Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.


Average Powdered Leaf
1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Bali Powder
1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
Maeng Da Powder
1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Green Malay Powder
1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

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  1. I’m surprised that nobody ever mentions the extracts, just the pills? Why not toss and wash the extracts? SO much easier.

    My biggest issue is figuring out the right “dosage.” I was on pain meds and now I’m not, trying to live with chronic spine pain from arthritis in my facet joint. Can’t remain in bed throughout the night, etc. Was on 120MEPPs (60 hydrocodone, 60 ER Morphine) and today I’m on 30mg ER morphine and miserable as hell.

    Be warned: this stuff DOES, absolutely, show up in urine tests if your pain management center asks for it in testing. And it’s not 1-5 days, like some sites say–I know for a fact, it’s at least 3 weeks. Don’t get screwed by using it and assuming you’re in the clear. You’re NOT.

  2. Every strand works differently on different individuals. Any red will be the closest to your opiate high your looking for. I’ve been off street dope for 2 years now and red maeng is the closest thing in my experience. 10g give or take a dose. Try using Full Spectrum CBD with it as well. Coming off dope is more a mind game. The physical DTs are definitely rude but a calm mind will help a lot. It’s the mind that inevitably gives up the attempt to kick.

  3. To everybody who is taking the Reds because you were told they feel like opiates….
    Don’t waste anymore money on them because I’m sure you are not satisfied..
    Sooner or later you are going to think “yea, these reds are garbage compared to painkillers” and you will end up trying whites and Greens and finding out that they are MUCH better than the Reds ..
    It could be MONTHS before you do this, so I’m telling you NOW to save you time and money…

    THE GREENS & WHITES are better than red. Full stop

  4. ^The fake opioid crisis? I’m going to assume that was sarcasm, considering they wrote a 50 page testimony on how fucked he is because of this “fake opioid crisis”….
    Anyway. I was primarily a heroin user for 15 years, getting up to a 6 gram a day appetite. I quit and found myself experiencing with kratom to curb withdrawal symptoms. To keep it short and sweet, the closest thing was a hybrid blend of mostly green, mixed with a small amount of red. It was a higher potency concentrate in capsules, and I took around 10-15 grams per dose, 3 times a day. Also important to note that I’m a 200lb 6 foot tall male for dosing purposes. May need to up the dose if you’re significantly bigger, or lower if you’re smaller…Nothing like a heroin high, nothing is. But dose help quite a bit with the worst of the symptoms….Good luck

  5. I bought 3 packets of the red vein Bali capsules. How much capsules should I take for the withdrawal of heroin ? Please I really need to know because I’m going to start tomorrow? And cant get more because everywhere is close because of the Coronavirus ! So I need to make it work for 3 days 🙁

    1. Me personally I take 8 to 10 capsules..and it get the job done for me..I take 8 to10 when I wake up in the morning and 8 to 10 at around 5pm ib the evening

    2. Hey sorry to hear that hope not too late. I had a HUGE opiate tolerance and 4-10grams every 3-4 hours will reduce symptoms a lot. You still may get sweats and fatigue but you can function. Id reccomend anything for anxiety ir sleep to add next few days. Ibprofin to reduce inflamation. Bali and borneo red strains work for me. Good luck

    3. To be honest no kratom on the planet is going to make dope withdrawal “significantly” better but if they help you get a few hours of sleep and shut your legs down then thats something rite? The main problem i had when trying to use kratom to kick is stomaching the shit. If you can get past that issue it will be some help. Kratom didn’t help me until i was 4 months clean and had urges then i was in a position to use kratom responsibly

    4. I take 8 capsules or a tablespoon of powder mixed with OJ. Powder is wayyy cheaper and of mixed well, you get used to it. Held my nose first few days. Make sure to take either form on an empty stomach. Red bali and white maeng da have helped me the most. The second I feel rwstless or my dose has worn off I start over, on day 6 with no opiates and have zero withdrawals using kratom!! Good luck sis, you GOT this!!! You can still purchase online btw.. just ordered more today. I also make my own capsules but have found powder to be more powerful.

      1. Is it not as effective if you take it on a full stomach?

    5. I got off methadone and opiates a hand full of times with kratom. Took around 8 to 15 grams. Start with 5g wait 45 mins if u feel better you know the amount. I would take around 10g 3 times a day intill symptoms fade. Around 2 weeks and I was off kratom and dope. Good luck.

  6. I was on 20-30ml of liquid perc and also on a 50 mcg fentanyl patch that was changed every 3 days. All of this was prescribed while I was going through cancer treatment. Once I was cured my doctor cut me off of my pain meds cold turkey. In order to cope with the chronic pain I was in, I had to score pills from the street. I have considered switching to heroin because it is cheaper but the uncertainty of what it’s being cut with (especially carfentanyl) scares me. I can’t get into pain management because I can’t stay off the percs long enough to test clean on my first test. I also have been told many different things on how many days I must go without any percs to be able to test clean. Does the test have a suboxone test built in to the piss test or could I do that to get by until my test? Any answers would be helpful.

    1. I would prefer to switch solely to kratom but cant seem to get any straight answers on the best strain to stave off the withdrawals.

      1. Hey, I was using suboxone for 12 years and used red Bali kratom to come off last March. Red is definitely the best strain for opiate similarities. I could only find green one day and the insomnia was horrendous. The suboxone withdrawal lasted so long, I used high doses of kratom for few months then tapered off the kratom.

        1. I used to take reds for months because i was told they felt the must like opiates, and after months of NOT being satisfied with reds, I switched to whites and Greens and I don’t think about painkillers much anymore…

          The green and white are more euphoric than the reds to me…

          In fact, the reds are boring af to me.
          They are only to be taken at bedtime as far as I’m concerned..

          Try 3.5 gm any White mixed with 3gm any Green and tell me it’s not better than F’n reds ..
          I doubt you can..😎

      2. Hey Scott,
        I don’t think there is a “best kratom for heroin withdrawal” . I will say this, ANY kratom will be better than NO kratom.
        For me, the Whites and Greens give the most euphoria and energy.
        The reds don’t give energy because they are too be taken at bedtime or close to it.

        Most people would say RED BALI is best for heroin withdrawal, but I think that is bullshit..

        What you should do is buy an ounce of red, green and white , if that is not to expensive , and take any of them, to see how you feel..

        Start with at least 4-6 gm , because heroin withdrawal is no joke … and take 2 gm as needed .
        I wish you good luck 😎

      3. Red Bali got me completely off opiates. I also like the white maeng da mixed with it and juat placed an order to try Green malay. Reds are best to start with for withdrawals IMO. Good luck!! Sidenote, I make my own capsules and use about 8-9 every 4 hours during acute withdrawal or tablespoon or so in OJ of powder. After that, I taper off a bit and just use it when I feel restless or having trouble sleeping.

      4. I use maeng da green vein in the day and red vein Bali at night and it does the trick

    2. Green Malay is the best to me

  7. Well, CJ, be glad you were only taking heroin and Fentanyl ( I assume that’s what fetty is ) for 3 weeks. I have nasty chronic pain 24/7 ( 23 years and lifelong ) and panic disorder, so I’ll be on opioids and benzos the rest of my life. I was an IV heroin addict for 20 years and that was a motherfucker to kick, even with methadone, subs, Fentanyl analogs more powerful than Fentanyl, prescription opioids, I did it all in copious amounts. When your brain releases endorphins normally, those endorphins have a “tag” on them which tells them which receptors to attach to. Drugs/meds create floods of free-floating endorphins. Those don’t have the “tag”, so they fuck up the MU and Kappa opioid receptors in your CNS, damaging them. Your brain is so used to getting endorphins from what you pump into it that you start to produce hardly any naturally ( you broke your happy and feel good ), and the paltry amount you do produce naturally doesn’t attach to receptors like they should; in a way, you’re double-fucked. Despite what I’ve read on some of these posts, your withdrawls aren’t all in your head, they are psychological and physiological. They can and do kill people. I’m a Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmist, and I’ve had a couple of “clients” who died from NOT doing heroin. These were healthy adults with no underlying conditions who simply were trying to get off diesel and the WDs killed them.

    To answer your question: you certainly have tolerance built up, especially if the smack was good and you did a lot of it often. Pharma grade Fentanyl is overblown IMO, those patches suck. Nowadays, I stick with my RX’d Roxicodone and Xanax and, even tho I’m way under-medicated on roxy at the moment, I guess I’m lucky to get that. I can’t take NSAID’s like Meloxocam, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc……. because of a surgery for a perforated ulcer with peritonitis, I can’t take Ultram/Tramadol because it’s Serotonin effect makes it “tweeky” for me and is less effective than aspirin IME, so opioids and benzos for life it is for me. Remember, there is a big difference between addiction and being dependent on meds. I get no hint of high from Roxicodone and Xanax, and Kratom is a poor substitute ( even tho I just took a tablespoon each of two reds: Indo and Bali Kratom because I run out of pain medication early every month and have to work today. Better than nothing and I don’t want to score heroin and risk getting kicked off my pain Dr ). It’s a crying shame that prescribers are so afraid of the govt. that they under-medicate chronic pain patients even with the medical and surgical records to back me up. And yes, it’s going to take a lot of good, quality, red Kratom to help you feel human. I feel for you, bro. I have days where I vomit from pain, all because of the fake “opioid crisis”. Oh, some alcohol mixed with that Kratom helps it work better. I’m not telling you to be an alcoholic, but it does help. Hope you feel better, all the best ~Seer

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