Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.

Average Powdered Leaf

1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces

Crushed Leaf

1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon0.9 grams
000 Capsule0.70 – 1 gram

Bali Powder

1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
000 Capsule0.75 – 1 gram

Maeng Da Powder

1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams

Green Malay Powder

1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

Extract Capsule Conversion (00 Capsules)

Click On Any Strain Below For More Information:

Extract00 Capsule DosageEquivalent Powdered Leaf
Gold Reserve Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram7-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
ISOL-8 Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-7 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Red Kali Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf

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  1. Lisa

    Just started Kratom yesterday. I have been on opiates for over 20 years. Drs are trying to wean me down even though I have RA and Ankylosing Spondilytis as well. I got Maeng Da yesterday. I packed the powder into capsules. I have been taking 3 tablets at a time. However I notice I have been having a pounding headache. Am I taking too much at one time? How many should I take and how many times a day? I have a high tolerance for pain meds but I know Kratom works differently. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. N

      I feel like headaches often accompany new opiods… I particularly remember having what felt like a slight headache and general “off feeling” when I started buprenorphine “therapy”… for quite a long time. I personally feel like it had to do with my eyes [changed or adjusting?] ability to respond to brightness of lights, and such. Could have just been a personal thing though.

      1. Lisa Peacock

        It’s not that kind of headache. It feels like my head is gonna explode. I was up all night holding my head and crying. This morning I blew my nose and it is full of blood. I’m also very nauseated. I feel horrible. Any suggestions??

        1. Derek

          Hi Lisa, headaches and nosebleeds could be side effects of dehydration. Kratom is a diuretic, which will cause some hydration loss in your body. How much water do you drink per day?

          1. Mike

            You get headaches when you come off opiates for 2 or 3 weeks happen to me everytime all day everday my guess thats orob what its from..wvstuakmy it goes away amd drink lots of water

        2. Erin

          Have you checked your blood pressure when you feel like this? Headache accompanied by a bloody nose or ringing ears is a common symptom of high BP

      2. Eevyll

        I found kratom headaches don’t occur on days when I abstain from any alcohol. … I’m new user tho so maybe just coincidence? The end of kratom days that I have even one beer result in terrible headaches. …..

    2. Lisa Peacock

      It’s not that kind of headache. It feels like my head is gonna explode. I was up all night holding my head and crying. This morning I blew my nose and it is full of blood. I’m also very nauseated. I feel horrible. Any suggestions??

      1. Eva

        Stop taking it for a couple of days!! Then, if you want to try it again (which I’m not sure I would with such scary side effects), try a MUCH SMALLER DOSAGE.

        You don’t give any indication how much each capsule you’re taking has in it. Do you know? You should not take another dose of Kratom until you know the exact dosage in grams that you are taking. And I would start with a ridiculously small dosage and work up to the dosage you need for pain relief that doesn’t give you bad side effects.

        1. Lisa

          The headache problem sent me to Urgent Care. I received a shot of Toridol and Phenagren. Immediately felt better. I’m not really sure how much is in each capsule I take. I buy the pills already filled. I have been taking 4-6 at a time. Things are much better. I did realize that I’m always thirsty which someone said it is a diuretic so that explains why. How often should these be taken in a day? I haven’t been able to find the exact level I need. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

          1. KOB

            You had a migraine.

          2. Joe

            Hello friends,

            I was dumping my family’s money into oxy for decades. I found and started experimenting with kratom about two years ago. Let me tell you this first. You will become addicted to it however it’s much easier to kick than others and it has very few side effects. Constipation and dehydration really is all. Please do not buy capsels. Usually 15 grams worth of caps is around 20 – 35$ and at a decent pipe shop or head shop a oz. or 28 Grams of powder is only 10 – 20$. One heaping teaspoon of any kind will diminish the WD symptoms to almost none for me. And would use that every 3 hours for about a month. When you first wake up the day after quitting pills, and yes you will sleep, take 2 tsps and one three hours after that. It helps with the non physical symptoms. Anyway now I prefer kratom to pills. It’s different and better. I’ve heard of people getting the nods off of it but let me tell you, kratom has a self regulation system built in, if you take too much or get too strong of stuff you’ll feel like crap for an hour. Nothing like WD but still not good. I’ve had some amazing reds that with 7 grams is amazing but 7.5 is horrible 😊Either way it’s a wonder cure for me and WILL get you through. Oh one more thing, if you have a choice for detoxing these people are right, reds or even a yellow is great but if you can only find a white or meng da, get it anyway. You’ll need just a tiny bit more to go from the get stuff done mode and into the relax and chill mode. It’s fun to experiment with all the different types and brands. GET OFF THE MAD MADE DRUGS.

        2. Jimmie

          I get headaches if the kratom is not good quality. Sometimes even a batch of my regular kratom randomly will give me a headache. It is just a bad batch. Idk what happens to it but it happens. So yeah try different kratom!

      2. Medic

        Go to er!

    3. S.H.

      You are not taking enough. To get off opiates use red vein strains and use ground powder 2 tablespoons in whatever drink you can choke it down in

      1. S.H.

        Actually reading what happened more closely. Kratom should never have those effects if it is pure unadulterated product. See a Dr.

    4. Becka

      Headaches are one of the side effects I eax about.

    5. jenn

      Hi Lisa,
      One of the reasons you could be getting headaches is due to dehydration. Both opiates and kratom dehydrate you. How much weight are in your capsules? Also.. Only speaking from my experience with taking kratom to wean off of opiates.. I had to take around 10 grams at the least every day until withdraws got better.. Since your still taking pain meds I would take around 5 grams and see how you feel from there. Kratom has helped me kick opiate addiction and manage my severe depression and anxiety.. Also I have terrible back pain and kratom has helped tremendously!

      1. McMike

        Kratom is very dehydrating. I had these symptoms until I started consuming a lot of water with kratom. I take 15 to 20 grams of Kratom a day and I drink over a hundred ounces of water a day. Otherwise the dehydration symptoms are unbearable.

      2. Layne

        I have taken kratom to stave off oxycodone withdrawal but I’m unsure as to how many days to take the kratom to avoid withdrawal altogether. I’m on day 3 of kratom 3g twice a day. How many days do I take it until I can stop the kratom as well so I’m not taking anything anymore? Please please advise!!!!

    6. Cal

      Kratom in lower doses can act as more of a stimulant than opioid. Usually 5 grams or more is recommended to pass the bbb and get that sweet sweet opi effect. I assume your caps are either .5g or 1g. It’s likely that you should be upping tour dose.

    7. Ryan

      I do not know if this will help anyone who comes here future as I imagine Lisa’s problem is long gong but one of the things I’ve noticed with kratom is if I take it on a full stomach it seems to get “stuck” and I’ll end up with one of the raging headaches where your head is pounding and you just want to sit there and hold it while trying not to cry, when this has happened I’ve gone as far as 4 hours since my last dose of kratom, realizing its only getting worse forcing myself to poke to end up having the first thing that comes up by all of the kratom. On the reverse end Kratom seems to work for me a little better if I eat right after taking a dose.

  2. keith

    I have broke my ribs several times and tried all types of pain pills, but anyone that has been through this knows they will not kill all pain. (beside killing your liver) I was turned on to kratom red vein and tried it, I was amazed at how well it worked for the pain, and also gave me energy. I am a aircraft mechanic and was able to work with 2 broken ribs, still some pain but was able to work!i will state that this stuff is a , god send and recommend it to anyone!i usually take apprx. 1 1/2 morning and same at noon, and good to go the rest of the day. ihave had no side effects,and am truly happy with results

  3. Joe Hutchisin

    Level teaspoon averages around 2.5 grams

  4. Mert Whittington

    Hello folks. I have tried the Kratom. I want to give it another chance but I am not sure what happened with me. I started getting these fluid filled blisters,not unlike chicken pox.On my face,arms and shoulders.Its like its seeping out through my skin.When the fluid disappears I get a scab formation and it has taken forever for them to heal. Now, am I allergic to it? Is this normal? I bought the extract and capsules. Tea made me sleep well but I need some pain relief which I did not get. I want to try it again but with the unsitely blisters I am almost afraid to. I have RA and I have had several back surgeries. Please comment .

    1. Kyle

      This happened to me after taking Aleve one day.. I used to take it one a week or so and then one day bam… crazy bad things like you describe all over the trunk of my body. It could’ve been many things. I don’t know if their is much scientific research done on kratom yet. But Aleve stays in your brain for about 6 months!!! That’s how long it took me to get over the sores. I just tried kratom for the first time literally 3 minutes ago so I really hope this doesn’t happened to me!!!

      1. Lori

        Yes, I have to agree! I realize this is an older post, but for anyone reading this now please know that NSAID’s can and do stay in your system for a lot longer than you might think. I’ve unfortunately had reactions to Aleve, Mobic, Ibruprofen, and all generics (and the generic versions thereof). I have Chronic pain and I’m always taking some sort of pain relief. Little did I know how harmful even the OTC stuff can be! Luckily I found a great G.I. doc who said no more NSAIDs (I finally figured it out thanks to him). I won’t lie, it’s still tempting to go for an Aleve/etc. sometimes because I have so much inflammation, but I don’t take them anymore. I got into the slump of taking way too much Tylenol/acetaminophen, but that has its (major) risks as well (not to mention it just isn’the effective for my type of pain at times), so I’m always on the lookout for safer options. It’s a daily battle, but I take omega supplements and I drink turmeric tea to try keep the inflammation at bay. It helps! I hope you’re feeling better by now. Be well!

    2. Yolanda

      Go to the doctor and get a thorough physical along with blood tests because you got to be sure that nothing bacteria OR viral OR allergic is going on.

    3. Derek

      I second the “see a doctor” comment to make sure you’re not allergic… But perhaps you could try different strains and vein colors? Maybe even try buying from a different vendor all-together?

  5. Bruve

    Gelatin caps are available at vitamin or health stores. Solaray 00 caps when packed properly hold about a gram of powder leaf.

  6. john

    hi all, a good way to help miminize tolerance is a magnesium supplement, it has NMDA antagonist effects, which are the primary opiod tolerance regulators. and strain rotation will help also.

    1. Derek

      Woah, that’s interesting! So magnesium can help reduce tolerance to kratom?

  7. John

    I take about 3-6 grams a dose 3 times a day sometimes 4. The withdrawals kind of suck when you are off of it but it is still not very bad. This is what they are. Mildly upset stomach, sneezing, sometimes aches, bad fatigue, and depression. They usually last anywhere from 2-10 days depending on the amount you use. While you are on it everything starts to seem interesting, you get mild euphoria, sometimes energy depending on the strain, and a few more effects depending on the person. I have never had it give me dizzy eyes and I have not run out of this stuff in almost 5 years. 5 years ago when I started I took 3-6 grams a day. Exact same amount as today because every time I take over 5g I first get tired, and then I feel sick around 6g but only slightly woozy. Kratom just does not have bad enough side effects to be considered anything more than a natural mild mood enhancing drug. Long term side effects are so mild chances are you will not even notice them. But for those of us who are stuck in crappy lives this stuff makes life a little easier and sometimes even enjoyable. Sorry if I am not making much sense… I sort of toked up before I got on here and just sort of trailed off. Also you can still feel kratom when you’re baked so that’s a plus.

  8. Luke

    I discovered kratom about a year ago when I was on the brink of destruction with alcohol. It has changed everything about my life, from giving me motivation and energy, to helping me sleep all the way through the night. I was taking club 13 extra strength capsules (which give me a very strong euphoric/energizing effects) I’ve recently started brewing tea as my ingestion method (much cheaper) but I can’t seem to get the same energizing/euphoric effects from the tea no matter how strong I make it or what strain I use. I’ve tried using enhanced leaf powder to make tea, even made my own kratom resin not the same effect as the club 13 capsules. Any thoughts?

    P.s. With the help of kratom And other herbal (natural) medications I have been sober for over 200 days. It is truly beautiful that nature provides us with these tools!

    1. Craig

      Good for you! Don’t stop fighting

    2. asdfasdfasdfasdf

      alot of the alkaloids in kratom are non liquid soluble so the effects from tea are diminished

      1. Paul

        Where did u get club 13 extra strength capsules from? I’d like to try some.

        1. Dr

          What is club 13?

          1. Advice

            Club 13 – a company that has been known to use RCs in their pills – I’d take a bet it wasnt the kratom that made you feel like that.

            I used to love a club 13 pill back in 09-10, was like cutting an X in half. After the RC bans started they disappeared from the shelves – like EVERYTHING club 13. I’ve slowly seen some of their products re-surfacing, but even my old favorite didnt provide the effects it had – proof to me this company was into using RCs.

            Stay away from club 13. Stay far away.

      2. Planetary Herbalist

        Vinegar is used as the menstruum for extracting alkaloids.

    3. Lisa

      So happy for you that you have found a way to an alcohol free life. God knows how hard it is to put the bottle down and to keep it down. I don’t know you but please know as life goes on and it gets easier and easier to continue on that path, remember there will absolutely be those days (bad day at work, family drama, etc.) when your want for that drink will be great and your willpower will be truly tested, know that their is a stranger in the world keeping you in her thoughts and prayers. Never stop the fight and if you do slip (hopefully your past the worst) tomorrow is a new day and its always the first day of the rest of your life.

      1. Ed

        Lisa, that is a very beautiful, inspiring, and soulful reply. I, too, I have put down the bottle for close to a year. Thank God.

        Luke, you will remain in my thoughts also.

        1. Skyzeks

          I just started reading these posts, and I must say, you guys are very consoling to each other. I admire that empathy and I also wish everyone who is suffering from alcohol or opiate abuse the best of everything. I certainly have my addictive problems, presently taking Suboxone. I just found out about Kratom and bought a bag of capsules opms 30mg total I think I wasted the first capsules I took bc of Suboxone, so I will try no Suboxone and slowly take Kratom. This site is very informative so thank you

  9. Matthew

    kratom is a miracle…between work and two small children to care for, my wife and i have no health insurance either..(,we who have been suboxone patients for years, admittedly the therapy has saved our lives in itself regarding the suboxone, we go about it honestly and are extremely serious about our recovery). however neither of us want to be on suboxone for the rest of our lives, this is merely a personal choice mind you, some folks may need to remain on subs for a loooong time, everyone is different, unfortunately our choice is financially motivated more than anything, and the kratom has worked wonders, absolute blazing wonders in helping us to titrate, lower, and even skip our doses of suboxone on occasion, and its been a beautiful thing. but like anything else in nature, this gift must be respected, and it will take you a long way in its benefits. 2-3 grams of a red vein strain in the morning allows me relief from my suboxone for up to a whole work day, (sometimes an extra gram or two during the day depending on my metabolism at any given time, for it is quite high) and roughly 4 grams in the evening….someday ill part ways with suboxone and live a truly free life thanks to this miraculous piece of nature, until then i will take it slow, slow as i can go infact and i recommend the same approach to anyone…no sense in taking things to fast and wreaking unnecessary havoc or stress upon the body.

    1. Eric

      I was on subs and methadone twice in my 35 years. I found suboxone is much easier to get off of because you can control your dose not the clinic. The first time on subs I was at 4, 8mg a day. Way too much. Tapered way to slow 2 years finally just stopped when I was down to just a chip. Felt like shit for 2 weeks still. 5 years later relapsed then went to a done clinic was at 100 mg of that for 2.5 years. Liquid handcuffs is the truth. Then went to subutex then suboxone. Just take as little as possible. Finally off again. Anyway it is possible even though it seems not. Kratom should help but be careful because it might bring your cravings for the strong stuff.

      1. Fred

        Actually, because Kratom acts primarily at the Delta receptor, its not nearly as addictive as pharma type opiates. At higher doses there is more action at the Mu receptor. Both receptors provide for pain relief, but the Mu receptor agonism is what perpetuates addiction via cravings. I never feel a strong craving for Opiates or more Kratom while taking it. Its much more matter-of-fact… i.e. ‘My pain is returning, I may need to take a bit more Kratom soon.’… Rather than, ‘holy shit!…my opiate pain med is wearing off and I can’t wait for my next dose/fix!’ A very, very different feel. This is why I feel Kratom for pain, as well as depression, is so much safer than the heavy duty Pharmaceutical pain medications. But make no mistake, there is a physical dependency issue with chronic use. Keep doses moderate, take days off ( if you can when your pain isn’t as bad), and rotate strains to keep tolerance at bay.

        Having said that, withdrawal is nothing like opiates. Its much more mild, but a taper is recommended. Expect a sweaty feeling, muscle aches ( especially in forearms and legs) , some agitation, and even occasional muscle spasms. Some people also report dyshoria and RLS. If you experience any of the more serious symptoms, you are weaning too fast. Just take a little bit of Kratom, a gram or 2, to irradicate the worst symptoms and then continue on with your taper. Bets wishes to all, and remember…with Kratom, less is more. I recommend everyone chart their use on a tablet and use a scale ( around $15) to measure dosages accurately.

        1. T

          I know this is an old post, but I just read it and you made me crack up laughing! Been depressed, so thanks for the laughs!!

    2. GC

      I have been addicted to kratom for several years. Don’t kid yourselves into thinking this is a miracle of any kind… addiction is addiction. My life was much better off before ever using kratom. Wake up.

      1. Brandon

        I’m addicted to cheeseburgers and ibuprofen….come on man. You can be addicted to anything. If people say it’s a miracle for them and can take little amounts and not feel like shit then let them call it a miracle. Just because you abused it doesn’t mean they have. People like you are making this product illegal in some states.

        1. Tom Y.

          I agree with Brandon, I felt my life was never going to be normal again after using prescription opiates for many years (all legal from back surgeries) and I wanted my old self back that I had before becoming “Opiate Zombie”. Kratom got me off opiates completely and I look forward to going into work again I’m more productive, focused and find myself actually talking to my employees when I’m at work and getting back those relationships we had before I fell into the opiate hole. I take my burn first thing in the morning and I’m good until after lunch when I’ll do a smaller burn with some OJ to finish out the workday and then when I get home I still have enough euphoria to take care of whatever it is I need to do at home, mowing or playing with my dog (he likes the old me also). Bottom line is “Kratom” has given me my life back, personally and professionally so it is a miracle because I thought I’d never be normal again but life is great!

          1. Milonius

            Wait until Kratom stops working and your dosage starts to skyrocket. Before long you’ll realize that the “miracle plant” feels dirty, just like any other opiate after awhile. Eventually you’ll cross a threshold at which the side effects will manifest, and they’re not pleasant. Bad memory problems and “dizzy eyes” are the two most common. In order to get any relief you’ll have to increase your dose to a point at which the dizzy eyes are an almost constant battle. Walking around not being able to focus your eyes all day, feeling dizzy, and forgetting things people told you 20 seconds ago are not fun. Yes, this is a plant, but the effects of taking it over a long period of time have not been studied and are not understood. It feels good and clean at first, but when the dose is raised and the side effects are felt you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

          2. Alice

            Milionius, because you have an addictive personality does not mean every one does. I take 2 capsules a day and that is all. It has been that way for 3 years. My pain is helped. It may not feel like it did in the beginning, but it still relieves my arthritis pain.
            I do not take any more than that and I have never once experienced any of the issues with eyes and memory that you report.

          3. Laura Love

            OK Tom finally someone who experienced what I am. So I’m in a huge opiate hole. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I got some maeng da and red Bali but don’t know when to start it. Or how much. I’m after the get things done and outgoing effect. I’m not into feeling down or tired unless it’s bed time. So I’m on 20 mg oxycodone 3 x a day. And always take 600 mg of ibuprofen with it or 1000 mg of Tylenol. I change them up. My OXY won’t help pain anymore because I’m going on 12 years of use due to back surgery from car accident. So I just want my life back. Can I start this 3 hours after taking 10 mg of oxycodone? I have been breaking my OXY in half weaning slowly. How much should I try being a 5ft 9in 37 yr old 170lb female?

      2. S.H.

        I am extremely happy to hear your life is better without Kratom. If Kratom use was causing negative problems in your life then discontinuing was definitely the proper call for you. As long as a substance has the possibility of altering your mood in the slightest people will abuse and become “addicted”. People sniff/huff glue, gasoline and computer cleaner, people drink purell and other hand sanitizers, people are addicted to sex, porn texting and video games.

        Kratom is a miracle plant for some. It was for me. I was a long term Norco/Vicodin addict who used Kratom alone to taper down from 15 Norcos a day to none in 4 days. I had virtually no withdrawal effects.

        I had tried subutex, suboxone, been given benzos (far worse than opiates), tranquilizers and went to rehab. None of those things worked. Kratom worked. As a committed opiate addict; if Kratom is an “opiate” I certainly never got addicted to it. I used it for 14 days. The exact same dosage, of the exact same strain for 14 straight days and stopped. I did not have a single desire to continue to use Kratom afterwards.

        Kratom, just like everything, is not for everyone and there will certainly be those who will abuse it like everything else in life. However, I can only speak for myself. If used properly and with respect this plant has the possibility of freeing the every grower number of opiate addicts out there.

        1. leelee

          i have been struggling with opiates pretty much all my life. in the end i was shooting heroin. i’m on suboxone now and want more than anything to give that up. i just took my first dose of kratom and hope and pray this works. how much kratom did you take to get off opiates in 14 days? can you tell me your exact schedule for taking kratom?

          1. KatDan

            leelee, I know exactly how you feel. I have been using opiates and 140mg. of methadone a day since 1990 (getting old). I started lowering my dose by 5mgs. a week until I got down to about 50mg. then I went 3-5mgs. about every two weeks down to 20mgs. then I just let my body tell me when to go down. It has taken about a year, but am here to tell you that Kratom works! I am DRUG FREE as of 12/31/2017. The worst is in the morning when I get up. I just used about 4-7 grams 3-4 times a day of some great Red Borneo, or Red Bali, mixed with some White Maeng Da (for energy, since you won’t have ANY!)and FLUSHED the rest of my Dones down the toilet, so the Kratom helped me to kick while at 15mgs. of Done a day, not only that but I stopped taking my Clozapam 2mg. every night at the same time!You will just have to let your body feel it out for you. I hope this helps anyone else out there, I’m a hard core addict! have been since the 80’s, this is the first time I have went more than 12-18 hours without Opiates, and I feel GREAT! 11 DAYS AND COUNTING!

          2. paul stephens

            Katdan and leelee or anyone else
            Rather than providing TMI I have aquired a few bad habits. @ 62 addicted again to oxy (8 30mg/day) from same pain mgnt doc for year. currently many sinus issues, bronchitis and latent tooth infection taking toll on my health. been down methadone road all the way to couple china white episodes thailand/laos to alot of hilltribe treks to get opium. a dangerous game… Ran out of oxy last night, took 20 mg methadone to deal with beginning withdrawl today then found some green mayley and red bali stashed here so took 10 oz mayay. its 8 month old but been in sealed packs, hope still works… any support offer will be greatly appreciated. will provide email and # then. thanks

    3. Maryann Leale

      How do you know what strain you have? And how many 500 mg caps does one take? I’m getting off of Norco but scared of unknown side effects. I found a kratom brand called Klarity. Anyone?

      1. Kay H

        I use Norco for a couple weeks, then go off it using Kratom. I have no side effects from going iff the Norco when I take the Kratom. I go back and fourth to avoid dependency. I am having surgery soon and after hope to not need need either. But in the last year it has been a lifesaver to me. I take 3 capsules of green bornea and 3 wildcraft in the a.m. A total if abour3.5 grams. Occasionally the first few days I made need an dose after lunch.
        Good luck

      2. S.H.

        You should use a red vein strain from Bali, Borneo or Thailand. Use in powdered form and mix in with a drink of your choice. There are many websites on dosing and there effects. You have to remember for coming off opiates you may need more rather than less 6-7 grams doses for sedative effects. At lower dosages 1-2 grams Kratom can act as a stimulant and that can potentially increase the anxiety detoxing from Vicodin already causes. Everyone is different.

    4. Derek

      My sister takes Suboxone. I’m trying to convince her to try kratom! So you take red vein in the morning? I’ve heard reds are more sedating and slower, and better to take at night. If you say you take them before work though, I’d be interested! Because I need energy for work. I’m taking green Maeng Da… just ordered green malay however and thinking of trying white Maeng Da.

  10. Carly Harp

    I have suffered from pain related to MS and Fibromyalgia for roughly 8 years. I discovered Kratom this past January and am absolutely amazed at how well it works. My go to strain for pain is Red Bentuangie. I take it three times per day mixed with other strains. In the morning, I mix with white Sumatra or white Maeng Da to give me a boost of energy and pain relief. In the afternoon, I mix it with Green Bali or Green Malay for a mild boost and pain relief. And at night I mix it with red Sumatra or red Bali to help me sleep. I usually take 2-4 grams per dose and each dose lasts me around 5 hours. I make capsules as my swallowing ability has been somewhat compromised because of the MS so I can’t handle the texture or taste. Capsules are easiest for me but others have found success with tea or mixing Kratom with yogurt or applesauce. It has truly been a miracle for me.

    1. Audrey Sansone

      How do you take it? Is it like 1 table spoon in your tea?

  11. Edward

    I need to know something about kratom dosage amounts in extract form. I am supposed to see a pain management specialist next month. I have seen such doctors before with little success . I heard red kratom helps pain. I tried marijuana once and it gave me a deathly ill elevated heart rate. I almost died. No shit. I am 5’10 and 155 pounds. It seems the only pain medication I can take are opiate related. They cause the least amount of bad reactions. Someone please provide me with a correct dosage amount for red kratom. Thanks.

    1. Robbin505

      I would recommend getting on methadone, which I am on, because of the minute side effects and easily controlled titration method. Now for me it’s a mix of multiple approaches on my road to titration. I use an antidepressant, anti-anxiety medication(diazepam 5mg 2x per day), etizolam 2-4mg per day.

      1. Justin

        Are you out of your mind!? NEVER recommend methadone to someone

        1. ffonzones

          Thank you. I would never tell anyone to walk into the hell I’m finally getting out of…I am off methadone almost 3 weeks… I still have not slept more than 2-3 hours even with kratom. But I also don’t know proper amounts beginning i probably took an amount that was stimulating me during sleep hours adding to the insomnia. Kratom didn’t really start changing effects until about a week after last dose of 5mg methadone. It 100% helped with the horrible shitty side effects but I’m also bought club 13 bottle from health store. Says it’s a mix of mirygna speciosa and leaf extracts. I took 6 capsules and a tablespoon of black seed oil which really changed the kratom game for me personally. I was taking black seed oil separately from kratom after finding its insane health benefits and when dosing both close together on accident I was really buzzing…enough to look up interactions of the 2 to find i found gold! I don’t know much about club 13 product other than its expensive!!!! So I need to find a reputable website.

          1. KatDan

            ffonzones, I also just got off the methadone, I slept ok if I used 7-9 grams about an hour before bed, also try using a night time sleep aid from the drugstore. I’m getting about 5-6 hours of good sleep before things wear off and up and out of bed I come! Keep on keepin’ on! NO ONE should ever have to go through the methadone HELL, Gimme a heroin kick any day! lol. Kratom works, just have to make sure you use enough. Us addicts usually over do everything, why not kratom??? I found a table with high, low tolerance and what you should probably use. It said 7-9 grams for High so F*** it, that’s where I started and it worked. Peace, and good luck, with your life’s freedom again!

            1. Rob

              How bad is methadone wd compared to buprenorphine? I have gone through bupe twice with the help of kratom and it honestly was a walk in the park as long as I took the same dosage every 4-6hrs on the dot. I came off 4mg each time too lol. Anyways I was just wondering if you knew. Thanks.

        2. graham Blundell

          Agreed 1000%

      2. Euro P. Ahne III

        Lol, wanna go ahead and take the safety off and cock the hand back before ya hand over that .22 pistol to any truely desperate opiate addict in truely horrific DT’s, there, buddy? Bc all that complete idiocity of your comment is pointing straight to that poor boy or girl who gets trapped in an endless cycle of greed, lust, possessed insanity to grapple in the stage 4 terminal cancer of the mind that is Active Addiction? Methadone only gives addicts a false sense of hope then promptly locks them into an even more fatal drug addiction which from there leads to subs and if you’re lucky enough to kick that one before it kills you, inadvertently or otherwise, you stay off subs long enough where you can shoot up whatever drug is pictured in any addicts mind, recovered recovering or active as their go to sweet spot of euphorian bliss. Someone throat punch him before or if nothing hasn’t happened yet the methadone hasn’t led to meth, crack, heroin, etc.

        1. Rob

          Are you saying bupe OR methadone will end up killing you in the long run? How so?

    2. Ryan K

      I’d say 5-8 grams if you have a slight tolerance go with 3-4 if you new to kratom. It’s best to get a mix of red and green vein in my opinion.

    3. chellyc

      Just a comment on the marijuana remark, you may think you “almost died” or whatever, but the FACT is that marijuana in any dose has NEVER in the history of marijuana, killed ANYONE! Marijuana is the safest out of any of the substances being discussed, obviously inhaling any form of smoke, even if it’s just burnt paper, is bad for you, but it’s the smoke not the marijuana, you can eat it too. I just had to clarify that, I hate seeing people that just tried it and had a bad experience say that it almost KILLED them and shit like that, it just wasn’t meant for you, that’s OK, don’t smoke it again, but save the dramatics for real drugs like crack and shit

      1. Becka

        Ask yourself where it came from and if it was around or mixed with other substances. Happens every day.

        1. Heather

          I am coming off bup and I am NOT taking Keaton right to get me to sleep OR to help with withdrawals during the day. I took way too much and it made me so shaky and dizzy ONE time so got nervous. But I obviously take too little during the day. I take like 4 capsules of green strain.
          It doesn’t help.
          What strain, kind, dosage is recommended. I am SICK of being dependent on bup. Btw….I have been on 16 mg a day for 5 years. Yes….it is a LOT. Please help.

      2. Beverly OMalley

        Marijuana did not “almost kill” me BUT it did lower my IQ by about 50 points and remove any and all motivation until I was severely depressed (diagnosed by a psychiatrist). It did absolutely nothing for pain…NOTHING! Switch to another strain led to severe allergic reaction even though I was only sucking the oil off the end of a toothpick 3 times per day. I got more stoned from the massive doses of Benadryl I had to take than I ever did from Cannabis.
        Even though I am pro-legalization of Cannabis it is NOT for everyone and for me it was NOT the panacea advocates suggested it would be. As I traveled down the road of chronic pain options were running out and I was very, very disappointed with my cannabis experience.
        Kratom does everything for me that I expected from Marijuana without any adverse psychotropic effects at all AND it does not need to be smoked so your lungs are safe.

    4. Night Shade

      Don’t get on methadone friend, I’ve been chained to it for over 4 years now & am fighting like hell to get off. I’ve been super braving it cuz I want off so bad so I’ve gone down 1mg a day from 98mg to today will be 58mg non-stop, I got kratom cuz I want to just stop the methadone cold turkey all at once from 50mg w/help from kratom but I’m not sure I can. I’m 5’2 115lb female my highest dose of methadone was 120mg. The process of getting off methadone is long, drawn out, painful, & really ugly & this is coming from someone who has been lucky with my taper. Methadone got me off heroin, but chained me to itself for years, my mom killed herself at 50 years old with her addiction to methadone + other opioid pain meds, I even was forced to stay on the methadone when I got pregnant, by the clinic & doctors & my daughter Eternity was born on methadone too, healthy & full term by the grace of God, but my newborn daughter had to be tapered off f’in methadone a few weeks after birth. They kept her on it at a small dose for a while before tapering her. Seeing this was a soul-shattering experience. I doubt the kratom will help me much, I could be very wrong, however, from me 2 u, DON’T GET ON METHADONE. No offense 2 anyone out there on methadone, believe me, I’ve been there for years & I understand, I just wanted 2 share my personal experience is all, I would be a hypocrite 2 judge. I know the people @ my clinic here in San Diego have been there many years some lifers u could say & have no intention of ever getting off, they all think I’m crazy 4 pushing myself so hard so fast 2 do it. They are right, it is awful, but I’m determined 🙂 God Bless, hope u worked it out. Anyways, I’m taking red vein kratom about 5 grams at a time due to my already high tolerance from methadone, it’s not doing the trick but I’m not giving up on it yet I’ll try a lil more then decide if it’s worth it. I get fom mmmspeciousa, the red vein is the way to go.


        I had been in methadone for 6 years for back pain from a car accident. I decided about 2 months ago that I was done taking it, so I tapered on my own from 50mg at 5mg a week or so. I took the last 5mgs i had last thursday. I was hurting but okay on Friday, but Saturday I started having withdrawls. Sunday I went down to a cigar shop and bought some Kratom just to see if it would help. I will tell you one thing, it does work. I have had no real feelings of withdrawls at all, since starting Kratom. I can take 4-5g in the afternoon, and not need to redose until the next afternoon. When I did go through withdrawls, the best way to describe them is like my muscles would just shake. Imagine having Restless Leg Syndrome but over your whole body. The Kratom helps so much more than I ever would of thought. Since getting hurt 6 years ago, I would get no more than 1 to 2 hours of sleep a night, even taking the methadone. Since I started Kratom I have slept a full 8 hours, so now I am well rested but more tired during the day, because my I am not used to actually sleeping. My plan was to only use it long enough to keep the withdrawls at bay. But I may use it sporadically after then.

        1. John Davis

          I need help getting off suboxone im down to .8mg 1 time a day. I try taking Kratom the next day to curve my withdrawls when they start to kick in and it does nothing. Does anyone know how long until I will be able to feel Kratom ??

      2. Kevbear

        Please, Please, Please Don’t Get on Methadone, It almost killed me, I was on 200mg’s a day and jumped off because I lost my job and couldnt afford it. It almost killed me. My bones felt like glass and I had a fever of 104. I almost died, I had a sezuire and had to be taken to the ER

      3. Chillin Anderson

        ….. hi there I also was on methadone Billy two days before they had overdosed me on and I am outside kids.. When I said was hi there I also was on methadone Billy today’s before they had overdosed me on that shit and I am at I in my size kids without a mother.. When I got see mergency room the first thing the doctor said was my name and asked why was I trying to hurt myself and I remember thinking thank God my way from with all to the side say if she wasn’t trying to hurt a cell she was trying to help his help if then does a get enough opiates that what the sky for her but I hope is in and then she got a dictator one and now you’re blaming have for this I use f****** crazy but luckily he was a little more children that happen then how I’m explaining it but still the guy was really am asshole at the emergency room and then I had another doctor within 20 power with on the ICU came out instead to me what the hell did you do DSL and I yell to a nervous which I’m not long we like that to tell that and dark that to get the hell out of my room after its I asked to do it. If he had jerk to begin with and cheese with Brittany yes he is a jerk so good to show you these people that I still call perfection late range in even be in the world up having a license to practice rehabilitation for people now in my suboxin and I want the hell off alone sex costing me and I’m in away Beechmont and I’m on quote my don’t see any of the high this getting me so that they talk about and I’m having awful dad Pete paying I only some cough the say but only have a few left that need to come out very badly and I was hoping to do that soon but I don’t want to be in pain cuz I would be nervous when I had a c-section it and I was on Sunday a a text.. And I didn’t get no we leave from Lafayette 2 hours before it it would even some up kicked in nobody won me about that kind of pain I didn’t even think I can look do that and that was 5 and a half to use ago with my 6 baby any Hill I’m also going to a change of wanting peoples understand that they had now taking away children from Dr addiction dependency behavior parents and I hate that’s unfair and I’m trying to get the word out there that this is what it’s going on with me right now… And also a article on about Senator Nancy Schaefer … my intentions is not to scare people but to make people more aware of what’s happening out there.. And what they are doing to keep children from being with their real families in the ones that still want to care for Them..thatIstilllove them if you read it out of coal about sent it to Nancy Schaefer that to ask you about what they are doing to keep children from being with it parents who really still love them and care for them in a family that still want some and I have quite a bit of time quotes on people that I had some cases I don’t take other people’s stories unless they really have an impact of getting will betta.. I try to stay away from those ones without a positive outcome because to me the whole Rehabilitation is to help positive .. so don’t get offended if you don’t sad stories I had to me… I just want the Story 2 be well on the positive side of Rehabilitatio.. please look me up on Facebook at Julie Anderson and you’ll find me on the and I have quite a bit of stories I’m a lot about Rehabilitation on medication.. Help Quotes DHS Child Protective Services .. positive stories on people that I had uphill battle with problems but found a way to help themselves and their families..I don’t quite take other people stories unless they really haven’t impact of getting better I try to stay away from real – negative ones.. I want ones to fill out a positive outcome because to me a spin on the whole rehabilitation is to help positive lesson this so don’t get offended if you don’t see all sad stories with no happy and then I had too many of those already… I’m trying to concentrate on the good I’m getting older myself .. I need to come out with us positive spin even if its not a hundred percent… Thank you JGA

        1. Sarah

          What the F**** was this??? I hope you not high anymore!!! Stick to kratom

      4. kylie

        i truly hope you and your baby girl are doing well.

        1. KMarie

          Hi! I’m tapering off Suboxone from 16mg a day to .50mg, I feel like hell. I have kratom, the capsules (red Bali) and I told 6 and I felt worse. Any suggestions? 5’1” 105lbs. Thank you!

      5. Marc

        Hi there I was on 120 methadone my self I wanna just share my experience. I went off 120 mg cold turkey after 4 years now I already researched kratom amd I got red Bali amd green maemg dai from a very good source. I waited till about the 2nd morning and started the green at around 5 grams. At night I took the red at 7 grams
        And also I found to be important is what I call comfort meds. A sleeping med/maybe a benzo/possibly a stimulant for energy amd clonodine I can say for sure that half hour after my dose I was relieved from methadone and withdrawal 100 percent. Note. It’s very important to get comfort meds Amy safe ones u can get or not. Clonidine especially eliminates a lot of the withdrawal and also loperamide. But I can say GOOD sourced kratom took away most of my withdrawal from 120 mg methadone

  12. Matt T

    Just had my first Kratom experience. I took about 2.5 teaspoons of Mojo Bali. Idk how it compares to others, but I’m waiting another shoulder surgery and referred to pain management, so I’m stuck in between, and ran out of my prescription Norco last night. I was starting to feel like total hell, and in a short time, I feel great. The withdrawals are gone, my pain is under control, and I feel great mood wise. Any suggestions on dosing are more than welcome. I don’t have a scale. I have some Maeng Da to take during the day for work. Could use the advice.

    1. Johanna G

      Maeng Da is my personal favorite. I stopped opiates almost 2 years ago & haven’t looked back. I generally take 1/2 tbsp every 4-6 hours to manage pain and balance every day stress. Somewhat euphoric, MD gives you lots of energy and great pain relief. Note: white & green strains are more stimulating/energetic vs red/brown can be more relaxing. The more you take, the more sedative it can be. Good luck! 🙂

    2. Dina

      I just bought manga da capsules to help me get off of suboxone . Do you know how many I need to take to feel normal? Not high or anything , just to be able to do stuff around the house , not hate life , and feel like shit lol..???

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