Strains And Effects

Many people new to kratom have questions about the effects of different strains. The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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BaliEuphoric and the most classic opiate like among the strains of kratom1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Maeng DaEnergizing and stimulating with pain killing effects1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein ThaiSimilar to Bali with fewer negative side effects1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red Vein KaliSedating and more classically opiate like1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Red IndoSimilar to Red Kali and many other traditional strains1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green IndoBalances pain relief and energy boosting qualities1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Green Vein KaliA stimulating strain which also has painkilling attributes1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein KaliMore euphoric or dissociating1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein ThaiMore euphoric or dissociating1/2 – 3 teaspoons
White Vein Indosimilar to red indo known for its pain relieving attributes 1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Super IndoSimilar to Bali with less euphoria1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Super Green MalaysianVaries between suppliers but is typically more stimulating with little euphoria1/2 – 3 teaspoons
Ultra Enhanced IndoMost euphoric of the extracts and works well for reducing social anxiety1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Gold Reserve ExtractPowerful extract by applying highly concentrated kratom alkaloids back to natural kratom leaf1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
ISOL-8 ExtractISOL-8 is an outlier and has caffeine like stimulation1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced True ThaiMade from taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction of Thai Kratom and reapplied to a Green Vein Thai leaf 1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)
Natural Enhanced White SumatraCreated by taking a 90% pure alkaloid extraction from white vein kratom and mixing it with White vein leaf1 gram or less (if mixed with powdered leaf)

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  1. What are the false accusations on red boreno kratom and what makes them false?

  2. I am taking Vivitrol/Naltrexone and was wondering if there are strains of Kratom that can be used at the same time?

    1. This is my first time taking this! How many capsules do I take? I’m confused with how many capsules is whatever grams! Please help!

      1. It depends on what size the capsules are. 00 size is about half a gram each. 000 size is about a gram each.

      2. Usually each capsule is a half gram. 2 equals a gram.

      3. Usually 1/2g per capsule

      4. Two capsules is 1 gram. Each capsule is 500 mg and a gram is 1,000 mg.

      5. I use capsules, on my box it says 1 to 2 capsules per day. Hope this is helping.

      6. Quit before it’s too late.

      7. I normally took 12 but I have a high tolerance and it depends on the strain

      8. Don’t do capsules. Use powder and use a small magnet to mix through the pull out the heavey metals this plants tends to absord. Use about three grams of bai and you’ll feel less in pain. Actually yellow Borneo might be better for pain. I have so t enough tests

    2. Vivitrol is an opioid antagonist- u probably already know it fills the receptors in ur brain and does not allow any real opiates to fill them. Kratom is not an opiate, it’s opiate-like. Now I’m not scientist but eventhough it’s not a true opiate- I believe it works on the same receptors, so if they’re filled w vivitrol, it might be useless to take it. I know when I was using, whether it was the street drugs or the suboxone, I got zero effect from kratom. My advice is: don’t do it. What I’ve seen to countless others, including myself is: I bought some kratom either trying to switch addictions or detox comfortably, I felt next to nothing from the kratom, and since I was seeking relief and/or intense opiate like high and didn’t receive it- I went back out and returned to the devils drug. I’m understanding it’s your goal to be free from all those chains, so don’t seek those artificial feel goods out. Focus on fixing the reason why u feel u need to disassociate. If it’s the fact you’ve isolated in ur using from all the love and caring people in ur life- focus on mending those relationships and forming new positive ones. If you have an underlying source of depression- only u know why u feel that way and only u know what u gotta do to fix it. I recommend for some time taking some prescribed antidepressants. I don’t like the idea of modern pharmaceuticals but there I was not very long ago drawing up concoctions of god only knows what!

      1. I really enjoyed reading your comment. May I ask what kind of depression medicines worked best for you or someone else you know?

      2. I agree with you 110% if you have a high tolerance like yourself and I, why bother I even got my medical marijuana card and there shit doesn’t do anything. Why bother, Kratom and Medical Marijuana don’t do anything. Stick to your. Medications and Real Weed.

      3. I agree with you 110% if you have a high tolerance like yourself and I, why bother I even got my medical marijuana card and there shit doesn’t do anything. Why bother, Kratom and Medical Marijuana don’t do anything. Stick to your. Medications and Real Weed. Jon hopefully you get relief

      4. You sir have one muthafucking fiend on your back!

    3. Naltrexone blocks mu opioid receptors, so no version of kratom will give you effects, itll just induce withdrawal symptoms.

    4. I take naltrexone the Pill. No side effects so far

    5. If you are taking that combination of medication then your u-opiod receptors are blocked – period. I don’t think Kratom is strong enough to break through… you may feel some stimulation but the opiod effect will not happen. Nothing will happen and certainly it will not bring on withdrawal… not sure why that was said???

      if you are using these meds for drug-assisted recovery purposes then perhaps you might want to reconsider any substance that hits those receptors in a euphoric way… Heal, give yourself some time, and then re-evaluate several months or years down the road…. good luck

  3. Hi everyone. So here’s my story. I have been an opiod addict for over 25 years. Been through many detoxes, rehabs, institutions, psych units etc. Also multiple methadone programs. In 2006 I joined recovery and to this date have 13 yrs clean. However, a few years back a dentist literally broke my jaw, and knocked out 3 teeth and repositioned another which through surgery was also removed. Dental pain is probably the most severe that I’ve ever experienced. That pain lasted 3 entire months. I was given percocet which I used extremely carefully utilizing family and sponsor to dose to me as needed. I stopped using those and another few yrs pass, and then I had 3 back surgeries within a 2 yr period. I have multiple illnesses, hypothyroidism which leaves me drained everyday no matter how many times they say my dose and blood work are fine. I have chronic pain now due to my back surgeries and need a full left hip replacement. I’ve been fighting to have this hip fixed for many yrs but concerns of my weight held off the surgery. Meanwhile I’m now using a Walker, or cane daily due to the pain. Forgot to mention during the back surgeries I was put on oxycontin and morphine. My insurance stopped paying for the oxycontin and they switched me to morphine sulfate extended release 90mg a day and oxycodone 10mg x 6 times a day. I’ve now been on these exact doses for multiple years. Of course my tolerance is insanely high and my medications are no longer working. I’ve been diligent in taking only as prescribed because of my past and am petrified of returning to my former life. I’ve considered going back on methadone just to help with this pain but am trying with all I have to not go back there. I’m finding because my tolerance is so high that I feel like I’m in withdrawal daily even taking my prescribed dose. I don’t overtake because I don’t want to run out too soon and then left with the only decision we know I’ll have and I refuse to live like that again. Every month it gets pain is barely touched by these meds anymore and the extreme fatique of the somewhat withdrawal, the eyes running, yawning, irritability…all the same as they were years ago. My drs refuse to increase my dosage and to be honest that’s probably best because I’ll just be in the same situation down the road with an ever higher tolerance. So I’ve heard of kratom over the years. Of course I was taught to never substitute one for the other so I’ve avoided it. CBD does absolutely nothing for me. So that’s not an option for me. I’ve started doing a ton of research on kratom and this thread has been most helpful for me. The stories are real…many so similiar to my own. I finally decided that before I go back down that road of hell and seeking to purchase additional medications off the street that I would give this a try. I placed an order this morning after reading every single comment here ( over 1200) . I’m desperate for relief. I want to be relieved of pain but also have the energy that opioids gave me so I can be productive and not feel so sluggish through the day. I ordered 2 items to try out. 1 red maeng capsules and 1 red kali, also capsules. I didn’t want to chance buying the powder at first and completely hating it and wasting my money.. if I find these give me the desired effects I’m looking for, I will most likely purchase the powder, capsules and machine to fill them. But I want to make sure of which product will work for me first. Sleep isn’t an option, I do have sleep medication prescribed due to apnea, pain, and restless leg syndrome…I was only able to sleep 2 hours at a time due to the hip pain so they prescribed klonopin for that. So I’m not looking for any kratom to assist with sleep issues. All I want is for extreme pain and increased energy. I hope I made the right choice of products. I thank you all for sharing your experiences, they really helped persuade me that this may be just what I’m looking for. Ideally, I would love to tell this drs to stick these prescription you know where lol. So now im asking for feedback….do you think I made the right decision. you think I ordered the best products for my issues? And lastly I read multiple comments that people are taking 8-10 capsules at a time a few times a day…equaling about 30 pills a day….is that correct? And how many should I start off with in the beginning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Finally, I just recently lost 60 lbs so I will probably be able to get my hip replaced, I have my first appointment again for that issue in about another month. Sincerely from a recovering addict desperately hoping to never go back down that road again.

    1. Hi Terri, I’m writing on my phone so expect typos…
      I think you made a good choice with the maeng da kratom I’ve never taken the other one you chose. The best pain relief I get from kratom is a product I buy from Happy Hippo called hyper hippo, it is maeng da elite green and it is expensive but it works so well for my back, neck, and leg pain I’ll always buy it along with a new one to try out each time.
      Remember to drink lots of water while you take kratom. If you don’t you can expect a headache.
      There are several companies I’ve purchased from: and Coastline and Happy Hippo have provided the best products and prompt mailing. I wish you much success in pain relief. All my best from Nancy in Oregon.

      1. .be careful combining benzos with other substances that can depress respiratory system.

    2. After reading your story is absolutely love to hear how kratom works out for you. I am a recovery addict as well and I’m currently on Suboxone which is a monkey on my back I hate it and I’m looking for a way to get off of it because every time I’ve tried the withdrawal is just so intense and lasts for over a month I end up going back to it and I’m now looking at Kratom for an alternative. I’ve read so many stories as well and they seem so encouraging and you have so much more pain and what not then what I would be dealing with with withdrawal and I feel like if it works for you it’s got to be able to work for me and I’m curious how it is going to work out for you. If you don’t mind e-mailing me in a few months and telling me how your situation works out for you I would love to know and correspond with you. As well as I am hesitant on spending you know 40 bucks or more on something that may be like every other herbal supplement I’ve tried like CBD that did absolutely zero for me. Good luck to you! My name is Amanda by the way in my email Is [email protected]

      1. Hey Amanda! I’m in the SAME boat as your are. Will you please get in touch with me to let me know how your situation turned out?? Fb: Krista Michelle Anderson South Carolina

    3. Hello to all. I never heard of kratom, and when I found it, and read about it I was cautiously excited but need some serious guidance. I have a tri diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome/. Post Gullium Barre Syndrome and advanced Sogrens. I am now on liberal doses of oxycodone and Ritalin. I feel my fatigue is in some ways worse than my pain. I would love to wean off as many of those drugs as possible. I was heading towards the medical marijuana route when I came across Kratom. I would like help knowing which, or both of these plans derived offers to help so many of my problems would be best. Which strains are best for my pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression caused by so many years of no hope. I know I’m asking a lot. I have a lot to deal with. 17 years ago a doctor asked me what my goal was since I had 3 diagnosis with no known cures. My answer was “ to be the best mother and grandmother possible “. That is still my goal. I would so appreciate your help in finally reaching my goal.
      Thank you, C J

      1. I am adding to my request for help. I didn’t mention that I can’t swallow any pills. Whatever I take has to be in drinkable, or be able to take with yougurt it a similar texture. I want to order tonight but still am unsure of what or how to take the Kratom that will help most of my issues. Serious muscular, joint, spasms that lock up various parts of my body so that strong physical strength must me used to make my spasms release, then the after pain. Extream muscle fatigue when I use any group of muscles too long, I stopped being able to walk years ago. I need Kratom to replace the need for the 5-6 Ritalin or aderall I take now just to give me energy to function, a different strain to kill enough pain, and help me to sleep at night.
        A help for social, and general anxiety I have developed, and the depression that accompanys it all. I spend way too much time in bed. I need to start living again. Please all of you good people with so many problems that Kratom has helped. Won’t you please give me ideas of what to order, how much, and any advice for a woman not willing to give up
        Thank you. CJ

        1. I am going through the simaliar problems but I am not on any medication they won’t give me anything till they find out what is causing my musles spasm, and tingles in hands and feet my back locks up my right leg gives on me bad and I am loosing feeling in my right foot,tires all the time missing work alot and I cry cause the pain so bad. I just heard about Kratom this week I got the power I’m trying it to see if I can get any relief. I pray it does my email is cyndiraker if anyone wants to know anything

        2. Can anyone tell me how 12 capsules every six to eight of Green Malay capsules effect a drug screen? It is working great for energy and my pain is non existent with this but I still take 10 mg six times daily of Percocet if really needed working hard to come off but not quite there I have dwindle down to 45 a month with the help of Keaton truly been on pain meds since I was 7 got hit by a car at broke back yards yada yada my story is nothing compared to some of yours but I am scared if I cut my pain meds completely and I am not ready and kratom shows up they will take what this miracle has done for me and let me get the rest of the way there!I went to rehab 1 time 11 years ago never really gave my meds up but I am older and it’s taking my body down now I am very happy with the effects I getting just a little shy to say by by as we all know that is the addict in me but I just want to know will it show up and how long due I need to stop in case thank you in advance for any help I can never thank all of you enough for comments I been reading help me get me where I am to right dose for me!!

        3. I just took one heaping teaspoon of Trainwreck powder and I seem to be feeling very good. You can mix the powder with water, but it tastes horrible. You can add it to something Sweet like yogurt as well.

    4. Hello all, I would suggest trying sample packs from Krabot, Kratom Krazy, or Happy Hippo Herbals. I bought the 10 sample pack from Krabot, which is a great deal. I hate taking the powder as well, so here’s my tip… Go on Amazon and buy the pill capsule maker and a size 00 gelatin capsules. Then go to the dollar store and pick up several different containers and label them with your new samples. Also educate yourself on how to make Kratom tea. For the capsules, someone recommended pin pricking one or two holes in the capsules so they will start working quicker. Hang in there CJ… It’s worth it

      1. Myself and others find that capsules are less effective ( the more chemical hitting the bloodstream at once the better). Capsules have to dissolve. Whatever the logic, I can say as a year’s long kratom patient….this may sound strange to some….parachute it. I can swallow massive horse ( not really horse pills, LOTS OF LARGE PIKLS AT ONCE FROM YEARS OF various ailments.

        I put approx. 3.5 grams on one piece of single ply toilet paper ( I know, I know) and “parachute” it. The toilet paper dissolved with the on ( can’t say enough how much on helps, dunno why but even more than other citric acid beverages). I fold the corners of toilet paper Ju p and twist into reasonably small ball pop into my mouth towards back and gulp huge gulp of on, it goes straight down…( haven’t tasted that devil taste in years this way) if you require more than 3.5 grams like me, parachute however many balls required quickly. Powder in tummy all at once with no grlatin to absorb. I’ve tried capsules and parachuting and I’ll parachute a thousand times before wasting my time on capsule machine or extra money for premade capsules…( I have used capsule machine…so time consuming.). Best of luck, you have my empathy.

        1. What a great way to take the powder!! Thank you for this, I would have never thought of it.

          1. I have never heard of the toilet paper thing before. I get these things called Oblate Discs which are made in Japan and made out of potato starch and lecithin. They don’t have any taste and dissolve very fast.

        2. I wonder if this could work with rice paper too. Little concerned about eating paper. But that’s probably the least of my worries. Thanks for the post!

        3. What is the “on” that you are referring to?

      2. Easy way to take Kratom. Buy Arizona Green Tea. Pour some into a small cup – add your Kratom dose and let it sit for about 5 minutes then drink it. It dissolves completely and you can’t taste the kratom ( or at least I don’t taste anything but the Arizona Green Tea ) ** I’ve also taken it with Apple Cider Vinegar w/ Turmeric and Honey. Do the same – pour ACV w/ Turmeric in a small container, add your Kratom dose, let sit for 5 minutes and drink. This has an added benefit: The Tumeric is a potentiator will make Kratom work better.

    5. Hi, little late but did anyone actually have a conversation with you about use or dosage? Iv been using kratom for a few years and have alot of issue also. Iv also gone threw good and bad vendor or trying to get the most or best for my money. Lol iv been the test dummie so i just wanted to touch base with you cuz of all your concerns and questions. Hope all is well and if you still need some advice from someone who doesnt judge. Plus who has gone threw the kratom strain list an dosage trials lol. Have a blessed day.

    6. How are you doing!? Did you find that kratom helped!?

    7. I can tell you from being a patient of severe adhesive arachnoiditis ,cancer, auto immune disease and on them too heavy patches and pains killers for years … that one day I finally came to the conclusion that I’m dying more from the opioids then the diseases
      I am an herbologist and i went to Kratom . Red Bali, ultimate green premium. But I take 1 hr before magnesium and turmeric which are potentators for Kratom. I have been off my pain meds for months now and I have my mind back. Granted I take other stuff like tizanidine and nerve blockers but I can live my life better now and I have hope again. Please give the red Bali and the green strain a try. To see if it helps you.

    8. I have orthopedic and neurological issues and was taking a small dose of hydrocodone/Tylenol under doctor’s care for 6 years. When this opiate crisis evolved, doctors in this state discharged even legitimate patients like me from care. I successfully weaned myself off of my medication but of course returned to trying to deal with the pain.
      I researched kratom but only recently bought some to try. After some experimentation, I found a dosage that worked for me. I have made it a practice to not use it daily to avoid tolerance issues. Besides that, it’s pretty expensive.
      I believe that people with chronic, severe pain should be treated appropriately to maintain quality of life.

  4. I have tried several strains and I’m trying to find the perfect one. I have bad anxiety and a lot of shoulder and back pain and suffer from endometriosis. I am looking for something in pill form that would be good for energy and anxiety and pain relief but I do like the overall happy feeling. What would be best to try? Also a lot of the strains make me sweat really bad. Any suggestions?

    1. I would go with gold Bali.

    2. You made the only decision you had left and thank God it’s a good one, lucky for us. For u I would start off with 4-5 or 6 grams. Add a gram every 1/2 hour until your pain dissipates. Capsules hold either a 1/2 gram, 3/4 gram or 1 gram of kratom powder. You can weigh the powder within a few capsules to get a random sample, for future reference, the capsules I’ve weighed are a 10th g. Off. Red Malay, red and green borneo, red Maeng da are a few and must have for pain relief and comfort. Kratom taste like dirt, so a lot of people buy the powder and fill their own capsules, its more cost effective too. I use orange juice myself, then have a good quality vendor where u can get 100$$ kilos…OK

    3. I have severe arthritis in my knees from multiple surgeries, bulging discs and bone spurs that push on my spinal cord. I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have endometriosis. I also suffer from anxiety and ADD. I find the best pain relief and energy boost but yet calming from a Green/White combo. Red does not seem to give me relief. I do take quite a high dose; example 1tbs Green with 1tbs white and I mix it with 6 oz milk and several tbs chocolate syrup. I have also mixed gold with green and it’s a great combo too. It’s import to change up strains so that your body doesn’t become tolerant. Start with a variety pack. And journal the affects. Start with a smaller dose like 1 tsp and lay or sit down for 20-30 minutes following ingesting it so you can experience the results and determine what works best.

  5. Hi
    I want to order but not sure what to order except I know I want some red x. I’m looking for a good green for pain and energy. I want to get off these pain meds. I have secondary fibromyalgia, RA, Lymphedema and neuropathy. Among other things. The chronic fatigue causes so many problems mostly it keeps me down and being down caused other problems like severe back pain. I have had two bone fusions and have a plate and screws in my neck. They want to do another surgery plus a ruptured disk in my back with stenosis. Please help.

    1. Boy you have a lot of pain injury problems. I had similar problems with lowered spine. What works for me Patty is I mix half and half green endo and red Bali.I was on a lot of pain meds like you were which we know is no good the side effects from that to be even worse. But my mixture really does help me get through the day motivates me to do things I used to do I work out to my normal activities every day. I hope this might help you as it did for me Good luck Patty.

      1. Thank you, Joseph for your answer + to Patti for your question.

        I was diagnosed w/ severe spinal stenosis* (*the condition which led the Canadian Supreme Court to approve humane euthanasia available to a beloved dog but not even for a human suffering unnecessarily,) + severe degerative disc + joint diseases, sciatica + neuropathy plus chemical injury incl chronic to acute bronchitis, sinusitis, + asthma I my early 30s (~30+ yrs before someone might normally be diagnosed w/ mild spinal stenosis if the condition even occured,) then fibromyalgia, deadly myelomalacia, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, adult onset scoliosis, periformist syndrome, permanent nerve damage from neck + back surgeries w/ the back fusions rupturing my discs 11/11/18 + only 3.5 yrs after Dr S’ back surgery.
        Dr S left me w/ L5 nerve damage, foot drop, add’ly painfully swollen legs to feet/ankles w/ worse than unmanaged chronic severe pain since the 15mm + 9mm 2nd disc ruptures after 1/2006 disc ruptures from being body slammed onto sheet ice.

        Thanks, Joseph, for the idea of combining 2 strains for better results: I’m wondering if you have info or advice about taking Kratom when using rxs for allergies (Rx Montelukast + Loratadine) chronic asthma (Rx Advair 500/50, Spiriva Respimat inhaler, Fluticasone Propinase nasal spray, + Levalbuterol Sulfate inhaler.) I’d very much appreciate feedback from experienced Kratom users about how they use Kratom, prescribed rxs, + mmj used as canna coconut oil in a tea also in an effort to get my frequently excruciating unmanaged pain under control so I can 1) exist + 2) ideally do so much better than just manage to continue to exist in agony.

        I have limited doses of Levothyroxine, a thyroid hormones replacement (no 30 or 90 day refills provided over 11months for 1 of multiple automimme conditions,) Hydrocodone10/325 every 4hrs for severe chronic pain (very limited pills remaining + sporadic to no pills provided for 20 day refills over the past 11 months) Diazepam 10mg x 3 for severe muscle spasms (limited pills left w/ sporadic to mostly no 30 day refills provided almost all over the past 11 months) Oxycontin 40mg 2 – 3xs for breakthrough pain (no pills available which didn’t expire multi years ago) + Valacycovir 1g to suppress the herpes zoster virus (no refills authorized for numerous missing 30 day supplies.)

        I’ve had chronic infections for 11mos preventing me from having reconstruction back surgery. The spinal surgeon of 7 yrs abandoned my care after his failed back surgery ruptured; Dr S, his colleague Dr Sch, + his NP/PA St haven’t phone calls for >6mos despite empty promised that “Dr S, Dr Sch, or St will call you back before the end of the business day” multi times per week for over 10 months.

        My Primary Care Physician of 23 yrs who’s on a probationary med license told me 12/3/18 to double my pain + severe muscle spasms rxs only to not provide them although they’re 20 + 30 day refill rxs. He did the same for my other rxs as well for 10mos (negligence.) He (Dr K) + 3 of Dr K”s staff mbrs became physicallly + verbally abusive notably since the discs ruptured. It seems they have a very dark, sadistic side which I experienced from 1 staff mbrs after I was assaulted + soaked w/ pesticides.

        After already a 10hr wait (being med transported 4hrs + checking into a motel both out of pocket to wait 6 hrs to be told “Dr K will see you in 5mins” only to abandon me 3hrs in the exam room. Then I’d be yelled at, “You’re wasting Dr. K’s time!” w/ the dr insulting my appearance on a medically + photographically documented false basis + “cause” of my now 10mos of multiple infections (Ecoli, Staph Type B, MRSA) which Dr K nastily falsely alleged, “Your infections are being caused by the (not present) layers of fat hanging off your legs!”

        Dr K left me unable to walk w/ even w/ the help of a walker w/ seat + never prescribed or provided an electric wheelchair, unable to sleep multi days + nights until I’m so exhausted I wake up in unmanaged excruciating pain, unable to get in/out, transfer on/off, to reach/grab, to perform basic functional + ADLs, + unable to med/physicallly keep any lab, x-rays, specialists appts, diagnostic appts w/ the PCP of 23 yrs having a staff mbrs send an email falsely claiming a non-existent new PCP is now responsible for my med care + prescribing all my meds including pain + non pain meds.

        This will be the 3rd time (2x w/ the PCP of 23 yrs) I’ve been negllgently + unlawfully been dumped off my pain meds. Even though I’m Exempt from the CDC Guidelines 90mgME, ER > Hospital > “Pain Mgmnt,” + PCP/GPs admit they’ve never read the CDC Guidelines, have no idea what they state + no idea which pts the CDC Guidelines do/don’t apply. I don’t ever want to rely on so many unreliable med personnel + entire organizations to gov’t entities.

        There continues to be rampant + unlawful Non-compliance w/ CDC Guidelines, Medical Licensing Boards’ criteria to have a med license + work as a licensed dr, + no enforcement of the “rights” + “laws” which aren’t protecting patients. Rather than attempt unsuccessfully to even continue to exist I such a broken “medical” “health?care?” system, I need to learn how to manage my pain as a result of the notable absence of available, competent, compliant, + prof’l primary care providers, “pain mgmnt specialists,” + inaccessible palliative care programs for which I’ve been eligible for over 22yrs yet never referred. “How did you fall into the Grand Cyn sized gab awaiting the newly + continuing/ worsening pts w/ multiply medically/physically disabling + existence threatening med conds?

        Thank you, experienced Kratom users. Advice based on personal experience re best Kratom types, dosages + when is welcomed + appreciated, too. Thank you all! Best regards,

    2. Let me tell you all something I quit 200mg oxycodone with this. The DA can say whatever they want I tried subutex was trading one addiction for the other I’m off everything and was on meds for over 12 years. You will feel some withdrawal but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what you would endure cold turkey. I did Red Bali then incorporated some green malay then bali strains. My dose is exceptionally high sometimes from 13g to 15g every six hours but again that’s my tolerance I reduce as needed I’m still in the first week. You can do this guys

      1. well said, nothing like the withdraws from subs,oxy,perks,etc. it was harder for me to get off the subs then anything else. kratom saved my life

        1. David what kind did you use to get off subs

          1. I have been on subs for 3 years now it’s worst than
            The pills were to come off I’ve been trying to get off
            Of them I’m going to try mixing kratom anyone have suggestions for what one’s to mix

    3. Hi my name is Nancy I just bought the kratom green Malay I have very bad chronic pain and I need something to give me some energy. Is this the right one for me?

      1. Yes. It should be depending on supplier.

      2. The sweet spot for pain relief and euphoria is a mixture of 5 parts Bali and 1 part white vein borneo. If it’s okay to state the vendor’s name, Left Coast Kratom is where is purchased. It completely took away my pain for almost a full day. I took a little over teaspoon, which is almost 3 grams. I did this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, toss and wash, followed by my morning coffee. I have used Percocet for years for pain relief and my tolerance is through the roof for it. I am sick of the pain management and the feeling of criminalization that accompanies each visit. I hope this continues to work for me.

        1. What’s toss & wash?

    4. What works great for me, for pain and energy is White Maeng Da. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve sampled a lot too, it doesn’t disappoint.

      1. Have you tried the red bali? I just purchased white maeng da I have low energy and pain in back will this work Thanks

  6. It was really interesting that you mentioned that some of the kratom powder can help reduce social anxiety. I am working to get over my own anxiety to talk to people and be able to figure out what the best way to be more social is. I think it is important to research things before using them, and this is exactly what I am doing, so I am glad I found this article.

    1. I have trouble talking to people other than my family and friends, I also had fears of driving far distances scared of getting
      Lost or in a wreck, breaking down you name it I thought about it. I would panic if I even thought I turned off onto a road I was unfamiliar with start sweating, heart racing and couldn’t breath. I have been taking Maeng DA kratom since last November I am now able to carry a conversation with others and I drove to Maryland Annapolis all by myself and returned without any panic attacks, It also controls my pain that I can’t get relief from doctors because they were to scared to give pain medicine thank god for kratom, I do let my primary doctor know that I take it and what it has helped me with. I take 6 capsules every morning and again around 1 pm. This stuff is amazing it even helps me not have a very big appetite

  7. I’m a bit uncertain if I’m doing this right. When I began kratom it was in place of opioids medication. Withdrawals have never been much of an issue for me.
    But I avoid them now bc even w lupus, fibromyalgia, a spinal fusion, and cancer I’m constantly judged for taking pain meds like I’m a bad weak person. I got off pills almost 2 years ago, medical marijuana is too expensive and I never liked getting the munchies or tired anyway, so kratom help until Cancer showed up. My dr started me on suboxone for pain management as it has long lasting effects and I’m more free to go longer periods before needing it. However, anytime I have to go to the ER, they immediately treat me like a drug seeking junkie, Dx aside, and do stupid things like give me psych meds for dual kidney failure for pain. Well that just made my eyes uncontrollably roll up into my head for three days. Way to go. So I’m once again feeling like I’m forced to suffer for peace of mind and to be treated like a human being.
    In the past I used Maeng Da to help w pain as I’m also a mom of 5 and exhaustion is never an option. But being that I now am forced to attend to my body’s need to rest and heal, and at times my pain levels can be so high my BP, HR, are so high I’m at risk of stroke or a repeat heart attack, and they bring on seizures… I want to go w a red vein Bali. I know extracts are more potent but worry about any soy used in production as I’m highly allergic. What powdered leaf or dry leaf forms would anyone recommend for non withdrawals, but high levels of pain. Sleep welcome

    1. Tiffany, I’m so sorry for what you’re going through! I’m an RN who worked in hospice and palliative care for 12 years and have a few suggestions for you. 1) ask for a palliative care/pain management consult. 2) get off suboxone and ask about MS Contin or Fentanyl patches. I don’t know your history but am very concerned about an MD automatically putting you on suboxone! 3) You now have your opiate receptors engaged (d/t your pain meds)so I’m not sure how much Kratom would be of help to you. However, here’s a few suggestions: (disclaimer-I am not a physician and suggest you speak with a medical professional before proceeding further). Ok now that that’s done. Look at the charts here on the kratomscience website. Red Kali and Red Maeng Da seem to be good choices for pain relief, as is Red Bentuangie (not sure if it’s on this website). Start with 1 gram powder (2 capsules approx). Wait 30 minutes and add another gram if you are still having pain. Repeat the process up to 4-5 grams. If you haven’t noticed a significant improvement in your pain level, try a different strain the next day. Don’t try several different strains close together. Also, take Pepcid or Tagamet (generic is fine) at least an hour before taking Kratom—the green Malay tore my stomach up! With the reds, be prepared to stay home and chill out. I would suggest trying Kratom reds after the kids are in bed and your significant other is there to help out. Once you have your red Kratom sweet spot, you can expand to trying the greens, whites, yellows, and golds. Good luck to you!!

      1. I just wanted to say that I thought your reply to Tiffany was just wonderful. Very helpful, nonjudgmental and very intelligent. Not often seen in these kinds of comment sections! 😀

      2. After finding out one of my brothers was able to STOP wearing the fyntanyl patch while also having to take morphine pills as needed. Another brother of mine saw a special on Kratom and informed said other brother and to this day all he has to do is one of these kratoms to control his pain. I’m not having pain but I am trying the Bali Kratom for energy…. Sound about right y’all cuz I figured if my brother does not have to wear that fentanyl patch and eat Morphine at the same time and I should be able to find one of these to give me some energy:) thanks

        1. Any one use Kraton in conjunction with Acamprosate ( pro detox) for alcohol urges

      3. Thanks for this reply. I am looking for similar information as a first time user. Got a sampler of the capsules. Trying to learn the difference between the colors and what they mean.

        And, I agree with Renee about your reply to Tiffany. Thanks.

        1. That’s extremely nice of you offering your input, being an RN and all. My daughter n law is an RN and offers me 0 advice.
          I’ve had RSD/CRPS now for 5 yrs and at one point (before the opioid crack down) I was prescribed 6 10mg pain pills a day and 2700mg of gabapentin a day. I was cut back to half on my pain meds but then they wanted to up my gabapentin. I’m forgetting things and falling, It’s had to function on the gabapentin and my pain level never goes below an 8 anyways.
          I’m trying the white maeng da and I’m cutting my
          gabapentin down to 1500mg a day.

    2. What strand would you take if u havent been on any other narcotics, for arthritis, depression, and low energy?

    3. That sounds about right, all the informalities are so unjust it sux for people in need,.. hence why they make these “drugs” aka “extracts” to set the bar. Idk I understand u either way & wish u the best. But good weed off the street u gotta have a cousin nephew/nieces or neighbor to help u out. My advice is stay exactly who u are & remember what’s most important.

    4. For anybody getting off opiates I highly recommend blending red Bali and red Borneo. If you can get your hands on gold Bali it is amazing Aswell.. Just like red Bali but affects last twice as long… Mixing Bali n Borneo is heavin and has sent me into dream like nods many many many times almost as if I took a bunch of oxy.. Which thank God kratom has saved me from… If you wanna get out and be productive your best bet is white maeng da.. It makes me so focused it’s crazy.. Mixing a white and red can be best of both worlds

      1. How much do you take if you don’t mind me asking? I tried red Bali for the first time today with no relief at all. I only used 2 grams because I was a bit nervous but felt nothing

  8. God bless all of us that are trying to get off the opioids ..I had a doc that would prescribe anything I wanted,he retired ,no other subsequent docs would help me..I.m tired of the narcotic pain meds game …Kratom has giving me some hope. Kathy

    1. Hi. I lost my dad and best friend/partner in 2013. I was using poppy tea and other street drugs to get through. I taking kratom since 2014 and I’m trying to work my way off. sometimes I take a responsibility but when I don’t feel good either from emotional disturbances ( I have severe chronic PTSD dissociative and anxiety and a whole bunch of other mental health conditions that I’m mostly in control of most of the time.) I was off kratom from 2015-2016, as the place I was getting it from stop shipping to Indiana because it was voted illegal,but using crystal meth a lot and more serious hard drugs. a friend show me a place to get better crowd him and then we found a place with the wings that I’m taking and it’s alkaloid content is mitraginine 1.3% and 7-0h- mitraginine .045%. when I’m feeling okay 8 ounces less me for 2 weeks but sometimes when I don’t feel good I take 8 oz in a week or less. I get the runny nose and the crying in the Aurora mental health if I stop taking it cold turkey or reduce my dose severely. I’m thinking of taking a 3 gram dose five times a day for like maybe a week and seeing how I feel what are you guys recommend. Ty!

      1. I have similar issues and they are combined w severe chronic health issues. I’m in constant pin but going through a terrible divorce right after losing a loved one, my family, while dealing w PPD, left people accusing me of abusing my own medication. To stop the nonsense of their accusations, while not understanding that for many using is not the problem but a side effect of other issues at hand, of self medication I had to learn some balance w kratom. Personally I’ve never gotten a high off anything in a decade due to the pain my body is in. All anything ever did was make me able to get out of bed and function normally. But I was so jealous of peace, happiness, and the people who were judging me’s ability to seem high on life. It wasn’t until I found some healing within myself that suddenly my need for most medications disappeared. If you would like someone you can talk to openly without judgement, contact me. I’m just a person. So business or religious crap to through at you. Sometimes all we need is a friend to get it so we have the sponsor like feel when we have someone to reach out to instead of turning to anything to help us. I’m willing to chat at anytime and if it helps in anyway, great, if not, you at least have the positivity in knowing you made an awesome attempt to try an alternative to increasing dose, and if you got that, you got anything!

        1. Please help me know the kind of Kratom for pain that will truly help my back? I need help and saw your post. Thank You.

          1. A year ago when trying to get off pain meds, someone recommended Red Maeng Da. I have tried all the veins and I keep coming back to Red Maeng Da. I feel it has great pain relieving qualities and it does NOT make me drowsy. I get almost jittery energy at times which is fine by me! That was the main reason I loved pain pills so much was the energy they gave me to get through an entire day of productivity!

          2. I suffer from sever back issues-9 surgeries and counting, 4 spinal fusions with cages rods and screws and last year a spinal cord stimulator. I have found that for crate him to help relieve my pain I take approximately 15 g to sometimes three times per day. Does anyone else take this much? I got off of all opiates a year and a half ago but lately the crate him has been making me feel a bit woozy in my head about an hour and a half to two hours after taking it. Anyone else having these symptoms?

          3. Red Bali 2 to 5 grams to start. Find ur sweet spot with dosage and u will find Kratom to be a Godsend

        2. I am so sorry that you are going through so much! You have to be a super strong person to be dealing with all of this stuff at once. Screw anyone who judges you. Let them walk a mile in your shoes. Some of those happy go lucky people wouldn’t make it 10 yards.

        3. Hi Tiffany
          Your post is written with the most honestly I’ve seen and your offer to help anyone is outstanding. Can you please tell me what kratom- you found helpful for withdrawal.

        4. Hey Tiffany…..your honesty really rang true for me…its very similar for me….what type are you on and have you found the “dose”?….I too live with crippling pain and severe fatigue…..which of course leads to depression…yada yada….tired of “the game” with doctors…..she wants me to come off the pain and sleep stuff(that was supposed to be non addictive and non narcotic) so now I’ll be really screwed because before the zoplicone…I NEVER slept more than an hour at a time..if I did get to sleep….every hour I’d wake up..have a smoke and back to sleep…next hour ..up I get..ivwas able to quit smoking because of the drug because of the night smoking…..used to be on oxazepam….now…this ones no good!..YOU CANT WIN with the bloody college….I’ve been dealing with this in one form or another for 25years unfortunately……if I can have the control back….I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!….ANY advice would be great…..Thanks again for your honesty and kindness…..Sharon

    2. I am sitting here starting at a bottle of Maeng Da Red Vein Extract, 12ml, Pure Alkaloid Suspensión Liquid. It says “equal to 9gr leaf”. I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know how much to take. I am a former opiate user of 5 years. I made it through the hell of withdrawal BUT I still get the nighttime leg cramps / restless leg. I also can’t sleep. I’m gathering I might have got the wrong kind if I am needing the feeling of sedation/heavy body. I took a cap full earlier and I was in such a great mood!! I wasn’t hurting. The pain is back (moderate degenerate spine, nerve pain, restless leg pain, majorly severe insomnia. I just took another capful, but now I don’t know if I will sleep. I don’t knwo what the dosage is for this type either. ANY HELP WOULD BE SO APPRECIATED!

  9. I stupidly went on a fentanyl binge for the past few weeks. I was cutting up the patch and putting it in between my gums 2-3 times a day, sometimes more. I’m completely out and luckily have red and white strains. I haven’t felt any withdrawal symptoms besides my brain wanting more and being bummed I don’t have anymore. I know there can be delayed withdrawals so I’m just wondering if the kratom will be sufficient in managing them if they happen. No need to tell me the risk I took. I’m never doing that again and will never be able to get it anyways.

    1. I kicked fentanyl with Kratom

      1. I would dilute the fentanyl with water and mix it and put it into a nasal spray bottle and used it for 2 years… When I decided to kick it I used Kratom … No withdrawals, only thing was the mental/emotional stuff … Best decision I ever made

        1. 👍🏻

      2. What type of kratom did you use?

      3. How did u do it and what strain

    2. I would dilute the fentanyl with water and mix it and put it into a nasal spray bottle and used it for 2 years… When I decided to kick it I used Kratom … No withdrawals, only thing was the mental/emotional stuff … Best decision I ever made

      1. Same here but with h. It was a complete life saver and I give it full credit for getting off junk.

        1. What did you use to get off h with Kratom? The capsules

    3. Kratom WILL ABSOLUTELY curb the withdrawal.

      1. Yesss, 10 yrs narcotic addict, 9 yrs on suboxone. I take a heaping tablespoon of Red Maengda every 3-4 hrs a day. Been a month, cold turkey off subs…NO WITHDRAWAL! FULL of energy and feeling great! What a miracle and a blessing! Good Luck All…

        1. Hey Stacey how did you do it was it mixed with tea? I’m going to get kratom in few days and not sure what to get I been on subs for about a year

          1. I don’t know how people mess with tea.. Its gross! amazon sells empty capsules.. get 1000 for about 10.$

        2. Hey I’ve been on subs for 4 years and dying to get off… I take 4 a day. Cold turkey?? Idk if I could do that?? Pointers please! Fb Krista Michelle Anderson South Carolina

  10. So my question is I am in pain management for a failed back surgery I’m on oxy30 2 times a day and a 10/350 perk for breakthrough pain. I’m still in a world of pain I have been on this dose for the last 10 years and have built up a tolerance. If I were to add some Bali kratom to my pain Regimen would that be ok ? And if so how much should I start with being I’m still taking the narcs?

    1. If you are still in terrible pain taking that many opioids for 10 years, chances are that you are suffering from something called opioid induced hyperalgesia. It’s a condition where the opioids start to actually make the pain worse. More than simple tolerance. My husband’s pain management specialist never even told him it was a possibility. He was maxed out on opioids and still in agony. Now, he is completely weaned off all opioids, and kratom manages his pain. I don’t know enough to explain how to do it though. Keep googling. That’s what my husband did. Sorry I can’t be more help.

    2. What is the best kratom for opiate withdraws

      1. Gold Bali. The right amount (between 5 and 7 grams, 3 teaspoons)will make you feel almost like an opiate . I’m 16 days off methadone and still have a few weeks to go but I’m doing good. You’ll have to take it every 3 to 5 hours. I found the mixture of Clonidine/Soma/Gabapentin-with kratom helps tremendously. Take on empty stomach. Eat fruits and vegetables and chicken/fish. Stay away from gluten when possible. Everyone is different but this mixture has been a life saver.

        1. You are lucky to have those drugs to assist. All 3 of them. I withdrew from suboxone cold turkey about 4 years ago and the gabapentin helped tremendously. I wish I had known about this Kratom at the time.

      2. Mang Da Kratom for sure…….. it completely relieves every symptom of opiate withdrawal. It takes away all your aches, pain, sickness, and makes you feel energetic and natural again it’s a godsend. if you have a high tolerance like I do, two heaping spoonfuls dissolved in about a cup of water mixed really well, and then add a little bit of cold water to make it just lukewarm so you can drink it down fast. It’s a lifesaver good luck

        1. Scott I’ve been using methadone for two years and I just bought Thai silver took 6 pills and it worked so far how much should I be taking if you could please help greatly appreciate it.

          1. I’ve been on green mang da for the past year for pain and recently have learned of other strains within all 3 of the veins just wondering if any interesting finds that work for pain, sedation and joint stiffness?

          2. Hi guys,
            I stumbled upon this forum by accident and it is an encyclopedia of knowledge! I have been taking kratom on and off of awhile to manage the pain I have from RA, and symptoms of MS. I also diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Dr’s don’t give out pain meds anymore hence my agony. I have had bulging discs in my lower back and it’s caused me so much agony. I’ve been taking a green strain that I by at a head shop, but idk that it’s working as well as another strain could, I would like to find a strain that give me the energy that I would get when I was prescribed opiates, and the same level of pain relief. So people get groggy when they take pain meds, but I get the opposite effect. Which strain of Kratom Would be best for me for high energy, mood, and pain relief?
            I also want to share a good way that I take crate him that makes it less disgusting.
            I dissolve my dose which is about a tablespoon in a small amount of hot water and stir it up. Then I dilute it with those sugar-free Crystal light sleeves that you add to a bottle of water. I make sure that it’s really really cold water. I pour some in and I take a sip, and I continue to do that until it’s all gone. So every time you take a sip you add more of the drink mix to it until you’re basically at the end and you can hardly taste it at all. Of course it’s still disgusting but finding the right amount of drink mix to add to the hot water crate him really really helps. Are used to do the toss and wash but inevitably I would almost or always throw up Then I dilute it with those sugar-free Crystal light sleeves that you add to a bottle of water. I make sure that it’s really really cold water. I pour some in and I take a sip, and I continue to do that until it’s all gone. So every time you take a sip you add more of the drink mix to it until you’re basically at the end and you can hardly taste it at all. Of course it’s still disgusting but finding the right amount of drink mix to add to the hot water crate him really really helps. Are used to do the toss and wash but inevitably I would almost or always throw up because it taste so disgusting. Someone describe it to me as as if a tree farted in your mouth. HAHA! I was like, that sounds about right!

        2. Thank you Scotty

      3. You tell me. I have tried Kratom for a few weeks now. Different strains- Green, White, Premium Bali, etc. Started small (1.5 Mg in capsules), then moved up to 3mg per dosage. I get zero, nada, nothing from it. Does not help at all, get zero mental or physical, just straight horrible w/d. I am down to 1-2mg per day suboxone, which is not much. My w/d start getting fairly heavy after only 1 day. I researched and studied Kratom, but the only thing I can think of is to try the Red and give it another week or so. I was encouraged after reading people on places like here, but I truly would not even know if you slipped a bunch in my drink. No placebo, nothing. I have tried it from multiple, well-rated vendors, so that cannot be it. I can try to go up to a heavy dosage, which I see mixed reviews on here. I will tell ya, mentally I am 95% there as far as quitting, it is almost all physical with me, at this point. It was such a letdown to not have Kratom help at all. Full-time single dad, work about 50 hours per week, volunteer in the community, so its not like I can just tough it out with much success. Almost unbearable to not sleep or have energy with my schedule. Thanks all.

        1. I don’t know if you can have gabapentin available to you but be moderate with it bc you can become a little dependent on it after taking it for 3 weeks to a month but it helped me tremendously withdrawing from suboxone. I would keep adding the red Kratom to your regimen though.

        2. Steven, I was taking Zubsolve, Subs, etc. after many years of being addicted to narcotic pain meds for chronic pain. I took my last sub 8 months ago. I did a lot of research on Kratom and the day after I took my last 8mg sub I started using Red Maeng Da. I started out at 3-5 grams every 4-5 hours and I was completely shocked and thanking God I did not have a single withdrawal symptom! Considering every other time I had tried to wean down or stop taking the meds I always ended up in the hospital, admitted every time! I would definitely recommend you stick with thr reds for opiate withdrawal and pain relief. I was prescribed every pain pill all my Doctors could think of over a twenty year span. Kratom has quite literally saved my life and given me my life back. I wish you all the best! It is most definitely possible!! If I was able to do it anyone can! Seriously! Any time before Kratom when I would go into withdrawals I was admitted into the hospital every time it was always that bad and that severe. Once I was in the hospital for 5 weeks straight and even though I was getting IV nausea meds and Dilaudid around the clock it still took over 4 weeks for them to just get me to stop violently vomiting every 20 minutes. It was that serious for me. When I stopped the subs and started Kratom I didn’t get sick or even feel bad at all. Now it’s 8 months later and I am still doing great as far as that goes! I hope this helps you and anyone else who needs to know the truth about how Kratom is saving lives every single day! Best of luck! You got this!

        3. Hey man you need to try taking about 10-12 grams at a time, every 4 hours you’ll prob need to re-dose. But I too have done .5-1 mg suboxone taper recently (I have a cheap/local vendor.). You/I will not get anything from 3-5g from ANY strain. You are definitely going to get relief from at least 10 though I promise. It still helps with pain (joint implant) even when I do take sub at that dose! Good luck

        4. You need to consume waaaay more than a few mgs of dried Kratom. You gotta remember, the plant matter that holds the alkaloids is 99% of the weight. 4-6 grams of standard powder Kratom (all varieties) is my sweet spot with/without tolerance. As long as the quality is upper tier, you’ll always feel something. You could look into Kratom potentiation with white grapefruit juice or black seed oil.

          1. @ Tyler ,
            I noticed that you mentioned using Kratom with Black Seed oil . I use a lot of essential oils for treating all sorts of ailments and I just so happen to have some Black Seed Oil … can you tell me how you use the combination of Kratom and Black Seed Oil ?? Thank you for Any Info you can give me . Please feel free to email me if you want . [email protected].

        5. Hey Steven,
          Definitely up your dose to 10-12 capsules per dose! I promise you’ll feel fine! I’ve run out of my meds before my appt and Kratom is a real godsend my friend. Good luck!

        6. I suggest you try red because it’s the most similar to opiats kick the the subs out because they block the opiate receptors that’s why you get no response

        7. How much is in each capsule? Normally they are 500 mg and a standard dose for beginners is normally like 6 to 8 capsules the steadily increase qhen needed. But most strains take a few days to help. How estly mang da works best for me but this new brand of trainwreck has seemed to kick it pretty well.. as its a mixture of all the veins, white, green and red.

        8. Hi Steven,
          I take suboxone normally but just moved and am in the middle of switching doctors. I thought I was going to have enough meds to last me until my appt. with my new doctor but I couldn’t get an appt. until later than expected. Long story short, I stretched them as much as I could but ran out and still have to wait until 9/3 to see him. I really did not want to have to resort to h So I’m the meantime and after a lot of research I ended up buying the Red Vein Bali from a local headship and it has been a God send! I read that Red Vein is one of the strands that is best for opiate withdrawals. You are not taking enough of it. I take like 60 capsules a day which is 30 grams. I take the most in the am- maybe like 15 capsules and then the rest I space out throughout the day like every 4-5 hours. Idk of that is a lot but it’s what works for me. I don’t feel like it has a very long half life at all. Even if I wait like 6 hours say, I will start to get the yawns and cramping behind me knees. So I pretty much snack on them throughout the day so that doesn’t happen. I wake up in the middle of the night like that also. But luckily I have other meds that help like Clonidine, klonopin and Gabapentin (although I cant run out of those until I see my doctor or that will become another issue- Gabapentin withdrawals suck too! ) I know I am lucky to have the extra meds as not everyone is able to get at the time or whatever. Anything extra like that of course helps! As we all know. I have been going through a bottle of Red Vein in two days. There are only 120 capsules and the bottle is like $30. Which isn’t a lot compared to a dope habit. I’ve been on suboxone a year know so it’s annoying me to have to spend money on trying to not be sick but it’s DEFINITLEY worth it. I actually ordered some poppy seeds to try to make tea today thinking that a pound of these will last longer cuz I read that you only need 100 grams per 100 lbs of body weight. I waited all day for them to come. I had taken my last 8 Kratom at like 8-9 am and they didn’t come until 4. I was sick waiting- sweating, runny nose, stomach pains, yawning, leg cramps but I also know that the suboxone is slowly leaving my system so that had a lot to do with feeling so sick only 8 hours later. Anyways, the tea sucked and didn’t do shit. So needless to say I went and bought more red Vein and I feel great now! Not high, well maybe a little euphoria or else I’m just so happy to not be sick anymore!! I know this is a long post and I’m sorry I went a little off topic, I have ADD so I jump around a lot- my bad. The short version is you def need to take more. Like others are saying the starting dose is like 8 capsules. I buy the Red Vein Bali by Whole Herbs. You can get a bottle cheaper 250ct online for cheaper -$40. I should be doing that. Idk if anyone has tried that kind or not or can recommend a better one? I have to take the capsules b/c the taste to me is way to disgusting or else I parachute it but the capsules are much easier for me when I’m on the go busy. I also have a question if anyone actually gets to the end of this – I know it’s so like a book :/ lol But, now I’m just dreading going back on the subs – I mean I DEF want to. I’m waaaayyy to big of a baby to stop and deal with months of hell. I know there is the Kratom but I feel I would just be switching. Suboxone withdrawals last like a month so by that time I’m sure I’d just have another habit, right? I hate all this shit! But yea so now I’m thinking great when I get my subs I’m gonna have to wait the whole 24 hours before I can take it? Cuz of the Kratom. I’m scared to death of precipitated withdrawals – that happened to me once before and never again! Literally the worst day of my life! I usually have some dope saved to take after the sun I’m case of anything like that but not this time. Anyways, I’m way off topic – sorry guys 😛Good luck Steven, def ramp it up and you will undoubtedly be feeling good 😉

          1. Hey Krissy! Just read your post and wanted to suggest making your own capsules. I bought a 00 Capsule machine from Amazon for $29 the already separated capsules )1000 ct for $16). The initial cost for the capsule maker is a little expensive, but once you have it, you can make 100 capsules at a time and only have to buy kratom and capsules. I buy the already separated ones which are a little higher because taking them apart is a pain in the a**, but you can get them cheaper if they aren’t already separated. I used to buy the caps by the bottle and it was ridiculous expensive. Try making your own and you’ll save some money!

        9. Hi Steven, up your dose. I started red bali 2 weeks ago. 1 loosely teaspoon mixed in warm small amount of water , waited 1 hour if needed more then took another teaspoon. There is about 4grams in a teaspoon. When I started I was on a daily dose of opiates 100mg a day for years. Now Im down to 50 mg of opioid pain medication and I take about 2 teaspoons of red bali a day. Doing well and going to lowering pills more next week. Pain is under control withdrawals are nonexistent. Just up your dose , keep positive, take magnesium if constipation is an issue, drink more water. Good luck friend

          1. Is it ok to mix Kratom with opiates? I’m currently using IV H (fentanyl I believe) and have Kratom sitting here looking at me. I bought White AND Red Maeng Da powder and a scale and everything to start it. Problem is that I’m a single mom with 3 kids including one with special needs. I don’t have time to wait to get sick. So I was wondering if I could start using Kratom as I lower my use of the other crap and eventually just stop the H and continue with the Kratom. But idk how much to take or when to start it IF I CANT MIX. Does it have to be 16-24 hours after my last H dose? The longest I can probably go is dose at night and then in the morning start the Kratom. But I don’t think I will be in severe WD at that time. Maybe just watering eyes. Pls help!

        10. Suboxone is a blocker, that’s why you’re not feeling kratom

    3. Hi Joe, I just got off methadone after being on for over 10 years for pain management/addiction. You don’t want to take kratom while you’re on opiodes. The next day after you stop, start with the kratom. You’ll want to get gold Bali. Take 3 teaspoons worth and try to get your doctor to prescribe Gabapentin/Soma/Clonidine. Take the kratom in hot water (about 8 ounces of water). I’m 16 days without methadone and I feel pretty damn good considering. This combination is something I put together from past experience and it works. It really helps.

      1. Hi brother I’m on methadone much you used to take?

    4. I agree with Beth. I had that happen to me (on pain meds for years-ended up suffering more on them) I used the Kratom instead – it helped my withdrawal immensely . And it has pain killing properties. You can still take your pain meds but keep time between using them because the Kratom fits your opiate receptors so the pain meds may not work as well but you won’t need them as often or as high a dose. I just went off of mine completely. ( I was on methadone for my pain and it’s probably what caused my heart failure and other horrible side affects.) I now usually only use the Kratom for my pain. It truly saved my life. I was in heart failure and didn’t know it (doctor’s thought I was to young, even though I told them that it felt like heart failure and I’ve been an EMT on our ambulance service for over eight years.) if I would have just went cold turkey off the awful pain meds I was on- my heart would definitely have given out & I wouldn’t be here today. I can’t stress the many ways that Kratom has helped me and many of my family members.

      1. Thank you for your post Michele. I am a pain management patient for 4+ years. I have developed quite a tolerance to opioids, and am desperate to do something different. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, COPD, fibromyalgia, severe arthritis in most of my large joints, the length of my spine, and in many small joints such as wrists, hands, feet. I also suffer from insomnia, horrible fatigue, and leg cramping at night. I ended up taking large doses of the opioids due to tolerance (40-50mg percs every 4 hours), along with NSAIDS. After a few months of that, I ended up with heart failure. Pretty severe at that, 15% ejection fraction. I was hospitalized and silently withdrew down to 10mg every four hours. Thought I would die. I’m ramping back up with the cold weather, and I’m scared. I believe the pain meds caused the heart failure. I need something different. I found that for me, opioids increase the effectiveness of the antidepressant meds I’m taking. Whenever I withdrawal from narcotics, I also withdrawal from the less effective SSRI’S. That is a withdrawal like no other. The brain zaps make me want to end it all. Do pain management facilities drug test for this? Someone please weigh in on this. Thank you all.

    5. I was on Adderall , Just about every opiate. I have 5 boys (now) and really wanted to get off the opiates prescribed to me. Both Adderall and Percs became an addiction. I couldnt function without them and eventually I was taking more then prescribed. My docs seemed to care more about money she kept me in opiates and eventually just changed the type of opiate but never got me off. One day I ordered a sample of kratom I didn’t do Enough research a d took 1 then 2 caps at 0.5 mg each cap. Naturally it didn’t help with pain at all and needed to take a perc. A few months later as if a “sign” every gas station and smoke shop was selling kratom. And pretty cheap. 3oz for 18.99 of Bali or Borneo or Meng Da wasn’t bad at all! I grabbed a bag. Took 2 heaping teaspoons (about 5-6 grams) 15 mins later my mind and body experienced relief of pain and energy and motivation. It was as if I took an Adderall and a perc at the same time. I have been using kratom for pain ever since. It really did change everything for me. Also helps with my mood alot but naturally. Opiates create thier own “happy” by producing (synthetic) dopamine while kratom recruits natural receptors. It’s been an amazing wonderful transistion for me. This is NOT an opiate and the government. SHOULD NOT classify it. Remember to join the fight!!! This tree is in the Coffee family!!! Not the poppy family and isn’t a synthetic opiate!!! The government. Needs to stop calling it an opiate and let the world eperience IMO one of God’s best gifts for pain !! Pharmicuticals remain threatened and will deft contonue to lobby. We are seeing some states and City ban the sale and use of kratom for false claims and or media bias.

    6. Hi Joe~ I’m Gray and also a chronic pain sufferer, and although I’m happy to say I’ve not been on any narcs since 4wks after my most recent surgery in 2016. That was far from my 1st surgery (started in 2002) and because I’m NOT done yet…I’ve had to force myself to limit narc’s, regardless of the excruciating pain of having nerves crushed by excessive bone growth in my cervical spine. It’s not easy, it’s actually extremely difficult but Kratom has definitely helped since started using it after that last surgery. I can do very little and only for short periods time, so I’m incredibly fortunate to have ability to work from home.
      I assume another surgery won’t fix your pain (since your Dr. has kept you on heavy narc’s all these years) so I really hope you can find some relief using Kratom.
      I’m not an expert, and regarding it’s use in combination with narcotics, all I can say is BE cautious of strains stating ‘high energy’…any substance that increases heart rate/blood flow WILL also increase your pain.

    7. Start with one teaspoon and start wing the narcs off then move up ur dosage to what helps

    8. Start with 2 grams and work your way up slowly to eat the desired pain relief. Give it two hours in between doses to see effect. Your respiration will be slowed, so watch that carefully and proceed with caution.

  11. I started out on 2 50mg tramadol a day, went up to 3, then back down to 2, then none. Once I got tired of fighting with the doc I started buying 100mg tapentadol from an online pharmacy, that caused so much debt I eventually had to quit cold turkey. My mom turned me onto kratom, assuming I’d take it for a few weeks then stop taking altogether. I started out with the powder, then capsules as they were easier to take but more expensive. Now I buy a kilo of powder at a time, once per month, and that large bag lasts me the entire month. I’ve settled on red bali. I refuse to go to rehab not only because I’m stubborn, but also because I refuse to take anything eevn more addictive than the tramadol and tapentadol were, and since I’m visually impaired an injection of suboxone, which is nothing more than bupranorphine and naloxone is not an option for me. I’m not interested in simply suffering the extreme itching in my hands, arms and legs and the insomnia withdrawal from tram and tap produce, so I tae kratom. If I am now addicted to it, which is indeed a possibility, at least I can purchase it over the counter legally from my local smoke shop. I am breaking no laws to get the pain relief I need, and that feels good in itself. Just one to one and a half teaspoons per dose depending on the pain 4 times a day and I’m good. The powder is much cheaper than the capsules, but don’t take it with any carbonated drink whatever you do. Do not mix it with other substances, especially other opioids or benzos. Rehab is not the only way, it is not even the best way. I’m not speaking out against rehab, but in my case even if I were willing, and I am not, I’d have no way to get there. My doc tells me to take tramadol but then refuses to prescribe it to me, she insists that kratom doesn’t work, and even if it did she isn’t prescribing it so I could be swallowing heroin or fentanyl and I wouldn’t know, as if I could ever be that stupid. For now kratom remains legal, and thanks to organizations like the B E A and the A K A I expect it to remain so.

    1. What happens when you take it with a carbonated drink ? (I have always mixed my extract liquid into a soda in the morning, I just have to watch not to shake it or it will explode, lol !)
      Getting ready to try capsules.

      Thanks !

    2. You are so right! I feel the same way. It saved my life… and that’s all there is to it.
      The doctors are run by the pharmaceutical companies and they loose way to much money when anyone gets off their poison’s. The doctors are programmed to never agree with any non-pharmaceuticals. It’s a very scary thing.

    3. I use red Bali for chronic pain treatment as well. I have broken titanium rods in my back not the surgeon’s fault just the way it goes. Have no cartilage in my hip and arthritis so bad I can’t walk….without kratom. I don’t know what adding a red kratom to that massive level of pain medication would or would not do, but the stuff is amazing and I am 90-95% pain free and all I get from the doctors is neurontin. Before trying kratom, I was unable to walk anymore. Kratom saved my life. 5-6 grams at night does me right! But it would be good to know if you can get something to help with pain in the increasingly likely event that your meds are cut back or even off….like mine were.

    4. How much dose a kilo cost? I have quit pain management because I tried kratom and it worked,but now they are tryn to make a schedule 2 norc,which means having to go to a doc to get it….piss me off !! Of course the bill has Not passed yet . But of course anything that’s good and helps the government will try and stop. Like they let use get hooked up on the bad stuff and still hooking people up on opioids……sorry back now,how much is a kilo cost?

  12. Hi

    I desperately need some advice on how to start keratom.
    I’m on methadone and morphine.
    I wanna stop methadone ASAP. But how? Morphine I get prescribed. And they’ve said if my pee is clean 9f methadone I can go for detox. Pls help

    1. Hey man I was on methadone for opiates for years and I stop going to methadone clinic and was sick as hell couldnt work even get out of bed and started taking kratom and it worked it was like a miracle and I’ve been off all drugs since I started the kratom

      1. Same here James congrats. Stopped taking methadone at 30mg cold Turkey. Went through hell for about 3 months then found kratom through a friend and never looked at opiates since. It’s been 1 1/2 years. Well done my friend

        1. That’s exactly what happened to me.

        2. I was a serious heroine addict and kratom saved my life. My addiction was so bad that I lost my business, my home and all three of my cars. I thought there was no hope for me because all could ever think about was getting my next high. One day, at my lowest point, I just cried out to God to save me from my addiction and that same day I discovered Kratom. I’m now over a year clean and it still brings tears of joy to my eyes whenever I tell this to others struggling with addiction. With that said, Kratom truly and literally is a Godsend.

          1. Can I help me.what type of kratom? For heroin addiction

          2. Hello there. I’m curious to know are you still taking the Kratom?

          3. Amen, so proud of you. I lost my 23 year old cousin to heroin and I just wish I had know About Kratom when he was suffering with his addiction. Keep up the great work, you got this!

      2. Same here .was so hard coming off methadone. Found kratom and it helped right away. I’m off all opioids and just take kratom.

      3. I want to stop 120 mg methadone, can I just stop and go to Kratom or do I need to taper?

        1. No I would taper down I tried both ways once at 100mg of methadone then again at 39mg I’m into day 5 now and the detox not that bad with kratom and gabapentin helps with my pain and withdrawls. And I’m feeling confident in a month I’ll have most of methedone out of me shit takes a while but yeah I wouldn’t try at that high of a dose of methadone you can taper down at 7 to 10 mg a week of methadone then go all the way to 0 or try getting off around 50 or less mg with kratom if the methedone is to expensive like it was in my case after my grant wore off and I had 2 pay

          1. Update: been taking kratom for 1 week now coming off methedone and wow does it work not o ly am I detoxing but I am also in allot of pain due to a pinched sciatica nerve can barely walk and it helps with the pain and I don’t feel any detoxing symptoms unless I stop taking kratom for.more then 6 hours then the runny nose and tummy aches start etc… 4 mg of gold Bali wich is a combo of red and a little dash of white for some alkaline so you feel a little more chipper for lack of a better word.. lol anyway I am so glad I read this forum and was able to get off there government koolaid shits evil.. I have tried a few other gas stations stuff but no good went on Google found a kratom shop with good 5 star reviews and went in they recommended the gold Bali and huge difference in the crap from gas station hajis.. highly recommend for pain and detox it’s a nice combo of red and white. Start at about 4mg wait 15 min increase if needed you will learn your limits fast you will feel a euphoric effect about 10 min after ingesting where the pain and detox goes away so fast that it’s pleasurable for 1 moment.. I hope this helps others like this forum saved me from myself better then PAR drug treatment center did but I do recommend you still get some kind of therapy religion emotionally al support or support group like AA i smoke weed also with it and no side effects weed helps me.not to think about it and crave and sleep.etc.. anyway I’ll update later I hope to not be on the kratom for more then a month will update later thanks everyone 😉

        2. Laura.. I jumped off of 150mg of methadone cold turkey. Then added a solid 4 weeks of banging heroin and fentanyl. Kratom will take it all away. I had to dose 10-15g first thing in the morning with a high quality maeng Da. Whole Herbs or OPMS have been my 2 strongest kratom brands. Oh, and redose maybe 5-6g every 4-6hrs. Listen to your body and you’ll know when to redose. Also look into potentiators and you can drop your amounts down bc your tolerance will build fast as hell after daily use. Turmeric w black pepper pills at CVS will literally double the effect so be careful. Hope this helps…

      4. Do you take the whole shot of Kratom mit 45 or is it many doses? Also do you steep the capsules or just swallow them? Did you just quit methadone and go to Kratom or did you taper. I need answers please!!!

    2. Your going to want a red strain like red Bali or red Borneo and in the 10 gram + range then work your way up or down depending on how well it works for you. Mixing with chocolate milk or water and sugar helps with the taste a lot and make the mixture in smaller amounts at a time to equal 10 grams is a lot easier than 10 grams at once

    3. What city are you in? I’ve been taking prescription painkillers for about 5 years. Today is Monday and I took the last of my pills Sunday morning and woke up feeling like garbage this morning. I almost called in sick to work but I stuck it out. I found a place near my job and went after work to buy some. I took 2 teaspoons of Green Malay about and hour ago and I feel AMAZING. I actually can’t believe it. It feels like I’ve taken a Percocet. This is the first time I’ve ever taken it.

    4. Get off the methadone ASAP. Defiantly lower your does until you’re at least 10mg or lower. I used to be on dome for a long time. I lowered my does 10% each week. When I finally got to 2mg a day I quit. I was ok for a week or less then had withdrawals for the next three weeks. It was horrible even at that low of a dose. I couldn’t take it and eventually gave in to dope once again.

      I found out about Kratom online. Did a little research and went out and bought some green mang da. Best decision of my life. Yes now I’m addicted to Kratom since I’ve been taking it every day for the past two years however I feel like myself again. I feel happy. As soon as I took my 1st dose I could tell that Kratom is a true miracle herb. IT GOT ME OFF HEROINE! If that not a miracle then I don’t know what is.

    5. What’s the best kind to buy? I’m addicted to opiates and need off. Only reason I continue to take is cause I can not go through the withdrawals, have a business to run family to take care of, can’t remember the last time I even got high, I take enough to be notmal

      1. Hey bro I’m about like you 2 days ago I was taking 60mg of oxycodone 4 times a day I started the red vein strand I take 7 caps twice a day but that me but so far it has helped with the opiod withdraw process you still got want to quit but I promise you from a addict this will help you

      2. Meang Da or Vietnam or red Bali are really great for pain relief I have a broken back and was on 120+ perks a month and two years ago went to kratom and haven’t looked back, went right off the pills didn’t even need to taper off, you want to take it with a drink that has citric acid or vitamin c as it maximizes absorption, if you use a soda like I do shake the carbonation out I take 10-12 grams depending on the strain, and I toss and wash it, just pour about 5 grams in your mouth and then take a gulp of whatever liquid swish it around and repeat, research it as much as you can tho cuz the more ya know the better, also start at prolly a lower dose to see how your body reacts to it, everyone is different I have an incredible high tolerance to pills, I take 3 10-12 gram doses a day and it helps with a broken spine so it’s worth it, don’t believe the shit online about it killing you it’s not possible to od unless you take it with other drugs if you take it alone worst that will happen is you’ll throw it up, but don’t take on an empty stomach you should eat something, wait an hour then dose, otherwise your more likely to throw it right back up, orange juice, lemon juice, drinks with vitamin c or citric acid as its soluble in that, water or milk is a bad choice, dairy stops the body from absorbing anything really and kratom is not soluble in water from what I have read, but red Bali is great for sedative and pain so it’s best for a night dose, meang da or Vietnam are good for during the day they kill pain BETTER then pain killers and boost energy also these strains give a great euphoric feeling so you wont miss the pills as much the only drug I recommend mixing kratom with is bud (weed) it’s a good time and helps with nausea if you experience any, best of luck, remember research as much as you can tho, order online if you can find a reputable vendor I buy from a shag shop (head shop) 8oz for 60-70 $ last me a little less then a week as I take a little over an oz. A day, its expensive but I just know I can trust it and I don’t like ordering shit online they lose my shit too often

      3. I can relate to taking pain meds to feel normal…and withdrawls are out of this world. I would count my pills and freak out knowing they would be gone…I felt like I’m not even a human without them, I felt they were my identity…even though I told myself I needed them for pain..I’m just on the Kratom bandwagon…I cant wait to say “when i used to take opioids” good luck

    6. You still need help my friend ? I can help you

      1. I need help please. Just started today. I took 2-1000mg of Green Maeng capsules. I don’t know where to start when treating pain as far as dosages and how many time daily. Sorry to intrude, but I’m lost.

        1. I used the super green 7 g 3 times a day.

          Hi does’s vitamin c 2000 twice Daily just
          Stopping that now
          Imodium is essential and was taking high does’s of it 6 three time a day
          L-Theatmine 1200 mg a day to calm me
          And a sleep aid from health food store
          Lots of ginger root china town
          Detox tea Chinatown too
          Testosterone enhancer Chinatown
          Aquafit classes daily gym too
          Feeling great
          26 days opiot free

          [email protected]
          If you like to know more

    7. I’ve quit oxy, suboxin, Xanax, heroin, percs, and let me tell you now, YOU CAN HANDLE THE WITHDRAWLS!! It’s a bitch of a nightmare but you WILL get through it! Just a few days and you’ll be back on your feet! And trust me you will feel natural opiate like pleasure when your happy and it will be way better than chasing the itch! I have, you can, and we will!

      1. Thank’s chad .On the way to go get some today to get rid of my withdrawal ..I have used Kratum before and it did help.This place is filled with people like me

      2. Dude not everything is out of your system in. a week only fast acting pain meds like oxycodone and dillaudid yeah that’s a ruff week to get off but trying coming off of methedone bro it ain’t no week try months not to mention the mental addiction on top of the physical addiction cravings don’t take percocet for a month and get off in a week and tell people it’s ok just a ruff week you have no idea… watch someone coming cold Turkey off 3 years of methadone at 240 mg and then come back and change what you said ur an idiot

      3. Just a few days??? Which Strain did you take because that’s what I need to order!!! Tapered down on Suboxone to 1/16 of a strip and have been almost 2 months without any and still have some withdrawal symptoms. Not like it was the first month, now insomnia and complete lack of energy/motivation.

  13. Hi there I just wantend to share my experience with kratom. Ive had a complex fracture of my tibia and fibula. The intramedullary nail that was used to fixate the bone was accidentaly not put straight through but at a bit of an angle so that my leg has become bent inwards. This causes an immense amount of knee and nerve pain.
    Ive had all kinds of painkillers including tramadol and oxycodone, and they help but they put me on my ass wich I dont like. Kratom is the only thing that really keeps me going when I have to because it doesnt have any sedating effects.
    I personally only need a few grams a day and it makes me feel very warm, comfortable and chatty. Ive never been able to get a sedative effect from kratom even at higher doses, while I even prefer all the red strains wich are more opiate like. When I do take more then my regular dose, wich is around 5 grams, I get this strong sense that something is not right, get nauseated and wonder why Ive taken more then I needed to.
    Ive taken kratom daily for a 2 month period and never increased the dose. I do not seem to build up a tolerance at all!? It seems to have some sort of maximum effectieve dose before only unpleasant side effects start to appear. For me less is more when it comes to kratom.

    1. You need to “stack” it. Take 2 or 3 grams if your using powder, wait an hour and then take another 2 grams. If they’re pills take 3 or 4, wait an hour and take another 2-4. My best experience(my history is similar to your with pills) is the O.P.M.S solutions brand of liquid extract. 1-2 shots and it’s like a 5 -7 hour Percocet warm and fuzzy minimal pain euphoria

      1. Chad what is O.P.M.S.? I have been taking the powder switching daily I like green Borneo, red bali, (I was told gold bali isnt really a thing that it’s a mix which i liked) red maeng da will put me to sleep. But I need to get that pain relief. I take what I think is a lot about 30 grams a day I am still trying to find that sweet spot again. Anyone else too with info I’d appreciate. I was on pain meds for 6 yrs 6 back surgeries, neck surgery and suffered a bad car accident last year. Which agitated my chronic pain even more.
        I was pulled off pain keds because I got them from 2 different doctors after I had my baby c section and my regular pain doc. The one pharmacy called then both and yep no more. Withdrawal was difficult in that the kratom helped with po physical withdrawals however the mental of not having them and my mind telling my body I Had to have them was brutal. I dont experience it that much anymore it’s been almost 3 months since my last oxy.

    2. You are so right! I feel the same way. It saved my life… and that’s all there is to it.
      The doctors are run by the pharmaceutical companies and they loose way to much money when anyone gets off their poison’s. The doctors are programmed to never agree with any non-pharmaceuticals. It’s a very scary thing.

  14. I had been taking 4-6 (or more) Norco 10/325 daily for over 4 years because my tolerance got so high. I tried to quit many times but withdrawal was so bad it was hard for me to even cut back. That is until I started taking Kratom a few weeks ago. I have chronic TMJ, migraines and SI joint pain. I have had to take, maybe, 5 Norco over the course of the last few weeks and have had no withdrawal symptoms at all! I have tried white maeng da, red maeng da and Bali red. The white maeng da worked best for me taking 8 capsules 2-3 x daily…sometimes less. I sleep good at night which is a major plus for me. This stuff has really helped me get back control of my life. The only negative thing I can say about kratom is it causes me some constipation. Nothing compared to opioids though. Totally worth giving it a shot if you’re looking for a way out of addiction.

    1. How long did you have to take Kratom ? When did your withdrawal symptoms stop

  15. I have crohns, social anxiety,PTSD bipolar,manic depressant. I dont take no meds ,except green and white strainds of kratom.. my life has changed tremendously.

  16. I using kratom as I was on dillaudid and a fent. Patch. My Dr of 18 years pulled my script overnight after missing one pill count on the day they asked. They started me on oxycontin at 19. I had a perfect record of managing my meds for 21 years. I thought I was going to die and almost lost my life. I was hit by a drunk driver at 19 and have a permanent back injury. I started kratom and unfortunately have to take 10 tablets a dose or more due to my tolerance. Does anyone else take this much? I will be so upset if they outlaw this as it’s the only thing I have to use to just get out of bed. Also has anyone tried “Trainwreck”? Just read up on it. Does anyone buy online? Thank u to all who shared your personal journey. It angers me that drs can put u on serious medicine and then pull it overnight! I want every pain Dr to have to take opioids for a year and then be pulled off so they know how people literally loose their life and go to street drugs! Happy 4th to all!!

    1. Hi I’ve been on opiates for over 15 years from a severe accident. The last few years my tolerance has gotten so high Ive taken to buying more from the street as well as my script. I’ve finally decided to go off of them believing that the pain I have is no longer from the accident but truly from the withdrawal of the opiates themselves. I’ve been off for 4 days now and it’s been hell. But I got some kratom YAY At first it was just a couple grams that I had to pour in my mouth but today I got a great strain and I can actually say Im feeling pretty good. I’m a little concerned that this is going to make the withdrawal longer but I can’t really see how this is possible. Can anyone tell me if they actually used this to get off opiates but didn’t have to stay on this ? I only ask because I read that this can be addictive too and don’t want to go through this all over again.

      1. Yes this shit works no lie!!! I was a total junkie injecting all kinds of junk in my body meth heroin fentanyl it didn’t matter. I decided I was done living every everyday dope sick and barely even alive. I started with 2oz of Red Bali, in my opinion Kratom and weed saved my life!! I can see the potential addictiveness it can create but for me it was mind over matter and telling myself not depend on it.

      2. If you’re still having with drawl issues try blood pressure meds

      3. I have a friend that kicked opiates completely using kratom. He still takes kratom but that’s a whole lot better then heroin.

      4. Monique, back in Aug 2016, I decided to get off pain pills and switched to Kratom. My story is very similar to yours and I was able to get off the opiates with my withdrawal lessened, and three years later, I am still off them. I was so deep in the opiates, I thought I was going to have to go to a methadone clinic or some sort of rehab facility, but this stuff saved my life. I can’t recommend it enough, and it’s nice because if I run out of the Kratom, I don’t get withdrawals. The only feeling of withdrawal I get is in my head. I don’t get those horrible physical withdrawals when I run out, and I can function until I get more.

        1. Hi Lucy. I’ve been off of opiates since Dec 2018 after close to 30 yrs. But, I’m still dealing with the everyday chronic pain. Which Kratom power do you recommend for the best pain relief. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks, Char

      5. Which strain did you use since you were on such high amounts of opiates before? Also, I have always had a super high tolerance for pain meds since the first time I had to take any. Many medicines just plain don’t work for me and and marijuana never has given me pain relief despite trying at super high doses. However, I found out after having a medical genetic test that I have the MTHFR mutation and I don’t produce seratonin. After taking 5-MTHFR supplement at a dose of 7500 I finally was able to reduce my pain medicine drastically. I am wondering if any of you that also have such a high tolerance, even though I understand you have built up a tolerance, may have this mutation also. It is a easy supplement to purchase and take.

        1. Also forgot to mention that I do not get any type of high from my narcotics. I was taking 80 mg morphine and 120mg oxycodone. I never had withdrawls except for headaches and the pain that was no longer being taken care of. I am now down to 15 mg morphine x 3/day 30 mg oxy x 3/day from the prior dose which was also 3 times a day. This is why I feel I need the strongest strain available for pain. I also take Ritalin 20mg x 2/day. would any strains help the mental clarity and energy I received from this?

          1. Hi Vicki,
            Green Malaysian worked great for me after a 15 year opiate dependency. I stopped cold turkey after having been bumped up to almost 200 mg of MS a day with a 3 month rotation of 90 mg of Merhadone every 6 months. First thing first..DO NOT, I repeat…DO NOT MIX OPIATES AND KRATOM! My suggestion is that you do not start your clean, new life with Kratom until you are ready to let go of the opiates completely! Mixing the two can be/is a dangerous combo. Back to Green Maylay… my personal regimen was 2g to start then increased by 1g every 20 mins to titrate desired effect once I found that “sweet spot” it was a “never look back” moment for opiates. I realized I didn’t need all the meds the pain doc was giving me for 15 years because my pain was gone, I had energy and a “who gives a s*** attitude” to all the things that use to cause me anxiety. For the first time in many years I was able to focus on my son who is now 15 years old so due to opiates I missed him growing up, don’t get me wrong I was there but was I really? What is important is I’m here now thanks to Green Maylaysian Kratom. There are many different subcategories of Kratom but I think a green strain of some type would be what you are looking for. Sorry about the lengthy soapbox.

        2. Hello Vicki!
          I myself have a very high tolerance and had a back surgery in 2015 and then work comp injury causing me to get ankle replacement. I read what you wrote about then genetic test….how do I go about that as I know if off …I feel it and I now have CRPS from the trauma from ankle and the pain is the worst pain anyone can have according to doctors while going thru testing. Now my left leg has the nerve pain….please let me know which strain you found to be best to help and the testing. Thank you for sharing!-

      6. What strain? I have severe pain and I am new to kratom! All my doctor gives me is tramadol and it don’t help!

        1. Switch it up but some of the best for pain are red vein maeng da (og pimp grade), green malaysian, and red vein bali. All about the vein/maturity level. Some good online vendors are happy hippo and phytoextractum.

      7. Hey there buddy! Good job coming to that realization, I’m trying to make my father see the same light. At one point in my life I unfortunately had a small run with fake/pressed pills (oxi) for about 3 months. Obviously I regret it and thank God I’m done with them entirely, but I used Kratom (Red Bali specifically) to help me ween off the pills. It helped tremendously in my situation, and I recently got down to doing only 4 capsules a day, which is close to nothing in the Kratom world. It’s only taken 3 weeks to feel like I don’t need them (pills or Kratom) anymore. Now, your case is a tad different due to your accident, however, I believe it will help with the withdrawals significantly. Best of luck, and you’re all in my thoughts/prayers

      8. Monique I have not taken this awful stuff there is too much negativity surrounding it. I have however been addicted to opiates and heroin for some years, but have been sober for 4 years now. Except I am on methadone treatment and though this is not something I plan to stay on for the rest of my life being in this treatment has helped me get a head in my life. Plus being in treatment where the medication is controlled so when I decide I no longer need to be on methadone I have a group of people that go through the detox process with me. The medication is reduced as fast or as slow as I need and I have a counselor to talk to a doctor or nurse to express the physical withdraw symptoms concerns and if I am coming down too fast that can be slowed down or even stopped or put on pause for as long as I need. Granted its still going to leave me feeling a little crappy its better than full blown withdraw that with methadone can last a long time (month to months). I have heard from people that took Kratom that its horrible and painful and they would not recommend anyone using this especially as a replacement to opiates or heroin. I suggest get off this stuff ASAP if you can. And the way things are going with this stuff it maybe made illegal sooner than people realize. 13 countries (including the country it comes from) have BANNED this stuff which should tell you right there its all bad. If you need resources please contact me i’d be happy to help where I can. my email is lisabohnenkamp[email protected]

        1. If you haven’t tried, your opinion is worthless. I see you give great attention to what “others ” say. Since you have not experienced it for yourself you have no right to influence others.

        2. Lisa B, I have looked all over for similar opinions to yours about kratom, and the only places I’ve found them are at pharmaceutical-based websites; so I can’t help but think you’re a shill for such a company. I’m really surprised that you would advocate, in a roundabout way, the use of controlled methadone treatments over kratom, since methadone itself is an opioid (and has significant withdrawal effects), and kratom is not.

        3. The reason its banned in Thailand is because of the opium trade. Their Gov’t wasnt making all the money they once did because the Thai ppl started using Kratom instead of opium. It soothed withdrawal and gave a boost of energy along with pain relief. It was free growing and easy to use. When the Gov’t figured this out… they banned it. Theres alot of info on this subject, u just have to look. Goodluck with your chemical romance. ~☆~✌💞🐾

        4. I’ve got cervical kyphosis and bulging disk all down my spine from a car accident. All they will give me is steroids and muscle relaxers, I made them give me something stronger in the er, tramadol which didn’t do shit but help me sleep when I did. But kratom actually took the sharpness of my pain and dulled it down. So it’s not as intense. I’ve tried other pain killers before and nothing will help. Kratom is my last hope really and it’s still expensive as hell. Suicide is a daily thought from this chronic pain.

        5. Lisa B AH-Mazing!!!! After reading through literally HUNDREDS of LIFE ALTERING, and LIFE SAVING Testimonials on THIS SITE ALONE about the beneficial attributes of Kratom, YOU come along and drop some random Black Cloud! So, everyone here, according to your words of wisdom would be better off sticking with (and possibly DYING from overdosing on) Methadone, Suboxone, Fentanyl, or any and all Opioids? Because they are LEGAL??? HA HA HA HA HA! According to your doom and gloom rationale, Kratom MIGHT BECOME BANNED in the USA at some RANDOM POINT IN THE FUTURE. SO, we are ALL SUPPOSED to immediately STOP SEEKING out HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE LIFE SAVING OPTIONS to BIG PHARMA induced ADDICTIONS, such as Kratom, Until it MIGHT BE BANNED? God Bless the Ignorant…

      9. Evening, i was prescribed 120 mg’s of Percocet for 13 years. I developed a tolerance over the the last couple of those years and would often have to take more to get the same pain relief. I started using kratom to stop using opioids and it worked! The 1st couple of weeks were tough but nothing compared to total withdrawal. I was able to sleep w/o the horrible leg cramps. I’ve used red leaf kratom for the last 4 months and have been off of opioids. I’ve tried red, green and white. Red seems to work best for me as far as pain relief. Good luck.

      10. Yes it can be hard to get off kratom, my suggestion is to taper off, and most importantly Focus Your daily perspective on everything except the substance and how it feels! Withdrawal is the worst mental warfare a person can go through, but then, boom! It’s over. You can do it! I did

    2. You need to switch up the color vein of kratom you are using. It’s called “same strain syndrome”. Switch kinds for a few days you will notice a huge difference. Source – we have a shop here called the kratom shop and it’s what they specialize in. This info came from them to me.

      1. Hi wonder if your shop you buy from ships. Thanks!!

    3. A fuckin men! PREACH! That last bit about the doctors!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself

    4. Hi everyone,. I went from taking 15 to 20 roxy’s a day. Some from the dr. Then the rest off the street. Nevermind the TIME, EFFORT, THE MONEY, OR HOW ABOUT THE LIES, STORIES, THEFT, DEBT i put myself in. I wind up losing my wife and children. I have 2 beautiful girls at home i lost to pills. Then i was turned on to HEROIN and needless to say my life got worse. Im living in my mother’s house i have my own apartment and i eat all my food thru a microwave. My life SUCKS GUYS AND GIRLS …… 2 months ago my buddy bought me a bag of kratom. Can i say its been 8 weeks DRUG FREE EVERYONE !! i want my family back and kratom is going to help me achieve that goal. I wish all good luck my prayers go out to all. God bless

      1. Hey dude. I was literally on a 10 per dose 10mg Vicodin. I was on the verge of losing my family and children. Kratom fucking works. ,but…like my juul which is in my mouth all day. I did quit smoking a pack and a half a day. But juul now. Same with kratom. I drive for UPS. I’ve been clean for 2 years because of kratom. But because kratom is so natural taking everyday is okay. I don’t mind taking kratom for the rest of my life as I use it to work out and work in general. You’re going to be fine. Find your strain that suits you. Mine is Green vein . And never look back. We could spend money on all kinds of dumb shit anyway. What’s wrong with spending it on kratom.? Be strong homie. It saved my life

      2. Awesome!! Please please please 🙏 I wish you all the best. YOU CAN DO THIS I lost my son 19 months ago to heroin/fentanyl overdose. He was a commercial bricklayer, started out on oxycontin back in the day…

      3. That is awesome! Just stick to the kratom and your actions will speak louder than your words!! Im sure your family will notice a change in you for sure. I wish you the best of luck, and i will 🙏 🙏 🙏 that you are strong enough to stay away from all that bad shit and if you do the right thing, good things will start to happen. I wish you the best of luck. Susan

      4. Man I can relate I was almost in the same situation as you a beautiful wife and two beautiful little girls and an awesome son…. was taking 10-15 percs a day at the end. Researched a lot online I felt like I was losing my family I was…. got doc to prescribe me clonidine for opiate withdrawals and bough some red Bali Kratom. Went from 10-15 percs a day to none . No fuckinh withdrawals at all .all the other times I tried it was too much lain and depression t bear. Clonidine and kratom saved me I’m happier than I have been in five years. Marriage is great kids love me again. I feel like I want to cry haha

      5. Awesome I pray everything works out!!!

      6. Wonderful! I sincerely hope things work out for you! I use Kratom also and yes it works for me ! Great for my pain! Dont know what I would do without it!So glad you found it! Probably saved your life! You just keep on doing well!

    5. Hi Kelly,
      I do have to take a lot because of my opiate addiction. I start the mornings with 12 grams and then just do 6grams for my mid day dose and night time dose. For as long as you were on the pain meds it will probably be a while before your tolerance drops and you can take less. I’ve taken kratom for about 5 years and had opiate addiction for 7. I’ve been clean for about 2 months but my tolerance is still really high. Hope that helps! You’re not alone, remember that!

    6. I take between 10-15 a dose. Have fibromyalgia and other old injuries. Was on norco or Percocet and some form of muscle relaxant for almost 3 years, all prescribed by my doctor, never went in early for more, then like you, they stopped prescribing… lyrica helps a bit with the fibromyalgia, but even with my insurance, I can’t afford it. Kratom has literally saved my life as well! I really hope they do t make it illegal either, I will be screwed!

      1. Which strain of kratom do you use for your fibromyalgia?

    7. Try reaching out to some of your local tea shops that sell Kratom And see what they recommend

    8. I was introduced to kratom about a year ago and have since gone through several bags of product. I had no prior experience with opiates, pills, etc… , but I was a very heavy drinker up until about 4 months ago (today is day 113 with no alcohol BTW). Anyhow, the person who introduced me to kratom had no real experience himself, so we started off with 1 tablespoon of powder and then quickly progressed up to 2 heaping tablespoons. It was not until I discovered that my food scale could measure in grams that I became aware that my standard dosage was 16-20 grams, which seems to be an incredibly high dosage for a relatively “newbie” given what I have seen other users post online as recommended dosages. Foolishly I considered 1 TBS as “microdosing”. My liver may have another opinion, but I’ve seen no ill effects thus far. Going to start cutting it back to 1TBS as a regular dosage, but I do like the feeling given by the 2 tablespoons. The best way to consume it is with chocolate milk. It doesn’t completely dissolve and is still kind of lumpy going down, but it definitely helps with the taste.

      1. Mix it with chocolate syrup first then the milk and thank me later

      2. To : Shayman, yea I was in the same boat as you once were… so what did you mean by your Liver had another opinion ? When I first start Kratom I ended up in ER very sick… My liver function was incredibly High… i had to stop the toss n wash. I was taking way to much I think as well… I also had high Magnesium levels.. so i drink tons of water for a few days i had the liver function test repeated again and I was normal.. so a few days later I started using Kratom again but this time I used the fillable teabags I purchased from amazon , brewed tea in my cup… bags had 3 teaspoons of kratom in them.. i had a cup 3 to 4 times a day… but i wasnt getting the pain relief I needed so went back to mixing the powered with warm water, shaking it in a shaker cup.. then chugging down… my dose is now 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon … 3 times a day… I use red bali , yellow changing ever few days. I do measure with measuring spoons… yes I am afraid my dose is very uncommonly high compared to what most use… so what was the issues with your liver? and any one else have weird lab results back?

    9. I was on 140mg daily methadone. 1 take mine in pill for as welll. 10 of them 3x a day

      1. David, I just bought the capsules today. Was told of Kratom by an acquaintance and she swore that it saved her life. I was literally calling around looking for no-cost or low-cost treatment centers as I am circling the drain thanks to Oxy. Anyway, made up my mind that I am DONE, found a center early today, and through conversation with someone, found out about Kratom, so ran to buy some. Anyway, you say you are taking 10 at a time? Then 3 times per day? So, 30 per day? Is that the 600mg capsule, may I ask? I need help with dosage and that is what I bought. The 600mg capsules from Kono Labs. Any guidance would be appreciated.

      2. Hi I take 166 of methadone did you ween down before you started taking kartom

        1. My name is bobby im from south carolina and i was taking 150 a day of methodone. Yes you need to ween down but it will help with withdrawals but dont stop cold turkey. Now that im off methodone i feel a hundred times better and have lost weight.

    10. Kelly, can’t even come close to touching your level of pain management. But I’m currently trying several different strains trying to find that just right one. Currently on red vein, and take 8-10 capsules three times daily. And feel like I’m wasting money cause I have to take so much to kill any of the pain and then sometimes I feel like I’m just taking a placebo. As there is no difference

      1. Chris, since I have such a high tolerance for opiates also I would like to let you know how it works for me once I try it. If I find it works then I would suggest you either get the genetic testing for medical purposes and find out if you have the folic acid gene mutation. Or you could just try the supplement to see if it works. I was able to drastically reduce my pill consumption after taking 5-MTHF 7500mg daily. Went from 80mg morphine x3/day plus 120mg oxy x3 daily to 15/30 x3 day and moving down. Let’s see if we can help each other. I am ordering now. BTW marijuana never worked on me and I never get high with any med. If you do try the 5-MTHF supplement start with 800mcg and work your way up after 2 weeks intervals. Double, then get a higher dose/double. You can go up to 10,000mg. Just stop when you feel it is working and do a little research.

      2. All about switching the color, I’m a 20yr opiate addict. Started with Vicodin as a teen and opiates became a daily thing from 14yrs old to 34yrs old. Used to take 10 norcos at a time 6 times a day. Then came heroin, then I was on methadone 105mg for 3 yrs and detoxed all the way to 20mg n then just quit taking it. Couldn’t take the wdrawls cuz they lasted more than 9 days. Got on Suboxone, then subutex, I was snorting 8 to 12mg of buprenorphine a day for 7yrs. Slowly weened down to half a mg and stopped, waited till day 3 when I could take the wdrawls and tried some Red Bali Kratom. It worked! But…. It only worked for about a week, I learnred about switching the color and boom! Went from Red Bali to White Maeng Da and it was like the first time all over again. Red Vein is hella strong and Green Malay is cool if you switch from Red Bali. My colors are usually Red Bali for 5 to 7 days then I switch to White Maeng Da. Every now n then I go for Red Vein, I tried Trainwreck but it’s just a bunch of different colored capsules which quit working in 3 days. So yes if it’s feeling like a placebo just swap colors n you should be ok. Btw I take 9 capsules 2 to 3 times a day

    11. Hi Kelly sorry to hear about your situation. I use trainwreck at least once a day for a little energy boost and pain relief. It also helps a little less than other strains with my anxiety. Since I’m a long time medical opiate user I prefer a large dose of Bali first thing as it’s the most opiate like.

    12. Hey, Kelly!
      I’m so sorry about your doctor doing what he did. They can rally be assholes, can’t they! I’m very angry about my last experience with having my meds pulled, but I have nothing on you, kiddo.
      From what I understand, five grams (ten capsules) is a fairly normal dose; you take a higher dose if you want more euphoric effects.
      I happen to take a lower dose (five or six capsules- two and a half to three grams) two or three times a day. I think one’s need for kratom can vary pretty widely, depending on experience and strain. I am just beginning to see just how differently I react to different strains!
      The nice thing about taking kratom for chronic pain is that, instead of needing more and more, users tend to need either the same amount or less as time goes on. Another nice feature of kratom is that many strains give you some energy and mood lift with your pain abatement.
      I hope this helps, and I hope that kratom helps you more than opioids did. I know that it works that way for me. Best of luck.

    13. I take 10 a day as well.

    14. I had a similar experience, but luckily had other sources for meds, though I eventually got off them myself, and I also had a very high tolerance, I used suboxone to get off opioid meds, then took nothing narcotic for 7 months, however I still have bad pain from breaking my back in a car accident, I recently tried Red Bali Kratom and it does help a lot better than meds like Advil or any other OTC meds. Red Bali is the only strain I’ve tried, but it works. Also, I would ween down slowly on Kratom, it’s been outlawed in a few states already & it won’t surprise me if it’s banned nationwide!

    15. Damn that’s heavy. I agree though every Dr should have to go through it so they can understand what purple go through because they’re just looking at it from the outside and can’t fathom what kind of pain we go through because they can’t measure it or quantify it through numbers.
      I truly hope it all gets better for you. But does this stuff really make a big difference? Because thus far all I’ve seen is talk and promises of products that will work. Followed by pain and disappointment from the products, 11 surgeries, acupuncture,various food diets, teas, patches, other weird things and processes i went through and literally 25 medications that never worked or had very adverse effects. So i feel very leary of trying new things at this point. I really wanna hear how it made a difference for you and where. Thank you for posting.

    16. You are not alone. I started with three tabs and worked my way up to 12-14 tabs.. I now dose with 1 level TBSP, every 4-6 hrs. I am currently in the midst of tapering down. I also was hit by a drunk driver and was hooked on pharmaceuticals for years along with alcohol, sending me to rehab several times. i can report, I am sober from pills and alcohol for 8 years, thanks to Kratom..

    17. I posted a reply to your message. It is accidentally entered several entries down. It is under Pogi, if you wish, you may contact me via e-mail.

    18. I also was on heavy pain meds 180 ir 30mg oxy and 120 40 mg oxymorphone for 10 years and then nothing methadone for 4 years taking 280mg liquid a day highest dose ever in this clinic being opened then i screwed up there ajd got kicked out found kratom and was in heaven i wish i would of known about kratom be the methadone cause i almost died withdrawing on my own and i mean that literly was evently hospitalised so your not alone but i take 30 grams of powder a day in the morning and at night and i found its the only thing that works for RLS but dont know if youve stopped taking kratom because its almost as bad as coming off the pills you take care and good job staying off the PKS

    19. I feel ya. I had a serious back injury that now I have permanent nerve damage. My wife has also suffered from fibromyalgia for years. We were both on pain meds (lortab then norco) for 6 and 7 years then abruptly cut off because our Dr. Was under investigation for trafficking because of early refills. We followed our prescription directions and rarely exceeded them. There were times when we would ask for a day or 2 early. I’m tired of being called an addict for taking medication that helps me function and provide for my family. I mean nobody calls a diabetic “addicted” because they take insulin every day, were told they’re dependent. Well I was dependent on my pain meds.
      I’ve researched and discovered Christopher Botanical is a highly recommended place to order from, prices seem reasonable. I was taking 9-10 capsules of Kratom now I take the powder (4-5 grams)Tastes like shit but it works. Good luck.

    20. Kelly, long story short, I have chronic pancreas problems due to medical error and have been taking Kratom for a while now. In and out of hospitals on IV dilaudid. When coming out, nothing for pain. I thought i would die. Trainwreck is great, but when you are getting to a point where it isnt working as well because there are so many different strains, try switching to a white or red strain to change it out. Also try chuchuhuasi or akuamma along with it. You can get both on amazon. I am also a Master Herbalist and have done my research. These are also wonderful for pain, but please follow any contraindications that apply to you.

    21. I feel you. I’m on the same boat. I’m taking premium Bali so far,8 capsules 3-4 times a day for 2 days now. It makes me very nauseous & gives me stomach pains. But, I do feel the euphoric & semi pain relieving qualities. I still have a few of my morphine left which I take right when I wake up because I wake up in full withdrawals. Miserable & in excruciating pain. I haven’t had a day without the morphine yet so idk if its gonna hold back my withdrawals or not. Definitely doesn’t last all night while I sleep. Basically every 000 sized capsule is about .5 gram. So 8 is about 4 grams. Should I be taking more when I run out of morphine? I have severe chronic degenerative pain with CRPS,MS, and much more. Doctors pulled me for no reason at all..I feel like if I go into full withdrawals I will die. Last time there was a problem with my insurance paying for my meds, I went 8 days without them & DID ALMOST DIE. Thankfully I was in the hospital when my heart stopped. & they revived me. Don’t let them fool you into believing you can’t die from opiate withdrawals. The symptoms of withdrawals can kill you. Drs lie to everybody about that. Please help me
      Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    22. I tried trainwreck and was highly disappointed but everyone is different

    23. Trainwreck saved my aso when my tolerance for my favorite strains shot up, buuuuuut it feelsdifferent every time I take it, like it’s not blended enough?

    24. I use kratom daily – white vein Borneo usually – and tried the Trainwreck capsules while I was traveling. I found them to be wonderful. The seller warned me about the potency, but I had no ill effects and will definitely buy the product again.

  17. I was going to a pain management dr. for the last 4 years. Like many people who use Opiods regularly, I developed a tolernace. I started taking my script more often than what it’s prescribed for, and every clockwork..I would go through widraw until my script was refilled. My sister suggested I try Kratom. I tried a few different strains, not only didn’t it make my horrible side effects go away, I will not ever take another hydro again.
    I was on Hyrod 10’s.
    My kratom of choice is: The white MD
    I also found a similar relief with the Bali
    I was skeptical and no one wants to waste money trying something out.
    How would I describe kratom? It feels like what my hydros did. It gives you a euphoric opiate feeling, relieves pain, and even better. .I actually have energy and I’m social again.
    I have bought both online, and from my local smoke shop. The strains seem consistent from brand to brand. I hope this helps someone who is thinking of trying it.

    1. How much do you dose with the Kratom? If you don’t mind me asking. TIA Mike.

    2. You wrote “not only didn’t it make my horrible side effects go away, I will not ever take another hydro again.”

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you meant to write:

      “not only DID it make my horrible side effects go away, I will not ever take another hydro again.”

      I’m only pointing this out because I think it could confuse some people, because the rest of your post is describing how much Kratom has helped you. 🙂

  18. Two of my friends just introduced me to kratom and I had never heard of it. I just lost my medical insurance and I’m looking for something to help with mood stabilizing, alcohol cravings and weight loss. I’ve been reading that white vein Thai and green or white Maeng da are good for energy and weight loss.. any suggestions?

    1. I used red Maeng Da for alcohol cravings, and had absolutely none. It wasn’t anything huge, like a drug. Maybe slightly relaxing, but not like drug-like in any way to me. Still don’t have cravings though, and fell asleep more naturally. kratom can be addictive too, and there is a rebound, I would take 4 to 6 grams of high quality, then see if you need it again.

    2. Anything white vein or green would be perfect

  19. Could someone please answer!!

    I’ve got white Maeng and green Maeng white Malay and green putat. How to get euphoria please reply

    1. Gold opms!!!

      1. I use gold on extract and my tolerance is high. Looking for a substitute to gold on. Any suggestion?

    2. The green gives you the most euphoria Bali green or Borneo green

      1. The Red strains are the most “euphoric”, if it’s an opioid like euphoric feeling you’re looking for. In my personal opinion, Red Bali, but I haven’t tried all the red strains, but I’m going on what I’ve read & been told by from Kratom producers.

    3. Check this out TiffTaff. The only thing you can be sure you aren’t wasting your money, is go into a local headship and buy the opms liquid kratom shots. They’re expensive……but so is heroin so let’s not worry bout price.

      1. Haha I love it. As a long one kratom user this is one me of the most well put responses I’ve read “They are expensive but so is heroin”

    4. A even or close to even or the 2 i studied kratom 3 months up and down i take 4 grams twice a day but i use it aswell for pain to get off a 15 yes opiate addiction and helps other cravings i have had to stimulants i am no dr i am heavy so depending on ur weight and tolerence . Start out with a gram of each i do 2 grams of each making it 4 grams every six hours its great

  20. I too am an ex heroin addict and I tried kratom before but I dont I don’t know which one is the best I don’t know what strain I should get I was going to buy it on the website of Kraken kratom and I have no idea which strain is the best for what I need as I said I need it for pain as well as to come off of Suboxone for withdrawals but I don’t know which is the best one one that will give me a euphoric feeling and help with withdrawals and pain

    1. I have used powdered Green Maeng Da and CBD OIl when I have had to wait on oxycodone refills. The kratom works pretty well on its own, especially for pain, but the addition of a couple droppers of CBD OIl a few times a day is a huge help in managing the heavier withdrawal symptoms.

    2. This week after moving here to TN from CT I had taken my last 16th of suboxone after being prescribed it for 3 years.
      Today is day 4 and with literally no sleep the past 3 days I finally got the idea to buy some red vein bali, for the 1st time in a week I feel NORMAL!!
      Its not a high feeling but i feel much less on edge and i think might actually get some sleep now.
      Not planning on continuing to purchase Kratom, not looking to replace one monkey with another but for a legal alternative to WD it cannot be beat.
      Good luck to all..damn i feel good.

      1. I am on day 4 of sub use for 2 yrs and i been taking the maenge da with cbd oil and it takes the edge off..i too am only planning to do this for the first 7 days then stop but man…it helped lessen the blow

        1. about a year ago i tried to come off subutex using kratom, i took the kratom for 2 weeks and it helped so much i had no withdrawal symptoms, until i ran out and i had terrible withdrawals and i thought it was from the kratom so i gave up and went back to the subs, but i’ve recently learned that sub withdrawals last anywhere from 2 weeks to even a month, so i don’t believe i was withdrawling from the kratom but when i came off the kratom i was actually still withdrawling from the suboxine, it hadnt got all out of my system yet and the further along you get the worse the withdrawal symptoms become so I’m going to try the kratom again and do the kratom for 3-4 weeks. I wanted to reply to comment bc a week may not be long enough you may have to stay on the kratom for a little longer bc it takes a long time for the sub to completely get out of your system, and i would hate for you try it for a week and it not work and then you give up and continue living dependant on subs, if your ultimate goal is to get off of subs for good my suggestion would be to stay on kratom for 3-4 weeks and even on the 2nd week you could go longer in between your doses bc it may not take that long so just see how your body feels after the 2nd week. I’ve heard you can have withdrawals from kratom too but they’re closer to opiate withdrawals only lasting 3-4 days, which is much better than weeks, i can handle a few days of withdrawals but i can’t handle weeks of it, i also don’t think the kratom withdrawals are as bad as sub withdrawals, i’ve withdrawn from opiates several time and they are a walk in a park compared to the damn sub withdrawals, hardest thing in my life to get clean from. I haven’t gotten off the subs yet but i’m going to try the kratom again but use it for 3-4 weeks instead of 2 and i really think i’ll be able to get off the subs this time, i’ve talked to numerous people and just about all of them has said they’re withdrawals from sub have lasted about 2 1/2-3 weeks so before when i tried the kratom and ran out in my 2nd week i was in the worst part of my withdrawal stage from the subs. Good luck to you i hope you’re able to get off the subs, and i hope my reply was helpful to you.

        2. I was prescribed oxycodone 20 mg for pain. Greens work best for me.

    3. Just keep trying strains and suppliers till you find what works for you. Kratom is very mild and other than feeling a dislike to certain strains, you will find best resilts that way. Im an ex heroun user myself and have been heroin free for over a year and have not had an active dope habit in three years, almost 4. I give kratom much credit.

    4. Gold reserve or red bali or red Borneo will be best for u bro

    5. Red Bali

    6. I was taking 140mg of methadone for 4 yrs. I used a blend of red green and white and it actually took care of almost all of my W/D symptoms and allowed me to finally sleep. Before kratom I was taking dangerous levels of different sleep meds. With kratom I can now sleep.

      1. Hi, my name’s David and I’m on methadone 90mg . Did you completely go to kratom with no more methadone? How much did you take of kratom each day to do this? I’m very scared I hope you can tell me it will help…

    7. My dad has chronic back pain and is also an ex heroin addict.. He tried CBD and nothing was helping. I bought him the Red Maeng Da strain and he took 2 teaspoons and mixed it with 2 ounces of water or orange juice, and it’s been working for him and helping with pain! I highly suggest this strain!

    8. Red veins would probably be your best bet. Bali is also very good for what your looking for

    9. I just read where some was recalled due to Salmonella please check it out I’m pretty sure I read that brand and 2 others if you Google it

  21. Really??? I mean really??? So people are becoming addicted to kratom??? I shot heroine and fentanyl for bout 17 years before i finally was fed up with it, i have been taking kratom
    for bout a year now just bout every day and ive gotten no real WDs from it that even compares to opiate WD…the worst i say is the first 15 min after waking up if i dont take any, its like a mild hangover that goes away after im up moving around…kratom is a life saver and recommend it to all opiate addicts due to how cheap and plentiful it is…shit i would spend two to three hundred dollars a day in north philly buying
    dope off the streets, check out north philly and what is known for and you see what im talking about since it is one place where drugs are sold in an open air market in front off police its crazy powerful dope in north philly its a very expensive habit unlike kratom where i get a 100 grams for a whopping 20 bucks…i cant believe people think that kratom causes any real WDs to complain about its more like a mild drunken night hangover and people drink all the time…kratom is a life saver as i said as long as you dont take to much at a time its safe to take…im just saying if you cant handle the mild dysphoria dont take and continue with your old opiate regimen and compare the two WDs and im sure you will see what im saying…

    1. I don’t know if you will get this but or check actually but I too am an ex-heroin addict and I’m looking for the best kratom well the best strain to get there’s so many different ones

    2. I had a 12 year IV heroin addiction. And you are lucky if you suffer no withdrawals from kratom. Ive been off the hard stuff and on kratom for 3 years and i most definitely get significant withdrawal symptoms from kratom and feel the need to take it for mental discomfort at well. So yes, people do get addicted to kratom. Granted, its not to the degree of a dope habit but it is real. Everybody is different dude. Consider yourself blessed.

      1. What kind of Kratom are you taking? Are you taking extracts or just plain leaf/powder? I took Ultra Enhanced Indo for nearly 10 years and could never get off of it because of how addictive it is. Withdrawals were terrible! Which is why I recommend people to stay away from extracts all together. I’ve never known plain leaf kratom to addictive, though.

        1. Plain leaf Kratom can also be addictive I feel more so a psychological addiction than physical…I can make it a couple days then that tiny voice says “you better get Kratom” I also notice my RLS start to come back, my neuropathy pain in my feet starts to remind me that it’s permanent but had been keeping its mouth shut while the Big Boss (Kratom) was close by. I have had two back surgeries plus had my tailbone removed I’m a 15 year opiate addict who quit cold turkey with the help of Kratom and havnt looked back. I have been pill negative and Kratom positive for about two years..I have yet to go through that last opiate WD from quitting and during the 15 years I went through many. However, as I mentioned there is a WD involved with Kratom and I think the severity depends on how long your opiate receptors have been fed. For someone who never had an opiate addiction I think Kratom WD could be kind of nasty..for those of us who have lived it (and lived through it) it is pretty minor, personally it’s the mental addiction and to narrow it down even more I think it’s just a need to taste Kratom..yep that’s right I am the 1 in 1000 that actually craves the taste of Kratom. Good luck to those just starting their “clean and sober” lives and to my fellow warriors hang in there isn’t life so much more tolerable when you are going through it with a clear head and the self pride of knowing you kicked opiates ass?!

          1. I was addicted to H for a while and decided to go back to kratom,and only powder, which i started with for rls, sleep and anxiety. I used to be able to take 5g and be fine, but after h i have to take 10-20 per dose to not feel like garbage, i kept this up trying to ween off over time. But dropping doses or skipping them causes fairly bad withdrawl, nothing like opiates, but bad enough to chill, sweat, have trouble breathing, and not be able to work well. Enough powder over enough time gave me some nasty physical withdrawls personally.

    3. Did using kratom help with the pain of detox? I’m physically Dependant on morphine due to pain from 3 diseases. I’m over the pill addiction, want my body and life back but the fear of double the pain doing to come off morphine has me frozen. I am in excruciating pain every second of everyday. If I’m just a few hours late taking my Pain pill I’m feeling it bad. Want true imput room one that’s went through this shit in real life not from a sales person promising that miracle that has those like me falling for it, spending money I can’t afford to waste of a bullshit promise

      1. If you aren’t abusing your prescribed meds, you aren’t an addict. You may be dependent on it to live a normal life, like most people with chronic pain illnesses, but you aren’t an addict. There IS a difference. I myself have CRPS/RSD, and there’s no way I’d be a productive member of society without meds.

      2. Green Malay has been the best for me. I am a recovering addict from high doses of pills every day for 8 years to shooting heroin for another 10 years. Kratom does work and its definitely a better life I’m living, it truly is a bit of a miracle in my life. It does create withdrawal symptoms if used everyday, however the withdrawal is like not having coffee and being slightly hungover. It is easily dealt with. I’m not robbing anyone or stealing or pawning everything I own to get kratom, so to me it’s a beautiful thing. Different strains do slightly different things, for me green malay has been my favorite. Good luck to you.

      3. ABSOLUTLEY. 140mg of methadone daily. When I stopped with wasn’t easy kratom took care of almost ALL of my WD

      4. Find a high-quality kratom distributor in your area, there are a couple in my town, or there’s an online resource. Stick with the leaf, and brew as directed, steep with a little lemon to coat for several minutes, then add near-boiling water to steep for 12 minutes. Red strains are the closest to opiates, and help with pain as well. White ones are more euphoric, and green are in between. ‘Red before bed, white, take flight, green, in between’. It helps with both significantly. Based on what you said, I would recommend starting with 4 to 7 grams, and adjusting from there. Red Maeng Da is my fav for this. Taky for at least one month, to ensure you are past the original addiction, and then titrate off.

      5. Angela, I take Methadone 20 mg per day (one 5 mg tablet every 6 hours) plus one 7.5 mg of Hydrocodone per day, plus cortisone shots 4 times per year. I used to take double that dose of Methadone…before the FDA started cracking down on pain medication. To answer your question: I also wanted to get off pain meds and went through withdrawal 4 different times. But each time, AFTER completing withdrawal, my pain was so bad that I decided I need to be on pain medication. It is NOT withdrawal that bothers me…but the extreme, constant pain after all the pain meds are out of my system. In other words, if you have chronic pain, I don’t recommend getting off pain meds. The pain will still be there…but without any alleviation. I hope that helps. I am new to this site and I am thinking of adding Kratom to my Methadone regimen, because I want to stop getting cortisone shots. I don’t know if the Kratom will be strong enough. But I would not quit pain meds.

  22. Ever take kratom for a while and stop? Has anyone noticed when they don’t take kratom what happens? Let me tell you something. I was addicted to opiods and used heroin for 2 years after rehab I relapsed and then I just stopped but my cravings were still there so I found kratom helped replace my previous addiction! It is amazing! No cravings and all my pain just dissipates and I feel sooo good, a nice warm feeling! The problem is after I used kratom and stopped I would get hot/cold night sweats. I couldn’t sleep well, I had mild restless legs (nothing compared to heroin withdraws) I would get chills throughout the day and I would feel very sad. For example I would go to work the next morning and I would find myself crying and feeling like my life is miserable and just have a burst of depressing emotions. Then after work I would take some kratom and feel better again. This didn’t happen all the time. Only sometimes for some reason. Anyone have a similar experience?

    1. My friend has become addicted to kratom. Is this possible? She also has crazy withdrawals from it when she tries to stop taking it. I tell her she is addicted and she gets really defensive, says she can’t live without it. I’m just wondering what the long term side effects of kratom are and how much is too much to take on the daily? She takes around 6-8 grams three times a day. Any info would be helpful as I am a little concerned with the withdrawals and why they even happen if this is supposedly not harmful at all. Just wondering.

      1. Hi Angie- right up front, I’m NOT a doctor, or medical provider- I’m a student in the medical field with personal experience, so your friend should see someone at a clinic for professional advice… (disclaimer), but thought it might be helpful to share this: there is a separation between physical dependence and addiction- it makes sense your friend is defensive, because her body basically does need it to function right now! Whatever the psychological relationship and need is with regard to Kratom, physical dependence is something you have to deal with even if you WANT to stop. Kratom as far as I know affects mu receptors (pain receptors that opioids like morphine affect). From what I have read, the way Kratom affects the opioid receptors is not as directly stimulating as things like morphine, Vicodin, etc.- some people say the withdrawal is better than pain medications.
        Your friend definitely can live without it, but it is a very hard experience when your body has adapted to the influx of a painkillers. If you suddenly don’t have it it’s like you have a deficit and it’s awful. People have different reactions: flu-like feelings, restless legs, vomiting- when I came off prescribed long-term medication, if I didn’t lower doses slow enough, it felt like My nerves needed oxygen and I was suffocating from everywhere in my body without the relief of dying. So I understand the statement “I can’t live without it”. You CAN come off of it with tapering though! If your friend lowers her dose a little at a time, setting goals, at whatever pace she needs, her body will eventually adjust. There are even support medications to make it more tolerable. Again, I don’t know her medical history, other medications, etc- so if there is someone she can check in with that’s good! Best wishes for your friend!

        1. Good reply Millie, I was about to say the same thing and to make a long story short; whether prescription and/or recreational drugs – in my opinion – are all susceptible to get one addicted and this includes good old Marijuana (Maryjane). One must slowly get off “something” or “someone” or else you’re heading for trouble. And if you disagree with me regarding the weed thing – I have seen my son go through mad withdrawals in front of me, because of wanting to get off pot. Symptoms; same as getting off heroine. Hey, no two people are alike and we are all unique. Give your body a chance and “listen” to it before going cuckoo mentally and emotionally first.

      2. I spoke to my Neurologist about taking Kratom (I use maeng da strain) He said to be aware that I cannot just stop it, I need to wean myself off of it just like an opioid. I have MS, and find my chronic fatigue is almost erased. I have energy, and clarity, and some pain relief.

        1. Are you trying to say that pot withdrawal is the same as heroin withdrawal? if you are im here to tell that they are not even close. I quit heroin after many years and it is nothing like quitting pot not even in a long shot. Heroin withdrawal is one of the woese experiences of my like yelling in pain for days puking no sleeping or eating i could go on and on. It’s not like the movies you don’t just get over the withdrawals in three days and go get a job. They last for days mine were over 7 then there is no sleep for weeks and cravings so bad they feel like a type of withdrawal then after all that the bad depression sets in which can last up to two years while brain heels.

        2. Do you take a red or a green strain ?

      3. Yes. It is possible to become addicted to kratom. This is speaking from experience. Kratom is definitely habit forming at the least. Quitting cold-turkey after daily use can cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms such as cold sweats, chills, runny nose, anxiety, depression etc. Try quitting when life throws you a wicked curve ball and it could induce full-on panic attacks. Been there. I’ve taken kratom on-off for about 2 years. Mostly to relax, take the edge off life. I’ve never been addicted to opiates or abused them. I think kratom should be legal and available to all, however it carries with it risks and awards for those who use it and one must understand the potential risks and exercise good judgement while using it.

        1. Anything that makes you feel good can be addicting. Straight out of ‘A Leaf of Faith’. Chocolate is addictive, or I should say ‘habit forming’. It just makes sense. No longer do I struggle with the ethical question of addictive. My mind is at rest. Kratom gives me so much. My quality of life is good. Excellent, actually, except I have pneumonia right now. Smiling.

      4. First she should check the actual dosing, she’s taking way too much. With kratom you find out the least amount that works and stick to that. Also, I’d be cautious about what else she is taking, this would be the worst symptoms I have ever even heard about with kratom.

        1. I agree with James. I would also like to add that it’s very important to listen to your body and not just assume what someone else says is best for your body or mind. Yes. She’s taking too much! And James is right; it’s VERY important to understand all the other medications that she’s taking. People don’t realize that you can get into problems with combining medications. Especially, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, bipolar medications. The less combination of drugs taken, the less risk for serious side-effects. Combining drugs is a risk for also causing liver damage. Remember. alcohol is also a drug and can have terrible effects when combined with other drugs. And obviously, we certainly can take too much. We live in a society that says ‘more is better’. Wrong! Start with LOW doses and gradually increase. But not too much. I think some want that high feeling, but after awhile you should give up on the high or you’ll end up taking too much. And yes. I do take Kratom. I was patient with Kratom, starting out with low low doses. Then for the next couple of hours, I concentrated on how I felt. Now, I take a maintenance dose of Kratom and refuse to take more. I embarrassingly discovered one time that taking 1.5 grams at the same time caused me to throw up. Now I spread it out over the day. And I no-longer get that high feeling, but I do feel much more functional and my quality of life is better. I personally will not take more than two grams a day. And I wait 6 hours before taking another dose. It’s been a Godsend, but like all things we ingest, we should be closely monitoring our dosages and not take too much.

      5. I would tell her to up her dose! Her brain is in recovery now and eating something with exta nutrition aka kratom heals .

      6. Hi Angie, I am an RN and it most definitely sounds like your friend has a severe addiction. That’s quite a high amount to be taking. Keaton activates on the opioid receptors in your body, so while it is not a classic opioid or opiate it does have similar effects. When your brain gets fed this supplement for so long it no longer produces its own chemicals to cope with pain. She needs to get some help, any substance can be addictive, it may not even be the Kratom per day, it could be her own chemical makeup.

    2. This happened to me but I was taking Ultra Enhanced Indo, a very potent kratom extract. This has a very high addiction potential and the withdrawals can be pretty bad if it is taken on a daily basis and stop abruptly.

      Which strains did you take?

      I never really took non-extract kratom… which was a big mistake because my tolerance is so high that regular kratom doesn’t work for me . From what I have read there seems to be very low addiction potential in regular, not extract kratom.

    3. Yes, kratom does produce withdrawal symptoms. Mild compared to other opiates, but uncomfortable nonetheless. Taper off, just like any other opiod

    4. What is the best strain for major back pain? I thought the Maeng would be but I am starting to rethink. I just need to find a strain to really help my husband. Also he is 6 foot 8 and 300 pounds so what would you think as a dosage?
      Lastly, what is the best for mild pain and to give energy?

      1. Red Bali for the back pain. Any white or green strain for the energy/slight pain relief. Start with 6-8 grams. Wait an hour before u add to that original dose.

        1. 6-8 grams is too much for a brand new user. It takes trial and error. Not just go straight to the high dose of 6-8 grams. Your body and mind need to build tolerance. As your husband is a large, tall man, I’m sure 6-8 grams is fine. . .in a month or two. Not right out the gate.
          Just so you know, I’m a retired nurse. Most of my career was as a medication and treatment nurse. With all pain meds and anti-depressants, doses were started out low and increased as needed.

      2. Have you tried the red horned Maeng da? It’s like the red MD, but dried longer, allowing it to have higher pain relief or relaxation, if that makes sense.

      3. I find that white strains in low dosage work great for back pain

  23. Thanks, everyone, for the replies. Tried my first test dose today just to make sure I can tolerate it, so far so good. (Bad allergies/intolerances, so having no reaction is great!) Will try to come back and update for those going through a similar journey. So sorry to hear about other AVN/ON sufferers. I’ve had my bowel perforated, lots of bowel obstructions, too many major surgeries, and other very painful stuff, but there’s no pain like bone pain. So happy to hear it’s helped you, Vernon. Gives me hope. Thanks for your kind words, Christtienna.

    1. How often or how do we take this? My wife likes it ! Usually the white vein Bali or borneo. ..

      1. There are multiple ways to ingest Kratom. First, you may take the capsule form, which is quite convenient if you can’t handle the taste of pulverized leaf (most people can’t). You’d take 3-5 capsules to start. The other option is just taking 3-5 grams of the powder form, and mixing it in a COLD beverage. Anything over 100 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the alkaloids. Shaken, not stirred. I’ve heard people use apple sauce, pickle juice, and even Mountain Dew.

        You’d take this as needed honestly, but I’d say start once a day. Be careful with the Kratom you’re taking, as some can have more complications compared to others. For example, taking too much of the red Bali can have severe consequences. And make sure you know what you’re getting!!!

        1. Right On Lecia!
          I take my Kratom just twice a day. Once in the morning and once around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. I take 1.5 – 2 grams per 24 hours. If my pain is higher than usual, I will take Kratom 3 times a day, but never sooner than every 6 hours.

    2. Hi Kiesha. May I ask why you have had so many bowel surgeries? I just had a perforated colon surgery and I’m scared I’ll have more. I took a lot of kratom and am wondering if that had anything to do with it. I also took pain meds off and on
      Thanks for any info you can give

    3. May I ask why you have had so many bowel surgeries? I just had a perforated colon surgery and I’m scared I’ll have more. I took a lot of kratom and am wondering if that had anything to do with it. I also took pain meds off and on
      Thanks for any info you can give

  24. I miss just learning about kratom but what I ve read has been nothing but good. It amazes why the features hasn’t legalized it. Unless they’re not getting their piece of their. But they legalize pothe and alcohol go figure. Which by the way kill more people..opioid and alcohol have never worked for me except landing me in jail and ruinìng my life. So i decided to try kratom. I’m à firest time user.I’ve heard a lot ofor good things about it so decided to give it a try. I hope I’m not disappointed? If I’m satisfied I will order more. Thank you

    1. Well alcohol kills. Pot does not. Kratom is also safe but has opioid properties so it is essentially a safer opiate. Don’t fool yourself as if it is not addicting or doesn’t work on similar receptors and mechanics in the brain. It should be legalized, especially when the prescribed opiates kill and destroy lives. But I gotta give you the legit info. Peace amigo.

      1. What’s all the talk about legalizing Kratom? I buy it from my local smoke shop. It got me off pain meds.

        1. Yes, I buy it from the local smoke shop also. I just started using the green Kratom about 5 days ago to help with Subutex withdrawals. I started with five grams, but after about an hour had to take five more. I now take 10 grams per day, once a day. It has truly helped with my withdrawals and I feel great. However, with what I’ve been reading, it looks like I may be taking to much?? Please leave me your thoughts. Thank you.

    2. Interesting. Kratom IS legal in my state. I think it’s only illegal in 5 or 6 states.

  25. I’ve had osteonecrosis in more than 12 joints for 25 years. Am on fentanyl patches because I have no colon and don’t absorb long-acting meds. Want to get off opiates and on to kratom. Read red strains best for pain, but which ones do people recommend trying? Also, regarding opiate withdrawal, I heard one shouldn’t take kratom and opiates at the same time, but since I use patches, I can’t do that…they are always being absorbed through the skin. Anyone have experience with this or advice?

    1. I’ve used Kratom to detox from opiates and it is safe to do them at the same time. I was told to start with small doses of Kratom while on the patches then increase the dose as you decrease the patches. I decreased by cutting pieces off and gradually cutting more until you are done. I mostly used the red strain because I didn’t know the difference but the white and green are great as well. The green gives me the energy that a small dose of opiates do but the red is more like what opiates feel like with a large dose. Hope this helps. Good luck!!

      1. Kristy, I am interested in taking all 3 strains but I cant find all 3 in 1 capsule. Do they have them in 1 capsule? Thanks

        1. Hey! I have a capsule machine I got from vitamin world and it is the BEST THING EVER!! I just buy the ounces of powder as they are cheaper than buying capsules. Mine makes 24 at a time and the capsules are 00 so they hold 700-900 mg

        2. Most capsules are .5 grams. Most people take 4 -6 capsules at once. I don’t know of any companies that mix strains, but I guess you could buy multiple and just take one of each.

          1. I buy a premium mixed red vein strain that is amazing. The company I buy from has a couple mixed strain types for sale. They have powder, caps, bottled shots and extracts. The premium red vein powder is what I buy because it works great for when I’m in bad spine/back pain. I mix a measuring spoon slightly heaped into 1/4 cup of hot water with peppermint extract and sugar or honey. Then I just drink it down. My pain is controlled with it when I need it about 2 to 5 times a month.

      2. I wouldn’t take Kratom w opiates or alcohol. If you overdose it’ll be all the DEA talks about to support their claims that Kratom kills. Bad decisions like this are the reason they have open cases and they’re trying to made it a scheduled drug like pain pills. Be smart! Take one or the other not both. Red Maeng Da will help you with withdrawals from opiates. Start at a low dose and work your way up by a teaspoon every 1-2 hours until you feel “right”. You won’t need opiates and you’ll see what I mean.

        1. Hey… I’ve been on heroin or methadone or subutex EVERYDAY for 20 plus years… I wanted to knowim taking the how do you know when you took to much… I just started my sample pack.. And I was sick as you know.. I’m taking Red Vein Malaysion and it’s like I took 2 Norco 10s…. But today.. I don’t think I took enough or too much.. I took a big table spoon like yesterday but my anxiety is very bad and shaking… I have sample pk. The whole nine… Somebody help.. Shakey as hell w stomach and bathroom issue’s… Plz help.. I’m a lost soul trying to find d my way back before the heroin… Shakey as hell again.. A lot of anxiety again… Mrs RN or any one who’s been here plz help.. My name is Meghann..i have a very high tolerance so I been taking since yesterday I didn’t know how much nasty powder to take so took heaping tablespoon and mixed with really sweet iced tea…. Is that to much… A heaping tablespoon in morning and at 3pm?.. Plz someone help me…

          1. If you are experiencing anxiety from Kratom it means you are taking too much. One tablespoon is too much and you will experience anxiety while coming down almost every time. I would recommend to not exceed one TEASPOON. Even then one teaspoon is a large dosage so try to work your way down to half a teaspoon. Too much kratom will mess with your emotions. A reasonable dose such as 1/3 to 1/2 a teaspoon will help reduce your pain and keep your emotions stable.

    2. I too have AVN in 6 joints with collapse. I had a FailedTRK replacement foyr years ago. I have not been able to get a moment of relief since the first fracture. I have no options to control it and am no longer able to walk. I’m 39 and live on my sofa. I would like to know, did you have success??? I am not able to find much online about pain control for avascular necrosis. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and will ever experience. I do feel for you, my friend.

      1. I am coming off a high dose of zubsolv and I have the red and green Kratom and I’m struggling does anyone have any suggestions

        1. Sandra, I’m pretty sure zubsolv should not be used with other opiates. I’m only guessing here, but I don’t know if the kratom will work fully when on zubsolv. It does use some, but not all, of the same receptors, so you may have to do some research on this. You might try avena sativa to see if that helps with withdrawal symptoms until your dosage is lower and the kratom can better pick up the slack.

        2. Sandra, taking 1/2 and 1/2 red and green Maeng Da capsules. They work. I’m not taking them together, but substituting just after having taken subs last night. Works just fine and feels VERY similar.

      2. I have had AVN for 50 years and been going to a pain clinic,for 26 years. I just started taking kratom and am extremely pleased. I take the red and the green each are good for pain. I take the capsules but when I hurt really bad and want quicker relief I use the powder. I take a teaspoon of kratom to about 6 ounces of water and add orange juice or orange water flavoring and then shake it and shake it. Really been a blessing to me since the recent laws have made pain doctors lower the amount of opioid they can give.

        1. I’ve been prescribed vicodin for years, following a car accident that broke my back in 4 places. Pain management doctor drug tests me every month just to write a prescription. My last drug test has left me baffled and really mad. Tested positive for my hydrocodone, as well as oxycodone AND fentanyl. I’ve never experimented outside my prescribed meds. An acquaintance of mine routinely invites me to her house to hang out. She was just arrested for possession of the 2 additional drugs found in my urine. My doctor lectured me. Basically calling me an addict. So, I left that appointment in tears. I decided that day that I hurt even with the pain meds, so why bother taking them? Been on 7.5mg three times a day for many years. Never once would he increase to alleviate my pain. I was ok on day 1. Day 2 was rough. Sweats, upset stomach. Day 3 was the flu times 10! A friend recommended kratom. 2 capsules and 45 minutes later, all withdrawal symptoms seem to have ceased. This is the beginning of day 4. Funny thing is, I have a bottle of vicodin in my safe. I could have relented and taken one, but I’m so damn head strong. Mentally, I dont want the pills, but my body was in full on protest. Kratom has quickly convinced me that this is a life changing decision on my part. Wonder what my doctor will say when I dont fill my prescription for vicodin that he called in 2 days ago? Not everyone is an addict, but we are certainly physically dependent. Doctors have mislabeled me and it pissed me off. My pain is still here, but no worse than before.

      3. I developed AVN by the age of 18 after taking steroid shots while in hospital at age 16 for 6 weeks with a heart infection.
        Have had both hips replaced. One has been in for 32 years and the other for 17 years. Severe arthritis in total spine. AVN in both knees. And now in shoulders.
        I am now 66. Been going to the same pain clinic for 25 years and have had 2 internal pain pumps in,past. Was on 4. 80 mg oxytocin and 4. 10mg oxycodone a day but recent laws have changed and now on 2 30 mg oxytocin. and 2 10 mg oxycodone
        I stay in constant pain. I have within the past month began using kratom. I still use the pain meds but take kratom between doses for some relief. Having trouble finding the best for pain.

        1. Vernon, I am in the same situation as you with decrease in pain med. Have been using Kratom between dosage, seems to help, certainly has helped with withdrawals.

      4. Kristy, which Red strain of Kratom did you use?

    3. I have had 2 spinal fusions and have endometriosis. I have tried a few types of Kratom but for me personally the White Maeng Da works best so far. I hope this helps

      1. I got off of opiates three years ago after being prescribed them for most of my life (40 years). I got my first prescription for opiates (demerol) when I was twelve. I am now 52 and I eat marijuana edibles, smoke sometimes, use CBD oil and Kratom. I haven’t had an opiate in almost three years. The red vein Bali has been the most effective at treating my pain and the CBD/THC is great for relaxing my muscles. I was first prescribed opiates for severe migraine headaches (I now treat them with psilocybin). I have severe pain in my neck and back from other causes which I was in pain management for almost 20 years. I almost died from an accidental overdose of oxycodone four
        years ago (my heart stopped five times on the way to the hospital). That’s when I decided I had to find an alternative way to treat my pain. I also have MS and the CBD oil greatly helps with tremors. Marijuana and Kratom, in my opinion, have literally saved my life. I am in less pain now than I ever was on oxycodone, morphine, fetanyl, methadone, opana and Valium. God makes better pain relievers than big pharma.

        1. Thank the Lord! Great story…God bless you Lesley….so proud of you for making the choice to save your life. Your story hits home with me….mine is similar and I also believe Kratom has saved my life. Oxy took years from my life and I’m fortunate it didn’t do worse. I also have never felt better or more pain control than I do currently taking Kratom instead of Oxy. I was blessed with an amazing pain Dr., after his patience, getting over my stubbornness, and finally making the change from Oxy to Kratom this is a phrase from him I like to live by and pass on…..”How does it feel to “feel”?” 👍🙌
          Damn good, that’s how it “feels” 😊 Keep up the great work and feeling better. xoxo

    4. I use Loperamide and Kratom for opiate wd. Works like a dream.


    6. HEY KIESHA…

      I want to talk to u directly about something u mentioned, if you’d be ok with that then please email me at [email protected] please and thank you!

  26. I dont get why some people want to tell others we dont know pain ? We all have a different story different pain tolerance ect the point is this stuff is a good option for several things . and it sucks my state wont let me get it . i use it when i go out of state and its nice to have a break from my pain meds for my livers sake . i am a disabled zookeeper thanks to every animal YOU can think of woopin this mini steve irwins ass lol but i hope they change laws in our favor .

    1. I hope your state changes the law it’s the best thing for us who suffer pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many more I suffer all that plus being a diabetic for 34 years and counting I much prefer kratom to pills. Much better for the whole body mind and soul. Best wishes to you and I’m on your side for your state to allow kratom

      1. I suffer from PTSD, panic attacks, severe arthritis, and depression. What type do you use? I do not want to have hallucinations but want to feel good, happy, energized, and painfree

        1. Red maeng da mixed with white indo. Ill never take a pharmaceutical again becuz of what kratom has done for me n saved my life

        2. Try a premium Bali or red vein…you won’t hallucinate. You will feel that euphoria you get with opiates. It also majorly nips my anxiety in the butt.

          1. Kelli Ann I’m currently taking 15-30 or more perk 10s a day 5 at once and wanting to get off the opiates but not sure which strain I would need? I tried the white strain a few days ago and got absolutely nothing off of it and was irritated and anxious half the day until I finally took a perks so apparently that strain wasn’t the right one?! I’m assuming in order for me to detox off opiates I’m going to need a strain that feels just like taking an actual Percocet so which strain would I need? I don’t want hallucinations but I will probably need the euphoric affect and energy because that’s what I get off taking perks is euphoria and energy so any advice on which strain would be the best way to go would be greatly appreciated!

        3. I would recommend Maeng Da, I’m a vet and have a lot of similar problems, helps me have energy at lower doses and I’m happy at higher doses, euphoric like. Bali is also good for euphoria.

          1. No cultivation of kratom on Bali from what I know of.

          2. Bro are you a military vet cause im a combat vet just wondering

        4. White V works good for me. I have PTSD and burn scars and nerve damage on 39% of my body. Works almost as good as Hydrocodone, which I have fully replaced with kratom.

  27. Yannis, Someone like you has evidently not dealt with chronic pain all of your life or you would not speak so ignorantly about those who deal with pain everyday. I have had horrible back pain since I was 15 years old and taking ibuprofen is like taking candy. I does absolutely nothing for the pain. Please try to be respectful to those who may be close to suicide and are dealing with depression because of the stigma of pain medications and not being able to cope with the daily pain. If you have never experienced this kind of pain it is easy to speak ignorantly. You are an idiot!!

    1. You said right April…ppl are quick to assume shit before they know the situation it pisses me off to no end. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and depression on top of that…I was addicted to pain killers for a long time until I decided I didn’t want to live from pill to pill anymore so I dug on the internet for something more natural and I found Kratom, thank god for it and it helps me through the day without all the bad side effects of opiates!

      1. Which one do you take that helps you with not taking pain pills

        1. Bali is probably your best bet.

          1. I tried Red Bali because everyone told me it was most like opiates, I have to disagree at least for my body. The Maeng Da works great.

        2. Red Bali…it has the most opiate like properties in it. But all red vein strains are good for pain relief.

      2. Exactly lady! I quit drinking and smoking and was still taking 10 Norco a day and then one day I decided that if I was quitting all of these things to be here for my kids longer how does that help if I am here but I am a loony tunes from the opiates

        1. Monica, I too have a history with Norco. I’ve been taking Norco for 9 years and the first 7 yrs I was taking 5 10mg a day and 3 10mg a day for the last two years. My dr stopped prescribing them to me in January so I’ve been buying off the street ever since. My wife and I have always struggled with money but now it’s like an extra $200 a week. So I tried Kratom 3 days ago. I bought the Bali strain and idk it’s just not doing it for me. I’m not getting that rush of energy or euphoric feeling I guess. I’m pretty depressed and just mope around but luckily I haven’t had any fevers/chills since I’ve been off the Norco. What strain should I try to give me the energy I used to have when I took Norco? I’m not looking for euphoria I just want to be the motivated and productive individual I used to be.

          1. Try the Maeng Da… It felt the closest and gives energy.

    2. I couldn’t have said IT better myself. Then again I have said the same words you said ABOVE for the last 18yrs of living prisoner in a chronic pain body. Healthier people will NEVER get it and DON’T get it NOW at ALL. We are treated as drug seekers because of the medications we are on when they look at our files. Well I don’t know about you all, but I don’t recall ever going to the pharmacy to get 7up, sprite and or Pepsi. And turning to the pharmacist and asking for him to hand me that bottle of methadone or morphine while he’s ringing me up. As if I picked it out for myself. The Drs prescribe it. They up it. They change it and then add more. Always a band aid never a fix. Then there out the money. If your fixed. The truth is that I’ve lived is the longer they kept me on all the pills, patches. The more damage the rest of my body was suffering. And before you know it 8yrs into being bd ridden. On 22scripts a day. I had 2 emergency surgeries & 5more that yr. A total of 7 surgeries. All due to my body shutting down from the amount of ALL the drugs THEY put me on. I flushed THEM all after the last surgery. Did amazing for yrs and yes. And then then my spine got much worse. 2level cervical fusion gone way wrong and lower lumbar needing 2surgeries & Specialist wanting to and has stalled for the last 2yrs. Back on just 3scripts a day. But can’t go without them. And back to being bed ridden again due to back went out and test after test. Now waiting on results and when to see surgeon again. I’m scared to try this. However I have it and am ALL for ANYTHING that’s more natural and healthy for the body then from the Big pharma who tells you the risks of all drugs hecause THEY will destroy YOUR body after taking them for long term in life. Then you have mire medical problems and more needs for more drugs.
      Just as I was afraid to take the 1st pain pill. And what it wouod do or how it would make me feel. Its the same thing. Difference is I feel.much safer From m something natural then man made anyway. Thank you to anyone who read this for yiyr time and know your NOT alone. We ALL are living it and we ALL understand IT~J/UnconditionalLove

    3. April—You’re right on the money. People who haven’t experienced severe chronic pain have no idea what it’s like to live like this. There’s no way to explain it, if you don’t suffer with it every second of every day, you don’t have any idea. So, anyone who thinks they know, but doesn’t live with severe chronic pain—Shut the f—— up!!

    4. I failed to mention that I take 3 different opioids for severe chronic back pain. After 2 surgeries and taking the strongest pain medication my doctor (the surgeon who is great and willing to keep me on as a pain management patient) will prescribe (including high dose of Oxy, hydrocodone tablets for breakthrough pain, etc.) I’m looking for something better that isn’t as dangerous. After taking this stuff for over 20 years, I have no idea what kind of damage they’ve done to my body. I do know what the withdrawals feel like—I think it’s equivalent to dying and going to hell. I’m about to try Kratom after watching the documentary Leaf of Faith. I ordered 3 different kinds in capsules, but after reading some of the posts, I might need to buy the powder for more effective relief. Chronic severe pain of any kind is real and is a real problem. Like they said in the documentary when talking about the media sensationalized opioid epidemic that did nothing but hurt people who live with chronic pain—We don’t have a opioid problem in this country, we have a pain problem.

    5. I was close to suicide when my child was born… severe post partum and anxiety. They gave me percs for the after pain (which I really didn’t need because I had no pain from it and huge hemmroids) but I’m a recovering addicted started in 2015. My husband is an addict too so I don’t live with him Plus his horrible to live with. Like living with snotty bratty teenage girl. But the percs started up an awful addiction and in September of last year. I just had it so my husband checked me into griffin mental hospital state hospital because we didn’t have insurance at the time. Well it was great for rest til they put me on some stupid sh*t like Wellbutrin and Gabapentin. The anti depressant gave me seizures and a weird feeling all the time. And the anxiety medicine made me sleepy. I have a baby for god sakes and don’t need to be sleeping all time. So when they released me I threw it away and started kratom my first batch ever was green Bali very great mood lifter. Than I changed stores and found the variety. Now my favorite thing to do is have a bottle of water mix it with a five hour energy put in white Maeng da with Malay or green Maeng da and a kratom extract pill. My life is so much better now even when my stomach can’t tolerate it and I have to empty myself out or take a week break. It’s so worth I love it and I’ll fight to keep it legal

    6. I like what you said… Do you think a heaping tablespoon is too much twice a day.. I was very shacky… And stomach discomfort… Took a bit more after the teaspoons.. A big tablespoon…. I feel much better.. I must just needed more cause I’m fine now… Like I said.. Took for first time yesterday and it was better than Norco 10s and lasted longer than heroin…. I was a passenger in a bad car wreck 25+years ago.. I have severe grandmal seizures from head trauma.. Femur broke in half… In a shorter version… I got arthritis and pain all the time on top of hep c… And another liver disease I was born with… My skin always bothers me coming off Junk…. This is the real deal… I’m such a skeptic on things like this but I even got that taste when you get off on whatever opiates you take… And headache and overall pain is much better… I’m not shacking anymore so I guess I answered my own question … But would still like to have an opinion from you on anxiety cause I got sample pack…but since I took that extra bit.. Not shaking or no more stomach discomfort…. I just would like to talk to someone going through same as me… Bless all of us who have to deal w pain and discomfort… Or addiction…. Thank you. I hope someone answers me…

  28. I am a paraplegic due to gunshot wound. I deal with chronic pain from it along with chronic nerve pain. I got addicted 2 all the narcotics and benzos pain management put me on. Found out about kratom and cbd and its been helping me out so much. Im still testing diff strains and kinds to see which 1 would work best for pain anxiety and depression. Anyone have any input to try to help me out id really appreciate it.

    1. Green malay

    2. I have a very high tolerance for narcotic pain medications. I suffer from severe chronic back pain. I used to take 4 x 30mg Oxycodone + 4 x 60mg Morphine + 4 x 2mg Xanax for many years. After using Kratom & testing most all of the strains for over 1 year, my personal favorite strain is Red Bali. Keep in mind though, that each strain affects everyone differently. Bottom line, for the most opiate like relief, best to stick with most Red strains & few whites. Hope this helps. God bless all of us suffering from pain, anxiety & depression.

    3. I think they all may help with the withdrawal that comes with that

    4. From what I have read it
      Looks like green Indo and and green vein Kali have the most energy and pain relief and the white enhanced Indo helps with social and which holds hands with depression but that is just me

    5. I give you sooooo much props!! I agree with you 10,000% about the Kratom and CBD!! Red Bali seems to be the best at pain relief. I actually sell CBD I believe in it so much!!

  29. I am a nurse and never in my life abused opiates, but had to take them for chronic back pain resulting from an injury in the hospital. Now no doctor will help me with my pain. I donated a kidney to my father and was put on tramadol bc I was advised not to take NSAIDs with one kidney. My doctor now refuses to prescribe that. I am livid! Our government has no right to do this to a human being. Our whole medical world has become a joke! I’m not even proud to be a nurse anymore. Kratom has been a lifesaver…..until the big wigs get their filthy paws into this and make it illegal in all states. Buy in bulk bc onr day they will take this away to!!

    1. Jen. Sane here. What strain do you use for most pain relief. And one for sleep too?

      1. Same question.. Which helps with sleep.. Been up 30hrs now…. So not cool… And thank you for sharing.. All of you..

    2. I’m in the exact same boat as you. Nurse, back pain, knee pain. I just discovered Kratom a few weeks ago. When I take this my pain is very tolerable. I can get through the day without my brain clouding because of the pain, tears start to roll by the end of the day. Everything you say is true about the medial field. I have even contemplated finding a new career. If this gets taken away. I’m done with the medical field for sure.

      1. I broke my tailbone when I was 14 and my back is loaded with rheumatoid arthritis I also hated being dependant on opiates kratom is a life saver and as well as for anxiety my wife walked out on my daughter and I and kratom really helped with anxiety and depression.

      2. I’m a nurse. Head on collision, fused vertebrae. I knew opiates weren’t a long term answer but I also knew that the government would prevent pain relief through western medical care. And my insurance sent my records of medicine to two of my doctors. I take red bali and white maeng da kratom daily. Right now I’m taking a break for tolerance and I’m in pain and exhausted. V

    3. Thanks Jen I admire your passion..The only reason why the Govt is doing testing is because once they isolate all the necessary Alkaloids, they will illegalize Kratom and put it into Pill form. They want us to believe their current testing is for our safety! This is so feebly transparent ..Giant Dicks is what they are to me.

    4. How many mow fuckiz with “Jen” being a part of their names. Sketchy nikkiz. Yalll huuurd meh??? Shii cuhh..

      Jk, I am also a registered nurse of WHMC. I had to take vicodins. I needed them for spine nerve pinch. Then I got too addicted.

      Went to go on kratom. Cheaper, more effective. Also, it’s a plant.
      I don’t understand the point in why people would want to ban kratom, considering it may have some cannabis like prohibition protest. I do not want medical Kratom dispensaries.
      Medical Kratom? I can see it now. They need more tax.

    5. Ultra is horrible to stop taking. I wish I had this when I stopped taking my tramadol. Would have helped, I’m sure.

    6. That’s why the dr’s don’t want us to have it. They don’t make any $$$$ off of it!

    7. You are so true. Been on meds,injections, acupuncture, therapy, and it’s all a scam. People abused the meds that people like us “REALLY need to function,” it sucks and it gets worse and worse on the regulations.
      Mark my words. They will take this from us to.
      Doctors are so scared of prescribing narcotic anymore, because the government takes their license in a heart beat, if a troubled person ends their life and eventually we will all get to this point because we hate relying on pills to get through each day.
      This Kratom helps a lot
      We are going to be ok when we stand up and so this HELPS. GOD Bless

    8. Oh Jen we need to fight back if this happens. I was in a hit and run accident with a truck while sitting at a light at 9am. 6 major back surgeries, 4 vascular surgeries, they took out two ribs, left shoulder redone, 10 years in PT. I worked in rehab with stroke patients when it happened. I was no longer able to work. I asked to be on a medication that would help pain with no high. I was put on 25mg methadone. 23 years later and I am on 30mg. Never ever abused anything. Now my pharmacist has said I cannot take it any more. She has NO idea what I have been through. What is going on??????????? So I am turning to Kratom. If they take that away I guarantee people will off themselves.

    9. Jen— The federal government did make Kratom illegal back in 2016, but there was a huge backlash from Kratom users—people who suffer with chronic pain. The feds actually made Kratom a Schedule I drug, which made it equivalent to heroin! Big Pharma will never get involved with Kratom because they can’t get a patent on it. They should be worried, Kratom is becoming known, more people are trying it (I’m a long time chronic pain management patient who is just starting to try Kratom) and weaning of prescription pain meds. The media really pissed me off with all the one-sided stories in their manic opioid epidemic frenzy. The state and federal government responded in their typical knee-jerk reaction and did absolutely NOTHING except make it harder for chronic pain patients to get pain relief. The DEA scared the shit out of doctors, threatening to pull their licenses for any patient they deemed were getting too many opioid prescriptions. My pharmacist told me a DEA agent came into his business to audit their records and grilled him about a hospice patient who was getting high doses of opioids. The man had a tumor bulging out of his abdomen! That’s one of the results of the so-called opioid epidemic. That patient died a few weeks after the pharmacy was audited and given a hard time by some asshole DEA agent. Did people abuse opioids? Absolutely, but people have been abusing drugs for decades, it’s nothing new. Only the type of drug this time is new. Personally, I hope Kratom helps me and I can stop going to the monthly doctor appointment to get the multiple prescriptions my life currently revolves around. I hope I can figure out which type and form of Kratom works best for me and order it as needed. It will save time and a lot of money. Being a long term patient of organized medicine has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the 20+ years. My pharmacy bill for the year is over $14,000 and I have prescription insurance. I think $14,000 will buy a lot of Kratom.

      1. I omitted that after the backlash to the feds making Kratom illegal, they relented and allowed it to be sold legally again. For anyone who is dealing with chronic severe pain, I understand what you’re going through and wish you the best trying to find effective pain relief. I don’t know if Kratom will work for me, but I’m willing to try different strains and different doses to see if I can find effective relief and replace the opioids. If there are people who are in position and want more info. and have access to Netflix, check out the documentary Leaf of Faith. That’s where I heard about Kratom and got some good information to understand what it is. It’s a very informative film.

  30. I have been taking Kratom for 2 years,
    I still take my prozac because I strongly believe that is is working, my thyroid meds and multi vita Gummies. I can honestly say I am so happy that I’m not being tied down to making sure I get all the meds I need. I order from a wonderful vendor that sends me a test slip of what and how much is in my batch. It’s so transparent. I’m not bound to it everyday. I take it as needed. It helps so much with the social anxiety and panic attacks. No word feelings can still drive and operate all my equipment. Over all my quality of life is through the roof
    Favorite Strains Green Bali, Super green indo and most all white strains.

    1. Can you post good trustworthy sites to order from please

      1. You need to look at vendor reviews on reddit. I wouldn’t trust anyplace someone told you on a message board, you need a reputable vendor and you’re not going to find one here. There’s also some great groups on facebook. I like Ladies of Kratom Support Group on facebook.

        1. They have banned references to vendors on Reddit which is why I’m googling this exact same question. There are some older posts but I would like actual current user reviews of vendors myself.

        2. I would also love an answer on this because as said, Reddit has banned vendor lists.

        3. Hi Joan I hope you come back here and see my post. I am looking for the support group on facebook. I typed it in my search but found nothing.

    2. I’m new to taking Kratom. I would love any advice on dosage And difference in kinds and what they do.

      1. I’m in the same boat..

    3. Carly,
      Can I have the name of your vendor. I am always looking for different vendors that people have used and trust.

  31. I don’t really have an extensive story. It’s was simply a matter of desperation. I magically tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder while in the hospital with my wife shortly after my son was born. The pain was unbearable and excruciating, especially holding my son. I wasn’t having this, and it was a pain that, at its worst, neither ibuprofen or acetaminophen would touch (or even a 15mg roxycodone, to my surprise). I had known about Kratom as my brother was an enthusiast, but never really found the allure myself. Finally, I broke down and grabbed some, and the difference was immediate. It’s not by any means a cure all, At least not for inflammation in my experience, but I would advise this over many pain meds that will get you hooked.

    1. I had my right shoulder operated on in May of 2017, they fixed 2 torn tendons and scraped out arthritis and for 3 months after, I thought it was the worst mistake I ever made in my entire life. I’ve known all kinds of pain, but wow…is all I can say cuz that took the Gold medal! They wouldn’t prescribe me anything but oxycodone 5s (with acetaminophen) for after surgery and I know you’re not supposed to take more than prescribed, but 4 of those wouldn’t touch the pain. (I think it was due to the fact that I don’t have insurance or something like that, b/c everyone else I know that had that surgery had either oxycodone 10s or dilaudid 2s and theye all had insurance. Idk, tho). But I would always have to take that many or more, just tried to only take it like that twice a day in steady of 1-2 every 4 hours…still ran out 3 days early every week! It was the absolute worst pain I’ve ever felt in all my 42 years. I was just told about Kratom (well, I had heard the name but never knew what it was) yesterday when I was talking about my migraines, and this migraine I have now is 3 times worse than the one I had through the entire Christmas holiday. So, I gave my dad my last 20 dollars for the next 2 weeks and asked him to go get me a small jar of the Bali powdered cuz that’s what my friend told me to get…I called the place first and the guy said he had it for 15.99. My dad just called and said it was 40 bucks (or some dumb shit) I said go back in and tell him (with me on phone) that I talked to him not 2 hours ago and he had what I was looking for. Welp, it’s a small jar but the only strain in the small was the red, which I was planning on trying in the future, so I said just get that and tell him I said he’s a lil lying fuck! I can’t deal with a lot when I have migraines…I will still have to wait for it for about 2 hours, but if this works like my friend says it does…I only wish I was told about it when I had that surgery!! I got a cortisone shot in my left shoulder about a month ago, but no talk of surgery with that one, as of yet. I’m not looking forward to it, if I do. : (

      1. Did it work?

    2. What strain did you take for your pain?

    3. This site has vendor reviews. I’m pretty sure this is a lot of us old users of the reddit site. I’m back into kratom after a bit of a break. I had to go full on opiod and was driven back over a THC positive pee tes. 🙁 I need 3 cleans before I can have my script back

  32. I was a chronic pain patient. I had three very specific back surgeries that I won’t go into, but less then 3% of spinal patents nationally, have even come close to my surgeries,& 10% of that 3% die or are paraplegics. Those percentages were given to me by my surgeon. When someone tells me they have harrington bars, fusions, cages, plates- my reply is “Is that it?” Cuz I got that beat. I am over 40, well educated, and non an idiot when it comes to how our government system works. I have Medically been on everything, from fentanyl patches, suckers, liquid stadol, basically any sched 1 opiate that can be administered orally, intravenously, or transdermally-& I don’t even feel a high. There are not enough drugs to even make me feel close to functional,& I can move.. I gave up, bcuz the alternative to my dosages, is death. What this government, over the last 15 years, is doing to people like me is appalling. It’s a death sentence. I know patients who have taken their own lives, because they can get no real relief. Yet let a natural substance come along,& the DEA & FDA ,& every controlling government official will demonize it, in the name of Capitalism, the Dollar Almighty, to protect the drug companies. Tie physicians’ hands, treat patients like numbers,& allow even a Pharmacy Tech, who has years less education than I do, to have an opinion on my medical needs. Nice to know, yet again, that the opinions of those who have no experience with chronic pain, are the ones whose opinions matter.

    1. God bless you & I couldn’t possibility agree more. I’m not going to “ditto” your comments, as it would only be redundant. Capitalism is destroying the entire planet, including us. I’m praying for our Kratom community. Kratom saved my life. If you can call the pain I endured 24/7 a life at all, Kratom has given me a life. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

      1. That has nothing to do with capitalism, it has to do with government control, and socialism is total government control so what do you think they would do then, tired of prime blaming capitalism when cheeky they don’t unfettered capitalism, capitalism had pulled more people out of the gutter, out of poverty and saved More lives then any other system in history, don’t hate the capitalism, hate the politicians as the government over control that destroys capitalism, of those are a truly capitalist then the government would have no power to take away your medicine, as the company’s that manufacture them would be competing with each other to get you the best safest product for the best price! The system you see complaining about is corporate socialism! It’s a where government is picking winners and losers keeping competition away from their friends by regulations that keep their products away! That is anti capitalism! You should be fighting for free market capitalism, not more of this socialist crap that’s causing the problem in the first place!

        1. Amen! These people have NO idea what kind of hell they’re voting to bring.

        2. 😂

        3. Holy crap Mario…you are 110% correct. !!!

      2. Diane,

        Its capitalism that brings you these drugs and cures. Try and get some if you live in Cuba.

        1. Cuba’s #1 export is it’s Doctors (and medicine) numb nuts.

          1. Then why did Fidel Castro go to Venezuela when he was sick to get treatment. Doctors are their #1 export because the barely export anything. And you saying their medicine is just ignorant and uneducated. We haven’t had free market capitalism in America in a very long time. It is called corporate socialism.

    2. I have been on pain medication for 15 years. No overdose, no shopping around for dr, no buying meds illegally. I am compliant and always have been. My primary dr had to send me to pain management, they completely cut my meds way way down and told me that only cancer patients suffer from chronic pain. I used some kratom to help me during that time but when my primary saw records of what theu were doing to me and I told her what they said, she took me back. I am very lucky but people like us get a bad rap for the abuse that other people do. It is not fair and my heart goes out to those who are truly suffering

      1. Yes chronic pain there is only in cancer patients and end-of-life treatment to get this kind of medications that all of you in the USA take the rest of the world’s lives without these medications and is just fine. I feel like 80% of the chronic pain patients are just for the dope ,they can be treated with lighter medications.

        1. BULLSHIT! Do you know anything about genetics? NO My husband. Genetic resisitant to opioid and nsaid. After 14 years, disabled just took his only drug that worke and he is bedriden 2 weeks now.

          1. You sound like a moron.

        2. You are a complete idiot.

        3. I’m a diabetic of 34 years and counting. I live in chronic pain every day a lot of people like me do fibromyalgia neuropathy anxiety depression PTSD degenerative joint disease plus many other things that I have wrong with me kratom is the best thing that could come around I would rather have kratom to get out of pain rather than appealing my body just can’t handle much more might kidneys can’t take much more my liver won’t filter much more pills the kratom is a lot easier on my body I hope you see one day that not all of us who’s they were in chronic pain are dope addicts a lot of us are suffering in silence because it’s an unseen disease just like being a diabetic you wouldn’t know I was a diabetic unless I told you it’s not like my disease is worn on the outside for all to see it’s really not fair when people judge those who are truly and back chronic pain I was always scared to go to the doctors and say anything due to the fact that I didn’t want them thinking of me as a dope addict I just want to be out of pain and many times I’ve ended up in the hospital in ICU because of the pain I get intoyou’ll have me and I see you up to a week or two sometimes because my body’s just crippling down and pain not fair for somebody to get in such pain I’m only 38 years old I have so much more living I want to do and kratom is the one thing that has helped me

          1. No one is talking about how much to take. I have diabetes. I have severe osteoarthritis with pain in my hips and knees. I need a hip and knee replacements. I was also diagnosed with breast cancer. In remission. I take KOI CBD oil drops and TY4 with codeine. The store that I get my CBD oil suggested Bali Red. It was suggested that I only take 4 capsules if more I could get sick and vomiting. I’m told that it helps with sleep. My doctors will not prescribe Valium which helped me tremendously. Suggestions please. I brought a bottle with 70 capsules. No direction on how to take. I’m skittle scared but I need my sleep.

      2. I signed up for a pain management group taking a med called suboxen and all of a sudden I had a label in my chart “ opiate dependent” so when I went in for a hysterectomy with a 14 cm custom top of my uterus, I came out of surgery I twice the time allotted for a normal hysterectomy, I couldn’t breath it felt like I had been kicked I. The ribs by a horse. The gave me tordal(sp?) an anti inflammatory med. The nurses in my wing saw opiate dependent in my chart and never gave the morphine that was ordered by the surgeon. The next morning when a nurse felt sorry for me and gave me what was actually ordered to control my pain, she was sent home for the day within thirty minutes. I don’t know about you but I have never known a labor and delivery dept( where I was recovering) sending a nurse home due to lack of patients. Give them another task while they await the births that will inevitably happen but, send them home, NO! The head nurse had seen my chart and said no pain killers for her and that one nice nurse either didn’t see it or ignored it when she saw I could not breathe. And she suffered for her either kindness or ignorance, Now I am supposed to have a neck fusion and am deathly afraid I will end up in The same boat. Labels you’d think we would have gotten past that shit in elementary school but, sadly, no we have not!

    3. Wow I completely agree!! The epidemic of codine and other drugs has completely gone out of control! People love the highs and abused the important meds that other TRUELY NEED! I had surgery 10yrs ago and was on hydrocodine for 7yrs,My doctors wouldn’t help me wean off,so I spent a fortune on buying them myself! I switched to 8mg Suboxone,which I also pay for… It makes me angry and feel Very distressed, just plain Hopelessness! I been to many Doctors over the past 9 yrs for my Severe Pain Attacks,Anxiety Disorder,PTDS and Severe Chronic Fatigue, and I havnt yet been able to get the help I seek(I beg and cry to my doctors/ counselors and explain in fullness my daily battles and suffering! I see and know So Many people who are prescribed pain killers, Adderall, and benzodiazepines that either Sell their scripts or are not in need of them in the 1st place! I feel like my daily battles of just trying to function makes my quality of life Sh#t ,there is None! It’s NOT FAIR to the people(like myself!) who need these meds are only given to the ones that don’t! And them that have abused the medical system have ruined it for millions suffering like me:( It’s so embarrassing to me when i leave the house, bcuz I have tremendous tremors, and most times I can’t leave the house! I have developed a phobia of many things and mental disorders from not being treated for my original problems 11 yrs ago! I’m not the bright happy energetic person I once was. Doctors have changed so much over the past 10-15yrs.The government as well! It’s extremely hard to find a professional that will actually listen to u,help u,care about u,n bedside manners no longer exist! I researched many strains of Kratom, and I’m praying that this works for me! I have 5 different strains of kratom now,3 uppers n 2 for anxiety! Wish me luck🙏🏻I want to hav control over my mind and body again, and if anyone out there suffering and battle daily medical issues I pray you will share your story,sometimes I feel completely alone with these battles!!

      1. Has the Kratom helped you ?

      2. Have you ever tried antiparasitic herbs? The truth is slowly gettin out there….we have a problem with parasites that mimic all kinds of signs and symptoms. Do you homework with a different eye and you will be amazed.

        1. You=your

      3. Hi Linda,
        You are not alone, ever , there are probably million of us all doing what I call silently suffering. Its time to find our voices, I have been a chronic pain patient since age16, I just turned 60. I have taken every kind of pain med you can think of. Our country is going to gell in a ham basket. Most uneducated ignorant idiots who think chronic pain patients just want the high are the reason those of us with chronic pain suffer. I dont get high, I just want to function, but guess what I dont get to because the idiots who are suppose to take care of us would rather cater to drugs addicts than remember pain used to be the 5 vital sign. They must think that chronic pain just disappears because middle class kids found opiates abused them , got caught so now its an epicademic. No drug addictions a problem, just so happens chronic pain patients take same medicine. We are not addicts, some days we cant breathe because pain and anxiety criople us. We cant eat because we cant fet to the food, we cant celebrate fun things because we cant move without tears, forget a love life , cant perform, we get told suck it up, I would love to see these ignorant A holes live in my body 5 mins. They would squeal like a cry baby and run back to there body’s. Please if you love Kratom as much as me and it works for you, please right your congress men and women, the stories on here alone speak the truth about pain, the FDA idiot trying to ban it is in big Pharmas pocket telling lies, if we make our congress folks aware of the truth we cant be denied. We are only as strong as our weakest link… I have decided this is worth fighting for. If they win and take it from us its because we didn’t speak loud enough. My pain is Real, my Depression is Real, My PTSD Is Real. No You Don’t Get To Discount Me. I Am Real , Human, and Not Tryin To Get High, Im trying To Live.

    4. There are no Schedule I opioids except heroin. Schedule I is for drugs with no medicinal value (LSD, Mescaline, Heroin, etc.) All the prescription opioids are Schedule II which are drugs that have medical value but are most prone to abuse.
      Other then that, I agree with everything you said. I’m here (on this site) for the same reason. 15 years of pain management 12 years without any increase, never failed a piss test, never refilled early, no red flags, just a model patient. Still they just kicked me out for no reason knowing I wouldn’t be able to get tx anywhere else. They should have program where they induce pain in a candidate for a week before they allow them to become a pain doctor so they understand what chronic pain feels like before they have that kind of control over other people’s lives.

    5. First time in my life (I’m 56) I’ve thought about killing myself….fortunately I believe I would go to Hell but that might not be enough someday. 1 I’m tired of suffering 2 Doctors don’t care especially if you have poor people insurance. I have an advanced college degree taugh SpEd for 24 years High School. It took its toll on my body esp. my back. Many assults, alot of lifting and positioning with students in wheelchairs. CBD doesn’t touch it. I don’t like being stoned but do it at night like taking a bitter pill just for relief and a bit of sleep. Trying my first kratom right now.

      1. I was there a few months ago. Couldn’t see a way to live instead of just existing because of dealing with pain. Kratom changed my life because I can now get it under control.

      2. Pamela, how did the kratom work out for you? I take it once in a while for the same reasons. Chronic pain from years of physical job, age 57. Depression…well, you know.

      3. Hi Pam.

        I am exactly where your are! I so sorry your going through this. Can you give me any advice on your Katrom journey. just getting into it. I have multiple health issues with the most painful being multiple fracture of the pelvis and 6 compression fractures of my upper back. Your are correct NO DOCTOR CARES ENOUGH!

        I have to control the pain or my entire health is going to land in the dirt!

        I would appreciate your insight.


  33. I like the replies esp. the one to the Pharm Tech that knows everything! Was on almost all the major “Pain Killers” for 15+ years like given out like Tic-Tacks. A new D.O. had her hands on her face & in the air rolling her eyes when I said what I was given for my CHRONIC CONDITION there is supposedly no cure for. I was dosed for stage 4 cancer patients with Dilaudid & MSIR as well as other nasty chemicals that cost me my business & home of 40 years all paid for. There was a cure for it but the Old Time Doc who wrote books on it & ran 2 clinics at 1 time & treated people to get them well & not make $$$$$$$ at $40 a pop be it 1 hour on machines & seeing him or 4 hours on 6 machines & seeing him became aged & unwell & died & the lace 3 hrs away. New doc is $2900 for phone consults & seeing him a few times…RIP-OFF.
    CHRONIC PAIN IS JUST THAT. IT DOES NOT GO AWAY & WITH THE NEW LAWS MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE FROM NOT BEING ABLE TO STAND THE PAIN! The majority of Opioid “victims” are ones looking for a HIGH & not Relief. I wonder how many of the dead ones have shot the drug as opposed to swallowing as ordered or not all at 1 time? If I shot a days worth or maybe 2 of MSIR & Dilaudid even after building that tolerance as we pain patients do I would probably have been very sick if not dead. But taken as ordered I survived until I was a “liability” 10 years back & thrown off. Unfortunately when you have a 1/4 to 1/2 $million investment in education as a doctor & the ability to really rake it in you follow guidelines. My 1 time “pain med/management” doc did an ok on a former dose that if followed will allow me to function at 1/2 a normal hurting person & 1/4 normal person as opposed to 20% or bed ridden or where is the highest bridge as I don’t like feeling like I’m being electrocuted or other nasty pains. Subs (very addictive I’m told) & the other drugs they use esp. antidepressants are really bad.

    I haven’t tried Krantom but have high (no pun intended) hopes & it appears affordable. CBD does seem to help the little we tried, but prices for potent enough doses are beyond most people & unless tested is it real? Just got skunked on eBay on a bottle, NO RETURNS! NO CBD, just Hemp Oil & BS. If 5 grams a day of Krantom will help take more pain away & possibly move me off the not so mighty “O” great! No MD hassles. Weed is fine for some but I hate it as I like being in control & want to relieve pain, not get high.

    I think every doc should have to take some of the meds they shove down our throats & that we, as an intelligent & educated being that know our bodies should have the opportunity to take a test if necessary for proof & sign a paper saying “we understand the risks involved & do not hold the doctor/whoever else liable” so that we can have some relief & quality of life. Not everyone can collect. Not everyone can collect enough & have to work if they can & the ones that complain about disability at $1500+ a month (no income tax, pure profit) & have a part time job & a spouse that works & has health insurance provided & it “isn’t enough”, well they can shove it as we & many others live on far less! I had friends at $2500 a month disability & they could not afford car insurance! Maybe $30K isn’t much these days but not bad & more than $10/hr he made & her $880/mo. Point is there has to be an affordable way to help control/manage the pain. I will never be out of pain. There have been minutes after a fine sleep or a great session with a fine D.O. that does OMT but those are fleeting moments that remind me of what I could do way back when.

    Having found this so late at night I did not read all of it. What is the best energizing & pain killing strain/type? and who is reliable? I want a 1/4 lb. at least or more if the price/oz. drops & not $2.00 a capsule. MSM & other anti-inflammation natural products need to be incorporated. The web provides the best sources for the least amount of $ as you buy by the pound & there are no fillers/binders or garbage in them at certain sites & they are cheap unlike a “Natural Food Store”. $100 would buy 6 pounds of 6 different products (1lb each pure product) & need to be added to help fight inflammation. $4.00 Turmeric at a store in the Indian section does wonders but takes time as does the others. But we did not get sick in 1 day nor will we get well in 1 day…may be months before results become apparent so do nothing & suffer or something & one day say “hey, my elbow doesn’t hurt as much (or at all). Eating or not eating certain foods help. It comes down to educating yourself away from modern voodoodoo medicine & the time & (when available) money invested is what your body & quality of life is worth to you! Pizza or a pound of Opti-Pure MSM for $11.00? You also don’t have to drop $400 on a bottle of CBD oil or even $100. What would Krantom run in a ¼ lb? $50? How long would it last at 5 grams a day? Seems like a standard dose. Seriously…what is the average cost & amount/day to use high grade Krantom for pain?
    Just some thoughts & questions too late at night.

    1. Hi Kay,
      I have chronic pain along with other medical problems, that I wont bore you with. I started taking kratom after a friend convinced me to try it. I was going through withdrawals from running out of my gabapentin, which I had no idea would give me the same withdrawals as I got when I ran out of the perks I was put on for years for my chronic migraines! I finally broke down and got some and was so surprised at how much better I felt! Ive been taking it almost every day since march and it makes me feel almost 100% better! I found that the green strain works the best for me for pain and energy. It also helps with my mood, and has a nice side affect too of a mild appetite supression that has been helping me lose weight. A good online store that Ive found is kats botanicals. Their prices are pretty good and they have alot of choices. My two favs are green strain maeng da or green strain malay. They say it is good to mix them up though, and try different strains to find what works best for you, and taking different ones also helps you from building up a tollerance to any specific strain. They also say it is a good idea to take a break from it for a day or two every few weeks, but for me anyways, going more than one day without it, is very painful. I take about 1 1/2 teaspoons once sometimes twice a day, which is about 6grams but its better to start at around 2grams and go from there. I found that mixing it with a little hot water, and then adding either chocolate milk or orange juice tastes the best for me. Cuz drinking it straight can be hard to tolerate for some. It basically tastes like what green algae in a fish tank smells like! LOL good luck and hope this helps! Happy new year!

  34. My pain doctor in Chino, Ca put me on Methadone 12 years ago ( 3 stomach surgeries gone south ) and it actually saved my career, I was on 60 mg a day the entire time living a very productive life. Then the big fucking opiate crisis comes along and the Doctors put their tails between Their legs and bow down to all the politicians. They started decreasing the amount and were very dirty about it, then if you tell them you are experiencing withdrawal, you suddenly become a piece of shit addict. I slowly weened myself off the shit while continuing to get my 30 mg dosage so I would have more time to do it. No amount of time will eliminate the fatigue symptoms. They last what seems to be forever, even today. If anyone thinks that Methadone isn’t one of the most addictive substances on this planet , they can take their opinions and shove it where the sun dont shine because unlike Mr pharmacist, I know the shit gets in every cell in your body. No book learning can dispute this. Even the moron Doctor that put me on it told me that it would be completely out of my system in 3 days. This is hysterically insanely stupid, he needs to be slapped, It was the hardest thing I ever quit , Nicotine being second, Alcohol was nothing compare to Methadone and I gave up all Beer and Cigs 30 yrs ago cold turkey.. People need to find answers to their health problems elsewhere because todays doctors are only interested in money and they do not care about people, it is to them how many office visits they can cram into a day so they can increase revenue, Pharmaceuticals are the same. Insurance companies have caused this but are they to blame completely, probably not as they are trying to overcome the costs associated with all the low lifes in this country not paying for insurance. Enough of the countries problems. If Kratom helps you feel better , I say go for it at least till the Congress puts our asses in jail for it. Isnt it easy to take away the worlds pain meds when you yourself have no pain.
    Thank you law makers for taking away the Doctors ability to treat chronic pain, and all because young people want to party with Grandmas Opiates and blow out their heart. I’m happy to say I dont need the doctors or their drugs anymore. Good thing too cuz they wont give them to you anymore anyway. Use the Kratom now cuz I can assure you that these crooked fucking politicians will be paid off by big pharmaceutical soon enough. Good Luck

    1. This is by far the BEST and most accurate summing up of the situation we’ve ever read.

    2. Couldn’t have said it better myself😉 thank you!!! Well said for all of us in pain, or with depression, anxiety, fatigue from pain, and etc…I just started taking kratom and it is amazing!!! I couldn’t believe the pain it took away I have carpal tunnel, tendinitis, arthritis, and all I can say is wow it’s literally saved my job!!!😊

      1. Where do you get it???

        1. We’re not supposed to ask such questions. I just got told off from asking on FB. How can we know what, where and how to get real products?

        2. Most anywhere that you buy “tobacco” pipes. I believe the lingo is a “headshop”

    3. WOW! Very well said! Hey, after you slap that Dr. Can I shake him real hard, just for a second?? JK…kinda. Actually my Dr. is pretty liberal w/ me and he has had his whole “profession stolen” from him, (we all know each other around here, we all live in the same small Midwest town,) He’s been pretty upset that he had became a “clinician” & cannot even see his patients when we were hospitalized, (like the hospital stays w/ out him help!!) He has been my internal medicine Dr. for over 15 years. Knows me well & after the last 15 yrs. the clinic/hospital he started at is now “only a clinic.” It’s been bought and sold three times in the past 6 yrs! You can’t see him inpatient. (Only a complete stranger, a hospitalist, who knows nada about you!) My Internal Medicine Dr. & I have a great repor w/each other and he once looked at me during an appointment after I went to Mayo Clinic 7 times to discuss all the results I had already been informed of @ Mayo, w/REAL tears in his eyes and said, “This isn’t what I signed up for! I can’t even help my patients! I’m an office manager now, nothing more!” I’m SO glad he shared that, gives me warmth inside to know some people actually CARE!! He actually uses the phrase,
      “I don’t know!” And “I was wrong!” Or, “I’m sorry!!”
      He’s very kind and humble. A rare trait for any Dr. nowadays imo.
      Plus he just now made “the big leap” and joined an outstanding medical practice 46 miles away to be the Dr. he went to school so long for, and you bet I followed!! I wish there were more like him! I once was in the er and this “Dr. lady” was “inspecting me” quite invasively and she did a cat scan and she said, “There’s nothing wrong that I can see or feel, your cervix looks good even w/ the poor blood test results!” I couldn’t believe it! I had my cervix removed in a hysterectomy 10 years prior!! It’s like, lady?!?!?!
      Ok, so, anyway…
      I suffer from pancreatic disease, put on hospice, and it Hurts. Daily. Bad. Functioning at 3% they say as they stare at me like I’m hiding a big secret still functioning as I do…I stare flatly back and just say, “Take it up w/ God!” Being a patient w/chronic pain and knowing that the pain is not going to go away, is just an awful, horrible thing to live with. We try to be positive though don’t we?! If only they could walk a block in our shoes!!
      I’m Sure you all understand, that’s why we’re here right?! Anyway, i has Enough!! I fired hospice. I had hydromorphone iv flowing through my veins @ home here 24/7 through a port they put in me, I had just “went along w/ all of it!” I didn’t KNOW! I couldn’t stay awake, I could get six extra doses and hour prn, (yeah, I pushed that button!) Yet, of course, I felt worse than ever. Poison. Yeah, I felt poisoned. Couldn’t stay awake, carried a bag around w/ me like a purse w/ the pain meds in it everywhere, it was connected internally in my body! Real fun showering like that!!😳 Not! So I finally said “Enough!” After hospice kept coming in here every other day looking @ me like, “Aren’t you Dead Yet?!” So I fired hospice, got the iv out- WHOA!! Even trading that for 18, 8mg. Dilaudid pills per day w/ 8, 10 mg. Hydrocodone, AND diazepam, I Still hit w/drawl hard!! FNA Man! I couldn’t believe it! (Mind you, I’m still being told I’m gonna die soon) Soooooo, Sorry, I wasn’t gonna write this long, guess it’s a purge. So Thank You For This. Anyway, I am OFF the dilaudid, the vicadin, and so far the diazepam,
      AND………I’m Still Alive!!
      Kratom comes From Heaven And Heavenly People! God Bless You All!!
      We Can Do This! Together…💫

      1. I think God sent that message to you for us! Thank you!!

    4. EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!!

    5. I am Anonymous but just a note, I was on methadone for 12 years or more for pain management along with triggerpoint injections. That was all that helped me with living in constant pain. Still have the same pain even worse as I stopped 3- 5 years AGO cold turkey , but not recommendation unless you have a Great Wife or support God Almighty. Never the less have had several Heart Attacks, By-Pass Surgery, PArtial Lung Removal, 9 Stents, 4 Rotator cuff Surgeries and I am wipped. ALso I have Multiple Disk issues Siatic nereve issues. Also Bone Spurs C5-C7. I have to take Kratom just to move forward as I am full time care taker of my Beloved Wife. I am 61 she is 73 and we are wore out. I Will continue to take Kratom to get some relief. I wish I could go back to 50-70 MGm of methadone a day which I never missed a day of work for my back, Shoulders or Siatica issues. I was offered more meds during my total Rotator Cuff Repair as it was tore off the bone in 2011. I worked for another 4 months like that. No one ever ask why does anyone take meds and get dependent or addicted. But no Hope is the Answer. God In Jesus Keeps me Going. But We Are in a Fallen World. Don’t Believe it has it gotten any better or worse in your lifetime. Anyway, Didn’t mean to ramble, but unless someone is actually walking in your shoes they aint gotta clue Thank you, RS.AMEN TO YOU ALL!!!

    6. Amen,
      To all the people who need help. The whole Crisis was exaggerated by Media & Government DEA, FDA, ETC.
      Does anyone understand that the FDA does not do any research on any Meds but takes the reports given to them by Big Pharma and makes their decision. Tramadol should not be in the Narcotic classification at all. Remember Darvocet? only took FDA 30 years to pull it for causing Heart issues. My Wife took Leveofloxin and to this day can hardly move. Poison. People need help with Chronic Pain but all the pain meds are being withheld because people take them for emotional help /pain as well as physical pain. The epidemic So called didn’t start till the FEDS put the clamps on Drs. and patients had to go to the Street to find Oxy or whatever. Now the dealers are putting Fentanyl in them without knowledge and take one and you may die. The FEDS have Created this mess but no one speaks a word about Alchol killing close to 80,000 people in Alchol poisoning in 2016 I believe. What a continued mess. Hope everyone finds the help they need. RS.

  35. Been on subs for 4 yrs have weened down to 1mg a day but want off completely I’ve heard a lot of good about Kratom and really want to try it just don’t know what to get any help is appreciated

    1. Ive been on suboxone for 5 years. I was on methadone prior to and basically the methadone wd were so bad I thought I was being smart and by day 15 no methadone I couldnt take it and started the suboxone. I would crush up the pills and snort them so I abused them for 4 of the 5 years. Theres been a time ive done 3 of the 8mg pills lile that in a day. For me thats a lot im a small framed woman and very short. So life kept happening and i got very fed up of things controlling me and so so sick of living in fear of being sick. If youre truly ready to be off the subs you can do it. Today is my 31st day. Im so fucking proud of myself. Ive used kratom to help. Now i never said its easy. Ive had some roughhhhh days but each night im sleeping more so im waking up better also each day that horrible feeling you wake up with is getting less and less. Im starting to get happy on my own and lm enjoing life more each day. I hope this helps you to realize that its itsan make it 31 days anyone can! Good luck! the kratom basically saved my life!

      1. I quit subs on Red Bentaungie kratom. It really works. Been sub free since November. Any red will help with any WD symptoms and pain. I am happy to say I am a daily kratom user and nothing else. Trust me I’ve done every pain med under the sun. Good luck.

    2. I just took myself off sub’s too and found any type of red strain works 100% well. Its worked for me and I’ve now been off sub’s for 2 weeks now!

  36. I’ve been on Subs for 4 yrs I’ve been weening myself down I’m currently taking 1 mg a day but I want off of them completely and I’m scared shitless to go cold turkey I’ve tried before and couldn’t take it I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kratom and I’m wanting to try it but don’t know what to get it where to start any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Heather, Green Maeng Da is great! Think it could help you. Also only need be about a teaspoon to start. I take powder with juice. It helps me with anxiety, pain, & other issues I have. It calms you but also gives you energy & uplifts mood.

    2. i was on subs as well and ended up getting kicked off, and i started using kratom to get off subs, and let me tell you it is what kept me going and helped immensely. i really didnt even feel sick

  37. We have to fight it. Join the American Kratom Association and donate to help fight the wrongful bureaucracy that will make what works that is all natural a Schedule 1 drug…..which it is not!!! The govt. is being paid….the representatives to vote it illegal. We all have to stand up!!!!!

    1. I am starting kratom today I have been on suboxone for 10 years and just don’t want to be on it any more I ordered the Red Maeng Da cause that’s what they said would aid in the withdrawal and the White Maeng Da for energy level. Can someone THAT HAS EXPERIENCE with this please tell me if this is going work or am I going to be sick when the divorce suboxone leaves my system I have 1 – 8mg tablet left but only going to take half today half tomorrow was on 2 a day. Thank you for any advice and info.

      1. You really should wean yourself down and slowly transition to kratom. If you just outright stop that high of a dosage without knowing how much kratom works for you, you’ll make yourself sick. Feel free to email me, I’ll be glad to be your support [email protected]

      2. Nichole,
        I have been on subutex for two years. Due to my doctor retiring and me being done with the side effects of subs i decided to quit cold turkey. I waited til I started to feel the withdrawal symptoms and I took 4grams of red bentuangie kratom (which was recommend by my local kratom shop). I felt better within 30 minutes, no lie. I have been on it ever since and had almost no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I know everyone is different but kratom worked for me no doubt and gave me my life back free of opiates. I hope this helps. Take care.

      3. I was on 40mg of oxycodone a day and quit cold Turkey thanks to kratom but if you’re on high doses of meds you need higher doses of kratom. I started with 1Tablespoon of green Bali because I didn’t know what to take, and I read already in withdrawal. Within 15 min my withdrawals totally went away and I felt like I had just taken a pain pill. I experienced NO opiate withdrawals thanks to kratom. Now I take tsp a day to manage my pain. Kratom WILL stop all withdrawal symptoms

        1. Hi. I suffer from chronic pain, fibroids and ovarian cysts. Can u guide me in the direction of good product? Currently new pain mgmt doc that isnt completely treating my pain.

      4. It works. You need to wean down to 1mg of Sub a day. For the first 2 weeks+ you will be taking kratom all day and all night. But after 2 weeks of the sub leaving your system you will see small improvements. Unfortunately because of the Subs half-life it stays in your system a long time which makes the withdrawal symptoms linger. But consume the kratom regularly, as often as needed, to remain comfortable. I would say the only issue the kratom can’t solve is the insomnia. But your body is adjusting to its natural form, once you go through it you will only feel better as the days go on.

      5. Just wondering how it’s going? I’m on day 2 of Kratom and no subs. I feel ok so far

  38. Wonder if the FDA and DEA will schedule l the drugs called NSAID’s …ibuprofen! Can be purchased anywhere over the counter! Stats below
    It has been known for some time that these drugs — called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs — have serious side effects and are a major cause of drug-induced injury. They are estimated to cause at least 16,000 deaths per year and send 100,000 people to the emergency room in the U.S.Jul 27, 2015

    1. We have to fight it. Join the American Kratom Association and donate to help fight the wrongful bureaucracy that will make what works that is all natural a Schedule 1 drug…..which it is not!!! The govt. is being paid….the representatives to vote it illegal. We all have to stand up!!!!!

  39. I am also new to this after weaning myself off of a 32 mg a day Suboxone habit. It did help with pain and my addiction (to anything opioid/opiate) I was on it for two years this time and did a pretty decent job of tapering. I have been completely off for about a month now. The problem is my energy and pain level which for me, go hand in hand. I ordered some Red Bali capsules, took eight and am feeling a difference already. It is subtle but noticeable. I truly hope this helps. As a 57 year old addict/alcoholic I know I have used up all of my nine lives. Reading everyone’s comments has been extremely helpful.

    1. I’m glad you found this. For energy and pain relief I like maeng da.

    2. I was on that poison for 5 years AND took myself off, 2 months of hell o.p.m.s. extract got me UP and going after 2 months of total fatigue, congratulations on your achievement I have rheumatory arthritis all IN my back and I unload ships stuff is a mircle

  40. For what it’s worth: I have been an addict for 15 years and for the past year been on Subutex. I quit subs cold turkey (not as in deli) and kratom has gave me my life back. Literally. Very tolerable withdrawal if any with kratom and I’m 7 days in. I work a very hard laborous job every day and haven’t missed a beat. So say what you will. This stuff works, so fuck the FDA!!!!

    1. I’m on 120 mg of methadone, can I just stop and Kratom will help or do I need to taper first, I’ve been on 120 for 11 years and I want off really bad, I just know that it’s gonna be worse than heroin withdrawal and I need to know what to do? Any suggestions are welcome and what strain and how much?

  41. I just tried the Bali kratom I’m now in 60 mg of methadone and came down from 202mg I just started feeling uncomfortable skipped my take home dose just tried kratom hours ago and feel very Good

    1. How are you feeling now?

  42. Hi Michael
    Try red and green Bali, red Agatha, reds work very well on pain, combined with some greens like green Bali gives you energy, too. Also try green and red Agatha from Christopher’s organic botanicals.
    I wish you complete relief from your pain. I’m in the same boat and kratom has given my life back.

  43. Methadone is actually more addictive than pain pills and heroin. I was an addict for 15 years. I’ve been sober for 5 years. But anyways. I find that a red indo or a red maeng da is great for pain relief and opiate withdrawal I myself use a red maeng da for pain relief but that’s just my personal preference red Bali is supposed to be great for pain relief as well. I hope you find this info useful!!!

    1. ZERO evidence for Methadone being “actually ‘More’ addictive than Heroin” I’ve taken PharmacyTech 1 & 2 and three of my close family members are Registered Pharmacists- and THE ONLY PEOPLE who say this are addicts who are 0% formally educated.

      1. @Dustin Hellstern

        Are you actually saying Methadone is not addicting? Or are you just saying it is not more addicting then pain pills and heroine?

      2. However the addicts are the ones that actually experience it. So honestly, you just sound ignorant.

        1. Yeah!! I absolutely hate when people give their opinion solely based on book knowledge. Everyone is and has a different experience with any particular pharmaceutical!

      3. Addicts have 0% education, 100 % experience. Dr.s, pharmacists, people with pharmacy tech 1 and 2 have 0 experience. How the hell do you think you know what your talking about if you have never done it? Maybe all the addicts are just collectively “making it up”

        1. I am a former pharmacist tech. I will be the first to tell you that you are 100% right. Notice, I said former. I had to get out of the field of drugging the masses because my conscience was killing me. Pharmacies and drug companies are just legal drug pushers! If this helps you, go for it. I plan on trying after doing more research for my chronic pain.

        2. A profound statement of truth!

      4. “Educated” prick the only way to know that isn’t from your pretentious asshole opinion; it’s by use of both. Your degree makes you dumber, and a judgemental piece of shit. I’d love to formally educate your bitch ass with my foot.

        1. Love it!!! Well said 🙌🙌

      5. No class in pharmaceutical can tell u shit when it comes to experience! Methadone is if not as addicting is more addicting than heroin! So fuck your pharmaceutical 1 &2 class!

        1. Will have to agree I am 47 been doing black for last 7 yrs as well as my script 180 oxecodon with in 7 to 11 days I ran threw on daily after that getting black at very least gram a day I did every day up to next fill date from doc I yesterday was without black ,pills, and by today you all no the drill really a messed up deal today at 12 noon made 2 tea sons in a half fool 12 ice coffee shook up and down the neck it’s 12:40 and let me say this👉 NO WITH DRAWLS💨👍TOTAL180 FROM 45 MIN AGO. PHUK FDA

      6. You are such an ignorant over educated under experienced twit and part of the problem with the whole medical community. 3 years ago my doctors were cramming opiates down my throat after 10 years of chronic pain 2 spinal fusions and one revision spinal surgery. Now I have 3 years pre med and my father was a PA for 45 years. Was actually in the first ever graduated class of physicians assistants ever. I am definitely here to tell you @Dustin Hellstern with 10 years of experience receiving pain management treatment that opiates like Fentanyl, methadone, suboxone (I was only on the former not the latter 2) have far more severe withdrawal symptoms than say morphine. You being a Pharmacy tech you should be familiar with the term “half-life “. The half -life of methadone is longer than heroin that’s why they use it for heroin/opiate adjunct. That half life is going to effect the duration and severity of adjunct/withdrawal symptoms. At least that’s my hypothesis on the situation after again 10 years EXPERIENCE.

      7. So you have no experience with it but because you taking some classes you know more than somebody who’s actually taking the drugs? That’s the problem with some people they just read a book and think they know everything. Look I’ve taken pain pills, methadone, and heroin, for years at a time each. I don’t know what your book say, but methadone I won’t say is more addicting, but has the worst withdrawal symptoms by far. And it also takes longer to finally say you’re actually through with withdrawals. I think it has to do with it people’s age and body type also. Think about it you can read all the books on car racing you want for years at a time, but until you get behind the wheel, you’ll never know what it really feels like or if you can actually employ what you’ve learned. Yes I know it’s a little different but you get my point. No matter what your book say methadone has a longer half life in your body therefore has a longer withdrawal time. That’ll tell you this because I read books or took some classes, I tell you this because I’ve used the drugs myself and I know first hand what they do to you. Please don’t mistake these comments for me sounding like I’m proud of his, I’m just saying this is my reality. I’ve only been off heroin for a month and I’m still a little unenergetic and Restless so I’m looking into this kratom. I just read some of these comments, and just have to shake my head. For those of you who are fighting the opiate fight never give up God bless you

      8. Unless you were an addict you would not know. Book learning is not even compatible. Methadone IS highly addictive speaking from someone who watched family members HOOKED on it for 15 years after coming off of heroin addiction.

      9. Wrong DUSTIN!!!! Get out if being BRAINWASHED!!!!! UNTIL YOU ARE ONE IN PAIN AND HAVE TO RELY ON THESE OPIATES, OR ARE A ADDICT OR FORMER ADDICT, YOU KNOW NOTHING!!! Go look up the Rockefellers and learn how they took over Conventional medicine back in the early 20’s and made it the mainstream medical we have today FOR PROFIT!!!! They said that they will squash the cure……said “THERE IS NO PROFIT IN A CURE.”
        They created the rules, created the medical schools and pharmaceuticals FOR PROFIT!!! I have read loads of documentation to back up what I just said. I am a testimony for both fields. I have been using alternative health and herbs for 18 years and have CURED!!!!….most of my health problems. I have been on opiates now for 16 years. I have had to stop taking them before with NOTHING FOR HELP!!! It was PURE HELL!!! I CANT TAKE THE TOXIC CHEMICALS THEY ISSUE FOR OPIATE WITHDRAWL. I HAD TO GET BACK ON THEM OR BE BEDRIDDEN!!!! I react to ALL pharmaceutical type drugs but one pill. IM SERIOUS….YOU NEED TO INVESTIGATE HOW THE medical field is ALL QUACKERY for conditions. I’m living proof along with others that Alternative medicine and Herbs are the way to go!!!!! Please!!! DON’T come on a site like this and spew ignorance and brainwashing!!! My dad was a Dr. and I grew up watching alot!!! I AM A WITTNESS TO WHAT THE MEDICAL FIELD DID TO MY DAD RIP DAD….AND NOW MY MOTHER!!!!

        1. Amen, sister. ‘Drug lords’, no , NO conscience. ALL about $$$$$$, they destroyed my Hard earned long term efforts to get better. Gained 60# (yes, sixty!) In one month, now crippling pain. Was walking 5-10 mi/ day. Now not one little walk in 6 mo. Wanted to end it all. El Champo has nothing on the almighty pharmaceutical lobbys. Devastating. And Legal?? THEY will fight KRATOM the hardest!

        2. Hi Pamela. I don’t know if you will see this since it’s repkying to your post from November, but if you do, can you please tell me where to get the best “ACCURATE” information about Alternative Medicine and Herbs to use for treating diabetes type 2, under active thyroid and Psoriatic Arthritis, among other things? I have read different books and am Leary about some of the advice given, but I would love to be able to get off most, if not all, of my prescriptions. I am allergic to so many different prescription medications and because I have so many health problems and chronic pain from 12 failed lumbar surgeries and multiple level fusions, severe scoliosis, two cervical fusions on multiple levels, nerve pain, degenerative disc disease, and many other problems, I am taking so many prescriptions that I feel only cause so many problems themselves. I have been on the merry go round of all the opioid pain meds that I was on very high dosages and over the past 3 yrs they keep taking the dosages lower and lower and now I am afraid it’s just a matter of time before they cut me off altogether so I started using kratom and I found that it took away the withdrawals completely and has helped with my pain too. The real test for the kratom will come this summer when I am outside working in my flowers and fruit orchards. This is when I am truly in my little slice of heaven on earth as gardening is my relief from the depression and anxiety. Over the past many years I have only been able to enjoy gardening when taking my opioids to block the pain. Without it I am not able to be on my feet for more than 5 or 10 minutes every few hours, otherwise I am in such agonizing pain that I want to just go ahead and leave this world for good. Now that my doctors have taken away all of my immediate pain relievers then the only thing I can do is sit around watching tv or reading. My extended release morphine does block most of my pain as long as I am not trying to do anything physical. Without my immediate release pain meds I am not able to have any kind of a quality life. The kratom has helped me tremendously, but because it is winter I have not really tested the real extremes of it to see how well it will work. This spring I am looking forward to finding out how well it works when I start my gardening routine. I hope it will enable me to do my gardening without pain. If it does then I will stop all of the prescription pain meds altogether and won’t go back to them. I am afraid that it is just a matter of time before my state government bans the kratom and then I have no idea what I will do once that happens. It should not be allowed that the government can make any God made plants illegal and especially so if it can benefit people in so many ways. Anyway, I hope you get this message and can help me out. Thank you and God bless

      10. You’re a pretentious dumbass! I had to buy heroin to ween myself off of methadone. I hate it when someone who hasn’t experienced things try to “educate”people who have. Why don’t you read a book on how to fly a 747 and get in one and take off!

      11. They r pharmacists abd not doctors. Also everyone has different experiences with different drugs. So unless u have had these addictions u should never judge or think to know what its like for us. This is one of the problems with people getting help is people like u. Pharmacists r NOT DOCTORS.

      12. I’ve done a lot of both and I promiss you methadone is way harder to get off than oxys or heroine.

      13. I trust an addict’s word about addiction more than I would trust a ‘pharmacy technician’s’ word. Who the hell are you to say that Methadone is not addictive? YOU are the uneducated idiot in this forum🖕🏼

      14. Methadone not addictive????? Next you will describe how it feels to walk on the moon.
        People become physically addicted to caffeine, msg, diet coke, etc etc etc….. To say that any drug requiring a prescription cannot be addictive and present withdrawls is to point out the ignorance and arrogance of the person who said it.
        Experience counts for more than education. That’s why its easier to get a job when you have lots of previous work experience to put in a resume.

  44. I have been using Kratom for over 4 years as an alternative to medicine. I suffered a lot from severe pain. After using Kratom Powder I don’t feel pain anymore. Actually, Kratom is a natural painkiller supplement which works well for every person. This also helps to recover mental depression as well.

    Happy to use Kratom for a long-term.

    1. Josie which strain do you use?

    2. Do you know if it is safe to take some pregnant? I have been using kratom for chronic pain and my husband and I are trying to have another baby. Any info welcomed. Thank you.

      1. No, Brandi, it’s not proven safe. And there was just a case where a baby had all the signs of withdrawl after being born. The mom was a former addict, who was clean for years. She swore she didn’t use and tested negative. The baby tested negative. Turns out, she was drinking kratom tea during her pregnancy. When it comes to your baby’s safety, I would avoid as much medication in addition to the kratom as you can. It’s also great to talk to your OBGYN before you get pregnant. Good luck to you!

  45. Thank u very much Jane. I was involved in an accident in 2004 and suffered fairly painful injuries. It was the worst pain I have ever been in. When I was released from the hospital after having my broken jaw wired shut, the doctors sent me home with some weak liquid Hydrocodone,.which I had never had pain medicine, until that point. NEEDLESS to say I had to find stronger medication for my pain. I became hooked on oxycontin for a period of ten years. I then decided to get on a methadone clinic to control my addiction. I am on a fairly low dose of only 70 mgs, and I would like to find out which KRATOM strain will help me with withdrawals and anxiety. I never planned on becoming addicted. Some things you can’t erase no matter how hard U try. Pain is only a ghost if you just stop feeling it. These last two lines are from 2 songs by two different bands. One of the songs is by TRAPT and the other is by COHEED and CAMBRIA. I hope these words resonate for those of you that think addiction is so easy to overcome. It can happen to the best of us. So many of us have this on common.

    1. Michael – I’ve been on suboxone for a while after getting carried away on painkillers myself for about the same amount of time as you specified so I understand completely. I like the RED MAENG DA or BALI. I take around 4-5 grams twice daily. I’ve only been taking the Kratom for a couple months so I’m a beginner myself to this world but there are definitely warm euphoric vibes mixed with a stimulant like energy, so it’s a nice combination. Being so damn tired was one of the worst WD symptoms when trying to get off the hydro,oxy or methadone/suboxone…..I haven’t completely eliminated the suboxone yet but am down to under 2mg a day and dropping which is extremely low. After being addicted to opiates for so long I’m highly skeptical of anything that claims to help…. but Kratom defieilty helps. Best of luck my friend. Email me if you have any questions bro.
      ^—Nick D—^
      [email protected]

      1. Ultra is horrible to stop taking. I wish I had this when I stopped taking my tramadol. Would have helped, I’m sure.

      2. I’ve just started because there is practically no where to pick this up in my area. Which would you say is better; liquid, capsules or powder?

        1. Powder is cheaper but it’s like swallowing cinnamon powder…. not so comfortable. Capsules go down easy, but they can be large and you may need several per dose. Also they’re pricey.
          I do the powder. I take around 9-10 grams per day and it averages out to only $1 or $2 per day. Capsules for me would be 5 to 10 x more $$$

    2. Hi Michael I think some of your post got cut off.
      I am curious if the lyrics to the songs you mentioned?

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