribly addicted to them. Wound up being forced into rehab. The pills ruined some of our lives. I guarantee that most people here didn’t “like/liked drugs” and are actually finding relief again after dealing with all the hell pharmaceuticals brought into our lifes…

      Just because YOU haven’t experienced something, DOESN’T mean anyone else hasn’t.

      1. Amen Brian!

        1. Your spot on with that comment Brian👍

      2. I live in pain and I am not addicted. You don’t know pain? Try living for six weeks with three titanium rods pinching down your left leg and tell me about pain. I took so many pain pills I lost count but, once corrected, I was done. Went back to my usual dosage and never had issues. And I also have scoliosis in my back. My disc blew at c-3, should’ve been paraplegic and now I have a cadaver bone in place. I live with excruciating pain in my left leg and foot, worse than the back pain 24/7 for the past two years and five months and I have never had any issues with addiction. I am constantly researching natural remedies, try different exercise techniques, therapies, learn and correct my posture; sitting – standing, etc. I don’t rely only on my meds. I dress up, do my hair and makeup and have had severe suicidal moments and still, no addictions so, I too am tired of hearing all the addiction stories. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be cruel nor insensitive but, I feel we should all take accountability for our actions. And let’s not even talk about trauma cause I could tell you a few stories. It’s all about our mindsets. I come from the pharmaceutical industry, don’t buy into this gene theory they’ve come up with. Everyone has a predisposition to this and to that, etc, etc, etc. Nonsense. Look into the real science and study behind the theory. Our brains have the capacity to turn on and off those switches. Problem is that that it takes hard work and consistency. We live in a microwave era where we want quick solutions and for cheap.

        1. How are you doing? I was reading about kratom and saw your story.

        2. Love it. I have cancer and this tea has helped me. Your a true blessing. Thanks.

      3. Brian you are 100% right on! The past 5+ years I was on 6 different prescription medications for severe back pain, including hydrocodone 10/325 4x/day. Last year my doctor closed his office and I was not able to get into another one who would keep my prescriptions the same. Probably because of the people who take advantage and abuse opiates and prescription meds. Needless to say, I found Kratom and I haven’t had to take anything else! Not even Tylenol or Advil! It has been a definite blessing!!!!!

    2. There’s an EXTREME difference between DEPENDENCE and ADDICTION obviously hog are very un educated in that department so let me enlighten you. When your body is just dependant on a drug that is habit forming but, you don’t like two feeling or take it to get high you just have to take it because of extreme pain than you aren’t an addict. HOWEVER even if you have pain issues and abuse your prescription narcotic opioid medication because Yoh like the feeling of being high then eventually your body ad well as your brain are dependent on the high and getting better THAT Is addiction.

      1. Sorry stupid phone does predictive text in didn’t mean hog I meant you and so on and so forth I hate using a phone for typing.

        1. So true. There is a big difference between being addicted and abusing. And I am not judging anyone but a lot of people did not set out to be hooked on pain pills and a lot of people do just take them to get high. Either way I do encourage anyone in need to try kratom. It works for me

          1. I’m 12 days clean off methadone and have been having too take pain pills too keep from being severely into withdrawals my question is if Im withdrawalING from opiates and methadone what’s the best strain for me too get and what medications can u not take with it

          2. Very true!

      2. Very well said, thank you. Therein lies the difference. I take pain meds because I am in pain, not for any reason. I can stop taking them but, I’ll kill you if you take them away, lol. I am a new user of kratom and I truly don’t care what it is as long as it takes away the pain. In all reality, I hate them. Yet, when I was on antidepressants and anti seizure medications, anxiety, etc, the withdrawal effects were awful, horrendous. I wasn’t addicted to them, my freaking body was dependent. I hated them and actually seeked the assistance of the Dr’s in order to get off of them and in still off. But, I also sought psychological help and began practicing other forms of therapy such as meditation, my faith etc. It takes dedication and hard work but, I am a testimony to the fact that it can be accomplished. There is a huge difference between the physical dependency versus the psychological dependency, let’s stop mixing the two people.

    3. Apparently you have not experienced unrelenting pain. I am now 48, would not even take aspirin until headaches started at age 30. About age 40 finally took pharma painkillers, thankfully found kratom to replace painkillers. Have NEVER been into drugs nor addicted. Desperation for pain relief and the need to be able to function to take care of children…nothing to do with “liking” drugs.

    4. i have never in my life even smoke mj….dont use tobacco and barely drink. I broke my tailbone for the 3rd time in my life and it would not heal. I had severe nerve pain and because my job was an office job, i sat most of my day which caused the pain to be even worse. I started taking hydrocodone just to get through my work day. When my doctor decided to try something new, my body was already physically addicted to the drug. I had to go into a full detox and it took several months to clean my system. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. So believe it or not Michael, some people actually use the drugs for what they are prescribed for

    5. I’m 61 and have suffered for 20 years with arthritis in my spine and knees. Migraines, depression and panic attacks to add to the mix. I’ve tried the usual pain opiods and became addicted. After weaning myself of these prescription drugs I just suffered in silence. A month ago I discovered a web site discribing Kratom. I have a science background and was naturally skeptical. I ordered 1 ounce of premium Bali and within 2 days my pain went away 100 percent. My migraines, depression and panic attacks are gone. I’ve thrown out all my anti-depressants. I feel great and I walk 5 miles everyday while going back to school. Kratom has done wonders for me and I have recommended to all my friends. I am enjoying a full life for the first time in 20 years. I am also writing a book. Again. Of anyone has any doubts about Kratom we can talk.

      1. I am so glad to hear this. I am 46 and have neck and back pain for years. But I just deal with it bc 9 yrs ago I went from percocet roxycontin to oxycontin I go so hooked I put myself in a methdone clinic for 2 yrs 70 mg. Then was dosed off in 2 wks time. Worse withdrawal ever 2 mths of hell. But had been clean 5 yrs. And I started pre menopause I can deal with my everyday pain but every 2 1/2 to 3 wks I have pain worse than labor pain for 5 to 7 days. I have been to several doctors whose only solution was to give me perocet and opana 15. Which I still had to take motrin and aleve on top of my prescriptions and would still feel the pain it only dulled it. A friend who went through opana withdrawal and told me about kratom bali. I tried it on to see if it would easy the pain alittle. WOW. IT ACTUALLY WORKED. No period pain at all after taking it. And it seems to have shorten the length and I only have one every 28-30 days. I know longer take any prescriptions for pain or even over the counter pain meds. I keep a jar of kratom bali powder on hand and when I start to feel pms coming on I start taking 1/2 to 1 tsp every 5 to 6 hrs until my period stops now usually about 3 days. I have had no withdrawl from kratom. Hope this helps someone out there. I just wish I had found it sooner. It works for my pain and I have had several friends use it for withdrawal and are still opioid free.

        1. Wait, Missy, it makes your period stop? I have been using Kratom daily for a few years and have stopped having a period… I’m only 33. Didn’t realize that was a side effect :/

      2. Hi, I’m 60 and out of desperation I was researching poppies and how to grow them to maybe make my own pain medicine. Somehow a link for Kratom came up and I have been Youtubing and googling all evening. Oh my, if this for real I will be so happy. I am in such pain due to arthritis so I can’t wait to order some but have already determined one must be careful when choosing a vendor. May I ask who you use? May I ask what kind, red, white or green. Also, I am curious about my daughter’s situation. She is hyperthyroid so she has anxiety and rage. Would Kratom help her and can she take it while nursing her baby? Thank you for your help.

        1. Candice, hi. I m quite read up on kratom use now, I had the same questions as you, so I will pass it on. For pain, red vein is best, Bali/borno usually, but red thai is good also. These have effects similar to that of opioids, but are NOT actually narcotic. White and green are more along the energetic not sedating kind, but green melay also is reported to be good for pain, just less sedating. As far as nursing the baby, you won’t find anyone who will recommend or condone this as kratom is not approved for human consumption by the FDA. There are charts all over the place that define types and various effects, the best thing you can do is to keep reading. The best advice I ever got, was to be careful of sites/vendors that don’t have a reputation OFF or away from their own site. Visit forums and discussion boards that are independent from any one source or vendor. This is good because members post experiences without bias, and vendors must meet standards in order to be included.

      3. hey I wanted to know a little more about kratom, I bought some and don’t really see a difference

      4. May I ask who you ordered from? I am 62, have suffered severe back pain for the past 20 years. I have had 2 spinal surgeries. I still have a damaged disc in my neck, middle spine & lower spine. I also have osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel. I am currently on Vicodin. I would love an alternative to the Vicodin. It doesn’t help much at this point. I have neuropathy in my spine/back and sleep very little. I have tried the premium Bali capsules. The site I ordered from said the capsules are 600 mg and to start with 4-8 capsules. I did and after 8 capsules I still did not get any relief. I am sick of taking medicines. I get so depressed with the daily living of eating pills. I was also taking something for depression and recently quit taking it because of the side effects. From what I have read people said the red vein help the most for pain. Is this true? How much do you use? What you read on one site another site contradicts. I would love to go for a walk again without pain. It’s impossible to enjoy the little things in life at this point like a walk. I don’t know who to order from that is legit.

      5. I have scoliosis, arthritis in my neck, auto immune disease called H.S.,depression ,anxiety , two young children and husband. I’m 25 but feel like I’m dying from pain. I heard about kratom and want to try it. I smoke mj but it doesn’t take the pain away or give me energy. Maybe it’s time for a change?

    6. I’ve been taking kratom now for a year and its made my life better.I was addicted to painkillers due to a back injury and they were rough to come of off. But the question I want to ask is why do people choose Bali over maeng da and other stronger strains of kratom?? I like maeng da alot,but its too expensive on the website I order from. I was ordering white vein Borneo 1.3% mitrayganine. Then 2 weeks later I ordered 4oz of super indo 1.9% mitrayganine. But to me the white vein Borneo seemed better why is that?? I would like opinions so please reply. And which strain is the best to go for. Thanks

    7. i started have back pain at 16 when i was 18 i learned i have a degenerative low spine along with rhuematoid arthris with a 2 years later i got into and accident burn both my hands, my left leg at 3500 degrease. i damaged all those nerves and also have fibromyalga. and along with my spine i have to take 3 60mg ms contins, 4 10mg hydrocodines ever day include a 200mcg fentanyl patch every 3 days. i am 24 years old. . i hate taking pills. and thats a main difference between addicts and people who actually need to take suck hacore shit

    8. OMG, thank you for that comment! I used to be a pharmaceutical representative and I represented Ultracet/Ultram (also duragesic patch) and I just want to scream every time I read someone saying they are or were addicted to it. Ughhhh. I have been using opiates since 2008 and I do not have, nor have ever had any issues with addiction. In 2014 I had a surgery gone wrong and for six weeks lived with a rod pinching the nerves in my lower left back side. There were no amount of pain killers on the planet that could relieve that pain. I took a huge amount of pills during that time and even my mother accused me of being an addict. When she found out what was really wrong via x-rays she actually apologized. Once the rod was refused I went back to the regular amount I took before. Even now, after the revision having been unsuccessful, I still don’t have issues with my meds. I go through days where I just don’t feel like taking them without a hitch and the funny/ironic thing is that my mom and boyfriend are the first ones to get mad at me and tell me to take my meds; the difference is, I don’t take pain killers for any other reason than just that: to kill pain. Hell, I sometimes try to take a whole bunch in order to see what this whole addiction I hear so much about is and, nothing, no addictions. But, then again, I’m done with all the mental, depressive anxiety, etc issues. I have a positive attitude, I eat as healthy as possible, I quit smoking because I just didn’t feel like smoking anymore (smoker for many years and I liked it, never a hand shaking smoke stinking chain smoker I often see), I meditate and pray and I’m not anxious about anything, for God’s sake; no drama in my life. Why is everyone so anxious and depressed??? I’ve been there and got help and got off all the meds and I’m fine. You just have to keep up at it, it’s like going to the gym. Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants someone else to resolve their issues or a miracle pill to make it all go away. Ummm, no. Everyone has issues. Get off your damn ass, stop feeling sorry for yourself, change your attitude and mindset and look for natural healthy alternatives. Stop blaming drugs for your issues, you are the common denominator. I mean, are we really living in a society of such weak minded individuals? You like using drugs and how they make you feel, end of story but, please let’s just stop with the pity parties. And now, of course, I can only imagine how I’m going to most likely get attacked for writing this and get all sorts of negative comments….

      1. I see it as this:
        Physical addiction is when you take pain meds for PAIN, for an extended period of time, you will need to he weened off. Your body becomes dependent upon them- this does not mean you are an “addict” (in the classic sense) but anyone who has a bit of knowledge of how the body works will understand that if you suddenly stop, you will have withdrawals- terrible flu like symptoms, ect.

        Then there’s psychological addiction. I believe this is when you take pain meds to get HIGH, even though you no longer have pain. This is what happens to many people who become addicts. If they are no longer able to get the pills from doctors, they turn to the black market. When they can no longer afford them off the street, some turn to heroin.

        HUGE difference between needing them for pain and wanting them to get high.
        If you have the psychological addiction, you also have the physical addiction and will go through withdrawal- that’s just basic knowledge.

        I have chronic pain and will not list all my symptoms, because quite frankly, reading everyone’s illnesses and injuries bore the shit out of me.

        1. Become familiar with the disease model of addiction. Fact, addiction is a brain disease. Fact, if you use pain meds longer than two to three days the risk of addiction increases. Fact, if you get one refill of pain med you are addicted. An individual can be addicted 2 something and not abused it. Opiate addiction occurs frequently after surgery, injury or in old age. With a little research you will discover that most people addicted to opiates don’t want to take them any longer, but the physical withdrawal is too much. So they continue and it becomes a vicious circle. The fault lies with the creators of opiate medication. They knew the addictive quality of this medication and the public was not informed. Doctors were prescribing it like aspirin and now we are in an opiate crisis. People don’t choose to become an addict or alcoholic, for that matter. And there are levels of addiction from early addiction to Chronic addiction. Withdrawal symptoms change with the degree of addiction, the amount of relapse, and what kind of and how many drugs the individual has taken

      2. Well aren’t you lucky, now you should work on being so judgmental and self righteous. Your situation is not everyone else’s situation. You sound rude, arrogant and ignorant in my opinion for someone who claims to so know so much about subject. Pray and meditate for more compassion. Focus on having gratitude you didn’t experience addiction or where able to get past it instead of spouting out your opinions as if they where facts regarding other people’s experience with pain, pain medication and addiction. Yes other people have opinions as well.

    9. Hey,
      I have multiple myeloma. Terminal cancer you idiot. I take it for pain. People like you have no clue what suffering is. And the government is making it work. Flashback to Germany 1936.

      1. A dear friend of mine has metastatic lung cancer now in her liver, and she suspects her spine as well. She is taking immunity-therapy treatments and has oxcycodone for pain but taken as prescribed every six hours it barely touches the pain. She is dying. I’m looking for anything that can help her. I know almost nothing about Kratom and the store by me doesn’t seem to know very much either. She. Is in her mid seventies and just needs some relief. Can’t someone just give me a simple answer as to what I should buy for her to try?

    10. Pardon me, your ignorance is showing.

    11. You are such an idiot…

  4. Hello everyone. I have a question and I’m sorry because I’m a kratom newbie. I have multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I’ve been on percocet for a a year now. I hate taking the percocet for many reasons such as the agony of getting the prescription for me, jumping from pharmacy to another and making me look like a pill popper. Anyways so i came across kratom and i have purchased white vein kratom, green vein kratom, maeng da and super borneo red vein (that’s how they were called on the website) so my question is which these stains is best for fatigue and which is best for mood and euphoria and which is best for pain. Thanks everyone and i appreciate it.

    1. I’m a couple of months into my Kratom use, i have back pain, depression and fatigue.
      I have heard that some of the effects are different for different people but for my pain, I use red, for energy white and green and Ive had my best euphoric moments on green and red. I would recommend mixing strains until you find the best effect. Sometimes I experience no pain at all (amazing feeling) and feel very very Euphoric on red and green mix.
      Good luck!

      1. I am 61 and suffer from arthritis in my spine and all my joints. Also depression and anxiety due to the pain. I started using Premium Bali in August. I have been 80 % pain free since using this wonderful herb. I have switched to Red Bali and have had no depression or panic attacks. This is a God send. Good luck to you.

      2. I use bali for pain and take vitamin b 12 for fatigue. I haven’t tried the other types since bali worked for me right from the beginning

  5. It’s good to see that people are using this as a sort of nicotine-like substance in terms of using it to stray away from hardcore drugs

    1. “Nicotine like substance”?? Where did you get this conclusion? Kratom is from the coffee plant family. I have never smoked anything and cannot stand even being around anything smoked. I have been using kratom for a few years now for unbelievable chronic pain and anxiety caused by physical pain. It has been a lifesaver! It is no more addictive than coffee. And way less effects than cannabis (which is literally lifesaver to many), but for me, the high effect is not enjoyable, actually scarey.
      Kratom, is NOT a nicotine like substance

  6. My wife found this online and we used it to kick Heroin. This stuff worked so well I was wondering if I was actually getting opiates out of my system. You can take This stuff before the pian sets in and then after 24 hrs you can do Subs. We have not gone back it has been a little over a MONTH. I tell you one thing this is a lot cheaper than Heroin. We used Bali, the stuff is a miricle herb. If you are looking to quit opiates this is the way to go for the first 24hrs and after 2-3 days of subs. When you are ready get about 4oz’s per person of Bali to get you through the worst of it with what is, compared to not having it, very little pain.

    1. Hi Mike,
      what kind of Bali did you and your wife use?
      I’ve been tapering off a 30 year methadone Tx.and could really use the info…
      Thank you ahead of time…

      1. I finished weaning off mdone a year ago. Third time, first time with Kratom. I suffer from paws and Kratom has made all ill effects disappear. ZERO cravings. I have an awesome source. My favorites are red maeng da, white horn maeng da and yellow indo. No way would I be free from pharma without it.

  7. Hey everyone, I just ordered a bunch of kratom from mood and mind. My brother is using it as a recovery from heroine. Ive tried a couple and my favorites are the more stimulating stranes. Can anyone tell me the most energizing types they have tried? Thank you so much. Or suggesions for my brother.


  8. i just heard about kratom. I’ve researched and still don’t know about strains and such. I’ve struggled witch interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, migraines for 20 years. Three years ago my hip hurt so bad. I fell from the roof onto concrete. I needed a full hip replacement and back surgery. Never had that done and still can’t lay on my sides or back. I just thought that was painful. Almost two years ago I was dx with Trigeminal Neuralgia, it’s called the suicide disease as the pain is the worst known to mankind. Now in TN type 1 which is the 5 th nerve GPN which is the 10th nerve damaged in my brain. This kind of pain don’t come and go. It’s constant 24/7. I’m no longer able to drive, talk much. Talking and eating and brushing my teeth are a nightmare. I’m not on opiates or pain meds. I just exist. Can anyone help me with what kind of kratom to order.

    1. Liz, I do not have the type of pain you describe, but I suffer chroinic pain for many many years, and had my fill of any perscription relief,these destroy your soul, and in the end leave you in as much pain, my advise, stay with what god gave us, in it’s purest forms, I am not the world foremeost expert, so take this advise with a grain of Kratom, so to speak, ” Kratom works for me in most part ” , it won’t always cut it for somemone as bad off as you seem to be, but I bet makes things easier foir you ?, for t I felt bad to read your commnets, and you said you just exist, poor dear, so I felt complelled to offer you what I know
      For Pain best types ( From my experiences) Maeng Da, or Bali, or like I do a blend of both, start off with one Tea spoon, in a water bottle with some OJ,or water, shake it hard, then just down it, chase it with wtaer , and I hope it brings you some relief, or if the taste is a real prob for you ?, ” and it is a bit bitter for sure”, mix your spoon fuill into 1/2 cup apple sause, and cinimon if you like, this is real easy then , having said this I chase in water only , but I am used to it, and not a weak person, with taste, Liz try the 1 spoon move to 1.5 up to maybe 3 in a year, but everyone differnet, with Kratom be patient, often less is more, don’t get ripped off, my fav sourse lately is Kratom.US, but a 1/4 KG of each white and Maeng Da, for $25 per 1/4 KG , this is $50 toal , and this is along time to have releif for a few $, and the other things that reduces pain, that I endorse, eat more live food, less bread, less packaged junk, drink green tea, and chaga tea, take N.A.C Supplimnets and a good natural plant based one a day vit, stretch/exercise best you can each day, keep your mnuscles fired up till bed time, drink more clean water, and sleep on a good quality matress, my fav is Domeo 6500, memory coil type,you can Google any of my advise and please dop, use your best judgement and caution with any herbs or suppliments, and last but not least a little prayer each day will help you too, Please take care Liz and good luck to you, PV

    2. So sorry all the pain you are in. I had Trigeminal Nueralgia…it is the worst, no escape, 24/7 pain. As you said, called Suicide disease for good reason. The location of the pain is unrelenting and controls you. I pretty much stopped talking to anyone, driving unbearable, etc.
      Do you have root canal, wisdom teeth pulled? And/or “silver” fillings, actually mercury? These all are what causes my pain and more. A severe biofilm infection. I was able to get rid of at least the Nueralgia and horrid headaches. I still have ways to go, hard to remove this mess from jaws and rest of body, but I am doing it. Research those dental procedures with Dr. Huggins, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Weston Price. Also go to Facebook group NICO/Cavitations and Mercury Detox Group both have many with all the ailments you listed. and both with that dash in them, have great prices and quality. Buy-kratom has a sample pack for $20 that has all thier strains so you can test out which works best for you. Red Borneo is great choice for pain without the side effects some experience from Bali Red, which is closest to actual painkillers. I have never experienced any side effects from the Bali or any kratom, but everyone is different. Good luck!

  9. I found kratom after having to quit smoking pot for work. It has helped me with energy, mood, and stress, as well as relieving pain from heavy excercise at work (avg. 12 miles walking per day, so pretty sore afterward)

    I am very impressed.

    I find with the powder , i place it UNDER my tongue, (this also aids in a heavier impact, due to the way the mouth absorbs things)

    then i drink any sweet drink, letting a little kratom wash down with each swallow.

    great tips everyone. I have family that I love very much addicted to opiates, and hate seeing the cycle they are on. Im gled this has helped some, and wish I knew how to help my family to try to switch to kratom (mitrogyna speciosa)


    1. I just ordered some Red Bali powder. Is it better to let it absorb under the tongue? Do you need as much? I have been using the capsules.

  10. 1-2 tblspns- Maeng da Red

    2 oz- high quality, warm h2o

    Desired amount of honey and/or

    Stir, stir, repeat

    Toss it back, or add to your favorite brand of herbal tea or coffee. Cheers!

  11. I have rheumatoid arthritis, Crohns disease and fibromyalgia. I was prescribed a large amount of pain meds for about 5 years. I was still barely functional. Several months ago I started kratom and now have am off all pain meds. I like Red Vain Borneo and Bali. I use around 2-3 tsps as needed through the day. It helps with the pain better than any narcotic and I have tried everything. There must be some sort of anti-inflammatory action in it. I get full blood counts and inflammatory markers drawn every few weeks and they have all been great. I have problems with my liver counts from the meds I have to take. I can’t drink or take Tylenol because of this. I was worried the kratom would do the same but so far my enzymes are fine. If you have liver problems its probably a good idea to have your liver function checked. This stuff has helped so much. I wish I would have found it 5 years ago. I use the toss and wash but add water first, toss in a tsp at a time. I won’t say the taste is great, but it’s not horrible. It is very much trial and error. Start slow and add tsp at a time, wait 20-30 min between doses.

  12. Hi Guys! I go with 3.5 grams of Central Maui Trading Company’s signature Maeng Da in the morning and I’m good all day through work. I have severe neck and back problems due to a car accident I was in as a small child and can barely stand the pain without my daily kratom routine. I do just mix it with water in a bottle and down it. On most nights I make a tea with some lemon, fresh ginger and raw honey with there Red Horn strain (4 grams) and can sleep peacefully through the night. Hope this helps a bit! See ya!!

  13. My favorite are the red stains. I like the sedating effect personally but I always switch it up. My favorite is Red Vein Borneo from

  14. Hi all!! Ok so, I have Fibro, Interstitial Cystitis. I have a baggy that is Bali Kratom 1 oz, I believe. It’s not grinded down. More like crumbled leaves. How much should I take? Should I grind prior to use? How often should I take it? I currently take Percocet every 3 hours for my pain. I’m looking to Supplement this for my pain meds during the day? Is this going to help me? How much and how? Thanks all!!

  15. To the poster who has been on Methadone for years. I was too, 20 years ago. It took me 4 years of failed attempts to finally get off it. It was 10x harder to get off than heroin. It took me about three years to feel like myself again. Anyway, about eight years ago i was taking strong prescription opiates for severe back pain. My doctor felt I’d been on them long enough and would not renew my prescription. Just hearing that started me thinking about w/d nightmares so I began to look online for help. Thats when I read about Kratom. I ordered some, can’t recall what type, but started taking it when I was cutting my pills in half in preparation for running out. The Kratom not only kept me from having intense withdrawl symptoms, but actually made me feel energized, and knocked out my back pain as well. I’ve been taking it ever since. I won’t say its not addictive, because I think it is. But, its a lot less so than any opiate, including synthetics like Methadone. If you read this, and haven’t tried Kratom, you should. I think you could eventually get off the M, if you want. I had many 21 day detoxes off M, and on the last few days felt so bad that I always went back to H., well the very last time I didn’t… Its worth a try. Its a lot less toxic to your system, less addictive for sure, and it isn’t expensive. Just my opinion.

  16. i get headaches from coffee so im looking for an alternative. As a 4th year med student cramming for the boards and working long hours what might be a recommended strain/dose ? thanks

  17. Kratom is amazing for pain. Although I just use it for mood, I have spoke to many people who are suffering from different medical issues and they swear by it for helping their pain. Its a shame that it is given a bad name and called a drug, there are so many benefits to the botanical and are no proven dangers. I encourage everyone to read up on Kratom and its MANY benefits 🙂

  18. I have a bad liver. I tried kratom a couple times though, loved it, and yesterday my own came and I did it. Today ,after taking about 3-4 tsps last night, I feel really tired and little ill. IS this normal?

    1. The amount you consumed would be considered too large if you are without any tolerance, and there’s the added factor of the impaired liver. Kratom is not a homogenous product – with every new batch acquired, testing is necessary to find the right dose. You may want to test one or two grams next time time, and go up another gram or two with every dose to find your ideal. You may also be a bit dehydrated, so keep water handy. As others will surely attest, less is usually more with kratom.

  19. I’m also looking for information on these herbs. It’s all new to me. Have had HIV for 33 plus years along with more injuries, conditions and undiagnosable illnesses then I care to remember. PAIN is the only thing that stops me for fighting for my life. We all know pain leads to depression. Been on the narcotic treadmill and withdrew my self from all narcotics but methadone. I would appreciate any research information or input from a long time user of these products. Also interested in best online sites, etc. I’m a science project, should have been dead years ago and I would love to be able to deal with the pain. Peace.

  20. Have never heard of this stuff, sounds like what I have been searching for my whole life, no more depending on doctors that know less than me about addiction, if what Im reading is true this news needs to make world-wide headlines!

  21. After reading these posts, I simply must share my method of ingestion. I’ve been taking kratom on and off for a few years to get through withdrawal from pain meds if I run out. I do a modified “toss and wash.” I get a teaspoon (although I recommend starting with 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon) ready, then I take a swig of fluid, orange juice is best, and hold it in my mouth. I lean my head back and dump the teaspoon into my mouth with the oj, and swallow everything like I’m taking a pill. It works great and I hardly even taste anything. Just for the record, I find green strains best for getting through withdrawal. It really helps to taper off your meds a bit if you can. I find I have to take a lot the first few days, then I can taper off the kratom. I always experience some discomfort during withdrawal, even with kratom, but the intensity is tolerable, especially with Xanax.

    1. Why do u go back ro the opiates? I mean, if Kratom helps with your withdrawal/paws…why the need to revert back ?

    2. I use the method you described as well and have found it to be extremely efficient. I’ve been referring to it as “toss and flush”. If done correctly (it’s a skill that improves with practice), it’s a fantastic way to take the powder loose with minimal taste.

  22. I have hepatitis C, chrones, and ulcerative colitis and I’ve been in several car wrecks so my back is definitely screwed, before Kratom I couldn’t imagine getting through my day without taking a pill, and because of the hep c, pills are reallllly bad for my liver and can cause cerosis much more quickly because of the fact that your body is already attacking itself and of course your liver. Now I can’t imagine my life without kratom. I used it to get myself off of subboxone as well and I’m telling you now my life is much better for it.

    1. Hi, I have been on suboxone for five years now, and am once again trying to quit, I always run out early cause it’s like they just don’t do me they way they did years ago. Today is day two without sub and my Kratom just came in the mail. I took 1 teaspoon of the Bali kind and have a sample pack of the red vein. I feel nothing. I’m about 190 lbs. Could you give me any insight to a dosage? And does it really work for withdrawal?

  23. Just found out about kratom and I am soooo excited. I’d love any advice since I’m just starting out. I need help with withdrawals and cravings from roxis. A little help with depression would b nice too. What r the things I need to b aware of if I go in a shop to buy it. How much does it cost? What is a good dosage for a beginner? Help!!

  24. i am new to the site and still kind of confused on what to try. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and life long back/neck issues from falling from a high dive to the concrete when I was a kid. Soon to be having 2 level neck fusion and will continue to live with the rest of the degenerated herniated discs I have. Have been on Suboxone about 6 years for chronic pain because a truck load of Hydro doesn’t help. I am interested in finding something that will help with the pain and muscle spasms I have and that will help me want to be productive during the day and in life without making sedated. Any advise will certainly be appreciated. Thanks so much

    1. I have tb, Sars and occasionally I eat at night and I get depressed and have social anxiety and poor self esteem and no friends and I’m an insomniac and gluten free and I need energy and I’m sensitive to the world. What strain would be the best ?

  25. I have chronic Lyme, chronic fatigue and a crud load of wandering pain. I just tried 1/8 tsp of Bali and I was ready to go to bed. I am super sensitive to any and all things ingested. I was hoping for some relief of my pain but didn’t get much. I did like the fact that it made me sleepy, since insomnia is part of the package. I have scoured though comments on many sites and the common theme is that the effects are different for every one. But can someone help advise on which strain would be the BEST for pain without turning me into a zombie? And if I can get some feed back on the vendor Thanks.

  26. I have RA, fibromyalgia, depression, and very low energy. What would you recommend me starting out with? I’m new to Kratom. Thank in advance for any and all help!

  27. I have been experimenting with Kratom for a bit under a month. I have several conditions that cause pain (Interstitial Cystitis, Colitis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis), which were catapulted into an enduring “pain of a different color” when I developed two different stage III cancers (bladder / colon) within four years. The necessarily aggressive treatment was extremely risky and indeed did leave me disabled, and in chronic worsening pain that will never improve.

    So. From the outset, I know, without question, that I AM going to be addicted to *something.* I am delighted that I have an option besides prescribed narcotics now! I had developed a trapped feeling of being at the mercy of the greedy pharmaceutical industry, all the while knowing that these necessary medicines are wreaking havoc on my system, and on my life itself.

    I see so many advantages to choosing the Kratom, and am already reaping the benefits of not being on the heavy-hitting opiates. For the first time in almost 15 years, I am *sleeping* like a normal person! Anybody that takes narcotics knows that they interfere with sleep patterns. For years and years, I had not slept for more than two hours at a time, bolting awake to feel fitful and absolutely unable to sleep again. Now if I wake, I return to sleep…just as I used to way back when I wasn’t so gimped-up!

    The withdrawals form opiates are horrid. I am coming off Morphine, Gabapentin, and Vicodin. It is CRUCIAL to inform yourself about how to best stop the opiate use; some medicines really require a bit of tapering-off time. Anything anti-depressant really, really needs this tapering off, too, as your brain has to teach itself to develop receptors that the medicine provides. It will be great to get over that part of leaving narcotics behind. As I said, I am not even one full month into the experimenting with strains, etc., and I *already* take a whopping 15% of what I was taking …just over three weeks ago! My family and friends say that they notice a huge difference in my overall “vibe;” certainly I feel it. For years, I have searched for and tried alternatives to narcotics, but so far nothing has been able to touch my pain. Kratom *HAS.* It’s real.

    There is a *wonderful* Facebook group called “Kratom (new and current users),” where the community is inspiring and helpful. As doing this (getting onto Kratom) takes experimenting, people are constantly helping one another out with questions and answers. It is crucial since there is misinformation, as well as poor, and even tainted product out there. The board also has vetted vendor recommendations, and people are always chiming in regarding their impressions of sellers. I can not say enough about how very, very much this astoundingly friendly group has helped me. It is an invaluable source of information and support.

    Good luck to all of you…I firmly believe that those who consider trying this amazing plant are people who are sincere in their desire to make the best lives possible for themselves.

    It’s Christmas Eve, and I am writing about Kratom! *That* is how darned impressed and thrilled I am to have found it. May each of you have a wonderful start to 2015, with promise for health and peace. ~jmdm

    1. People like you deserve an award

    2. So great to hear. This gives everyone hope.

    3. Thank you for sharing your story. Due to new laws my friend is about to be cut off from his medications. I am trying to find something to help him with this new reality.

  28. I am a weirdo. I like the taste. Very earthy. I pour 2tsp into my mouth and toss n wash with warm water. Yummy

  29. I just started taking the Maeng Da. I was on painkillers for ,most of my life. I’ve seen doctor after doctor all giving me pain medication. In March of this past year I slowly started to wean myself off of all the medication. I’m off of it all now, totally! A friend of mine told me about Or atom because I was having intense pain. I tried it after I had gotten on Google and researched what Kratom is. I’m still amazed!! Not only does it hep my back, I have bad arthritis in my left thumb and Palm. The pain gets so intense I have to squeeze my thumb and rock back and forth. I took 4 capsules, the pain was gone and I felt so happy and peaceful! How often do you take this? I will not make it a habit.

    1. hi Deborah I have purchased this strane but with no instructions on what to do with it, I have fibro,nerve damage,chronic fatigue and chronic pain from back surgery.. how does it make you feel after 4 capsules. I have a 4yr old so I don’t want to take a lot and be out of it,????

  30. I have been taking bali indo for about 8 months now, and it has been a God send. I suffer from social anxiety and mild depression, and this stuff has made each day better. My only complaint is the fact that it’s a bit expensive, and my current vendor is having issues with online credit card payments, and is not taking them at this time. No problem, I found another and my my vendors are actually located in the same town as me, so my shipment is here the next day after I order it.

    I would not recommend it as a long term solution however, as I have found myself psychologically addicted. There does not seem to be any physical addiction though

    1. Hello all, i have been experimenting for awhile with different strains for energy and mood with slight euphoria(but not a necessity). I too had been on opiates for pain and found myself becoming overall more productive throughout the day in every aspect of my life, from getting out the door in the morning to conversating with clients, coming home after work and not being lazy, doing laundry..dishes etc. in a great overall mood. Doctor took me off eventually and I came across kratom. Experimented with Maeng Da and it helped get off the pain meds and gave me some of the effects i was missing now no longer being on the opiates. The problem is i had to make the capsules (00)(.05 each) and i had to take 10 at a time to feel the effects. Sooooo I’ve been trying to find a reliable vendor that has a quality product so i dont have to take 10 caps (.05 each) to feel an effect. Any recommendations as far as vendors? I also tried a UEI strain that did wonders but was incredibly expensive. So any and all help would be more appreciative then you know. Thank you to all those who took the time to read and respond.

  31. Those with Fibro/Chronic fatigue/autoimmune (often caused by metal poisoning, Lyme, several true underlying root causes). I feel for you too!! I have systemic illness from heavy metal poisoning and cavitation/root canal). When people just do not know any better and tell us the best remedy is exercise, etc. (in my case it just pumped the infection deeper into tissues previous to knowing I was poisoned.) would LOVE for exercise to cure this, that would be heaven!! But several Olympic athletes even who have been brought down by some of the root causes I listed above…need much more than exercise in these situations! While clearing these toxins out of our bodies, Kratom IS a lifesaver!!! I am a weird one here, because I love eating the powder straight…especially certain strains can taste yummy. Have had some not so yummy but tolerable. I will chew on it then wash down with almond milk. Stem & vein fine powder, I actually get craving for, must have something in it my body is craving. Started just doing this because I could barely move, pain and disorientation were intolerable so just had to take it the quickest way I could…got use to it. Thinking of adding turmeric, cayenne…maybe some other herbs to the mix!

  32. I used Kratom to get off opiates/suboxone. It has changed my life! I was so sick of the “addict” lifestyle. I dont care if this is a “crutch” it helps me sooo much. I have to put kratom in capsules. I can gag just thinking about the taste of the powder. I buy size 00 capsules and love kratom so much i bought a capsule maker.
    I also had 3 back surgeries and I can not believe how much it has helped with my pain.

    Anyone know anything about Kava??

    1. Kava is wonderful. I drink a lot of kava tea or take capsules. I do this because it GREATLY reduces irritability that comes from stress. I love kava…could be placebo…but it works for me. When mixed with a low dose of kratom…synergistic happy plants

    2. I’ve been on roxys and Opana for over ten yrs and would like to omit or at least reduce my use of these drugs. My major concern although is the fact that I have an under active thyroid and can no longer take certain meds even otc meds like store bought cough or cold medications because there is a serious allergic reaction that would land me in the hospital. I can’t seem to find any info about this online, can anyone help ?? Please, u would love so much to try this product but very reluctant to do so. If anyone has any ideas on this please please respond. Thanx Suzy.

  33. Shane you are definitely having withdrawals when you run out of the meds.
    I’ve been on poain pills for about 13 years and finally switched to suboxone to get off of them.
    I use kratom when I run out of my subs and also used it when running out of roxis and it def helps with the withdrawals not to mentiin it gives you a great little mood boost.
    I would try either green malaysian or maeng da. Guthros Garden is my vendor of choice.
    Hope this helps and good luck with your health.

  34. I’m hoping you experts can help me…I get prescribed pain pills for cancer (oxycodone , morphine & oxycotton) I really would like to stop taking them because when I run out I feel like I’m going to die, I think its withdrawal 🙁 I heard about kratom and was wondering what would be the best for 1. Pain and 2. Helping with dealing with withdrawal if I stop taking my pain meds.. Please help and thank you all so much…means a lot to me, I can’t take the suffering anymore

    1. Oxycontin and oxycodone are the same animal clown.

      1. No they are not, Oxycontin is time released, while Oxycodone is instant release.

  35. How much and which strain would you use to control Diabetes?

  36. Hey jenn, the euphoria isn’t what you’d expect it is more of a sense of well being it is pretty much a reliever of anxiety and makes you overly content to do thongs… People take it in certain countries before work everyday just for that fact alone you are almost a nicer and better person especially since the pain is dulled… But I would get super indo and Bali both start around 3 grams also mix the two and try it that way. But it depends on suppliers a lot have garbage and ull need 20 grams do your research don’t just buy from a place without plenty of feedback and the best of luck to your.. Or look above 🙂

    1. I am a little concerned about feeling good about doing thongs. As a Male I do not think it’s attractive.

  37. I need help with the dosage to start out with for Maeng da Kraton for Pain, Fatigue and Depression, as I do not want a Euphoric effect at all, that’s not what I am going for. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have a hard time even getting through a normal 8 hr work day, let alone every day life stuff that needs to be done, Dishes, laundry, shopping, ect … I am warn out 2 hrs after I get out of bed. Again, I do not want a euphoric effect, just relief from my pain and some energy to get through my day. Thank you so much, Jenn

    1. To be very blunt and honest, a strict diet, at least (20) minutes of exercise in the morning, and a proper sleep schedule does wonders to boost your energy naturally (kratom is natural…..but you should understand what I mean).

      The above recommendation is a much better alternative to taking kratom to boost your energy.

    2. You don’t want to use maeng DA for pain. Its an extremely euphoric strain. Red vein such as Bali is The best for pain. With less euphoric effects. Start out around 3 grams(magic starting number) and work up from there

    3. Hi Jenn 🙂 I feel you all too well so had to comment to you. I have Fibro and AS with of course the lovely fatigue, pain and depression that comes with it soooo much fun so thought I’d give you my .02 on it. Been using Kratom for almost 3 years for it
      Maeng da is ok for pain ect but meh only when I can’t get Super Green Malaysian for day time and Bali strain for night or off work days. Alot of people seem to like the Red Vein Thai for pain haven’t tried any in a while so don’t really remember. White Vein seemed to aggravate or do nothing for pain at all but gave me energy.
      Then it’s hide in the bathroom at work and Toss and Wash because no one knows I’m sick and I don’t want to answer the whole “Why in the world are you Eating Dirt?!” 🙂

  38. Can you tell me which one is best for pain? I need to replace the morphine and hydrocone we are taking.

    1. For pain I’d go with a premium Bali or red vein.

  39. What about consumption via capsules?

    1. caps are a good masker of taste but hard to find the right dose. some people can take 4 caps and not feel a thing (even extracts). it also depends on the size of caps. weighing out the dose is very important. with every bag or bottle of kratom start off small then work your way to the PROPER dose. when i say every bag or bottle i mean EVERY BAG OR BOTTLE. the same bag/bottle of kratom you get will be different not just in weight but in how well the kratom performs.
      also useing caps will take longer for the kratom to take effect just like any pill form anything. the quickest way is powder the strongest way is powder…all in all powder is the way to go.

      trust me i hate powder it taste like crap. I like to take pepperoni (big slices) and put the powder in the middle of it and roll it up like a burrito…the pepperoni is very slimy and mixes well with kratoms cinnamon like texture (still dry even when wet)….also holding your breath allows you not to taste anything..breath from your mouth. (IT SEEMS LIKE A PROCESS BUT ITS NOT I PROMISE LOL)

      1. I’d like to mention something about ‘breathing through your mouth’. If you have a fat mound of kratom sitting on your tongue, or ‘rolled inside a pepperoni’ like you’ve mentioned, I’d like to recommend against breathing through your mouth.

        My first few experiences toss and washing were horrible because I breathed in and powder flew into my throat/lungs. It was terrible.

  40. You can ingest Kratom by mixing it as well – but being that I’ve been using kratom for a couple years to combat intolerable pain at the recommendation of doctors – I can day that I recommend against it. Depends partially on what kind you have, but I’m telling you it can be Horrendously bitter. I’ve thrown up just from drinking this stuff mixed with just water. It’s easier to toss and wash. I have a strong stomach too – I was prescribed extremely high doses of hydrocodone and then some time later oxycodone and then hydromorphone later after that – I never got so much as a stomach ache from these. I have a strung stomach. So I mean that – feel free to test your bounds man but it sucked. There were many times where sure I didn’t feel even slightly sick. But the capacity of bitterness was there my friend.

    1. I mix with water and drink. I only use about 3/4 of a cup, stir and drink. I then add a bit more water and repeat the process until there’s none stuck to the cup.

      It was pretty gross at first but I’m at the point where it doesn’t even bother me at all.

      1. 3/4 of a cup to 2-3 tsp that is.

  41. The way I take my kratom is I mix about 3-4 grams of kratom powder into a cup of orange juice while using a straw, afterwards I re pour another half cup of OJ to get the rest of the kratom chunks that sticks on the side of the cup. Probably the best way to bare the taste. Also, works effectively well.

  42. I read a lot

  43. Toss n wash, make a tea, mix with yogurt, use in place of hops when there are all kinds of methods, and most dosages depend on the quality of the vendor.
    Be responsible. This doesn’t need more bad attention on the news. With drugs like alcohol tobacco and a world of otc poisons you’d think Kratom deemed safe, beingthat not a single person has died from Kratom alone.

  44. Well what is Borneo then?

    1. Borneo is essentially Bali. It was previously shipped through borneo ports which is why it is sometimes referred to as such

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    but I by no means found any interesting article like yours.
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  46. As far as taking down the powder goes, why not dump it into a water bottle with a little water, shake it, and down it as fast as you can?

    1. because NOPE

    2. I wouldn’t mix with water.. The taste it’s not to pleasant..

    3. Basically. The only method I use is to take powder, put it into a small (like Guayaki energy shot) glass bottle, add a bit of lemon juice and fill mostly with hot water, then shake shake shake. Add a bit more water to make it pourable and the drink it with a bit of juice. Chase with hot tea (add cayenne and/or black pepper to potentiate) and it’s on.

      1. I just mix about 10 grams of kratom powder with about 12oz of orange juice and shake it until it’s completely mixed in, then I drink half the bottle at a time. Very simple, the OJ is really healthy (I use the Simply Orange brand, the kind with calcium and vitamin D in it), cheap, and it doesn’t taste half bad this way. The acidity and tangy quality of the OJ make it a good cover for kratom’s bitter taste.

        1. My girlfriend thinks it’s gross, but I just take a tea spoon of Kratom, tilt my head back, and dump the powder in my mouth. I grab a water bottle, take some water in, and swoosh it around like mouth wash and then swallow. Really not bad at all, it tastes like tea! (at least the Maeng Da that I have does.

    4. I like to mix it up in a bowl with honey until it becomes a paste then just spoon it down with a glass of water. There is no danger of inhaling the fine powder (which if anyone has accidentally done will know how uncomfortable that is!).

      1. That’s for sure I tried that with about a tsp washed it down with juice and it came back up right away finished the rest of it in an energy drink it’s tolerable Venom mango

      2. Wimps! Toss and wash is only for grown ups. You kids stick with your juice. And when you’re all grown up you can ditch the juice and do the simple toss-n-wash!

        1. I agree fully. I breath through my mouth after, so I I don’t taste the remnants. Toss n wash the easiest way.

    5. I find that this is by far the best method with powder, just use juice or a juice blend, preferably something citrusy. I’m a weirdo, I like the taste of kratom powder. maeng da red is by far my favorite. I can take it with water, milk, lick the tablespoon, it’s all good to me. However as I described before, citrus juice shaken in a blender bottle is by far the most approachable and taste removing method. I have a fair tolerance to opiates, so 1 heaping tablespoon does me perfect with the maeng da red. Maybe a little cannibis an hour or two later…

    6. Mixing…I like to mix the powder in almond milk or chocolate almond milk and use a drink mixer to stir. Very easy to take in just a few ounces.

  47. If this site is truly dedicated to providing legitimate science about kratom, then please make this above information scientific. Depending on the vendor, 1 tablespoon of kratom could weigh anywhere from 6 to 12 grams, which is a tremendous difference in dose. Also, you may want to consider a disclaimer warning new users that this information is only relatively accurate and potency will always vary from vendor to vendor. It is presented here as being facts with no sources. Kratom is a drug and should be respected as such, everyone who uses this substance needs to use digital scales and measure their doses by the gram.

    As a student of science and a lover of kratom, I just had to vent these frustrations. If you want to be taken seriously as an “authority,” (PS authoritative is a word meaning that you rule with an iron grip, not that you are an authority on a certain subject) then use scientific notation and cite your sources. =)

    1. Good response. The effects of Kratom should not be based on a “he said – she said” or “rumor has it” type communication; fox news does that for everyone.

      1. Except it doesn’t say tablespoon, it says teaspoon. I highly doubt you can fit 6-12 grams of kratom on a teaspoon without it spilling everywhere.

    2. A teaspoon is a scientific culinary measurement known to be 4.2 grams.

      1. I think you may be confusing the weight form of ounces with the volume form of fluid ounces and then converting to grams. A teaspoon is a measure of volume. A gram is a unit of measure of mass. Density of the material influences the conversion factor from volume to mass. Which is what the OP was saying. When he said a tablespoon could hold 6-12 grams, he’s implying that the density varies depending on the vendor. A teaspoon of vegetable oil would weigh less than a teaspoon of water, which would weigh less than a teaspoon of mercury.

        I’m not 100% on your though process, and am too lazy to verify that a teaspoon is 0.15 fluid ounces, but if that’s true, water would be closest to the 4.2g per teaspoon you stated, as it is almost a 1:1 ratio of grams to ml (density), meaning the conversion factor from fluid ounces to mass ounces would be unity.

        1. I verified that it’s actually 6 teaspoons in 1 fluid ounce. Which means there is 0.167 fluid ounces in a teaspoon.

          1. Awwww….come on. I just want to know how much to put in my tea tonight to sleep proper. Crickey, I’m not Sheldon Cooper(reference to television character for the brainy acts), so I’m going to guess- uh, a whole bunch but not too much that I don’t have some for tomorrow. There solved. Thanks guys!!!

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