Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.


Average Powdered Leaf
1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Bali Powder
1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
Maeng Da Powder
1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Green Malay Powder
1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

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  1. I realize how old this is, but I feel compelled to comment.

    Kratom is an amazing plant, and it will absolutely help decrease or completely eliminate the physical and psychological symptoms of OPIATE/OPIOID withdrawal, NOT BENZO WITHDRAWAL. Kratom and benzos act on completely different receptors, and benzo withdrawal done without medical supervision can KILL YOU. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from opiate withdrawal (although I’m sure it’s happened somewhere), you’ll just wish it would kill you; seizures and death are very likely results of a cold turkey withdrawal from benzos.

    I’m begging anyone who is contemplating a benzo (or alcohol) kick to seek medical attention. The safest thing you can do is present at the emergency room, tell them that you’re addicted to benzos, and that you need a detox. They will admit you (at least in NY they will) and start you on a medication regimen that includes either diazepam or librium. They won’t discharge you with a script, and the next several months will suck, but you won’t be dead. At that point, kratom might help you with your anxiety and certainly with your depression. I find it helps me sleep (depending on the strain, of course) and I’m a world-class insomniac. It gives me energy, mood elevation, pain relief, focus, and complete freedom from opiates/opioids. I used it to kick suboxone cold turkey (I was taking 8 mg a day for over a year and just got so sick of the constant stress of worrying about getting my script filled, running out, having a roommate steal it, blah blah blah). After the fourth day off, I started drinking the tea (Bali OG made from dry leaf at 10 g per dose, x3/day and then down a gram a day after the 5th day). It’s a wonderful thing.

    But ALL WITHDRAWAL IS NOT THE SAME. As I said earlier, opiate withdrawal is not likely to kill you; benzo and alcohol withdrawals and and very often DO kill people every single day. If you can’t get what you need to do a safe taper at home, I’m begging you to get medical help.

    1. I was prescribed oxycodone for 7 years. Due to fibromyalgia, arthritis in my back and herniated discs in my back and neck from a car accident. I am currently on day 5 no opiates day 5 of Kratom. I am experiencing a lot of bloating though and headaches. Is that common? I take mang da, 1 teaspoon every 4 hours. So like 4-5 teaspoons a day. Any advice welcome. Ty

      1. You might need to take some stool softener, then laxative if that doesn’t help. Drink lots and lots of water- I try to drink around 5-6 (16.9oz size)bottles daily, along with other beverages. Ive noticed the bloat too, but the added water keeps it to a minimum. If I don’t hydrate, my belly looks like I’m preggers!!

      2. Your taking way to much hon. Email me if you have questions, I’d love to hear how your doing.

        1. Hi I just got my first order of Bali red vein I’m trying to come off high dosage of oxcontin and condone do you think you could help me with how much to take and when is it safe to start it

          1. All I can say is kratom is amazing. I’m a pill addict. Especially opioids. Decided I was done. I ran out and had gone about 72 hours without So I went and bought this indo white strain and it’s weird how it happens. It takes a while. It doesn’t packet that pill punch. But after a while like an hour and a half later I started feeling happy, talkative, pain free, and had an incredible amount of focus and energy. The crazy thing is it lasted all day. I didn’t have a pill craving at all. With pills I’d want more in two hours. I don’t know what a big dose is but I’m used to 100-130 mg/day hydro/oxy habit 1-15 rock and 1-10 norco. I’ve tried up to about 7 which hit hard but 6 capsules seem to work all day. I take one at night it’s called club 13 horn. I was dumb and took 9 capsules which is about 8g. So any help on good strains and doses would be great. I just can’t believe I have no withdrawals and feel so energetic and focused st work. I install cabinets for a living and and feel this kratom works miracles! Take it from somebody who was diagnosed with a back problem and have been on fentanyl payches,morphine, dilaudid, opana methadone, and all the others. Do your research. Find the right type and take the right amount and you will be amazed!

        2. Hey trying to quit suboxone using kratum was on 8mg a day wanted to know how much kratum would I need to keep wd a bay

          1. 8mg is a pretty high sub dose. Tapering is painless if you go slow. I started at 8mg a day, then tapered down over about a year to where one 8mg strip lasts a month…yes one strip a month. It takes an exacto knife to cut the doses lol. In any case even at that low dose I still had bad withdraw without it. I recently jumped to Kratom, 3 grams several times daily for first week, then down to 2 grams twice a day. Sometimes a third dose if I’m feeling crappy. My advice to you is that less is more, kratom has a bell curve response meaning too high of a dose and the effects are canceled and you just barf and have a headache. The switch to kratom was painless, slept fine the first night. My low sub dose was definitely an advantage.

          2. I’m doing the exact same thing right now if you get a good answer please pass it on cus this is awful. Good luck to you

          3. 4 to 5 grams should do the trick. I’m also on subs 8 mg and when I run out I buy kratom capsules and I usually take 8 to 10 and it makes me feel about 90% better I’d not more. I notice I can feel things more and like listening to music when I come off subs and do kratom. Suboxone numbs you and it’s nice to feel things again but it’s so hard to quit especially when my doctor just gives me 30 a month 🙄

          4. I’m on 2 mg of subs and want to get off it. Does this really work??

          5. 2m of Sub can be done cold turkey but with 10or so grams of kratom a day you’ll be fine. Sell the subs to an addict and buy 80grams of K. The addict has meds to help him and you get plenty of K. I pay 15$ 50grams and take it over 3-4 days. I’m early in this trial but happy to be off sub’s. They’re addictive and cause long withdraw symtoms and you don’t even feel high. Not worth it. Methadone is the best drug to get “clean” you can get strung out tho if they let you go to 100mil a day. I lost 2yrs on methadone bc my dose was 100. 50m would have been better but addiction makes you abuse everything even treatment meds. Kratom is working so far..2weeks off Sub. Herb helps to. Xanax is the only one I have not been able to kick. There’s no Suboxone type of pill for benzos so I’m hoping kratom will help me taper off those to

          6. There is alot of misinformation on this thread. ALOT! The post that bugs me the most is someone who wrote that one would feel like crap for a day when stopping kratom. I have been on it for 2 years, the withdrawals can be horrible if taken over a few months with increased dosages (because like opiates, you build up a tolerance). I refer you to the sub named “quittingkratom” on Reddit which has over 10,000 members.

          7. I started Red Maeng Da strand and that’s the strand with more of an euphoric feeling and pain free experience. I highly recommend this strand for pain.

          8. This comment is for “Major Tom.” This is long, so read it when you’re able to relax for a bit. I feel you on the xanax thing. The problem with xanax is it is short acting and comes out of your system very quickly, which is unsafe for something that can kill you, not to mention the worst kinda hell you’ll ever experience. I thought I would never get off of xanax. I had a seizure going cold-turkey. A BAD one. Still get ticks and stuff, and I think it’s from that. I’ve been off of benzos since… 2011? Ok, here’s how I did it; you have to switch that xanax to a LONGER acting benzo first. I chose valium because it has a very long half life. Klonopin could be decent too, but from xanax, I totally recommend Valium. Start at the lowest dose you can get by with, hell I think I started taking 10 or 20 mg which is quite a lot. But I VERY SLOWLY started to reduce the amount of Valium I was taking, maybe once a week or once every two weeks. Let’s just say I started at 10 mg. After 2 weeks, I started dividing my valiums into quarters. It can be tricky, and I recommend using a VERY sharp knife to cut them, like a good razor. Cut them in half, then cut the halves into quarters. It’s a good idea to get some ready ahead of time so you’ll be prepared. Another good idea is to change from 10 mg to 5 mg pills at some point, which can be divided down even smaller. Pretend it’s a very tiny, delicate suboxone strip. Definitely cut them up while you’re on some and good and relaxed. Take deep breaths if you get shaky, slow down, maybe stop, and start back. It’s not incredibly important to get all the pieces the exact size, because you can start with the biggest pieces and work down to the smallest ones, just by visual comparison. Or even weigh them with a precise milligram scale. The weight of the pieces doesn’t matter, as long as you go from biggest to smallest. So, 10 mg, then down to 3/4 of a 10, which is 7.5 mg, then down to 1/2 a 10 which is 5 mg, then down to 1/4 which is 2.5 mg. Then, try to get 5’s. If you have a good relationship with a doc, and tell them your situation and that this has given you some hope, they shouldn’t be too troublesome about weaning you down. When you get 5’s, quarter them immediately since you’ve already been at 2.5. A quarter of a 5 is 1.25 mg. It’s hard to get them smaller than that, but it is totally possible. If the cutting pills method doesn’t work for you, you could always get a small medicine bottle for liquid, add hot water, crush a valium and stir or shake it well into the warm water. You might still see some powder from the pill in suspension or sinking to the bottom, but the diazepam itself should dissolve well in warm water. Whatever the level of the top of the water, get a permanent Sharpie, divide the height of the water in half as closely as you can, then divide those into halves, and so on. Just remember, each time you half a space, you half the dose. So if you dissolve (1) 10 mg valium into some water, then divide the height of the water in half, each half-segment will be very close to 5 mg. Then, if you half each of those segments, the smaller quartered segments will be 2.5 mg. Same for a 5 mg, down to 2.5 mg halves, and then 1.25 mg quarters. If you can half those, the next 50% reduction is 0.625 mg, and then even half of that is 0.3125 mg. To get the doses this small, you may have to increase the water height a little so the spaces will be a little larger. Just remember, each time you half-down the spaces, the dose gets cut in half. More water equals more space to divide which makes tiny divisions easier, but keep the height of water to a minimum because more water means less potency, not just a lower dose. Potency matters too, so try to use the same amount of water for each pill you dissolve. Don’t try to dissolve more than 1 pill at a time because the division can get a little foggier. Although you can get several small bottles with caps, prepare enough for a whole day, 1 pill per bottle with warm water. I doubt you will be able to get much lower than 0.3125 mg, but I think I jumped off when I was at either the 1.25 or the 0.625 mark. I did mine by cutting pills. If you do the liquid method above, then I recommend investing in one of those plastic medicine syringes, so you can use it to suck up the liquid right on your marks and then pop it. Ignore the marks on the syringe; use your marks on your bottle. I had a LITTLE anxiety coming off of that small dose, but remember valium comes out of you very slowly, so your body has a little more time to adjust. I had no more seizures upon total cessation. Still no seizure to this day. I can even take a benzo once in a blue moon as long as I can control myself, which of course is hard for us addicts. Oh, and learn progressive relaxation techniques, such as laying flat in the floor and tensing each set of muscles in your body from your head to your toe, release each muscle set before contracting the next. Head, then neck, then chest, then belly, then pelvis, thighs, shins, calves, feet, toes. And then go back up from toes to head. Don’t forget to focus on slow, deep breaths. Exhale as you release contracted muscles, and imagine the tension evaporating out of your skin, right through your pores. Do this any time you feel the anxiety coming on, during and after tapering the valium, before it can escalate to panic. Breathing into your cupped hands or a paper bag for a moment can have a calming, centering effect too, due to the inhalation of SMALL amounts of carbon dioxide going back into circulation. Use this when you panic. Just don’t breathe in a bag for more than about 30 seconds at a time. Stop and breathe normal air slowly if you get light-headed from the CO2. Progressive relaxation will put your focus elsewhere than the anxiety, and this was INSTRUMENTAL for me once I kicked the low doses altogether. Having someone to vocally guide your progressive relaxation is a big help too, a calm voice. There are also tons of guided videos about this on YouTube. I always thought progressive relaxation was some kind of new-age aquarian crack-pot focacta, but once I caved and tried it truly, it REALLY worked for me, and this whole process of weaning and relaxing can theoretically work for anyone who is careful enough about dosing. If you hate math, get a nerdy friend to read this and help you. If you’re still confused, show this to your doctor and perhaps they can clear it up further. Also ask if there are liquid-suspension preparations of valium if possible, the liquid would already be ready to go smaller and smaller. Shit, with precise pharmaceutical grade liquid suspension, you could go down a single droplet at a time! So I hope I’ve made these 3 options clear enough to you for you to do this safely. If you have ANY DOUBT, get help with it, like medical help. I am an ADDICT, NOT a DOCTOR or other medical professional. You should always be wary of internet advice, even mine. This is why I HIGHLY recommend you show this to a doctor who is willing to work with you for the right reasons. It’s MORE than possible to do this. But you have to be VERY PATIENT with yourself. I would not expect to lower a dose in any shorter interval than once every 2 weeks to be safe. And if you’re uncomfortable with going down in dose by 50% each time, then your doctor might have solutions for that. You most likely will have some rebound anxiety, it is expected. Patience. Diligence. Acceptance of the fact that this drug has turned you into a shell of your former self. It has deadened things in you, and your reasoning and resolve are in a half-asleep state. You can’t be a whole person while addicted to drugs like these. The drug takes away your wholeness, it is LITERALLY a demon to be reckoned with. It removes parts of you that will slowly wake back up as you wean down. Similar with opiates also in this psychological aspect. You… “wake up.” … you start feeling things you haven’t felt in a long time. And some of it is BETTER than euphoria. But it can be VERY emotional. Cry if you need to, whenever you need to. Don’t be afraid of venting ALL the poison from your body, including the psychological poison caused by drugs and repressed memories and feelings. I’m happy to say that my anxiety is under good control nowadays. You should never expect to be free of anxiety. But if you learn progressive relaxation techniques, and methods of dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, you wlll be armed with what you need for success. A psychiatrist or psychologist during the whole process would be helpful too. They can GUIDE your exploration of your new-found self gently, and help prevent you from spiralling down suddenly. Support structure. People who care. People who want to see you well and whole, but will not use negativity or toxic feedback to get you there. Gentle people. Not everybody has people like these. That’s when you get professionals and support groups. The more tools you can arm yourself with, the better your odds of success. I hope I’ve helped here, and I PRAY that “Major Tom” finds the vast freedom they deserve!!! Go in light and love. You are a universe within yourself. Awaken your inner self, your inner beauty. Once you see those glimmers of hope, and you truly get tired of xanax, you will overcome it, one way or another. Humans have succeeded at MUCH more daunting tasks in history! YOU CAN DO THIS. I BELIEVE IN YOU. mailto:[email protected] if I can help in ANY way. That goes for anyone who needs this crap out of their lives.

          9. Hey I completely kicked Subs with Kratom. I tapered down to 1mg a day and the first day I got to 1mg I was feeling shitty so I went and bought maeng da kratom powder not and extra just powdered leaves and put about 5g in a Gatorade shook it up, to two nice gulps the sipped the rest slow and i felt better in like 20 mins I was eating my stomach rumbling lol. Then everyday I just made a tea with maeng da. This one gives u more energy than the rest and when coming off of opiates that’s really what u need. There used to be a company called me nice guy that mad a lot of strong extracts but they were closed down for making spice a few years back. But those were by far the best I’ve ever had. But u can do it for sure as a long term thing or just take it for a week or two after u stop the subs. Then taper from the kratom. And you’ll be good to go.

          10. I was given Suboxone for withdrawls from a high daily dosage of Oxycodone. 8mg six hours after taking my last Oxycodone tablet. I waited seven hours. I ended up in the hospital with horrid side effects because I was prescribed an overdose of Suboxone. The correct dosage is 2mg 48 hours after the last Oxycodone tablet! I was in the hospital for three days. I still had to take the Suboxone, which I hated. The side effects were intolerable, but I did get about 5% pain relief from taking the strips–which I had to cut into eigths so I wouldn’t end up in the hospital again. Compared to the 90% pain relief I received from the Oxycodone, taking the Suboxone was a real waste of time for me. The minor relief I received from the Suboxone was better than nothing though…
            I know my situation may be unique, but I wanted to WARN you all of my experience.

        3. Hello,

          I did the Waissmann Method, Ultra Rapid Detox, to get off a 6 month Fentanyl usage after surgery. After 9-10 days of no sleeping after the detox a friend recommended Kratom. I’ve used it a few times and it really helps, but only for about 5-6 hours and if I don’t take it the withdrawals come back -I think worse. I can’t tell yet. I’m terrified and just want my life back. Do you have any suggestions? Has using the Kratom reset my detox process? I’m so frustrated and just dying to be a normal person again that doesn’t need these things. How do I come off the Kratom? Is there any good, easy way off?

          1. Keep taking your Kratom buddy and tapper down with the Kratom over time. Until your not taking it one day you will feel rough for a day but it only lasts a day bro you can do this

          2. Of course the withdrawal symptoms come back after five or six hours. Kratom is not a magic leaf that, if taken once, your body will relieve its dependence on opioids. Because of it’s half-life(every drug or substance whose effects can be felt has a half-life, the length of time it produces effects which can be felt), you have to take it roughly every six hours to keep the opioid withdrawal symptoms at bay. People are amazing.

          3. Never ask medical advice from anyone other than a medical professional. Almost every suggestion in this thread is ridiculous. But people like to make others think they know what they’re talking about…DQ for instance says “Because of it’s half-life(every drug or substance whose effects can be felt has a half-life, the length of time it produces effects which can be felt). Ummm wrong, that is not what the “half life” of a drug is. And also every drug, even asprin has a half life, which is only a term to describe the rate at which the particular medications presence in the body is eliminated by half.

          4. Kratom is the lesser of two by far. Opioid addiction kills, period. Stay on the K for ever if you need to, it’s natural and won’t ruin and or end your life.

          5. You might be exporting some of what they call PAWS. Post AcuteWidthdralSyondrome. Unfortunately for me it was worse than the actual detox. It just never seems to end. Just didn’t freel good. Had depression and actually almost committted suited. If you get the right type of Kratom it will do wonders! Find the kratom bible web page. It’ll teach you the benefits of each strain and even which ones to mix for multiple effects.

          6. Hey man, I know this is late for you but might help someone else. You need to eat certain things to rebuild the neurotransmitters in your brain, that’s the stuff that gets messed up with opiate use. There’s some good websites and blogs about what food to eat to rebuild the damaged neurotransmitters but the main thing is eating meat, it has all the amino acids to fix the brain, and also butter or ghee for the fat which is also good for the brain.

        4. Day 5 for me. Ive tried taking 5g at once and ive tried 3 grams . I can’t seem to find the right dosage to help withdrawal. Any advice would be appreciated.

          1. Veronica, less is more! Start slow. Also make sure you have the right vein! Red vein for RLS, 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐧, relaxation, anxiety, and green for focus energy and mild pain relief. 3-5g per dose, every 4-6 hours. STAY HYDRATED, or it can send you into kidney failure. Kratom is in the coffee family, and is a major diuretic, so you wanna make sure you are drinking lots of water.

          2. Did you find any help??

          3. I been on Subutex for 7 years and I’m sick of having to go through withdrawal because I can’t get my medicine I have the red vein capsules and white maeng de kratom what’s the best to help with the withdrawal

          4. Kratom and edible medicinal marijuana are miracle plants. I Quit oxycodone after 12 years of use. Never missed a single day during that stretch. In less than two weeks I was off everything including the kratom. You forget how great it feels to be sober, coherent, and you will be hyper motivated for life after your accomplishment. If you don’t live in a state where you can get rso or other edibles….take a road trip.

          5. I’m the beginning I was only taking 2-4 g’s Because I was afraid of taking too much and messing my tolerance up too fast, but to be honest, it wasn’t until I started taking 7-10 g’s Every 6 hours, that I finally have relief. I’m on day 6 no subutex, and 2 years no klonopin.

        5. Hi marissa, I am on day 5 of coming off 12 mg suboxone a day, but docs had me on 32 mgs to begin with…which is ridiculously high. I’m using maeng da powder and taking 3-4 tablespoons, is this too much to stave off these withdrawals? It has helped a lot but I’m wondering if this is too much. Just feeling like absolute hell right now and my mind is going crazy! I can’t believe how hard these sub withdrawals are hitting me

          1. 32mg of suboxone? that makes no sense due to first pass metabolism and it not being a full agonist. the ceiling is near 8 MG. after that, the subsequent doses are useless. now subutext may be a different story being it lacks naloxone. all I know is that CBD has been shown to rebuild proteins in the front of the brain damaged by opiate abuse, and honestly has helped me greatly get my methadone, heroin, fentanyl and benzo addiction on the correct path. I think CBD combined with Kratom used for the correct situations can be a huge help. peace and blessinga to all.

          2. Hi! Been tapering since end of May. I started taper at 2 mg strips suboxone. My brain/memory became toast after 5 years & i know this is familiar scenario. I’m down to about (cutting strips it’s hard to figure exact dose) about .33 mg now and feel ok, is that weird? I’ve been drinking kratom tea bali red) once maybe twice a day. I think I’m ready to jump to ZERO Suboxone. I’ve done this twice before (without kratom) I thought I was going insane (put myself in in patient). This Time feels different, like I can take my last run in and do three or 4 cups of crate him a day and I’ll be OK. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. ☮️ Debby

          3. Joshua, if you are not feeling like shit then it’s the right dose. I am on day 4 coming off heroin, and I am taking 5g every 4-6 hours as needed. I will tell you the red vein will be a lot more helpful during the detox process, it will help RLS, 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐧, anxiety, etc. i highly recommend red Bali and red Thai. Always get powder.

          4. may be an opposite like me. Only White Maeng Da and White Borneo help my pain and keep me calm. Try taking 5 grams every five hours. Make sure you have a good vendor though! That is key!

          5. Joshua, my daughter used kratom to get off suboxone and had the best results with red Bali, green Bali, and red Thai, and found that maeng da was not helpful (it caused her anxiety).

          6. I don’t know if anyone will see this. So I’ve been prescribed subs going on 2 years. I hate them. I managed to get myself down to 4mg a day. I began with 1.5g 2x a day. Because I can’t sleep past 4am I have begun a 323rd 1.5g dose. I have no appetite but I take my kratom with applesauce or in a milkshake so that helps. 15mg of CBD before bed along with 2 diphenhydramine help. I toss and turn but definitely sleep a solid 6 hours and in the past I just didn’t sleep.
            Upside: I poop again
            Still able to work out daily
            Generally doing okay
            Downside: my pooh is green lol
            My hormones are in hyperdrive.
            I feel like punching my. Downstairs so it will stfu……. Oh

            If I can help anyone, id be super mega happy to do so. 🙂

          7. Joshua,
            I have been through sub withdrawal
            Many of times. You have to just know
            That everyday gets better!

          8. The ceiling effect on Sub is 16m. I was in a trial group B4 it was FDA approved so I’m quite familiar with this medication. It’s detox is no as intense as oxy or H but last 10/12days. I detoxed off methadone for 36 days B4 committing myself. Taper off the Sub , nothing will stop 32mil of sub detox. Drop to 16 now then 4 a week till the last and take 2m for a couple days then start Kratom. I’ve got 2 weeks so far and eat 50grams every 3days. I still feel like ass but not like cold turkey ass. Suboxone is a life saver and an evil drug that is actually harder to kick than perks or hydros so I think it’s way over prescibed. I was on methadone 2+yrs and saw first timers in treatment being put on methadone or Subutex to quit hydrocodone and shit like that. Take K, smoke weed if you like weed and never look back.. if you do relapse and need treatment go for methadone. Its free and It’s the real deal. You won’t crave shit. But stay below 50m, above that and you’ll nod off all day and it’s the worst drug to detox off, here in WV no rehab would take me unless I was below 40m bc it requires hospital type care to kick cold. Good luck, go to a meeting. I’m a friend of Bill W and Jimmy K you should also

          9. 35 mg of methadone and withdrawals are death! I’ve tapered this far and can’t get any further ! (15+ years of use) Kratom is on its way suggestions on how much to start off with?

          10. downtownhumanoid obviously has no medical training or addiction training. 8mg suboxone is far from celing dose. 24 mg is clinical ceiling dose. Please dont take medical advice on these sites. Each body is different.

          1. With what?

          2. Hey my name’s Michelle coming off subutex down to 0 today. First time in 2 yrs. been on 24mgs 3times a day weaned off so I thought. Taking kratom maeng da 2mg. Caps will it help or make worse

          3. Are you ok?

          4. Wholeheartedly agree with Blondhorsecrazy regarding throwing around drugs, herbs, dosages, routes of administration, and my biggest pet peeve is discussions about the effects of poly pharmacy. ANYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE an M.D., D.O., or equivalent training in psychopharmacology should STOP; STOP NOW!!! Folks, there is a reason that doctors, such as me and my colleagues sacrificed anywhere from 10 to 14 years POST-BACHELOR’S degree to learn about how incredibly complex, intricate, amazing AND DIFFERENT EVERY SINGLE PERSON/BODY are from one another. Withdrawal is an unfortunate part of an unfortunate choice that many people were misled to believe was safe, I get it. However, it done under medical supervision opiates WILL NOT kill you (you will wish you were dead, but you WILL NOT DIE from opiates alone).


        6. Hello, my name is Angela. I am currently on oxycodone and I am have been titrating down on the Oxycodone for about three weeks now I am down to roughly 2 1/2 pills a day. My leg aches, my agitation, my sleep, and the pain from my car accident and my back is hurting more than ever. I am starting Kratom
          This Friday morning. I am unclear on what strain to use I got a multiple pack deal from Kratora. I don’t know what the correct dosage is for that. I weigh 130 pounds and I am 4‘11“. I have green strains, red strains, and I believe one white strain that came in the pack. I am a realtor, Fiancé, and a mother to a beautiful three-year-old daughter who needs me and these medications have taken a hold of me and make me feel down and with no energy. I hope this Kratom works. Could you please advise me or leave me to a site that has how much crate him I should be taking? I appreciate it in advance and thank you for your time!

          1. Stick with Reds and Greens. The whites are awesome for energy but they give me a headache. I take about 4grams every 4 hours. I buy capsules only because I struggle with the taste. Capsules are 1/2 gram each and I take 7. I’ve been using Keaton for about two years in and off and I always have some in the cabinet for multiple reasons.

          2. I was on oxycodone 10 mg x 6 A day and oxycontin 20 mg x 2 a day. When I would run out I took kratom and it set helped the WD. Need to buy quality kratom. I like maeng we green. I would take a lot to feel better and how much is what you need to do the same but start small and test the waters. Prefer the capsules since it tastes like shit but mix with coffee and much better. Take too much and you will probably get bad direahha or vomit.never vomited and I took 50 capsules a day for a few days but probably cause it wasn’t quality. But it absolutely if and or buts about it. My advice is to taper off the pain meds. Easier said then done for me. I had to stop since my doctor got arrested. Long story but what a nightmare its been so far. Started sub this week and works well but just replacing 1 opioid with another. Plan is to taper to zero and just deal with the chronic pain. Well versed in pain meds and kratom. Hope this helps some.

          3. Angela
            I’m 49, 5’5″ and maybe 130 pounds? Approximately 6 weeks ag I’d been on 90 mgs Oxycodone a day the past 14 years. Bad accident in 2005. Also a wife & mother. I hear you. These kids I adopted have no time for any of my extraneous baloney.
            I also live with psych stuff, had a tough time of it coming up, lots of antidepressants, TBI, blah blah blah.
            To answer your question, for one such as me, a person who “idles high” in the tension department the Red Vein Bali was a good choice. Great pain relief, sedating enough to calm my neurotic self down. Hubby and chillens are thrilled. Green & Red Borneo also were helpful. Gold vein & Indo were…meh…not so much.
            Get the powder & from a reputable source.
            Make the tea in a pot with fresh lemon & honey. Kratom hot chocolate can be darn good too, get the fancy dark cocoa. Helps with the bitterness.
            Buy clear gelatin capsules to make up for yourself in increments of .5-1.0 grams each, keep those in your purse.
            When I first made the switch, I needed 3 grams in the morning, then another 1-2 grams every 4-6 hours. That was…the first 3-4 weeks. I’m still mucking about with delivery systems as my menstrual cycle affects my pain needs, as does the weather.
            Good luck, Mama.

        7. I need help using this for withdrawal please all I can find is the powder, how much power do I take do I put it in hot tea? Help me hurry

          1. I would try capsules first. Didn’t know what i was doing at first and took too much powder and got bad direahha. Start off slow and see how u feel and go from there. I took enough at times that if it was really bad for you something would happen besides the shits or maybe puke…never even puked once. Make sure you get from a good seller as a lot in tobacco stores is poor quality. U Just have to experiment with what works for your body and situation but go slow and increase as you go. Its like no take backs. Once its in you can’t take it out. Well I can but that’s unpleasant. Ive taken kratom for about 5 years and under different circumstances would have used it to get off pain meds…i didnt have any time and was left with few options. Again start slow and see how it body reacts and go from there

          2. Take 3 big spoon fulls first thing. That’s about 3grams per spoon. Then mid-day if you’re hurting which you will, take 3 more. I’m on week 2 and I eat 50grams every 3days. What are you kicking? If you relapse or the kratom isn’t enough (it’s not a cure just takes the edge off) then check out a methadone clinic. It’s the best thing to stay “clean” just don’t go higher then 50mil or you’ll nod off all day. Kratom is helping me out with my addiction but I went to methadone clinic 2 years then subs for 2 . I was bad off and needed those things but now kratom is helping. Methadone is 10* as strong as morphine and Sub (buph) was originally horse pain meds so kratom can only do so much and I hope you are there but if not then get on methadone or subs. 70,000 people overdose a year and WV is number one. My brother, girlfriend and 2 best buddies are all dead. I’ve known 5/8 more but never buried someone on Sub. Or kratom. Good luck

          3. Try Kratom extract In capsules or tablets. It’s stronger and works better, plus you only take one or two at first and work down.

            I’m in middle of suboxone withdrawal. Was on 1/2 of 2mg film a day. Kratom is working great for me, and with the extract I don’t care which strain. I alternate, but prefer white for the energy as I have kids. Helps me a ton!

        8. Hello Marisa Today is my first day of no opioids and I really have a lot of questions about kratom.Please reach back T me Ty

        9. Im staring to use please help with doses

          1. What are you coming off of? What is your doc? Red Bali works best. I’m coming off a ten year long run with methadone and I take 5 to 7 grams every 4 to 6 hours, around with Soma/ Gabapentin / Imodium / Clonidine. The Soma/Gabapentin works the best for me as it relaxes me and calms the nerves down. I take mine with honey and chia seeds. It had worked wonders. No exaggeration! Hope this helps. I’m 28 feature free of methadone. I’m going to start tapering down on kratom soon. The methadone withdrawals usually last 5 to 6 weeks on its own. It’s the bonafide king of withdrawals for it’s length of time and pain. Also, use white grapefruit juice to help potentiate the kratom. This is for anyone curious on how this works. YOU CAN DO IT. I’m living proof.

          2. It’s honestly a guessing game at first. My first day off suboxone I took 1 every hour til the pain in my legs and arms eased up a bit. I think I took 12 caps. They’re 1.6grams . each. I took an average of 2 or 4mgs. A day. Depending mostly on my insomnia. Feel it out. Start with smaller and work your way up. Once the first week of hell is past you can start taking less. If you take it for a few months it’s fine. But 6+ months it may be a bit tougher to come off. Day 3 and my legs aren’t dying in pain. Its helped so much. Plus a ton of water/gatorade,imodium tablet once a day (after a small meal), goody packets (I take back and body pain, extra strength and pm) alternating. Hylands restful leg tablets are A GOD SEND. without them I was sobbing every 20 minutes. Day 2 was the hardest. I said 50 times (I can’t do it). I’m just going to the doctor. Screw this. I woke up today and realized how close I am to freedom. I’ve had the flu before, horrible lung infections, etc. Those were all for nothing. This is for my life. To get MY life back. MY control..being ruled by anything is no way to live. Please push on! Lean on people even if you have to go to a meeting to find someone to talk to.

        10. She is coming off 7 years of Oxy, she isn’t taking too much. I cant believe she is only taking that much with the kind of withdrawals 7 years of Oxy creates.

        11. Hi I’m looking into Kratom for a friend who’s addicted to opioids he’s taking 3 to 5 Percocets a day and is really struggling to kick them I herd Maeng Da White Vein Kratom Is the best how much should he take and will it work

          1. Tara, I was in the same boat, same pain meds, same amounts. I recommend going to Happy Hippo they have different strains to choose from and prices are about medium. But hey, if your friend can get off the pills it will save so much in the long run. I started out with Red Bali, Red Meant da,and green Maeng Da all mixed! I made my own capsules, took about a tbsp (of Kratom leaf powder)of each strain, plopped each little pile down, filled up my capsules ($2.99 Amazon) bc the tea tastes like shit to take. And I down them(about 5grams worth) then have my afternoon and evening dose Ready. If any pain started creeping up,or I had the need to make calls to get pills, I would take more on the spot. Always carried a bag of loose red vein with me. It helps with nerves too. As long as you’re staying hydrated with lots of water and trying to take care of yourself it will be fine. Everyone’s dose is different. And I hope this helps your friend ♥️

        12. If you know how doing goes could you email me I have a few questions

        13. I can relate to her story. Can you talk to me?

        14. Hi Marissa… my name is Tiffany and I have some questions I was wondering if there are any way that you could help me out at all since you seem to be fairly knowledgeable. Could you email me? Thank you so very much in advance. And have a good day.

        15. Im so confused on how much i should take.. i quit opiates cold turkey after 8 years and bow an trying to get something out of kratom that i miss from opiates but dont want to do opiates again.. i have taken 5 capsules like it says then nothing so i did like 8 caps.. again I don’t think i felt anything and then 12 today waiting to see. Ive tried the red bali and the white maeng da and red marng da and also a green one.. what am i doing wrong? Im 5’5 170 lbs

          1. Hi Tiy, what kind, what dose and how many times a day were you taking the narcotics? For Kratom, it depends 100% on the vendor/type/and percentage of the actual kratom vs just twigs and crap ground up (what the tobacco stores sell, that’s all crap but can kind of help in a pinch) I 100% recommend you check out ‘Kraken Kratom’ online, they are the best by FAR-no comparison. It’s not cheap (well they have the cheap strains too but that’s not what you’re looking for by the sounds of it, but their cheap strains are 100x better than tobacco/head shop junk)), but well worth it. Buy the loose powder not capsule (actually really doesn’t matter as long as you buy the true, potent, quality kratom, they put the same powder in the capsules and just charge you more for it, you’ll just need to swallow like 4-6-8 capsules depending on the strain) or you can even buy the liquid drops (which is SUPER easy to take/doesn’t taste bad at all but you really have to take a lot and it’s even more expensive than caps, friend keeps a vial of drops in her purse for when she’s out and about and takes 3-4 drops here and there between powder doses) but it’s not as potent. Also you can and should call Kraken/email them and tell them what you are dealing with (within reason, like “I have chronic pain and I was taking ‘x’ milligrams of ‘x’ narcotic ‘x’ times a day for ‘x’ amount of years and I want to switch to natural kratom, what do you suggest’) and they will help you find what you need, knowing of course they are not allowed to give you medical advice whatsoever, and most importantly they are only allowed to sell an herbal supplement that doesn’t claim to help a single thing etc.. and most states only allow them to sell it under the pretenses of like ‘research’ or something. For my friend, she would use the very high-potency/high-alkaline “extract” Kratom powder and take like 1.5-ish heaping teaspoons full (it SO depends on the potency-medium to shitty potency she’d take 3-4+ teaspoons) every about 3-4 hours, depending on how sick she was feeling from detoxing, at the beginning of weaning/withdrawing from the narcotics. Take it straight, not mixed with anything, plug your nose and wash it down with water or something warm is even better because it really sticks in your mouth/teeth, swish it around in your mouth until you get it all down. It truly doesn’t taste nasty she says, just like taking a mouthful of very dry and very fine powdery herbs or grass/plants). AND-With the ‘good’ strains it even mimics narcotics in ALLLL ways, as long as you buy the extracts/HIGH alkaline and take enough, which sounds like what you are wanting. This was on like a 200mg+ a day narcotic (hydro and Oxy) habit for many years. This, and like 6 Imodium at a time couple times a day, and a benzo (Xanax, Ativan, clonaz.) if you can be prescribed it (be careful esp if you’ve never taken them before, do NOT mess around with benzos, take like a half if you have minimum experience/tolerance or a whole one if you do have tolerance/experience, when you want/need to go to sleep, but be careful, canNOT stress that enough. There’s no ‘antidote’ for benzos if you stop breathing like there is for narcotics, obvs talk to and follow your dr prescription completely..). This quality kratom from Kraken Kratom can be a life saver. Truly. You have to be willing to spend the money (the more expensive the strain, the higher potency and better results like what you are looking for). Also, you’ll need to spend like around $125-150 to get a large enough quantity of the ‘good stuff’ to have like a few+ doses, the really good stuff is sold in super small quantities for like $35+ but again just CALL them so they can help you determine how much you’ll need, they are so so super nice and helpful and understanding. But truly-it works better than anything else, prescriptions included. Delivered quick and express ship avail, straight to your door. Try it, trust me 🙏 And good luck, get your life back the way you want it. We all deserve freedom and happiness so that we can help other people 💗

        16. Hi,I’ve been on fentynol for 2 years and herion before that for about 7 years I was an iv user but I gave up the needle 2 years ago and now just snort planning to try Kratom again I gave it a half hearted try about a year ago I wasn’t ready now I’m beyond ready so my question is how can I be sure I’m buying quality kratom they all clam to be the best my first round trying kratom I took maybe a couple of tablespoons of it a couple of times then said it wasn’t helping

        17. I need help please how much red kapuas for pain and white maeng da for energy
          When can i start i took 2mg suboxone 14 hrs ago any advisde is appreciated

        18. I have the maeng da kratom green strain jumbo capsules do you know how many I should take to get thru this opioid withdraw? Im on the 1st day

          1. Also I’m reading on here that the kratom from the smoke shops are no good, is this true that I maybe wasting my time with this because I’m all out of money and don’t want to go back out there

          2. Not sure if someone answered you or not. I have exactly what you have as far as kratom. I was told to take 2 of the jumbo pills & try that first. If you feel you need more, you can take 1 more. More than that has made me feel bad but nothing where I got sick or a headache. I can take just 1 at a time, every couple of hours & don’t feel the withdrawals. I’ve taken 6 of the 10/325 hydro’s a day for 10 yrs with 1) 60mg of morphine twice a day. I was able to taper down & stop taking the morphine thankfully but still had a tough time with the hydro. I tapered down to 3 a day & finally took myself off. The kratom has been so good for me but if there’s better than just what I got from the smoke shops then I would love to know so I can find it. I’m ready to have my life back. Hope you get your exact answer but what you’re saying you got, I have that & it seems to work. Hope this made sense ha!

        19. Hi! I am currently weaning off of opioids (have been for 3 months so I’m down to 3 a day & took myself off completely 4 days ago). I started kratom a month ago to try quitting but had a tough time, so…now that I’m on day 4 with no hydrocodone, what is the best way to use kratom for help & safely quitting the kratom also? I have Bali & Maeng Da. Any help would be more than appreciated.

        20. Hi, I’m on day 3 of Kratom from subs for 3 yrs and other prescribed opiates for 7-8 yrs. how long should I take it before it’s safe to wean without opiate withdrawals? I’m taking 2-3 .5mg caps every 3-6 hrs.

        21. Marissa I need help I’m new and really sick and have kratom caps but don’t have any idea how much to take

        22. Hello!🙋…

          I have been taking liquid methadone at 80mg/daily for 8 years and it has caused me to be very sick as a result of it and cannot find a successful way off of it because to date there simply is NOT ONE! So, I am looking to take it only to help with my withdrawals from methadone while on methadone and other meds. I just want something to make me feel less sick and more productive! So my question is….HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SUGGEST I TAKE SO I KNOW WHAT TO BUY AND IN WHAT FORM IS ADVISED? ?



        23. Hello!🙋…

          Hopefully this is getting to Marissa!??

          I have been taking liquid methadone at 80mg/daily for 8 years and it has caused me to be very sick as a result of it and cannot find a successful way off of it because to date there simply is NOT ONE! So, I am looking to take it only to help with my withdrawals from methadone while on methadone and other meds. I just want something to make me feel less sick and more productive! So my question is….HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SUGGEST I TAKE SO I KNOW WHAT TO BUY AND IN WHAT FORM IS ADVISED? ?



        24. Does kratom really work for opiate withdraw how often and amount should you take I’ve heard after 5 days start lowering it 1g a day what is the best way to use it for withdrawal

        25. Marissa i have been prescribed suboxone and am thinking of trying kratom to get off of it. I have a few questions please email me

          [email protected]

      3. You’re dehydrated from the kratom .you have to drink way more water then you normally would.

        1. Hi there, have been using Kratom for quite sometime. Am wondering if how bad wd symptoms may be when I stop and suggestions on how to go about transitioning to something where I don’t need the feel to use something so often. Any tea or natural herbs as suggestions would be so helpful

          1. I’m tapering down right now. Currently down from 30 gpd to 10 gpd daily. It has taken me two weeks to get this far. I feel withdraw symptoms every day but they are manageable. I get hit my major irritability that lasts about 2 hours and passes. Also, my sleep is terrible. Others say cold turkey is the way to go. I have been using Kratom for 3 years. I need to take a break.

      4. I would try to take half teaspoon and then do that every 4 hrs see how u feel

      5. If you get a headache your taking too much for your body to handle. Cut back a little and see if that helps

      6. Yes it is common, I found my self kinda curling my neck because of headache but once I relaxed my face straighten out my neck, it suddenly became bareable, also I was on suboxon so the first full 8 days I was taking 3nto 4 grams every 4 to 6 hours, since suboxone blocks opiod like symptoms. I am now feeling full effect of kratom and now need to cut down to maybe 2 grams, since the 4 grams was wayy to much for me. I am soo Thankful for this and now God has a plan for everything even ebola, aids and all the other stuff western medecines and their like practices try to do to ruin our great nation and as far as the world, they have no limits. If they had no one to judge and if it wasn’t for God’s mercy they would have bombed us to death. But better America super power than china. God Lee who know what they would have done to us

    2. I took 2 tbls of kratom @7:45,and have a apt at 1:00. To get started on buphenorpine for the first time after taking methadone for 15 plus yrs,, will kratom show up on a UA?

      1. It won’t show up on a standard pee in a cup instant ua, they would have to specifically look for kratom alkaloids using a more expensive screening method which I highly doubt they will.

      2. 2 tbsp? Good God woman, cut waaaay down. I take 2 tsp 6-8 hrs for pain that’s max amount. I wish it would help me get off gabapentin that I’ve been taking for 20 some years for mg.

        1. People need to stop bashing on people for their doses. It’s completely up to you and how your body handles it or what amount you need for pain. I take 3-4 tsp every 3-4 hours 4-5 times a DAY. Over 2 years and no adverse side effects except for the occasional constipation. If what you are taking isn’t working for you increase or decrease your dose. Everyone needs to discover their own “sweet spot”

          1. What’s the best kratum for sub withdrawal

          2. Great advice Hunter I have been using kratom for a year or so now I was prescribed 40 mg extended release OxyContin for severe joint pain and arthritis do two years of bodybuilding, when the pain medication was discontinued due to the change of coverage from my health care insurance provider I would purchase pain pills on the the streets, but of course I could never find enough or simply afford the amount that I had been accustomed to receiving under my doctors care so the withdrawal symptoms kicked in. I went a good month and a half of dealing with withdrawal symptoms in between scoring on the street. After hours of intense research and failed home remedies thank God I had finally stumbled across kratom, thinking it was most likely just another overly exaggerated fix for my withdrawals I did travel to another state in which Kratom is legal to purchase, within 20 minutes of ingesting about 5 to 6 g in powder form I was astonished at the results! All my withdrawal symptoms were either greatly reduced to a very manageable level or were completely gone. I continued using Kratom for probably only a week or so 4 to 5 times a day until I felt I was free from the withdraw symptoms. I then waited a week or so feeling normal again and continued using kratom to manage my chronic pain and arthritis and still use to this day with zero side effects. My advice to anyone looking to alleviate opioid withdrawal is to find the kratom strain that works best for you and also the amount that is going to be effective. I generally use red or green Bali sometimes I will mix a little white in with my dosages and I use white grapefruit juice as a potentiator. Good luck to all those seeking relief and keep in mind that there are plenty of opponents that will overly state the negative side effects and falsify kratom effectiveness.

          3. Amen. Everyone is different. The quality is also very impt. Read real reviews and test drive.

        2. I take gabapentin because I just had a major surgery and it is not addicting to me I have never herd of it being addicting

        3. I was able to stop Tramadol (100mg) 4x/day and Gabapentin (300 mg) 4x/day with high quality Red vein and Green vein.
          My Kratom dosage is between 3-4.5 every 4-5 hours, depending on the pain.
          I had no withdrawals from Tramadol or Gabapentin.
          Not sure what your dosage is but it worked for me.

          1. I’m going to try to kick tramadol with kratom. 5x 50mg day for 10 years.

            Can I ask how long you were on the trams?
            Your age, weight and gender?
            Also are you still using the kratom and how is your chemistry doing now?
            Sorry for so many questions but your post is the closest I’ve seen to my case. If I get the same result as you I will be one happy man!

      3. Omg get off those meds. Use kratom please. Do not go to subs. There the Devils saliva indeed. Please take it from a 5 year user.

        I stopped feeling, stomach was all. Messed up even messes up your teeth, back ones in particular, immune system goes to shit. It’s not a cure. And definitely not a long term solution.

      4. I’m getting ready to kick off fentanyl and subs again. Ordered a kilo of super strength kratom. Pray for me.

    3. Amen Brother and now you are free again. Peace Out. Many Blessings and a great article.

    4. I was in the same boat as you. I did it with Klonopin Was on 3 mgs of Zanex a day forever. I went to a rehab & they put me on 15 mg of Klonopin and then down to ten I was down to 5 at My IOP & off it after 12 weeks It can be done & I had had open heart surgery triple by pass after a mild Heart attack. So I was a high risk patient for seizure to say the least I also had ambien to help me sleep I use neither now almost 3 years later.Get the unnecessary stress out of your life STRESS KILLS It effects every part of your body & mind

      1. Xanax is a very dangerous drug. To stop it, you should be an in–patient because it can cause your heart to stop.

      2. 15 mg of klonopin per day? I don’t think so.

        1. 15 mg would literally never happen

          1. It actually does happen and it’s something I personally was prescribed by a dr who literally gave me anything I wanted and I was also given 5, 8 mg tablets of suboxone and 150 mg of instant release adderall. I am 4 years sober and I am thankful every single day. I had to show my dr. Who was in disbelief the pharmacy print out so he would know i was not making it up. Some drs. Are not there to help.

          2. I’m sorry a/c but my mom took that amount back in the eighties

        2. Right?!

      3. I’ve been on suboxone for roughly seven years. This was to come off a 3 gram a day iv habit. Yes it saved my life at the time. Partially I suppose. Over the years I have tried everything and every way known to come off opiates to no avail. I even tried Ibogaine. Twice. Worked for normal opiates(heroin at the time) but not for suboxone. Sadly I relapsed after the ibogaine worked the first time while weaning my wife off. I also used a razor and cut an 8 down 32 times. Even 1/32nd of an 8 mg suboxone once daily produced the worst withdrawals I’ve ever experienced when stopped. In fact I went to jail for 14 days (dismissed. Honestly wasn’t me!) and when I got out I was still just as sick. If u are thinking of getting on subs they may seem like a life saver but they are not. It’s a lifetime contract for a large majority of people. Certainly the hardest to kick and Ive done the gambit. I’ve even seen ads to get OFF kratom with suboxone. That’s the sick health care system we have in the US. As long as they get a new customer they don’t care. I hate to say this but I’m some ways when it comes to opiate cessation in this country at least, don’t just listen to medical professionals. Hell they are likely to have had a lot to do with your current predicament to start with!
        Now the good news…..believe it or not I dismissed Kratom a loooong time ago as too weak to help my kind of addiction. However recently I’ve been reading a great deal of research on it and decided to try it. It’s not just filling opioid receptors. Looking at current research and the areas of the brain Kratom effects I would swear this was made for opioid withdrawal. 15 days ago I took 1/3 of an 8mg strip for the last time. Kratom is the only thing Ive found that has made withdrawal from suboxone bearable. I actually feel perfectly fine at the moment. As a scientist I tend to be very methodical in approach and I base any approach off significant study. Addiction and biochemistry etc aren’t my field but wether it be by placebo or function, my approach has worked this far. Here is what’s doing it for me. Hey I don’t recommend just following what someone else is doing. Especially what I’m doing. I’m going to tell you what Im doing and then ramble on about why and risks involved. Make ur own decisions. Seriously. It may not be my way but there IS a way back to a better life.
        My worst and most unbearable symptoms are restless muscles, shivers, no energy, hopelessness, no appetite but I do NOT get cravings for opiates. If the last one applies to u I highly recommend u stay with what u got going u til u get therapy and u are in a place where that’s the last thing u want anymore. I’m coming off subs and Ive been on them for such a long time that the receptor set that’s screaming to be activated differs significantly from opiates. Bup is a strong kappa opioid antagonist. Mytraginine is actually a strong binder and kappa agonist. Kappa agonistic action is associated with aversion response. Salvia makes u not want another by activating these receptors in the accumbens. As far as Mu receptors go the partial agonist action is the same but affinity is far less between Kratom and bup. Additionally there’s decent binding with 5-ht receptors using Kratom. These receptors regulate mood but also modulate neuron responses. They also relax muscle tissue.
        I started taking Kratom the day before I stopped suboxone. I don’t think that’s important unless ur unsure if u can tolerate Kratom. When I stopped opiates I started taking 6 grams of powered red Bali every 5 hours. Remember that this takes a minute to kick in. So take it an hour before any anticipated withdrawals. Playing catch-up is no fun and really ruins my whole day. I don’t feel right for 24 hours. In addition to this take comfort meds as needed. Immodium (specifically this as it also serves to replace dopamine in ur body. In fact it is a modified dopamine molecule:) For general relaxation smoke some weed but I find going light works better than try to smoke myself in to a coma. Keep in mind u are missing a lot of the transmitters ur brain needs in order for u to feel the euphoria of drugs so some old favs can feel very edgy and uncomfortable. Here is the controversial one. If u have a problem with stims don’t even think about this please. This is not being done to abuse it but in an effort to provide ur brain dopamine so that u are even capable of feeling comfort or joy or hope. Sorry to say but amphetamines sit on receptors and mimic dopamine. Since u aren’t producing any right now the only way I know of (unless u are a Parkinson’s patient) to get this is through amphetamine and methamphetamine. The whole class does this but these are the simplest oldest and yes….have the least side effects other than abuse potential. The others are less addicting but have way worse long term consequences. Amph is a simple carbon ring with a cpl more atoms. But yeah do this as little as possible. Like I use 10 mg of meth in a 24 hour period if I’m going to use it. That’s a therapeutic dosage. Not a tenth of a gram or a line. It’s a speck really. You won’t be high but u will notice that the sun got a bit brighter and u feel a bit of joy. At day 7 I started going down 1 gram a day in Kratom and the plan is to add an additional 2 hours between doses every other day until I’m down to two grams once daily and then I’ll jump off. I’m at the two grams a day mark but I still dose three times a day so it’s a few more days till the jump. I don’t anticipate much more than insomnia and some slight symptoms for a day or so. I hope;)
        I can say honestly that other than stuff I would consider whiny (personally whiny….I get it. This ain’t whiny stuff!). All my symptoms disappeared after day 5-6. Any occasional ones that surfaced were easily dismissed. I only used stims 4 days. I smoked weed daily before and I still am but not for the reasons of withdrawal relief now. Comfort meds stopped at day two. I still don’t sleep well but I am amazingly sleeping at least 3-4 hours at a time. I won’t personally do sleep meds as I find those addicting personally. Once I stop it’s 3 weeks of no sleep so why bother I say.

        Wish me luck as I wish you the same. Life on opiates is hell. It’s not a personal defect, a moral issue, and certainly not what anyone in their right mind would endeavor to achieve and the world needs to stop judging us as if. It’s CERTAINLY should not be a crime in and of itself to be addicted and possess what one is pathologically addicted to! You (and I ) deserve our lives back. This time I think is the one for me….it seems. But if it is not, you can bet I’ll be back with a different plan, more commitment or whatever is needed until I succeed. This wasnt the life that was for us.

        1. Just wanted to let you know that today, I needed to read this and receive the advice/tips you offered. I needed to hear reassurance that this horrific addiction is not due to a moral defect or weak mind. I’ve been on opiates for more than half of my life now, beginning at the age of 16, thanks for a lovely doctor who never warned me about dependency and even encouraged my parents to discipline me for NOT taking all prescribed pain meds. I was in and out of rehabs at least 3-4 times by the age of 21. Back then, I was always the only one there for opiate addiction. The dangers of pain medications truly wasn’t common knowledge back then. I’ve always felt isolated, like some irreparably broken person who must not try hard enough, who has never been strong enough to beat this. I can’t tell you the countless hours, days, weeks, even years I’ve spent researching and devouring as much information I could, in a vain attempt to find the goddamn key that would open the door that finally sets me free. I KNOW I am not the person I was meant to be. And the years just keep ticking by, precious years, wasted in a cycle of insanity.
          My apologies for being long-winded. Your comment evoked an emotional response in me. Today is day two being off of a 13+ year methadone dose. I have been taking Kratom and 5-ht vitamins, and Clonidine for 3 days now. I still have not found the right Kratom strain and dosage that will bring me desperately needed blessed relief, but I know it’s there somewhere and will keep trying until I get it right. I am putting my life into this. Its never mattered more. I have so much hope for the future for the first time in a long, long time, truly. Just that alone feels fucking amazing.
          Sending you good vibes and hopes for continued smooth sailing on your path to wellness and recovery.

          1. What was your dose of methadone? That is a serious thing to do, I did a methadone detox (dose 30-40mg day for two years) and the withdrawal lasted 40days.
            I went inpatient for 18 days. Should of stayed 35. I would recommend that you do the same, call “Beach house” in Juno beach Fl. They will help you. If you can’t do that, then try to get a script for the RLS, be prepared for two to three weeks of INTENSE acute withdrawals that truely come at day 4-21 and I guess prepare for the Kratom to be a mainstay for the next months. Im not saying this to scare anyone. I’m sharing that I’ve done this and succeed to get off methadone.

          2. Stace—you got this!! If you can afford it, buy the capsules which are about .5 grams per cap. Start with 4 caps (2 grams) and increase by .5 grams every 30 min up to 4 grams (8 caps total). If that doesn’t work, try another strain or vein color. Remember: “red to bed, white take flight, and green for in between”. Good luck—you can do this!! Don’t forget your increased water intake and generic Tagamet or Zantac every day!

          3. I’m literally in the exact same boat as you guys. Stumbling across this was truly lucky. I tried Kratom on a whim but it ended up saving my life. I never imagined that some leaf from China could make me care about life again. And in my opinion more people should know that this exists. It’d save countless lives.

          4. How are you doing now Stacy and Kenny?

          5. Stace how are you doing? I’m about to jump off of 10 year methadone dose of 50 my a day with kratom. I got some other stuff ok but I’m just trying desperately to find someone (hopefully) more than one person who has done this. There is one gal in YouTube but I think she ended up going into rehab.

        2. I have a question I started Suboxone approximately three days ago was only on it for two days but I felt empty the days that I was on it so I decided to get off of it and try I have a question I started Suboxone approximately three days ago was only on it for two days but I felt empty the days that I was on it so I decided to get off of it and try Kratom since I already have knowledge of it I’m just curious I am on approximately 39 hours without Suboxone is it safe to start the kratom yet? I feel a little bit of with drawls but I think that was all from the previous opioids I was taking before the sub, I don’t think I became addicted to the Suboxone since it was only for two days I am only 22 I’m just scared of what to expect now I have felt dizziness in my brain since I stopped like my mind is on a roller coaster going up and down and spinning around .

          1. Take enough Kratom to be able to get some sleep. If you can sleep your hardy withdrawing at all. Get out before it’s too late. I’m successful and have a beautiful family but take subs everyday to maintain. Was just informed Kratom can be strong enough for sub withdrawals so I’m here researching myself. 13 years of opiates coming first in my life. Sucks. Trying to change it now. If you keep going it only gets worse. No gets better the longer they abuse drugs.

        3. Suboxone to me was a miracle drug. I never took more than prescribed & that I could not sah about Vicodin and fentanyl & oxy etc. it is a pain in the ass to quit but if you find yourself short for whatever reason I always found that if I could taste that nasty taste I would nit have the restless legs & the kicking so as long as you’ve got enough to taste your not dying(y’all know what I mean)

        4. K3nnyg thank u for ur post. I realize it a month later now. I have a few questions as I’m going thru something similar..I could use ur input and would be extremely grateful. Please email me- [email protected] if u see this at all.
          Thank u in advance.

        5. K3nnyg, Thanks for sharing! I’m curious about the part in regards to amphetamines. I’ve read so many time that they can really worsen withdrawal from opiates and make you a train wreck. How would you gauge a microdose? Also, is that going to negate the kratom we are taking? Or interact with it at all? I hope you are still doing well!!

          1. I take 16 mils a day of Suboxone and have been on this dose for 4 years, I am also ADHD so I’m on adderall as well. It’s too the point now where one med doesn’t work without the other and I’m always short on one or the other. I heard that Kratum could be my answer to getting off both. The withdrawal and lack of energy are my biggest problem. Can anyone help? Any and all advice is appreciated.

          2. Shannon, You and I are in the same exact situation. I’m on sub and adderall, 4 years now. 8mg and 20mg per day. I’m not sure if you’ve ever tapered off or gone through the sub W/D all the way through but I’ve done both if you have any questions—[email protected] 1. Tapering down is all in your head, I tapered from 8mg to 1.5mg in 30 days before with no problem. As soon as you do it one day and you break through that mental barrier you realize it’s fine. I still everyday take 5mg one day, 7 the next, all over the place, I just base on how I’m feeling. 2. I don’t skip doses, if I was on 8mg taking 3mg/3mg/2mg throughout the day, going down to 6 I take 2mg/2mg/2mg. Spread the decrease out. 3. The sub withdrawal is much more bearable than cold turkey heroin/oxy, it just lasts longer, and all w/d sucks. I did cold turkey off 8mg, but was not fun of course, and ultimately after 41 days off, I started again. But not because I was feeling terrible, more so the cravings got me….. Now I’m here because I’ve heard a lot about Kratom but it’s the only thing I’ve never tried and unfortunately one thing I’m not an expert on by now. If it satisfies the opiod receptors, and you can get your sub dose to/under 1-2 mg it should work. Also another thing that helps that people don’t talk about very much, get a shit ton of Imodium(loperamide), and take 20-30 at a time. Your stomach has opiod receptors in it, hence the runs when in w/d. It will help alleviate symptoms all around. Feel free to message if you have any questions.

      4. @Anonymous No way would a Rehab give you 15mg of K-pin a day… And it’s XanAx by the way not “Xanex”.

    5. What if you’re needing chronic pain control? My doctor after twenty years feared for his license after opposite conversion regulation changed. Withdraw, not end of world it’s my pain from spinal injuries post operation they screwed up that will and is degenerative I’m thrown under the bus along with thousands of Kaiser patients with no medicine to help and at drastic tapers that are dangerous as chronic pain patients need pain control we are drug tested ekg tested urine tested and I’m not a drug user or ever used to just party. Twenty plus years on same dose and due to recent new guidelines Kaiser is jumping the gun to save themselves treating us like one size fits all not so and now our alternative to search for anything that may help as the doctors just say push for legalization then take all you want both Dr Anesthesia Biocca taught this and my PC Dr Ley-Han at Kaiser Modesto hospital agreed

      1. I am completely pain med free because of Kratom and CBD. Hope that helps. I have degenerative disc disease, had a c5-6 fusion in 2005. Now c3-4 is hearniated. Last year I had a procedure to cauterize my nerves on both sides of my neck. Between that finding the right Kratom and finding the right CBD-I’ve been pain med free since last Summer. Also, was helped off and on by Kratom since 2007- but have just recently discovered my perfect leaf blends as well as hemp oil.

        1. Would you mind sharing what your personal “perfect leaf blend” is? New to kratom… just started using a few weeks ago for chronic pain, and also for its known recreational/relaxation value. Have found the most success with red vein borneo, but have only tried that, red maneg da and green maeng da.

        2. Libba
          I have the very same conditions you have. Would you mind sharing what kind of Kratom and CBD oil helped you??

          1. Amen! I would love to know kind, strain and dosage. I have taken CBD oil and used cream. No results. Kratom helps pain and depression but I just can’t seem to find the right dosage , strain, regime. Thanks so much for sharing!

        3. Libba
          Would you mind please detailing exactly what you take? I had a botched spinal surgery on L5-S1 a year ago and want off these pain meds so bad. Thanks in advance!

        4. What do you use for CBD? I am 8 days post op from a hip surgery and I’ve been on a pretty high dose of oxycodone for years. I’m on day 2 of no oxy just Kratom but I want to know which cbd is good and how much to take? I live in Nevada so CBD is everywhere but that also means shit in the market. Thanks!!

        5. Can you tell me what brand you’re taking and dosage? I have 7 fusions and fibromyalgia and just got off opioids after 30+ years on them

        6. Can you contact me to tell me the amount and kinds of brands you use?

        7. What cbd do you use?

        8. How much kratum are you supposed to take after your last dose of heroin? I bought the red strain Bali kratom pills the best brand they had. , I’ve been on heroin for 3 years, I do 1grm of heroin a day. I need help so I’m not at work feeling sick.

          1. I just started kratom today! 5 years of norco 7.5 4 per day. I am taking a mix cap for withdrawal snd pain. I was instructed by health stor to start eith 3 caps per day in am. I had a norco at 9:30 am….3 krayom caps at 2: 00 pm. Don’t feel too bad right now at 4:30. I suffer chronic pain for various issues. There are groups on FB that are helpful…several! I’m having a headache but have one everyday from norco anyway! I think I will simply take a 650 mg. Tylenol in a bit and may be 1 tab kratom at bedtime. I hope to never take another opiod!!! I have heard it csn help with quiting smoking even! I hope so! Wish me love and luck as I have wanted to die for 3 years now!

      2. I’m gonna be honest robin kratom is good medicine but it’s like every other medicine just natural. Try

      1. Opiate withdrawal does not lead to death

        1. Yes it does. I have a friend that died from it and unfortunately went to the emergency room and was turned away because they stated that she would not die from withdrawals, while she was shitting herself and unable to move they put her in a taxi home, she died an hour after she arrived home. The above woman posted that it kills people all the time in jails, listen to this please, take it in, the problem is that medical professionals have been using this false information for decades and teaching others the same thing even when there is verifiable proof that people do die from opiate withdrawals, jails and hospitals continue to refuse treatment and let them die in their cells. You can die, from opiate withdrawals, it kills people ALL THE TIME because of this faulty information. Please stop spreading it around the internet and elsewhere.

          1. My friends brother died in jail from methadone withdraw about 10 to 12 years ago

          2. I go for methadone treatment. And In my 20 years I have seen patient go into convulsions and become unresponsive. Another patient while begging to be readministered fell in seizures, and later died. So these so called experts, should not adminster that kind of so called expertise. It just puts people in my boat at risk of Titanic outcomes. Methadone w/d definitlely can kill.

          3. Dawn, I couldn’t have said it any better. THANK YOU. A comment online might be a drop in an ocean, but if it saves even 1 you are a hero.

          4. INDEED!!!! I’ve had 3 very close ppl to me die in jail before they would treat w/d. They had all been on heroin since the 70s. One aspirated, and 2 from heart attack due to uncontrolled cold Turkey w/d. They were not given ANY meds to help… hell they were not even ‘checked on’. When the guards came to do their ‘head count’ they were deceased. They were very cool ,old school ppl of mine. RIP . One of them was THEE FIRST to die from opiate w/d on record in Florida. Whether it’s due to complications “from” w/d or directly due to fast and uncontrolled opiate stoppage…
            IT HAPPENS.

          5. Fuck yes it will kill you. Not directly like booze or Xanax but if you’re sick with something else weak heart will kill you bc a healthy 18 year old detoxing hard will have super high blood pressure and dehydrated ect so a weak body can absolutely die. If a hospital ever tried turning me away I say the magic words. “I’m gonna kill myself” by law they must commit you. Then you can detox correct. Health care people look down at addiction but it’s the same professionals that got everyone strung out to begin with. Never detox hard alone. It’s tough I’ve done it 100zs of times and the best was the 2 time s I went to ER and said I’m suicidal take me to the Ward. 8/12 days they keep ya but you’re cared for, don’t have to cook clean or do shit but take meds to help you and learn in group counseling.

        2. That’s correct. Opiate w/d, even heroine w/d WILL NOT kill you. Benzos can lead to seizures and possibly death, hardcore alcohol abusers can DEFINITELY die going cold turkey.

        3. YES YOU CAN DYE FROM OPIOID WITHDRAWALS !!!. I was Prescribed 480mg of Morphine Extended Release, for 11 YEARS !! Then July 14 2018, my Dr DIED !! This left me with NO WAY TO RENEW MY SCRIPT !!. Well, After I ran out of my morphine, I almost DIED !!. My wife took me to the ER, and they Admitted me and Quick !!. 4 Drs said that if she wouldn’t have brought me to the ER, I would have DIED !!. I’m now on 30mg of Methadone daily, And it stopped the “Withdrawal Symptoms” but the pain is still there !!!. That’s why I’m researching on here !!. I want OFF THE OPIOIDS !! But have SEVERE CRONIC PAIN !!. Will Kratom help me release the pain ??.

          1. try CBD also.

        4. I’ve heard benzo withdrawal can lead to death. It’s like getting off booze

        5. It actually does you can have seizures and go into a coma with how severe you were dependent on the opiate

        6. Watch the videos of people dying in jail… on video.. from opiate withdrawl. Google Tyler Tabor and watch him wither away. Poor Tyler. I didn’t even know him but I always think of him and what he went through. I know that pain and my worst fear is having to die from it.

      2. No, no one has died from opiate withdrawal alone, at least heroin. However I’ve heard of a few from oxy, but the almost all used Xanax, Valium or other benzos, even alcohol, ALL of which can kill you in withdrawal. If you almost died, it was due to dehydration, underlying issues. Judy Rodgers, I’m in Texas, I’ve detoxed off opiates in jail, Suboxone as well, I wanted to die, but with proper hydration and care, you won’t die. 1,000s of people in Texas?? Please site your sources. I’m just now using kratom to get off Subutex, that’s why I’m on here, but had to set things straight

        1. actually opiate withdrawal can become fatal if the body develops a fever. if that EVER happens, get to the E. R. IMMEDIATELY!

        2. Thank you for this. So many people on opiods are also using benzos. Thats why the withdrawl kills them. Benzo withdrawls can cause seizures, strokes and death. People who die during opiod withdrawl are in extreme conditions ( like being severly dehydrated in jail) or have underlying health conditions.

        3. It depends on the symptoms. If you have the runs non stop and cannot rehydrate… you will die. Your heart will stop. Google heroin withdrawal in jail. People are dying everywhere. There are videos online of people actually withering away and dying in jail from heroin withdrawal. Yes… just heroin

        4. Can you cite your registry you maintain of W/D related deaths from Narcotics? Because if you don’t have one how the f could you know people don’t die from Opiod W/D? You definitely didn’t learn that from a simple google search.

      3. INDEED!!!! I’ve had 3 very close ppl to me die in jail before they would treat w/d. They had all been on heroin since the 70s. One aspirated, and 2 from heart attack due to uncontrolled cold Turkey w/d. They were not given ANY meds to help… hell they were not even ‘checked on’. When the guards came to do their ‘head count’ they were deceased. They were very cool ,old school ppl of mine. RIP . One of them was THEE FIRST to die from opiate w/d on record in Florida. Whether it’s due to complications “from” w/d or directly due to fast and uncontrolled opiate stoppage…
        IT HAPPENS.

      4. 1000’s of people dieing from opiod withdrawal? That is the biggest load of shit I may have ever heard. I work in the medical industry, I have never come across research that relates to even one single death due to opiod WD. Obviously if they were taking benzos or alcohol that is a different story. Don’t come on here and spread BS, please. Thanks.

        1. It’s true. It happened in a hospital I was in for a different reason and a nurse told me. Your heart can give out unless you have a severe infection you didn’t notice being too high. Sorry, sir, but you are definitely incorrect.

        2. PLEASE PEOPLE STOP TELLING OTHERS KRATOM IS THIS ‘MIRACLE DRUG’ OR TO ‘STAY ON IT FORVEVER IF YOU HAVE TO BE CAUSE ITS THE “LESSER OF TWO EVILS”‘ complete b.s. kratom can and will run and ruin your life just like every other opiate, synth opiate or agonist. It IS addictive. My boyfriend used it to get off of methadone. Last night he was contemplating suicide because he’s having such a hard time getting off of it, and is sick of switching from one drug to another. Plus the fact that he is reading about so many naive people telling others to take kratom, and that it isn’t addictive, blah blah blah. And no, it absolutely does NOT help with benzodiazepines withdrawl. These are two totally different classes of drugs. You ABSOLUTELY, 100% HAVE TO WEEN OFF OF BENZOS. You can die from benzos withdrawl. Do not take kratom to get off of it, it will not be beneficial in any way. And if you are using kratom to get off of any opiate or synth opiate, use it for 5 days and drop it. Use it like you would use suboxone. Otherwise you WILL get addicted to it. You guys really need to do your research before you throw out advice. Do you even understand how opiates work? Do you know what they do to your brain? Do you realize that you are filling receptors still when you are taking kratom, and if you take it long-term you will absolutely build a tolerance and then be in the exact same boat you were in before? Also, please do not add to the stigma of methadone being such a ‘horrible’ drug, and then tell people to switch to kratom every day for the remainder of their lives. Methadone is regulated. Your dose wont continuously go up like it does with kratom. You do not build a tolerance. I didn’t try methadone for over a decade as a heroin addict because of the stigma it has, and not trying it almost killed me. I tried literally everything else, and I sincerely wanted to quit using. Nothing worked until I tried methadone and then moved away. If I didn’t; I know for a fact I would be dead by now. Methadone doesn’t get you high when you use it as maintenance and the way it’s supposed to be used. I couldnt get high on it now if I wanted to, and I couldn’t get high on any other opiate unless I wanted to stop taking the methadone for 3-4 days, and by then I’d be vomiting profusely. Yes, it sucks having to take it every day and pay for it…but safit’s safe, I know what I’m taking, I have my life and family back, I dont have to take more and more to feel normal. And I am more than half way done weaning and still feel fine. My boyfriend used kratom to get off of methadone because he went down way too fast and now he’s stuck. He hates being on kratom, his tolerance is through the roof, and now he can’t eat because his stomach is so messed up. He tried to quit and couldnt and when he started up again his tolerance went up rapidly. He broke down last night because now he’s just on something else and its causing more problems than he ever had on methadone. He is sick of the cycle, and so am I. Kratom is good for detoxing when you take it JUST FOR DETOXING. Anything longer than 5 days and you’re just switching again and again and again. And your tolerance goes up, and then you get sick from taking too much..its just not worth it and I wish people would stop glorifying this crap.

          1. Methadone is a horrible drug and by far way worse. Notice all the people saying people have actually died from Methadone w/d?… If you tried Suboxone and still went back to using, it’s not because Suboxone didn’t work for you, it’s because you wanted to be high still. Sorry, that’s the truth. Methadone doesn’t have the ceiling effect and isn’t a partial agonist, but Suboxone stops all w/d symptoms and cravings after a few days for those with even the worst of habits. Doesn’t matter if you’re on a “maintenance” dose, the only difference between it and other full agonist opioids is it’s long half life. If your boyfriend is threatening to kill himself because he’s reading random people online praise what Kratom is doing for them, that’s something he needs to seek help for, not others experiencing success comparatively to their old life’s problem…..

    6. Yes I want to stop the pain meds and start taking the Kratom…. I take meds for Bipolar, I also am sick and stressed out I have to hide my pain meds as they are also stealing them…. How do you know what dose of Kratom to take? Do ask the dr or is there someone who knows about Kratom & meds I have to take? Please help much appreciated

      1. Look in different forums such as this and sub-forums on social media (Reddit) and research the heck out of it.

      2. Im about tobstart katom red bali Viva supreme and ear bali i hear red is to sleep so ima take it at night and white is for energy so ill use that for work… Im currently going through heroine withdrawals and i need help. Please anyone … Everyone help!!!!! Idk what im doing i went from pain pills to this cuz of a herniated disc on my neck and now im stuck with this sickness… Im alone and im scared please help

        1. Hi im Jade, live in Atlanta, im prescribed 80mg of methadone from 120mg, started with percs, Roxie’s, then heroin, now methadone. I have weaned myself dwn to 27 1/2mg cut a wafer in half, cut a 10mg piece in half, cut on 5mg in half. So i take 20mg, 5, & 2.5 anyways u get it. I just took some kratom mixed in peppermint tea with honey & drinking it now. I also took a little cbd oil (no thc) & suddenly im not all cramping as much, my anxiety has definitely gone dwn but u have to really WANT TO STOP! It didn’t work the first time i tried over a yr ago. but it does now! Thats cuz im clean & sober aside from the methadone. Wow, thk you guys & God, i can feel myself relax and my tummy’s not in knots. Please try to calm down and not panic or try to take more than you need. I’ll have to write bk after i take it again for amount. Whenever i feel bad again. It does work! Stick with the slow taper on methadone 2.5mg a wk is what im doing.

          1. Hey Jade. I live in Atlanta and need to know what kind of kratom to get as I have to get better for my baby.

          2. I started tappering 6 months ago. Got down to 20. Went to 15 for a few days then lost opportunity to take it all together. Haven’t dosed in 2.5 days and started to feel rough today. I went and got some kratom and just took it. It helping you ?

          3. I was on 100m of liquid methadone and 3 Xanax a day for 2.5 years. I got kicked out of the clinic so rapid detox was 5 a day. I was sick 36days. Methadone saved my life but it’s no joke. Kratom is helping me now. I got 2 weeks off sub’s that I was buying off the street. Opioid addiction is for the birds! Be clean with kratom or be on methadone that’s my take on it

        2. Aloha David.
          Did anyone reach out to you? How’s it going?

        3. Hey David,

          How has the kratom worked for you since you posted? I hope to hear back from you soon & see how you’re doing, as well as, see if I can help in any way. Hope you’re doing alright.

    7. Peresphone & Aynonomous Great Posts I hope people will read & follow your advise ! . I started taking about 10 grams of Red Vein Malay & Sumatran Kratom plus Ultra enhanced Sumatra powder for over a week now. Its helping with my depression & energy levels. I went cold turkey off of a 500 mg of Depekote in mid May REALLY stupid. I thought I was in the clear until about the 8 or 10 days out I hit the wall. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I did get a new rx 3 days ago but not before ALL the Depekote was out of my system. It sucked Not nearly as bad as a Benzo or Suboxone WD but it still sucked Big time. I couldnt get out of bed & could have caused a seizure .Im REALLY lucky I just happened to be taking Atarax which im taking in lieu of Valium with some success which is also an Anti Convulsant at the time This is where the Kratom has helped while my body is slowly absorbing the Depekote again which is a 1-2 week window depending in the individual. I also threw my back out & I can hardy walk erect The Kratom DEF helps with that with a good 5-6 gram dose of Good Kratom
      So Kratom does work for me Its helping me with Sleep Severe depression & Anxiety from the Depekote & Valium WD’s along with Atarax
      Dont ever go cold turkey on Anything without consulting your Dr You could die literally especially
      with Benzos & booze
      I would recommend trying the Enhanced Kratom Powder in tea for the best effect especially if your
      in pain & need quick relief or your stomach is sensitive to taking all those pills which are about .6 grams each.You can cut your intake in half over Std Kratom Some sites say its 4 times stronger but I have not found that to be accurate.
      If you haven’t tried Kratom its worth looking into. I have ADD an it helps with that as well. Some people look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them Im taking it But honestly its just out of ignorance .Its a a natural leaf that people have been using for centuries in Indonesia & China
      And lastly STRESS DOES KILL Its an insidious disease. Look at Kate Spade & Anthony Budoin just this week alone. I highly recommend going to You Tube & watching the video of Stress The Silent Killer” from 2011 It saved my life & might just save yours. It’s an outstanding piece of work done by a Stanford PHD who spent 30 years in the field doing the research . Good Luck

    8. Does kratom cause liver damage I already have liver problems but take kratom regularly but just heard it causes liver damage???

    9. I’ve seen many people detoxing from opiates I was a paramedic for 10years kicking opiates depending on level of dependency on them can very likely cause death. Seizures sop oxygen from getting to your brain! Don’t tell people an opium withdrawal isn’t likely going to kill them, it’s FALSE AND just bad I formation on your part!

    10. Im getting prepared to begin a 120mg per day oxycodone
      detox at home cold turkey. I bought 150 grams of red bali. I chose the red bali because of all the info I read online. I’m gonna start with 8 grams 4 times a day unless someone here tells me otherwise. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    11. So I too am trying to get off of my Suboxone and my mother gave me some mangda kratom and I took two teaspoons equivalent to about four and a half grams every 4 to 5 hours and I don’t know if it’s going to help I’m scared. And the true ceiling effect for suboxone is 24 mg anything more than that defeats the purpose and just goes to waste. I have only been prescribed for mg Suboxone for about 4 months and I’m afraid because I detoxed from Suboxone after 3 years of taking them I was taking 8 mg a day for 3 years in the withdrawal lasted like 50 something days it was terrible and it happened in jail. Does Kratom truly work for withdrawal? If so what type of Kratom should I get they got red vein white vein yellow vein green vein maeng da Bali white Borno all this stuff to choose from but I was strictly want the best kind for buprenorphine withdrawal any suggestions would be much appreciated! You can add me on Facebook at Steven Lunger. There might be a few Facebook’s associated with that name add them all because I’ve had like for Facebook’s overtime. Or you can email me. [email protected]. I would really appreciate any advice from people that have experienced buprenorphine withdrawal and what kind of Kratom I should buy online thanks a lot!

    12. I’m on 4mg of suboxone a day. I want off! It’s been 13-years, I’m over it. I want to use kratom for a month to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Around how much should I buy? I’m not sure what my daily dosage should be/is going to be so I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how many grams I’ll need to get me through the month. Also, would it be wise to buy a sample pack first in order to see how each strain effects me personally? Or, is their a particular strain that is great for severe withdrawal symptoms…because I get them all! Any info. would be greatly appreciated at this point.

      1. I’ve been snorting soboxin for 2 and a half years I want to get off it but I can’t deal with the withdrawals I have to buy it off the street $20 a pill me and my girlfriend both are addicted to it she eats it and I snort it .you people that read this might think I’m lieing but before I got addicted to soboxin we were taking 10 or 15 loratabs in 2 days a piece we never ever became addicted I done soboxin one time because of a tooth ache a neighbor of mine gave me a little piece to put under my tongue it helped my toothache but a hour or two later I threw my guts out I kept throwing up then I was fine got up the next morning drank one cup of coffee and threw up a few times

        1. I am very very seriously thinking about sueing the makers of soboxin

    13. I taking 10, 10mg of hydros daily or 10 years. I put 2 tsp of the green vein Malay in about 6oz of grapefruit juice and let me tell you… IT WORKS!! Of course, I ask Jesus for his guidance along the way. Here’s how I know that he’s such an intrical part… I bought my pills from my neighbor and one day after 10 yrs. The pharm. Didn’t have them in stock so as I horribly suffered. Through the night I found out about Kratom online. Honestly the day I bought kratom the Lord spoke to my heart and litteraly said that this will. Be a way to help you regain your life..A way for you to search and rejoice in me. A lot on here may be abrasive or unbelieving and that’s ok. I don’t make things and I know what I heard. Such as He uses Drs and others.

    14. I am at the end of getting off of xanax using Bali Red and Bali Green Kratom and rotating them with adaptogens and CBD and Corydalis with California Poppy for sleep. The red is definitely more relaxing. I don’t like to mix things together so I rotate or leave several hours in between doses. I also take 1800 mg of Gabapentin per day for nerve pain split into 3 doses. I get a script of 10 10/325 mg Hydrocodone tabs every 3 weeks to help with severe pain outbreaks, but they give me severe constipation much worse than the Kratom. If I have to take Corydalis or Hydrocodone I don’t mix them with Kratom. I have taken 500 mg tylenol with Kratom because I can’t take NSAIDS like Advil or Diclofenac. One time from hydrocodone the constipation was so bad I had to use a sort of douche method and Senna Tea after using the Hydrocodone for only two days and only two tablets! So I put them aside now for a rainy day in case they outlaw Kratom. I use Kratom to help with my pain and it seems to go well with the Gabapentin because it keeps me focused, energized and awake. I’m also losing weight because I am a water baby and love to swim. I’ve lost 28 pounds and my doctor is amazed! But I changed my entire life. I rarely eat out anymore. I had a Wendy’s Salad with pecans, chicken and apples with a pomegranate sauce that was amazing and only 470 calories with water, but even though the lettuce was fresh it was still an iceburg and romaine mix which I know does not pack a nutritional punch and enough fiber or magnesium like the salads I make at home with Spinach, Kale and a variety of other colorful vegetables and olives or capers. I make my dressings with Grass Fed Yogurt that is USDA organic and I’ll put various herbs and spices in it and sometimes a bit of Feta cheese. I no longer crave fast food or eat solid cheeses. There is pizza in the fridge from my roommate and I do not want it. In the mornings I eat a Kind Bar and it keeps me full for a long time. Then I take half of a scoop of non-GMO plant pea protein mix that has all sorts of vegetables and fruits in it that supplies half the magnesium twice per day mixing them with fruits such as pineapple, cherries, blueberries , strawberries or bananas 1/3 cup each rotating two fruits every other day. I only put the fruit in once per day and for the other shake I just use Flax milk. I put Flax milk in and clean water. Then I buy non-GMO USDA prepared meals that have only vegetable puree and Amaranth/Quinoa mix and put a bit of a light USDA organic cheese in it or I buy organic low calorie soups. First thing in the morning before I have Kratom I am able to go to the bathroom at least 1 to 3 times. Then while I’m making coffee or tea I grind up some organic ginger and mix it with no calorie Monkfruit sweetener and a bit of Coconut milk creamer. I then have a small piece of 70% cocoa chocolate and it settles my stomach and wakes me up. For dinner I eat a slice of gluten free bread with fish, chicken or sometimes beef. I even bought a large turkey that has not been given hormones. Kratom is much safer than Opiates. It is measurable and if you eat enough magnesium, fiber, and drink enough water you will be able to go to the bathroom. Avacados and Hummus contain fiber and magnesium as well. I’ve been writing an anti-inflammation cookbook with gluten free usda organic and non-GMO foods. I was really addicted to Xanax and when I first stopped I was unable to go outside. What helped me was adaptogens such as Holy Basil and Ashwaghanda and some nootropics to keep me calm. Now that I use a lot less Xanax. I am able to function like a normal person. I do not mix xanax with Kratom because I have experience getting the measurements right so that I do not get overstimulated. Anyone can misuse any drug but the red kratom has helped me to skip at the most 4 days of xanax use and I can leave the house now without taking any with me and not think about it. A doctor got me addicted by raising my doses and telling me that I needed to take a certain amount every day. I was up to 8 mg! I am now down to .5 to 1 mg every other day and make sure I take them apart from any other drugs. The only time I have taken them with Kratom is when I had a panic attack during withdrawals, but that is over. I am going to keep them on hand because I don’t want a seizure. I constantly monitor my blood pressure to be sure I am not getting out of control and I use meditation to calm myself a lot. Exercise and endorphins has helped reverse the damage and brain fog. I think it would be a big mistake to take Kratom off the market. I don’t drink, but alcohol and rx opiods have killed so many people and Kratom has not. I consider it a safe choice. Without it I would be in pain or have to be constipated with opiods.

    15. Anyone looking for heroin, oxycontin, oxycodone, fentanyl, suboxone, methadone or other opiate drugs relief from withdrawal there is a not so public way to feel better. Mega dosing vitamin c. The vitamin c in large doses occupies opiate receptors and alleviates withdrawal. You want to use powdered sodium ascorbate rather than citric acid. The sodium ascorbate is easy on the gut vs the acid version most vitamin c is going to cause bowel intolerance. Your goal is to consume 60 to 80 GRAMS a day. You start by loading for a couple days get the body used to it. Then start every couple hours consuming 2 to 4 to 6 grams at a time or until you get withdrawls relief. Aslo take vitamin e with it. Anyone can google this there has been studies done and it’s been successful and first hand I know it works. You have to want this and any way u go will work placebo is real if you believe in the process you believe in . The mind is a scary thing but it also can change your life for the good you just need to want it enough to get out of the bad .

    16. I need help… I’ve been doing between a half gram and a gram of heroin every day for the last year and a half. And before that, around 5 dilaudid pills a day for 3 years. Never missed a day or “dose” I bought 2 different bags of Kratom. One is red dragon the other is red maeng da. I really want to get off of heroin but honestly mentally cannot deal with feeling the withdrawals. I get super depressed and almost suicidal just because I want it to stop. Any suggestions on how much I should take and how often?

    17. Hello!🙋…

      I have been taking liquid methadone at 80mg/daily for 8 years and it has caused me to be very sick as a result of it and cannot find a successful way off of it because to date there simply is NOT ONE! So, I am looking to take it only to help with my withdrawals from methadone while on methadone and other meds. I just want something to make me feel less sick and more productive! So my question is….HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SUGGEST I TAKE SO I KNOW WHAT TO BUY AND IN WHAT FORM IS ADVISED? ?



    18. Wow yeah people are annoying. Why doesn’t anyone research before they give advice? I just read a response to a lady saying it doesn’t make sense that she was prescribed 32 mg of suboxone and blah blah. Yes, the ceiling is around 8 mg. But where I’m from vancouver, wa they prescribe 3 to 4 if you ask because they are uneducated like usual. I’ve always stayed at 12 mg. With my dr. But honestly only took a fourth of one pill and sold the rest. It never worked for me anyways. always made me angry and want to get high so I’m doing kratom and its amazing!! Kratom red maeng da capsules but powder is better, imodium, and clonidine. Immodium is a life saver I’d younger bad an upset stomach because it’s an synthetic opioid that affects your opiate receptors. BUT YOU CAN NOT GET HIGH FROM IT so dont try it’s dangerous to take high amounts.of it.

    19. The best advice I’ve seen yet!

    20. how long do i have to wait to take kraton before my last dose of opiate

  2. I’ve been on benzodiazepines for 15 years (worse than heroin) -I was prescribed for insomnia;psychosomatic body tremor and anxiety from head trauma (TBI) from auto accident….am looking to wean myself off this poison. Can anyone tell me if they have used Kratom to help with withdrawal? What was the experience? Was it helpful? What strain? How long? Is it addictive?

    1. lol kratom won’t help benzo withdrawal

      1. Lol naw that shit can kill you

        1. Shame on you

      2. Why would you lol at some one asking for help?! Have you been through Benzodiazepine withdrawal? I never post but this really made me angry and sad. To the poster asking for help, I truly wish I had some advice for you. Be well and all the best to you!

        1. Thank you. I did not think that was funny either

          1. Kava can help with the benzo withdrawal.

          2. Just food for thought: The only two drugs that can kill during sudden withdrawal are Alcohol which can produce delirium tremons and benzodiazapines. Benzos are the worse I’ve seen many a seizure related to them. Benzos can kill you, you need to slowly taper your benzo use.

        2. I totally agree, it was rude, insensitive and uncalled for.

          1. Yes it struck me as rude also

          2. lol i didnt post that but he did say in his original post the answer to the question that was lold at. He said it could kill you.

            Also opiate w.d kill many more people that benzo w.d

            its not funny, the subject matter, but what he asked was literally already answered.

        3. No where close to funny, benzodiazepines nearly killed me!! I don’t see anyone being that hard on another human being. But you people that have dealt with addiction of some kind, how can you act that way? That’s just cruel!!

        4. No that’s wrong nobody should laugh out loud at benzo withdrawals especially if they’re on Kratom for whatever they’ve done or whatever they’re looking to get I have sympathy for you I was on 6 to 10 mg of benzos every day for years and it’s terrible to come off but once you get off you’ll never want to go back good luck and God God-bless

          1. I’ve been doing dope and was wandering can I take Kratom the first day not doing dope or do you have to be clean a certain amount of time? Please help me I am ready to kick this monkey off my back!!

        5. ok i have been through a bezo- klonopin withdrawl. 14 yrs every night for sleep. 1-3 mg klonopin.
          Heres what to do and what almost nobody has heard of: The ashton protocol.

          google it online.

          its super slow not very anxiety producing whatsoever- because its super slow- but you will need to have and/or be in a supportive environment which is low stress.

          you have to do this right.

          the ashton protocol. swear.

        6. me too. people- ignore sub humans online and in real life. theyre ghosts of themselves and never got the help they need.

        7. I REALLY almost died from benzo w/ d….7 days on life support !!!! Docs refused to give me anything to help because of Oregon’s Care Oregon Insurance….kratum helped after I got home…helped me sleep through terrible neck pain.I hate M.D.s…. May the CREATOR punish them & those who make pharmaceuticals!!!!!

        8. Well said

        9. There are three types of drugs that will kill you if you stop cold turkey if you have been on them for years. #1 Alcohol, #2 Benzodiazepines i.e., any drug with pam at end of its name like diazepam, alprazalam, temazepam, etc. #3 Barbituates. Please for GOD sake seek medical help if you stop taking or run out of these drugs. Is it not ironic alcohol is sold on almost every corner.

          1. I have severe emphysema and chronic bronchitis and copd and moderate congestive heart failure plus epilepsy I’ve been snorting soboxin for a little over 2 years and I want off of it but can’t deal with the withdrawals I don’t have insurance I’m disabled and I’m waiting on my disability claim to go through is it dangerous to stop doing soboxin and go cold Turkey?

        10. Great response. Some people are as ignorant as they sound.

      3. possibly phenibut.

      4. yes it will but DXM will actually stop it. i’v done it and i’v been taking benzos since 12 and im 29 now. if you use the NMDA activity of dxm it will help reset the GABA type 2 receptors. kratom has some NMDA activity as well so yes it will help.. come on people

        also sign the petition to stop the ban below

        1. Could you tell me what DXM is?

          1. Cough medicine. Dextrometamorphin

          2. DXM is dextromethorphan hydrobromide (or polisterix). Acts as the cough suppressant in over-the-counter cough medicine. Just be aware of all the active ingredients. Many products contain other ingredients for other cold-associated symptons such as runny nose, headache, fever. The side effects from these other drugs can be quite unpleasant and taking high doses of acetametaphine is not good. There are plenty of products that contain only DXM. I’ve used DXM for opiate and benzo withdrawal and it was helpful. It is important to note that there is a threshold where ingesting too much will cause a “robotrip” and give a drunk-like dissociative effect.

          3. It’s Robitussin, there is no scientific evidence of it helping with Benzo withdrawals.

          4. DXM is in cough syrup and if you have a serious opioid problem DXM won’t touch it. He must be catching high school buzzes to say that?!?! However if he said DMT also known as Ayahuasca, he would of been right. DMT is some serious shit but it will cure any opiod, heroin user but u will hallucinate, wig out extremely for a couple of days. It’s not administered through any Dr. But theres backwoods Doctors that will give it to you and sit with you for 2 days while your going through it but I heard its expensive. But a true addict knows how much money he’s already thrown away so to get clean is……….Priceless!

          5. Do NOT USE DXM,It is dextromathorphan the ingredient in cough medicine and it is very addictive. And dangerous to a drug addict. Do not do it!

          6. Dextromethorphan, over the counter cough medicine. It blocks nmda Rezeptors which are overactive in benzo w/d

          7. dextromethorphan. It’s found in DayQuil, cough syrup, etc.

          8. DXM is Dextromethorphan. It is found in Robotussin, liqui-gels and other cold and flu type medications. I believe it is a cough suppressant, but in large doses can impair and change you perception of reality.

          9. It’s Dextromethorphan, it’s in Nyquil. If you decide to use it, do not get Nyquil. You need to find the Robitussin that ONLY has Dextromethorphan. It has psychedelic properties, it’s a pleasent trip if done right.

          10. it is pure dextromethorphan. Only use Pure DXM. I used it for opiate withdrawal before I even knew about kratom. It helped some but not nearly as good as kratom. However, it was surely better than nothing. You must Only use something like mucinex dm, no guifenisen or phenalalinine. I can only find pure dxm now in Delsom cough syrup. Also It’s best to take at least 180 – 240 mg per dose to induce the euphoric and numbing effects. I’ve never used dxm for benzos but I would still be really careful coming off any dose higher than .25 mg, especially if you are using clonazepam. I’ve seen quite a few seizure realated deaths from benzo withdrawal. So PLEASE be very careful. I hope this answered your question enough.

          11. DXM is dextromethorphan, it is a dissociative anesthetic used in cough syrup. It is the drug responsible for the effects of “robo-trippin”

          12. DXM is dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in brand name drugs such as Robitussin.

            I should add that there there appears to be some reports of serious risks to using DXM for benzodiazepine withdrawal so do your research.
            Also be careful to ensure dextromethorphan is the only active ingredient should you ever decide to take a greater dosage than directed by the label (not recommended). Taking larger than directed dosages of medications that contain other active ingredients such as acetaminophen could be fatal.

          13. DXM is dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in brand name drugs such as Robitussin.

            I should add that there there appears to be some reports of serious risks to using DXM for benzodiazepine withdrawal so do your research.

            Also be careful to ensure dextromethorphan is the only active ingredient should you ever decide to take a greater dosage than directed by the label (not recommended). Taking larger than directed dosages of medications that contain other active ingredients such as acetaminophen could be fatal.

          14. DXM is definitely psychoactive and acts strongly on brain chemistry. It might have something to do with those GABA type 2 receptors.

            Dextromethorphan (also known as ‘DXM’, ‘DM’ or ‘robo’) is an over-the-counter antitussive (cough medicine) which, when taken at doses exceeding the recommended therapeutic range, becomes a powerful dissociative drug with psychedelic properties.

      5. your rude! Heres someone asking for help and you make some sly rude a** comment?! WOW

    2. I have experience weening off both opiates and benzos by using kratom. It’s a great alternative in my opinion. I used the Red Maeng Da from Herbal Realm ( ). Yes, it is addictive and you will have withdrawals if you stop using it. But not nearly as bad as benzos or opiates. I would highly recommend kratom over other drugs. It is much less dangerous, too, as far as overdose danger, etc..

    3. I’ve been using kratom daily for 8 years. It works great for anxiety, depression, and pain. Just takes a few tries to get the right dosage.

      1. Works for me!! Withdrawals from a thirty year addiction to opiates about killed me! Since then kratom red vein has helped with my pain and depression and anxiety. Now I hear they want to ban and regulate it! If there is a petition anywhere to sign to stop it send it to me and I’ll sign it!!!

          1. I just got some 50mg og groumd kratom capsules. How many do I need to take to relieve my anger and anxiety. It doesn’t have a dosage chart on the package. This ia very new to me. Please no rude comments
            Thanks in advance. Advice is greatly appreciated

          2. Good Job!!
            Done!!! And I’m not even a fan yet….but do understand why politicians would want to band this tree….ugh makes me so angry….

        1. Hi Patti My name is monica I’m very similar to your comment I been taking opiates for many years & I want off! How do I get started taking the kratom? I just bought red bali capsules but unsure how many and how often to take it? Also do I switch between each dose taking my opiate then next dose kratom then next dose opiates? I’m not sure if I have to juggle between the both to wean myself to make sure I dont get withdrawls?
          you can email me back thanks!

        2. I know this is probably an old post but I am going through some serious detox from methadone, I had to do it without tapering and I was on heroin but been on methadone for 7months . But this detox is by far worse then I’ve ever been through. How many capsules of red vein borneo should I take ?

      2. I would love to know the dosage and strain you use. I have chronic pain, anxiety and depression and have been using opiates and antidepressants and would like a change because of the risks.

      3. Kevin how much do you use for pain. Im not trying to get high . I bought some and am scared to over do it . I got the capsules and it says .95 grams per capsule

      4. I’m confused on the doseage ?? Please help and thank you , i have the green kratom , i also have the (am) & (pm) again thank you !

        1. I’ m somewhat new to Kratom myself ( 4 months of once or twice weekly) I don’t use for pain relief, just to elevate my mood and energy. I find 3- 4 grams of green do it for me. Not sure what you mean by AM and PM. but reds are mostly for relaxation and pain relief. Hope this is helpful.

      5. I can’t figure out how to post so I’m just responding to a reply I’ve been on between 2 and 3 mg Suboxone for 5 years I’m jumping at 3mg after 48 hours will I feel kratom

        1. I’m trying to figure that out also

    4. Yes its addictive if you take it chronically like i have and it sucks weaning off again but only take it for a week once a day is not even close oxycodone or marijuana or klonopin it realeases opioid peptides like when you run or exercise but if you are withdrawing from opioids its addictive butbdont start it for pain or will be an addiction but not as severe as opioids but similar to a smokeless tobacco addict nicotine activates mu opioids and alcohol does and is as addictive as caffeine and nicotine but not opioids withdrawls last a month the most and cravings sneak up on you to buy more just like a smokeless tobacco from sweden called snus which is still addictive but i get the same cravings for kratom as for nicotine but was addicted to tramadol and never buying kratom again only if i need it for pain and no more than a week.

      no it cant but still can cause mouth cancer but risk of gum reccession and mouth sores not cancer .

      have good oral hygiene and youll greatly reduce risks of cancer but this isnt related to me saying buy snus instwad im saying kratom is addictive as cigarettes.

      people who say it does are anti tobacco activists that got lung cancer or people brainwashed from people who got cancer from burning it chewing it is disgusting but 75% less cancerous than smoking been doing it for 5 years and helped me quit smoking.

      4ppm of tsna agents in snus vs 1000ppm in cigs, 100ppm in spit tobacco also called dip and chew has 100ppm. ppm is parts per million, tsnas are tobacco specific carcinic agents.

      alcohol also has nitrosamines 5 parts per billion also coffee can cause pancreatic cancer, heart disease and stained teeth also heart disease as well as smoking or chewing and drinking daily.

      1. im saying its lower abuse potential since its not an opioid just addictive as loperamide when thats abused and they are both weak opioid agonists but not from the poppy plant.

        1. it’s a tryptamine opiate and also modulates into dopamine the mitragynine which is only random that it effects the kappa receptor other opiates that are highly addictive hit the MU-O type opiate receptors..
          an opioid is a chemically manipulated opiate such as oxy or hydrocodone.
          codeine morphine are opiate
          heroin is a opioid because it’s dia actyl morphine.
          but no one knows this but this ban bill cant pass if people knew that mitragynine in kratom is a tryptamine with partial attachment to kappa receptor sites. it cant even be called a true opiate. when it breaks down it eventually partially turns into dopamine after tryptamine. this is the smoking gun to beat sista act but no one has figured this out

      2. You should probably quit the Meth not the asnus or a kratom…. Jesus!!

      3. I have absolutely no idea what this even says.

      4. Lol neither kratom nor actual opiate medications (e.g. oxycodone, morphine, heroin) work by “releasing opioid peptides”. Although some drugs do indeed work in a manner similar to what you suggest (for example, MDMA’s primary mechanism of action is promoting the free certain neortransmitters – albeit primarily serotonin and not any sort of endogenous opioid neurotransmitters like endorphins or enkephalins), both opioids and kratom act as opioid receptor agonists, meaning they don’t release any neurotransmitters whatsoever, but rather they directly mimic these neurotransmitters themselves.

        In other words, while some drugs do indeed work by causing the body to suddenly release massive amounts of a particular neurotransmitter, other drugs (including kratom/opiates) act by mimicking these neurotransmitters themselves.

    5. Hi Tif, Kratom does not have a physical addiction. those who say it does has a mental addiction and most likely have a addictive personality. I can take it weeks, months quit for weeks or months. Everyone else reports the same other than a person here and there. 0 withdraws from stopping whenever. I understand wanting to quit the benzos but be very careful and do not quit cold turkey. doing so can be very dangerous. tell your doctor you want to ween off of it. the same with the majority of medication, your body has had it for a very long time. Some people use kratom for short term to break addiction. then less or none later. it involves taking for a week or so in larger doses. find a site just for that for the amount, saying there is a couple of methods find which is better for you. also search for benzo users as pep mostly use it for opiods. that said I would not rule it out but find out more info to be safe. the comments/ reviews on sites that sell it are helpful, also a site dedicated in keeping kratom legal with tons of info. get info and purchase from a trustworthy source as there is some trash out there. I have tried a quit a few and prefer mms . wonderful products and service. I get the plantation Mag da for chronic pain. you will find cheaper but you get what you pay for. I hope it is okay with the med you take and works out for you. Good Luck 🙂

      1. I appreciate kratom and keeping it legal, but to say it has no physical addiction means you haven’t done enough research. In fact it targets opioid receptors hence why you get constricted pupils just like with regular opiates. The big difference between this plant is there is a ceiling dose where you can’t take more or the negative effects will make you sick and the experience unenjoyable. So it’s hard to abuse this. However it maintains all the withdrawal symptoms of opiates, only very mild compared to real opiates. I think a perfect analogy would be kratom is to opiates as coffee is to meth to put it in perspective.

      2. Kratom IS physically addictive. Im going through withdrawal from it right now, as I type this. Comments like this are the reason people believe it is not addictive and start using it daily, then find out the brutal truth. I am angry I was misled into thinking it was non addictive. Shame on you for spreading false information. The withdrawal, for me, is terrible. My limbs feel like they’re being electrified, like Im sitting in a tub and someone threw a toaster in. Awful anxiety like a face hugger is trying to bust out of my stomach. I agree its great for getting off opiates but to take daily is asking for an addiction.

        1. I’m sorry to say it but you must be taking something else. I’ve been taking kratom for about 6 years daily. Capsules and tea and a variety of strains. I was out this whole week up until today. I had zero withdrawals. I’ve gone weeks without it and never felt what you are describing. Please do not give a life saving plant like kratom a bad name.

      3. Studies show that you can definitely develop a physical addiction to kratom, with real physical withdrawal symptoms

    6. I was on klonipin for a long time up to 3mg. I cold turkyed for 30 days slept maybe 20 hours during that time. Had 2 seizures and I was chasing shadow people around my house. Lol Got into see a specialist at that time was diagnosed with delirium and psychosis. The only way to get of benzos is to see a benzos wise doc that knows how to do a diazepam taper. Do not try this with kratom!! I almost died.

      1. I wa saddicted to benzos fro 14 ys. Finally, after building a tolerance up to 5 mg a day of clonazepam, started what would be 5 attempts of medically supervised tapers to final cessation of benzos, 2.5 yrs later! my suggestion is to find a doc,hopefully an addictions dr, to help start a taper w an equivalent dose of valium. its longer ascting and the tapering is gentler The most import thing is to start and complete the taper in no more than 2 attempts. ea successive attempt creates more side-effects and may result in having to treat side-effects w meds. your brain will adjust and the GABAnergic system will recover-it takes time. The most import aspect is sleep hygiene and expect insomnia. Melatonin, herbs(including cannabis containing cbd strains )can alleviate some insomnia. amino acids like tryptophan can help provide percursors fro serotonin that activates sleep. your brain will recover but some of the serotonin transporters will be effected,hence sleep disturbances. Not much is known about the gABAnergic transporterd but they are involved w the upregulation/downregulation of the gABAnergic receptors. Part of the prob w benzos are their efficacy, an efficacy that is modulated, in part by the ability fro the drug to be receptive at the site. Through genetics, like the process of epigenetics, the brain adapts to having the synthetic substrate, the drug benzodiazapine, and the complex brain system, the gABAnergic is reliant on the exogenous compound to function. Gabanergic system is complex and involved in the regulation of implusivity/compulsivity,fight or flight, memory formation(especially procedural) etc. Most importantly, your nervous systems will adapt back to normal homostasis overtime. The aNS and parasympathetic are very effected and wil recover. sleep is paramount for recovery and will return. also, massage helps, as well as, acunpuncture. It is import to have medical attention w a doc who has exper w this. It is difficult to find dr willing to allow the time it takes to taper. the ashton manual is avery good way to find a tapering schedule. I have a background in psychopharmacology and this helped w my tapering. the most import thing is to do it in no more than 2 attempts-dedicate yourself to it an dhave a partner to help support you. Kratom is a great herb but not really that effective for benzos. valerium, lavender are better choices

    7. YES. I barely weaned off of benzos and opiates and went to using red maeng da Kratom. It takes a few days to get the dose right, but it without a doubt kept me from withdrawal.

    8. From what I understand Kratom CAN help with Benzo addiction. Please seek out Info on many different forums.

      Be patient. You may have to experience with many different strains and dosages. Look for vendors to provide samples and above all, don’t give up.

    9. Best thing for benzo withdrawals is Kava. Kratom is more for opiate withdrawals. You can get Kava at Kava com.

      1. Be very careful with kava, it can cause liver damage.

    10. Kratom will absolutely HELP with benzo withdrawal, but it’s very important to step down gradually from benzodiazepines. You have to wean off over time or you risk inducing a seizure, or even a heart attack and death. Whatever dose you’re on, you’d do best to wean off it slowly over the course of a few months. If that’s not an option, go to the hospital for a medical detox. Besides kratom, kava root extract will slap help a great deal, possibly even more than kratom. The supplement phenibut can be used sparingly as well. Good luck, buddy, I’ve been there and I made it to the other side, you can too.

    11. Ignore the trolls, Tif.

      It’s true, kratom doesn’t tickle the same neurotransmitters as benzos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to wean yourself the hard stuff. I have a limited supply of Valium, and I find I don’t need it when I “burn” kratom. I still feel anxiety and have trouble sleeping on occasion, but you have to power through it and take no benzos or take markedly less. Workout, meditate, whatever you need to do.

      Kratom won’t be a silver bullet for kicking your addiction. But a lot of it’s psychological. When you start to feel the warmth of kratom onset, use it it to your advantage. Keep yourself distracted and try not to think about the benzos or the thoughts that lead you to them.

      Just don’t replace one drug for the other. The future looks bleak for kratom. Enough people have discovered it that it’s on Big Pharma’s radar. That means their lackeys at the FDA/DEA are going to “control” it so kratom’s alkaloids can be isolated, patented, and sold for exorbitant prices. There’s currently a patent pending for a Narcan substitute using Kratom alkaloids. With the opiod crisis such as it is, a natural substitute, with a huge profit margin, could mean billions.

      I spent my 23rd and 24th birthday in Central Asia after 9/11. I know a lot of guys that came back, got issued their opiods and switched to kratom. Now they’ll have to go without, or get it in pill form from the VA.

      Anyway. Off topic.

      If kratom can’t help you kick the benzo habit, try Baclofen. You can order it from India or get it from a doctor. Rehab clinics use it for benzo withdraw. I used it when the Valium started to get the best of me. No withdraw, but be careful, Baclofen is no saint. It’ll get you, too.

      1. I have chronic pain and anxiety i cant find my strain or number of capsules but i have days that i can do my yoga with this krathom but im not sure which one cuz i switched so much. Opms is definitely my brand but everyones making me freak on it saying people are killing and shit. I just use it to work out now but cant remember what strain was for pain and anxiety. Or how many grams cuz alot say take more for less anxiousness. So tell me something good. Dateline even freaked people out but i thinl those people tried taking it for entertainment or buzz reasons.

    12. You can do a very slow taper while using a red strain like red bali or red thai (reds are best for withdrawals) Start cutting your dose in half and replacing with kratom. I did with xanax from 1mg 3 x a day.
      It has and can be done. Get on Facebook support groups like kats k shop or kratom motivation, there’s tons of succesful folks that have done it

      1. I have been taking 6 mg of Xanax a day for years, but I have been using kratom now have not needed a Xanax for a month now and no withdrawal no problems.

        1. What strand snd dose

    13. I know I’m late in saying I’m proud of you for wanting help. I’ve been addicted to Roxy for 8 years n I just got tired of the chase. I’ve been taking kratom for months n it makes me feel better than any pill. Depending on how high your tolerance is the more kratom you need I take 7g 2x a day. You will have the same withdrawal as pain pills from kratom but like I say if ima be addicted to something I’d rather it be kratom. Good luck my friend and stay strong. One day at a time. Blessed Be

    14. Benzodiazepine withdrawal is the worst,Kratom will alleviate some symptoms but not all,you will not be able to swap habits. Pregabalin on the other hand will and is much easier to come off than Benzodiazepines. Steer clear of phenibut,the withdrawals are just as bad.

    15. My withdrawal from the benzps was horrid only thing that happened to me was waking up in the floor after a seizure. No other effects.
      Withdrawal from my Rx oxy…. can’t donshkt for about 4 days. Vomit, diahrea. Lethargy. It sux. I just can’t seem to keep enough
      For that last week. I’m afraid of surgery too

    16. Kava will help for benzos.

    17. Kratom is awesome I can’t say enough I’m telling you that if your on any drugs at all kratom. Will 100%help you get off the drugs I promise! Good luck and god bless!

    18. I’ve not personally but i know someone that used it and it helped them, they did seek a rehabilitation clinic, but the kratom helped slowly ease the erg not to go back. They were addicted to heroin and for that to be your go to depression killer, then to not have one is hard to just do. There are several strains of kratom that can be used at different stages of rehabilitation. The red and some white strains that have more sedative and pain relieving properties to set in place of the usual.
      Then eventually moving from red, to white, to green which have still the pain reliving properties, though less sedative.
      Then fine tune or completely wing off. Though if suffering from chronic pain throughout the day every day, kratom may be a great way to live your life without constant pain.

      If you’re in fact too far to stop without withdrawal, i extremely insist you seek medical attention, then research and seek your kratom. It has done wonders for me.

    19. Hi Tif. I got mt GP to work out a benzo withdrawal program. I am doing fine with it, and I plan to do the same with my zopiclone and tramadol. I was completely honest about the amounts I took etc. However I didn’t mention Kratom. A trusted friend introduced me to it about a month ago. I settled on 1 x teaspoon 3-4 times per day. The strain I settled on is Red Thai Meng Da. I just went for the one that calmed me down the most. The vendor I use is Kratom NL. I am convinced they are good people. I live in UK and paying £5 extra to ship it courier from Netherlands is safe for me. If you are in the USA, I understand its very much cheaper to source there. The confidence I have gained knowing this product will calm me down and I can take it as often as I like, within reason. I took loads once during a severe panic attack and all I got was physically sick, vomit. Its trial and error, but ask around where the best vendors are. So, I am a very happy guy. I am 62 yrs old and have been messing with benzos for 20 years. Before that I drank alcohol and had a few detoxes and stopped when I was 27 yrs old with AA. I credit my trusted friend with saving my life by putting me onto Kratom. 2 months ago I had never heard of it. Main thing for me is I know Kratom works, and once I had that, I feel safe. So safe I want to stop with the pharmas. Good luck Tiff. Give it a go. Mark.

    20. Stay with it! Benzo’s ste the soul! I did it on my own, after 13 years of Xanax, Valium, k-pins, Atavan. I’ve seized in the past, hallucinating out of my mind, (worse then LSD). I’m a combat veteran with severe Pain PTSD/panic disorder.
      I got to the point, with the Benzodiazepines, that I was willing to die, to get off of them. I did tapper somewhat, however, I still had major withdrawals. I prayed the entire time. It was a living hell. But I wanted my life back, even to the point of death. And I got spit out the other side. Now, life is good. Just keep breathing in-and-out. Yoga helped. Deep, deep breathing! A lot of H2O to flush the system. I would recommend a rehab though. Just to be safe. Because these drugs can kill you from withdrawals. NO JOKE!!
      But if you have the determination to quit, than that “determination,” alone, and faith (if you are religious) is the best mindset. “With every difficulty, surly there is relief.” (Holy Quran). Stay the course. You can do it. The rewards of a “Benzo,” free life are far better than what the drug ever did for me. One has to be focused on the outcome. Men and women in prison withdrawal all the time on their own. Think of them for strength. Good luck. GODS Speed to you.

    21. I kicked benzos taking high doses of valerian root. Get the tincture if you can, not the Walmart brand. Go to a health food store. Be careful, though, as too much can drop your blood pressure too low.

    22. Unfortunately, for benzos, the only natural things I know that help are GABA and chamomille. I used Irwin naturals stress-defy and it took the edge off better than anything short of a script. The GABA receptors are the part of the brain benzodiazapines effect and that’s what’s going crazy during withdrawral.. I had been on benzos 8 years and did it, more or less cold turkey, but needed Buspar for the anxiety and other non narcotics that help you sleep, since my insomnia was unreal, but I weaned myself off all of that 8 mo ago. Good luck and godspeed!

    23. So sorry for you. My daughter had something similar. She works with her prescribing Dr and takes the taper low and slow. Checkout the Withdrawal Project for specific info on ways to successfully taper benzos. Just don’t do it on your own and I’m sorry, Kratom won’t help. Best of luck.

  3. Understand this stuff has not been studied, and there are no reputable clinical trials that prove this is SAFE or effective. Although it seems it DOES work for many people. As a licensed pharmacist, I’m always weary about recommending unknown herbal supplements based on anecdotal evidence, but another part of me firmly believes in a patient doing “whatever works” for them, within reason. All I’m saying is that if you’re going to try Kratom, be extremely careful. There’s no known evidence on how this stuff interacts with medications, other supplements, how it is metabolized, how it affects concurrent medical issues, etc. Its also sold as a powder, with the actual milligram quantity of whatever active compounds exist in the plant unknown. There could be a huge variation of active “alkaloids” from one strain to another, one brand to another, etc. However, you have the right to do what you want. Start LOW and go SLOW. Keep track of all side effects! Just keep in mind that this stuff may have long-term effects that we don’t know about yet. Remember Fen-Phen? It was a miracle anti-obesity drug when it first came out but turned out to worsen heart conditions and pulmonary hypertension over long-term usage, and now fenfluramine is illegal, and people are dead as a result. Since this is a relatively unknown and little-understood plant, your medical professionals probably won’t be very welcoming to it (doctors, pharmacists, PT, OT, surgeons etc). But this is your journey, and if it can help people escape the agonizing mental prison that is opiate dependence, then go for it.

    1. Maeng da 2500 mg helped me off of norcos almost no withdrawals. i take blood pressure and sugar pills experience slight respiratory depression not bad as i have chronic copd. nocos made it impossible to breath. constipation is bad from 2.5 grams up. notice stress relief immediately even though i take klonopin as well the kratom worked well with it and made sleep easy. 2.5 lasts about 5 hours for me all other kinds 2 to 3 hours. taken as a capsule (4) in the am with warm water it was activated in 10 mins. also notice lethargy and feeling of wanting to do nothing but sit. couldnt get an interest in anything so took for withdrawals at night instead of am slept well 6 weeks later was off everything. stress pain in neck and shoulders is gone in 10 minutes though i miss that.

      1. phen phen is not even close to kratom but never heard of it and anything activating the reward system is addicting and dangerous like nicotine caffeine and alcohol especially.

      2. Ive been taking 10 mg of hydrocodone nightly for 5 months. I bought a starter kit of K and was wondering how much is equivalent to 10 mg of hydrocodone. I have Happy Hippo 2, Hyper hippo, Sleepy Hippo and horned super red. Im looking for the same effects as the 10 mg of hydrocodone.

        1. There really isn’t a conversion table for opiates vs kratom. Kratom’s effects are similar, actually better and more effective for pain. I’ve been researching the forums to find answers about it. It seems that no matter how much of the opiates you use, you should stick to the starter dose of kratom which is generally 2-3 grams. It could take up to one hour to kick in. With the correct dose, you’ll get a nice little buzz and be tempted to “take a little more”. DONT DO THAT! Too much will make you nauseous, jittery, and unsteady (in this case, sit tight and sip some soda — you’ll feel better in a few hours).

          There’s a lot of trial and error for beginners but you’ll eventually find the strain and dose that works for you.

          1. I’ve been on 3mg Suboxone for like 5 years if I stopped it for 48 hours will I feel Kratom if so how much should I take

        2. Hey Jennifer,
          I’ve been experiencing Kratom for about 2 weeks now . The best strain for pain for me is White mixed with green . I take about 4 to 6 grams mixed together

          1. Hi, not to hijack you question but I’ve been trying to find the right dose for me as well. I’ve been taking norcos 5 times a day for 7 years. My trouble is I’ve tried kratom from 3 different places and haven’t found one that works for me. (Although my first time it did work very well but haven’t been able to duplicate it. 3 grams, red vein Sumatra) I’ve since tried white, Borneo, red Maeng Da and I have a few more but haven’t tried yet. Im afraid two take more than 2 teaspoons of powder at a time. And I’ve noticed I have to dose more. I’m 330 lbs and 6’3” tall.

    2. Hey Jake,
      I just read your reply to Tif. It appears that her post was reaching out for information about the possibility that taking kratom would help her in weaning off of benzodiazepines, and not opiates. I just began taking kratom two months ago. I’ve been on and off of benzos for about 15 years and currently suffering from protracted withdrawal. I’ve been experimenting with the many strains of kratom, to find one that may be able to help me wean off benzos permanently. Dealing with benzo addiction is evil, and leads you down a tunnel that hasn’t a light at the end. Jake I realize that are many unknowns regarding the benefits and adverse side effects with kratom. For me, the powder has had a few positive side effects…eg…my blunt glaucoma headaches, bowel regularity and focused mentality, when dealing with others. Do you think that the DEA will some day allow all States to legalize it? I live in one of the 6 States that has banned the product. Any thoughts or advice from you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sir. P-

      1. Please go to the hospital to withdraw from benzos or alcohol, you can actually die from withdrawal effects of these 2 substances. You cannot die from heroin or opiate withdrawal. Kratom can be very helpful for people for many different reasons, but please consult a doctor before getting off benzos!

        1. You can absolutely die from opiate withdrawal. It’s not very common but it can happen. I was incarcerated while in the midst of a very serious heroin addiction. I had to be transferred from jail to the local hospital. Once I arrived in the E.R., I was diagnosed with kidney failure due to dehydration and complications from the withdrawal. I spent 4 days in I.C.U. and almost ended up on dialysis for the rest of my life.

      2. I was reading Jeff’s reply, and he is absolutely right! I am rather knowledgeable regarding the pharmacology of opioids, benzodiazepines, other GABA agonists, illicit and legitimate chemicals, etc., etc. I have also used Kratom for over three years now, daily for up to a year and a half. Additionally, I have dealt with physical dependence on- and both acute and protracted withdrawal from benzos and alcohol (on several occasions), and seen others do the same…Kratom will NOT stop seizures or convulsions by any stretch of the imagination, despite how many strains one tries. Remember Kratom is a relative of the coffee plant…and at a high enough, or frequent enough dose can make one just as shaky. During withdrawal from benzos and other GABA agonists, less than half a cup of coffee can set off spasms, violent shaking, etc. Same with Kratom, in my experience. The only suitable treatment for benzodiazepine withdrawal is a steady taper, or a short taper, followed with a regimen of a less consciousness affecting or even non-narcotic medication with anti-convulsant properties. Perhaps even a less addictive sleep aid at first as well. You likely will be able to go to your primary care provider and tell your doc how you feel about stopping benzodiazepines. They can set you up with a taper schedule or regimen. Alternatively, or if you are doubtful, or if you try cold turkey and start to convulse or feel like something is really wrong, you can always go to a hospital or other detox facility. It’s not as bad as you might think it is, and it’s better than dying or suffering head trauma from a seizure. This is extremely serious stuff. That being said, Kratom is excellent on the mental end of things, and CAN help anxiety, restlessness, and remedy loss of motivation/interest. Post-withdrawal/treatment, and even during one or two tapers, kratom was a powerful tool to help me change habits and eliminate much of my cravings. Just another piece of advice too, and you probably realize this but maybe other people don’t: all the while you are tapering/withdrawing, it might suck (might not) but no matter how you feel, eat well; get at least some light exercise in, even if it’s just stretching and walking; and try your best to remain aware of and maintain a sleep schedule-go to bed early enough to get at least six hours in even if you don’t feel sleepy, and don’t lay in bed/sleep all day. Doing those simple things can really be the difference between being able to smile and feeling like death. See a doc, take care of yourself, use kratom only as an adjunct, and good luck!

        1. The above response is irresponsible in telling you how to try and titrate from benzos. Those of us who actually WORK in detox facilities see people die of amateur benzo w/ drawal every day.
          IF you are, on a cellular level, dependent upon either alcohol or benzos (the only two detoxes that can kill you alone i.e. not complicating another condition), go to your local crisis center/hospital. If you try at home and die, that’s on you.

    3. That’s what they said about cannabis and now look how much they’ve “revealed” about its positive properties and how little the negative effects are.

  4. Everyone on pain pills and or alcohol. My life was going down in a spiral. 3 shoulder surgeries after a hit and run, bball, and snowboarding accident. Neck, Clavicle, and spine still messed up.

    It all started in 2009. After being on pills and drinking until 2017 all the energy and happiness was sucked out of me. 3 days after taking Probiotics I started getting energy back. Stopped drinking alcohol and reduced pain meds.

    Pills kill your good bacteria and throw off your chemical balance. Offset that with Probiotics.

    Still in a lot of shoulder pain, but I deal with it much better when I am happy.

    Going to try Kratom to get off pks completely.

    1. I’m weaning off pks also. Just tried the red Vietnam 1-1/2 tsp. Works great for me.

      1. Red bali and red maeng da are good for this too. Also White maeng da, though green maeng da is much less sedative than those, it still has some serious pain relieving properties and give you energy for the day.

  5. Just get a scale! Its the best and easiest way. For under $10 you know what you’re getting accurately instead of measuring out with a teaspoon and table spoons which are almost always off. Just my two cents…

    1. it is more convenient though

      1. Almost all kratom weigh significantly more or less than others. Getting a stronger kratom that is strong enough to take half or less than a half a dose, then take your normal dose and you with think that kratom is way stronger, or too strong. It is a terrible idea to measure powder. If you could fit in 100 lb Basket of potatoes does that make you 100 lbs?

        1. How could you fit in a basket of potatoes if 100 pounds of potatoes are already inside of it?

    2. gemini 20 is the best or aws scale which is similar to the gemini 20 but accurate 99%.

      just get capsules already measured or buy empty 00 caps which equal 0.9 grams to 1.5 grams of kratom.

      kratom extract caps will make you take less and only need one but i recommed twice or 3 times a week or after the week of honeymoon your addicted.

  6. I’m looking to try Kratom for my chronic pain. I’ve had so many people tell me how their lives have changed. I’m not looking for any “high”, I just want the pain to stop so I can live a normal life again. I need to know the best strain for strong pain- I have fibromyalgia, chronic degenerative joint and disc disorder, and I’ve broken my tailbone twice. So, what strain and dosage should I figure on? Currently, I’m on 20mg Oxycontin twice a day and (3) 20mg Oxycodone a day. I want to work and have a life and everyone tells I have to try Kratom.

    1. Man da.
      I have had 3 back surgeries and live in chronic pain. Currently have 1 ruptured and 2 slipped and heavily compressed discs. I was on all manner of heavy pain Ned’s for 7 years. They were ruinin my life.
      Now I take a teaspoon of kratom.every every 3 to 8hrs.
      Definitely give it a try.
      It does work like oxycodi e so you will get constipated. ..not much way around it. You will develop a tolerance as well. Start with as low a dosage as works and go from there.
      A coffee enema at least once a month keeps body toxins in check. Good luck!

      1. I must disagree with you in regards to the constipation effects. Personally, we (my husband & I) find that Kratom helps to keep us regular.

      2. Which one are you using?

    2. Hi, Melody. I also have fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease (lower spine). The only remedy that alleviates my pain is kratom. I find the Red Vein Bali strain is the best for pain. I use either the leaf or powder and brew it into a tea. I don’t know how I could manage without kratom. Without it, I would be in constant pain and forced to collect disability. Best of luck to you in your search.

    3. I began my use of Kratom just about 1 yr ago when I made the decision to discontinue use of opiates for pain control. I use 1 Tbs (6.2 gr) of Red Vein Maeng Da & it truly does work. If you use your Kratom after discontinuing your opiates it should alleviate your withdrawal all together. I hadn’t heard of Kratom until about day 3 of HORRIFIC withdrawals. I was in bed with chills, fever, diarrhea, lethargy, ached in places I didn’t even know existed, luckily a neighbor heard of my plight & sent over a couple of doses for me (don’t recall the strain). I laughed at my husband when he gave me the green fine powder & said out loud “Oh well, I’m feeling like I’m dying anyway, what’s the worst that may happen?”. Mind you I hadn’t even had the energy to shower, eat & barely drink. About 35 – 40 mins later I was out of bed, getting into the shower, cleaned my kitchen & cooked dinner! I felt “normal”. I was on very high doses of extremely strong opiates (ie: 20 mg oxycodone, 150 mcg fentanyl every 48 hrs & 20 mg of oxycontin x’2 per day. My withdrawals were pure he’ll. I’ve been using Kratom EVER since.

      I recommend you purchase the Red Vein as it has the absolute highest pain control whereas White Vein has a higher level of energy with low pain management.

      I’ll say a prayer for you. If you’re woeking to reclaim your body & your mind, thisvis the correct way to go.

      1. Ive been on Fentanyl for over 14 years. I talked with my doctor and started a taper in December 2016 I’m down from 100 meg every 48 hours to 37 meg every 48 hours. It’s a struggle, but I’m pushing through. Can you please tell me how you use K. Is it in a tea form, capsule form or are you taking dry powder followed by water. I’m so ready to be off the Fentanyl it controls everything I do, because I have to ensure I have it when I need it. Any advice would be great appreciated! Good job on getting off the meds.

        1. There are various ways to take your dose. For my husband & I, we prefer to use a very small amount of VERY HOT water to mix our powder into a paste. With the paste I simply add about 3 oz of juice and I take it like a shot (shot of tequila for example) because Kratom tastes VERY earthy. Imagine licking the underside of your lawn mower! LOL, but it WORKS! You may also fill gel caps or buy those Japanese edible papers. However, taking it as I’ve described you feel the pain relief much quicker.

          1. Lol it reminds me of instant green tea. Something about the smell and taste seems so similar

        2. I mix my dose up real well in a serving of apple sauce. It makes it much more palatable. Never tried taking it any other way. I also make sure I take 1 stool softener a day with my first dose. I always keep a large bottle from the warehouse club on hand.

      2. My situation is similar to yours and i want my mind back. Ive had 6 back surgeries in 3 years all failed and i just dont want anymore surgeries and want off of pain meds. But how do u know how much to take?

        1. I too have chronic pain due to spinal deformity I was born with. Many operations, injections and strong opiate usage for roughly 3 years. I want to get off. Has anyone used Kratom along with opiates to help ween off?

          1. Also, what website is the best to order from?

          2. With kratom, think about it as 5mg pills of “morphidone.” A new drug? No, I just made up a name. So with kratom, do the same as you would with my invented opioid morphidone. I’d take half a pill of morphidone first two times, just in case it is really really weird. Then I’d do the prescribed dose of 3 pills a day. In a few weeks, if I can’t feel any relief and don’t have side effects, I’d ask the doc to double my dosage. Well kratom is no different. Start with teaspoons of powdered leaf. The color or strain will take a month to figure out what’s best. For me, with extended (30 yrs of back pain) history of pain and opioids, I, like many people, take kratom by tablespoon (about 7 grams). I use a kilogram a month. Usually 1 tbsp every 4 to 6 hours. Last two days I’ve doubled the dose: something got worse in my lower back. As for getting off opioids, it was automatic for me: the kratom was better, and I don’t generally have withdrawal problems. I find kratom not constipative; opioids usually are. Keep a notebook for reference and to track your patterns (make notes about pain relief, for how long, dosage of whatever, repeated every 2 or 12 hrs…it’s a good habit.

        2. As with wanting new, start out with lesser doses & see what works for you best. I was on very strong opiates for at least 15 years so I may need more. I take a heaping TBLS of Red for pain. In the mornings I take 2 tsp of White w/2 tsp of Red, this assists on giving me some energy along with my pain relief. Take smaller doses of White (1 – 2 tsp) and a larger dose of Red (1 TBLS) when taking either 1 alone.

      3. Everything you said sounds good but have you built up any tolerance to Kratom so far? Could you tell us how often you take it? My husband and I are on small Veterans’ pension, he’s very disabled. Can you give us any idea what kind of cost we’d be looking at if we both took it? Hope you do well on your come-back. One way or the other you’re in our prayers.

      4. Thank you for sharing Christina. my husband is on a high dose of pain meds, about to be cut off. I’m looking for help. Thanks again, D

      5. Christina I feel your pain,I’ve just found out about I’m looking for the best kind to take for my pain.the pain doctor put me on methadone and hydrocodone and I am no longer seeing him cause he moved away.the new doctor wouldn’t take me without insurance so I was stuck I understand about withdrawals and I was willing to try anything thay would help with pain and withdrawals.ive been taking kratom about a month and I still haven’t figured out the kind or doses it’s like u have to just pick a has helped tremendously.i hope everything works out for you.i don’t wanna get back on the opiates I’ve decided after a month that it helps so I don’t wanna be on them anymore.i read your comment and I connected with it.thank you

      6. Licking a lawnmower?? LOL!!! Hysterical, yet true!! I’ve been using my Vitamix with 6 oz. of OJ and 2 tsps of white plantation. I swear, it is the same high that i get with Norco10. But OMG.. the taste! In asking the website i purchase from about it, he said it doesn’t come in caps, but he can make me some. But if there are 500 mg in 1 teaspoon, that means I’ll be taking 20 caps to = just 1 dosage of 2 teas.??? Yikes… maybe it doesn’t taste so bad after all.

        1. Mix it with chocolate milk ( not drink ) it needs to be milk , meaning no yoohoos ect. You can mix with spoon or shaker .. You can barely taste the kratom.

          1. So true. And breathe through your mouth, not nose between gulps. Brand new to kratom. Got red and green Mang da. Trying to substitute for both pain and ADD meds. Any advise?

        2. Sargina Warda, I’m sure you meant normal as in no withdraw and not “high’. I don’t know anyone who gets high. threads like these are scanned looking for reasons to make kratom illegal in all states. a lot of people in chronic pain would be in a horrible position. so we should choose our words wisely. You can buy the gel capsules and a capsule filler on ebay. really cheap and fills 12 or more at a time. great for going out or every so often. 2 tsps would not be 20 caps but would still be quite a few. the acid in the OJ makes a difference and you would prob miss it. stick with licking a lawnmower LOL

      7. Your meds were simular dosages to mine. Tapering down. Not sure if weight counts. Am 83 lbs. Starting to feel more pain. Should i wait until I am off or can I start now. I’m on 100 mcg now and down to 5 Percocet plus valium? 16 years. Cutting fentyl so far at 13 mcg a month instead of 25. So cut Percocet to 5 mg. Not sure how long Dr will let me keep them.

      8. I am so glad I happened upon your comment I don’t know if you’re still leaving reading this site I know it’s kind of old… I have been suffering relentlessly trying to get off opiates. With our Government ruining the lives of us chronic pain patients I have been taken down from five, 30 mg oxycodone and two 60 mg extended release morphine per day, also 90 muscle relaxer‘s per day, and for my anxiety, sixty 10 mg Valium per day… everything but the pain medication was completely cold turkey taken away from me by my primary care doctor, and in the last eight months I have been weaned down to 60 Oxycodone Per month and it continues to get dropped… My body has been in constant turmoil these last months and I know they will be completely taken away from me I have four herniated disc‘s in my neck, not willing to do risky surgery in fear further complications so many lower back problems I do not want any further lower back surgeries I have peripheral neuropathy carpal tunnel syndrome degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, the list goes on and then there’s always those days when I have run out of medicine and go through the horrible withdrawsl… I am wanting to try this kradom… I want my life back, I have been suicidal just from getting off the benzo‘s cold turkey!!!! I been just insane about this craziness happening, my pain management doctors put me on all this medicine and now they’re not willing to do anything except just take more medicine away every month… The love of For my children, and the grandchildren I attempt to take care of are the only reason I’m still here, and haven’t done that final horrible thing. What is being done to chronic pain patients is one of the most horrible things imaginable thank you for your comforting words I’m going to try this kratom just to soon as I can!!!!! God bless you

    4. I would suggest starting with one teaspoon once or twice a day. That’s a low dose. I use the green veined Maeng da. If this does not do it, increase by half teaspoon dose every other day. The goal is to take as little as you need. two to 4 or five teaspoons of the powder is not too much but don’t do this all at once.

      While taking Kratom gradually cut down on the other pain killing drugs until you are only taking Kratom. One man on this site describes quiting his alcohol addiction and maintaining with 12 grams of kratom a day. That’s approximately 6 teaspoons twice a day. I consider that a lot but he didn’t and was happy he could maintain with that dose. Your addiction might be quite severe and you may have to up the dose of Kratom quite a bit to overcome it. Be sure you do are not eating an inflammatory diet i.e. avoid sugar, flour products, dairy (the latter at least for awhile).

      I hope this helps. Don’t be afraid of Kratom. You want to avoid building up a tolerance to it. So you can have a Kratom free day every third or fifth day after you are over the hump.

      Let me know how this works for you.

    5. hi there im an advid herbalist with Some experience with this plant as w ll as many others,its by far the only thing thts effective in combating my rls issues,Lower back an knee pain as well as the treturous toothaches tht torture my open nerves only downside is kratoms digested very slowly and should ONLY be used in medical means not as a daily recreation.Reasons being intestinal blockages nd gastric ulcers…please use this plant respectfully cor if abused its just as damaging on the body as large amounts of alcohol or even acedaminophen for tht matter..Kratom helps ppl but if yu dnt adheed these warnings negative side effects will present themselves. one way to tell if interactions are occuring is darkened stools abdominañ pains and changes in fluidity of bowl movements (“severe constipation”) *Knowledge is Power To All In Unity As One nammestai*

  7. I have just over 4 years of sobriety from a horrible alcohol and hydrocodone addiction. I started taking an anti depressant not long after sobriety because I was miserable. They helped a little, but I was still not myself. Last year was the first time I heard of Kratom and after weeks of research I started taking greens. Wow! I no longer need the prescriptions. Since then I have fully submitted my life to Jesus and things keep looking up for me. Praise God for giving us this wonderful plant! Genesis 1:29 “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed: to you it shall be for food.”

    1. I am 6 yrs clean n sober. And I could no longer take the constant everyday struggle of depression and motivation and lack of joy within. I go to meetings do all the 12 step stuff and own my own business, just bought a house and have my first grandbaby…..but on a daily basis I just don’t want to go on, constant feeling of hopelessness. I have know about kratom and only used it once in a very small dose. I decided I needed to do something drastic and try Kratom for my depression, and I am glad I did. It’s day 3 and I only take 1 gram a day. Considering I was a heroin addict and thought that this was no way gonna work at such a low dose. I am greatful that I have had such positive results from it and have no desire to abuse it. I feel like I should feel!!! With a bit of joy and easy in my daily life. I thank god!!!

      1. Good on you. Kratom ivr never tried. Will be for first time later. Trying to beat a meth & heroin addiction. How many grams should I start with, it’s powder form and I plan just chalk swallowing with water. Any advice, does it get you high?

        1. No, you won’t get high from kratom, depending on which strain (Red, White, Green or Yellow) you will receive various benefits. Seeing as you’re a heroin addict I think you’d probably do well with Red Vein as it’s used for pain management & in some people you will they have a euphoric feeling. It’ll DEFINATELY alleviate your withdrawal symptoms. I also recommend that you do NOT pour powder into your mouth with a water chaser because the fine powder reacts like cinnamon. Have you ever tried to mix cinnamon with a liquid? It’s very difficult & I can imagine you breathing it into your lungs & possibly causing you some damage. I mix mine in about 1 or 2 Tbs’ of extremely hot water into a paste, then add more water, juice or soda & take it as a “shot”. It’s far easier this way, I PROMISE! I’d suggest you start with 1 Tbs (6.2 gr). Most people take a dose every 4 hrs or so hours. When you need your next dose, you WILL know. Congrats on kicking the trash you’ve allowed your body & mind to crave. You CAN DO THIS!! 😁 Take care & God bless you.

        2. I’ve been taking kratom for years now. I’ve been able to stay sober this wAy. I would definitely recommend taking the capsules. The powder is nasty. If you can’t swallow capsules then put the powder in applesauce. I personally prefer the Bali strain. I take 10 to 15 capsules at a time. I’ve built a tolerance for it and feel awful when I don’t have it! So beware!

    2. You are an absolute moron.

    3. God Bless You! Interesting to me that you used the Biblical reference. I just started Krantom today in search of a healthier opportunity than Suboxone to keep my sobriety up. I was prescribed opiates for years, and once I saw the dangers I no longer wanted to rely on them to relieve my Chiari (brainstem herniation) symptoms. So, I asked to be put on Suboxone because the internet tries to scare anyone considering Krantom for opiate withdrawal it seemed to me. However, I don’t want to rely on opiates at all, and while mutes with Naloxone, Suboxone is a very strong
      Opioid. As of today, I’ve prayed that Our Father keep me safe and healthy through this journey to rid myself of opiods… Period. In any event, please keep me in your prayers and know your post seemed to be an affirmation for me that I’m doing a Good Thing. ☺️

    4. Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.
      I’d rather hang onto The most epic force in the universe (mans will) than hand it over to some evil absent tyrant masquerading as an omnipresent savior.

    5. “The only sin is restriction”
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  8. I’m taking 12 capsules of Maeng da and it has no real effect on me. How many grams are in each capsule??i but it at a vape shop

    1. If you bought them at a vape shop chances are it’s bunk Kratom. Buy from an online conmercial Keaton vendor, usually the first ones to pop up on the search engine are the best or most popular

    2. I buy mine online,I take about 4 grams at a time,if your looking to get high like with percs,it won’t happen,it works to relieve
      pain pill withdrawal symptoms,but I haven’t found that any gets you high

      1. Tom I have to say I disagree. There is definitely a high to be had. It comes at much higher doses for me at least. 12 + grams. I did 30 grams due to accidental measuring without a scale and when I weighed the rest of my bag when I got home I was kind of freaked out and definitely high.

        1. I would suggest that if you take 30 grams you will get violently ill. And saying it gets you high at high doses is just adding fuel to the fire of the dea trying to make it illegal. So many of us rely on Kratom for so many illnesses. Taking it to try to get high is just gonna make you sick.

    3. One capsule equals half a gram.

    4. Usually there is .2-.5 in each capsule

    5. Are you taking Red, White Green or Red? If you’re taking White, you’re probably taking too much. Oddly, smaller doses (2 tsp) of White works better re energy whereas with Red you probably want to take 1 Tbs (6.3 gr) for pain control. Also, as they stated below, Smoke Shop Kratom could be of lesser quality, not 100% pure & could’ve been on a shelf for who knows how long. I buy mine straight from a farmer in Indonesia & it’s VERY good, fresh & pure.

      You will not get a high. Some people experience euphoria (mainly Red), high energy (White). It’s also great for folks who have made a conscience effort to discontinue opiates (whether it be off of illegal drugs or deciding you want your life back from the meds your doctor prescribe you for pain control).

      If you wish to buy, I recommend you search online. I don’t know if we are allowed to recommend places to purchase it, otherwise I do have some vendors to suggest you check out.

      1. Please help me with an ordering source. I’m older, no rotator cuff for 20 yrs. Broke femur off hip, spent time in nursing home, now at home in bed. Was taking prescription meds, and cannot tolerate. Please, I want to walk again, they say I have arthritis so bad I need hip replacements, shoulder replacement…But 18 failed surgeries, I can’t take any more. They lie. What do you have to lose? Dr asks. My right arm, or my life, I reply, this is my fear. they say, oh that won’t happen!
        I reply, ” put that in writing.”
        No, I can’t do that he says. Get certified letter stating will only perform emergency surgery on me ….I’m seriously done with the MD system of corruption, pain inducing and leaving you with painful damage for a life of pain.

        1. Hi Mona. I know this is an old post and it appears we’re on a similar track, although yours sounds far more severe. I am 68, 2 back surgeries, steroid injections, nerve ablation etc. Tried everything under the sun and then read about Kratom. Have been using about 2 grams of Maeng Da White Vein, twice a day and I weigh 110 lbs. It really helps with my pain but now I’m worried about the addictive properties and am reading all I can on the subject. Hope you have experienced relief since your post :))

        2. Mona, I know your pain. I was put through 4 unnecessary back surgeries because of my insurance. I finally got the right one, a spinal fusion, and it helped with the nerve issue, however, I have permanent post op pain due to too many operations in the same area. I’m 35 and I move like a 90yr old. I’ve been on pain meds since I was 13 due to several other operations. Its a vicious cycle and I’ve been using kratom for a week now. Of course it’s not a 100% cure, but it does help with my pain about 70% and with withdrawal. I wish you the best of luck!

  9. I need some help understanding if I’ve been ripped off. I bought from what I thought might be a reputable site after much research for over a year. I’m currently in withdrawal from opiates 5-10 20mg oxy a day at least. I don’t yet have a scale..Last time I took about 4 tsp of Bali with no effect…Once before that 4 tsp meng da also nothing. I just took a full tablespoon. Idk how I did it parachuting without puking but it’s been 30 mins and still nothing. Do I keep going up? How does anyone take this much? I tried capping but it took so ooo long. Even if this does work how would I swallow upward of a tablespoon a day?! Should I quit while I’m ahead? I would cold turkey but I need to take care of my child 😩

    1. Keep going, That happened to me also. I would take 3 teaspoons every 3-4 hours and sometimes it would be my third dose that would hit. If you have more strains, then keep trying dif one every dose and one will hit. There’s a lot of factors involved, but don’t quit. I’m in ur situation as well and I almost gave up because I didn’t feel anything, but patience is key. Start at 3tsp. Red strains are best for pain.

      Hang in there and you’ll find your “sweet spot”

      God bless u

    2. I had tried kratom before to no great effect but it took awhile for me to find the right strains. Everybody is different, so the right strain for me might not work for you. I don’t know enough about extracts to suggest one to you, but my advice is to switch strains/vendors. It does work eventually! Good luck to ya

    3. Hi. You should feel some kind of relief from that amount. You might have gotten bad Kratom. I would recommend sticking to reds and taking it with grapefruit juice. Makes it kick in faster. Drop the powder in your mouth and drink some juice. Don’t inhale, powder going down your throat is not fun!!! Good luck!!!

    4. Every Vendor has different quality kratom, I’ve done 20 grams of some vendors kratom to get desired effects while another vendor I only need 4 to 6 grams. Stop taking teaspoons if you feel like puking what I do is put the powder into a cup then add lemon juice and then orange juice and then drink it down you can’t even taste it. I’d say do atleast 4 tablespoons into a cup and do the orange juice and lemon juice method. If 4 is too little then go up another 2 tablespoons and keep going up until withdrawals become more manageable. if it’s too powerful lower dosage. You are already have a tolerance to kratom since it works like opioids so your going to need quite a high dose to cease withdrawals.

    5. Also stir the kratom often or else there will be a kratom sludge on the bottom, if you get sludge at more orange juice and mix again to get the remaining amount.

    6. I used kratom for my suboxone withdrawal. I was taking 3 or 4 8mg strips a day. That medicine builds up in the system so it took me about 2 weeks before I actually experienced kratom like it’s intended. With that said, when you are in withdrawal, you will not notice the benefits, but you will get relief from withdrawal. It knocks out about 90% of it. Stick with it. Whites for energy, reds for pain and green is in between. I continued kratom because after much research and experience, it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever discovered. Best of luck!

      1. A friend of mine will be coming off methadone soon, what strand did you use?

    7. I use 20 grams a day, I don’t think a tablespoon would do anything for me. I use it for pain relief from fibromyalgia.

      1. Did it help my wife has Fibromyalgia and i do to

        1. It definitely helps

    8. Hey hope your found a way to get the kratom to help!! I was on 150+ mL of oxy switched to Suboxone for over a year, tappered down to .5ml of the subs and than started kratom, it def helped!!! I mixed mine with orange juice or grapefruit juice to help release the Alkaloids in the kratom. And also taking it on a empty stomach, or making a tea with the kratom to release the Alkaloids. I think when using kratom for withdrawal you really need to release the Alkaloids bc our brain receptors are different than someone taking kratom without ever using opiates. I really hope this helps and your able to use the kratom I also have a 3 year old wouldn’t have been able to go cold turkey and care for her!!! Been taking kratom about a month trying to tapper off of that now, but keep your head up!!!!! The struggle to opiates is just to much and it get hold fast but by that point your almost stuck.

    9. You can try Japanese oblate discs, from Amazon. It is edible film, you put the extract inside and swallow it whole…

    10. I can say I would probably start with 2 tablespoons. I was on 24 mgs of Suboxone and jumped to Kratom. I started out with 1/2 tsp and went up from there. I found that 3 tablespoons was where I stopped going through WDs and actually started to feel good again. It took another week to get my full strength back. I would also try Plantation Maeng Da as it is the most powerful I have ever taken and I have taken a lot of them so far. Maeng Da will help a lot with the morning pains and lethargy! Again depending on how many years you have used opiates will have a direct affect on your dosage of Kratom. I would start with 1 tablespoon and go up by 1/2 tablespoon until you reach your feel good dosage. Take that dosage for a few weeks and then start to taper down as it will become too much after a few weeks. It takes awhile for your body to flush out opiates, at least it did for me. I took Kratom for 3 days before I found the right dosage. One last thing, I would advise taking it in a tea or through some sort of ice cream shake if you have a good blender. The effects will kick in quicker if mixed it milk as it attaches to the milk lipids quite well. The tea is most the effective and hits you the quickest. I now use gelcaps as it find it lasts a lot longer (6-8 hours).

      1. Would you kind of mentor me through this process? I got capsules today and have titrated down to 4mg once a day of the Sub Strip. I am grateful you posted this, though because I took 4 caps at 1 today and didn’t really obtain withdrawal relief. I say that because the original dose of Sub I was on was 8 mg twice daily per the doc. He said I would need to be on Subs for at least a year to reset my Receptors. It has been 5 months for me and I don’t like the thought of being on yet another opioid that long when my goal was not to be on one at all. I used to take 5-10 mg Oxycodone before deciding to go on Subs. Just saw too many friends begin to abuse them and did not want that for myself. Thanks for any help you might offer as you’ve been in this position. I’m grateful to you! God bless!!

    11. Ezee……I started using kratom to deal with opiate withdrawals, used opiates for years. My experience is if you already have a high tolerance to opiates you probably have with kratom as well. Also, maybe more important, do not expect the same high from kratom. It is very mild compared to opiates and may not feel anything, but, it helps keep withdrawal symptoms to a minimum or none at all. I had to use close to 20 grams of green Malay before I felt any kind of high. But BEWARE, you can certainly have some very tough withdrawal from kratom itself as I found out the hard way. Just don’t fall into the trap of taking more and more trying to get a high and next thing you know you have taken over 20 grams and setting yourself up for kratom withdrawal which is pretty bad, especially the diarrhea and depersonalization, for me any way. Used wisely, kratom is fantastic for coming off opiates!!

    12. Just look at some of the dosage guides online. For me, anything over 10 grams a day is a waste and setting yourself up for kratom withdrawal. I start with about 4 grams in the morning, maybe a couple of grams around lunch and 4 grams in the evening just before dinner (take on empty stomach) and that kept withdrawals away and, as the opiates got out of my system completely, after a couple of weeks I started feeling the mild energizing effect I read about which helped with PAWS quite a bit. Just don’t fall into the addict thinking of well if I just take more the high will come!! Good luck with it!!

    13. 00 caps are almost 1 use 1 00 cap as a gram.

    14. Mate, if you are in acute withdrawal from 100-200mg of oxy per day it is a huge habbit. It is a vaste for you to take more than 20g of kratom powder daily. You cant just go off with the kratom.
      First of all, buy Loperamide hydrochloride (otc anti diarhoea med.) and use at minimum 40mg in the morning and 40mg for the night. After the week of usage go down with loperamide and add a kratom TEA. If you nead to take big amounts letś make a brew!
      Take to the pot all your daily dose of kratom (max 50-60 g) add 700ml of wather and boil it for 30 min. with a few spoons of grapefruit or orange. Then stir properly (the plant stuff can make you also feel nauseous), devide in 4 doses and drink every 4-6hours.
      Peace 🙂

    15. depends on the type,Meng da is supposed to be one of the better ones,is what I use,if you use it to get high it won’t work , it should work to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms,it is the only thing that worked for me.

    16. Your taking too much Jess us more might not do well with those strains 2teas should be enough to keep the withdrawals and pain at bay. Without knowing exactly where and what you got idk how to exactly answer but do know you are taking too much surprised that you haven’t gotten the wobbles or nauseated from the amounts makes me maybe think you got a bad batch it does happen if looking for same effect as opiates you not going to get it not going to happen just feels normal

    17. Take more. I’ve heard that you can get physically addicted, but after quitting suboxone and alcohol I haven’t noticed any addiction to kratom. With kratom, you need to take more at first. After a while you won’t need as much and you will be content without being “messed up “.You will feel fine with no desire to do any drugs. Stick with it and please don’t relapse back to drugs.

    18. It helps! Like someone said it won’t be your silver bullet but it helps tremendously. I can’t get past the taste but I parachute myself. Try toss and wash with orange or white grapefruit juice

  10. I have just started researching Kratom. Has anyone tried it for arthritis pain? What strain would I use, and how much? I’m 5’3″, 150# woman. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Red strains are best for pain, in my opinion. My other advice is watch a ton of youtube videos. I liked the 2 young men on Kratompedia. They have a lot of helpful advice.

    2. Hi Kriie,
      I’m no expert by any means, but I find that mixing any green strain with a red one is the best for arthritis. The red is good for the pain, while the green helps with the fatigue associated with the arthritis.

      The best green I’ve had is green malay otherwise called Malaysian, and the best red is red Kapuas.
      As far as how much, a lot depends on if you have been taking any opiate pain medication, and how you usually tolerate meds. For instance my friend is much taller and weighs a lot more than I do, yet she can take one vicodin and almost pass out where I can take one and not even notice the effects. So start low dose maybe 2 grams, see what you feel and work your way up. I’m in my 7th month and still experimenting worth different strains and doseages,but so far the ones mentioned above do the best for arthritis pain and fatigue.
      Best of luck, and don’t give up! It takes Patience, trial and error but it’s worth it. 🙂

    3. I myself do. It suffer from arthritis however I do know many who do use kratom for this purpose. You are gonna want a Red Strain which is more sedating and much more of an analgesic than other strains. But if you want a decent amount of pain relief while having energy get a green strain they are much more mild in euphoria but give nice pain reducing effects without the overwhelming sedation. I recommend Red Bentanguie, Red Sumutra, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da (Energized Red Strain) Red Thai (another energetic red) Green Malay (Balanced Pain Relief and Energy. Some say this one lasts longer) remember Greens are slightly less analgesic than red but do offer a bit of stimulation which would be good for working. If your naive to opioids I would start with 2 Tablespoons and adjust dose as needed. If you use opioid pain relievers your going to wanna start higher with about 4 tablespoons. I personally Take 4-6 grams for my desired dosage but most people measure with Tablespoons so just keep upping the dose until desired effects are achieved. Kratom does not cause respiratory depression so it is a safe herb and you cannot die however overdose is unpleasant and will cause vomiting but atleast it isn’t lethal and less addictive than opioids however dependency is still possible seeing that I am dependent on it since I use it for bipolar and depression.

    4. Typo * I do not suffer from arthritis but I do know people who do that use kratom

    5. Red Thai works great if you want to stay awake, Red Bali will work great too but is sedating.

      1. Start with 1 tsp and go from there.

    6. Hi I’ve been using it for joint pain (don’t know if it’s arthritis yet)and a torn tendon and it works quite well for me. A nurse recommended .5 grams per 25 lb. of body weight and that dosage seems perfect. Before attempting that dose I tried .5 grams total as a test.

    7. What I am doing is taking five gelcaps of Kratom twice a day. That is more than most but I have been taking Tramadol (150mg/day) and Methadone (25mg/day) so I have a high tolerance to Narcotic Pain killers. Try the Bali maybe 2 gelcaps at a time and find your proper dosage. It helps with the pain better than the others. If you contact me Ill tell you where I get my kratom.

      1. I take 6 capsules of Bali twice a day (total 12 per day) for EDS and Rheumatoid Arthritis, taking this dose I do not require any pain meds. If I’m taking Tramadol 100mg twice a day, I supplement with 4 capsules of kratom twice a day. I am 5’9″ 160lbs Woman. These doses keep me functional and pain tolerable. Hope this helps.

      2. Robert could you email me? I need advice on how much to use and how much to go into making my own caps. I am also on methadone and not addicted, but dependent due to chronic severe pain. Id appreciate any insight you have. Thank you. [email protected]

        1. Im also on methadone for dependency and chronic pain and wanted to know if i can take kratom while taking methadone? Also take prozac and gabapentin.

      3. Hi. I was reading your post. Just wondered where you buy kratom. And what strains do you recommend for energy? There sure are a lot of shady looking sellers on line. Thanks!!

        1. My experiences have all been unbelievable with Relax Remedy/Awaken Relaxation (2 different sites but the same company). I highly recommend their Kratom and Kanna. It’s been my first year trying Kratom, and I can take as little as 500mg and feel remarkable stimulant and/or analgesic effects from their Maeng Da, White Summatran, and Green Malay. I still haven’t tried the rest, but have 5g samplers of each and will have tried them all by the end of August! With RR’s products, I find that I am taking as little as 1/5 the amount others are taking of other sellers’ products, and I’m getting the same effects. I hear the exact same thing from countless others who make RR their only destination for ordering Kratom. I am very sensitive to it, however, so that is definitely a factor. But the strength and quality are always consistent in my experienced (4 orders so far).

          I am not in any way affiliated with the above websites; I am simply a VERY satisfied (and amazed!) customer who highly recommends their products based solely on my own experiences with them.

          MUST TAKE ON EMPTY STOMACH THOUGH! If I take 500-1000mg before my first meal of the day, I always start to feel the effects in about 28 minutes. However, if I eat lunch and then wait 4 or 5 hours and take the same amount of Kratom, it always takes between 45 and 90 min. to start to feel the effects. So when they say “on an empty stomach”, they MEAN “on an EMPTY stomach.”

          Good luck!

          1. Yeah relax remedy is the best I’ve ever used. Although you can’t go wrong with them, I suggest maeng da as the most potent. If you don’t like that then any red vein. They have some awesome extracts but md powder is more economical.

      4. where do you get the gel caps

      5. I’m trying to use kratom for pain. Is Bali the best? What dose, and where to buy?

        I bought online from kraken kratom… Got the 750 mg tablets.

        Do to have a better suggestion for potency and cost?

        I’m 235 lb. male

      6. Hi I’m researching kramton u said Bali is the best for pain…does it help with energy? And where can I get it?

        1. Ooops kratom

      7. Hi, I would like to know where you purchase the gel caps from…? Thank you.

        1. amazon.

      8. Hey my name is Jeremiah. I’m looking for a good online kratom vendor. It cost way to much money in the smoke shops. If you can help me out I would really appreciate it.

      9. Robert,
        please email me. I would love to know which vendor you use and trust for consistent quality. Thanks!

        1. Hi there I was reading all the posts about the Kratom. And I see you know a good vender to get it from was wondering if you could share with me as well as I’m looking to find a good reputable place that sells the real deal. Thank you so much and hope to hear back.

        2. I’m new to Kratom. I pay $8.00 an ounce. How does this compare with what you are paying? I buy the Red Borneo Powder from a Kratom only shop

    8. I would def try red maeng da or the the green. Red is for pain and green is for some pain and some energy.
      I am 13 days clean from heroin. Straight up, the kratom didn’t help at all for me the first 5 days but after I went through the worst of it the kratom has def helped.. I use a heaping one n a half teaspoon in a smoothie with ok, helps immensely now

  11. Hi I am currently coming off of Alcohol for a very long time.
    I would like to use Kratom in the evenings to help with my cravings so I don’t relapse until I have a better hang of life without booze. I ordered some red bali. it hasn’t arrived yet but what dosage would anyone recommend for evening or do I start earlier?. I am female, 5’8 and slender. Don’t know if that makes a difference. Also is it better on empty stomach?
    Any help would be SO appreciated.

    1. Hi there! First off, gratz on quitting the booze! I am a year off it and if it weren’t for kratom, I doubt I would have succeeded. My favorite types are the white and red veined Maeng Da for energy, and the yellow for when I just want to smile. I take exactly 1 tsp of the MD about 30 min to an hour after waking up on an empty stomach and then eating about 45 min to an hour afterwards. I’ll take a half tsp of the slower vein (like the yellow) about 6-8 hours later and I’m good to go! No booze for over a year doing it this way. At first the withdrawals were almost unbearable, so give yourself time to be completely unsociable and just watch tv or play Big Fish games until you start feeling like you can socialize again without feeling completely awkward, clumsy or just plain grouchy af. Stay away from hard drinking friends and family until you have a good grip on it! AA was a complete fail for me, because I’m NOT religious and very much an introvert. Make sure you find a trusted vendor with quality kratom and you will be living again in no time. Hope this helped, and good luck!

      1. What are some great vendors. Please help.

      2. Oh and yes AA did not work for me at all either.. NOT powerless, don’t need dogma and more guilt and shame.

      3. I’ve used kratom for years and I’ve found out through trial and error that using teaspoons and tablespoons are not accurate measurements for powder kratom i buy kratom powder at least250grams at a time and I had to go buy a digital scale with a good scale you can get a accurate dose and is way safer for first-time or inexperienced Kratom users.

    2. Hiya! First of all gratz on quitting the booze! I quit over a year ago and without kratom I seriously doubt I could have stopped, or stayed off of it. I take exactly 1 tsp of the white (or red) Maeng Da powder about 30 min to an hour after getting up, then a half tsp of yellow (or whatever your favorite slower strain is) about 6-8 hours later. I have been doing this every day for over a year now and in all honesty it probably saved my life. For the first few weeks all I could do was watch tv or play Big Fish games to try and help with the ungodly feelings of withdrawals, even with the help of kratom. AA did NOT work because I’m not at all religious and I’m very much the introvert. Try and steer clear of your heavy drinking friends and family, at least until you have a good grip on it. Also, make sure you find a trustworthy vendor with high quality kratom. There are 50 scammers for every honest vendor so do your research! I wish you the very best of luck and again a BIG gratz to you!!

      1. Hi

        Thank you SO much for your nice and thoughtful reply. It’s nice to hear from someone that beat the beast 🙂
        I have been messing around with different dosages of extract from 3 different vendors.
        I think I’ve now found a good one. But Bali is definitely the only one I’ve tried that works. I also made the mistake of ordering the tea (crushed leaf) instead of the extract so I wasn’t really getting the desired results
        just massive stomach cramps and constipation (Sorry TMI) from the sheer amount I had to use.
        Was wondering what vendor you recommend? I’m traveling to Asia next month as well so worried about how I’m going to work that issue out. Congratulations on your sobriety! That gives me hope 🙂

    3. Okay, I thought my first response was deleted, so I wrote another one. I’m not crazy, just stupid. =/

    4. I would start with about 1.5 tsp wait about 45 minutes and see how you feel. 1.5 tsps is roughly around 5 to 6 grams

    5. Hi Teri,
      My advice for you is to buy a cheap kitchen scale $20 so you can weigh out the amount you’re taking. This way you know exactly how much you took and what effect you got from it. I’ve drank tea, and swallowed it toss and wash- both taste terrible so I recommended taking it in capsules. You can put powder into capsules yourself to save $ on the powder. Do take it on an empty stomach but definitely eat a snack shortly afterwards. I’ve taken too much on empty stomach and it comes right back up (very unpleasant). Maintain your food with powder throughout the day. I suggest starting off your dose with 1-2 grams and go from there. Bali is a nice one for relaxing, it’s not strong like maeng da.
      Good Luck

      1. So, I bought OO capsules. How much does one of these capsules hold? I thought I had heard .5 grams each, but wasn’t sure it was OO size. It may have been 0 size??? Do u kknow?

  12. Hi everyone. New to Kratom and needing some advice on dosages for Rising Phoenix Green Phoenix 600mg (if I’m correct, bottle says 1 serving is 5 caps=3000mg) capsules. Due of 9+years of chronic back pain, sciatica, and now bulging disks from a car wreck, I’ve made my way through basically every form of Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Tramadol, Tyl. 3 & 4, and Talwin and built up a tolerance. Nowadays, my limit is 7-8 50mg Tramadol maybe 2x a day, anymore at one time would probably make me puke. Can anyone guide me in correct dosages based on my tolerance level with this brand of capsule? Thanks in advance!

    1. Is it the Maeng Da? That is usually a strong type. If it’s an extract then you will have to play around with the dosage to see what edges the pain away. The amount of capsules you will need will depend on the strength of the Kratom.

      The easiest and cheapest way I have found is to purchase crushed leaves use about 9-10 grams. Put it in 2.5 cups of water. Cover it and bring it to a boil for 5 minutes. let it steep for 8-10. Strain then drink. (I pour it over ice because I have a Histamine reaction to the steam. Puffy eyes scratchy throat.)

      The effects usually start in 15 minutes.

      Try this vendor. I use them. They are cheap, quick and have high quality product. They use a Venmo and facebook pay services. (which sucked until i got an account)

      Reply back and lets see how it goes.

      1. Derek J. Could you share that vendor with me? I have been taking 25mg of Metadone for back pain and it isnt strong enough, Im hoping Kratom will help, but what kind? I bought some Bali but after taking 8 capsuls, nothing except my stomach threatening me. any helpful suggestions?

        1. Hello! I was in an auto accident as well. I’m trying to come off of hydrocone. I have ordered from a few vendors but have not had very good results. Thank you if you can share your vendor info with me. I also just ordered FSE extract, made from 11.5 grams of Bali today. I have never tried it and can’t find anything about the dosage. Any idea? Thanks again!

      2. which vendor(s) are reputable?


      3. Hi Derek J could you let me know who your vendor is …….I am not having good results from head shop…… thank you

        1. Enhanciosa, Acadica.

      4. Hello. I just bought powdered Maeng Da from a smoke shop. I am on my 1st week of opiate withdrawals due to two lower crushed vertebrae. I had the accident that caused by broken back about 10 years ago and decided to just stop the madness of being a slave to the doctors and the fear of not having them. I know I can do this. I stopped drinking 13 years ago and I remember the hell. I’ve got to say pain Med withdrawal is bad. Can you please give me the name of a reputable online vendor? I have no idea who to use and like with everyone – I want to make sure I’m not buying something potentially dangerous and will not rip me off as well. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated

    2. Hello Monica, New to Kratom Myself, !st time use about a month ago. Tried to research the different strains and their effects. my primary interest is opiate withdraw also. Got very lucky and found a local source. I’ve only used 2 strains, Yellow sumatra and and yellow vietnamese. Have not seen a lot of these strains available i was told their new. I’m 6’0″, 200lbs 57 yrs. i dose with 3 level Tsp, 2 to 3 times a day. (it was a shot in the dark actually) but it works well for me. no withdraw, no chronic pain, acute ? yes but i can handle acute. lets me know my bodies limitations. These strains are strong first couple of doses. i very much agree with moderation advice. Start with a minimal dose until you find what works for you. good luck to you.

    3. Hey! On the off chance you’re reading this still. That’s too much Tramadol Bro. Anymore won’t make your puke they’ll give you seizures. I got of a 500mg Oxy a day habit a few years back, so trust me, I’m not judging. Its just that many people don’t know that a) Tramadol, while helpful because it doesn’t build a tolerance nearly as fast, is incredibly dangerous to take over the daily max of 400mg a day as it causes seizures and death. b) Tylenol in hydrocodone kills you much faster than the opiates. Tylenol is deadly AF. Not too far north of where you’re at both tram and opiates with Tylenol get real, real life threatening. Good luck continuing you’re journey back. Hardest/best thing I’ve ever done. If you slip though, try to safe safe.

  13. Just want to write down a couple things that may help some people looking to kratom.

    I am 25 years old, been struggling with heroin addiction since I was 19. I’ve had periods of sobriety, and have fallen off multiple times. I want to tell anyone struggling or not struggling with opiate addiction, kratom IS NOT a cure all. It can be used instead of prescription opiate medication, but beware some of the side effects of repeated kratom use can be the exact same and as unpleasant.

    If you have ever been through opiate withdrawals before, then you probably know about the agony I am speaking of. I used Kratom for months daily, and also for about a month 3 times a week and have experienced withdrawals both times. Obviously not as strong as when I was IV’ing a half gram a day, but the same restlessness, sweats, chills, etc. come into effect with kratom withdrawal.

    I think it can be beneficial as a SHORT TERM thing, but just know that kratom will cause withdrawals VERY similar to opiate withdrawals.

    Would I choose kratom over opiates? Yes.
    Would I choose sobriety over both? Yes.

    1. Hi Tyler,
      Not that I totally disagree with what you’re saying, yes if you use kratom daily you will experience withdrawal, however I will disagree with the intensity of it and if you are a chronic pain sufferer, the alternative is a chemical that messes worth your brain chemistry, while kratom is a natural substance known for its healing properties.
      I would just hate for someone to be scared off and rely on what the pharmaceutical companies manufacture that almost ruined my life. Kratom just like coffee can cause withdrawal symptoms, however done properly, the weening process should anyone choose to go off is quite manageable.
      There have been times that I’ve run out due to financial issues and even though I only had a little bit left, was able to be pretty comfortable and I’m a hard core withdrawal person.
      So, just my 2 cents 😊

  14. Im about to take my first dose of kratom for severe heroin withdrawals. I do about a half gram of heroin a day. How many capsules how many times a day should i take of the maeng da silver capsules?

  15. Hi everyone. I bought two small packages of Kratom quite some time ago and never really “got” it – no one was really talking about it, except that it helped for detoxing opiates and helped people relax and sleep.

    At that time, I knew nothing about strains, vein colors, varieties and such wide ranging costs…
    I tried it a few times when I got the packages (Both black zip lock bags with silver inside – very sturdy: 2 oz Maeng Da Leaf and the other one is a powered strain called Super Indo.): I tossed and washed – and flossed my teeth for hours!! (LOL) ; I mixed with lemonade in a water bottle and chugged; mixed with yogurt. It just wasn’t working. I must also say that I have had a medium size heroin (snorting not needles) habit since late 2012 that really started to get bad in the middle of 2013 – so figure I’ve been a dopehead for about 3.5 years or so? I’ve been reading lately that you really have to be in serious withdrawal for the kratom to work. This may have been my problem. We’ll see. This all may be for the best – get a load of why I’m doubling down:

    I have a buddy who gets not only 30mg oxys (he’s allowed one pill 6 times a day or so 180 pills/month) from his doctor, but since he admits he takes too much and such (and this really IS NOT ME), he apparently also gets to take up to NINE 10mg methadone pills per day (figure he gets a bottle of 270/month) – along with lyrica, gabentin (??) and all sorts of things. He’s an ELECTED OFFICIAL (Repub, of course). and used to sell me like 30 methadone pillls to get me through a bad week or month for 40 bucks. He’s also done straight one for one. He pays something like a $10/20 co pay because they’re generic.

    Now, since our new dealer meets us in parking lots and sometimes waits so there are 4 white people sitting in cars at a mini-mall in a mixed race (mostly african-american) area waiting for them. He chats them up and has gone into big business as of last month – he told me that he’d never raise prices on me bexause he knows I struggle just getting my dope. Last batch I bought for $50, he promised me 50 tablets. He gave me 31 and said “look, that’s less than 2 bucks a pill and well, I have so much demand now….” and I immediately chimed in with “you’ve spread yourself too thin”. Walking back into the house in the snow, I realize this guy who I’ve trusted (he’s never fucked me over until now) is an asshole who apparently doesn’t give a shit about me, but just wants to make his “coin”. That’s fine. I wish he would have been a little more up front about it. He knows I would have never given him that 50, though which is why he was playing fast and loose – I even recommended the coolest pharmacy that doesn’t fuck with you (I have a terrible benzo addiction – another story for another message board….)

    That day, though I swore never to give this man another dollar from me for being such a douchebag. One month later, I give in. I text him yesterday about getting some… He writes back kind of like a little popular schoolgirl, “well, I’ve really gottta check my inventory & see if I have enough for ME, but you’re gonna pay 3 bucks a pill how many do you think you want?” I text: “Really, what happened to our 31 for Fifty? I’ve been out of work and can’t pay that. Can we do like 25 for 50 even 20? I can guarantee you 50/month if you guarantee me at the highest, $2 a pill” He never texted back. Part of me wants to tell the drug dealers he’s squeezing in on his turf. Part of me wants to call the state in which he’s an elected official. Part of me wants to call his wife. The rest of me just needs to be calm, graceful and realize that karma is gonna get him.

    So, back to KRATOM: I’ve got 2 4oz. bags Red Borneo; 1 20oz bag RedMalay (a sample) plus those older ones (should I dump?) . And then a bunch more coming soon (4oz Red Bentuangie; 4oz Red Vein Bali; 1 oz. Yellow Vietnam; 2oz each of Red Bali, Red Horn Kali, Green Hulk and a mix called MYSTERY RELAX. I’m scared to death now more than ever about withdrawals because I have NO MORE methadone access. And it’s for the best I guess, as it’s supposed to be way worse then dope ever was, even mixed with baby laxatives LOL.

    I simmered 1tablespoon (*approx 6.5 grams?) of Red Borneo with some lemon juice and two bags of vanilla tea with 9-10oz water for about 16 minutes maybe 18, put it in a travel coffee mug (silver – like from starbucks, with the twisty black top), screwed the top on tight, and it’s in the fridge because I don’t get any more stuff until Monday and I ate the last two methadone last night and the jab i bought today will be gone in a few hours, I MAY be able to save myself a bag, but who has that willpower?

    Question: On the Kratom side of tea-making, etc. How did I do? On the Kratom side of Strain Choosing, etc. How did I do? In regards to the methadone, I’m better off with the Kratom in the long term, yes?? And finally, all in all, how do you think I’ve handled this really scary situation that now has me thinking about quitting for good. But it’s all going to come back when some family members die shortly and I am their only relative, you know?

    I dunno what to do. Even if I come off of the dope and get addicted to the Kratom. I’m not going to quit – I don’t want to quit. It doesn’t get in the way of my life – it enhances it, makes me friendlier, a harder worker and such without anxiety, fear or even drinking alcohol anymore. If this is too long and crazy, cut it down, mods. Otherwise, I thank you all for listening to/reading my story here – I thank you for your compassion and coolness in advance and will treasure and consider all reasonable (non-trolling) replies. Thanks so much!!!! Yours in the fight to keep it legal.xoxooxGC

  16. So anyone here is is not previously an opiate user what kind of dosage sizes are you taking to get an effect? I mostly want to take it for anxiety and depression relief. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Effect depends on 3 things: type(strains), dosage, tolerance. A new user gets the best effects, unless they get to much. For most strains, 2-3 grams mixed with orange juice or coffee and on an empty stomach will be about right. (This reply is on powders)
      Some types come on slowly, others fast. Be patient. All gently fade off after 3 – 6 hours.
      Some types provide relaxation(euphoria), others energy or pain relief. Some products have mixed effects. I’ve found that a good quality red+green mix is nice. MaengDa is the strongest and most popular.
      Finally, the powder is not the same color as the type. All powders are some shade of green. Google it.
      Please, no replies or junk email. Thanks!

    2. BustySue I would start out with 4 grams. You may want to buy Red Maeng da. Did you already purchase it?

    3. I started out with one teaspoon, worked fine for several months, now I do 1/2 tablespoon (or & 1/2 teaspoons) twice, sometimes 3x a day. This is about 4 grams. I almost always use red strains for my back pain, but it does wonders for your attitude too. My advice to you is to buy from a reputable internet supplier, do not buy the garbage in head shops or gas stations. I don’t know if recommending certain vendors is allowed here, if so let me know, I deal with the most reputable, highest quality source out of Boise.

      1. cap em quick and 00 capsuls are the best way to package them and eat them. I use it works good. I take kratom every day for extreme pain

        1. mike, have extreme pain also from failed lumbar surg Recovering from the surgery was so horrible for, that i thought about suicide every day.Refuse more surgery because i wont go thru that again. Will you please let me know which kind you use that works best for you and the dosage you advise. I read so much controversy and comments about what to do, but not much info can i find to single out the best for really bad bad 10 pain, chronic now. hoping to hear from you soon and thanks for being more specific enough for me to actually get a clue and reach out to someone. linda

        2. How much is in one 00 capsule? I just got the cap machine and 00 capsules and just made up a bunch, but need to know how much relatively is in one oo capsule?

      2. Hey was wondering if you can give me the name of the place in Boise..I am in Nampa so that would be great!

      3. I would be interested in the source from Boise as I live in Idaho myself. I am looking for help with quitting the opiates and for energy and would be a first time user myself. And not exactly sure as what type to get or how much to take.

      4. I don’t know how much kratom will help while taking methadone the methadone has a really high affinity to the receptors the kratom is trying to attach toto which means kit Prolly take over most of the receptors itself leaving not much space for the kratom akloids to fit

      5. I would like to know your vendors please and I’m trying to find red bentuangi in bulk for a good price best ice ever had

    4. Newbie safe dose model

      I’m part of a group of about 20 people, equally male and female, of widely varying body types and ages from 18 to nearly 80, all of us recently experimenting with ingested fine powder kratom, and all of us neophytes. We’ve experienced much support for your warning: “Caution: People vary in sensitivity to kratom, and kratom from different sources can vary in potency (sometimes quite a lot), so these dosage estimates should be regarded as loose approximations…”

      In the interest of avoiding bad first experiences, I requested data from all of them and have produced this model which seems to work well:

      A good safe dose of fine kratom powder ingested, based on typical body fat proportions in men and women,* is 1 level teaspoon (2.25g) per 75# for men, and 100# for women, of whatever was their minimum healthy adult body weight. This compensates for differing body sizes and fat proportions.


  17. One of the greatest things about using Kratom now for my chronic pain disease is that the opiates are not in control anymore. I have an unfortunate soft spot for them and I would run out early. Naturally this kicked off a massive pain flare in addition to the withdrawal symptoms from opiates and I was remorseful every time. I didn’t doctor shop or double dip or use street drugs but I was horribly irresponsible and unsafe with my allotted amount each month. Ironically it was this pattern of abuse that precipitated me just giving up on pain meds altogether. I always had a half of a pill set aside for my pain management appointment and the day I forgot to take it was the day I was screened. Of course I was clean and even though the pain doc had specifically told me I was to use them only as needed I still had a contract that said I would have it in my system anytime I was tested. He fired me and I didn’t pursue another doctor. (I was down to 2 Percocet a day when he was my doctor. Previously it had been the OxyContin with Percocet for breakthrough pain or MS Contin with morphine for the breakthrough but I wanted to limit my access and requested far less when I saw him) It was about that time that I first learned of Kratom. I’m so thankful.
    I’ll be honest, I’d be off meds and still crave them but the craving is gone with Kratom. The pain is a 2 on a daily basis instead of a 6. My flares are few and far between and I haven’t been seen in an er for intractable pain and related hypertension in months. It’s amazing to me. My organs aren’t in danger of failing anymore because I’m dumb and can’t moderate myself. I have no desire to drink now even though I didn’t drink much before. I can do house work again and play with my kids. It’s saved me.

    I tore my Achilles and was given Vicodin and when I took it, even if I took it wrong, it did NOTHING. No euphoria whatsoever. I’ve learned since that cross tolerance is the reason for that but Its not an issue because I didn’t even use half. I actually disposed of them and didn’t hesitate.

    I’m a bit worried about the cost eventually but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I really can’t report getting sleepy, having energy or euphoria or any of the effects that people report aside from pain control and that’s okay by me. I’m scared to take more than I do because I don’t want to get nauseous. Anyone else have this?

    1. How much Keaton did you take to Eliminate your WD. I been taking 30mg oxycodone once a day and 60mg OxyContin 3 times a day. How much to diminish my WD? I have purchased 3lbs of maang Da red vein powder. Thank you so much.

      1. Take 5 grams to start and if you don’t feel great in 15-30 min just take another 5, or 10, or 20. You’ll overdose from pot faster than kratom. Its a world away from the poison Oxycontin. If you don’t feel great just take more, people say it helped… It doesn’t help, it all the way fixes it if you take enough. I went from curled up dope sick from heroin to feeling as good as I do on dope but not all fucked up. Enjoy the rest of your life and feel free to contact me if ya need advice.

        1. Hi I’m Mike, I’m on a lot of oxycodone and morphine, I have abused this month’s script as I can’t tell you why. Cause I don’t know. I have also been taking kratom for about 3 or 4 years now. Will taking kratom and morphine keep me out of withdrawal until I get my next script. I’ve never run out before but been though withdrawal before. So was just wondering if I take my morphine as I have a lot of that so I could double up on a dose of two if needed keel me out of withdrawal. I have about 9-10 ounces of kratom all different types. Red, green, white, all mang da

        2. Worked wonderd for meth withdrawal….completely took it away and relieved desire to use meth again! Wish i had known about Kratom last year when withdrew from 360mg morphine a day Worst experience of my life… got hooked on meth to handle morphine withdrawals. One year later still on meth …. tried to get off many times but could not handle withdrawal. With Kratom NO withdrawal at all. Finally off opiates and meth!!! 8 to 10 g Red Vein am and 6 g White vein noon. Feel better than ever. No desire to drink take meth or anything. Truly a miracle. Not only no meth withdrawal but felt 150 percent sharp energy
          Have had 5 fusions 1 4 level failed fusions and need hip replacement (osteonecrosis And degenerative disc disease). I think Kratom “would have” taken away morphine withdrawal too but did not know of it then thus became meth addict …. no more… clean and sober and Kratom got me there. Didnot think i would ever be off meth !!! Kratom Krazy is good site.

          …. also struggled with alcohol and drugs for 40 yrs. Kratom works wonders.. no cravings. Saved mu life

    2. Yes they make me nauseous two I take 1/2 gram at a time total gram a day and there’s no reason to go higher unless it’s urgent but only temporarily.

    3. I went cold turkey off my Morphine. It took 30 days of horrible withdrawal. When I told my doctor I had gone cold turkey, he came unglued. I now realize I should have slowly come off the Morphine. My caregiver at the time had taken my prescription to the pharmacy and then in the process, lost my prescription. Of course, I reported the loss. I wanted to make sure that my caregiver was not using my script. I am a happy camper now. No Narcotics. I live in Oregon where MJ is fully available. But, no more for me. I love the Kratom and now hangover from the use, I pray the drug companies do not take this drug and turn it against us.

      1. Im 60 yrs old, have come off heroin, methadone, morphine, dilaudid, among others. 30 days of withdrawal is BS. Either your mind is very weak or you are lying. It takes nowhere near 30 days to get past withdrawal of anything. BTW, I was using over 100 mg of MS along with 50-60 mg oxy, and shooting a bun or better of heroin daily as well last time I got arrsted, and withdrawal is over in 7-10 days max. SMH at some of the bullshit I read on here. “30 days of horrible withdrawal” lmao.

        1. Good for you!!!
          Everyone is different! I was taking a shitload of narcorics and for many years. I never did H, but YES it IS possible to wd that long and hard! You should be thankful yours didn’t last that long, but don’t minimalist others experiences. You aren’t them. It has nothing to do w having a weak mind either. Every persons chwmistry and make up is different. Be respectful!

          1. I have to agree. I was on suboxone for years and because of the long half life, my withdrawals lasted a long time. I was taking 3 or 4 8mg strips a day, which only 1.5mgs is roughly equal to about 60mg morphine. Onset was about day 2-3 and it lasted for 2 weeks but there’s something called PAWS which is also a form of withdrawal, just not on as much of a physical level. You can still experience lack of energy, pain, and insomnia 30 days later. So let’s be respectful of everyone and share our experiences as a testimony for others, instead of condemning someone with a hawty attitude. No one here knows better than anyone. Kratom helped me tremendously. I stopped that much sub cold turkey and burned kratom in place, which relieved 90% of my withdrawals. Just be sure to stay on top of your dosing at first. Give or take, kratom lasts about 4 hours. The whites, more for energy and mood lift, lasts about 2 hrs. The red, more for pain and anxiety/insomnia, lasts about 4 and one of my favs, the green Malay, lasts about 6 hrs. Everyone is different and I personally recommend starting low, like 2.5 grams which is a level teaspoon on average. Toss and wash or mixin with an acidic juice is best. I like grapefruit or apple cider vinegar diluted in water, which both enhance the effects. When in active withdrawal, you won’t experience the full benefits of kratom but relief is what matters at first. Any kratom will work, in my opinion. Definitely buy bulk online. Many good sources on blog sites for vendors. I have been burning kratom for a year and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Totally takes my desire for opiates and alcohol. Relieves withdrawal and also keeps me from getting sick all the time. I work around small children and was getting sick every 2 weeks with a cold. After kratom, I’ve only been sick 2 times in the past year. It lowers blood pressure too.

        2. Ever heard of PAWS? Post acute withdrawal syndrome? Just because you say it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it can’t happen to others. What would be the op’s motive to lie? SMH. With your drug use and ignorant comment, seems like you’re the one with a weak mind and a liar.

        3. PAWS can last for months. Of course the severity decreases as time goes by.

        4. Maybe not horrible withdrawal but both times I’ve come off heroin I’ve had wd for 30 days easy. I was slanging (selling) the shit and had an unlimited supply. I remember the restless legs and the sneezing lasted 30 days for me. You get over the hardest symptoms after a week tho

        5. Hmm. When I kicked methadone, it was easily at least 3 weeks of hell. I didn’t feel “right” for a good 3 months. I’m now 2 weeks in from kicking Suboxone and thank jebus for Kratom. I tapered the Suboxone to a ridiculously small amount and I know for a fact that if I didn’t take Kratom at the moment, I would indeed be in hell. You seem real smart and sure do know a whole lot about dope, so I would assume you know that the half-life for methadone and suboxone is very long and logic would tells us that it would be a longer withdrawal process than say a week of the shimmy’s from kicking heroin, roxies and the like due to the fact that it’s in and out pretty fast. Again I’m sure I’m not telling you anything that you already don’t know. Like I said you seem like a real smart fella!
          Oh! One last thing….PAWS, look it up and maybe try to be nice instead of making light of someone else’s kick next time you decide to pound out vomit on your keyboard.

        6. That’s about how long it took me in jail to cold turkey 140 of daily methadone 30 + days no joke that’s when the sweats and insomnia and fatigue started to go away

    4. Have questions about conversion from opiates. Can you help

      1. I am on suboxone doc was morphine what kind do i need and how much kratom

    5. Hey Ainedo, I agree with what you are suggesting. Actually, our customers at Kratom store have found the product very helpful because they have taken it to a doctor’s guidelines and supervision. So my point is, if taken with utmost care and your body’s sensitivity, Kratom can be extremely helpful too!

  18. This change in CDC policy will certainly increase Suicides going forward. Nobody needs to tell me or suggest how to deal with Chronic Pain! 1989 began my Agonizing life with pain, and having 11 surgeries increased pain,not to mention RSDS, or chronic regional pain syndrom, stenosis cervical spine, lumbar spine, for many years tried therapy, accupuncture, and Yes even a spinal stimulator implant, All had little effect. The new CDC policy will Destroy what little life value I have had!

  19. Hello and thank you for this group.

    I am a 57 yr old male. 215 lbs, 6’2″ in height.
    Been on a Fentynal patch 100 mcg every 72 hrs for the past 15 yrs. Suffer from fail back syndrome with chronic LBP and neuropathy. I don’t take any other mess.

    I’m done. Can’t take the side effects and chains of opioids anymore and I’m no longer sure what kind of pain I really have.

    I’d like some guidance getting started. Purchased .5 kilo of Bali Red powder. I have a scale. What doseage should I shoot for and when should I start to wean?

    I’m extremely motivated to get this underway.

    1. Hi Chris:
      I am by no means an expert but sometimes getting answers here are rather slow. First thing I would do is join a Kratom group on Facebook. There is 24hr support and advice there. I am on my 3rd day opiate free and I am feeling great- really. Very minimal symptoms and have gone to work all three days. I’m amazed. The dosage I had to play with. I started out with too much and got nauseated. I found that 3.5 grams every few hours has worked for me. I’ve even been sleeping. The Facebook group I joined is called Kratom (new and current users).

    2. I’ve been taking kratom for a few years now,was hooked on percocet and this was a godsend, dosing is different for different people and depends what affects your trying to achieve, also on quality and type of kratom, 1 to 5 grams for stimulation, 3 to 7 grams for pain relief, always start lower and see how it affects you and slowly increase to achieve desired affects,make sure you find a quality supplier with a good review history, remember this isn’t opiates so you won’t get as high from this but it does work,
      Hope this helps

    3. With your tolerance to pain meds, I would start with 2 grams three times daily. I was on 15mg morphine twice a day and four percocet 5mg four times daily and now I supplement it with 3.5g of Red Fibro from great stuff

      1. Hello there! I’m fairly new to Kratom. I’ve been taking a level teaspoon sometimes less than a teaspoon, 2-3x day of green maeng da. I decided to capsule it in 00 gel caps. How many will I take for one dose?

        1. Hello my name is mike. I use kratom every day for severe back pain in upper and lower spine. If theres any questions or advice I can help you with just email me. I have every day level 8 pain and the bad days is level 10 pain. I use cap-em-quick pill maker with 00 capsuls and make my own. I take 4 grams when i get up at 7 am then again at 1 pm and again at 7 pm upping the dose by 1 to 2 grams every time. So 4 grams at 7am, then at 1pm 6 grams and 7pm Ill take between 7 and 8 grams every single day. This reduces my pain level to almost nothing. My quality of life is 99% better then when I was taking prescription pills.

          1. Hi mike can u send contact info please. I’m about to cut the pd loose tiered or chasing pills. I do need them for pain and not for addiction ( tho it doesn’t matter what u need it for ) just mite be a difference in dosage. Thanks allot

          2. Hi Mike. I’m so excited I just received my Kratom and have been reading the blog. Yours especially interests me because it sounds like you have similar pain problems; I’ve had disc surgery, they want to do more with spacers and fusing( which I don’t want to do), and all those other degenerative things, arthritis….blah blah 🙂 I’m so tired of taking Norco and the ups and downs. I took my first dose today about 4pm of Kratom about 1.5 teaspoons of red maeng da with applesauce and I did feel it quite a bit but not in a bad way. I felt so relaxed and I actually just sat and watched tv for over an hour without getting up! I need to figure out my dosage wondering if I should take more tonight. Ok, now, my question for you – how many capsules does it take each time you do your dosage? I took the Kratom today with applesauce and almost gagged so I’m thinking capsules but sounds like it will take a lot. I’m so glad it is working for you! That is fantastic. Being in pain sucks. Appreciate your input. Cindy from California

          3. Thanks Mike. Maybe you can help me get started with Kratom. I am tired of chasing scripts and running out. I take 10-12 10/325 vicoden a day and cant seem to monitor myself to make a script last 30 days. I end up beating the street to ‘survive’ until a refill. I purchased an oz of the Maeng Da Red Vein and White vein along with the Bali powder and Bali capsules not knowing what would be best. I have 7 days until my next fill and the devil is knocking at my door. Can you advise please what the best way to begin?

    4. Good luck to you and good attitude about quitting.
      it’s good you have that kratom, but imo you should have a few different strains and rotate them, not take the same kind everyday. You want to keep your tolerance guessing and not get stuck on just one kind. I personally (though I praise the plant and think it’s way better than any RX, pain Med) think you should start out as low as possible.. maybe 4-5 grams. See how that treats you. Fentanyl is strong, I too was on that. So, if after 45 min to an hour it’s hasn’t relieved things as much as you’d like, I’d add another 2-3 grams…
      I wouldn’t try to stay on it longer than a month or so..and unlike the guy above saying you can take as much as you want and go ahead and take 30grams… I disagree. No it will not hurt you, but your body will become dependent on it still, so least is best. When tapering, I would just knock off 1/4 a gram per dose, or a gram a day. I did this and it was the easiest. I still Was a tiny bit uncomfortable for a few days, but NOTHING like from Fentanyl and if you’re not taking more than 6-10 grams a day (that’s even a bit more than you need, but again you may need that since we’re talking about fentanyl) and you wean correctly, you should be ok. 🙂
      Good luck!

  20. I’ve been dabbling a little, keeping things at ~1 to 1.5g, trying different types. I had some around dinner time a couple weeks ago, and then realized I’d have to go to sleep soon. I am, unfortunately, “hooked” on Ambien for sleep, and I was afraid to take one. After trying to go without, I eventually took an Ambien for sleep. Are their any strains that are good for sleep?

    1. Green vein about 4 grams will give very good sleep. It also helped me get off of oxycodone. Good luck.

    2. The best veins by far for sleep, pain, and anxiety are going to be in the Red family. Red is the most opiate like. Green is a balance of energy and pain relief. White is the most energizing least pain relieving. Red Bentuangie, for example, is great for sleep. 🙂

      1. Can you tell me where you get your red bentuangi please?

  21. Hi everyone,

    I am looking for recommendations on types of Kratom for Pain AND energy. I have Fibromyalgia, Cervical Stenosis, Herniated Discs in Lower Back, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to name a few. Pain and Fatigue are the biggest issues. I was prescribed Hydrocodone 10mg 4X a day for 12 years, and about 4 months ago switched to Oxycodone 10mg 4X a day due to tolerance issues and me finally saying the “Hydrocodone isn’t working!”. However, now I’ve noticed the pain is increasing and I can’t take it. I don’t want to be dependent on painkillers. I just need RELIEF. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thank You!

    1. Hello, how are you withdraw symptoms? I am having some weird kratom dreams! Lol

    2. Hey, I would look into a book called “Back Mechanic” by Stuart McGill for how to deal with your back issues. And I believe the red stem varieties are best for pain. Some distributors list the different benefits of the various strains. So search around for one of those. All the best, and it is possible to reduce that pain, and it doesn’t require costly therapies or surgery. This book was a life saver for me. I have a herniated discs in my lumbar as well as stenosis. This book simply allows you to find your pain triggers, and guide you towards exercises that will be suited for your unique back issues.

      1. Thank you for the suggestion of the book, I have had 3 surgeries, the next one will be a fusion. I am terrified at the thought.
        I’m getting this book, thanks again

  22. First thing is that if you are using this substance to get off of opiates, it’s important to buy a scale that measures grams. It’s really not that much of an investment to get yourself out of the situation you are in and do it correctly.
    I take Kratom for opiate withdrawal and I’m sorry to say that I withdraw just about every month when my meds run out. It’s not ideal but it’s the situation. Anyway, I take 10 grams 3x per day (sometimes 4 if it’s really bad) for the first few days and then I can bring it down several grams over the next few days. If you are on Kratom straight up and no more opiates then you should plan to need Kratom for a block of time.
    Red Vein Borneo is by far the best for opiate withdrawal and I have tried them all. I find that the literature and advice online is severely lacking when it comes to dosage. Primarily with regard to how many times per day. Many will tell you the number of grams to take but not tell you how many times to dose that during the day to keep withdrawals from creeping in on you. This stuff works, it really does but dosing properly is essential.
    Start smaller and work up. My advice is a red vein strain starting at 6 grams on an empty stomach. After 30 minutes to an hour you will know what this dose is doing for you. 4-6 hours after your initial dose you will need to dose again and you will now adjust according to your experience. If it wasn’t enough, go up a gram. If you felt too much nausea or anything else unpleasant, back off a little. Your body will adjust to this substance over time and if you are getting any negatives they will dissipate. I know that compared to what some say, dosing up to 30-40 grams over a 24 hour period sounds like a lot. But it is what I require to stave off withdrawal hell and I must say I am not sick, I have no anxiety, I have no pain and I have no cravings. Kratom is what’s up but you’ve got to take the right amount in the right increments.

    1. I agree completely. It’s not unheard of for people in SouthEast Asia to dose up to two ounces a day. That is quite a lot. But considering opiate cross tolerance with kratom, it’s not that much. One ounce I mean. Kratom got me off of morphine nice and easy.

    2. Thank you for this info. I bought the red vein Maeng Da Thai to try to withdraw but will get some Bali if there is a big difference. I haven’t fully jumped into it -after all my life isn’t completely ruined yet just nearly. I am trying to cut down from my 160-200 mg/day oxycodone and the best I have done is down to 120mg for the past few days. I weigh about 115 -don’t know if that matters. Does it make sense to take some Kratom in-between doses of pills as I cut down? There is so little info out there about exactly how to do this. Yours is the best explanation I’ve read. I will be out of pills and money in the next day or so and will have to switch completely over to the Kratom. Any help or encouragement or advice is appreciated. I’m much too old (62) to be going through this again. I kicked heroin and methadone 30 years ago. I started back on the narcotics due to surgeries about two years ago.

      1. Hello, my opinion is you should’ve been dead just like I should’ve been dead from overdosing on oxy which I was taking 20/7.5s 3×a day. I switched over to suboxone thinking it would be better and it was great until I went through withdrawal trying to come off subs they are horrible but the truth is I switched to kratom and walla I am clean and sober never even experienced withdrawal symptoms and I have been on opiates for over 10 yrs. You need to reach that breaking point like I did and know it’s either death or great clean and sober feelings

        1. Thanks for your reply and yes, somehow I have managed to stay alive despite what I have put my body through. I had a horrible time getting the Kratom down with the taste and then nausea so I gave up for awhile but ready to try again. I’ve ordered some capsules which should have been here yesterday but I guess the current weather everywhere has delivery delayed. Thanks for the encouragement.

          1. Have you.tried making tea? There are.some easy after.boiling kratom and letting it.steep a few, i strain water (with facecloth to catch plant particles) and using the hot water to make black tea or coffee..add sugar, milk and much easier to digest. You can also use heated Kratom 1 or 2 extra times but potency decreases.

          2. Hi Debra…I use Kratom for huge back pain. The best way I’ve found to take it is in a glass full of chocolate Insure. It is thick enough to keep the powder suspended and the chocolate flavor really masks the funky taste. I hope this helps you a bit and all the best to you on your quest. There is hope. Lenny

          3. I just looking for help on starting kratom for opiate withdrawal. I have some, but I have no idea how much to take and I’m out of my doc. Can anyone help me?

          4. Debra, just read your post and wanted to see how this was working for you. I’m officially out of oxy so instead of getting more I need to be done! Really hoping kratom will help with wd they scare the heck out of me. I’ve gotten my oxycodone down to 5 times a day 7.5mg/ basically every 5-6hrs. Any advice on how many capsules I might start with?

        2. Thank you Joe for your experience. I, too thought subs were a life saver, until… There my worse nightmare. I’ve been using the red vein Maeng Da, and I feel great. I’ve wasted so much time and money on Suboxone and I’m sorry the day I ever started them. Like you, I’ve reached my breaking point.

      2. Hi Debra. Hope your efforts are going well. I have only a moment right now so I just want to wish you luck. I would suggest using something other than Maeng Da but it will work. I will leave a more detailed response tomorrow about why I prefer Borneo/ Bali.

        1. Thanks for your quick reply. I lost this thread until now so didn’t see it until this morning. I did not do well with the Kratom because I just couldnt get it down. I managed a dose which I don’t even know what effect I felt but woke up that night projectile vomiting. So I gave up for then since it was an extremely busy time at work and did not seem likely that I would stick it out. So it’s a month later and I placed an order for the capsules- both Bali and Maeng Da -should have been delivered yesterday but because of weather is stuck somewhere. I have enough pills to get me through a few days but I’m looking forward to trying again. Everything I have read everywhere has said the Kratom works for opiate withdrawal but I have to give it a chance for it to work for me. I would like to hear more from you about the strains and how to set myself up for success rather than falling back on excuses. Also, I’m wondering if there are other things I can use either rx or herbal that would help. For instance, I have 70 tramadol but don’t know if those would be helpful and if so, how I would incorporate them. I also keep pot on hand. I appreciate your willingness to share your experience with me (and others). Helpful and substantiated info just isn’t that available so I thank you in advance.

          1. I mixed the powdered kratom with orange juice and that works well. I tried tea coffie tinture and this was by far the best way for me

          2. I’m now on my third day and feeling great. Shockingly well. I had to do capsules and that is working for me. Took a little to find the right dosage but so far, so good. I’m amazed. I should be sick as a dog.

          3. Jenna – sorry I did not see this sooner. I am doing absolutely fantastic! I got through withdrawals without skipping a beat- worked every day, slept at night, no restless legs. My biggest issue was my body temperature. I could not keep warm so I had to keep a heater on me at work and keep my heat cranked at home. So I am still doing kratom- mostly greens and a few blends that have every color strain in them. I don’t worry about being dependent on it because it’s better and cheaper than all of the oxy’s I was taking. When I take my doses every day, I just think thank you, Mother Earth, for providing this wonderful plant that I can take instead of opiates and still feel good. It has been a lifesaver to me.

      3. Don’t use the opiates in conjunction with Kratom because of cross tolerance. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t feel a thing when I took my pills and I was on Kratom and it’s because the Kratom cancels out the opiate and you’ll build a tolerance to the opiate. Alternate days if you need to but don’t put pills in between doses.
        It’s surprising how much Kratom really does. It’s like magic.

    3. Alright so this is my first time ordering Kratom I order 2 onces of maeng da which comes to about 56 grams. I been taking tramadol for about 6 months now and I hate it when I run out of medicine the pain is too much to handle and I would love to get off this using kratom. There isn’t much info out there when it comes to the right amount to take daily in grams . What would be the right dosage to take daily and how many grams per pill would be recommended? Any help would be appreciated.

      1. Tramadol is a double edged sword. It works on the serotonin as well as opioid neurotransmitters making it twice as tough to detox from. Start low and Go slow! (Vaping Cannabis helped me cut through it.)
        I have been off big pharma meds for 12 years with cannabis only for fibromyalgia, TMJ and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
        I am new to kratom helping my husband detox from oxycodone and can not believe his level of happiness and pain relief. Many years ago, he went from 560mg oxy a day down to 240mg a day before getting set back with a triple bypass. He took 8mg Klonopin and is down to 2mg using cannabis, (he easily eats 600 mg Lab tested THC a day) which was like “shooting a bb gun at a Sherman tank” from the 240mg to 125mg oxy this past year. He has been on opioids and benzos for 27 years. He is 61, needs 5 discs fused in his neck, hated being alive and could hardly function.
        He took 5 grams of Red Bali Kratom in a paste and gag form, and was a believer. Although watching his face wrinkle and squint (and enjoying the taste of green tea myself), it didn’t take much to realize we needed a more accurate and less offensive way of dosing. So, I made 00 capsules (24 at a time and .5 grams each) of the 5 sample strains I purchased from Gaia Ethnobotanical. He has been taking 7 grams or 14 pills three times a day. The ratio of reds 2 parts to 1 part green or white. (I did the math and paid $119 for a capsule filler on Amazon that makes 189 pills at a time – it should be here to try tomorrow and a supply of RED BALI and Green Hulu to make a month supply.) With this dose of kratom between his oxy doses (He is a large guy at 6’6” 260# and high tolerance to everything – reread functional on 560mg oxy) he has been able to extend his oxy use out to every 6 hours, saving 15 mg per day for the last week. It has given him hope in a desperate situation.
        Yesterday, He took 3 grams of Vietnam Glow (a white strain?) with 3.5 grams of Red Borneo and was bouncing off the walls with energy. (FYI, There is a reason it is sold as a sexual enhancer in headshops.)
        Being from an educational and scientific background, I support the use of capsules and a scale for accurate information. Capsules are slightly delayed release (approximately 20 minutes) followed by protein to prevent stomach upset and lots of water. He also is journaling his amounts and effects with various strains. I went on several websites printing out their strain descriptions and educational materials.

    4. Hey haron I myself came off perk 30s (blues) about 2 to 3 a day with suboxone I haven’t touched any pain pills in atleast 6 months but I have been on the subs for a while started tapering off I’m down to a quarter a day once a day I just ordered 178 grams of the meng da my question is since I never used kratom or anything do I have to wait to use it or can I just start it right away? I really don’t wanna go see the devil (withdrawl) best way I can put that lol cause that’s basically what it is straight hell

      1. Hey,
        You can start taking it as soon as you stop. It hits similar receptors and does block some of the effects (in my experience-2months so far) Start with 4-6grams(level teaspoon) . I found Bali mixed to be the most helpful strain.

  23. If I just finished taking Percocet 5/325 for pain yesterday…can I take O.P.M.S. Kratom silver Maeng Da with my Mega Man vitamins today? Is anyone aware of any interaction. Also how many should I take for my back muscle pain?

    1. you should be fine…a 5mg percocet isn’t going to do anything a day later

      1. I don’t think the person meant they only took one, I think they meant a course of treatment or longer but that was the most being taken at one time. The info is vague but this was my take on it.

  24. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your comments! It’s interesting to hear your testimonies and experiences with kratom. What a cool little community we have here! The marijuana lovers have a whole scene, society, and culture… I hope soon we will have a wonderful KRATOM LOVERS community/hub! I can only imagine what that world will look like! What will our logo be? Let’s not just hijack the weed-scenes images and phrases, but make our own! I like to draw I should take a little kratom and get doodling! Let’s build this together! 🙂 I love you all.

    1. Hi Derek! I appreciate your positivity! I have been a daily user for about three years. I I am diabetic, and suffer from neuropathy. However, Kratom has certainly done more for me than help alleviate pain. I am certain it has helped my depression, and I mean a lot! Also, my focus issues are much reduced. I am a fan, and I am happy that it will remain legal for now. My hopes are it stays that way.

      I’ll do whatever I can to help you start a community! This plant deserves it! It also deserves much respect, in my opinion. Kratom’s ability to help people either overcome, or at least properly manage, many different conditions that hinder a good life is astounding. I think as it is studied more in the coming years, many great things can come from its use.
      As a community, we should be proper advocates for it… Positive representatives.
      I’m in!

    2. I like reading all the info thats posted. I use Kratom. I am just learning.
      How do I join your Kratom Family.?
      For our cannabis we do have several pages on FB.
      Do they have a Kratom page on FB?
      I use both.
      My testimony is so long.
      Right now I would just like to get to know people using Kratom. Not to many in the cannabis world do both.


      1. Hello all! It’s been wonderful to read all these amazing Kratom stories. I have been using Kratom daily for about 3-4 years now. My experiences so far have been amazing pertaining to Kratom’s pain relieving properties. I injured my knee at a concert and I’m a caretaker for my brother who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Helping my brother and having a pretty intense physical work scene definitely puts a strain on my back and knee. I recently purchased an inversion table for my back. I’m not here to promote them, but they most assuredly work for stretching your muscles and taking pressure off the spine.
        Since I live in Denver CO, I use both cannabis and Kratom. There are quite a bit of people who use Kratom AND use cannabis. I take 3 natural thai pills from Urban Ice when I wake up, and 3 more when I get to work at 3 pm. I work in the food industry and Kratom doesn’t stop me from excelling at work with either focus or energy. I swear buy this stuff!

      2. I went cold turkey off my Morphine. It took 30 days of horrible withdrawal. When I told my doctor I had gone cold turkey, he came unglued. I now realize I should have slowly come off the Morphine. My caregiver at the time had taken my prescription to the pharmacy and then in the process, lost my prescription. Of course, I reported the loss. I wanted to make sure that my caregiver was not using my script. I am a happy camper now. No Narcotics. I live in Oregon where MJ is fully available. But, no more for me. I love the Kratom and now hangover from the use, I pray the drug companies do not take this drug and turn it against us.

  25. Just started Kratom yesterday. I have been on opiates for over 20 years. Drs are trying to wean me down even though I have RA and Ankylosing Spondilytis as well. I got Maeng Da yesterday. I packed the powder into capsules. I have been taking 3 tablets at a time. However I notice I have been having a pounding headache. Am I taking too much at one time? How many should I take and how many times a day? I have a high tolerance for pain meds but I know Kratom works differently. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I feel like headaches often accompany new opiods… I particularly remember having what felt like a slight headache and general “off feeling” when I started buprenorphine “therapy”… for quite a long time. I personally feel like it had to do with my eyes [changed or adjusting?] ability to respond to brightness of lights, and such. Could have just been a personal thing though.

      1. It’s not that kind of headache. It feels like my head is gonna explode. I was up all night holding my head and crying. This morning I blew my nose and it is full of blood. I’m also very nauseated. I feel horrible. Any suggestions??

        1. Hi Lisa, headaches and nosebleeds could be side effects of dehydration. Kratom is a diuretic, which will cause some hydration loss in your body. How much water do you drink per day?

          1. You get headaches when you come off opiates for 2 or 3 weeks happen to me everytime all day everday my guess thats orob what its from..wvstuakmy it goes away amd drink lots of water

        2. Have you checked your blood pressure when you feel like this? Headache accompanied by a bloody nose or ringing ears is a common symptom of high BP

      2. I found kratom headaches don’t occur on days when I abstain from any alcohol. … I’m new user tho so maybe just coincidence? The end of kratom days that I have even one beer result in terrible headaches. …..

    2. It’s not that kind of headache. It feels like my head is gonna explode. I was up all night holding my head and crying. This morning I blew my nose and it is full of blood. I’m also very nauseated. I feel horrible. Any suggestions??

      1. Stop taking it for a couple of days!! Then, if you want to try it again (which I’m not sure I would with such scary side effects), try a MUCH SMALLER DOSAGE.

        You don’t give any indication how much each capsule you’re taking has in it. Do you know? You should not take another dose of Kratom until you know the exact dosage in grams that you are taking. And I would start with a ridiculously small dosage and work up to the dosage you need for pain relief that doesn’t give you bad side effects.

        1. The headache problem sent me to Urgent Care. I received a shot of Toridol and Phenagren. Immediately felt better. I’m not really sure how much is in each capsule I take. I buy the pills already filled. I have been taking 4-6 at a time. Things are much better. I did realize that I’m always thirsty which someone said it is a diuretic so that explains why. How often should these be taken in a day? I haven’t been able to find the exact level I need. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

          1. You had a migraine.

          2. Hello friends,

            I was dumping my family’s money into oxy for decades. I found and started experimenting with kratom about two years ago. Let me tell you this first. You will become addicted to it however it’s much easier to kick than others and it has very few side effects. Constipation and dehydration really is all. Please do not buy capsels. Usually 15 grams worth of caps is around 20 – 35$ and at a decent pipe shop or head shop a oz. or 28 Grams of powder is only 10 – 20$. One heaping teaspoon of any kind will diminish the WD symptoms to almost none for me. And would use that every 3 hours for about a month. When you first wake up the day after quitting pills, and yes you will sleep, take 2 tsps and one three hours after that. It helps with the non physical symptoms. Anyway now I prefer kratom to pills. It’s different and better. I’ve heard of people getting the nods off of it but let me tell you, kratom has a self regulation system built in, if you take too much or get too strong of stuff you’ll feel like crap for an hour. Nothing like WD but still not good. I’ve had some amazing reds that with 7 grams is amazing but 7.5 is horrible 😊Either way it’s a wonder cure for me and WILL get you through. Oh one more thing, if you have a choice for detoxing these people are right, reds or even a yellow is great but if you can only find a white or meng da, get it anyway. You’ll need just a tiny bit more to go from the get stuff done mode and into the relax and chill mode. It’s fun to experiment with all the different types and brands. GET OFF THE MAD MADE DRUGS.

        2. I get headaches if the kratom is not good quality. Sometimes even a batch of my regular kratom randomly will give me a headache. It is just a bad batch. Idk what happens to it but it happens. So yeah try different kratom!

      2. Go to er!

    3. You are not taking enough. To get off opiates use red vein strains and use ground powder 2 tablespoons in whatever drink you can choke it down in

      1. Actually reading what happened more closely. Kratom should never have those effects if it is pure unadulterated product. See a Dr.

    4. Headaches are one of the side effects I eax about.

    5. Hi Lisa,
      One of the reasons you could be getting headaches is due to dehydration. Both opiates and kratom dehydrate you. How much weight are in your capsules? Also.. Only speaking from my experience with taking kratom to wean off of opiates.. I had to take around 10 grams at the least every day until withdraws got better.. Since your still taking pain meds I would take around 5 grams and see how you feel from there. Kratom has helped me kick opiate addiction and manage my severe depression and anxiety.. Also I have terrible back pain and kratom has helped tremendously!

      1. Kratom is very dehydrating. I had these symptoms until I started consuming a lot of water with kratom. I take 15 to 20 grams of Kratom a day and I drink over a hundred ounces of water a day. Otherwise the dehydration symptoms are unbearable.

      2. I have taken kratom to stave off oxycodone withdrawal but I’m unsure as to how many days to take the kratom to avoid withdrawal altogether. I’m on day 3 of kratom 3g twice a day. How many days do I take it until I can stop the kratom as well so I’m not taking anything anymore? Please please advise!!!!

    6. Kratom in lower doses can act as more of a stimulant than opioid. Usually 5 grams or more is recommended to pass the bbb and get that sweet sweet opi effect. I assume your caps are either .5g or 1g. It’s likely that you should be upping tour dose.

  26. I have broke my ribs several times and tried all types of pain pills, but anyone that has been through this knows they will not kill all pain. (beside killing your liver) I was turned on to kratom red vein and tried it, I was amazed at how well it worked for the pain, and also gave me energy. I am a aircraft mechanic and was able to work with 2 broken ribs, still some pain but was able to work!i will state that this stuff is a , god send and recommend it to anyone!i usually take apprx. 1 1/2 morning and same at noon, and good to go the rest of the day. ihave had no side effects,and am truly happy with results

  27. Level teaspoon averages around 2.5 grams

  28. Hello folks. I have tried the Kratom. I want to give it another chance but I am not sure what happened with me. I started getting these fluid filled blisters,not unlike chicken pox.On my face,arms and shoulders.Its like its seeping out through my skin.When the fluid disappears I get a scab formation and it has taken forever for them to heal. Now, am I allergic to it? Is this normal? I bought the extract and capsules. Tea made me sleep well but I need some pain relief which I did not get. I want to try it again but with the unsitely blisters I am almost afraid to. I have RA and I have had several back surgeries. Please comment .

    1. This happened to me after taking Aleve one day.. I used to take it one a week or so and then one day bam… crazy bad things like you describe all over the trunk of my body. It could’ve been many things. I don’t know if their is much scientific research done on kratom yet. But Aleve stays in your brain for about 6 months!!! That’s how long it took me to get over the sores. I just tried kratom for the first time literally 3 minutes ago so I really hope this doesn’t happened to me!!!

      1. Yes, I have to agree! I realize this is an older post, but for anyone reading this now please know that NSAID’s can and do stay in your system for a lot longer than you might think. I’ve unfortunately had reactions to Aleve, Mobic, Ibruprofen, and all generics (and the generic versions thereof). I have Chronic pain and I’m always taking some sort of pain relief. Little did I know how harmful even the OTC stuff can be! Luckily I found a great G.I. doc who said no more NSAIDs (I finally figured it out thanks to him). I won’t lie, it’s still tempting to go for an Aleve/etc. sometimes because I have so much inflammation, but I don’t take them anymore. I got into the slump of taking way too much Tylenol/acetaminophen, but that has its (major) risks as well (not to mention it just isn’the effective for my type of pain at times), so I’m always on the lookout for safer options. It’s a daily battle, but I take omega supplements and I drink turmeric tea to try keep the inflammation at bay. It helps! I hope you’re feeling better by now. Be well!

    2. Go to the doctor and get a thorough physical along with blood tests because you got to be sure that nothing bacteria OR viral OR allergic is going on.

    3. I second the “see a doctor” comment to make sure you’re not allergic… But perhaps you could try different strains and vein colors? Maybe even try buying from a different vendor all-together?

  29. Gelatin caps are available at vitamin or health stores. Solaray 00 caps when packed properly hold about a gram of powder leaf.

  30. hi all, a good way to help miminize tolerance is a magnesium supplement, it has NMDA antagonist effects, which are the primary opiod tolerance regulators. and strain rotation will help also.

    1. Woah, that’s interesting! So magnesium can help reduce tolerance to kratom?

  31. I take about 3-6 grams a dose 3 times a day sometimes 4. The withdrawals kind of suck when you are off of it but it is still not very bad. This is what they are. Mildly upset stomach, sneezing, sometimes aches, bad fatigue, and depression. They usually last anywhere from 2-10 days depending on the amount you use. While you are on it everything starts to seem interesting, you get mild euphoria, sometimes energy depending on the strain, and a few more effects depending on the person. I have never had it give me dizzy eyes and I have not run out of this stuff in almost 5 years. 5 years ago when I started I took 3-6 grams a day. Exact same amount as today because every time I take over 5g I first get tired, and then I feel sick around 6g but only slightly woozy. Kratom just does not have bad enough side effects to be considered anything more than a natural mild mood enhancing drug. Long term side effects are so mild chances are you will not even notice them. But for those of us who are stuck in crappy lives this stuff makes life a little easier and sometimes even enjoyable. Sorry if I am not making much sense… I sort of toked up before I got on here and just sort of trailed off. Also you can still feel kratom when you’re baked so that’s a plus.

  32. I discovered kratom about a year ago when I was on the brink of destruction with alcohol. It has changed everything about my life, from giving me motivation and energy, to helping me sleep all the way through the night. I was taking club 13 extra strength capsules (which give me a very strong euphoric/energizing effects) I’ve recently started brewing tea as my ingestion method (much cheaper) but I can’t seem to get the same energizing/euphoric effects from the tea no matter how strong I make it or what strain I use. I’ve tried using enhanced leaf powder to make tea, even made my own kratom resin not the same effect as the club 13 capsules. Any thoughts?

    P.s. With the help of kratom And other herbal (natural) medications I have been sober for over 200 days. It is truly beautiful that nature provides us with these tools!

    1. Good for you! Don’t stop fighting

    2. alot of the alkaloids in kratom are non liquid soluble so the effects from tea are diminished

      1. Where did u get club 13 extra strength capsules from? I’d like to try some.

        1. What is club 13?

          1. Club 13 – a company that has been known to use RCs in their pills – I’d take a bet it wasnt the kratom that made you feel like that.

            I used to love a club 13 pill back in 09-10, was like cutting an X in half. After the RC bans started they disappeared from the shelves – like EVERYTHING club 13. I’ve slowly seen some of their products re-surfacing, but even my old favorite didnt provide the effects it had – proof to me this company was into using RCs.

            Stay away from club 13. Stay far away.

      2. Vinegar is used as the menstruum for extracting alkaloids.

    3. AWESOME!!!
      So happy for you that you have found a way to an alcohol free life. God knows how hard it is to put the bottle down and to keep it down. I don’t know you but please know as life goes on and it gets easier and easier to continue on that path, remember there will absolutely be those days (bad day at work, family drama, etc.) when your want for that drink will be great and your willpower will be truly tested, know that their is a stranger in the world keeping you in her thoughts and prayers. Never stop the fight and if you do slip (hopefully your past the worst) tomorrow is a new day and its always the first day of the rest of your life.

      1. Lisa, that is a very beautiful, inspiring, and soulful reply. I, too, I have put down the bottle for close to a year. Thank God.

        Luke, you will remain in my thoughts also.

        1. I just started reading these posts, and I must say, you guys are very consoling to each other. I admire that empathy and I also wish everyone who is suffering from alcohol or opiate abuse the best of everything. I certainly have my addictive problems, presently taking Suboxone. I just found out about Kratom and bought a bag of capsules opms 30mg total I think I wasted the first capsules I took bc of Suboxone, so I will try no Suboxone and slowly take Kratom. This site is very informative so thank you

  33. kratom is a miracle…between work and two small children to care for, my wife and i have no health insurance either..(,we who have been suboxone patients for years, admittedly the therapy has saved our lives in itself regarding the suboxone, we go about it honestly and are extremely serious about our recovery). however neither of us want to be on suboxone for the rest of our lives, this is merely a personal choice mind you, some folks may need to remain on subs for a loooong time, everyone is different, unfortunately our choice is financially motivated more than anything, and the kratom has worked wonders, absolute blazing wonders in helping us to titrate, lower, and even skip our doses of suboxone on occasion, and its been a beautiful thing. but like anything else in nature, this gift must be respected, and it will take you a long way in its benefits. 2-3 grams of a red vein strain in the morning allows me relief from my suboxone for up to a whole work day, (sometimes an extra gram or two during the day depending on my metabolism at any given time, for it is quite high) and roughly 4 grams in the evening….someday ill part ways with suboxone and live a truly free life thanks to this miraculous piece of nature, until then i will take it slow, slow as i can go infact and i recommend the same approach to anyone…no sense in taking things to fast and wreaking unnecessary havoc or stress upon the body.

    1. I was on subs and methadone twice in my 35 years. I found suboxone is much easier to get off of because you can control your dose not the clinic. The first time on subs I was at 4, 8mg a day. Way too much. Tapered way to slow 2 years finally just stopped when I was down to just a chip. Felt like shit for 2 weeks still. 5 years later relapsed then went to a done clinic was at 100 mg of that for 2.5 years. Liquid handcuffs is the truth. Then went to subutex then suboxone. Just take as little as possible. Finally off again. Anyway it is possible even though it seems not. Kratom should help but be careful because it might bring your cravings for the strong stuff.

      1. Actually, because Kratom acts primarily at the Delta receptor, its not nearly as addictive as pharma type opiates. At higher doses there is more action at the Mu receptor. Both receptors provide for pain relief, but the Mu receptor agonism is what perpetuates addiction via cravings. I never feel a strong craving for Opiates or more Kratom while taking it. Its much more matter-of-fact… i.e. ‘My pain is returning, I may need to take a bit more Kratom soon.’… Rather than, ‘holy shit!…my opiate pain med is wearing off and I can’t wait for my next dose/fix!’ A very, very different feel. This is why I feel Kratom for pain, as well as depression, is so much safer than the heavy duty Pharmaceutical pain medications. But make no mistake, there is a physical dependency issue with chronic use. Keep doses moderate, take days off ( if you can when your pain isn’t as bad), and rotate strains to keep tolerance at bay.

        Having said that, withdrawal is nothing like opiates. Its much more mild, but a taper is recommended. Expect a sweaty feeling, muscle aches ( especially in forearms and legs) , some agitation, and even occasional muscle spasms. Some people also report dyshoria and RLS. If you experience any of the more serious symptoms, you are weaning too fast. Just take a little bit of Kratom, a gram or 2, to irradicate the worst symptoms and then continue on with your taper. Bets wishes to all, and remember…with Kratom, less is more. I recommend everyone chart their use on a tablet and use a scale ( around $15) to measure dosages accurately.

        1. I know this is an old post, but I just read it and you made me crack up laughing! Been depressed, so thanks for the laughs!!

    2. I have been addicted to kratom for several years. Don’t kid yourselves into thinking this is a miracle of any kind… addiction is addiction. My life was much better off before ever using kratom. Wake up.

      1. I’m addicted to cheeseburgers and ibuprofen….come on man. You can be addicted to anything. If people say it’s a miracle for them and can take little amounts and not feel like shit then let them call it a miracle. Just because you abused it doesn’t mean they have. People like you are making this product illegal in some states.

        1. I agree with Brandon, I felt my life was never going to be normal again after using prescription opiates for many years (all legal from back surgeries) and I wanted my old self back that I had before becoming “Opiate Zombie”. Kratom got me off opiates completely and I look forward to going into work again I’m more productive, focused and find myself actually talking to my employees when I’m at work and getting back those relationships we had before I fell into the opiate hole. I take my burn first thing in the morning and I’m good until after lunch when I’ll do a smaller burn with some OJ to finish out the workday and then when I get home I still have enough euphoria to take care of whatever it is I need to do at home, mowing or playing with my dog (he likes the old me also). Bottom line is “Kratom” has given me my life back, personally and professionally so it is a miracle because I thought I’d never be normal again but life is great!

          1. Wait until Kratom stops working and your dosage starts to skyrocket. Before long you’ll realize that the “miracle plant” feels dirty, just like any other opiate after awhile. Eventually you’ll cross a threshold at which the side effects will manifest, and they’re not pleasant. Bad memory problems and “dizzy eyes” are the two most common. In order to get any relief you’ll have to increase your dose to a point at which the dizzy eyes are an almost constant battle. Walking around not being able to focus your eyes all day, feeling dizzy, and forgetting things people told you 20 seconds ago are not fun. Yes, this is a plant, but the effects of taking it over a long period of time have not been studied and are not understood. It feels good and clean at first, but when the dose is raised and the side effects are felt you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

          2. Milionius, because you have an addictive personality does not mean every one does. I take 2 capsules a day and that is all. It has been that way for 3 years. My pain is helped. It may not feel like it did in the beginning, but it still relieves my arthritis pain.
            I do not take any more than that and I have never once experienced any of the issues with eyes and memory that you report.

          3. OK Tom finally someone who experienced what I am. So I’m in a huge opiate hole. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I got some maeng da and red Bali but don’t know when to start it. Or how much. I’m after the get things done and outgoing effect. I’m not into feeling down or tired unless it’s bed time. So I’m on 20 mg oxycodone 3 x a day. And always take 600 mg of ibuprofen with it or 1000 mg of Tylenol. I change them up. My OXY won’t help pain anymore because I’m going on 12 years of use due to back surgery from car accident. So I just want my life back. Can I start this 3 hours after taking 10 mg of oxycodone? I have been breaking my OXY in half weaning slowly. How much should I try being a 5ft 9in 37 yr old 170lb female?

      2. I am extremely happy to hear your life is better without Kratom. If Kratom use was causing negative problems in your life then discontinuing was definitely the proper call for you. As long as a substance has the possibility of altering your mood in the slightest people will abuse and become “addicted”. People sniff/huff glue, gasoline and computer cleaner, people drink purell and other hand sanitizers, people are addicted to sex, porn texting and video games.

        Kratom is a miracle plant for some. It was for me. I was a long term Norco/Vicodin addict who used Kratom alone to taper down from 15 Norcos a day to none in 4 days. I had virtually no withdrawal effects.

        I had tried subutex, suboxone, been given benzos (far worse than opiates), tranquilizers and went to rehab. None of those things worked. Kratom worked. As a committed opiate addict; if Kratom is an “opiate” I certainly never got addicted to it. I used it for 14 days. The exact same dosage, of the exact same strain for 14 straight days and stopped. I did not have a single desire to continue to use Kratom afterwards.

        Kratom, just like everything, is not for everyone and there will certainly be those who will abuse it like everything else in life. However, I can only speak for myself. If used properly and with respect this plant has the possibility of freeing the every grower number of opiate addicts out there.

        1. i have been struggling with opiates pretty much all my life. in the end i was shooting heroin. i’m on suboxone now and want more than anything to give that up. i just took my first dose of kratom and hope and pray this works. how much kratom did you take to get off opiates in 14 days? can you tell me your exact schedule for taking kratom?

          1. leelee, I know exactly how you feel. I have been using opiates and 140mg. of methadone a day since 1990 (getting old). I started lowering my dose by 5mgs. a week until I got down to about 50mg. then I went 3-5mgs. about every two weeks down to 20mgs. then I just let my body tell me when to go down. It has taken about a year, but am here to tell you that Kratom works! I am DRUG FREE as of 12/31/2017. The worst is in the morning when I get up. I just used about 4-7 grams 3-4 times a day of some great Red Borneo, or Red Bali, mixed with some White Maeng Da (for energy, since you won’t have ANY!)and FLUSHED the rest of my Dones down the toilet, so the Kratom helped me to kick while at 15mgs. of Done a day, not only that but I stopped taking my Clozapam 2mg. every night at the same time!You will just have to let your body feel it out for you. I hope this helps anyone else out there, I’m a hard core addict! have been since the 80’s, this is the first time I have went more than 12-18 hours without Opiates, and I feel GREAT! 11 DAYS AND COUNTING!

          2. Katdan and leelee or anyone else
            Rather than providing TMI I have aquired a few bad habits. @ 62 addicted again to oxy (8 30mg/day) from same pain mgnt doc for year. currently many sinus issues, bronchitis and latent tooth infection taking toll on my health. been down methadone road all the way to couple china white episodes thailand/laos to alot of hilltribe treks to get opium. a dangerous game… Ran out of oxy last night, took 20 mg methadone to deal with beginning withdrawl today then found some green mayley and red bali stashed here so took 10 oz mayay. its 8 month old but been in sealed packs, hope still works… any support offer will be greatly appreciated. will provide email and # then. thanks

    3. How do you know what strain you have? And how many 500 mg caps does one take? I’m getting off of Norco but scared of unknown side effects. I found a kratom brand called Klarity. Anyone?

      1. I use Norco for a couple weeks, then go off it using Kratom. I have no side effects from going iff the Norco when I take the Kratom. I go back and fourth to avoid dependency. I am having surgery soon and after hope to not need need either. But in the last year it has been a lifesaver to me. I take 3 capsules of green bornea and 3 wildcraft in the a.m. A total if abour3.5 grams. Occasionally the first few days I made need an dose after lunch.
        Good luck

      2. You should use a red vein strain from Bali, Borneo or Thailand. Use in powdered form and mix in with a drink of your choice. There are many websites on dosing and there effects. You have to remember for coming off opiates you may need more rather than less 6-7 grams doses for sedative effects. At lower dosages 1-2 grams Kratom can act as a stimulant and that can potentially increase the anxiety detoxing from Vicodin already causes. Everyone is different.

    4. My sister takes Suboxone. I’m trying to convince her to try kratom! So you take red vein in the morning? I’ve heard reds are more sedating and slower, and better to take at night. If you say you take them before work though, I’d be interested! Because I need energy for work. I’m taking green Maeng Da… just ordered green malay however and thinking of trying white Maeng Da.

  34. I have suffered from pain related to MS and Fibromyalgia for roughly 8 years. I discovered Kratom this past January and am absolutely amazed at how well it works. My go to strain for pain is Red Bentuangie. I take it three times per day mixed with other strains. In the morning, I mix with white Sumatra or white Maeng Da to give me a boost of energy and pain relief. In the afternoon, I mix it with Green Bali or Green Malay for a mild boost and pain relief. And at night I mix it with red Sumatra or red Bali to help me sleep. I usually take 2-4 grams per dose and each dose lasts me around 5 hours. I make capsules as my swallowing ability has been somewhat compromised because of the MS so I can’t handle the texture or taste. Capsules are easiest for me but others have found success with tea or mixing Kratom with yogurt or applesauce. It has truly been a miracle for me.

    1. How do you take it? Is it like 1 table spoon in your tea?

  35. I need to know something about kratom dosage amounts in extract form. I am supposed to see a pain management specialist next month. I have seen such doctors before with little success . I heard red kratom helps pain. I tried marijuana once and it gave me a deathly ill elevated heart rate. I almost died. No shit. I am 5’10 and 155 pounds. It seems the only pain medication I can take are opiate related. They cause the least amount of bad reactions. Someone please provide me with a correct dosage amount for red kratom. Thanks.

    1. I would recommend getting on methadone, which I am on, because of the minute side effects and easily controlled titration method. Now for me it’s a mix of multiple approaches on my road to titration. I use an antidepressant, anti-anxiety medication(diazepam 5mg 2x per day), etizolam 2-4mg per day.

      1. Are you out of your mind!? NEVER recommend methadone to someone

        1. Thank you. I would never tell anyone to walk into the hell I’m finally getting out of…I am off methadone almost 3 weeks… I still have not slept more than 2-3 hours even with kratom. But I also don’t know proper amounts beginning i probably took an amount that was stimulating me during sleep hours adding to the insomnia. Kratom didn’t really start changing effects until about a week after last dose of 5mg methadone. It 100% helped with the horrible shitty side effects but I’m also bought club 13 bottle from health store. Says it’s a mix of mirygna speciosa and leaf extracts. I took 6 capsules and a tablespoon of black seed oil which really changed the kratom game for me personally. I was taking black seed oil separately from kratom after finding its insane health benefits and when dosing both close together on accident I was really buzzing…enough to look up interactions of the 2 to find i found gold! I don’t know much about club 13 product other than its expensive!!!! So I need to find a reputable website.

          1. ffonzones, I also just got off the methadone, I slept ok if I used 7-9 grams about an hour before bed, also try using a night time sleep aid from the drugstore. I’m getting about 5-6 hours of good sleep before things wear off and up and out of bed I come! Keep on keepin’ on! NO ONE should ever have to go through the methadone HELL, Gimme a heroin kick any day! lol. Kratom works, just have to make sure you use enough. Us addicts usually over do everything, why not kratom??? I found a table with high, low tolerance and what you should probably use. It said 7-9 grams for High so F*** it, that’s where I started and it worked. Peace, and good luck, with your life’s freedom again!

      2. Lol, wanna go ahead and take the safety off and cock the hand back before ya hand over that .22 pistol to any truely desperate opiate addict in truely horrific DT’s, there, buddy? Bc all that complete idiocity of your comment is pointing straight to that poor boy or girl who gets trapped in an endless cycle of greed, lust, possessed insanity to grapple in the stage 4 terminal cancer of the mind that is Active Addiction? Methadone only gives addicts a false sense of hope then promptly locks them into an even more fatal drug addiction which from there leads to subs and if you’re lucky enough to kick that one before it kills you, inadvertently or otherwise, you stay off subs long enough where you can shoot up whatever drug is pictured in any addicts mind, recovered recovering or active as their go to sweet spot of euphorian bliss. Someone throat punch him before or if nothing hasn’t happened yet the methadone hasn’t led to meth, crack, heroin, etc.

    2. I’d say 5-8 grams if you have a slight tolerance go with 3-4 if you new to kratom. It’s best to get a mix of red and green vein in my opinion.

    3. Just a comment on the marijuana remark, you may think you “almost died” or whatever, but the FACT is that marijuana in any dose has NEVER in the history of marijuana, killed ANYONE! Marijuana is the safest out of any of the substances being discussed, obviously inhaling any form of smoke, even if it’s just burnt paper, is bad for you, but it’s the smoke not the marijuana, you can eat it too. I just had to clarify that, I hate seeing people that just tried it and had a bad experience say that it almost KILLED them and shit like that, it just wasn’t meant for you, that’s OK, don’t smoke it again, but save the dramatics for real drugs like crack and shit

      1. Ask yourself where it came from and if it was around or mixed with other substances. Happens every day.

      2. Marijuana did not “almost kill” me BUT it did lower my IQ by about 50 points and remove any and all motivation until I was severely depressed (diagnosed by a psychiatrist). It did absolutely nothing for pain…NOTHING! Switch to another strain led to severe allergic reaction even though I was only sucking the oil off the end of a toothpick 3 times per day. I got more stoned from the massive doses of Benadryl I had to take than I ever did from Cannabis.
        Even though I am pro-legalization of Cannabis it is NOT for everyone and for me it was NOT the panacea advocates suggested it would be. As I traveled down the road of chronic pain options were running out and I was very, very disappointed with my cannabis experience.
        Kratom does everything for me that I expected from Marijuana without any adverse psychotropic effects at all AND it does not need to be smoked so your lungs are safe.

    4. Don’t get on methadone friend, I’ve been chained to it for over 4 years now & am fighting like hell to get off. I’ve been super braving it cuz I want off so bad so I’ve gone down 1mg a day from 98mg to today will be 58mg non-stop, I got kratom cuz I want to just stop the methadone cold turkey all at once from 50mg w/help from kratom but I’m not sure I can. I’m 5’2 115lb female my highest dose of methadone was 120mg. The process of getting off methadone is long, drawn out, painful, & really ugly & this is coming from someone who has been lucky with my taper. Methadone got me off heroin, but chained me to itself for years, my mom killed herself at 50 years old with her addiction to methadone + other opioid pain meds, I even was forced to stay on the methadone when I got pregnant, by the clinic & doctors & my daughter Eternity was born on methadone too, healthy & full term by the grace of God, but my newborn daughter had to be tapered off f’in methadone a few weeks after birth. They kept her on it at a small dose for a while before tapering her. Seeing this was a soul-shattering experience. I doubt the kratom will help me much, I could be very wrong, however, from me 2 u, DON’T GET ON METHADONE. No offense 2 anyone out there on methadone, believe me, I’ve been there for years & I understand, I just wanted 2 share my personal experience is all, I would be a hypocrite 2 judge. I know the people @ my clinic here in San Diego have been there many years some lifers u could say & have no intention of ever getting off, they all think I’m crazy 4 pushing myself so hard so fast 2 do it. They are right, it is awful, but I’m determined 🙂 God Bless, hope u worked it out. Anyways, I’m taking red vein kratom about 5 grams at a time due to my already high tolerance from methadone, it’s not doing the trick but I’m not giving up on it yet I’ll try a lil more then decide if it’s worth it. I get fom mmmspeciousa, the red vein is the way to go.

      1. I had been in methadone for 6 years for back pain from a car accident. I decided about 2 months ago that I was done taking it, so I tapered on my own from 50mg at 5mg a week or so. I took the last 5mgs i had last thursday. I was hurting but okay on Friday, but Saturday I started having withdrawls. Sunday I went down to a cigar shop and bought some Kratom just to see if it would help. I will tell you one thing, it does work. I have had no real feelings of withdrawls at all, since starting Kratom. I can take 4-5g in the afternoon, and not need to redose until the next afternoon. When I did go through withdrawls, the best way to describe them is like my muscles would just shake. Imagine having Restless Leg Syndrome but over your whole body. The Kratom helps so much more than I ever would of thought. Since getting hurt 6 years ago, I would get no more than 1 to 2 hours of sleep a night, even taking the methadone. Since I started Kratom I have slept a full 8 hours, so now I am well rested but more tired during the day, because my I am not used to actually sleeping. My plan was to only use it long enough to keep the withdrawls at bay. But I may use it sporadically after then.

        1. I need help getting off suboxone im down to .8mg 1 time a day. I try taking Kratom the next day to curve my withdrawls when they start to kick in and it does nothing. Does anyone know how long until I will be able to feel Kratom ??

      2. Please, Please, Please Don’t Get on Methadone, It almost killed me, I was on 200mg’s a day and jumped off because I lost my job and couldnt afford it. It almost killed me. My bones felt like glass and I had a fever of 104. I almost died, I had a sezuire and had to be taken to the ER

      3. ….. hi there I also was on methadone Billy two days before they had overdosed me on and I am outside kids.. When I said was hi there I also was on methadone Billy today’s before they had overdosed me on that shit and I am at I in my size kids without a mother.. When I got see mergency room the first thing the doctor said was my name and asked why was I trying to hurt myself and I remember thinking thank God my way from with all to the side say if she wasn’t trying to hurt a cell she was trying to help his help if then does a get enough opiates that what the sky for her but I hope is in and then she got a dictator one and now you’re blaming have for this I use f****** crazy but luckily he was a little more children that happen then how I’m explaining it but still the guy was really am asshole at the emergency room and then I had another doctor within 20 power with on the ICU came out instead to me what the hell did you do DSL and I yell to a nervous which I’m not long we like that to tell that and dark that to get the hell out of my room after its I asked to do it. If he had jerk to begin with and cheese with Brittany yes he is a jerk so good to show you these people that I still call perfection late range in even be in the world up having a license to practice rehabilitation for people now in my suboxin and I want the hell off alone sex costing me and I’m in away Beechmont and I’m on quote my don’t see any of the high this getting me so that they talk about and I’m having awful dad Pete paying I only some cough the say but only have a few left that need to come out very badly and I was hoping to do that soon but I don’t want to be in pain cuz I would be nervous when I had a c-section it and I was on Sunday a a text.. And I didn’t get no we leave from Lafayette 2 hours before it it would even some up kicked in nobody won me about that kind of pain I didn’t even think I can look do that and that was 5 and a half to use ago with my 6 baby any Hill I’m also going to a change of wanting peoples understand that they had now taking away children from Dr addiction dependency behavior parents and I hate that’s unfair and I’m trying to get the word out there that this is what it’s going on with me right now… And also a article on about Senator Nancy Schaefer … my intentions is not to scare people but to make people more aware of what’s happening out there.. And what they are doing to keep children from being with their real families in the ones that still want to care for Them..thatIstilllove them if you read it out of coal about sent it to Nancy Schaefer that to ask you about what they are doing to keep children from being with it parents who really still love them and care for them in a family that still want some and I have quite a bit of time quotes on people that I had some cases I don’t take other people’s stories unless they really have an impact of getting will betta.. I try to stay away from those ones without a positive outcome because to me the whole Rehabilitation is to help positive .. so don’t get offended if you don’t sad stories I had to me… I just want the Story 2 be well on the positive side of Rehabilitatio.. please look me up on Facebook at Julie Anderson and you’ll find me on the and I have quite a bit of stories I’m a lot about Rehabilitation on medication.. Help Quotes DHS Child Protective Services .. positive stories on people that I had uphill battle with problems but found a way to help themselves and their families..I don’t quite take other people stories unless they really haven’t impact of getting better I try to stay away from real – negative ones.. I want ones to fill out a positive outcome because to me a spin on the whole rehabilitation is to help positive lesson this so don’t get offended if you don’t see all sad stories with no happy and then I had too many of those already… I’m trying to concentrate on the good I’m getting older myself .. I need to come out with us positive spin even if its not a hundred percent… Thank you JGA

  36. Just had my first Kratom experience. I took about 2.5 teaspoons of Mojo Bali. Idk how it compares to others, but I’m waiting another shoulder surgery and referred to pain management, so I’m stuck in between, and ran out of my prescription Norco last night. I was starting to feel like total hell, and in a short time, I feel great. The withdrawals are gone, my pain is under control, and I feel great mood wise. Any suggestions on dosing are more than welcome. I don’t have a scale. I have some Maeng Da to take during the day for work. Could use the advice.

    1. Maeng Da is my personal favorite. I stopped opiates almost 2 years ago & haven’t looked back. I generally take 1/2 tbsp every 4-6 hours to manage pain and balance every day stress. Somewhat euphoric, MD gives you lots of energy and great pain relief. Note: white & green strains are more stimulating/energetic vs red/brown can be more relaxing. The more you take, the more sedative it can be. Good luck! 🙂

    2. I just bought manga da capsules to help me get off of suboxone . Do you know how many I need to take to feel normal? Not high or anything , just to be able to do stuff around the house , not hate life , and feel like shit lol..???

  37. hey just because I never see this said anywhere and I’ve found it super easy and swift, I mix a dose, usually 4-6g of powdered kratom in grapefruit juice and shake it and down it. no problem. it’s not nearly as offensive tasting as tea or any other way I’ve tried. and grapefruit juice can prolong its effects.

  38. I have been using Kratom for about three years off and on for pain relief from tooth issues like abscesses. Having no insurance and stuck with dental issues. Also using it for relief from rheumatoid arthritis joint and muscle relief again having no prescriptions whatsoever to help, I thank God I researched and discovered Kratom.

    I started out using Bali, then used the Maeng da capsules awhile. I’m just starting to try the red vein borneo powder today and whoa! I can immediately tell the difference in this strain. For me it’s more sedative quicker and better at pain management which I like I don’t need much. I put a fourth of a tsp in about a cup of applesauce with cinnamon and sugar to taste. It worked fabulously in masking the bitter and gritty taste. I saw the recommendation on another forum and I am definitely gonna stick with it. The knocking it back with juice thing, ughhh it just wasn’t for me. There are a lot of methods out there from brewing tea to doing it in juice but this to me is a great one. Fast and easy. I have a bit of nausea rare times when I do it on empty stomach as recommend but otherwise I love this wonderful herb! Its truly been a godsend! 💜💜💜

    1. Applesauce sounds like a perfect way to get the powder down! I just tried orange juice and it was awful.

    2. Buy some gelatin capsules from wall mart or vitamin store. 00 solaray caps hold almost a gram packed properly.

    3. Why don’t you have insurance? The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). was passed to help people like you. Because I have an income, my cost for insurance went up, and I would like to know it is helping others.

  39. I don’t currently own a scale, but will get one soon. Anybody know the converted weight TO grams of 1 tablespoon of Red Vein Sumatran? As well as 1 teaspoon of Sumatran into grams? Thanks! Keep Kratom legal!!!

  40. I am looking for another strain to add. I presently take red Bali and SUPER GREEN MALAYSIAN with good effects. I have also tried Maeng Da and a few White stains with no effects. Any suggestions on a strain that will give me lots energy with clarity and focus?

    1. Jennifer, I find that the White Borneo gives me quite a bit of noticeable energy. I have fibro with chronic fatigue syndrome and after I take about 1.5 to 2 TEASPOONS within about 20 minutes I’m able to do much more than previously and feel like doing it. I’ve had amazing results with Borneo white…I’m currently mixed Green Maeng da with White Borneo and I can see an increase in energy with more clarity…honestly…great stuff. HOpe this helped. tanya

    2. Try the meng de white strains. there should be the most energetic. It is real important that you are getting it from a good source. My first thought when you said the white strains had no effect was that you didn’t get a good batch, but everyone’s body chemistry is different. If you are getting them from a head shop they probably are not very good, and can be cut with undesirables. Give the Meng De White vine another shot and remember for energy less is more.

  41. I highly recommend buying a capsule filling device (Ebay is your best bet, Amazon does not carry them) and a small inexpensive digital scale (Amazon IS your friend, in this case) if you decide that kratom is for you. The taste of kratom is utterly, absolutely DISGUSTING. For my first attempt at consuming powdered kratom leaf, I followed some (terrible) advice on an online forum and mixed it into a cup of peach flavored yogurt. That was, without a doubt, the most disgusting thing I’ve ever forced myself to eat. Any trace of flavoring in the yogurt is obliterated and you’re left with a gritty, intensely bitter green sludge to force down your throat. I still can’t believe that I didn’t vomit, and I have a pretty strong stomach.

    After that, I used the simple toss-and-wash method for a while, using orange juice for the “wash” stage as it seems to be fairly effective at cleansing most (most, not all) of the bitterness out of your mouth. That was better than the yogurt, but still an unpleasant enough experience that I dreaded taking kratom. I finally caved in and bought the capsule machine (“00” size) on Ebay. I think it cost about $25 or so, I can’t remember exactly. It’s a fiddly thing and it takes a lot longer to fill a single batch of 24 caps than the 2 minutes claimed by the manufacturer, but it’s worth it to avoid that repugnant kratom taste. I use the digital scale ($10) to weigh the kratom caps after filling. I usually end up with around .6 to .8 grams per “00” sized capsule, if I really pack the kratom in there.

    You can buy kratom already in capsules, but your selection is severely limited and you’ll be paying far more per gram than you need to.

  42. Thank goodness for this conversion chart! I too am new to Kratom and it is truly a miracle in helping with opiate withdrawl. This was easy for me to use because I don’t have a scale so I have been taking a tablespoon in the morning. I tried the toss and wash method which was just not happening! Now I mix it with orange juice…of course you can still taste it but at least I can get it down!!

  43. This is great info because some people give their dosages in teaspoons and it’s good guidance.

    That said, I second Jared and highly recommend that you invest in a good tenth-gram scale (they’re available for under $20) and measure, since it depends on strain, how ground it is, etc.

  44. To the newbies here a few tips.
    First of all, I encourage you to take Kratom to get off opiates. I myself was on the vicious cycle of prescription painkillers (all legal, I am a cancer patient).
    I had enough of the constant struggle and labeling.
    Here is my dosage suggestion that has worked miracles for me. No withdrawal symptoms at all from day one:
    Mix two teaspoons of regular (not enhanced) Kratom in some water, just enough to be able to drink it all in one go. Add some frozen limeade or lemonade. Let sit for five minutes, then stir to get rid of the dry parts. Then drink it all in one go and wash with fruit, like a piece of watermelon, which works for me.
    That is usually a safe dosage. And it really does work.

    1. Bless you for leaving this message Dora. I am almost feeling absolved of the label society forces in me because I take pain pills. They act as though actually bring in pain is just an excuse for being a junky and they areally wrong but they are not budging. It was amazing to see someone who gets it

      1. I just recieve my kratom today. I too am a chronic pain patient that is fed up past my eyeballs with the stress and labeling of pain mgt. I’m praying this works for me. For I have chronic RA and Fibromyalgia. I REFUSE to go back to a pain clinic. So tired of them treating me as if I got up one morning and decided I was going to be sick.

    2. Also using Kratom for chronic pain. I mix it with a small amount of water until it is all wet and just down it quickly. I have heard others use applesauce or mashed banana to get it down.
      I have been able to reduce oxycodone dose by 75% with no withdrawal ( it wasn’t working anymore anyway)

      Started with 2 gms and now take at least 1/2 tablespoon 2-3 times per day and over a tablespoon at night which really helps with sleep (red vein variety). This plant is doing for me what I though marijuana would do. It just evens things our from a pain perspective but does NOT affect my intelligence or motivation in any way. (Prior to becoming extremely allergic to cannabis it made me very depressed and very stupid).

      Now I have hope that I will see the end of regular opiate use. Using Kratom allows ME to be in control. I do NOT have to be under the control of someone else as a gateway to my medicine. When and if I decide to come off it I can manage it myself…no more pain clinic… more doctors …no more contracts/agreements….no more urine tests etc.

      It is really important to have a good supplier and I have found a good one that ships good product quickly AND this stuff is legal in my country.

      I could NOT find any natural health practitioner that knew anything about this plant. It is NOT in herbal formularies for Chinese medicine or British Botanical medicine because it is Indonesia so you have to do your own research and become your own expert.
      Forums like this are necessary and have taught me a lot. We have to keep helping each other!

      1. Same same. I totally agree with your post. I’m trying to get off fentanyl patches 3-100s which I have been on for 16 years buto I need help using the Kramtom. I need a legit seller who I can order from because I can try getting off patch but by day two the withdrawal is so intense I go put a patch on. It’s controlling my life because can’t ever take vacation go swimming do anything that I used to love to do. Now Dr wants to retire gut wants me to get a surgery I don’t want butter if I don’t do it he said he was gonna stop my meds. Had so many surgeries that have failed I just don’t want to go through another. My email address is [email protected] please help. I have a family who doesn’t really give a shit how I feel all my husband used to say was go take a pill my kids don’t understand what and how I feel so they constantly except me to be wonderwoman. Then my husband got diabetes with neuropathy and had to go to pain management then he finally started to notice me again butter not for me butter my meds since he was taking his so fast. I just want a life my life back. This way I can have a fresh start on everything. I already told my husband it’s over for us as soon as we can both get over the withdrawals. His Dr stopped his medicine cold turkey for failing a piss test. So he wants my meds which I hide everywhere in my house because Im trying to get off my meds myself so I need mine in case something goes wrong. Anyways I would appreciate help with the Kramom as in how much to take how many times a day and tge best place to purhase. Hopefully I can receive your help it’ll be much appreciated. Thank you graciously jacqueline

  45. Just received my capsules of Kratom 500mg capsules to get off of opiates. Need to know how much to take

    1. Let me know

  46. I bought 2 WVI and received samples of GM & RVT. 10 g and 25 g. Well, it was all I could do not to vomit. I have read all comments and maybe I mix it up wrong? No directions and was wondering how? I am newby, go figure. Bought it from Mmm…S. Trying to get off opiates, to be truthful. Heard alot about Kratom. So, I thought I would try it. Had surgery about 2 months ago and the laws have changed here, after the Surgeon gets his cut, then that’s that. I do not want to go to a psychiatrist, to get Suboxone. That’s the only way you can get it here. Then, that’s just another drug to withdrawal from. Tired of it. Any help would be great? What about kratom mang dae? Thanks!

    1. If you do not have problems digesting stuff (I do, so can’t do this), you can buy a capsule machine (I did) & make them & no taste. You have to take about 18 capsules to equal approximately 1 tablespoon of Kratom. I do not recommend extracts, but pure, ground Kratom leaf. The Red Vein kind is what is recommended for pain control, but it works like the green, white, & yellow leaf, just works better for pain control. The Horned Maend Da is also a Red Vein. Just because some are listed as ‘Super’, or ‘Premium’ does not necessarily mean it is a superior product. I have been experimenting with it for pain control & mood enhancement, which I was taking Xanax & Norco for years & my doctor got the great idea to take me off cold turkey. Nice, huh? This stuff saved my sanity I’m sure. I mix about a tablespoon in a few ounces of warm water, either let it set for about 5 minutes & it will seep in, or mix vigorously & it will mix in… Slam it down (kinda gritty & tastes like crap, but gets it over fast), rinse with a bit more warm water so as not to waste any, drink it down. I think coffee pairs well & gets the taste ruout of your mouth, but sometimes I rinse & spit too. Some Strains are more gritty than others & trial & error are the only way to know & some are stonger (or not) tasting, though I’ve never found any that tastes good. It’s worth it. If your digestive system works correctly, you should notice a difference in 20 minutes max, & if it doesn’t, within an hour for sure (not capsules, they take some people longer to digest). You cannot OD on this stuff. Uf you take too much, you will likely vomit or get a headache. If that happens, trt taking a little less next time. I went from taking more-than-prescribed pain meds to taking this stuff 2 times a day with absolutely no craving for prescription pills. Plus the pain pills never took my pain away 100%, but Kratom does, at least the Red Vein ones do, the others a bit, but tge Reds, definitely. Good luck to you. I hope I covered it all. Oh, I buy mine from a trusted vendor, their products are pure, with no additives. They do have a rewards program, so if you try them, I believe both you & I get 500 ‘points’ worth 5 bucks towards purchasing. The way for me to get referral points is:

      1. Vicki thank you for your post…I seem to get so sleepy with the reds and I, like yourself use Kratom for pain management. I’ve found that if I mix white borneo and red maeng da together they do a pretty good job with pain, but has NEVEr took all my pain away…but I’m able to function thank God. I’m going to try Kratomunderground…sounds like I may switch since your pain is gone completely. I use minimum order is one kilo but all for 100.00 and you can mix/match. There Boreno and maeng da is fabulous…anway thanks Tanya

        1. I tried kratom for the first time today. I think we all can agree that there is nothing out there that’s perfect, but I was surprised at how well it worked. It did not take all the pain away but it made things comfortable. I’m excited to try mixing different types. Let’s keep kratom legal!!!

    2. I’m finally able to take kratom for opioid withdrawals and pain management after a load of mistakes and confusion. 1. Scoop the powder in a measuring spoon. Use 1 tsp-2 tsps. If you get a headache, you took too much. 2. Flip the spoon over on your tongue and bang it lightly in your bottom teeth. 3. Chase it down with something you like and can gulp. I use bottled tea. 4. Capsules take longer and are weaker. Good for travel. God bless! It’s fabulous medicine.

      1. Thanks for that advice. I’m new to kratom and am trying it because I’m sick of being in pain and also fighting doctors who can’t fix my back pain (many issues, including compression fractures, bulging disc, arthritis and neck surgery 8 years ago). I’ve had two non-effective steroid injections and now the doc says I can’t take as much vicodin and the injections didn’t work! So….my goal is to try kratom and go slowly at first, just to see if it helps with my pain. Question: Do ya’ll recommend telling the doctor you’re taking this, or will that just make him/her freak out and take away the small amount of vicodin I already am on? Thank you! (My first thought is to stay silent, but I’m wondering how others have handled this.)

        1. I was wondering if I should mention it to my pain doc, too. It’s not illegal, it’s not an opiate, it’s basically just a supplement so I don’t think we have to say anything if we don’t want to.

          I’ve only had one dose so far and it was too weak but seemed to help with my back pain a little. I’m hoping when I increase the next one it’ll be much better.

        2. I tell all my docs about it. You need to break up your week with Kratom and opioids if you use both as cross tolerance is a real pain in the butt. They don’t potentiate one another but instead one will cancel the other out and that will build a tolerance. Usually it’s the opiate that gets the tolerance.

          You can mix with OJ and it’s supposed to take nearly all of the bitter taste away. I put the powder on my tongue and wash down with as much water as it takes. It’s just easiest.

          It’s a good idea to be straight with your doc about it. I have three different autoimmune diseases and one is an orphan disease that’s on the top ten most painful list. I gave up on the medical system and was just barely getting by. Now it’s better. I’m having a bitch of a flare that isn’t being touched by the K but I only have a Maeng Da that’s not great for pain. :/

          1. I started Kratom and did NOT tell my doctor. Honestly ….you should know more about your treatment than your doctor anyway.
            The first day I went a full 24 hours without any Oxycodone and no withdrawals, however, I did take too much Kratom and got headaches and itchy so I stopped it for a while, but was pleased to see what it could do. The next time I started it I went slowly (starting at 2 gm) and substituted a Kratom dose for my usual Oxy dose. I have had no problem reducing the oxycodone and my doctor is so thrilled! (HA)
            If I can keep the Oxy down to 10 mg per day or every other day I can probably keep the prescription, but even if it is stopped I know that I am not stuck!
            Kratom does NOT relieve pain like the Oxy did BUT it does help even things out. I am much, much better than I was when I started the Oxy (chronic back) but doc was freaking out because Oxy use was regular and going up because of increasing tolerance. Now he is happy that it is coming down.
            We are BOTH happy.

          2. Are you sure not to mix? I am being weaned down from patches. Still at to high of dose to quit cold. To scared to alternate
            At 100 mcg phentyl. Should i wait to try kraton. The pain is starting to get to me but not knife stabbing yet. This was the first I heard about cross tolerance. Also scared to talk to new Dr because of the news media

  47. Hi Tammy,

    Honestly, it’s worth spending about 10 bucks on a decent scale. I got an AWS (American Weigh Scale) for 9 dollars or so. Very small, and accurate. I weighed a LEVEL teaspoon from several vendors, different strains, all came up at 2.5 grams. So, a teaspoon is always 2.5 grams, right? Unfortunately, no. You have to factor in things like moisture content and so forth. I decided to re-weigh the same strains, different shipments, so presumably different batches and guess what? 2.4, 2.6, 2.7 and so on. I calibrate the scale weekly too. A teaspoon may be convenient, but accuracy is super important, especially if you know that strain rotation is essential to combat tolerance and avoid SSS (same, or stagnant strain syndrome). Good luck.

    1. How much is everyone spending every month on their Kratom? I’m just trying to get just an average ball park idea is all. I know everyone is different but if some of you could just give me some what of an idea… I would truly appreciate it. Thanks.

      1. $20 to $30 a week

      2. I started out, and went the first 5-6 months,making 2 purchase orders. I was still experimenting with dosage and which strains worked best for me. I would order a $25 sampler from Gaia (7 small 1 oz. bags of your 7 selected strains) AS WELL as the $25 sampler from SoCal (9 1 oz. bags). After deciding to be a loyal SoCal customer. found the strains that would benefit me the most and purchased a 4-way split kilo for around $80. I still now only make one purchase a month but now I usually only spend $56 ordering two bags of 250 g, usually different strains. each quarter kilo cost $25 and then there’s $6 shipping

        1. I must do this!!! Instead of getting epidural steroid injections of corticosteroids destroying my body period and not getting any pain relief from doctors, having fibromyalgia Behcet’s disease and a whole lot of other things. I was talking to someone about buying kilos and it turned out it was a house brand was absolute shit and he was going to charge me 199. So did SoCal work for you for kilos I’m really interested and I really want to get as much as possible not only for me but for my step-mom also who has fibromyalgia and ulcerative colitis. Thank you for your time I appreciate your response

  48. I have been using the White Veil and the Red trying to see if I am using the correct dose I use a teaspoon so say 3 grams??

    1. I have been on subs for 16 months trying to come off of them what is the best way

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