Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.

Average Powdered Leaf

1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces

Crushed Leaf

1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon0.9 grams
000 Capsule0.70 – 1 gram

Bali Powder

1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
000 Capsule0.75 – 1 gram

Maeng Da Powder

1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams

Green Malay Powder

1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

Extract Capsule Conversion (00 Capsules)

Click On Any Strain Below For More Information:

Extract00 Capsule DosageEquivalent Powdered Leaf
Gold Reserve Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram7-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
ISOL-8 Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-7 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Red Kali Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf

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  1. C

    I was. Dont be a ButtHead

    1. C

      That message was ment for KURT!!!! Thank you NICOLE!!

    2. C

      Kurt ….dont be a butthead. THANK YOU NICOLE!!

  2. Edward

    i take about 30 capsules…today is Sunday im taking 30 × 2

    1. Elissa Tucker

      30 capsules?? Im building a tolerance real fast. Im taking about 12 at a time! Its unreal.

  3. Robert

    I’m taking the red vein thai kratom the capsules I know theiy only have .5gram in one pill I’m 6ft 225pnds how many should I take to feel the effects of a pain killer

    1. Kan

      6-8 #00 capsules for pain relief. Start with the 6 and increase to 8 if needed. Dosage for 3 x a day, but try not to use it for more than a 10 day stretch. If this is chronic inflammation pain management, I would reduce to 4 capsules every 8 hours, and take a week break every few months, to extend the time you can use it, to reduce the risk to your liver over long term use. IMO

  4. Dave

    Just bought a 65 ct bag of Red Maeng Da for the first time. It’s a reputable company also. I hear each capsule is a half gram. How many capsules would I need to take in order to feel that nice warm, relaxing feeling? I too had problems with opiates but I still get pain from time to time.

    1. Kurt

      A teaspoon should do good or 2

  5. Nicole

    For everyone having an opioid problem, I use to have one and I promise you if I can do it anyone can do it. I wish you all the best in your journey and remember having something is always worth working for. It is not easy. It actually sucks and is painful and uncomfortable but YOU CAN DO IT. This product does work great

    1. Kurt

      There not here for a inspirational message

  6. Amanda B

    Can you take Kratom while on Subs? Trying to get off of the suboxone.

    1. Kurt


    2. Elissa Tucker

      I used Kratom to come off of Suboxone. Worked wonderfully!

  7. Chris Kipfer

    Im on Subutex 2 8mg tabs a day. I started Kratom and found that it worked to a extent. I only take 3 grams and that seems ok but im affraid to try anymore because im on Klonopin, subutex, and Ambien and am 6’1″ 230 so i think ill be safe but i wonder after reading that weight matters is be safe with 5g at night. I prefer the green vein it seems to be good to me. I dont know the difference in all them so if theres something more potent id gladly hear you out. And if 5 grams sounds to much for what i take of my reg. Meds.. if theres a more potent strain somebody let me know.

    1. Kurt

      I’m 5’11 and 135 and I take about 4.2 to 8.4grams a day so yes I believe you should take 5 grams

  8. Jeff

    I bought 500mg capsules. How many should I take?

    1. James

      I started with taking 10 at a time. Then moved up to taking 20 pills at one time. But I stay on the 10-15 pills then evening time again. Depends on your body weight and tolerance.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  9. Cassie

    I just started kratom and have only taking red dragon and red maeng da. Was thinking of trying white strain. Which would you recommend?

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