Strains, Effects, and Dosage

Strains And Effects

Many people new to kratom have questions about the effects of different strains. The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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  1. Moderator…could you please explain why you deleted my previous post? There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. thank you

  2. If you ever want to get off of opiates/pain killers, maeng da and bali are the way too go. Still got night sweats but only for a few days. Other then that I experience basically no withdrawl symptoms and that is after years of painkillers. I did notice though you can get withdrawls from kratom but far less severe and it is easier to tapper down. Also I just dump a teaspoon or two of kratom powder right in my mouth and wash it down with something. It’s not the best tasting but a lot easier to do then mixing it and drinking a whole bunch of liquid.

  3. Id say shaken not stirred. Take your desired dose dump it into a Tupperware bowl or protein shake cup pour in some OJ but the lid on tight and shake it like a Polaroid picture. Probabky abot 15 seconds then down the hatch. Pour in a little more OJ to get the left overs and repeat. It blends perfectly with little to no waste.

  4. I started taking kratom a little over a year ago. Im 59 years old, I broke my back seven years ago and now have alot of pain in both of my shoulders. you name it and I was on it the past 7 years for pain. I am now totally off of rx pain killers and I actually feel like I have a life now. while taking the kratom I had hardly any withdrawls from the rx pain killers. I take the Maen Da and white vien and it works good for my pain and gives me energy. I sleep better than I ever did on the rx painkillers. So I recommend kratom to anyone who has pain….It’s a life savor so don’t hesitate to try it…I’ve had two surgerys on my stomach and was worried about how it would effect that and so far I havent had any problems. I hope I never do because kratom is the best thing that ever happend to me….sorry for the spelling…I just try to type fast and dont want to go back lol…good luck to all of you….

    1. I took 4 30mg capsules & it’s my 1st time trying it, will I be okay?

  5. We are transplants from Florida…now living in Indiana. I am struggling issues having kratom shipped to me here. Any suggestions?

    1. Ship it to someone in a different area then shipped back to u understand…… Make shore it’s someone u trust to mail it back to you I know it’s a pain in the ass I do it for someone

  6. So far I haven’t heard anyone talk about the effects of Kratom and your libido. Is there any research or personal experience anyone would share?


    1. My husband went from wanting it once a week or every other week to wanting it every night. Just a little personal experience. It also decreased his sensitivity so he goes for longer with more stamina 😏

    2. anonymous: I very much doubt that, at least the first part… Mitragynine (the active component in kratom) is an opioid agonist, meaning that it has an affinity for the opioid receptors in your brain, and like opiates it will absolutely decrease libido in the vast majority of ppl. ‘go longer with more stamina’, ok, that much might be true – Bobby, think of it like kratom numbs everything down a notch: erotic imagery (and thus, with the brain being the main ‘sex organ’, sex drive) as well as body sensitivity.

      1. Kratom is fantastic for sex in many people! You can talk pharmacology as much as you want, but that isn’t the same as the lived experience of an improved sex life. I don’t claim to speak for anyone else with the following, but here’s how it affects me: I’m less interested in sex while on kratom, IF I’m doing other things. I find it easier to just enjoy whatever I happen to be doing, so there’s not like an increased desire for sexual activity, but when I do decide to switch over to sex mode, it’s fabulous. Orgasms are more orgasmic, for example, and I’m able to lose myself in the sexual experience more easily on kratom. So, overall I rate it highly for sex. I think you might be over-simplifying the presumed pharmacology of kratom. It’s got a lot of active alkaloids that may have a variety of effects, some of them pro-sexual and some not so much.

    3. It definitely increases sex drive and reduces sensitivity. I can raw dog forever and stay hard and still not “finish” if you know what I mean. It always makes me want it more and like I said, your lady will be more than satisfied… although you might need her butt for you to finish. 😛

  7. Great article. I think you guys should list a beginner dosage as well. I think a sensitive person taking 3 teaspoons might be a little too much. Good stuff though. Kratom is a wonderful herbal medicine and I am so glad I have found it.

  8. What dose in capsule form of premium bali would you start with for pain relief

    1. I use two teaspoon 2times a day a100% pain free it’s crazy the only time I was like that was on feth. Paich I’m not kidding so you have to measure the cniaint in the capsules I just mix with warm water and drink it it gross but the effects are great

  9. HI, my name is Grayson. I have been using kratom for years. I have used many varieties but prefer the Maeng Da variety. I used kratom with high dose fentanyl patches for a while. The narcotics were ruining my life. Its like having a wet blanket on your soul/spirit. I far prefer and advise folks to let go of their narcotics and just stick with nature. Fentanyl was hell to get off of, I cried like a baby. Kratom helped. It still does, I like my life so much better with daily kratom. I’m pleasant (I think), happy (generally, its not a miracle) and energized. I have MS and suffer chronic pain and fatigue. I am very happy kratom is available, I live in a Red State, very conservative, so I leave weed to others until better days. I really advise folks to leave chemical stimulants and narcotics. Research natural unrefined plants its amazing what is there. Love yourself

    1. What dosage fentanyl patch were you on when you started the kratom and how long did it take you to wean off of it. I’ve been on patches for 15 years. I’m on 75 mcg’s would love to be able to get off of them. They are the only thing that gets me out of bed.

  10. Hi everyone.
    I’m wondering if any or many of you have experienced major differences between Kratom strains with the same names from different vendors? If so, any suggestions on how to find the best suppliers? So far I’ve looked at feedback from buyers. Some of the (apparently) best suppliers are really pricey though, I’ve noticed! I wish my insurance covered it. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! :-)

  11. Please may I ask? Kratom is used to get off prescription painkillers. What may I ask happens when you get off Kratom?? Do withdrawals occur then? Many thanks Gilbert

    1. Yes, that is exactly what happens.
      Despite what people will tell you online, kratom is not a long term solution for managing opiod withdrawls.
      Kratom can be beneficial in other ways for sure, but not always practical because it is so unpredictable in the intensity and duration. Also, tolerance occurs so rapidly.

      1. >>Do withdrawals occur then? Many thanks Gilbert<>Yes, that is exactly what happens.
        Despite what people will tell you online, kratom is not a long term solution for managing opiod withdrawls. Kratom can be beneficial in other ways for sure, but not always practical because it is so unpredictable in the intensity and duration. Also, tolerance occurs so rapidly.<<

        This is only one person's experience, an while I'm not doubting them, it's an experience that is theirs and is not shared by everyone who has taken it. I took kratom for about 12 weeks after stepping off of 8 mg of suboxone daily, and then, after quitting kratom ( I just stopped and instead should have tapered) I had one day where I had a low-grade headache, similar to caffeine withdrawal – which, if you've ever experienced opiate withdrawal, or WD's coming off of strong opioid agonists like buprenorphine or methadone – is like a day at the beach compared to those. But everyone is different – it depends on your tolerance, how long you were on opiates, and at what daily doses; so no one can say unequivocally how YOU will definitively feel one way or the other, or if you will feel WD's from coming off the Kratom. If you do decide to try it, Take your kratom at minimum doses that are low enough to be effective – ( stick with leaf powder from a trusted vendor – which means you DON'T want to get it from your local "head shop" – and stay away from kratom extracts as these are harder to measure and will also quickly raise your tolerance levels ) and then taper off of the kratom (over a week or so) after enough time has lapsed to allow the other drugs to have left your system – which, if you are currently using bupe or methadone can take far more time than opiates, because of their very long half-lives. No one can tell you what to do. I can personally tell you that Kratom was a blessing for me, it allowed me to get off suboxone after a 2 year run, in a virtually painless way, but… everyone is different.

      2. Kratom withdrawals are SO mild. Please don’t scare people. I’ve taken kratom daily for over a year then stopped and it was nothing worse than a cold and going without coffee for a day. I have a LOT of experience with kratom and prescription pain meds (yes, from my doctor). I have experienced opiate withdrawal more than once and can honestly say that it is FACT that kratom eases the withdrawal of opiates. Kratom is FAR less addicting than opiates.

        1. I can totally agree! I personally have never had withdrawals from the kratom. Now withdrawals from my Tramadol hell yes! It’s hell and the worse depression and makes my pain so much worse not to mention hot and cold flashes, sweating and no sleep! I suffer from chronic pain and I’m only 25 it started major in 2013. I have a herniated disc one so far I think maybe more now I have to check, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, and my back issues are messing with my knees and hip and sciatica is hell too. Some days I can’t even walk it’s horrible. And docs suck! If ur young they think ur faking even if u have tests and results showing ur problems. So kratom is a life saver! I tried it last year and order 3 times it helped so much and no withdrawals. I stopped buying because I was able to get back on my tramadol but now I’m having insurance problems so I ordered again. It is life saving and helps alot. And a small one day withdrawal is better than opioid withdrawal. But me personally I haven’t had kratom withdrawals before.

        2. Hi i have fibro,anxiety, bipolar, just severe pain in gen. On 60 mlg methadone 14 years now i was on klonopin 14 yrs 3 a day the dr took me off didnt ween me also took my adderall so im in a tail spin! What do u recommend for me pain,anxiety and need energy want to go off methadone just afraid. Can u take kratom with my med if no what does do i take? Best place to get it and price point? Thank you sorry so long.

          1. Hi Lena. I am “L. Kaiy, Scarlett L.” I posted somewhere a little below, it is actually posted as a reply to another comment, I did that by mistake. Please read that first so you know where I was at. After, read this. So I read yours and most everyone else’s comments here. I can’t relate 100% with anyone here, but I don’t think anyone can. Every situation is different and unique. I am responding to you on the anxiety issue and methadone. I used to take prescribed Valium 10mg as needed for my anxiety, which at its worst had me in panic attacks up to three times a week. I don’t have chronic pain, but I have aches strains etc that would be alleviated by percocet 7.5s, about 4 to 6 or 7 at a time. And 30mg oxycontins. Now yes, I was primarily trying to get a buzz but it would wipe out anxiety and pain and subsequently led me to h***** as a cheaper substitute at the end. I have had previous issues with it, say 10 years ago. My experience since I wrote here last week was I used 5 bags on Friday, the 29th. However, I used nothing from the points mentioned in my last entry TILL then, which was a couple of days. Besides, obviously, the Kratom. I was actually feeling quite well, no withdrawal, and also, no craving the drug either. I felt content. I was taking 12 mg approximately up till Friday every 12-15 hours. Friday it was in front of me, and I just followed old habits. What is there to say. Anyway, after that, which was like I said, Friday evening, after using 5 bags in about 3 hours I didn’t use again and still have not up to now. Saturday morning I took 12 grams kratom. I was fine. Sunday I took none at all. I have no symptoms of withdrawal. Yesterday I took 12 around noon, and the next dose after that was about an hour ago today, which would be 9 a.m. I think I should make a chart it’d be easier to see. But I feel actually ‘well’….I am not craving my drug, I am not in any physical pain, nor emotional distress or anxiety, which is what I am after going 12-20 hours after I last use h*****. By hour 48 I would not be able to stand up straight. I would be having chills, sweats, nausea, and the horrific mind madness of only being able to think of h*****. I am shocked and relieved. I believe this can at least help you if not completely, definitely in SOME way. I would trying to find out more from others with methadone experience how they did. I’ve never been on methadone maintenance but know about how addictive it is and how withdrawal is much longer and intense than h*****. I feel very calm, relaxed, very ‘elated’ in a strange way. I would not say euphoric but absolutely content. This has been a blessing I cannot express. I no longer take Valium as I mentioned earlier, I stopped that about 2 years ago, but this is a much more clear comfortable sedate feeling than I ever got from Valium. Unbelievable results. But it’s all true. I am using Bali, I use a spoon for dosing and put 1/2 to 1 teaspoon on my tongue at a time and swallow it with some water or iced tea. I haven’t gotten sick from this yet and doubt I will. I really suggest you do find a vendor and try this Bali strain, maybe 8 grams to start, and see how you feel. I am comfortable, my usual aches in my back etc. aren’t bothering me. I understand you have serious pain, but give it a try. It won’t hurt if nothing else. I will hope to hear back from you and anyone else. Again good luck to everyone.

          2. Hi. I am posting here on behalf of L Kaiy. She has informed me she will be able to post once a new phone is set up. She has access to read comments but is not able to comment directly. In other words, she is SWIM. Carolyn, a starting point could be 6 grams.

    2. I used kratom for a month straight and nothing they say you might get a head ache and it only last for a day any WD don’t sweat it

  12. I have been on 40 mg roxicet for ten years. Had I not discovered Kratom, I don’t know what I’d do. I am 52, have compression fractures in my spine, bulging neck discs, carpal tunnel and chronic pain……and I take 8 mg maeng da capsules a day. I bought a little scale because I want to start buying powder. I don’t have a question, just telling people out there, yes, yes, yes it works, no hoops to jump through and have your pills counted and then the pee tests, take charge of your own pain, we have our good days and bad, I just want to say that for once there’s a way for us pain patients to handle things with dignity,

    1. 8mg?? Kratom usually doesn’t have any effects until about 2g (200+x more). May I ask what vendor you use? I’m so happy you found something to help you, and help you get away from the prescribed poison. I recommend trying Bali strain, or red strains in general. The best for treating pain & sedation. Maeng Da is more known for its stimulant effects. Anyway, best of luck!

  13. HELP!!!
    Hi I’m hoping someone can assist me and tell me what kind and how much to buy in order to replace my pain killers rx pills! I currently take 4 Hydrocodone pills at a time in the 10-325 dosage strength and sometimes I have to take 4 more of them later in the day and I don’t want to keep doing this to me, my liver or my budget let alone it’s becoming so hard to get the scripts for enough to taken at a months supply in the dosages I seem to be needing. I need help to know which type, how much to buy and how often I should take Kratom in order to stop taking this rx and place my first order immediately. Please reply- please help me choose and educate me!! Also after reading the comments on this site, I thought “capsules” was what I should buy but now it seems most everyone here is mentioning “powder” instead. I need to have the pain relief but I do also like the initial feeling the rx gives me as well. Please reply and help me.

    1. Cris I do not take pain meds unless i have pain or prescribe by a doctor but I have been trying the different strains, white, red, and green. Here is what I have been dosing (my wife too with similar effects) and the effects I have received:

      Plantation Maeng Da – 1st time dose was 2 teaspoons – heavy head effect to the point of being uncomfortable when moving. When I sat down and stayed still, it was very calming and relaxing. Once the head effect went away, about 45 minutes after sitting, i was super calm and relaxed. The entire experience lasted about 3.5 hours
      2nd dose was 1.5 teaspoons and will say that it was perfect for me. Relaxed, calm, and the ability to think with a clear mind.

      *Note – this will be good substitute for my ADHD med to get me over the hump when I run out of my prescription.

      White vein indo – 1.5 Teaspoons – about half of the effect of the Plantation Maeng Da – will up my dose by .5 teaspoons next dose

      *Note – this will be a good substitute for my ADHD med to get me over the hump when I run out of my prescription.

      Green Bali – 2 Teaspoons – similar to what you would achieve with ADHD medicine without the grind or edge – I felt alert but the wife had other effects of euphoria but when she took a single teaspoon, no effect at all.

      Red Vein Maeng Da – 1.5 Teaspoons, dosing as I write this and this strain / variety feels like I took a pain killer – i feel super relax, very chill and would probably say this strain/variety would give you the pain killer substitute you are looking for – i can feel this strain throughout my body unlike the others strain/variety i have been experimenting with. Even a little heaviness where my body is being pushed into the couch. I dont feel like I am gonna crash or goto sleep but relaxed.

      One consistency I have experienced is the calming effect and elimination of any anxiety.

      My write-up may not be what you or anyone else may experience. I am on the path of finding an alternative to prescription medication for ADHD but in the process have found other uses of kratom.

    2. og bali powder.
      5-10 grams 2-3x Daily, worked for me, and I was on pain meds for may want to lower the dose for your needs, as my tolerance skyrocketed after 9 years of meds. and high dose. 200mg oxycodone daily.
      so I would say 100 grams should get you through the first week of hell. best thing I ever did!
      best of luck to you

      1. Going into around 35th hour after last opiate use (last use 2 bags *****n, 7 total within past 24 hrs. active use). Took 8-10 grams Bali at 22nd hour of w/d, with grapefruit juice. Some anxiety, mild uncomfort, chills, and no sleep at all…but not horrible. Took 12 grams same (Bali) about 35 minutes ago, no grapefruit juice. Feel less degree of everything I felt before, anxiety, disomfort, chills, still not sleepy at all, but able to move, etc. This is NOT how I would feel at this point ‘on my own’, ‘cold turkey’, IN ANY WAY AT THIS POINT. Absolutely by this point it would have well started to be extremely uncomfortable and nearing almost unbearable anxiety and stomach upset. I attempted this about two weeks ago dosing every six hours and made it to about 72 hours but folded and used. I have been through this many times before, over my life. I am actually hopefull and looking forward to going through it and no way in any form have I ever felt ‘well’ this long without to feel that way. I have used suboxone unsuccessfully about 10 years ago for about 48-72 hours if I recall, then using again. Good luck, everyone, in this boat with me. I will update as I progress…or, ‘digress’…hopefully not, one hour, MINUTE, a time.

        Scarlett L.

      2. Hi love.
        Im living with severe mental illness and chronic pain.
        Just released from hospital after a successful 8 minute death.
        I was told to try Kratom and nurse couldnt give me mote information besides “get the happy energetic mood enhancing pain relief one”.
        I suffer from occasional insomnia. Im at 300MG a day of vicodin 10/325 every 4 hours. When itd an all night or two, Im at 600MG.
        I am going to a specialized after I get my kids and i into a shelter.
        You sound like me pain wise and such.
        But due to my mental disability I have to ask if you dont mind…what EXACT TYPE OF KRATOM AND STRAND??? I am using 6g of premium bali atm and not helping…

    3. Hey Chris,
      I am 57 and just stopped a 24 year Chronic pain med dependence with the help of Kratom. I am currently taking 1 measuring tsp every 4 to 6 hr of Red Vein Thai in the afternoon and evening. I start the morning with the same dosage of Plantation Bali. I hope this helps. I have only tried one vendor and felt I found a reputable one. Do your homework and find a good one. My method for swallowing Kratom works unbelievably well. I use the very best Promise Land chocolate milk. I put a little in my mouth then tap the teaspoon on my bottom teeth (a plastic spoon) the kratom falls in followed by by a mouthful of chocalate milk, swish and swallow. Then rinse the remainder down.
      I hope this helps.

      1. Hi this is ‘L. Kaiy’. I just read your entry, that is AMAZING and wonderful I am so happy for you! That’s such a long long time to be on pain medication. Blesses to you!

      2. What I do is measure 3to4teaspoon of Bali and Kali together in a small container with lid with warm water very little enough to mix make it a little watery not paste and down it a shot lol and chase it with out ever I’m drinking I like it with my coffee

    4. Kratom tastes nasty but in my and my husbands experience, capsules just don’t cut it. To me it seems like the effect is so blunted or not there at all.

  14. I stumbled on to kratom because i wanted to find something close to rx. Painkillers to help me detox. I bought bali and maeng da and i love them both. MAeng da i take about 2.5 grams more or less the capsules are 600 mg and i take four of them in the morning on an empty stomache with a warm tea and the give me energy and help tons with my mood. In the evening i take the same amount of bali same way and keeps my mood the same happy and at peace helps with pain and relaxes me but not to the point of nodding off. Thank goodness for this plant i have been able to detox and not have withdrawls.

  15. I am trying to get of the pain med’s i ask my doctor about the kratom he told it would not work I done seeing my doctor please some one let me know if this work’s I lost my leg’s 4 year’s ago I am walking but I have a very bad back . I know if i stop the pain med’s i will get sick some one told me to try this i just what to make sure it work’s

    1. I was on dilaudid 32-40mg a day and got off cold turkey and started the Kratom within a day or so and it was a life saver. I am completely off the pain meds and only on Kratom. My life is so much better. I think I am starting to get addicted to the Kratom though, lol. I’ll take this over narcotics anyday.

    2. Hi Bud, I just started Bali today and I’ve been on 30 mg Roxies for 5 years, I have not felt so good in years. I’ve been seeing pain specialists for years and my life revolved around pain, Doctors and pain meds also laying on a heating pad constantly. I started the Bali at 10 this morning and didn’t even think about my meds and my mood has been awesome from no pain. God Bless and Best of Luck to you.

    3. Hey bud,
      Amputee also here. Going with Bali and any red vein variety. Kratom is the way to go. I bought a capsule machine on EBay for $20 and powder from I do suggest that site. Amazing vendor.

  16. I have up until now, been experimenting with different strains of Kratom capsules, however, just received my first order of a Sampler Powder Pack that my friend suggested. What is the best way to take the powder? He uses “toss and wash” but I’d just like to know if it can be dissolved in warm water like tea or disguised in any other type of beverage? I’m anxious to try the powder as I have had chronic pain and am trying to get off of Rx pain killers, as many of you have said. Thanks for any advice…

      1. I do the same EXACT thing with club 13 red vein Bali powder and 8 oz of o.j. It’s been such a blessing in my life. I was being prescribed 200 30mg oxy’s for pain & 90 10 mg valium. I just wish insurance would pay for kratom…that would be nice!!😉

        1. I agree about insurance because my husband and I both use it and it can get pretty pricey. It would be great if they covered it but I doubt that will ever happen.

        2. Hi Christi!
          I’m really glad to hear that the Kratom is working so well for you! As for me, I’m in a bind.
          I’ve got major pain due to an inoperable cyst + injured jaw / TMJ due to the cyst. (I was a singer—Now it’s a challenge to eat and even talk at times.) I’m trying Kratom because right now I can’t find find a doctor who will prescribe. I wish it was stronger. Unfortunately my pain is really major. I was thinking that maybe a mix of oxys (if I can get them again) and Kratom might do it. I always hear stories like yours about doctors who will prescribe heavy duty amounts of oxys (like what you described) but can’t find one for myself. I’m in the MA/NH area, which may have something to do with it. I was just wondering if your doctor is by any chance in the northeast US area, and if he’s/she’s still in business? I really think I need the script…but would like to take both the pills and the Kratom and see what happens. My insurance will only cover the pills, of course. I hope to hear from you. God Bless.

    1. I mixed my white maeng da approx 1tsp in chocolate pudding! Worked pretty good. I have a very bad back, and prefer kratom over the RX pain killers!

      1. Hi jessica, I also suffer from a bad back and fibromyalgia. I’ve been researching the different types of kratom and can’t decide which would be best for me. If you’re open to it, I’d definitely like to talk about your experience with kratom.

        1. I think bali is pretty good for pain and helps you feel calm and at peace. I take 3 grams and works really good without putting me out.

    2. This stuff will clump up in cold drinks like OJ, so here’s what I do. Put your kratom in a mug with a nice spoonful of sugar and a couple mint leaves or mint teabag, then pour boiling water over it, let it sit a minute, then toss in a coupe ice cubes and drink it down. The mint and sugar actually make it taste good, just be sure to stir a couple times as you drink to make sure you get all the powder down.

      1. Hi, I take Club 13 Red Vein Bali (powder) for my pain & use 8 ounces of o.j.. You just have to shake well & drink it down. I’ve never had a problem!😉 God bless!

    3. I mix powder with cocoa and xylitol (sweetener – you could use whatever to sweeten), add a bit of hot water to dissolve everything into a syrup – add milk. I hardly taste the kratom in chocolate milk. You could use almond, rice or soy milk if you don’t do dairy.

    4. I put mine in a little super hot water to dissolve, stir and then add a little cold water and chug it quickly.

  17. It all seems to be a hit n miss at this level. I hope to find my regular dosage soon. Thanks much for experienced advise.

  18. i bought green maeng da premum powder. will that cause euphoria and kill pain? i need a bit of both and was wondering how much to take…

    1. Yes it will. I bought the green and white maeng da today and I have chronic pain. Helped so much!! I think I’m my opinion the white is better than the green maeng da:)

    2. I also in dosage wise took bout two teaspoons. But I took 1tsp of the white and 1tsp of the green.

    3. Yes and premium Bali.meant daand Malay these work with pain happy mood and a high like feeling it’s great

  19. I was told that 1/2 teaspoon is equal to 2 grams. You are saying 1 teaspoon is equal to 2 grams. Can you please tell me which is correct.

    1. Just buy a cheap, digital scale. I am utilizing Kratom to get off of my Hydrocodone addiction. Prescribed, but I don’t like taking them anymore. Annoying cycle. Anyways, it works perfectly and I take a combination of Red Thai and White Maeng Da. 4g Red Thai and 2-3g of the White Maeng Da together. But yeah, for all purposes, you’d really need a scale so you can keep your doses precise and controlled. Most efficient way to medicate.

      1. Not completely true…no offense Diana :) so please dont take it like im being rude bc def not my,intention..just want to,clear a few things up. It all depends on the strain,quality,if its compacted powder, how finely milled it is and fluffy etc etc..also if you want to b more accurate use a bakers plastic teaspoon n get a cheap scale.measure whatever your scooping it with while its empty first, then scoop whatever amount and the difference is amount in the teaspoon,,,you will notice that just finely milled powder can range from roughly 1.5g-4g depending on product n density.: ) hope this helps a little more…this way you know precisely how much your taking and not guesssing.i plastic teaspoon will most likelly hold more if its not level (which is way more than a teaspoon) a typical teaspoon should be 2gbut again density n compactedness play a big role..scooping up a teaspoon. Of sugar will obviously weight more than kraytom unless the k is packed to the max..give it a try!!! Be safe everyone!!!

  20. I use mitragyna speciosa for severe chronic pain. I previously took Rx’d opioids for 10+ years. I made the choice to taper myself down, and then go off them. My choice, not the doctor’s. Though I had no psychological addiction to my pain meds, I definitely had a physical tolerance. I didn’t find speciosa until I had gone through WDs and PAWs. I take it almost daily now, as I choose to take it over narcotics and I’m almost 57, so who cares. 😉 It kicks my pain in the butt, and I never allow myself to take more than MY standard (described in last paragraph).

    AND YES, less is more. I take approximately 7 g. a day, taken in small doses throughout the day (2g a.m. /2g p.m. /3g @bed). Again, my pain is severe. My doctor told me that I will never be out of pain without opioids. Well, let’s just see what happens, Doc…

    For pain, the red veins work the best. Each individual will have different effects due to your body’s unique chemistry, and each batch is probably going to vary in alkaloid content, so you will have to figure out a dosage yourself. However, do NOT go to a vendor site and go by their dosage recommendations. Start out low, and increase in small increments until you find relief. I would start with 1 gram or 1/2 level tsp. (standardized baker’s 1/2 teaspoon).

    Very important thing is to purchase some digital gram scales. You can get them for less than $10 and they are accurate if cared for properly. I also want to clear up a serious miscalculation I have seen over and over on kratom forums. I only use a standardized baker’s teaspoon to measure. I buy “micronized kratom”, and time after time after time… NOW LISTEN… ONE LEVEL TEASPOON of micronized kratom is generally very closely equivalent to 2 grams. Try it, but know that it also depends on the kind of “grind” they used on your kratom powder.

    It saved my life. My husband says he fell in love with me all over again after I detoxed from those evil Rx’d narcotics. Stay safe, and keep this wonderful plant legal. It can be your lifesaver too.

    Thank you, Mother Nature!

    1. This is a very good post for me as I’m just now in the same predicament. I have herniated discs in my thoracic spine which the surgeon said they do not like to correct those b/c they would have to go through my chest to reach the discs as the anatomy of the thoracic spine leaves no room to reach the discs from the back. Okay, I’m coming off the meds b/c of a new problem with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) that is somehow affected by my meds it seems. His idea to discontinue the pain meds for now, understandable BUT, I was not offered an alternative. Fine, I understand and will comply BUT you haven’t corrected my spine, I still have pain! Can’t take NSAIDS now b/c I have an ulcer from them. What choices did it leave for me? I live in Florida, front and center in the news when the federal crack down on pain meds took place. (The news loves to make an example out of Florida.) I found out about Kratom when I was Googling for information about dealing with PAWS. I am now using it to taper myself since the doctor didn’t. I have only used it for 5 days, and only tried the meang dah. It has worked for me well enough, but armed with the info on this page from the article, table, and reader comments I know how much and what to try.

  21. does anyone know how long it takes for this herb to work for high levels of pain?i really don’t know how to make the uedm gold herb work best for me. if anyone knows anything please help.

    1. Dear Sharone,

      I empathize with you. First of all, I would not take the “uedm”, and I assume you mean “ultra enhanced” capsules. You may develop a tolerance very quickly on these “enhanced capsules” with the need to take more, plus they are expensive, or so I have heard time and again in these forums. I use the toss and wash method with the plain micronized leaf powder, and I get pain relief on an empty stomach or partially empty stomach in about 20-30 minutes with a good red vein. Each red vein is different, and most people prefer the Bali for pain relief. I use several of the red vein varieties, and on me, they all work pretty well. I guess I am pretty sensitive to kratom even though I previously took narcotics for the pain.

      Also, please see my longer post, also posted on 12/21/15. I wish you all the luck in the world, and if you have further questions, please ask.

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