White Vein Thai

As with other white vein strains, White Vein Thai contains many energy boosting alkaloids as well as some euphoric properties.

And as far as white strains go, White Thai might be the most stimulating. As a trade off, however, there are less pain relieving attributes than a red vein strain or a strain like Bali.



The details

Nobody likes standing in that coffee line, waiting for Jenny to order her half-caf, four shot, no cream, add whip, half and half and milk mocha. Enter White Vein Thai. As possibly the most stimulating of the white strains, it gives the biggest energy and euphoria boost of the whites.

the difference

White Vein Thai has a full range of kratom alkaloids, which increases the energy boost and still maintains some pain relief qualities.

the science

Grown in Thailand, the White Vein Thai strain exemplifies the higher energy effects of both other Thai strains as well as other white vein strains. It contains a potent blend of alkaloids, especially those that increase energy and euphoria.

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  1. Wade

    White vein is bullshit

  2. Roland

    I think it’s weaker than all other strains In every aspect, just get the red bali

  3. David

    I enjoyed the other Thai I’ve tried but never had the white.After reading the comments I’m definitely looking forward to it.Been using the white horn as my morning pick me up for awhile,check it out if you haven’t tried it yet.

  4. Nick

    Shut up and take more lol.

  5. Matthew Salter Michigan

    I’ve been a user for about a few months an love the help it gives. I’m a recovering addict from lots of years of hard drugs an drinking, I use Kratom with marijuana an it goes with both sample an see what works best for you, I have severe pain problems along with adhd, anxiety, manic depression, ankylosing spondylitis, an many other issues. I am not one a single dr prescription anymore or on any illegal drugs. I can personally tell anyone with a lot of issues it will help!!!

  6. Debbie

    I am 62…White Thai…Is a. Blessing. Two Fractured feet and a night time Caregiver…I take other Herbs. And. Cleanse. And I. Don’t take white Thai every day. PS I take it with. Train wreck. In my prayers I am thankful for these herbs.

  7. Harold D Curtis

    What should I get for anxiety and depression

  8. Marcos

    I can only agree with you, the article says “as far as white strains go, White Thai might be the most stimulating” and right next to it there is a percentage scheme where it says STIMULATING: LESS EFFECTIVE 33%!??

  9. Anthony Brando

    How can it be very energizing but so low on the stimulation level ? Are you just making shit up and forgetting what you’ve said ?

    1. longa048


    2. Nina

      I think the difference between energizing & stimulating for me is physical vs. mental.
      I can have high energy with Thai(s), but really only the Ruby Red Thai I drink causes me to think creatively, solve dilemmas, and, my favorite reaction, very much inspire me. In short, I feel like I get new, unique ideas to have a better quality of life as a whole, & to me, I would label that stimulation.
      That might be what they’re trying to say.

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