Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.

Average Powdered Leaf

1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces

Crushed Leaf

1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon0.9 grams
000 Capsule0.70 – 1 gram

Bali Powder

1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
000 Capsule0.75 – 1 gram

Maeng Da Powder

1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams

Green Malay Powder

1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

Extract Capsule Conversion (00 Capsules)

Click On Any Strain Below For More Information:

Extract00 Capsule DosageEquivalent Powdered Leaf
Gold Reserve Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram7-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
ISOL-8 Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-7 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf
Ultra Enhanced Red Kali Extract Capsule1 cap = approx .5 gram6-8 grams Powdered Leaf

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  1. Benjamin

    I suffer chronic pain from a botched inguinal hernia procedure from back in 1997. I was on bed rest for nearly a year after, constant swelling in my scrotum that needed draining, migrated staples which moved from the mesh area up into my abdomen.

    First surgeon removed the migrated clips, stitched me up and sent me on my way. Saying that would be all he could do for me. Got a second opinion a year later, new surgeon did an exploratory surgery and found the first doc put a dollar size mesh in with staples all the way around it. The hernia breach hole was no bigger than a silver dollar. 80% of the mesh had to be removed, along with about 8-10 staples. My body was severely rejecting all of it.

    Got some relief, but came back again in a bad way in 2010. The pain became so intense I had to seek another surgeon. While trying to find one, I started pain management. Was started on 25 mcg Butrans patch and 3-10mg norco for Daily breakthrough.

    5 years later and after changing meds over the years (Ms Contin/Norco/oxycodone) I was last on OxyContin 25 extended release once daily, and 4 10mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain.

    The last surgery was July 5th 2017. My second son was born that next August the 21st (day of the solar eclipse). After the surgery the doc said it was really bad. He couldn’t remove all the remaining mesh, as some was intwined with major arteries. He said it was an 8-10 hour surgery he had to do in 4. As he had other patients waiting. So he didn’t finish the job.

    The birth of my 2nd son and the recent surgery made me reevaluate my live and I knew that because I had been on opioids for nearly 8 years, wouldn’t be easy to stop.

    I read about Kratom and at the time I had to drive up to Kentucky where it was legal to buy (I’m in Tennessee). It’s legal here now..thankfully. But my severe RLS, hot flashes, med cravings, it all but went away within the first few doses. I would change up between Red and White Maeng da. My PCP doc gave me Clonidine which also help so much with RLS and sleep for like the first week or so which were the worst. But the kratom took nearly all of the withdrawal symptoms away.

    I’m still suffering with pain in my groin area. I have 3 yr old and 5 yr old boys. Keeping up with them is very challenging cause the pain comes still with physical activities. Coughing, singing, lifting, sitting too long, standing too long, strenuous exercise is out of the question. I’m still very limited and fight daily chronic pain. I refused to go back to Pain Management, as I know where that road leads. Not to mention patients like me, with an extensive medical history are getting treated like a criminal and getting pain meds are like pulling teeth. Shame that the people who really need the medication have to struggle so much to get it. But nevertheless, kratom imo is far safer and even more so effective as the pain meds.

    I highly HIGHLY recommend anyone getting off opioids to try kratom. Your withdrawal symptoms won’t be nearly as pronounced. It helps give me some energy thru the days, it curves my appetite a little, and reduces the groin pain quite a bit.

    Although I wish I could find another surgeon to finish getting this mesh out me, I’m grateful to have this plant to help get me thru this until I do.

    Best of luck to you all. Thanks for reading..

  2. Iam

    I have been taking 70-80 mgs of hydrocodone for about 9 years now… it all started with a Dr prescription, then to access from my family and has now reached the point I have spent hundreds of thousands… I made my mind up that I want to stop… I have even set a date for this Friday.. I bout a bottle of green Kratom today In preparation(I have def experienced withdrawls before)… I have a wife who I have lied to and 3 kids who deserve better… I’m in a situation I will have to do this alone because she won’t be able to comprehend because she will never understand how addiction works in a mind… any recommendation on doses I plan to take this just long enough to completely get the opiates out of my system… the bottle says 70 capsules and 44grams on it… any help is appreciated.. would be nice to know I’m not alone.

    1. Brandon

      Been a heroin addict for 23 yrs coming off it again and honestly kratom is saving me. I’d go with the powder. Your not alone bro… You need anyone email me

  3. Edie Hartley

    I’m coming off a high dosage of percocets Can anyone let me know how much to take to help with the withdrawal symptoms
    please email me at [email protected] Thank you

  4. JR

    Kratom is incredible for opiate withdrawal! I was given pain killers after my several visits to the hospital due to my acute pancreatitis. I was given several type of pain killers, but when my doctor stopped giving it to me, I just couldn’t stop. The pain was unbearable! So I kept getting some from friends and other connections. After several years of the same bull s*it, I decided to stop. The first 5-6 days are the worst but since I discovered kratom, my life has changed as I don’t have to deal with the horrible withdrawals. Kratom has eased all my pains and I can actually sleep a few hours at night without the constant leg/body pain. Kratom is a miracle! I love the red Bali kratom!

  5. Theresa horton

    I’ve been on oxy 10s for 4 months I ran out to quickly I bought red mag caples how many do I take to start a email me [email protected]

  6. J.Cogs

    Kradom is a life saver it’s cheap and I dont see myself dying off of it.I have died 6 times no bs off of H and methadone percs and vics.Take about 7 to 8 grams of white Borneo kradom 3 to 4 times a day…Plus I let myself run out it for around 3 to 4 days each shipment and it’s working great trust me and to hell with dying…this shit actually works good…….great mood and energy but tastes like dog shit

    1. Michelle

      Use some honey as a chaser. It helps A LOT!

  7. Amy

    I’m trying to switch from methadone to suboxone and have to go 3 days without opiates can I take Keaton or will I get precip withdrawal when I take the sub?

    1. Dave

      I have a regular prescription for Oxycodone that I take for pain. I have been on it for 2 years now. There are days that I will use only kratom. it works great and I feel no ill effects from not taking the oxycodone.

  8. criss

    So I got some kratom maeng da capsule 500mg trying to help a friend get off methadone withdrawals not sure how many capsules to take and how often ?? Anyone know the dosages and how often please help there are no instructions or a dose chart

    1. John

      depends on his methadone dose BUT I have a friend 10 caps of regular powder and nothing then another 10 and roxycontin withdrawals were gone so I say 20 caps or 10 grams should do it.. BUT if he says “my withdrawals are gone but I’m not getting a high” SMACK him in the head and say stop the bullshit let’s get you clean.

  9. ronnie

    Your quite the writer there Anderson. Well maybe when your not out of your but you probably got here just like alot of us. Looking for answers on kratom. So its a good thing. Not judging, I’m the last that can do that.

  10. Hannah

    Can someone message me about what doses to take while tapering off the last tiny bit of subutex? I’ve got a big bag of super green kratom and am clueless as to what dose to take (I’m on 0.7mg of subutex) … Thank you
    [email protected]

    1. Kevin

      Take 1 tbsp 3 times a day

  11. Susie

    I have been on herion 10 years then methadone another 10 and then went to Suboxone I tapered off Suboxone for three months then stopped for 11 days went through 3 days of bad withdrawal and after 11 days I had no energy and couldn’t sleep I started taking the red Indo 2 hrs before bed and have been sleeping great I take 2 caps…in the morning and I feel great Kratom to me has been very successful I am hoping to soon stop taking it been on dope 30 years Kratom saved me really from drug addiction

  12. Yosef

    Hey y’all, so I’m back on the H and for a few months have been using almost a gram a day IV usage. I got some red bali 500 mg caps, how many should I take in morning, evening, and afternoon to kick the H? Then, how should I go about tapering off of the Kratom? PLEASE HELP!

    1. Eric

      Hi Yosef!

      Maybe web search or Google: “Matt Finch”/recovery coaching. Definitely suggest his website:
      Matt’s blog, podcast & opiate detox/recovery courses have helped thousands get off H & other opiates. Myself included. I’m a 20 yr opiate user w/ many yrs of IV H using among other drugs I’d slam daily: but opiates were by far my drug of choice. I have no wish to go back.
      There are multiple protocols provided, plus examples of success stories very similar to folks in your (our) situation.
      U CAN DO THIS!
      Create a plan, achieve your recovery & life goals, be empathetic to yourself / go easy on yourself. Soon enough you’ll enjoy all that life has to offer on the other side of addiction!
      – Eric H.

    2. Geeves

      Try like 4 or 5 at a time on an empty and see how your tolerance is. That’s an easy dose. You should notice effects within 15 min at the most sometimes in 5. Then it’s a matter of tapering off of the kratom: just one less each time you take it each day/cpl days and voila

    3. Erica

      Hi I read ur post and was wanting to know the answer to ur question . I’m in a very similar situation. Did anyone answer u?

  13. January

    Withdrawal is rough

  14. January

    I am a recovering addict that has become taking kratom for about 4 years, pretty much daily. I can say that I’m pretty sure that I word be using if I were not taking kratom. I don’t know if anyone else has had this experience but a couple of years ago, I decided to stop taking it for a short time and I literally experienced pretty severe withdrawal symptoms. Once the diariah and vomiting started, I googled the withdrawal process and it recommended going inpatient in order to withdraw. Although it has been a major part of my daily life for a pretty long time now, I know first hand that the human body becomes addicted to this as with opiates and if a person takes a large amount for an extended period of time like I did, you will definitely feel it if you even reduce your intake or stop using completely.

  15. Jaylee

    Be careful with kratom. I know every bodies experience will be different, but I started taking kratom 15 months ago at a low dose. I constantly had to increase my dose to get the same effect. 15 months later, I’m spending $140+ a day on extracts, my whole life is revolves around finding the money to pay for my kratom habit. I started suboxone yesterday and I’m almost 24 hours off kratom. I do not wish the hell kratom has put me through on anyone. I was isolating, depressed, anxious and couldn’t get off of it no matter what i tried. Please be careful if you are considering kratom!!

    1. tasha

      Hi Jaylee

    2. tasha

      just wanted to ask you a few questions. If you can email me pls

    3. Manny Mills

      Wow jaylee, I’ve never heard of anyone’s tolerance in that magnitude. God bless you, I start Suboxone this fall when my insurance is available, glad it worked, I have the same problem and I salute you for telling this .

    4. Eric

      Jaylee -Thanks for your post, I totally hear you!.

      I am in no way saying Kraton should be labeled as a “Safe” drug/substance, but that Kratom has successfully helped many come off substances far worse than Kratom.
      Using it as a short-acting & therapeutic substance to help come off a MUCH more harmful (synthetic) drug like Suboxone, methadone, fentanyl, or heroin has proved effective to many people.

      I was an IV heroin user, prior to 10+ yrs of high dose Suboxone. Gave up Heroin once my kids were born, but stayed on Subs so that I could provide for my family as the sole breadwinner in the house.

      One saving grace (for me) during this COVID-19 pandemic is that I now have the time to taper and go through AWS & PAWS.

      Kratom, used at small doses, then tapering off – has been effective for 2 personal friends. They have been 100% sober for 4 & 7 years respectively. I hope to accomplish what they did.

      Everyone’s physiology is different….I’ve been a HARDCORE Addict / opiate user my whole adult life. My brain knows only the opiate (mu & u) receptor stimulation that it receives each day to just feel “normal”.

      I’ve used and abused every other drug on this green earth, to the point of cardiac arrest (twice). I am DONE with opiates. Kratom, in comparison, is a mild and therapeutic way to taper off, as I start to re-wire my brain & change my lifestyle with the goal of living a healthy life.

      Kratom is not BAD or GOOD. It just is. Same as Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco & every other mood-altering drug ever consumed. It is up to us as individuals to take control of our lives. I am doing this by training my mind & body, following through on actionable goals that are NECESSARY for me to achieve. I’d like to see my kids grow up, God willing.

      Jumping off & stopping any drug must be in the addict’s mind a “NEED”. Not just a “Want”.

      As Tony Robbins would say. “MASSIVE ACTION” is necessary. A total reformation of beliefs.

      Wish you the best!

      – Eric H.

    5. Kristina

      Kratom is a better alternative than all these pharmaceuticals, suboxone can be abused as well. Kratom got me off fentanyl and Xanax, which ultimately would have killed me, so I will always stand up for this product. It’s all a matter of what’s the lesser of the evils, and never using anything in excess.

    6. Amy

      Did you have to wait 72 hour from kratom to suboxone? I’m starting suboxone from methadone and trying to figure out how to last 72 hours thought kratom might help but need to know

  16. Eric

    John / Brian-

    I too am a 10+ yr Sub addict. 24-32 mg per day during that period (40 yrs old).

    switched to Kratom, no sub withdrawal effects after 1 month of 4-8g of Kratom per day.

    About to do a 1/2 dose every 7 days taper.

    Prepared with supplements, comfort meds, NAD+ home treatment.

    Done a lot of homework over the years in prep for this.

    Reach out if you want. Wish U the best!

    1. kristie

      Hi Eric I’m about 6yrs in the methadone clinic I’m currently tapering down at 67mg a day I want OFF the stuff I’m not myself anymore. I’ve decided to try Kratom. Any advice? What strain should I start with? Feel free to email me directly. [email protected]

      1. Amanda

        Hey, do you mind sharing the advice you got? I’m in the same boat the methadone and my boyfriend just started buying this kratom and it didn’t work for me. I tried 4 GS nothing. Should I try more? You can email me if you don’t mind.
        [email protected]
        Thanks girl

      2. Todd

        i have been on 140mg a day of methadone for 10 years. I did a rapid taper doing a 10mg drop every 5 days. I’m down to 20mg a day and have a couple if weeks to be out of meds. I started taking red bali and white maeng da at 20mg. And it helps. It’s kinda subtle at 1st but it does help alot. I started out with 2 grams in orange juice and am at 6grams of white in the morning and 4 grams of red in afternoon or evening. Be careful. I am very worried about the withdrawals of Kratom. Will have to taper off of it but not alot of data on how.

        1. David

          Todd how do I taper off kratom green maeng da ? Been using it for a month Will going back to my tramadol help . ?? Kratom starting to worry me .I do like 3 tbl. a day

      3. Brooke

        The powder kratom, strain: red : the BORNEO has been the best for me. 1 tblsp per 1/2 cup liquid. It’s been a life changer 4 me

    2. Tish

      Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ Can anyone tell me how someone would begin the detox process from fentanyl using Kratom. Someone I love very much needs help 💜

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