Strains, Effects, and Dosage

Strains And Effects

Many people new to kratom have questions about the effects of different strains. The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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128 thoughts on “Strains, Effects, and Dosage

  1. I have up until now, been experimenting with different strains of Kratom capsules, however, just received my first order of a Sampler Powder Pack that my friend suggested. What is the best way to take the powder? He uses “toss and wash” but I’d just like to know if it can be dissolved in warm water like tea or disguised in any other type of beverage? I’m anxious to try the powder as I have had chronic pain and am trying to get off of Rx pain killers, as many of you have said. Thanks for any advice…

  2. It all seems to be a hit n miss at this level. I hope to find my regular dosage soon. Thanks much for experienced advise.

  3. i bought green maeng da premum powder. will that cause euphoria and kill pain? i need a bit of both and was wondering how much to take…

  4. I was told that 1/2 teaspoon is equal to 2 grams. You are saying 1 teaspoon is equal to 2 grams. Can you please tell me which is correct.

    1. Just buy a cheap, digital scale. I am utilizing Kratom to get off of my Hydrocodone addiction. Prescribed, but I don’t like taking them anymore. Annoying cycle. Anyways, it works perfectly and I take a combination of Red Thai and White Maeng Da. 4g Red Thai and 2-3g of the White Maeng Da together. But yeah, for all purposes, you’d really need a scale so you can keep your doses precise and controlled. Most efficient way to medicate.

  5. I use mitragyna speciosa for severe chronic pain. I previously took Rx’d opioids for 10+ years. I made the choice to taper myself down, and then go off them. My choice, not the doctor’s. Though I had no psychological addiction to my pain meds, I definitely had a physical tolerance. I didn’t find speciosa until I had gone through WDs and PAWs. I take it almost daily now, as I choose to take it over narcotics and I’m almost 57, so who cares. 😉 It kicks my pain in the butt, and I never allow myself to take more than MY standard (described in last paragraph).

    AND YES, less is more. I take approximately 7 g. a day, taken in small doses throughout the day (2g a.m. /2g p.m. /3g @bed). Again, my pain is severe. My doctor told me that I will never be out of pain without opioids. Well, let’s just see what happens, Doc…

    For pain, the red veins work the best. Each individual will have different effects due to your body’s unique chemistry, and each batch is probably going to vary in alkaloid content, so you will have to figure out a dosage yourself. However, do NOT go to a vendor site and go by their dosage recommendations. Start out low, and increase in small increments until you find relief. I would start with 1 gram or 1/2 level tsp. (standardized baker’s 1/2 teaspoon).

    Very important thing is to purchase some digital gram scales. You can get them for less than $10 and they are accurate if cared for properly. I also want to clear up a serious miscalculation I have seen over and over on kratom forums. I only use a standardized baker’s teaspoon to measure. I buy “micronized kratom”, and time after time after time… NOW LISTEN… ONE LEVEL TEASPOON of micronized kratom is generally very closely equivalent to 2 grams. Try it, but know that it also depends on the kind of “grind” they used on your kratom powder.

    It saved my life. My husband says he fell in love with me all over again after I detoxed from those evil Rx’d narcotics. Stay safe, and keep this wonderful plant legal. It can be your lifesaver too.

    Thank you, Mother Nature!

    1. This is a very good post for me as I’m just now in the same predicament. I have herniated discs in my thoracic spine which the surgeon said they do not like to correct those b/c they would have to go through my chest to reach the discs as the anatomy of the thoracic spine leaves no room to reach the discs from the back. Okay, I’m coming off the meds b/c of a new problem with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) that is somehow affected by my meds it seems. His idea to discontinue the pain meds for now, understandable BUT, I was not offered an alternative. Fine, I understand and will comply BUT you haven’t corrected my spine, I still have pain! Can’t take NSAIDS now b/c I have an ulcer from them. What choices did it leave for me? I live in Florida, front and center in the news when the federal crack down on pain meds took place. (The news loves to make an example out of Florida.) I found out about Kratom when I was Googling for information about dealing with PAWS. I am now using it to taper myself since the doctor didn’t. I have only used it for 5 days, and only tried the meang dah. It has worked for me well enough, but armed with the info on this page from the article, table, and reader comments I know how much and what to try.

  6. does anyone know how long it takes for this herb to work for high levels of pain?i really don’t know how to make the uedm gold herb work best for me. if anyone knows anything please help.

    1. Dear Sharone,

      I empathize with you. First of all, I would not take the “uedm”, and I assume you mean “ultra enhanced” capsules. You may develop a tolerance very quickly on these “enhanced capsules” with the need to take more, plus they are expensive, or so I have heard time and again in these forums. I use the toss and wash method with the plain micronized leaf powder, and I get pain relief on an empty stomach or partially empty stomach in about 20-30 minutes with a good red vein. Each red vein is different, and most people prefer the Bali for pain relief. I use several of the red vein varieties, and on me, they all work pretty well. I guess I am pretty sensitive to kratom even though I previously took narcotics for the pain.

      Also, please see my longer post, also posted on 12/21/15. I wish you all the luck in the world, and if you have further questions, please ask.

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