Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.


Average Powdered Leaf
1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Bali Powder
1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
Maeng Da Powder
1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Green Malay Powder
1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

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  1. I need help figuring this out! I have been using fentanyl for about a year now.. I am 31 and want to be sober! I am ready. Someone told me about Kratom and gave me different types to try to roll me. I don’t know how to start and how much to use and how it works I have powder. (White warrior, red md, white malda and green push) someone please give me advice.. also some names might not be correct because he has bad handwriting

    1. I’m with you. Have you gotten any good advice. I’m ready to start and get off the fentanyl but not sure which strain or how much to take and also if I can take it within hours of my last opioid dose. So scared of the withdrawals I’ve experienced before. Any help would be awesome.

      1. Congratulations on making the choice to try and get off fentanyl. I am by no means a doctor, but personally the red strains of kratom (Bali, Thai etc) seem to have the most pain relieving and sedative effects. The white hits me more like caffeine and the green is about in the middle. I used the red Thai to combat my alcohol withdrawal and it squashed cravings and helped with my anxiety/night sweats. I don’t have any experience with opiate withdrawal. I got my Kratom from KratomSpot and had it 2 days after ordering. Hope any of this helps. Good luck!

      2. Do kratom I’ve got off Suboxone last year with it take at least a tablespoon of it jus becareful to not over do it, It got me off Suboxone and don’t have craving ethier, it will definitely help with withdrawls.

  2. Everyone seems to respond to these comments and very recently and I need help. I was on day 8 of Subutex withdrawal and unfortunately it was so bad that I took maybe 1 milligram of Subutex. Now what do I do? Are my withdrawals going to start all over again?! Can I taper from 1 mg to nothing in a short period of time now?! I just want to be over this and be a normal human being. Someone please help me!

    1. I was a fentanyl user for years and I tapered down off subs in 10 days. I was sick for a few days after but nothing I couldn’t handle. Cold turkey is hard. U shouldn’t have withdrawal start all over. I’ll be praying for you.

    2. Start breaking your subs into halves and then quarters. That’s how I did it. Then I started using kratum and didn’t have any serious withdrawals at all.

    3. Its gonna come back and could last as long as a month.. I taoered down to an 8th of a strip a day and still withdrawal is horrible…using kratom now to help with it but its still bad at first

      1. I don’t care what anybody says if you’re coming off Suboxone I don’t care how little of a piece you’re going with draw like hell. I don’t care if you got down to a 16th of a peace you’re still going to withdraw like hell

        1. Your 100% correct! I’ve been on suboxone for years and I’m down to an eighth of a piece. So I did dope (fentanyl) for 2 moths straight no suboxone in the 2 months. The last 2 week’s I did suboxone down to the eighth of a piece. Its going on my 3rd day with absolutely nothing and I’m still sick. 1st day wasn’t bad but 2nd and now 3rd day and I’m aching in my bones cold hot sweating. Its not as bad as cold turkey off dope definitely but it still sucks! I’m thinking of purchasing some kratom cause who the hell knows how long this withdrawal can last?!? A month?? 2 months?? I can’t stay sick that long! Yo would think being on such a low dose it would be easier.

      2. And I quit for two years and I still crave it every day and thought about it every day. Best not to even just start Suboxone or Subutex. They take way longer than any other opiate to withdraw from. Oh and let’s not forget methadone,

  3. I currently am on 115 mg of methadone and my gf is on 45 mg we took meng da yesterday and it put us in total withdrawal like we both felt like we were dieing from withdrawl is there a reason why? Can you not take kratom with methadone?

    1. I was on 120mg of methadone for years. You have to start dropping 10mg a week. You shouldn’t start feeling ill until your down at 50. I then waited until I was in withdrawal for over 24 hrs and then began suboxone. I then decreased the subs by half and then quarters and then began kratum. To jump of methadone at 115 isn’t recommended at all. I escaped the wrath of withdrawal this way and I was a hard core IV heroin addict in NYC for decades.

      1. I know this is old but sending good vibes and Hope you’re still doin good and hanging in there!

  4. Hello. First, a few disturbing things I’ve read. Opiate withdrawl can kill you!! I kicked 180mg methadone, and 20 years of benzos. In jail. It can kill you!!!! I lived through that. I’m about to try to stop 16mg of subutex. What’s the best krantom for withdrawl from opiates??? Thank you.
    I have a lot of experience with benzodiazepines, opiate use, methadone, subutex. If you have any questions I’ll try to help.

    1. I used Bali and Maeng Da for w/ds at starting at 7g first day, every day after I used 5-6g doses every 4-5 hours and then down to every 8 hours after a few days. Now just 5gs when I wake up. I just found a taper recipe on Reddit and followed that

      1. Ryan I have been taking Kratom daily for exactly 2 yrs now and I’m 38yrs old. I was previously addicted to pain pills and that was for 11 yrs up until August of 2017. Now also I was a heavy hitter and I had taken just methadone for the last 5 yrs of my addiction witch between going to the clinics And my plugs I was taking 200 mg A day some days I can remember taking 290 mugs and I couldn’t even think about any type of work. Getting up out of bed socializing etc without it. I can’t stress how bad I hurt when out etc. I’m a millwright and I’ve worked hard and out in the weather etc most of my entire life and I’m about 5ft 11 and was about 260lbs when I stopped. Now I want you to understand that’ theirs only 1 of you in the world and you know like your girlfriend knows what you ger out of the pills. HighEuphoric,Socialism,Work,happier,and of course pain relief. Now for me I was introduced to the Kratom by another former addict just in conversation one day and I had done lost my entire life, family, great jobs, friends, material things, credit, freedom,self pride, I mean no care at this point. Knowing I had Overdosed twice in the past 2 months I had to research it and man I was in a ride brother I had no idea of. I mean that I’m from a smaller town that didn’t have it hardly at all and nobody around knew what I was searching for and so I started researching all I could and to be honest with you their was a few times I only continued to do it instead of relapsing because I was legal and I could work and I could carry it on me and I didn’t have the withdrawals half as bad and I could also generally go to any city for work and pick it up in a local smoke shop etc. okay so now what you have had happen to me sounds like your body is screaming like a baby for that methadone and also your body’s like what in the hell is this shit you just put in me, I’ve read several times that people may get headaches real bad and nausea etc when they first start taking it because their body’s trying to adjust and does soon but for me I didn’t have any of those things happen. So fast forward to today currremtly I have 200% guarantee in that if you are taking methadone and 130mg a day your definitely going the right way and it’s 70% easier to walk away and not want them not think about them dream about them etc. I was on suboxone and subotec Xanax also and nothing phased my craving until the Kratom. I would Highly and this is my lots of purchasing and 2 yrs of taking it, that would recommend Green maengda when you get up or back up green Maley that’s something your in 15 mins of taking can be getting shoes on brushing teeth talking etc feeling normal and if your late rushed etc for something after you’ve taken Kratom only for maybe 1 to 2 months you’r body’s gonna be so much more back to normal that you can go a day if you had no choice and not miss work or if it’s a couple hours after you got up your gonna be okay though, now I personally take Kratom 2 times a day but I’ve got several friends I’ve introduced to that may fake it 4 times a day but the difference is a serving may be 2 to 8 grms if if it’s a crushed leaf Kratom but I take powder it’s the freshest I can get and it’s the strongest feel good and energetic Kratom offered because it’s dried the shortest amount of time and so I will take a huge serving of 10 grms personally in the morning but that’s it for the next 12 hrs atleast and my friends may take 3 grms 3 times throughout that 12 hrs so everyone is different now also the green maengda is a powder so a serving of powder green maengda is probably 7 grms normally any way compared to maybe 3 grms of it crushed leaf so know wht your buying . I personally now buy in kilos and I have about 4 streins I like so I have several pounds of it all together witch if it’s took a lot it’s a lot cheaper and it’s definitely fresher that way 95% of the time. Now if your trying to just get pain relief and feel the euphoria and your not caring about anything else right now then you need The Classic well known Red Bali for certain its the strongest pain reliever & best feeling in the world the longer you take it and nor methadone the more it’s gonna continue to feel more and more completely opposite of pain. I take that as my 2nd dosage in the evenings after the shower etc and the entire evening is great and I have an appetite but I don’t over eat like I did with methadone or etc I was a consistent weight until I started pain meds and definitely after I went from Roxie’s to methadone it increased from 175 to 289 now I’m 180 again and I honesty never ever even think about a pill or if I’m around any I could have 2000$ in my pocket and I want even consist buying one etc. it’s saved my life I’m certain of it. Now I’m sure theirs all kinds of opinions and whatever but maybe you both can have the best success and you both have your life that’s yours back and remember that’s a leaf off a tree it’s not made in a lab or some pharmaceutical company. The chemicals aren’t their to control those receptors as strongly. I hope this way over lengthen comment is helpful to y’all and anybody else that it can. God bless y’all and keep ya head up it’s not easy but your not alone and together we stand my friend. Take care from Ga David W.

        1. Thanks for your words and Gid bless!

    2. The benzo withdrawl will kill you. You will not die from opiate withdrawl. The only substamces that yoi can die from the withdrawl are alcohol and benzos.

      1. You can die from opiate withdrawls. Have you ever heard of this thing called heroin? People die from withdrawls all the time from opiates.


        2. No you cannot die from opiate withdrawal if it is a poppy derivative(morphine, herion, codeine, oxy).The only opioid withdrawal that can possibly be fatal is from synthetic opioids(fentanyl, methadone, tramadol, demerol, etc.) The reason synthetics can be fatal during withdrawal is due to the fact they are also ssri’s and can cause fatal seziures. Opium poppy based opiates do not have this action as they only act on the regular opioid receptors and will not cause death during withdrawal.

      2. WRONG!! HOLY shit are you high??? Do NOT tell people this it’s absolutely untrue!!! Shame.on you

        1. The most likely way for opioid withdrawal to be lethal is aspiration of vomitus. Alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal can kill by overly abrupt and prolonged down-regulation of the GABA chloride channel, resulting in possibilities of delirium tremens, petit and grand mal seizures, and in some instances death. A person who is attempting to discontinue severe over-habituation to alcohol and or benzodiazepines should not do so abruptly, and few such habituated persons have the necessary self-discipline to taper off on theit own, and few individuals have the vigilance capacity or the knowledge and ability to continually monitor the person withdrawing, and to recognize when to administer what. In addition, alcohol withdrawal is almost invariably accompanied by severe dehydration, the most direct means of addressing which is administration of ‘normal saline’ (.9% salt, i.e. 9 mg/gm NaCl) water, the reactions to which themselves must be monitored. It is not safe to attempt outside a clinical setting staffed round the clock by alert and competent medical professionals, and even in such a setting it’s more dangerous than opioid withdrawal.

        2. Opioid withdrawal cannot kill you . That is Fact you might Fucking wish you were dead “but no friend you are mistaken As said previously only synthetic forms of H will or could withdrawal become fatal. Aswell for Alcohol and any Benzos . Fentynal is not the same as heroin and I assume ur probably or were a fent user which withdrawal from fent can be deadly and best not trying to kickit cold turkey . I’m interested in the Kratom for tapering off Fent what kind would work best and can it really work for the withdrawal like insomnia sickness restlessness etc and does it make you feel euphoric ? Any help would be great thanks

    3. I just kicked suboxone myself . Literally just did. Still haven’t made it out the storm yet a month and half later … took subs 4 +years recreationally and then 6 years prescribed by a doctor so about 10 years most the time 2-8/2mg strips a day.. 16mgs a day average for a decade .. I thought I was battling satan himself
      For the first 2-3weeks … indescribable pain :/ sry man.. but kratom. Yea brother if not for the kratom it would have been too much to bear . The RED and GOLD strains first will do best to get through the worst part .. then I have switched to a white or green and for help with lack of energy now as they are more energetic and the red /gold being sedative and stronger … thing is for me. And guessing for you from the sound of your history I’m a big dude and have built a hell of a tolerance through my many wise decisions, so you have to take a lot .. 10-20 capsules was average for me . But good luck man. Definitely get the kratom. It isn’t some “superfood fad” like all the other herbal shit. It works !

    4. Hi my name is tj I took opioids for 3 years I took 18 10s of hydro codeine daily I tryed to get off them for weeks tryed every trick in the book and nothing and I mean nothing helped me so I started Kratom I went threw 3 different kinds until I found one white tie let me tell you I dropped opioids in a day I take 15 capsules every 4 hours and it’s like I feel so much better the only prob I have is when I go to bed at night it’s hard for me to wake up in the morning but I swear on this stuff IT WORKS I didn’t have any withdrawals and I’m 101 days clean today I can piss in any drug test their is and it will be clean

    5. That’s wrong. Opiate withdrawal cannot kill you. I went to jail numerous times with large dose opiate/ heroin/ methadone addictions. Most jails give you NOTHING and leave you to cold turkey. Benzo withdrawal can kill you but not opiates. In jail they have to give you your benzos if your prescribed them. If not they’ll give you a valium or atavan detox for a few days to prevent seizures. Not so with opiates. Believe me when I tell you. I kicked cold enough times to know. You feel like your going to die but you won’t.

    6. I have withdrawn from methadone which is horrible,but trying to get off Benzodiazepines is really scary ,as of now I’m down or should I say back to 1mg a day.Do you have any suggestions for the safest and best way to completely stop the Xanax.

    7. Jason, I’m at 50 mg of methadone. I’ve been on it 13 years and was once upon a time up to 111 mg but not in a very long time. Been steady at 50 for couple years. I’m going to jump off of 50 with kratom. I also got some klonipin, gabapentin, chamomile tea, multivitamin, vitamin C , magnesium, Imodium AD and plenty of bottled water to help with the w/d. I’m getting my house cleaned and laundry all caught up so I can lay around comfortably. . . as comfortable as possible anyway. I’m about to go buy my kratom now. Someone please tell me this can be done….that it’s not a bad idea. Also I don’t know how much kratom to start dosing with after 50 mg of methsteadone. I have 3 more days at clinic. Should I go ahead and start kratom or wait until I’m feeling the w/d from methadone, like 24+ hrs after last methadone dose?

  5. How strong are 30 capsules in the complete kratom package (pure maeng da kratom)? It says to take 5 but I want to know how much I’m taking

    1. This is still Nicole my husband’s bag has the milligrams wrote on his mind is a different brand n doesn’t have the milligrams on it. Can someone please help me out.

      1. Ok you’ve 95% got regular caps like I mentioned yesterday witch are half a gram and even if they are 1 g your still going to be ok as long as your not taking 20 or so at a time. But I know that’s not good enough to guess if you have any local smoke shops, Vape shops you can just go in their and look at some other brands they have and see what their packages say and comparing yours to it. Or buy a 10$ cheap scale from their and weigh one out and plus if you’r going to try and continue on with this I promise you that you will use some scales a lot I’ve actually buy purchasing scales and weighing out my dosages I have in turn not even planning on it,I’ve cut way back. I would get 2 tablespoons and take it and of course it’s not gonna be nothing close to correct because my table spoon may have been 2 grams heavier etc inturn costing more taking more etc. I hope you don’t worry so much about it because it’s a serious thing to know for your health but you can easily find out. I know if you want to email me I may can help you more contacting me directly as theirs other options you can do if needed from home also. Good luck and I hope you and your husband all the best

      2. On the average, 2 caps are 1mg. To be sure just dump them into a tea spoon which is about 1mg

      3. I mean 1 teaspoon is 1 gram or 2 caps

    2. Each capsule usually has about .5 to .6 of powder inside it depends on the person that is filling them and how tight they pack them. Start with 5 that should be around 2 and a half pushing 3 grams for your first time then gradually go up till you find what is called your sweet spot. I’ve been taking different types of kratom for 3 years or more now and the one thing I learned is that if you go over your limit by even a gram you WILL be sick as shit when you feel dizzy or like you wanna throw up get a drink and lay down usually I will lay down or sit for the first hour to let it take effect and I dont get sick hope this helps yall out

    3. A capsule is usually 1 gram each.

      1. No..

        A capusle is a HALF gram. maybe a tiny less or more but definitely not a gram. Like .4-.6 of a gram

    4. Nicole it’s all according to what size it’ is. Most Kratom capsules in any state or online are about the same and if it looks like a normal size capsule it’s probably .5grms or half gram caps. Their is like 1g capsules for Kratom but their defiantly noticeable bigger than norm. You could also if you’r like at home wanting to find out what you’ve already got you could take one apart and weigh the Kratom on some scales if u have any or if you can’t do that look through your meds maybe some antibiotics etc and find a capsule the Sam’s size and then google what size that particular antibiotic is possibly. And for the dosage I take only powder because I don’t like taking so many capsules and having to put my body through all of that work breaking them down also they don’t effect you near as quick or never as hard. I’d say 15 mins with green Maengda for morning feel good and get going etc and if needed 2 or so more times through out the day but in the evening I’d take red Bali to feel the best of all but not so Much moving Around and I know those packages say 4 or 5 but I’ve taken 30 to 40 2 times a day for months sometimes but like I said if was all learning curves and I buy kilos online or call and order and it’s so cheap and will save you so much money and stress of running back and forth I mama you can easily spend 25$ on 60 ct capsules and it may get 1 to 2 ounces in that package of 60 for 110$ & I’ve seen several times just this week 90$ a kilo 2.2 lbs 35 ounces. So a huge difference in price. Imagine when I took 30 at a time twice a day that’s 25$ a day in capsules now I don’t take near that any more but if I did I mean 100$ A kilo 35 ounces that would last me 35 days alreast huge difference. Your size and tolerance and length you’ve been taking Kratom and if your coming off of something and how long that’s been. etc that all effects it. If you haven’t yet I would recommend at most fresh new day haven’t taken anything in 12 hrs + I’d try 6 no more than 10 and you may go up In time or down. I’ve had girlfriends that took it and would enjoy it at the 6 dosage. I was taking 10 a day immediately when I discovered Kratom and up to 20 a day maybe a month later but I’ve in 2 yrs of taking if don’t have no really need of anything but I take some daily and it’s not gotta have thing just helps and I like it so. Hope the best for you and maybe this will help somehow.

  6. I am trying to get off pain meds but my tolerance and pain is so bad. Kratom helps with the withdrawal symptoms But I’m getting no relief with pain. I’m taking red Bali and I’m up to like 10-12 grams at a time and nothing. Anyone know the highest amount you can take without getting sick?

    1. Red Bali are similar to relief effects of Xanax. I would suggest Maeng Da for pain med relief it is very similar and helps alot

      1. Does that include all benzos?

    2. Try different brands and different strains. Everyone is so different that u just don’t know till u try. Maybe the brand your using isn’t a good brand?

    3. Take 1 and a half tablespoons of white vein maeng da kratom should do the trick for pain tha bali is mainly for sleeping

    4. If you try Kratom your hair will start thinning!!!

      1. Are you taking white or red Kratom?
        I all ready lost a lot of hair from the Prednisone I use to take?
        Thank you to Renee or anyone who knows about hair loss with Kratom.

        1. Long term use of Kratom can cause some people hair loss. Just trying Kratom does not cause hair loss. It depends on the person, the amount of Kratom used, and length of using Kratom that determines if someone will experience hair loss.

      2. Don’t spread BS here please. That’s completely ridiculous, untrue and you’re trolling. Please stop.

        1. I have to speak up here. If anyone is saying that Kratom is anything like a benzo they are telling you bad info.

  7. I am withdrawing off Benzo’s and have been sick with side effects for a few years. I have PTSD, depression, anxiety… etc. I don’t know anything about Kraton but at this point I’m willing to try anything to feel better. I’ve lost my job, my motivation to go life, lost the light in my eyes. Please help.

    1. Red Bali kratom will help
      If you are withdrawing bad take at least one table spoon of Red Bali powder..or a tablespoon and a ounce will costbusually around 15$ will take the edge off severly

    2. stay strong, stick to red strains like Bali, Red Horn, Borneo, and Bentanguie…these are the most relaxing; green Malay is good too…avoid whites! this may be too stimulating and cause anxiety; mix about 3-5 grams with OJ or choc milk & chug, otherwise it will taste very bitter & nasty. rotate the strains you take throughout the day for best effect and tolerance avoidance. I know a lot about this stuff & researched it for over a year before trying it…so glad I did! great for my fibromyalgia pain & anxiety. I majored in organic chemistry in university & understand the science behind this wonder plant very well. feel free to contact me via

      1. I have capsules 750 mg how many a day should I be taking for pain relief ? Thank you

        1. I take 12 to 15 every three to five hours as needed

      2. You say it has done wonders for your fibro. I, too, have fibro and would like some relief from the pain. I’m currently taking hydromorphone but would prefer not to have to resort to opioids. I have ordered some what they call relief blend which is a blend of red Borneo, red Bali and gold Bali. I also ordered some red Bali by itself and some white Hulu to try. Along with fibro I also suffer from AHD and sleep apnea so I’m usually quite dozie during the day hence the white to try. I just don’t know where to start for dosages. What do you suggest?

      3. I thought and read that all white veins where for energy and mood Not for pain.. everything i have read is Red veins are for pain relief? do you use a measuring spoon? i have been takin 1 level measuring spoon 3 x a day… using about 6 hours.. It helps but Iam still in some pain… I thought i was probably takin more than most do… another thing has happened I had a routing check with labs last week and they said every looked good… but my Magnesium levels were high… and refereed me to my primary care doctor to follow up… takin kratom is the only thing that has changed since my last labs 6 months ago… anyone have any labs abnormal ?

    3. Red vein or red Maeng da is best for withdrawal.
      6 capsules at a time, every 4-5 hours, depending on your own body.

      1. Well damn I took 4 4 and 1/2 hrs ago guess it’s time for more?

    4. Best strain for anxiety and withdrawals I’ve found to be Red. Either Maeng da or simply Red Vein. @4grams per dose which is roughly a heaping teaspoon of powder or 6-7 capsules.

    5. How’re you doing? Did you taper down your dose before stopping?

    6. Sounds more like you’re coming off opiates. Benzos don’t have anywhere NEAR that long of a withdrawals whereas opiates/opioids can have symptoms months and even a year later depending on the dosage and drug you were on. Like methadone for instance. 150mg a day can have symptoms over a year later still hence the VERY VERY slow taper needed. I was on 80mg/day for a year and the taper was a year and a half at 5mg drop once a month or so…something like that. Benzos can easily be tapered down over a few months easily even if on like 2mb Xanax 3 times a day (which is WAY over prescribed if you’re on that much) if your doctor gives you 2mgx3 a day for instance you are not on the drug you actually need and him/her….

  8. In Asia, people have used kratom in small amounts to reduce fatigue or treat opium addiction. In other parts of the world, people take kratom to ease withdrawal, feel more energetic, relieve pain, or reduce anxiety or depression

    1. I am needing something for withdraws and energy. What type of kratom is best for this?

  9. I’ve read through all these posts trying to find how many Kratom pills I should take for a first time using this. And it brought me to tears. I am so sorry, that so many young ones are going through opiate addiction. I love you all. Please please please take care of yourselves. People love you and you have a purpose in this World. I love you all.

    1. I’ve been clean from heroin for seven years. With that being said I have been taking a steady diet of Suboxone the entire time. There’s not much I can say bad about suboxone. I took it the first day and felt better within a half hour. I’ve never taken too many or too much it’s never gotten me high. Although a strong cup of coffee where’s my first trip in the morning and there’s a definite energy boost that’s for sure. I decided enough was enough once I started hearing about kratom, definitely got interested. You’re right it is very very sad all the young people going through addiction. Alot has changed in the last 7 years. I FELT IN MY HEART TO SPEAK OUT! For those of you that think there is not life on the other side believe me 100% there is! I live an amazing life a normal life! Night and day difference between where I lived seven years ago. People don’t believe me when I tell them my story. Life is waiting on you!! Trust me!! For all of you that see this and think you cant be somebody!?!?! You are 100% wrong you can Be!! I hope this message gets to someone it can help!!

      1. Amen to that 3 years clean kratom got me off suboxone now im free

        1. Ditto

        2. Im trying to get off Buprenorphine. I developed an allergy to the strips. I just got Kratom for the first time today. The white and the Red Bali. Should i wait until Im withdrawing from the Bupe to start the Kratom?

          1. Yes

        3. How was the transition from subs to kraton that’s what I want to do thanks!

      2. Sorry brother but wait until you attempt to get off the subs :/. No less than a Month of misery and like 2 months to get out of the hole of depression you feel your in. Definitely start the switch over to kratom as soon you can brother. I was in the ER 3 times the first 10 days along with 2 different clinics . If not for this plant . Who knows . I can tough anything for a few days , week even but after the 3 week I didn’t think I could Fight the shit anymore . Very hopeless and painful. GL man

      3. Thank you for your words; certain p n ople need to know this!

    2. Wooowww.
      These are beautiful words and it’s so wonderful to know there are kind caring loving compassionate people like you in our world.
      Thank you so very very much ♥️☮️

    3. ♥️

    4. Just wanted to say thank you for the love. i struggled with heroin addiction for 6 years. It was by the glory and grace of God i was freed from my addiction 8 years now. To those of you still struggling there is hope. If i can do it i promise you can too! Give your life to Christ and ask him to save you!

      1. After reading these posts i felt the need to share more for anyone still struggling without hope. I got clean in prison in 2012. First thing i can say is i new i was done. I had at that point been to detox 52 times multiple holding facilities (waiting for a halfway house in Massachusetts) 6 sober houses and could never get more than six months. I was completely unpredictable. Bad day get high. Good day get high. Not sure get high. Ill never forget the first time i went to get high and didnt want to. I was on the train with a friend from my current halfway house and he said “ do you really want to do this” and i looked at him an said “ No but it is to late we are already going” i knew my mind was made up and nothing would stop me. I got out of prison and moved to Florida. Not saying geography was the answer. It may have helped but i know i would have stayed clean in boston. I was truly done. Here is what i did. I got very involved in the program. ( i have to be honest i don’t go anymore i got saved in 2015 and now Jesus is my program.) but for the first 3 years i was all in. They say 90 and 90 i did 240 and 90. If i thought i should do something that would help i did it. If i even questioned something for a second like should i do this? I didnt do it. I became a personal trainer which i still am. I shared at meetings. I chaired meetings. I started reading self help books. If i was hanging out with people that would glorify using you know always telling war stories or talking Negative all the time or derogatory about women (stayed away from women for over a year)I called them out and if they kept doing it i had to stop hanging out with them. Some people would even talk shit and tell me I thought i was better than them. Not true i just could go back to that life and after 6 years in and out of recovery i was not willing to go down that road and i knew where it started. I never had luck finding good sponsors but, i had mentors in business and life. I sought out and hung out with successful people. I love the saying small minds talk about other people average minds talk about events and great minds talk about ideas. I started to learn what a powerful impact things had on my subconscious. I fell in love with the fitness and wellness industry and would constantly research and study. Finding something you love doing can be so powerful. I had goals plans dreams. Please, dont get it twisted the first year was not easy. I fought tooth and nail for the life i wanted. It was worth it. Never waking up dope sick again. There is hope. You can do this. YOU are worth it. God has a plan for you. And tho i may not know you I believe in you. Thank you dawn you inspired me. I have a bad back and i take kratom 4-10 grams a day. I would suggest people be careful tho. I could see how this could lead to a relapse and i had 5 years before i even tried it ( yes i think time matters) also, i could see how it might help someone like myself when i was in the grips. Kratom prob wont completely relieve withdrawal but it will help. Stay strong and just remember there is life out here if you choose it. I do believe it is a choice. If anyone actually reads this and wants someone who totally gets it down load the bigo app my handle is G.E.T.S or email me [email protected] i will be more than happy to talk. Also i am starting a youtube channel called Gods Kitchen. There is nothing on there yet but i am going to start getting off the ground soon. Isaiah 61:1-4. Love from a fellow addict ~Sways

        1. I enjoyed reading your post.

        2. Your story truly inspired me! Thank you so much for sharing. Much love

  10. Pain is pain and even I w 38 years sober am not a masochist- can’t find proper dosing chart but as usual will have to figure it out myself and will either find solution or not. I am sad that so many have gotten involved w heroin – my generation did LSD – and I had some home grown blue grass from KY. Never liked to go from zero to 100. Lived in LA and made movies which when cocaine was everywhere. But got sober at 23. Regardless of what one uses as detox the issue is that maturity is synonymous w recovery. One must change friends, add that which is enjoyable before taking away what one uses to quell negative feelings. It isn’t easy to keep one’s self from using something to function in American culture of addiction to money, food, shopping, etc. I used the buddy system to begin with. Got buddy to get thru beginning weeks and months. I certainly have tools which are really skill sets to be learned in order to take power back in one’s own life. Yes I went to AA 2x/day for years – giver or take a day here or there. Finding out what gives u inspiration is a skill too. Finding out who one actually is makes all the difference. How to do that when young-ish? Find buddy to get thru it with who makes u laugh. No one can ever find someone who looks as sensitive and afraid or insecure and we feel. The entire human race is terrified – it’s more acceptable to be addicted to dough or shopping or accumulating stuff – but it’s just as sick. The only way to get the monkey off ur back is to act ur way into right thinking. Can’t think way into right action. I am glad I am not facing the constant disinformation given to the population at 30 years old. It appear to be a tall order to dismiss the constant distraction. I think many need dogs or service dogs because unconditional love is not easy to find. The dog will help as long as it knows it’s job is to look out for u. I was lucky to find sobriety (which is not just to stop using) early and I was willing to do whatever I was told to do. Never did heroin so I can’t speak to it but have friends who did. Have a friend who was on heroin and was stabbed 32 times by serial killer but she lived. Knowing why we feel bad doesn’t make us feel good – it’s just data – I know what upsets me, makes me mad, sad or enraged. What is more important is to find out what goadens u, what is it that resonates w u and focus on that – yet another skill. Buddy system helps with most important problem – morbid preoccupation with self. Find funny AA meetings – funny movies, funny pets. I used to work for Al Gore and I no longer watch the news. I have power over what I allow into my reality. That’s about it but that is huge. I have not gone thru 4 decades unscathed- lost kids, mother sued me for Dad’s insurance, just to name a few. It can be done that one’s own company is enjoyable. What I focus on gets bigger. Was in car accident which did something to hip. Pain every day. Pain clinics and DEA are in bed with food and big pharma. I am gonna try to use this Kratom today and remind myself that what I wrote, I need to remember. Using is untenable and not using is also untenable without the change in perception. I felt like I was my true self after 2 dirty martinis- what would I do today if there was no such thing as fear? I hope this is useful to someone who could get thru reading it. It was useful to mean and I guess I will go up to 9 grams in search of freedom from pain. For me it’s gonna be ok today. I hope it is for you all as well. Am gonna stay away from energy sucking people and maybe listen to Bonnie Raitt. I don’t have TV. I appreciate all the 700 posts.

    1. Thank you for your post. I needed that so deeply.

    2. Dawn, this post truly inspired & educated me. Thank you for sharing. Now, off to find/make a buddy.

    3. Dawn, you rule

  11. Hello I am needing some help I am wanting to come off heroin a gram a day how much kratom and what strain do I need please PLEASE PEOPLE WHO KNOW E.MAIL

    1. Use a Red strain as it’sbest for pain and is sedating, probably Red Bali would be your best bet. Look up herbal-RVA on Google, trust me on that forsure. Maeng da is a great strain too but is a lot more stimulating instead of sedating. I wish you the best of luck, I’ve known a lot of people who messed up their lives or died due to small amounts of heroin a daily-weekly. Kratom really well help you stay clean and alive if you put in effort. Kratom saved my life from prescription pills and alcohol, I probably would have died without it. Thankfully it takes away my cravings and helps me stay clear headed. It will take you at least 2-3 days to find your right dosing, just keep at it, start low and work your way up. Start with around 5 grams and slowly work your way up from there. You’ll find that more isnt always better with kratom, and finding the right dose to hit your sweet spot will take a few times of trial and error. Just don’t do too much at once or you’ll get nauseous. Hope this helps(:

    2. Have you heard about Ibogaine ?
      Kratom is great. But at some point you have to come off even that with some possible milder discomfort but nevertheless you will struggle at some point to some degree.
      If you’d like to know the best way to get off with no withdrawals through Iboga I can explain…

      1. Heck yeah… getting access here in California seems to be the hard part though. Kratom helped me get completely away from the more destructive habit, but it isn’t exactly easy to pull the plug on this at some point either. Been curious about Iboga for years.

      2. I’m at the point to where i want to stop ive been doing it for about 5 months every day. I’m just now learning there are withdrawal symptoms and I’m kinda bumbed about it cause ive gotten to the point where I take to much I’m sick if I don’t take enough I’m sick and I just want it to be over with

      3. I would like to know more! Thanks

      4. Im very interested. Please contact me

    3. When I was coming off of heroin I used red vein bali… I found it was the most opiate like and it played a big part in relieving the sickness…

      1. How much of it did you take? I’ve been on pe rks for 3 years, very confused on how much to take, high doses at that, I’m using the red vein one but don’t think I’m taken enough, I’m glad you are off the Herron, please let me know how much I should be taken if you know, thanks

      2. Did it help? What kind of withdrawal did u feel, if any? Thinking of using red bolera vein to come off subs

    4. Hey I don’t know much about using kratom to come off opiates- But I do know personally about withdrawing from opiates and I do use kratom therapeutically to help with pain.
      I did not use kratom to come off of opiates And honestly I can’t see how it would help. For me it was much too mild. Mind you I had to use Suboxone and I honestly could not recommend it enough.
      Do it properly and you might never have to do it again.

    5. Try asking people on reddit try r/druggardening
      Just go to and search up r/druggardening it’ll being you to a fourm and post a thread there’s a ton of people there to help you out and tons of plants if your looking to trade or talk to an average grower for a plant.. most people are nice enough to help someone In need in there

    6. Red bali all red vein strains best for opiate relief/withdrawal

  12. You should all know quite well, addiction is a social learned and reinforced disorder. Here is the real issue
    Why knowing your an addict don’t you all go to NA.
    God created and loves you all, we all need help, don’t be so scarred to reach out for help..
    My son a heroin and other drug addict has great difficulty
    He rationalizes everything about all drugs
    Read the NA book it will guide your recovery
    If you stop and don’t understand yourself and why it is that you look to drugs
    Your foundation will be weak
    Learn about it Go to AA and NA
    People like you trying as a group to leave it all behind, willing to read, open up and change.
    So many people have come out the other side happy, stronger, better people because they understood what it was that kept them using and afraid of change
    So sad
    To feel like your only son could die today you wake up in the middle of the night afraid,
    But God has a plan for all, you have a choice, reach out before it’s to late to kiss your kids

    1. Hello, I’m also not sure how to comment on here. I have genetic damage from prescribed pharmaceuticals. I was so stupid to believe my doctor! Anyway, after I stopped the drugs I couldn’t sleep at all. I figured this would even itself out but actually it continued with no improvement for five years. I was totally drug-free at that time. Finally, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, wanted to be able to function without going into mini-sleeps during the day. So I went back on the tiniest amount of pharma possible to ensure I slept. After that, my whole life got better. I tried to stop much later on, no luck at all! Finally I have discovered nootropics but I have to take a huge dose of phenibut to get to sleep at all. Now, the phenibut is making me nauseous. Pot has zero effect and my first attempt at kratom was also no effect. I took 3g, waited, took 3g more, still nothing. I mixed it with applesauce. If I take it again the bag will be gone. I don’t know if I want to waste my money again. Suggestions?

      1. Hey jg if you would soak your kratom in lemon juice and then add it to tea that would help also try extract lot stronger than just ordinary kratom. I take both. Also could be your strain people response differently to it what could be strong for isn’t strong for me and vice versa. Try different strains like green Malay or white Maeng mixed with red Maeng also yellow Bali is good

        1. extracts bump your tolerance to such a ridiculous amount making it hard when you go without. turmeric with biprorein(i think that’s what it is / black pepper) also increases the feeling . not immediately but within a day or so

      2. JG,

        I’m no expert whatsoever and I’ve only been taking Kratom for about 6 weeks now for chronic pain and anxiety as a result of a malpractice surgery that was followed with 10 more surgeries to attempt to repair the damage. I have nerve pain and it’s very hard for me to manage it. I moved to a state that has even more strict rules about opioids so Kratom is basically my last ditch to function like a normal person. Anyways, so that’s my back story and I relate to what you wrote and I’m sorry you’re going through this. I wanted to say that my first time and each time I take a dose after a few days not, it has no effect on me whatsoever. But then I try again the next day, same dose and it works great. I am hoping they don’t ban this because the past 6 weeks have been amazing. So don’t give up!!! Also, you didn’t say what type you were using or where you got it. I’ve purchased 2 bottles (one red Borneo, one white Maeng Da) of capsules and one 1 ounce package of white Maeng Da powder from PurKratom. They are OUTSTANDING. No I don’t work there or get money to refer. Lol just want that to be clear. But the shipping is super fast and prices are great. And I did prefer the Maeng Da over the Borneo just for the fact that the Borneo made me much more sleepy and I got shit to do. Anyways, I’m not sure if this site will alert me if you reply but I’d be happy to answer any other questions. I hope you find the right dose as I feel that this plant is a miracle. Good luck to you. 🙂

        1. Oh ya, Mang Da is one of the best – Mang Da actually means “Pimp grade,” or something like that lol it usually gives me coffee like energy – now for bed, the best for me is the Green Malay, it has a more codine like effects, helps you sleep, its not energizing like Mang Da is – I prefer Green over Red or White, its my Fav, from my experience, red is more of not energetic but not too sedating, the White has milder pain effects, an is more energizing. But everyone has their preference, I know people who will only buy white, I know people that will only buy red, I only buy the green that’s my favorite. 😊hope this helps explain the different strains a bit better.

          1. I have read a lot on kratom and I think unless you are getting some top notch very well taken care of kratom, then and only then does it have opiate like effects. I have been ruining my body with every drug for the last 15 years. Oxycontin has always been my choice. I successfully tapered off suboxone in 2014 and felt great. I got married had a perfect job and house. Then i had surgery and immediately my tolerance was back to where it was and to make a long story short I lost my job, house and got divorced.
            I got back on suboxone last year and I am now down to 4mg daily.
            I have a couple friends that hated suboxone and it made then sick. I said “Its making you sick because you took it either to soon or you took toomuch. I told then to start with 1/3 of a strip and wait 3 hrs and if you need more then take more. Those two friends have been off of them for a year doing amazing. A VERY CRUCIAL STEP WHEN TAKING SUBOXONE IS TO DRINK SOME WATER AND WAIT 5 MINS. I DRY UNDER MY TONGUE AND PUT THE STRIP THERE AND LAY ON MY BED FOR 20 MINS. ITS WAY MORE BENEFICIAL THEN THROWING IT IN YOUR MOUTH AND THEN GOING AND HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE.
            Last thing is when I tapered with very little withdrawal in 2014 i was cutting an 8mg strip into 12 pieces and it would last me 12 days. taper in very small doses towards the end.

            I could go on forever trying to explain what works for me. I know everyone is different but if you are on subs give that a try.

            Remember that stuff is just to make you more comfortable while tapering, Make sure you get outside and clear your mind. 90% of it is mental.

            Have a good day and thanks for letting me reply on your post

        2. just be careful. i was on heroin, oxy, fent & methadone and got off methadone with kratom. yes it was god sent but now i am withdrawing from that (slow taper). i thought the things i read about WD was lies, they aren’t. just don’t take every day (couple times a week to avoid the opiate wd of it). it’s nowhere near as bad as methadone where u physically can’t function for months but i promise u 8 months in, i wake up in same wd feelings as i did with dope.

      3. Need to take at least 5-7grams to notice an effect. This dose is based on the plan leaf powder not any concentrate – you might have to take 10g if u have any opiate tolerance, maybe 15g but too much will have you throwing up, then you won’t have any effect. I would say try 7g wait 30mins if you have no effect try 3g more.

      4. As someone else mentioned. I would try a different strain. I also rotate strain to not developed a tolerance. I have used kratom to get off of methadone. Coming off of methadone is worse than coming heroin.

        1. At one point in time over the past 15 – 20 yrs i have been full on addicted to everything from hydrocodone(lortab) as my starting point, then to oxycodone starting at Percocet transitioning to oxys/roxys, then to heroin/fent, my drug of choice which ended up being opana(oxymorphone… strong as hell) and ultimately methadone… at one time or another I have detoxed from them all, and methadone (government given after a quick check of the boxes) was by far the worst withdrawals I have ever experienced in my life!! Altered states of consciousness , literally thinking i was historic figures from past era’s, laying in my bathroom sick for days on end unable to move, and ultimately medically assisted ability to deficate… if this helps someone get off of any of the above, I’ll take the sweats, sleepless nights, and no energy a million times over from the methadone or opana withdrawals which I literally contemplated suicide to make it stop… god bless you all in your journey, and if this plant helps then god bless it too!

          1. Bless your heart. I am praying for you. Don’t beat up on yourself emotionally. Think of this- how many normies who never took an opioid would be able to fight through they way you have and survived. Not many. I assure you.

      5. Coming off of methadone has been the worst experience in my life by far. I’ve had cancer 3x’s now since age 12 and it’s currently overtaking my body so I go through a ton of pain on a daily and all Drs do is shove more pain meds in me to the point of using heroin bc fentanyl wasn’t doing the job anymore. Thank you everyone for the good tips.. I’ve been trying to go herbal for years now with no help until now. Thank you!

    2. Look honestly if your just hear to preach against it. Just don’t ok we don’t need someone who thinks they are above us telling us what to do. None of us are using this as an addiction it’s for our problems pain or psychological. So please just stop

    3. Yeah that’s really not what addiction is. It’s not due to any social construct or any bullcrap like that. And saying that if people dont like your plan for their recovery makes them not really trying then maybe that plan isn’t custom built for them. Some of those meetings are more destructive than you can imagine. Its discouraging. That doesn’t mean that they arent trying they just arent trying what you want them to try.

      1. I’ve been using hydrocodone for 8yrs for chronic back pain that travels into my hips,legs and feet I can’t find anything that works. Was basically just booted out in the streets after having a so called pain management plan. I never abused or misused my medication or sold it to anyone. After the opiate crisis hit most chronic pain sufferers (like me) had to pay the price for the misuse and abuse of the drug. I went from being a chronic pain sufferer to a criminal purchasing hydrocodone from the streets to find relief. I’m not proud of this, it’s something that I’m very ashamed of not to mention the fear of getting caught or worse. I’m praying that I can find relief from Kratom if I can just minimize the pain enough to tolerate it I will be grateful.

        1. Deborah,
          So many of us have had to do the same. Cutoff due to others misuse and sent to the streets. Not proud either and scared to death. This is my last chance. I start tomorrow morning and all I can do is pray this works. I’ve cried, begged, and pleaded to god to help me through this. I hope you find a way out of this hell too.

        2. I recomend green Malay kratom it helps me so much! I’m a recovering addict and chronic pain sufferer. I’m on my feet all day walking miles at a time for my job and I couldn’t do it without kratom! I used to have issues with sleep as well and it has helped with that also. You get more for you money if you buy in powder form but the only way I can take it is with coffee (something warm) cold liquids dont break it down well but warm liquids do. You can buy in capsules as well but you pay more for less. The green strain kratom is a balanced strain for pain and energy. I hope this helps you some and wish you the best of luck in your journey to living a better life. God bless

        3. Deborah,
          You told my story sweet one. If you want to talk my name is Traci and I am a recovering addict and a Mother and Wife. I have Multiple Sclerosis, Fibro Myalgia, and severe chronic fatigue. My spine is croken in 2 places and have 7 herniated discs and mild Scoliosis. I got frustrated with feeling dependent on prescriptions and traveling over 3 hours every month for so called, “Pain Management”. My husband and I decided I could possibly switch to Kratom. You can email me. [email protected]. God bless…..

          1. Be careful with phenibut ordered on amazon brand name Lift Mode. I went stark raving mad and ended up in a psyche ward. I’ve never ever been crazy even when I was addicted to oxycodone or alcohol! Kratos does help with pain and I used it to get off suboxone which will take your life away too because it mellows you out so much you won’t have any ambitions. I was in the hospital 2 weeks and was diagnosed with a type of schizophrenia! Phenibut also made me throw up a lot! I will never use it again!

    4. I am in a 12 step program and one of the main traditions is we don’t advertise or urge people to use our program. Attraction, not promotion. I’m glad some folks recover using it, I did. But we don’t preach because it’s not for everyone. I am grateful I found a “design for living”. I sure needed it. Good luck in all things 🙂

      1. If we don’t talk about it.. How can others know how wonderful they could feel.. Talk talk talk

    5. I don’t think you realize a lot if folks use Kratom to help the withdrawal symptoms of heroin and prescription pain killers. Others use it for anxiety or chronic pain. I have FAS that caused severe nerve damage, can’t work and my husbands employer doesn’t offer health insurance, yet makes too much to qualify for Medicaid. I can’t find a doctor (my neurologist retired) that will see me to give me my correct meds (none were narcotics) or my cortisone injections. Kratom helps on those bad days that I can’t even get out of bed, helps my anxiety because I can’t be the mother to my teenager that I feel I should be. So don’t tell people to go to NA when you have no idea what they are going through. I don’t get high on this whatsoever, but it can help ease my pain and anxiety. Take care of your child instead of preaching to others.

    6. Hey Ken,
      The belief that addiction is a disease not unlike diabetes or cancer is bullshit. NA & AA propaganda & 12 step systems are not the only help available out there for addicts to utilize.. Why you don’t you try reading a book or two about the other theories that study & explain the horrible cycle of addiction & how to break out of it..

    7. Amazing I am a 55 yers young woman addict. Pain meds Benzos and alcohol 1am 130 days clean. Love AA/NA!! I have horrible chronic pain. So seeing this could be addictive. No thanks! Please Anyone reading this please medically detox. And try out or in patient rehab and PLEASE go to NA/AA/HA. Get a big book. It’s really becoming a priceless life

    8. NA and rehab doesn’t help everyone considering sometimes that’s the best place to relapse. I did it cold turkey. And have never been to a rehab or a meeting. Was an addict for 15 years

    9. If you never did it you shouldn’t be giving advice because NA is not for everyone in fact, they reintroduce to the drug so really it’s the addict that decides he is done. What we need is DMT. If you look up how many people got of drugs or took away ptsd and depression.

    10. Wow what powerful simple message! Great words of wisdom thank you for the encouraging facts I love N.A./A.A Always so much to learn and do thru and from God! The big book and N.A. book are deep and neat meeting are so important to our sobriety we find strength friends and support from others in the right areas the meetings are very priceless!

  13. I want to do white Malay with green Maeng da in the morning. Any suggestions on the ratio. Btw I’m 140 pounds female 5’0 tall been doing this daily for 10 months now.

    1. Hi im not really sure how to comment or reply on here but im giving it a shot. Ive been a heroin Iv user for about 8 years. Ive had previous sobriety through out those years but always end up relapsing. I just had a year off evweytbing and relapsed on fetanyl. A friend referred me to kratom and sent me 250 g of gold bali and 250 g of white maeng da. I took about half a tablespoon and mixed the gold bali with some sleepy time tea. Am i doing this right? I decided to take it before bed so.maybe i wouldnt wake up in the morning in withdrawl. If anyone can tell me dosage and how often id really appreciate it!

      1. Start with 3.5 gram doses 3 times daily for a month. Order more. I get mine from mitragaia dot com. I found a supplier in my local area and its good shit so im going thru them now.

        1. And then taper down half a gram every other day. The point is to get the system full of kratom to work its magic.

          1. Danny what about 500 mg of gold bail how much should someone start off wit ?

      2. I used to smoke heroin daily and actually used Kratom to avoid withdrawals altogether. I didn’t have one withdrawal symptom when using Kratom to help with that. I would recommend a red vein because red veins seem to mimic opiates more than green or white veins. I would take one teaspoon 3 times a day. A dose in the morning, a dose around 1 or 2 pm, and a dose before bed. To prepare my Kratom drink i use a coffee filter to strain out all the ground material leaving you with just the tea. I also find that mixing it with ginger tea or using ginger syrup pretty much masks the horrible taste. Another option would be to put your Kratom powder into capsules, which is what I do, so I don’t have to taste it. I would recommend either red Bali, red Borneo, or red Sumatra. I would try Borneo first, IMO it’s the best for opiate like effects that also reduce your withdrawals tremendously. I switched between red Bali and Borneo at random because I just had both around. Hope this helps. Also 1 teaspoon is about 2.5-3 grams. I weigh my teaspoons and usually get between 2.5-3 grams. That’s a good dose to start with and it’s good to take lower doses if you plan to use it multiple times a day, which I recommend doing.

        1. I’ve read a few stories on here but I have to say one thing; Kratom Powder completely saved my life; I have been diagnosed and treated with prescriptions for rheumatoid arthritis; I’m 34 years old; married to a veteran and have two children; my doctor(s) has me on 6mg of Xanax; I’m 125 lbs, 60 mg of Percocet and 60 milligrams of adderall, so it had my nerves my pain and energy levels controlled but it was destroying my life, memory, and body to no end. I have an uncle who is a body builder 70 years old tell me about red vein Bali kratom; he no longer was in pain after a critical accident that crushed his whole body and came off Percocet cold turkey with it; I came off all 3 medications with it about 4 months ago and guess what my levels have evened out; my blood pressure is normal again; I’m not so tired I feel like I’m going to fall asleep just talking to you. My activity level has increased and I’m up with my husband and children everyday. Also, my husband is an 82nd airborne vet (504 strike hold) he is 43 and rapidly deteriorating due to a spinal condition from jumping out of airplanes; 4 total tours and his body is beaten down just as badly as mine; he started to take the Kratom as well. He came off pain medicines that were enough to kill a whale. My mother overdosed and died on heroin back in February of this year I only wish I knew about this plant based powder back then, maybe her urges would have been gone. I have no desire to take any medication of course with RAD you have to take certain medications to sustain life but my mental and psychical condition have leveled off and it all shows in my blood work; do I still have flares when under stress yes but now I’m more aware of my body than ever. I’ve been a firm believer in natural remedies my entire life; so if it’s a choice between taking 1 gram of Kratom and cutting 3 prescriptions out I chose that because you get tired of missing things. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and I truthfully can hardly remember the last three years of my life or my husbands life or my children’s. I didn’t try the Kratom with high hopes but I prayed it would work and I did my research and drug and chemical reactions before ever purchasing. Between my husband and myself we have helped over 20 friends in the last 4 months get off drugs but also help them with chronic pain bc their doctors decided one day just to take them off without any weening. So it’s not just for addicts it’s for those who don’t want to take pills to function and want to live a fulfilling life without memory lapses bc if the doctor prescribed it, it must work. Once again I use Kratom for Rheumatoid arthritis disease that has already affected my heart lungs kidneys and brain; I’m clear headed and energetic; do I still wake up stiff and locked yes, I keep a 1/4 tsp and my childproof bottle of Kratom powder on my nightstand so I can get it before my husband and children are up and they don’t have to look at “mommy laying on the couch immobilized.” 7 heroin related deaths happen in the town I live in each week; that doesn’t count the ODs that survive.

        2. I put mine in a 16 oz bottle of OJ and shake the hell out of it. Travels well and the taste is more than bearable

          1. You can also mix your favorite Kratom with chocolate milk, that will mask the bitter unsweet tea taste

        3. I’ve been using kratom for a year. Before I was a heavy opiate user, and methamphetamine user. I’ve been sober from both for just over a year thanks to kratom. I’ve worked the steps. I’ve been to the meetings. While in rehab my mother died from an opioid overdose. She was 55. See addiction runs in my family. I will praise kratom, because without it I’d be dead or on my way. I now, am back to my profession as a machinist. Making good money. It takes balls to pick yourself up and suffer through those withdrawals. But we can do this. Just have faith in yourself. I used red bali, and other red strains. I started with green Maeng. But my pain still didnt subside. But reds have hit the spot. Be safe out there guys.

      3. hey jenna –
        i got off heroin w methadone and got off methadone with kratom. it was god sent as the methadone withdrawal was far worst than the kratom. methadone wd far worst than heroin so it should help. ur def not taking enough tho. u need 1 tsp at minimum of the gold bali. half is not enough. try 1 tsp then 3/4 hours later bump to 2 if need and still sick.

        but be careful how long u take kratom. u won’t feel the high of dope but it will ease the WD symptoms i promise u. half is mental remember that also. i have a scale – get one to be exact. don’t take every day just during wd so y don’t end up coming off kratom addiction like me which i wish i researched better its god sent but u need to respect the plant or u will go thru wd

        1. What mg of methadone were you taking when you came off? I’m in the dosing down process now. I only got up to 50 mgs, I’ve been dropping 5 mgs every week. I’m down to 10 mgs now & I have exactly 2 weeks before I’m coming off completely. There’s a CBD/Kratom Dispensary down the road from me & I plan on using it as a bridge just until the methadone is completely out of my system. I’ve actually been to a Kratom bar in St. Pete FL & they mix it with flavored teas so I’m familiar with it. But I need to be able to still go to work. Were you able to function the 1st week?

      4. Has anyone helped you yet? Is the kratom working for you? It took me about 7 or 8 attempts before I made it stick, got me off fentanyl/suboxone! I was in withdrawal still while using the kratom for 6 weeks but it was probably only about 40% of what it would have been without it! Absolute miracle! Not only that, I have serious chronic pain and it might be even better at killing pain than the dope was!

  14. Hi this is Jessica…. I want to thank everyone for the support. So it has been 1 month since my journey of quiting drinking. I did not seek medical help… And I am not miraculously sober. I will say that I am down to a litlle under half of a bottle. I know its not a full recovery but its a start and I am still going strong on my will. I also will say I did try to just not drink. It lasted less than 48 hours. It was NOT because I wanted a drink but my body did literally need it. I hallucinated. And I got so sick that I prayed for death.. I just wanted to give an update….. Thanks again for all of you

    1. I did it without help also and it’s been 7 years now. The physical pain can last awhile though. I actually ended up having a liver transplant. But you can do it! Keep the faith! God is good!❤️

    2. Hey Jessica my name is Pavel and I understand you so much. I was recently binge drinking for 5 years heavily. Everyday every minute every second. I went through the shakes depression nausea irritability shakiness. I even got pancreatitis. It was so difficult to quit and it still is. Alcohol is worse than heroin you can actually die from the withdrawal. I’m not a doctor but 2mg of Klonopin 600mg of gabapentin changed my life forever and some weed here and there. Also kratom has helped me out so much I don’t crave alcohol feel energized and happy. You will leave the alcohol behind. Remember moderation is key. Wean of softly. Much blessings you got this.

      1. 2 mg of klonopin and 600 mg oh gabapentin isn’t much better than drinking excessively, yes you might be a little more in control of your motor functions however wait until you try to come off those klonopin‘s and have a seizure . That’s poured place to be telling someone to trade one addiction for the next.

        1. That’s poor advice To tell someone to be trading one addiction for the next*

        2. whats the problem with gabapentin? iv`e been on 600mg about 3 months,is there something i should know?VA put me on it and never said anything about it.

          1. I was on gabapentin as well and I have heard some awful things about it. If I’m not mistaken there have been some deaths. I would talk to your doctor about getting off of it and do some research.

      2. Thank you pavel but I am really trying to avoid medications…. I am very glad to hear that it worked for you and that you are doing well…. I hope you Keep it up…. You can do it

    3. Hi Jessica, I’m Karen and I’m an alcoholic, I know exactly what your going through first hand, I gave up drinking before because I was taking OxyContin for my pain, I had to come off that cold turkey as well. I use Kratom for my pain, and it’s really helping.
      On another note, I have gone to AA and the support and understanding from folks just like us is amazing, they are not a cult, just regular people trying not to drink.
      If you wanna talk to me anymore, sbout this or anything my mail is [email protected]
      I wish you alll the best

      1. Thank you Karen. I am so blessed to have talked to so many people that have or are going through what I am…. One of my biggest issues was feeling isolated. Like everyone would only judge me and think the worst of me… I had no idea that other people one way or another were wearing the same shoes im walking in…. Support has really been the biggest tool….. Thank you

  15. I’m a severe addict and alcoholic I have had a lot of treatment and tried so many things so that I can just have a normal productive life without depe ding on substances. Due to harm reduction I ended up taking suboxone to cut cravings,pain,restless legs ect. I am now a slave to this medication and without it I’m in complete wd and I’m just tired of it. I recently stopped my suboxone cold turkey and have been using kratom along and marijuana to get through the withdrawals.. I just got an alice blend ,red bali, and some green batak. They sent me a sample of some resin and I was wondering if anyone has used it for withdrawal from opiods and how it worked. I started with caps but was still really sick so am now doing the toss n wash with caps in between and it is literally a god send!!!!! Suboxone free 6 days today but still struggling bad just got my order of kratom and if anyone has advice on how to use the resin that would be a great help.

    1. I just saw your story and wanted to tell you how proud I am of you, it takes a lot to walk away from addiction and for some reason your story resonated with me. Keep your head held high and your chin up, you can do this! Even though we’ll never meet I just wanted you to hear some positive reinforcement! Great job and keep up the great work!

    2. I too am cutting that ball & chain.. I am looking into kratum.. Because i have no energy & back pain from fused vertebrae. I just wanted to share the 3 other natural things i have done so far, that have helped me sleep ok& i literally have not gotten depressed once. I have tried doing this few times before, but that dark night of the soul drew me back into the bs.. be straight. I am almost to 30 days.. No suboxine..
      Granted.. I was sick as hell puking & ya know.. For about 5 days… Dr pepper, 7 up? & ginger chews.. Helped a little… Then… When i could hold down a little food.. Stuck to brat diet( bananas, rice, applesauce & toast)
      Shaky writhing legs … Epsom salt bath( also helped my back pain a more than i thought it would… I only soaked for like 10 mins& back to bed..
      I have been taking Makuna, sometimes called Dopa Makuna) 500mg 2 or 3x a day
      (i got Samsura powder online..i think from amazon.. Costco had the SAM-e 1xa day after i eat breakfast… ( i have been taking& extra strength melatonin 10mgs 3x a day… Then i swutched up to taking 30 mgs after dark…either all at once or spread out if i was waking in the night.
      Body aching like cotton fever…. Never happened.
      My attitude is positive& good… No downers… I am irritable at times… But thats because i finally have my head out of the clouds and passing time is quite relevant to me.. If i wasnti would think there was something wrong with me.. Ive been numbing that for8 yrs…. I am feeling weak& total lack of. Energy, but i am almost 50.. So.. I am thinking of trying the Kratum to get me back to life?

      1. Penopole.i just did kratum
        It worked wonders.i to am almost 50.have done everything and quit on saturday.i had chopped a sub to into 8 pieces and believed that wasted my old friend..alcohol since I stopped banging whatever as much as possible I got on helped turn me into manageable.but I have been drinking like a pig all my life.less at the hight of my drug I haven’t slept in 3 I’m working and went into total opioid withdrawal.ive got a buddy but can’t get way more worried about booze killing me and ruining my life.anyway I was down.spent the morning till 1130 in the bathroom.i saw a kratum sign this I went the 1/4 mile hike dying
        Drank 3 80pct better..hope this helps and I hope I don’t croak here.

      2. I am 57 y/o male with multiple inflammatory joint disorders. Arthritis in every major joint, inflammation from diabetes, degenerative joint disorder, bulging and herniated disc in multiple areas of my spine. I have been using kratom 3 months and I can honestly state that it works quite well for me. Research the different strains and take according your specific ailment. You may have to go to multiple sites to get all the available data on the different strains. I have tried 5 different strains and they did what they say they do…energy boost, sense of well being, anti-anxiety, stress, major pain in all areas of pain. My mood has been excellent and the pain relief and sense of well being are wonderful!

        1. I too have diabetes. I’ve also been on suboxone a little over a year. I’m just ready to be done with the suboxone and at the same time i have a 3 yr old with cerebral palsy and a 2 year old. Definitely looking for the energy boost and focus for my kids and health. Can you tell me what you found works best for you as I’ve been researching for days and I’m still not sure where to start

          1. I have RA which causes me great pain and have a one year old. White Maeng da and green Malay does it for me also try extract if you need strong stuff

      3. Hey Penelope, I would recommend trying a white vein Kratom in the mornings and at noon, (1 tsp each dose) and then use a red vein at night to help you sleep. White veins are known to be more energy producing, helps me with my anxiety, and boosts my mood. Let me know if this helps. Anyone here can contact me at [email protected] for any questions or concerns. I have done a lot of research on Kratom and am pretty knowledgeable in the subject. I am also a former addict of pretty much every drug minus alcohol. Please be careful to those who use klonopin or another benzo for alcohol withdrawal. Benzo withdrawal is just as bad if not worse. I know what an extreme benzo withdrawal feels like and it’s very dangerous. Please contact me with Kratom questions and help for addiction. I am not a professional or a doctor in anyway, and I am not trained to give medical advice, I can only give you advice based on my experiences and if you choose to follow my route, it is on your own free will. I would highly recommend researching Kratom along with my advice to ensure you know some basic knowledge that could help you make your own decisions as well. My advice does come from experience, so feel free to contact me about Kratom or addiction. I just had to put that disclaimer for my safety. And yours as well. I check that email once a day around 8-10pm.

    3. Alicia!!! Dude congrats!!! Slot of people on this site have gone through similar stories; this is a great site to go to for encouragement and awesome jratom advice…. If you go through the forum you find a lot of stories that touch one base or another of your situation. The great thing is again…. Your going to find people that have been through your tough times… I wish you all the best

    4. Congrats! I hope you are doing well. I was a suboxone addict and alcoholic drinking half gallon of whiskey a night for years. I had liver failure, kidney failure, pancreas failure, heart stopped 2 times ,one for 23 minutes. 2 month coma. Today I am 1 year and 7 months sober! Your can do it! It won’t always be difficult. This is the last time you ever have to feel this sick! I hope you are still sober!

  16. I am starting kratom to try and quit drinking. I drink a fifth of 86 or 101 proof of whisky a day. I have been doing this for 8 years. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

    1. Kratom and alcohol are on two different planets. Kratom will help with the withdrawal symptoms. I use kratom for I am a fifty five year old laborer; Kratom stops me from hearing my bodys moans of pain and anger of still having to pay for a bed to sleep so I can get up and go back to work and earn enuff for a bed to sleep in. My prayers are with u my father was lterally born with a beer bottle in his mouth.
      The alcoholism (so called disease) did not hurt him as much as his people, like me hurt him, for having what he called a crutch or a vice.
      The Truth is God created u and the universe and you are completevwith water pure water is best with someone to love.

      1. Thank you for your honesty. I was on the understanding that kratom will help me through withdrawal and help With my addictive receptors… I am only 29 and am really really wanting to grow old with my fiance. Do you have any recommendations?

        1. My roommate actually used maeng da powder to quit drinking and it really did work for him. He started taking 5grams at first 3 times a day and worked up to 10 grams 3 times a day. After 2 months of no longer drinking. He dialed the kratom back down to 5grams 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Then quit taking it all together. Now he is substance free. Hope this is helpful and I wish you well.

          1. Thank you so much Edgar. You just gave me hope

        2. Be careful with alcohol detox. I am also a nurse. Alcohol detox can actually kill you. It would be better to get medical help the first few days then maybe move to the kratom. If you have any other questions please let me know.

          1. How long after stop drinking is withdraw life threatening ?

        3. No I wouldn’t do Kratom at first if you get any sort of withdrawal from alcohol cessation….it could be extremely dangerous. I would go to the doctor and get on a low dose of valium and slowly lower the dose. Alcohol works on gaba receptors, Kratom works on opioid receptors, two completely different things . Remember this is your only life and people have died from alcohol withdrawal so don’t rely solely on internet advice and seek professional help.

    2. Be careful DT’s can kill you, weaning is dangerous

      1. Off of opiates or off of alcohol?

        1. I was an ICU nurse for many years. I would recommend a medical detox where you can be monitored for arrhythmias in the heart and rapid pulse, as well as delirium, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea as well as seizures. People have died detoxing from alcohol.

          1. Thank you stephanie…. I think that is going to have to be the route I take

          2. Same jessica, ICU rn here. You need to be monitored when withdrawing from alcohol which could lead to DTS and sometimes ultimately death.

    3. Find something else kratom has no affect on gaba and will not help with the withdrawal if you’ve gotten to that point

      1. Ok thank you

        1. Jessica… send me an email. I kicked it a year ago and would like to be available for support as you go through the process. potedenuni at gmail dot com.

        2. Get some gabapentin from your doc it will help with your withdrawals also try and get some baclofen as it will help with cravings. That is if you want to do it on your own. Otherwise a benzo taper or alcohol taper. Just google alcohol taper and make a plan. You can do it!

          1. Thank you j. But I don’t want to use mexications to get free. I know will power is simply not enough. I am really trying to find a natural way to have a 1 month plan. My addiction now is simply physical.

          2. Easy on the gabapentin.. I tried using those for my coming off h.
            ended up in the er via ambulance.. I have zero recollection of.. Then when you wake up feeling like hell in the er.. 99% of the time, treat you like a piece of shit…. So seriously.. I would stay away from doing gabbys.. I am lucky i did not become mentally ruined for life….

        3. Jessica, I hope you got into a treatment center and that you are doing well. I am also an alcoholic. I was sober for over 20 years and just got the idea in a restaurant one night to have a drink. Well it wasn’t long before I was binge drinking which I have been doing for about 8 years. Medical marijuana has been proven to overcome alcoholism. I am approved for it, but in Louisiana we are still waiting for the program to start. In the mean time, I am trying Kratom. I wish you health.

          1. Thank you janice

        4. U should ask ur Dr for gabapetin it works on gabba the reward system in ur brain I was a alcoholic 15 yrs sober 5 yrs now and use Kratom to help with 17 ur opiate addiction.

    4. All I can say is you can do it you got this shit fuck that shit it WILL KILL you! If you keep that up.. good luck! I mean that

      1. Thanks so much jason. I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you everybody.

        1. Is CBD oil legal where you are? If not, it’s probably easy to come by on the net. If you don’t know it’s basically the non psychoactive part of Marijuana.

          Your brain had natural receptors for these compounds, which exist nowhere else on earth. CBD is supposed to help with addiction, anxiety, PTSD and even mild pain. It comes in everything from lotions to tinctures to gummy worms. I’d definitely add it to your detox regimen.

          I don’t mean to sound like an asshole but Jesus and thoughts and prayers aren’t gonna do shit for you Jess. It’s all you. Talk like that is a crutch for the feeble minded, it’s the real opiate of the masses… always has been.

          1. Thank you sonny. Yes it is and I use cbd every day all day

    5. I don’t know much about Kratom but I will be praying for you. You CAN quit and Jesus WILL help you. Ask the Blessed Mother to pray for you too. God bless

      1. Hello Misty, I am not sure who started saying that dead people like Mary pray, but The Holy Bible says all the dead are resting and that they are done working(praying),
        “anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his.” (Heb 4:10)

        God’s son Jesus is here to confirm to you that this is true. I used to think that the dead were praying and working too, but Jesus showed me that “man must not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

        So the person who started telling people that Mary prays for us was not in agreement with God’s Word.

        Here is another message from God that shows us Mary is resting and not praying, “The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.”
        ‭‭(Isaiah‬ ‭57:1-2‬)

        “there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.” ( 1 Tim 2:5)

        I don’t judge you, and as a friend shares his gifts, I must share this wisdom that The Lord God has gifted me with. I’ll ask Jesus to show you that this message is His and not mine. See what happens.

        1. Thank you marty

    6. Kratom will help but it wont be like alcohol you only drink one cup of kratom and your done for the night. Start off slow with kratom and like everyone else has said taper off the alcohol. Buy the kratom in bulk if you can to save money you can usually get a 8 oz bag for around 40 dollars which should last at least a few weeks. That much alcohol consumption is concerning but we all know how easy it is to get into a pattern and we’re here to help. Your making the right decision by kicking your habit. You should indeed make a doctors appointment and see what they can do to help. Im addicted to kratom and im going through a taper, the problem with being addicted to something legal is its so tempting to go get your fix as soon as you feel shitty. Just fight that urge and if you do give in, dont give up. I hope this helped and i wish you luck on your journey

    7. Like some of the others have said, seek medical attention when quitting alcohol. I celebrated 1 year of sobriety yesterday because 1 year ago yesterday I was in the hospital after suffering a seizure from alcohol withdrawal. I thought I could do it on my own but after 10 hours without a drink that’s where I ended up! I use kratom not for anxiety which sky rocketed after giving up alcohol, it’s been a godsend!! Good luck and stay strong 💪🏼 😃

      1. Thank you mellisa. I haven’t thought about how I would feel once in recovery…. I will use this information to plan for myself. Thanks bunches

    8. You could look into kava for alcohol withdraw, it’s a powder like kratom, and can be taken in the same way. It does touch on the GABA receptors though, unlike kratom. So it may be better for your particular situation. I have even heard of people using a combination of herbs in small doses to help with acute multi-substance addiction withdraw. Just remember, harm reduction in doses should always come first. Be safe and I wish you the best in your choice to change things in your life.

      1. Thank you jake. I am going to do some research now. I hear about these kava bars around me but never knew what they were

    9. AA, I used to drink like that. Even facing possibility of liver failure I didn’t stop until I was at bottom. Find a meeting. Kratom May make it easier but you need a group.

      1. The problem with aa where I am from is that I know everyone in there. And I know its court ordered…. Very discouraging….

          1. Thanks Katy I had no idea they had that as an option!!

    10. I struggled with this too, then Jesus showed me that He says if you confess your sins to Him and forsake your way you will be forgiven. “If by The Holy Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body you will live.”
      The Lord says that drunkenness is a sin so just ask Him to help you resist the temptation to get drunk and you can use about 1 teaspoon of kratom to calm the nerves. 1 teaspoon, 3 times a day should be sufficient for you to have help with mood. I will pray for God to help you with the drunkenness.
      God said, “no one is righteous, not one, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” All people have been born error prone so that all people will receive mercy. This is certainly true and only God can reveal it, it is not given to those who are wise and prudent but to new born babies. (This is a riddle only disclosed by God’s grace, like everything God says.)

      Peace to you and I know my God will help you as He helped me to get away from abuse of alcohol.

  17. That is simply awesome. I started my journey 4 days ago. All your suggestions and encouragement help. It is a lonely road. So far so good.

    1. Thank you marty

  18. Tapered from Methadone after using heroin and pills for 6-7 years. Was on 85mg methadone and tapered 2mg per week all the way down to 2mg dose then stopped there. I used extracts to help with the withdrawals when I got down to 10mg. Then continued the extracts for about 6weeks after the final dose. Then stopped the extracts for 3-4 days (Kratom extract withdrawals suck, but nothing compared to opiates, and way shorter). Anyway, now I take plain leaf Kratom to get through the PAWS and that’s going great. Point being, it does work well for withdrawals from opiates, but you have to use high enough doses to take the withdrawals away. I’m sure that varies from person to person based on past usage and what you used/how often. But it works wonders! Didn’t take even a single day off work during the nearly 2 month withdrawal from methadone. No urge to use opiates either.

    1. John, I’m on 10 40-50 msg a day of oxy (prescribed for back surgery permanent pain), I don’t know what that equates to in kratom a day with leafs? Can you help?

      1. John,
        I feel your pain and nothing is worse than being looked at as if you’re an opiate addict when all you’re trying to do is LIVE. I have constant wide spread nerve pain that has been prevalent for 20+ years. Kratom has been a life changing factor for me and it’s legal! Order on line instead of paying for pricey packages that you can buy in a store with cash. Red maeng da krarom is so far the closest that I’ve found to the relief that an opiate gives me. Most people start between 2.5 and 5 grams. Your prescription dose is pretty high so I’m not sure. Tricky thing with kratom is you may have to “waste” some finding your correct amount. You don’t want to start with too high of a dose in case it’s too much, and too little will do nothing. When I found mine, rays of light shot from the sky and I was LIVING finally, without opiates and the side effects. I typically start people with a three gram dosage and that works but i haven’t had the opportunity to help someone who was currently on a high dose opiate(like yourself) so I’m just not sure. If you can, take the time and find what best works for you, best of luck,

        1. This was meant for C, not John. Apologies for my misread

        2. I Just love reading comments it helps Tremendously. I was in a horrific Car wreck lost my leg and had 30 surgeries. I Just want ppl to know Kratom does Work. Ive been on Pain Meds Percocet 15 or 10s they are getting REALLY STRICKED for 20 yrs ive been on stupid Pain pills, Ive never been on Herion but im not perfect by far ive done my share of Other Drugs in my Life. I was 29yrs old when a young man hit me head on im 49 yrs old now and IM TIRED OF BEING TIRED CHASING MEDS. IT GETS REALLY OLD. Kratom is something that can help us All if WE want HELP.

        3. Des
          I got the kratom capsules green Maenga da they told me to start with 4 capsules. Some people say that’s not enough for withdrawal from the Norco I’ve been taking the past 12yrs. I’m confused on what amounts to take can you or anyone help me with this?????

      2. Hey I’ve been on 90m of oxy a day for 4 years and find 5m of Kratom helps for 6 hours at a time for me. Hope it help good luck 🍀

    2. Hey, John… I too am stopping heroin, after a shit ton of rx opiates …. What kind of kratum do you recommend? & how much? I was .5+ g a day..of really good quality black.. & gogo to get going..8 yrs
      I am not sick anymore.. But i have a back pain ( 2 disc are no more & vertebrae fused.. So its not” ghost pains.. Its real….& feel weak as hell… Cant even walk my dog for a decent amount of time.. Which i normally love doing…. I really want to get back to work.. & life..any suggestions are welcome..& i wish everyone good positive outcomes!
      No preaching please. “God knows me.. We are good.” J.Carter

  19. Hi first time user here, trying to kick a pill habit, I have brought myself down to 70mg of Percocet a day. I was on suboxone went through horrid withdrawals and recently had surgery. I bought some kratom gold pills from my smoke shop? Idk how many im supposed to take but currently i am in withdrawal. I tried taking 2 and didnt feel shit. I took 3 this morning and then 3 more 2 hours later and still am confused on what its supposed to do? I want to get off pain pills desperately. I was sober from heroin and meth for 6 years! And relapsed on pain meds after having my daughter. Someone please give me some direction?

    1. Hey i hope this helps you a bit. I was also on heroin among other things for a few years, currently clean but I found that capsules never really helped with my withdrawals, especially the more severe beginning days. I found the tea to be a lot more helpful, since you said you take about 70mg a day that’s about where I was before stopping and I used about 5-7 grams of red Bali, red Malay. You can find all different recipes online

    2. Buy the powder. Those pills don’t work. Have to start with Atleast 3-6 grams of powder if you want to reduce WD. Get the powder not the pills. Just toss and wash method (look it up). It’s gross but it’s kept me off pills for years.

      1. Im having withdraws 5 days now how much of the green maeng do i need and i don’t know how 2 the scale 2 weigh it the guy i got it from did.t k iw what 2 get 4 withdraws please i need help

        1. Victoria, start with half a tablespoon and see how you feel, if you can stomach that and you dont feel anything, take another half after about 30-45 mins. You should feel the wd’s lessen, but it can make you a bit nauseated, thats normal. In my opinion, get some red bali or red Borneo, it worked better for my wd’s. However, dont expect to get high like an opioid or opiate, but you should feel like you get warmer cause I was always cold in wd and that stood out the most. Also my stomach settled more and the runs subsided in my case. If you Take too much at a time, you can end up puking so take it slow.

      2. What’s your name,understanding person? Your advice is great! Thanks! I’m an currently finding that powder does work faster at least,and I’ve upped my dose to find what helps as well. I did get the caps but just broke then open and that works too. Don’t want to get hooked on this stuff either so I’m trying not to use a lot, but it does help. Red maeng da is what I’m using, hoping to be free from opiates soon. Don’t know how long I need to do this,any words on that?

    3. I was on 400 mg of oxy long & short acting, doc tried subs, had reactions. Was cold turkey, started Bali and Vietnam low 2 teaspoons helped, we are off fast 3-4 hrs. Tried increasing a bit got shaky. Tried 5 Maeng Da capsules didn’t do much. First we into this still can’t sleep but 2-3 hrs a nite. Any suggestions?

    4. I took 4 every 3 hours and felt nothing. Next day I took six and had pain relief. Not a doctor and I have no idea what the strength of the capsules I got from “health” shop are. Said it was ‘red’ kratom?????

    5. Pretty, I think you’re supposed to take 6 of the gold capsules at a time, you should feel something from that. I just took two, just trying them with a friend, I’m usually just a chill bud smoker. But I think I feel a little with the two…

    6. Hey, I know how you feel. I’ve been through it fairly close to what you have been through. Lol just know I feel ya, I feel ya haha. Lol.. take more of kratom pills. Get red bali or red borneo they are similar but more alkaloids. Take 12-15 pills. It should work but give it like an hour to kick in. Have some food in you. Empty stomache acids will eat some of it up. So have some food in you. A lil potent weed will help also..oh yea, take the pills with grape juice it will help break them down and metabolize faster. I’ve taken 30 of 0.5g pills before. If your coming down from heavy dope or high miligram pills like 30s or opanas. Take at least 15 kratom. Or order the tinctures. They are pricey but it’s better an OC80. Lol

    7. Here’s the best I got, If you’ve been to A.A. or N.A. they will sometimes say things like, “Once an addict, always an addict.” Which on the surface sounds cold but has some truth to it as a scientific fact. Once your brain knows what an intense high is like, it is unlikely to forget, so like a cancer the desire for that state can re-emerge at any time. It is truly life-long struggle, Kratom for me quiets that devil on my shoulder prodding me to do the easy thing and just take the hit of dopamine straight rather than as a reward for positive action by the body and mind. NA didn’t work for me for various reasons (Atheist, no peers in my area, bad impression from their lack of results and seemingly religious bias) but they are right about the fact that desire to solve stressors by going into that state can still be as powerful 10 years after you stop using if the alternative life without is more painful. I’m 35 and have been on and off everything for the better part of 20 years, at some of the worst points I tracked my dosage in micro-grams (if you catch what i’m saying) now I am at least holding a job and not actively betraying the people I care about for a means to get high to forget about how much I’m betraying them. It’s easy to fall into that cycle an be discouraged, but the test of character is not how many times you are knocked down, but how many you stand back up and continue the fight….

      1. I was using 90mg of Percocet for 11 years and used 5g of Kratom 3 times a day to get rid of wd. But went and did a 7 day Ibogaine treatment had almost no wd and been clean ever since. I highly recommend it

    8. Hi, I started using Kratom to get off methadone last summer and it worked great. I use it now for pain and so I can sleep because I have restless leg syndrome possible form being on methadone for 18 years. It’s getting a bit better though. Dont know what I would have done without Kratom it’s saved my life. First, don’t buy the pills from head shops you don’t know what you are getting if it’s cut with anything or how good it is. There are a lot of great places you can buy the powder online. you can then make a tea or put it in caps yourself. I do this because I hate the taste yuk. You can get a capsule machine on Amazon for about 22 bucks and empty gelatin caps for about 7 bucks a bag of 1000 00 sized caps. To buy kratom go to crazy kratom or krabots or kratom spot all online sellers that have good prices and good kratom thats tested for heavy metals and salmonella. To start get some red vein Bali or red vein Borneo ( I prefer the Borneo myself as it seems stronger for pain ) if you use a cap machine to fill them try taking 4 caps to start( if you fill them by hand take 3 as you will fill it more than a machine will). If after an hour you don’t feel better take a few more. If you make a tea start with a teaspoon and work your way up from there, it should only take 30 min for effects. It won’t get you high but should make you feel better. It may make you tired at first but if you have to work during the day you can also get some white vein Borneo power and use it or mix it with the red. I take 4 red and 4 white caps when I get up and use only red at night. There are a lot of good places to read about how it works and what to expect and also dosing. everyone is different so it may take more for you so work yourself up. Oh, take it on an empty stomach! if you get an upset stomach then eat something like yogurt first, something light then you should be fine. Go to reddit and type in kratom and read some of the kratom threads there, there’s a lot of good info on there where you can ask questions. Don’t give up you can do it!

    9. Pretty, a capsule typically holds a half of a gram. 2.5 to 5 grams is typical for a kratom starter, which means 5- 10 capsules at one time. Start small and build to find your dosage. Too much at one time can be terrible. I don’t have any experience with oxy but have been dependent on opiates. Kratom is amazing, good luck to you,

    10. I crabtotally relate! I use one tablespoon of kratom powder per 28oz of juice..preferably mango to divert taste and boost receptors..i was taking120 Percocet and 60 morphine a month. I drink a third off the bottle power dose and it usually lasts 4-6 hours for me. Hope this helps

    11. Pretty don’t give up, I am new to the kratom world, but I am old in the pill world. I was taking morphine & oxy just recently ran out,no more. I started kratom, red maeng da, 3-4 grams. Surprised it helps hang in there !!!

  20. It’s really very complex in this full of activity
    life to listen news on TV, so I only use world wide web for that purpose, and take the
    most up-to-date information.

  21. I work a super physical job that causes mass amounts of pain. I take 20 grams of various strains every day divided into two doses. 4gs is where I initially began feeling the benefits. So I’d reccomend starting st 4grams and not taking it more than 4 successive days so that you will never need 20 grams a day like me.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. Hi what kind of kratom are using and how many hours apart are you taking it in between

    2. I hear that. Been using Green Thai for about three years. Lately I’ve been using about 23 grams, twice a day. I know I need to dial it WAY back down to somewhere in the 6-8 gram, one daily range. Then go to 4 days on—3 days off plan. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll destroy my liver… and other things. I’ve always had a gargantuan tolerance to pretty much any substance though. It’s innate and actually genetic. I’m always telling surgeons about it and they never believe me… until I wake up multiple times during surgeries.

  22. 43years clean now, was told years ago, if yoy don’t want to slip stay away from slippery places.

    1. Thank you for your unsolicited advice which is irrelevant to the article. Kind of weird that 12 stepper (I can tell by your tired cliche) with decades clean is trolling a kratom forum. Makes me wonder about the strength of your recovery

      1. Seriously thank you that was very well said lol pricks wuth nothing to do in life other than criticize others.

        1. Kyle I agree with you.. My question is I question his recovery as well if he is on a kratom web page.. Sounds like his looking but wants to criticize others to feel better or justify why he is here as well. Smh

      2. I thought the exact same. I sat in enough rooms to hear the rehearsed line that was typed out.

    2. That’s what I’m talkin about

  23. I tried kratom and it just too unpredictable. Sometimes 1 gram works great with small boost in energy and mood. But other times it doesn’t work at all as if I took nothing. If I increase the dose to 2g it just makes me sleepy or dizzy for few hours.. These different effects happen whether it’s the same strain from same bag, or a different strain and batch, I can’t figure it out. Maybe kratom doesn’t work consistently for some people. I never know what to expect from a dose. It’s frustrating.

    1. I have to take 13 grams of red Bali to have any pain relieving effect.

      1. what type of pain relief do yo u have and what type are you trying?

      2. are you taking it on an empty stomach? if you have food in there it will take a lot longer to work or not work at all. if it upsets your stomacce eat something light like yogurt. It needs to soak into your stomach lining to work and if you have food in there well it won’t work as well. it takes 3 hours to digest food if you have a good working digestion. I take mine an hour before I eat and haven’t had any problems.

    2. Largely depends on what and when you ate that day.

    3. It a lot of time depends when you take it… for an example… take on an empty stomach… but eat soon after or you will get sick… if you take it with food in your stomach, it rarely is noticed. first thing in the morning is always when it hits the best.. just because of the empty stomach…

  24. Okkk, so anyone suffering from withdrawals from medications, suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, etc… i HIGHLY recommend Gold Bali. It is by far my favorite. Its perfectly fine to take daytime or nightime. But if you want an extra energy boost, i take mine with Yellow Vietnam (Which is also amazing!!) It offers energy, but not overwhelmingly, mood boost, pain relief, etc. So the combination of the 2 are absolutely perfect for all my ailments. I also have the Red Borneo. But that one seems to make me sleepy. I dont benefit a lot from it, but i do use it sometimes to make sure my body doesnt become immune to one of my more favorite strains. I was on pain pills for years, then suboxone for years. Now i FINALLY found a natural solution to my issues. Thank god for kratom!!!!!! 💚🤗

    1. Curious on where u got the Gold? I’m new to the kratom thing. But so far it has helped me alot with a he’s n pain from work with taking other meds. N my head is very clear. Hardly any aniexty at all.

    2. I want to start on kratom but I’m so clueless. I’m currently on suboxone and wanting to get off of it. Could you please reccomend what to try first and how much? & where to buy from?

      1. You will have to find the right strain that works for you. If you use it for pain I highly recommend using reds. Some good strains are Red Maenge da and red Sumatra. Each strain is different you may react really good to one and another could give you a bit of a headache so start off small. If you can try to find different strains that will work well for you and switch them up each time you use it. For example have green one day. Then red, then a white, then a different type of red or whatever. I’d recommend you find 4 or 5 different strains to alternate. Some good ones are green Jong Kong and white Jong Kong both from lifeforcek . You can find red maenge da by looking up “herbal-salvation red maenge da” otherwise its difficult to find on the website. You might also find kratom on various coffee shop websites because it’s related to the coffee plant.

      2. If you haven’t come across it already, go one Reddit to the KratomEducation and Kratom communities. There is a ton of fantastic info on dosage, frequency, etc. that I have not been able to find anywhere else.Plus, the people on there are super helpful. Just make sure you read the rules before posting questions publicly. Hope this helps!

    3. hi Ashley or anyone that can help, I have been on tramadol for 10 plus years for pain in shoulder {tear , ect} I want to get off completely but cant figure out what the best kratom to take for pain and the best for energy????? been taking kratom for 2 years and love it, please help? I have no energy at all lately. thankyou

    4. Hi Ashley. I really would like to get more info from you as I am starting this to assist with withdrawals from opiods. (Prescribed)
      Is there a way we can chat?

    5. Same here! I just tried Kratom for the first time today. How much do you recommend taking? Do you take it every day? Trying to get off subs but don’t want to become dependent on Kratom as a result..

    6. Hey went from drinking as teen to pills as teen then methode and now on subs 3 aday just bought kratom green Malay 500 mg caps I took two and nothing so five hours later took four what should I be taken

  25. So I have 3 yrs clean off of meth, alcohol heroin ECT… Except
    I newly discovered kratom which I can say has really helped with my anxiety and mood, my question is if I take this stuff for prolonged amount of time am I going to experience withdrawl its been about a month and I go one day on obe day off, I also work at a rehab, and I keep thinking do I need to change my clean date cause ive used this, is my integrity at risk, ive been battling this within cause it truly has helped with my mood and anxiety its crazy but I am also terrified to be dependent on any drug. Ive been taking 6 capsules a every other day around 4:00 pm.

    1. Kratom does not show up on a drug screen unless they are specifically looking for Kratom alkaloids, so if your drug screen does not involve Kratom don’t worry it won’t show up as a positive for opiate catagory, the amount you are taking is very low and if it is helping continue to use it in the same manner, as for taking it for a long time, anything you take for a long time will cause dependence, but Kratom in the amount you use is highly unlikely, or better to say you will most likely not have any severe withdrawals symptoms. I been taking it for over a year now, and I take about 30 grams a day spread into 7.5 grams in AM, Lunch and PM. Hope this heplped.

      1. I started low but my tolerance is built up so much I’m taking 12 to 15 grams each dose and about 5 doses in a 24 hour period.

        1. Just take a day or 2 break with no kratom.
          Sometimes a break helps with a tolerance.
          I’ve been on kratom for over 3 years and over the years a break does help.
          I sell it and use it,I swear by it .
          Good luck

          1. I’m still on a moderately low dose & take long breaks in consuming, as well as change up the strains constantly. However I’ve noticed less effectiveness lately with every strain I use. It could be just that it’s time to raise my dosage, but I’m also thinking another change is good to try sometimes & I’m looking to do that. All I have comes from one supplier. I brought it up to them (seller) & their honest answer as well as great prices is why I’ve remained a loyal customer. Anyways their answer was that it’s also a good idea to switch suppliers once in awhile. So I’m currently looking for another source to buy & try from. While I think there are great stores on line. I’ve found better prices with same great quality via independent people or smaller business’s. I’m in a legal U.S.state, so there would be no issues. So I’d really appreciate in hearing from you or anyone else on here that can help or suggest. Can reply for privacy via em: veleef @ yahoo

      2. It actually does show up as suboxone I was in the hospital I told them I’d smoked weed and took kratom haven’t touch suboxone in years so be careful

        1. I think something else must have happened, because although they have a similar effect on the brain, their chemical structures are completely different. Tests for Kratom had to be developed specifically for this reason. Odds are that something else tainted your results or you had residual Suboxone in your body. In very rare cases, chemicals can fail to completely clear from the body and you can pop a positive years after your last dose. I’m only posting this because I don’t want people to be scared off of Kratom when they don’t need to be.

        2. Subs can stay in your body. It had to be that. Kratom and Suboxone are not remotely close in a chemical sense. Kratom would not ever show in a drug test unless they specifically test for Kratom alkaloids.

    2. With that low of a dose only every other day you should be okay. In my opinion kratom does not mean you aren’t sober but this is subjective. I would say it’s not the same as relapsing with hard drugs at all. I think of it like caffeine, caffeine’s addictive and a drug but nobody would consider a cup of coffee a relapse. If you take kratom a lot you can experience slight withdrawal but having an off day like you do should make it so you don’t.
      Congrats on being clean! Kratom helped me SO much also.

      1. When I first read an article about Kratom it was being used in medical facilities to help with withdrawal symptoms. I started using Kratom as a substitute for my pain meds because I did not want to be addicted but have to take meds due to bulging discs in my neck and as a result I have partial tears in both of my rotator cuffs. Doctors are being so hard pressed with the opioid issue so I am allowed 3 a day. I do however feel the effects of red vein Maeng da and gold Bali kratom. Only sometimes though. It is a sleepy feeling or a medicated feeling. Either way I love both of them because I am able to substitute and don’t always have to take my pain meds everyday.

    3. Hello Ashley,

      Based on my extensive research into kratom and your past history with drug abuse I highly recommend you not use kratom. Kratom does have addiction potential. Kratom use can/will lead to dependance, tolerance and withdrawal if you stop using.

      I’ve been clean for 6 months and applaud your desire to stay clean and not be dependent on anything. With this being your goal kratom isn’t for you.

      My personal opinion formed in part by scientific research is that the comparison of kratom to coffee is a gross and dangerous comparison (I don’t think Britt or Goose wish any ill will of course! this is my opinion only)

    4. Hey there, just read your comment and I had to reply! 🙂
      Don’t at all feel bad or guilty for taking kratom being a recovered addict! I am also 16 years clean and sober and I’ve been using kratom past 2 years!

      The thing is this kratom is NOT IS NOT an opioid!!
      The chemicals within kratom attach on the receptors in the same way but do not effect them in same way say as “regular” narcotics, the addiction/ withdrawal or the respitory aspects of narcotics!!

      So NO you 100% keep your clean date and I would say to completely continue with your regimen of kratom! From what we’ve come from doing to taking a natural supplement is in no way the same!!

      And don’t believe any of the bs articles of it being an opioid!! If you do some searches on line or go to kratom sites you will understand the exact terminology and explanation behind it!!! It took me some time but once you start learning the “real” facts about the plant, you’ll be absolutely shocked as to realize how bad the FDA wants to ban it for the simple reason of not making money off it and it actually becoming a natural “healer for all ailments”!!!

      Congrats on your sobriety and keep it up.. it’s not easy some days but know that you have others that r cheering ya on!!!

      Have a good one

    5. Bro ,firstly bravo on your sobriety! Secondly, I would hardly say switching your clean date is necessary..You’re taking a God given herb for anxiety. It’s far than horrible anti-anxiety meds. Don’t get down on yourself.

  26. Hello Everyone
    I just started Kratom about a month ago. I was on oxcys for 2 years then suboxone for 10 years . I quit cold turkey from all that shit. It was a battle but got through it. Im taking kratom 2 tea spoons a day. I have the true kratom meng da brand. Feeling better from depression and mood. Thing is Im haveing a hard time staying asleep. I get 6 hours in then im up. What can I take to stay asleep. Thank You

    1. Hi John, if that is your real name. Ha just kidding. Ok, yes I have been on celexa for about 8 years now. I have been on and off several different antidepressants and anxiety meds for the past 24 years. Celexa has been the only one that truly helped me be me. I can honestly say no side effects except for a bit of weight gain due to water retention but that is only at the top does of 40mg. Also, I am a woman age 47 so you probably won’t have this problem. I also take kradom. Only about 4mg a day around 2:00 pm. I do take it almost everyday. I have been on it for almost 2 months now. I am a master at noticing any small change in me, body, mind and soul and I can say I have not had any bad reaction with the two. Side note, the kradom, I take for many reasons, the celexa helps with cronic pain, anxiety and depression but I also have other health issues that kradom takes up the slack for. Kradom also got me through withdraws from taking my celexa dose from 40 to 20 mg. I am a mom of 5 boys so I do have to throw this in there. Everyone is different. Everyone will have different experiences and effects so take it slow and if you are on celexa take it everyday same time as close as you can to the same time anyway. Remember kratom and celexa won’t “fix” anything on their own. They are tools so you can do things. Like a hammer won’t wack a nail in on its own but, put it in a persons hand and that nail will go right in with effort. Good luck.

      1. John I have taken Kratom for 8 yrs. I take the MD’s in am and noon and Red Bali at night for sedation. I take 1.5 tbl spoons for sleep. But I have never slept more than 5-6 hrs at a time for over 20 yrs. But Red’s get me to sleep. I also mix red with green md if in pain during day.

    2. Hi john ive been on demerol and percocet for sevral back issues to top it of these docs now a days just want to keep pushing different meds ok percs as needed in P.R u get demorol shots i spenx 17 years in P.R ..i got back to yje states using percocet before i knew it i was under gabapentin zoloft omerezol hydroxazin for sleep i went off gabapentin and omfg i got withdrawals like a heroin user now i cut everything and olny take kratom for sleep i take 4 meletonen 10 mg and withing 30 min im out and am able to stay asleep and also wake up at 5 or 6 am on early shifts …TRY MELETONEN START WITH 10 MG IF THAT DONT WORK JUST WORK UP THE DOSAGE OH AND WHEN IM REALLY ANXIOUS I DRINK A LAVANDA TEA JUST THE SMELL OF TE TEA AS THE BAG GOES IN THE WATER IS SOTHING HOPE THIS WORKS GOD BLESS

      1. You should absolutely not be taking that much melatonin

        1. Qfreed! I was taking truple melatonin for years recently got off it and omg the sude effects were horrible and I was pinning it in other stuff!

          1. Do u know that ur brain naturally produces melatonin. Not to put what u say down but look it up. It’s impossible to withdraw from melatonin. U can look it up urself. Just go to google and ask google can u withdraw from melatonin and read. Read all u can about the supplement. It’s a naturally produced hormone in ur body u r never without it without or without the supplement. Therefore u can’t withdraw off something that is still in body. U body produces it constantly in ur brain. Just do it, read about it urself. And find out what I’m saying.. I’m sorry to say but somehow u must have gotten ahold of something else or it was some bad batches.. I do apologize not busting ur hump just educated u on what I believe u could’ve already known if u researched it back then.. God bless

      2. You should always take Melatonin on an empty stomach. I take one in the morning and one at night. That is all you need. If you feel drowsy, just take it at night. I take it with a small amount of a sugary drink such as Apple Juice, Grape juice, orange, Etc. I just feel it works better with a little sugar. Take turmeric with or before your Kratum vitamin D, magnesium, krill oil/eat fish, Probiotics and fiber. Eat clean no grease. Take a nap everyday. 5-15 minutes. If you cannot take a nap, just find a quiet spot and close your eyes. Do not sleep for more than 15 minutes or you shall be groggy. Finally, GET SOME EXERCISE. REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    3. Hey buddy. I have found myself in a very similar situation. I use a small amount of valerian root during the day for anxiety and a heavier dose at night for sedation. It’s not always easy to fall asleep but when I do typically I’ll sleep a solid 7 hours. Also began brewing my own teas. You can find the herbs in bulk at a lot of different grocery stores.
      My insomnia blend:
      Lavender flower
      Passion flower
      Lemon Balm
      These are fantastic brewed together. Passion flower and skullcap have a grassy/weedy taste so I would go a little lighter on those but have fun with it. Brewing is also a fantastic evening routine. Drink 1-2 hours before bed. Avoid brewing valerian – it tastes like the smell of a horse… lol

    4. Try kava

    5. I have been an addict since age 5. No, seriously my parents put me on Ritalin. By age 15 when I took meth for the first time I thought o, ok this is just like my meds. By age 18 I was sprung on heroin. I also have done Suboxone. Sleep is always the last thing to come. But I learned if you listen to scripture being spoken it knocks you out. I got through withdrawals more times than I can count from being incarcerated and just trying to quit on my own I’m finally been clean now for a year and a half and I did it through the power of Jesus. And when is the worst and I couldn’t sleep during detox I would just say the name of Jesus over and over and over again and I get to sleep. There are also these things call binaural beats. Those seem to help a lot. if you haven’t come to know the Lord now would be a great time all you have to do is believe that Jesus died and rose again on the third day. Ask for forgiveness of your sins and repent of your sins. no one disputes whether Jesus was a man that walked this Earth everyone knows that our timeline States it before Christ after death. People just dispute his Divine qualities.if you can come to terms with the fact that he was sent by God in was God then you can believe in him then you can be free from sin.

      1. Omg…. really? Come on now…

        1. Isn’t this a Kratom site? I believe in a Higher Power, but really?

      2. Does anyone know about liquid kratom

      3. Christopher, Thank you for telling others what will truly help them!!! I agree!!

  27. Just a question, does anyone take celexa (antidepressant) with kratom? I’m in a treatment program and kratom is the only thing truly keeping me from relapsing but I was also prescribed celexa. Has anyone had any interactions taking the two? Thanks

    1. I didnt notice any adverse reactions or differences when I was taking celexa but I was also on a very low dose of celexa at the time.

    2. I take 40mg Celexa and Kratom. I have had no interactions or anything. I have been on the Celexa for about 3 years and started using Kratom one year ago. 🙂

      1. Can you tell me how to start taking this…its pill form. There are no instructions on the bottle???

    3. I take 40mg of Celexa also, and haven’t had any problems taking Kratom. I would like to know if anyone has had the issues I’m having with withdrawal from Fentanyl. I have trigeminal neuralgia, which causes extreme nerve pain, and was eventually prescribed 4 different pain killers to control the pain. After 2 years of taking Fentanyl bad pain killers the routine became tiring and the side effects intolerable. I began to taper off my meds and in June 2018 I had a laser procedure to alleviate much of the sporadic nerve pain. After the procedure I decreased my meds to only the Fentanyl patch, and as my doctor advised cut them into smaller pieces to slowly taper off. I had my last dose/patch 2 and a half weeks ago and the withdrawal still kicked in terribly hard, despite dosing down to a 1/4″x1/4″ size patch. I read up on Kratom and felt that trying wouldn’t hurt, and a Kratom shop just so happened to be 3 blocks from my place. The Kratom immediately helped with my withdrawal symptoms, but as the Kratom wears off, the withdrawal symptoms kick in. Although Kratom isn’t an opiate, because it works in the brain similar to one scares me. I don’t want to feel or be addicted to anything my body doesn’t need. Today begins the 3rd week of my opiate withdrawal. The symptoms aren’t as bad, I just can’t sleep longer than 3-4 hours a night, and my muscles feel sore. Kratom helps alleviate the soreness, and elevates my mood but the 3 or 4 capsules is typically take don’t have the same effect, and I’m not going to 5. I’m worried that taking Kratom could be extending the symptoms of my opiate withdrawal. Has anyone had a similar experience with using Kratom to help with opiate withdrawal, and would you suggest that I quit taking Kratom now?

      1. I withdrew from fentanyl 2yrs ago.cold.turkey…was dr. Have me on opiods…I’m trying to wean off going to use krantom…pray it works… fed up.with doctors….

        1. Jay, what has worked for most with WD’S is red bali mixed with green MD. That is what I used, but you have to find your dose. I think you are taking too little. I didn’t do capsule but used a heaping spoon of powder way back in my throat and held breath, head up and chased with mountain due. For the first week had to do this every 3 hrs. Took only red bali at night. I had no with draws.

      2. No, it’s not extending the withdrawals, it works differently on your Opioid receptors so you should have a clean start with the Kratom and still be able to beat the addiction to Fentanyl but if you take it numerous amount of days in a row you will have withdrawals from Kratom but they should be tolerable unless your taking a HUGE amount (extracts) I’ve found that taking more than 8 or 9 grams of powder Kratom leaf I start feeling sick to my stomach and I do take the capsules and they DO work. I was a Heroin addict and pill addict I used to get a ton of Roxy 30s and then Oxy 40s and then Opana and then Heroin and then Fentanyl. I started going to the doctor to get Subutex and got up to 20mg+ of Subutex a day (high dosage) and then something very VERY terrible happened at home and so I cold Turkey dropped Subutex after 2 years and took Naltrexone (vivatrol) at increased dosage a day until after 8 days I could get the shot and I NEVER have been so sick in my life. It wasnt the sickness that bothered it felt like I was losing my mind. Before I was able to get into the doctor to start my Naltrexone I ordered Meng Da Kratom and it REALLY made things tolerable until I was ready to get the Vivatrol shot and I didn’t get sick from the Kratom so…It wasnt extending anything. (about a week).

    4. trying krantom 1/2/ tsp.going thanks

    5. Apparently neither kradom or celexa keeps me from being an airhead. I am replying to Austin no John. But hello to the both of you.

    6. Hi John, if that is your real name. Ha just kidding. Ok, yes I have been on celexa for about 8 years now. I have been on and off several different antidepressants and anxiety meds for the past 24 years. Celexa has been the only one that truly helped me be me. I can honestly say no side effects except for a bit of weight gain due to water retention but that is only at the top does of 40mg. Also, I am a woman age 47 so you probably won’t have this problem. I also take kradom. Only about 4mg a day around 2:00 pm. I do take it almost everyday. I have been on it for almost 2 months now. I am a master at noticing any small change in me, body, mind and soul and I can say I have not had any bad reaction with the two. Side note, the kradom, I take for many reasons, the celexa helps with cronic pain, anxiety and depression but I also have other health issues that kradom takes up the slack for. Kradom also got me through withdraws from taking my celexa dose from 40 to 20 mg. I am a mom of 5 boys so I do have to throw this in there. Everyone is different. Everyone will have different experiences and effects so take it slow and if you are on celexa take it everyday same time as close as you can to the same time anyway. Remember kratom and celexa won’t “fix” anything on their own. They are tools so you can do things. Like a hammer won’t wack a nail in on its own but, put it in a persons hand and that nail will go right in with effort. Good luck.

    7. Hey

    8. I’ve been taking kratom almost 2 years now, as it’s a huge part in my recovery as well, and I’ve been taking lexapro, which is also an SSRI just like celexa and it doesn’t have a negative effect on me

      1. Can I ask you how much Kratom you take a day ? Thank You !

    9. I’m not a doctor but have a degree in nuclear medicine; went to school for phlebotomy and am
      a personal trainer; I wrote a little of my story on here earlier I had the same questions bc I have been on Wellbutrin for 12 years at 150mg. I came off of Percocet, adderall and Xanax with kratom due to RA I had been prescribed these medications, had to keep my stress low, have chronic fatigue syndrome and was in the type of pain a person wants to die from; anything would have been better than where I was at. Thankfully my old doctor who is very old school and believes in holistic medicine was willing to answer my questions about antidepressants and Kratom; “once you are on a antidepressant you are on them for life; it’s designed to help straighten out your brain chemistry.” I couldn’t take celexa; I take my Wellbutrin at night as I take my Kratom during the day; never do I take them together.

  28. hello everyone.
    I am very new to kratom and have already learned so much just reading the replies. Had no idea that there could be so much variation between batches and powder variation! I needed a pain and anxiety supplement that actually works, and the one I have tried does, however I do end up violently retching after about 1.5 hrs. I am already taking a very small dose (by measurement, not weight), just wondering if experienced folks keep at it or just stop taking it. Is there any chance of organ damage from kratom use? Thanks all

    1. I did. Different strains/dosage amounts effect people differently. I find red and green strains help me with pain.

      1. I’m looking for kratom tho help with my husband’s pain, oxy withdrawal(mainly pain to stay of oxy) and for his anxiety.
        What strains and dosages should we start with? No scale so have to be tspns at the moment.
        We’d appreciate and are desperate for advice. He can’t keep going thru withdrawal just cuz his dr won’t write oxy. Plus, he’s in actual pain, that’s why he takes oxy.

        1. Hey ma am we take red borneo and it helps with pain and anxiety, its unreal. The powder is what we take.
          We take white mag de for energy.
          Kratom has truly changed our life.
          Hope your husband finds something.
          We go to vapor dog in new port richey they are great there.

        2. Cray,

          There is absolutely no risk of organ damage from taking kratom, and it’s safe for diabetics; it has been found to lower blood sugar, so it may actually help with diabetes.

          Congratulations to everybody on here who is recovering from serious, life-destroying addictions!

          To those who say kratom is substituting one addiction for another, maybe it is, but so is coffee, cigarettes, refined sugar, video games, compulsive exercise, etc. Please consider that with kratom addiction, you will not die, and you won’t steal to support your addiction.

          Therefore, if it is just another addiction, it’s a harmless one. Don’t shame people for doing what works for them. If AA/NA work for you, great, but it doesn’t work for everybody.

          Peace, Shalom, Salam…

    2. Take dramamine before hand or benadryl

    3. I just got some have not taken it yet. They said don’t take on empty stomach an try tsp of the powder first then see how that does an tomorrow take two tsp. It scares me the reviews. We are having a tea shop opening up that is serving kratom tea. I can’t imagine having a work break an be throwing up an hour or so later. I have chronic pain. They lady said try Bali kratom

      1. taking on an empty stomach makes it more effective and yes i do take on empty stomach

    4. Yes. Kratom is pretty hard on the liver. I love kratom but I take depakote so I make sure to be informed on the chemistry of any chemicals I take. Try to research before believing people that say kratom is harmless. Its not; it’s to be respected and treated like any other drug. The LD50 of Kratom is so high but sustained long term use of kratom can and will kill a person without taking that “impossible lethal dose” – which is more of guideline. Everybody’s chemistry is different. You can die from kratom from tachycardia or closed airways at high doses before reaching LD50. Just like the famously huge misconception by cannabis lovers like myself, that you cant OD on marijuana. BS. Yes you can. Hash, hash oil or edibled kills people all the time but nobody wants to accept or admit that. I’ve been on my death bed several times due to cannabis overdose and near heary failure. A drug is a drug… is a drug. Remember that.

      1. Cannabis hasn’t killed anyone in 5000 years

      2. lol pot doesn’t kill ppl… you mentioned hash and hash oil….duh… but not smoking joints. Don’t try and cloud the water with cannabis kills… anything can kill if abused… strictly smoking pot wont kill you…. some idiots lol

      3. David, my personal experience with Kratom has been a positive one. I started about 6 months ago in effort to help me quit taking Vicodin (recreationally). I found that I didn’t have nearly as intense cravings for Vicodin as I normally did when I ran out. Currently I take 12 to 13 grams a day. 6 or 6.5 In the morning and 6 or 6.5 in the afternoon (no less than 6 hours from previous dose). About 1 month ago, I thought I’d experiment with quitting cold turkey to see if I would experience any withdrawal symptoms and to my surprise, it felt pretty much the same as quitting coffee. I’m not sure if I’m an anomaly but that’s my personal experience for what it’s worth.

        1. If you dont mind me asking, what strains did you use? I’m trying to get off norcos myself but have no idea what dosage/strain to use. Thanks in advance

        2. I’m trying to figure out how do I convert grams to Tablespoons. I don’t know how much to take, and not sure what to compare a gram to?

          1. 1g powder weight equals 1/4 tsp, I actually measured mine on a food scale bc initially I thought I was taking too much. I use medicine man 100% red vein Bali Kratom. So 1 tsp equals 4 grams weight; now convert tsp to tablespoons

      4. No you can’t die from a lower than lethal dose. Seriously? You can make yourself sick and or groggy which will cause you to vomit up what you took and go to sleep.

      5. David,
        I call bullshit!

      6. David,

        I also call BS. You haven’t been on your death-bed, because you’re here talking about it. Just because you ate a brownie and thought you were going to die, doesn’t mean you actually would. You just freaked out and thought you needed to go to the hospital. If you had gone to see a doctor, they would’ve laughed at you.

      7. The worse that happens is when you take kratom is vomit. You David are just ignorant

  29. I take 2 mg of Klonopin after I get off at work around 6 PM. It’s getting more difficult to get a doctors prescription Because some doctors require that I go see a therapist for treatment and the therapist calls the doctor to approve of him writing a prescription. However it is difficult to get to the doctor and therapist because I work Monday through Friday 6 AM to 6 PM. Klonopin is fantastic, And it’s helped me deal with severe anxiety for the past five years. There are times where I can skip a day but recently I depend on it. I am new to Kratom And just bought a little bit from a store and although the guy was really knowledgeable, I’m trying to find the best substitute for Klonopin While on between prescriptions. Does anyone have advice on the best Kratom For severe anxiety that’s not going to have serious side effects?
    Today I bought green Indo, white Bali, and green Borneo. Haven’t taken them yet

    1. I’ve been suffering from chronic bed is ready and depression or four years. I started taking indo and I was able to leave the house finally. I highly recommend it for depression. Just be aware that it is very addicting but won’t kill you

      1. How much did you start with? Thanks

    2. Hi Paul,

      I’ve been talking kratom for a few months, and I honestly don’t feel much of a difference between the different colors, BUT they all work. The key is to alternate the strains (ex: Monday take White kratom. Tuesday take Green kratom, etc….) Doing this will ensure you don’t develop tolerance to any one strain…. Get as many different kinds as you can and alternate. I’ve found the Red strains are the best for relaxation, euphoria, etc…. But ALL of them will make you feel good. I suggest trying as many different ones as possible. Take on empty stomach if you can. Start with 1 teaspoonful to start. Actually 1-2 teaspoonful is ok. If you have any other questions, please ask..


      1. I was told it will make you sick to stomach if you take it on empty stomach from the lady i bought it from.

      2. Hi everyone, I have been researching Kratom for suboxone withdrawal for about a year, I finally made the decision a couple wks ago, tapered down to .5 mlg of suboxone a day about a wk ago and have not taken any in 3 days, I’m taking the Kratom- it is making me sick when I drink it but it is helping me continue on with my life and not allow the withdrawals to take control, I also take .5 mlgrms of ativan a day I’m prescribed 2 a day but only take one as well as 5 mlgrms of ambien a night, I’m sending my husband to get me double zero caps today so that I can take it easier without it coming back up, that’s my scenario, my question is how many double zero caps is safe with what I’m taking & prevent the horrible withdrawals from kicking in? I took my last dose yesterday at 5pm and I went to bed at 10pm woke up at 2:40 feeling like I was gonna come out of my skin & I had leg cramps- I went and bought the vitamins for restless leg syndrome today I just dont want to go through that feeling again, I took a tablespoon of Kratom and was back asleep by 3:20 & I woke up at 6:30 to take my kids to school without any withdrawals

        1. Hey Amanda,
          First off, gel-caps are the way to go. CLEARLY, anyone who tried Kratom as straight powder knows…it’s freaking disgusting! I don’t know how some of these folks do it, but whatever works right?
          As for the caps and filling them goes, I order mine off Amazon. I find the vegetarian kind are slightly better on the stomach but are a little more brittle. The gelatin caps are a little cheaper and easier to fill. Depending on how many you take a day will dictate the best way to do so. I don’t to be a pain in the butt to fill caps every day, so I found a “00” cap filler online. There are a lot out there and are pretty cheap. So I find some time once a week to press them out. (Press makes 100 @ a time) Now for the IMPORTANT PART!!
          Weight them!!!
          I use a small bakers scale you can get from the store or online. Make sure it can weigh half grams at least (preferably tenths of a gram) weight empty caps 1st.
          Fill and ALWAYS weight after. Then just divide it up to the dose you want to use.
          I’ve been doing this for about 2yrs to get off meds and for a bulged disc. It has worked very well and will save you tons of money!!!

      3. That’s where I’m messed up I stayed on one strain too long an became dependent. Now I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. I tried to quit cold turkey but the restless leg syndrome was horrible and it took me into a severe depression. After 4 days of not being able to sleep I started taking it Again. I use to be on opiates and this is far better than being on opiates and way cheaper! I just hate lockdown drugs! drugs that cause me to have withdrawals if I don’t have them.

    3. Lmao you just sound super addicted to klonopin saying all that trying to justify. Just quit before your too deep in

      1. Hahahaha shut it. If it works for him who are you to talk Shit!!

        1. I researched klonopin it is so addictive it only takes a few days to become depended on it I was prescribed it and it scared me so bad that I would only take it like 2 or 3 days in a row.those doctors have to know how addictive this crap is.

      2. I think u r don’t know what your talking about,u must not deL with anxiety,if u don’t have can’t understand it leave off when u don’t understand u r in a forum for Pray on which is against the law in some states, let’s us know when u get your M.D. and therapist license

    4. I also take klonopins for PTSD & anxiety I find that Red Vien Kali is superb. It typically switch from Red Vien Kali, Bali, Red Vien Thai & Red Dragon I typically always got for Red Viens. Switching helps you not get used to certain strains I do a few days of one and switch. But this is my opinion maybe you can try and see how you feel. Extracts I typically go for reds and Indo and Super Indo black. I add to powder so enhance the sedation and euphoria. There’s some good literature on Kratom. Very informative.

    5. I understand completely with the doctor situation. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend cannabis nor kratom for anxiety. Kratom is not going to stop anything like a panic attack or severe anxiety like a benzodiazepine (Klonopin). The red strains are more sedating and have higher concentrations of active alkaloids you could try though.

    6. Kratom might help with the anxiety if it wasn’t being directly caused by klonopin withdrawal, but it won’t help with the physical risks which is what you should mainly be concerned about after 5 years on it.
      The package insert for klonopin says this, and they mean it:

      “What is the most important information I should know about KLONOPIN?

      Do not stop taking KLONOPIN without first talking to your healthcare provider. Stopping KLONOPIN suddenly can cause serious problems.

      Do not stop KLONOPIN without first talking to a healthcare provider. Stopping KLONOPIN suddenly can cause serious problems. Stopping KLONOPIN suddenly can cause seizures that will not stop (status epilepticus). ”

      Keep in mind the package insert for fentanyl only talks about reducing dosage slowly to avoid unpleasant symptoms, no mention of a potentially lethal chain-seizure… just to put the dangers of benzo withdrawal in perspective.

    7. Paul ,hi I too take klonopin 2mg per night. Please don’t try to substitute kratom for it. It’s a whole different kind animal. If you want to get off klonopin or any benzos, you will have titrate down .05 mgs at time. So you would take 1 and 1 or a 95th of pill ,maybe you are lucky and can take away 1/4 but beware and cautiously read all you can, benzos are dangerous drugs to come off of. You should consider consulting with your doctor he or she will have a great understanding how to do this. I don’t want you to suffer from this harmful drug. Good luck with your journey! And if anyone has any questions about benzos just post i will reply.

  30. I am a nurse and work on a unit that gives lots of pain killers. Tramadol is not very strong. But yes in high doses, above 250mg, it can induce seizure activity. Just the tramadol alone.

    1. Tracie,
      I have experienced this! I was on tramadol for quite awhile for a back injury and developed seizures so I ended up on narcotics of course. Just started Kratom and in hope that it helps so I can get off of morphine.

  31. Just to clear one thing up. No one should be telling someone to down a table spoon of kratom. Because there is no way of knowing how much Mitragyna speciosa (one of the main alkaloids in the plant) each batch of kratom actually contains. I’ve been using, researching and growing the plants for over 10 years. And over that time I’ve learned you can’t treat one batch of kratom like your last batch. I’ve taking as much as 15 “000” capsules and barely felt it. Then again I’ve taken 1/2 teaspoon of kratom from another batch same strain, vein color and vendor at the time. Which made me vomit for about 3 hours. Kratom is a completely safe botanical to use. But never assume one amount from one batch will be the same in the next. Also the strain and vein color might be the same. But you should also know what they don’t tell you. Such as drying process. are the leaves fermented or not? Fermented kratom is 13 times stronger then morphine. Also never assume the same batch has the same amount of Mitragyna speciosa or any of the as much as the other 25 compounds found in kratom. Unless your have a advance degree in chemistry and a fully equipped laboratory you will have no way of knowing how much of these compounds you are consuming. You just know someone on the internet told you to take 1 full tablespoon. Not even knowing your weight, age or tolorence. So always start low and go from there. The incredibly potent alkaloid, 7-hydroxymitragynine is 13 times higher analgesic potency than morphine and 46 folds higher than standard mitragynine. Red is sedative and a relaxed vein that can produce opioid effects. It is a euphoric color, and also famous for pain relief and relaxation of all kinds.They have high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine than average kratom, an alkaloid associated with analgesia and stress relief. You must also remember that Everyone has unique biochemistry. Some people are more resistance to some strains more than others.

    1. Well said. I have done loads of research myself and agree with everything you stated. Especially about people having different biochemistry. I went through the pain pill debacle a few times, two knee surgeries, etc.. it got bad. Today I take Bali Gold, Bumblebee Brand. Combined with ibuprofen my knee pain is manageable. This particular strain also helps me with anxiety. It generally lifts my mood but not in a crazy euphoric sort of way. Also, if I stop taking it I feel ok. Unlike stopping antidepressants or pain meds. Kratom is a great alternative for me to pharmaceuticals and I have been taking it regularly for over a year. But that’s just me. Kratom does help me with some pretty intense pain and anxiety, but it is not necessarily a cure all for either issue as they are multifaceted. Walking my dog is a better treatment for anxiety than any of the 15 different antidepressants I have ever taken. Someone mentioned lack of sleep. Something I am intimately familiar with. I saw a doctor once who told me that if I dont sleep a lot every night, dont worry about it. Easier said than done, but eventually it sunk in and my concerns about how much or little I sleep have basically gone away. Today I stay pretty active and usually wear myself out. I used to believe that if I didn’t get 8 hours every night I was in trouble and going to be tired then next day. But I was only tired if I kept telling myself I was tired. Going back to biochemistry, red strains dont relax me as much as they probably do for most. It’s sort of the opposite. To anyone reading this, I completely agree with Kash, and I would seek out guidance from someone with his or her apparent knowledge when trying this stuff out. The dosing can be tricky and it took me quite a while to figure out what works for me because I didn’t have anyone to discuss it with. The places I buy my kratom have employees who actually take the stuff and from time to time we will discuss it; different brands, dosage, method of taking it, etc…

    2. You are very well versed regarding regarding Kratom I have stage 4 arthritis in both knees and my hip how much would you suggest I start out using

    3. Can you tell me the best brand that isn’t overly expensive. For my moderate to severe foot and leg pain. And how much to take this is to Kash 301

    4. On every new batch i start with 1/4 teaspoon and work my way up until it’s effective.

  32. Can I use kraton with gabapentin?what would be an acceptable dose if each and how iften?

    1. 6692589817 I’ll take a text. Any info? I was using Gabapentin to help with my sleep for a few days but realized, because that’s not what it is used for, I cannot take it constantly. But what happens when you mix Kratom and Gabapentin? I have both 100 mg and 300 mg of the Gabapentin and I am a 29 year old female about 110 lb beginning my detox from a 3-year heroin habit. Left number above to text even! I have 750mg red bali, don’t want to “build a tolerance” to quite anything. Originally the Gabapentin was to help me sleep but I realized I cannot take it everyday or it won’t work for sleep, just wondering what happens when you mix it with the kratom.

      1. I used both in small doses to get thru off and on suboxone use even tho I kicked herion 3 years ago .. and well.. it was safe and pretty helpful

        1. Subs are great for coming off of pain meds- what strains you used for withdrawals? Thanks

      2. I would strongly suggest that you first read experiential reviews on Gabapentin. I suffer from Major depression, and painful arthritis in my lower back. It is a tightrope I navigate, concerning medicine, treating without interactions. Doctor started me on Gabapentin in an effort to get me off Vicodin, which I had successfully taken for almost 10 years. No overdoses, no problems, just RELIEF with the Vicodin. Gabapentin slows the synapses in your brain, along with producing nasty side effects and even personality changes. It took me one absolutely hideous month of withdrawals. Worse than any medication I have ever been on. Every bad feeling you could imagine and relentless. I thought I was not going to make it. Read the hundreds, possibly thousands of neg reviews. There are personal horror stories and they are not hard to find. Withdrawal consisted of sweating, no sleep, nausea, headache, vomiting and all manner of digestive distress, anxiety, depression, I could go on and on. Honestly. It is poison. Go off it slowly. Very slowly, reducing your dosage 100mg a week until you are off. My husband dislocated his shoulder before I knew that the Gabapentin was making me sick. He was not himself at all. He would have outbursts of rage, which nearly ended our almost 30 yr marriage at the time. He titrated down slowly as well. We will not go near the stuff. Please, believe me. If you are on a low dose, go off as soon as you can. High dose? Be slow and careful. It will not be pretty but you WILL get through it. Do that first, then consider Kratom. Gabapentin affects you in ways that others close to you can see, but those of which you can be unaware. Rage. Irritability, anxiety, slowed speech and actions. Dissipation of mental capacity. Run away, but please do it safely and if your doctor doesn’t “get it,” titrate slower. Just know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please, for the sake of all that is right and good, get off it. ASAP. Best wishes to you. Kratom works, but get rid of the poison first. Then, take the Kratom with care. It is easy to build an unhealthy tolerance pretty quickly. Used properly, it WORKS.

        1. Glad u posted this abt gabapentin. It’s dangerous!! Made me suicidal and was unable to fight it! I was on it for nerve pain and didn’t help. I have the same issues as you and Lyrica was a lifesaver. I’m new to kratom and Hope it can replace the Lyrica as well as the morphine, Baclofen and Butrans.
          I need help with serious pain, arthritis, migraines and withdrawal from those meds. Any ideas or combos i should start with?

          1. Hi I’m pretty new to kratom as well. For two years I was on heavy pain killers after I broke my spine. High dose of Dilaudid and Fentanyl. I was a shell of a human being. I quit all meds I was taking cold turkey. I heard about kratom, and it has been a lifesaver for me. I was on pain meds for two years and I quit them two years ago. I no longer need my ulcer meds as often, or ibuprofen. I was on Gabapentin too. I no longer need it. I still have pain in my spine , but since kratom, I’m more productive at work, I smile more, I sleep great. I’m also losing weight. Every three days I am losing about two pounds. After I quit pain meds cold turkey I gained a lot of weight. Kratom has helped me so much! I wouldn’t try to blend your Lyrica or Gabapentin with kratom. In fact, I would ask my doctor what could happen if you just happen to take certain meds with kratom. I’m a dental hygienist, and the doctors I work with actually recommend kratom. It’s safer than narcotics. I wish you the best of luck and I hope I was helpful. I hope you start feeling better, too. XOXO

          2. The pain killing effect is 13x stronger than morphine. Kratom also doesn’t cause respiratory depression like traditional opiates which makes it very safe.

      3. If i were u, from experience, GET OFF OF GABAPENTIN!!! If you are taking it for nerve pain(which is one reason for it) then stop and take Lyrica. I say this because while i was taking Gabapentin, it gave me serious suicidal ideations/tendencies, that i did not want!!. Never in my life have I had issues with suicide and it had me standing at the kitchen sink basically sawing at my arm with a knife, screaming for someone to please stop me because i couldn’t. Whatever reason you’re taking Gabapentin for, trust me, there is a better medication to take. I have insomnia and the best thing I have ever taken is trazodone. I can judge how much I need to take and will sleep for certain number of hours and wake up just fine, takes a couple times to get used to it. Gabapentin is a dangerous medication

        1. heya, i tried to kill myself taking lyrica, it did to me what gabapentin did to you, and it does it many people. a doctor in australia wanted to stop a study using lyrica for back pain patients because so many reported suicidal ideation: i’m glad it is helping you, but be careful when you advise others that it is safe. after less than a month on lyrica, i took 90 blood pressure pills, told no one and nearly died. never in my life had i done anything like that before. i have permanent movement disorder now and neuropathy that i did not have until lyrica caused it, along with gaining 20 lbs. there’s a facebook group called lyrica survivors for people who are trying to get off it, please suggest that so they know what they’re getting into. wishing you the best.

    2. Not sure if my first reply went through but just curious, one if these replies are working, and two, any info on that?

      1. I take 900 mg’s a day of gabapentin and use kratom on occasion in between my suboxone appt…. ive never had any ILL effects…. however that is just me…. I run out of my suboxone early sometimes because i take more then im supposed to because I have a major stomach issue (that may be related do long term suboxone use)…if u were wondering… im also the same age, and a male

      2. I take 600 mg Gabapentin daily, and there are no side effects whatsoever when taking Kratom. I’m currently taking kratom twice/day in small doses. Hope this helps!!!

  33. I was glad to read all the posts. I’m a newbie too but am totally “hooked” on Kratom. No doctor will help me with pain pills I have fibromyalgia and arthritis real bad and hurt constantly. Kratom is the only thing that helps me. My husband makes it up into pill form for me, and I take 6 to 8 “00” pills every 4 to 5 hours. It has given me my life back. I used to just sit and cry. Now I lead a normal life. ( so so😆)

    1. I have been using Kratom for over 6 months, Mostly red bali, I use it for anxiety and stress and to keep me off the booze and I will say it works, I have not been drinking. I do take a fairly high dose usually 5 teaspoons per dosage. I am getting a decent price, I can get a kilo for like 90 to 95 if I do an ach payment instead of debit or c/c. If you have a drug or drinking problem Kratom will help but you still have to put some work in, it is not a cure all. Its like vaping so you do not crave smokes but the vaping only helps and I still have cravings for smokes ast times. I just hope it stays legal as it is all ready illegal in 6 states. I hope this post helps any fellow addicts. P/O

      1. Where are you getting your Kratom?

        1. If you google where to buy, you can usually find it. I know there are several head shops that sell it in my area; in PA, the employees are not allowed to discuss anything about kratom itself, only the packaging size, price, etc. Go in with an idea of what you want; sometimes they have a book of printouts explaining each strain…… just google “where to buy kratom locally” or you can just purchase it online. do your research, it helps. Good Luck!

    2. Thank you so much Kate. I was going to ask the community what to do since I have fibromyalgia and my doctor won’t give me pain medication either. Im wondering what to do for pain and energy. I would be grateful for any information you have on what type of Kratom works for you.

      1. Robin Look into green and red strains,Red and Grteen Ma Daeng is common and known for energy and painkilling effects. Red is stronger and more sedative, possibly stronger pain killing effects as well. Green is more balanced with energy and pain killing effects. Perhaps try some of both, green for daytime use and red for bad pain episodes. Hope this helps and good luck to you!.

      2. Green maeng da!!!! I have fibro and fatigue bothers me way more than pain most days. Like can’t move or think straight fatigue. This stuff gives me focused energy, like a wide-eyed clear-headed feeling, not at all an “affected feeling” so I’m even comfortable using it before work. I use a very small dose in tea. Green bali relaxes my muscles and lets me sleep on days I can afford to. What a life saver!

      3. Hi I’m using Kratom for daily fatigue pain anxiety and depression. I like to mix it up get different kinds of strains each time. I usually do white and green together. I also have my red boreno when I run out for emergencies.

    3. What brand do you use

  34. Please go to the “Kratom for dummies page.. On facebook…not implying anyone is a dummy it’s just a great page with supportive, educated people that WANT to help you understand all about our wonderful tea we have been blessed to find. Then join other support groups connected to Kratom education.. If you have trouble finding them pm me (Laurie E. Blanton) on FB and I’ll send you links. Good luck!!

  35. I’ve recently discovered Kratom, please be careful when you’re using this so called natural product. I have been searching for a healthier way to combat my chronic pain. 40mg oxytocin extended release pills twice a day are my doctors orders. Kratom at a dose of 4 to 6 mgs does wonders for my disposition and physical relief. But beware, I mistakenly had taken 500mgs of tramadol the same day as I dosed with a high amount of kratom. I had a full blown siezure and spent the next 3 days in the hospital. DO NOT MIX the 2 or any opioid with kratom. Using kratom by itself at a dose of 4 to 6 mgs a couple times per week is your safer option. Also, if you are using welbutren, be aware this product lowers your threshold tolerance relating to seizures. High amounts of kratom along with other opioids or tramadol while on welbutren increases your chance of siezures immensely.

    1. Your seizure was caused by a high dose of tramadol. Tramadol causes seizures by itself at high doses but especially when combined with other drugs. Make sure to fully inform yourself so you don’t accidentally misinform many more people. Peace brother

      1. I have fibro and am currently on 10 mg Prozac. How does kratom interact with it?

        1. I have been on prozacfor the past 6 months 60mg a day and i use 20 grams of kratom a day the only thing ive noticed is i get tired now unless i dose high which i think tolarance is the problem after 2 years of daily use they say less is more but then why do i need more and more
          every month iam confused

      2. Thank you for writing what I was thinking. Lol

    2. It is ABSOLUTELY the Tramadol!! I keep seeing headlines and comments that vilify Kratom but when you actually read all the way through, it turns out Kratom was mixed with some potentially lethal stuff. Gee, I shot heroin, snorted coke and took 5 grams of Kratom and for some reason I almost died. Damn Kratom

      1. Hahahahahaha this is amazing 😂😂😂😂

      2. It was O-Desmethyltramadol, what tramadol breaks down into in the body.

      3. that was fuckin hilarious dude well said and nice delivery XD

    3. Tramadol caused the seizures. Not the Kratom.

    4. Please, forgive me for asking a personal question, have you had seizures before Kratom?
      I’m looking into Kratom (and everything else under the sun) as a possible alternative instead of several months on pain meds after my upcoming multi-level ACDF surgery.

    5. I’ve had seizures while taking ultram. It has little or nothing to do with kratom.

    6. I believe you meant to say “oxycontin!!?” “Oxytocin” is a drug they give women to increase contractions during laboe.

    7. Tramadol alone will cause seizures. Especially at that dosage. Stay away from tramadol and gabapentin.

    8. You didn’t accidentally take 500 mg tramadol haha just be honest

  36. Karen
    i am very new to all of this. i used kratom to get off pain meds. i have a lot of metal holding my spine together, they just took a foot of my intestine out of me, i have a feeding tube, many conditions. i have two problems. the guy i get my kratom from is charging me $110. a kilo, i live on a fixed income of less then 800.00 a month, so, it is time for me to do something for myself. the second problem i have is finding a new doctor. with all the new laws that have taken place, because of the pain pill over doses, my doctor just is not the same. i need a dr. that will listen to the patient and not let the gov. tell him or her what to do. i live in phoenix @ my pcp needs to be a internal med..if you can help me any at all, thank you.

    1. Have you found a good Dr yet. My bf is going through the same thing and we are in Phoenix as well.Dr are scared to help. Write letters to all our politicians, health dept. Whoever you can think of. Plus there are chronic pain patients groups you should check out. Ex don’t punish pain,C-50 are a couple. you all need to come together and fight this injustice. Also, Be careful with pain clinics. They are not all certified in pain management. If u found a good Dr. Let me know. My email is [email protected]

  37. Hi guys I’ve been on MS Contin and oxycodone for almost 8 years now and I want to get off I’m starting to have some difficulty with my memory and I am a 51 year old female who desperately wants to come off those meds I hate it I just recently bought the maeng da is there a 30 capsules in the package and each capsule is 0.5. Because I was scared at first I only tried one and nothing happened and then I tried 2 still nothing now I’m up to 4 or five of the 0.5.
    Unfortunately I have a super high tolerance due to cancer I had 23 surgeries my pain doctor put me on the MS Contin the oxycodone and for breakthrough painFentura I am glad to say that I do not take theFentura I haven’t in almost a year but I still have the other medication and I’m trying to find away to make the pain go away it’s hard with the capsules
    I do not mix my prescription pain drugs with the kratom I’m also an RN so I know that would be stupid but I don’t know if I have the right strand or the right dose if somebody out there could just just give me a little help between the two red theWhite the green all that stuff I really want to do this please somebody help me figure out what would be in their opinion the best to go with and if pills or powder are better I would be so grateful I’m at the end of my rope

    1. When I stopped taking subs (I was down to 1mg a day of sub), I had to take 4-6g of Kratom every 3 hours on average. That would be 8-12 of the pills if they are size “00” and each hold .5g…
      Those 30 pills (or 15g) probably won’t last you a day… Buy at least a pound from a vendor if possible.

    2. Hello,
      I have been taking Green Maeng Da powder daily for about 4 years now due to a ruptured disc I acquired during military jump school (Airborne) many years ago. I have tried to use the powder in the pill capsules in an attempt to make my Kratom use more portable and easier. However; the capsules did not work for me at all, I believe it may be something about the capsule not dissolving until it is in your intestine maybe? Anyways, I use a measured 1 teaspoon cooking spoon to “toss and wash” my kratom with my coffee , its gross , but my wife mixes hers in about 2 oz of orange juice and says it isn’t bad. My advice is to order some Green maeng da , or red bali Kratom powder online. Don’t buy capsules or small crushed leaf from a head shop or local store because it will be old and acidic tasting.When you get it,put a leveled teaspoon of kratom into a very small Tupperware container (like for sauces) with about 2 oz (2 shot glasses) of OJ and shake it up. then drink it, and chase it if needed. if that doesnt work do it again about 3 hours later. Kratom will not kill you if you take to much, it will only give you a very upset ,nauseous stomach and make you vomit.Over the years I now take 2 teaspoons at a time about 3-5 times a day depending on what my work load is. I’m a diesel mechanic by trade.

    3. Please go to the “Kratom for dummies page.. On facebook…not implying anyone is a dummy it’s just a great page with supportive, educated people that WANT to help you understand all about our wonderful tea we have been blessed to find. Then join other support groups connected to Kratom education.. If you have trouble finding them pm me (Laurie E. Blanton) on FB and I’ll send you links. Good luck!!

      1. @laurie I tried to find you but cannot!

    4. Im not an expert but it seems like for ppl with a srious opiate habit, tapering their drig of choice with kratom is the.most effective. As in start with a littke less Drug ofnchoice(DOC) than usual and a tiny bit of kratom here and there to delay usage. Then as it goes.on, lessen DOC and increase kratom. I hope that made sense to you. Btw dont use them.together but of tou wake up and use DOC for instance, wait until not feeling its effects to use kratom, then a few hours later DOC and so on.

    5. Go to reddit and search Kratom 101 and “ switching from pain pills to Kratom” tons of good stuff there.

    6. Take a tablespoon full mixed w/cup of oj
      Take it once every 12 hrs & u won’t need the opiates or even want the opiates…I’ve been done w/my opiates for 2yrs now…i took them for 15 yrs…thanks kratom

      1. I tablespoon is way too much for a new person they will be so sick start off with a half a teaspoon and work your way up

  38. cant say enough about kratom. its’ saving lives. i know many many people helped get off pills/heroin and get their life back. its going to be legal for responsible use it has to be the benefits are incredible,


    1. Well fuck me, I take way to much.

      7 grams a tablespoon? Dosing once a day, 21 grams a dose?

      Well that’s probably not good.

      1. I take 2 tablespoons at a time about 2 times a day. It’s not too much

        1. Lol I thought I was taking too much taking 2 teaspoons a dose

  39. Bought some Maeng Da capsules from our local head shop. Not much info on the bottle as far as potency, dosage etc. There are 75 capsules and the label says 37.5 grams. So does that means each pill contains 0.5 grams of powder? The dude at the shop suggested 1pill 2x/day for pain (and I want to quit taking tramadol). I haven’t really noticed any pain relief. Should I take more? Or increase frequency?

    1. I personally have had to take up to 25 pills to stop the detoxing. Approx 8-9 grams at a time 2-3 times a day. Usually 2 times daily as it lasts for hours. Unless its very strong kratom which is approx.25-30 dollars for 2 pills, 1 pill isnt near enough. In 00 capsules 8 to 9 grams is quite a few pills depending on potency. It does work please dont give up. Once you have your dosage down it can be a life saver.I take 4 teaspoons of usually red and make my own capsules. Im sure everybody has their own ways of getting it down but i personally couldnt take the taste so making my own seems to work very well. Its a learning experience but well worth it and I feel stronger and healthier with kratom. It does work for detox it just takes a little more at first till you find a good amount for you. If anything and you take too much it doesnt do too much but make you a little sick and maybe have a kratom hangover the next day. I hope you dont give up, this stuff is magic.☺

    2. I think it’s not working because your not taking enough… you should start by taking about 3 grams at first, and gradually increase not to exceed 6 or 7 grams per dose. one capsule is no where near enough… good luck! Kratom is absolutely amazing!

    3. Yes. Begin taking two capsules in the morning and you should take a maximum of 5 if each contains 0.5. My dose is about 2.7 as I use maeng da for pain (I had my spine fused in January and I’m only 24 so I don’t like taking narcotic pain relievers) and I’m still going up from there. I feel like I’m going to stop at 5g. That’s 10 pills of yours. It sounds like a lot but we’re talking about plant matter, not drug extracts. And I hope you can trust me on this, I used to be a pharmacy technician and I specialized in compounding aseptic material and extracts. 🙂

    4. Yeah, divide 75 into 37. ?

      1. Chris…..thank you for the info….I just started taking the Maeng Da Kratom……I have a bottle of 150 capsules @ 0.5mg…..But no dosage info. Just today I took 11 caps…..feeling much better….I suffer with Major Depression/Anxiety Disorder and I’m treatment resistant to ALL antidepressants. I also have a lot of physical pain due to a knee replacement and many broken bones as a result of a horrible car accident (many yrs. ago) A friend recommended Kratom and I was skeptical at first, but then went for it….It’s an answer to prayer!! I’m still in the progress of researching this “LEAF OF FAITH”…..(There’s a great documentary on Netflix…’s very informative!) My late stepdad was a pharmacist and he taught me a lot. I believe we’re all going in the right direction! God bless you and everyone on this site! 😉

    5. A good does is between 2 -5 grams. But it varies for everyone. I’d start with 4 or 5 capsules if they are .5 gram capsules. Or Do somemore online research

    6. I take up to 6/7 capsules… if it doesn’t help then I usually take 2 more. Since it’s in capsule form you usually have to take more to achieve the right dosage. Just find the amount that helps you but I have friend that take up to 10 coming off suboxone.

    7. I usually take 2 tablespoons of powder kratom. For me, I would have to take 25 .05 gram capsules to equal 2 tablespoons. I have a high tolerance though

    8. I was told to take 7 pills they said that was 1 dose

    9. I’m a 59 yr old woman and was on methadone for 18 years until last summer when my doc left the clinic and I can’t find anyone else to prescribe it so had to quit and that’s when I discovered Kratom ( I used it to get off the methadone) I have fibromyalgia and got bad restless leg syndrome from quitting the methadone and it’s not going away ( been 2 months so far) , so can’t sleep without the Kratom and even that’s in 4 hours at a time ( the drugs for RLS don’t work on me and make it way worse) I’d use one of the red vein like red vein Bali because the reds are better for pain. I bought some 000 size gel as and I put it in them ( don’t buy already made because as they can have fillers!) and I take 6 to 8 of them. that’s about 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons, not tablespoons and if after an hour you need more take one or 2 more caps until you find your sweet spot where you can feel it and you have no more pain. works great for me. Also, I take white grapefruit juice with mine as it acts as a potinator and can make it stronger. You could try OJ too I haven’t tried that but heard about the GFJ.

    10. Ive been taking Maeng Da powder for a year now I measure out 6.5 grams 3-4 times a day mixed with orange juice or cranberry juice. If I take more than that it upsets my stomach and my eyes do that crazy shaky thing. I’m a recovering addict and will swear by kratom. Not once have I felt the urge to use opiates, the kratom gives me that same feeling the pills used to…it actually lasts longer though. Kratom has saved my life 😁

  40. My last 10 years have been a living hell. I was introduced to Herion intravenously for the first time when I was 18 and had a problem ever since. I had to have alcohol, crack, marijuana, and any opiate I could get everyday for the last 10 years. It has resulted in homelessness, loss of friends and family, costed everything I ever mad, and numerous felonies. This year I decided to go to rehab and spent almost 4 months locked up in a state facility. When I was released, do to severe depression I started using shortly again because I don’t know any other way of life. My cousin seeing me struggling introduced me to kratom. I’ve been taking it for the last 5 months and I have not touched another illegal substance since. Can you catch a habit in my opinion? Yes. But the withdrawal from that is way more pleasant and I can definitely deal with that alot better. I can truly say that I am grateful to have found that alternative. I have my own life back

    1. Eddie if you and I had a drink, we would be telling each other’s stories.
      Keep truckin’, I’m sure everyone here knows your pain, and I personally believe in you, no matter what the case is.

  41. Having a script for oxicotin because of back surgery when I was 21 yrs.old ( I’m 61 now)
    I just discovered kratom..
    I usually run out of my script and have to go through withdrawals. During my withdrawals,I started drinking (again) around 8 months ago.
    Before the drinking,I have a few friends I could buy some oxi’s when I ran out. Very expensive..
    Now I’m trying out kratom instead of using oxi’s
    when I start feeling like I need an extra pill,which will result in running out..I have to say that doing this has me taking my oxi’s the way I’m supposed to…2 a day 60mgs.
    Kratom is far more cheaper. I have a few coffee’s in the morning with 1 teaspoon in each(bali red),only 2 oxi’s a day now and haven’t drank in a week….Its a start..
    Now my girlfriend is talking to me(she wasn’t for a while cause I smelled of drinking) and I sleep much better.
    A friend of mine introduced me to kratom and I hope I’ll continue. I feel better from not drinkin
    and kratom makes me feel sooo much better
    The head shop I go to always has plenty on hand.
    Thanks for reading this where I’m basically a newbie and hopefully I’ll continue on this path..
    My girl wants me to QUIT the oxi’s but I dont know.

    1. Awesome!! Congrats!!

    2. I use kratom to supplement my ADHD medication. It has a tendency to cause me anxiety on the backside of the medication effects, among other side effects.

      Kratom balances out the negative side effects of my ADHD meds very well. My wife said she’s never seen me as even keeled as since i added kratom to my daily supplement routine.

      I also get much farther along in my prescription cycle than i used to because before the kratom i would end up taking another dose of ADHD med to counter those bad side effects.

      1. I have to say for people on here that are mixing kratom and prescription meds you need to be extremely careful because when people mix Pharmaceuticals and kratom you can have seizures you could possibly even die I’ve been on kratom for about 3 years now and the only thing I will mix with the kratom is my insulin and occasionally some Benadryl and I Bridge stories were people have mixed kratom with prescription ADHD medicine and medication to help them deal with night shift syndrome and both cases both individuals had very severe seizures so y’all just be careful

    3. David, I have gone through a very similar situation! Kratom has been a life saver! I’ve never been a drinker. I need the meds for pain. I usually run out. I think you’re off to a great start. I found kratom last yr. Helps enormously!

  42. FYI if you have a harbor freight tools store near you you can get a decent digital scale for relatively cheap ($5 – $10)

    1. If you are really poor, like on disability, you can also get a free digital scale by doing the free trial of Stamps d0t c0m. Just remember to cancel your subscription before they start charging you. (I don’t advocate this for people who can afford a $10 scale, but some people just can’t.)
      Short list of legitimate dealers of real kratom can be found in the kratom section of Erowid.

  43. I’m curious…I found kratom about a year and a half ago and I …like you found a strain that was perfect…but for some reason something is wrong…I ain’t getting the same results like before…I am doing different strains and different doses about every 2 to 3 hours…help me out here and give me an idea on how to get this straight…thanks

    1. Hey, Rick! Sounds like you’re dosing several times a day on a regular basis (please correct me if that’s not the case!). If so, that will shoot your tolerance through the roof fairly quickly as far as kratom’s pain relieving, mood lifting, and euphoric effects are concerned. Regardless of tolerance and dosing frequency, however, the essential sense of mood clarity and stimulation should remain in tact. Try ordering some stem and vein to reset your tolerance. You could also achieve this by taking 2 to 3 days off, pounding a ton of white grapefruit juice, taking diphenhydramine a few hours before, or by taking a gabaergic substance such as gabapentin or phenibut. Phenibut is available for bulk purchasing on line and is very cheap. If you’re interested, try ordering some phenibut hcl powder from LiftMode. They are a solid trustworthy business.

      1. Can anyone help me please? In HORRIFIC PAIN. I took my very first dose of Green Maray today at 1:30pm; only 1/2 teaspoon as I’m so sensitive to things. I felt slightly euphoric and sleepy, but it never quite allowed me to sleep.. I just ‘hovered’ if you know what I mean. It never touched the pain. My question is, since I took it around 4 and a half hours ago (UK time), is it OK to take some over the counter analgesics? Like Ibuprofen or Aspirin? Many thanks. And, if anyone has any suggestions for pain, I sure would appreciate them!

        1. I would start off with one tablespoon.

      2. Where do you buy stem and vein from wana try something like this to reduce my tolerance

    2. Your tolerance is up I’m sure. You can take magnesium. It is supposed to help to not build a tolerance.

    3. U need to find a good supply of it I haven’t been many places but only found one place that carry’s red meng da that actually works the other places sold it super cheap but it didn’t help for my withdrawals whatsoever I suggest going back to the original please u got the kratom from that u felt worked to begin with that’s what I had todo

  44. So basically, one teaspoon is 2.5 grams on average, regardless of what powder you use, however, some of the powder has a more fine consistency and would make it weigh slightly more. The kratom I buy is extremely finely ground, meaning that a teaspoon of my finely ground kratom would weigh slightly above this 2.5g margin. When i weigh a teaspoon of my kratom, it comes to between 2.6g and 2.7g. The way to “measure” the consistency only comes with experience in my opinion, but basically i compress it and then push it down to see exactly how finely ground it is. Mine seems to be even more fine than a grain of sand.

  45. You’re obviously not taking care of the basics sleep hydration nutrition . If you take care if the basics kratom has the same positive effects everyday .

  46. Hi. First of all, i think the dosage chart is pretty good. Second, anyone reading this- if you have cash to buy kratom, you have cash to buy a scale. Buy the scale.

    Third. Kratom can be both a life saver and a life killer. Not only does it depend on strain but also your individual biology, dosage, frequency of use etc. I’m experienced but there was a period of time where i found a strain I really liked and it seemed to fix my life problems. It actually lasted with good effect for quite a while, months, almost a year I think, I really thought it just boiled down to strain, however then i developed stomach problems and also anxiety attacks and loss of appetite. Kratom is a “drug” in the sense that it is psychoactive like other drugs- natural or unnatural- there are physical chemicals inside of it that effect your brain.

    It’s like coffee, right.. coffee can make you feel great or shitty… for me i find kratom is totally random with its effect… one day I think “oh see this thing makes me feel better” and another day I’ll think “holy shit why do i feel so terrible” and it’s obvious on both days that the kratom effects are part of this. I feel like my anxiety is so bad on it right now. I’m not really surprised considering there are so many alkaloids in this plant and it’s hitting so many receptors in my brain and in ways that humans don’t even fully understand. I want to come off of it but whenever i don’t take it I feel extremely tired. Definitely dependent on it in some way.

    I will say this though. The withdrawal really sucks but it’s not very long. The part that’s bad for me is that I already have depression and anxiety problems, so even after fully withdrawn i end up turning to stuff like Kratom for relief, which sometimes helps. I guess that’s what you call a Catch22.

    1. I am about halfway through reading your thread. Were the stomach problems attributed to wanting to take kratom on an empty stomach? I took kratom a few times when it first got big in USA like 2015 Ish, now I take it (toss n wash method) frequently and I don’t want to have those problems. I agree with what you’re saying

      1. Definitely caused buy an empty stomach. Even if it’s partially full. What I’m saying is you need to eat more than a granola bar and yogurt with maeng da at least. I don’t have that issue with Bali. I agree with what AYE says too though. Although I’ve never had a dependency to it. I’ve taken it off and on for about 8 years. Like today’s September 16th, I’ve taken it 3 times since August 26th. So about once a week. The dosage chart I would say is accurate. I sometimes go 3 to 8 weeks without taking it. I have pain fairly moderate to severe but not typically everyday. Aye, I would assume you have daily chronic pain.

  47. Hi. First of all, i think the dosage chart is pretty good. Second, anyone reading this- if you have cash to buy kratom, you have cash to buy a scale. Buy the scale.

    Third. Kratom can be both a life saver and a life killer. Not only does it depend on strain but also your individual biology, dosage, frequency of use etc. I’m experienced but there was a period of time where i found a strain I really liked and it seemed to fix my life problems. It actually lasted with good effect for quite a while, months, almost a year I think, I really thought it just boiled down to strain, however then i developed stomach problems and also anxiety attacks and loss of appetite. Kratom is a “drug” in the sense that it is psychoactive like other drugs- natural or unnatural- there are physical chemicals inside of it that effect your brain.

    It’s like coffee, right.. coffee can make you feel great or shitty… for me i find kratom is totally random with its effect… one day I think “oh see this thing makes me feel better” and another day I’ll think “holy shit why do i feel so terrible” and it’s obvious on both days that the kratom effects are part of this. I feel like my anxiety is so bad on it right now. I’m not really surprised considering there are so many alkaloids in this plant and it’s hitting so many receptors in my brain and in ways that humans don’t even fully understand. I want to come off of it but whenever i don’t take it I feel extremely tired. Definitely dependent on it in some way.

  48. I have been trying to do as much research as possible about Kratom. I have chronic back pain from a bad accident. I’ve had many back surgeries, other back procedures and doctors have put me on heavy pain killers that i just stopped because of all the possibles and pain pills r so over rated. I also take seizure meds that I want to make sure that kratom WONT interfer with. So my question is has anyone heard of that kind of interactions? What would a good dose be with the maeng da be for pain but for also a first time kratom experimentmenter?

    1. Okay I know this post isn’t about dxm but I was lot at some of the comments because I got on here to see kratom dosages. Anyway just thought this might help at least one important soul just because all souls are important I’m gonna give you a brief testimony on dxm. Here goes: I was in a fight with my chick one night and shit got out of hand, the fight was because of DXM.( Done it to the max for 5-6 good years). Anyways that night cops said to give her half of the money in my bank account and to take what I had and stay in a hotel that night. Excuse my grammar I’m not and English professor. So I did what they said. Well I ended up taking a high high dose probably a few thousand milligrams between that night and the next day. Well I started having a siezure like never before and I swear on God and everything I know that I knew it was a fatal one this time. So I contacted gf and she was on the way while I’m dying and sucking water down like it was going out of style. She got there, I go to hospital, start convulsing more, they do chest x-ray and I’m just siezing with foam running out of mouth. Then I flatlined. I had very interesting out of body experience, came back to life and am here to live and tell about it. My friends, strangers, if you are using dxm and are very addicted please contact me my fb is Ashe Sullivan I think I’m the only person with that name and should have pic of me and my gf or my gf and daughter with me. Please contact me I will help you if you want help please. I will go out of my way to help you and coach you on how to stop because it can take your life from you and you won’t get it back and it will be too late to regret it. Please find me on Facebook. Thank you and goodbye everyone.

      1. Please post your experience on Ashe. I and many others around the world would benefit from reading your experience. You may also find that you are NOT alone. Thank you for your time.

      2. I know this has nothing to do with any posts but i see my Suboxone doctor every two weeks and I have to show up positive for suboxone in a urine test. If i take kratom in between the time i see him, will i go into precipitated w/d if i take 4 mg suboxone the day i see him? I’d like to get off Suboxone completely right now but I can’t it’s complicated. I just wanted to know if I can take suboxone the day after I take Kratom not going to withdrawal. Thanks for any help

        1. Not if u are actually stable on the subs. That precipitated withdrawal thing is a lie. U will only get sick if ur dependent on a full opioid agonist, like morphine & such, not if ur dependence is on bupe, or if ur not dependent at all. U can even take them at the same time & the only ill effect would be the possible weakening or blocking of the kratom effect

          1. You can take the sub the same day as the kratom, the sub has no effect on kratom, they work on 2 different receptors, kratom is not an opiate.

        2. You know what girl my husband KICKED with kratom! DO IT! We drink the red borneo and i drink bc i have chronic life long back issues and constant pain. I made him 1 tsp in a big shaker bottle w apple juice and whenever he felt sick he just took a chug. BAMMO! Ive used kratom for years at least 5 now and about 3 years in i cold turkey-ed and was slightly inconvienced for a week, mild withdrawals. I KNOW you can do this! i slowed waaaaay down these days but kratom for pain is my choice these days

        3. I’m on suboxone maintenance as well, and I take Kratom every other day. From my personal experience and from what I’ve researched, there are no I’ll effects. You can take Kratom before, after, or even while on suboxone.

        4. I was on a large dose of tramadol and my doctor said to add Naltrexone and there wouldn’t be any effects but I had full on withdrawal and it was bad.

          1. I despise Naltrexone. It works for some, but it really gave me rough depression. Of course, you need to be at least 7 days detoxed from any opiate/opioid before taking it…unless you want to experience immediate rapid precipitated withdrawal, which is what happened in your case. I’m surprised that was recommended to you seeing that Tramadol binds to the mu opioid receptor sites. Naloxone might have been a different story, but there’s a reason why it works perfectly in the case of Suboxone (correct proportions – buprenorphine/partial mu opioid receptor agonist to naloxone/antagonist). Sorry you had to experience that! It’s horrific. Lol. It happened to me three times with kratom. I was looking to detox and take a short break, and I had ingested an ounce of Malay the night before, and wow…it punched me straight in the face!

        5. I’m sorry for being late but I used subs for awhile and had to get off them 8mg 3 a week…ok so when I got off them I used Kratom and I’m telling you it’s better

      3. No longer on facebook, Ashe Sullivan?

        1. I don’t know if he is. I really hope he didn’t die…🤧😒Dxm killed a friend of mine…… after 4 years…. that shit is nothing to mess with.

    2. I have arthritis in my back and joints from years of carpet installation. I have had a hip replacement and both knees need repaced. I went from only walking a short distance and having to stop because of pain. I took 10 ibuprofen gabupenten. I started using a green kratom in a small amount 1/2 teaspoon a day and I can walk normally now. This is all I take. I just had shoulder surgery from form rotor cuff and nerve damage I took for 5 days and stopped and went back to Kratom. and real good. I also found my mood is better. This has been life changing for me.

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