Journal Club #25: Dopamine Response to Mitragynine in Rats

Journal Club with Dr. Jonathan Cachat
Journal Club with Dr. Jonathan Cachat
Journal Club #25: Dopamine Response to Mitragynine in Rats

Dr. Jon Cachat and host Brian Gallagher look at a study that examined dopamine levels with an electrochemical sensor in rats administered with various levels of mitragynine. Dopamine release was detected as significant levels after a high dose of mitragynine after 4 days. Questions explored in this episode include: Does this accurately measure the kratom experience, since an isolated alkaloid is not the same as the entourage effect of several alkaloids in kratom? Since many of the alkaloids produce effects only after being metabolized, does kratom as a whole effect dopamine differently? Is this the proper use of the term “addiction” when the study seems to be about physical dependence?

Study examined in this episode:
Effendy, M. A., Yunusa, S., Zain, Z. M., & Hassan, Z. (2021). Real time monitoring of dopamine release evoked by mitragynine (Kratom): An insight through electrochemical sensor. Neuroscience letters, 763, 136183.

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