Please be aware that the below charts reflect estimates and not exact measurements consistent across all kratom vendors. While it is recommended that you buy a scale to correctly measure your kratom, these charts offer support for those who are unable to do so.

When measuring an extract, we strongly recommend purchasing a small digital scale as they often have a significantly higher degree of variability.


Average Powdered Leaf
1 gram0.035 ounces
50 grams1.75 ounces
100 grams3.5 ounces
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Bali Powder
1 Tablespoon6.2 grams
1 Teaspoon2.3 grams
Maeng Da Powder
1 Tablespoon7 grams
1 Teaspoon2.6 grams
Crushed Leaf
1 Tablespoon2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon.9 grams
Green Malay Powder
1 Tablespoon6.9 grams
1 Teaspoon2.4 grams

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  1. In for a penny, in for a pound. I’ll try to shut up after this comment. But I have to vent, a bit. Nothing you guys or anyone else has done, not online anyway. I’ll try my best to be brief. I have no support. My wife supports me, or says she does, but when we get into bad arguments she reverts to the, I’m tired of supporting an addict line, so I’m no longer sure. She has her own pain meds but doesn’t share, at my insistance, she would. We are on SSI, government money. That money does not last long, and kratom is expensive. I am not asking anyone for money to be perfectly clear. But a little emotional support from someone, anyone, would be nice. Being called a junky by your own mom takes it’s tole. Being refused financial help because she thinks you’ll spend it on pain meds definitely takes it’s tole. I buy kratom twice a month, when I can afford it. Once when I can’t. That’s why I’m so insistant on finding the right dose and sticking to it.I will be honest and say a few hundred capsules from someone would be nice, but I’m hesitant to ask anyone for those too. I don’t want to be mistaken for a trole, I’ve been called one before. Now that I’m not ordering tramadol I have a little more money, but ace cash express payments are killing my bank. Paying off a switch, which admittedly was my own fault, but damn it I wanted, just once, to get one christmas present I really wanted, doesn’t help. I’m not going to go over all our bills, this isn’t a whine forum. All this comment was meant to do was point out that emotional support may not be as important in kicking the habbit as replacement drugs, it places a crucial role. When you haven’t slept in a week and can no longer remember you own name, are in either crippling depression because a mythical character on a mythical show got injured or died or went into a towering rage because your favorite digimon got hit by an attack … you know you have problems. My mom has a very dim view of pain meds period. She’s one of the, tylenol and advil work for everyone except addicts people.

  2. commenting on this thread because it seems to be active. Disregard my other comments if you see them, I’ll summarize. Was on tramadol 50mg at first two, maybe three years ago now, can’t remember precisely. Moderate scoliosis, according to the docs, did not equate to moderate pain. LIke many hear, tramadol 50mg was enough initially but not for long. Gradually, very very gradually, went up to 100mg at a dose, 3 times a day, sometimes four. 60 pills ran out quickly. Pharmacy would not refill and doctor would not re-prescribe. Sent me to what she said was a pain doc but that guy tried fobbing me off on cordisone injections, which I didn’t even attempt. Doctor got frustrated with me, I began ordering the crap over the internet from US based pharmacies that imported the stuff from, I think, india. Started out at 157 dollars for 240 100mg pills. Price started going up, amount started going down. Overdrew bank account multiple times, often at or past the overdraw limit to get the stuff. I did manage to get it once a month except for a couple of very bad months. Took out one lone from, I think, ace cash express to get more. They’re still bugging me. Went to kratom about a year ago. pharmacist told me to take 2 500mg capsules at most. Those did nothing. Have begun taking 4 to 10 capsules at a dose depending on the pain. Tramadol withdrawal is some of the worst I’ve ever felt. Have never been on harder drugs but tram wd is bad enough, I felt like going on a killing spree, or committing suicide, or maybe both. Never tried either, but felt like it. Couldn’t sleep. Terrible RLS. Alternate meds did nothing because they weren’t opioids. Even I knew what that meant. Went back on the tram about 6 months ago because kratom online prices were too much for not enough capsules and my local smoke shop only had max 120 500mg red maeng da capsules. Went off the tram a month ago after very reluctantly paying 415 bucks for 180 200mg pills. Fighting the urge to go back on the tram because of one pill versus multiple capsules. Cannot stomach the powder, cannot easily measure it because I can’t see much. Now the smoke shop has 1000 500mg red maeng da capsules for just over 80. Have had both the smoke shop’s capsules, which are KraveKratom branded, and online kratom capsules and powder, have noticed no difference in effects between them. Ideally I’d like to take just 1 500kg capsule but that’s not realistic. Want the minimum dose I can take to get opioid effects, to both relieve my scoliosis pain and suppress any lingering tramadol withdrawal symptoms. Please do not lecture me on the fact that kratom is a drug, I’m just replacing one drug with another, I’ll eventually either become addicted to this or overdose and die, my mom has done all this, thanks. I’ve resigned myself to being a junky forever, so might as well take whats legal and won’t end up with a narc showing up at my door with his own judgemental attitude. I don’t just want help hear, I want to start helping others. Have published my email in another comment, I believe on the making tea page, for anyone who wants it so they can get or give help. I will not, ever, go to a drug rehab program. Those seem to be either a drug dispensary thinly coated in religion, or an only religion an no drugs, neither of which I want. Nothing against religion or drugs before I piss anyone off, but I don’t think getting naloxone, bupranorphine or methadone will help, all that will do is get me addicted to one of those, or maybe all three, and the naloxone will just push me into withdrawal and block the kratom, which I don’t want. People on the chronic pain Reddit can be helpful or harmful, depending on the comment. I buy 300 red maeng da capsules, which are supposed to last the entire month, but end up lasting about half that. Hoping a thousand will last the month. If not, no idea what I’ll do.

    1. I’m so sorry.. I too, have been on trams for almost 6 years. Not as many/ as high of mg though. I know it’s hard. Just wanted to say hang in there. You can do this!! Have you tried Beleafer?? After many failed kratom tries and poor quality kratom, I discovered them and it’s the best stuff. It’s pretty affordable as well! I’m a single mom and I can buy enough to last me a month.

      1. Thanks so much for your help. It’s the emotional support that really helps. To be clear, I’m not knocking the chronic pain reddit forum, or any reddit forum. I was called a trole there and one other kratom forum because I dumped all over some pour guy who was just trying to help. I asked in my OP to please not recommend pain management or drug rehab because I didn’t believe those were viable options, First thing that was said was, get help or go to a pain doc, so I lost it. I am determined to stick to kratom, this time at least, I just wish I could find a consistent dose. I was just forced to buy a second vape machine this month becase the one I bought at the beginning of the month burned out. I try not to chain vape, but I’ll be honest, the nicotine helps with the pain. it’s a sort of whole body pain relief, and the kratom kills the rest of it. My wife has been my rock. Only when we get into very bad fights, which do sometimes happen due to lack of finances does she call me a drug addict, and usually only if I’m asking, or in some cases demanding, money for whatever it is I want. I’m supporting two habbits. A nicotine habbit and a kratom habbit, and neither are cheap. I’ll definitely look into beleafer. I’ve never heard of it. The trick is going to find a health store that sells it in casule or pill form, or a place online I can purchase it. Looking for legal online herb shop pulls up results that are … hmm. They pull up spice shops and herbal tea shops, where neitehr kratom, nor fenibut, nor beleafer, are in stock. I haven’t tried fenibut yet, but it’s supposed to be a close relative of lyrica and gabapentin, which didn’t do a thing for my pain but was my valium equivalent. Leveled my mood out and quickly. That’s the one symptom kratom doesn’t seem to help with much. Mood stabilization. That’s the one symptom of tram wd that has not gone away. It seems to get worse. Anything can set it off. hen I’m in a good mood, I geek out to digimon. I love watching the mega divilutions kick ass, and when they get hurt, I react badly. That can set me off. Only if I’m in wd, otherwise I don’t react like that. Mom is one of those, ylenol and advil are good enough, you’re just a druggie you don’ need kratom, but you’re an addict so take it for the rest of your life if you ahve to, just quit the nicotine. Cold turkey. Suffer the withdrawal, which is all in your head anyway. That hurts me. Mentally of course, it’s not as if she’s abusive. I’m considering trying kraveKratom’s trainWreck blend, which is supposed to be 13 strains in one, and both my local head shop and online sells it. The lady who runs the head shop has bad pain herself, some sort of degenerative condition I think, and kratom helps her. And after enough asking, she finally stocked more than 120 500mg capsules so it might be an option. But I just hope a thousand will last me. It will, if the dosage instructions are printed on the bottle of 4 capsules are actually effective. I can’t remember if I asked hear or not, so please disregard if I have, but is tere a natural substance that afects nicotinic receptors, so I can quit the nicotine? I like vaping, I honestly do, but it’s a money pit. I got a machine that integrates the juice tank and coil in one, so I just buy new pods when I need new coils, but still that’s one more thing I have to find the money for. An opioid equivalency table for kratom would be great too, but I can’t find it. For an effect similar to tram, take this much. For vicodin, take this much. For oxy, take this much. If it doesn’t exist, I would like to help create it so people on the harder drugs can get off with kratom, if they want to. Honestly I wish tram had never been approved. It’s not a very strong opiate, and the anti depressant effects cause serious problems when you run out. THe opioid withdrawal symptoms are bad enough, but it also effects your adrenaline and serotonin receptors, which affect mood. So when you can’t take tram, they, along with the opioid receptors go haywire.

  3. Hey peeps, I have been abusing fentynal for years now and quit. I’m currently drinking the red vein bali but this is only day 2 off fentynal but I have already taken atleast 14 grams in an 8 hour period. This seems a lot. Any feedback would be great.

  4. I have been abusing opiates since I was a teen, on and off methadone, but recently jumped off the clinic, after two weeks I still didn’t have any energy and was barely sleeping, I bought that red vein kratom and been drinking it for two weeks I feel great, I’m really amazed. But yea there wasn’t a dosage on the bag and I was desperate and drank half the mix and got extremely I’ll. Now I take a tablespoon on the way to work and it uplifts my spirits and everything. I just worry that I’m relying on it now, but hey, atleast I know I’m not gonna die from it. Anybody struggling with heroin pills ect. Please give this kratom a chance!!

  5. Hello all. I just have a quick question here. I keep looking everywhere and cannot seem to find how often to take my Kratom. I am trying to come off opiates and it works great for 4 hours or so and then I’m back to square one and miserable. I obviously am hesitant to take too much. But is every four or five hours okay? I take the capsule form, red strain.

    1. Take it as often as you need to feel 90% ok. After a week or so you will notice you need less to feel ok(not to feel fantastic, just ok). After two weeks your physical dependence on opiates will have left and you can wean yourself off Kratom at any pace you are comfortable with. Most people can do it easily in two additional weeks. The only problem you can have if you take too much Kratom is you will vomit once or twice and then sleep.

    2. I take it for chronic (intense 😕) pain from Lyme. It also helps with fatigue (greens) & to sleep at night (reds). I take 1level tsp for my dose, & take as needed for the pain. On average, every 3 hrs.
      Sometimes longer.

    3. I googled how much when I first started Kratom. It helps a lot with withdrawals from pills. They say beginners dose is 2-3grams and people on it longer take 6grams or more. You have to be careful bc it can make you sick. Start off slow and work your way up to a comfortable dose for you.

  6. I’m going on my 2nd day of complete hell from heroin withdrawal and my wife is getting me some Kratom as we speak. How much should I take brother? I’m trying hard to beat this shit but going crazy inside.

    1. Bro you should take at least one tablespoon or a little more to get the effect for the withdrawals ik how doses have really helped people 1 tables spoon is like 6.5 grams

    2. Any updates on that? Hope you’re feeling better man. Kratom can completely erase withdrawal from H, and I recommend using agmatine with the kratom when tapering down and after stabilized with the kratom. You take 1000mg agmatine with about 1/2 of the dose of kratom you are stabile at, for several days to a week or longer, and can continue tapering down from there. The agmatine will lower your tolerance, but your body will become normalized to the new dose without withdrawal!

      Frankly, a person can keep a kratom addiction in check much easier than other opiates, especially if using agmatine when needing to lower tolerance. Hope you’re doing okay. What’s done is done. Let’s move forward.

    3. Take one teaspoon of Kratom powder on an empty stomach. That’s about 2.5 grams. If no effect, take an additional 1/2 teaspoon every hour (about 1gram) until you feel nauseous or dizzy. If its capsules, do it every hour. When you throw up, you hit your limit.
      Kratom will not make everything beautiful. It will help A LOT. But your withdrawals will still be uncomfortable.

  7. I am currently using hydrocodone 30mg 3 times a day and want to kick it I have Kratom in my possession and want to take it instead if taking the pain meds I tried to stop a few months ago cold turkey and had really bad withdrawals just wondering if it would work to take the kratom instead if the pain meds and avoid having withdrawals

    1. Hi Mandy,

      I was on 20mg oxycodone (stronger than hydro, so you should take this into consideration) 1 to 2 times daily, and tried to taper down or get off completely a few different times — and I have INCREDIBLY good persistence and resolve. It did not work for me, because of even the most minor of withdrawals coming with such intense RLS and inability to sleep, and a complete lack of desire to even continue functioning in the world.

      Kratom changed all this.

      I went cold turkey — in other words, without tapering off oxycodone — and began taking kratom. I began my first “day” in the evening after taking oxy very early in the morning. I started my usage using a RED VEIN, due to the alkaloid make-up being most comparable to oxy/hydro/heroin, and took no more than a single teaspoon. Yes, seriously. A single teaspoon.

      The BIGGEST mistake people make is over-dosing (not to be confused with overdosing as commonly used, which isn’t really possible with kratom, except that it’ll make you sick as a dog), and with kratom, it’s not always “more is more”; many times, it’s “less is more”, as nuances of dosage affect one’s body differently.

      I’d say along with RED, get a GREEN VEIN like Green Malay or Green Maeng Da, which has both focus AND mood elevation, though not quite as much sedation as a RED, and take the GREEN in the morning, and around noon if you decide to. Stick with the RED at night, and if you don’t want to continue using kratom on-going, then do not dose over a single teaspoon at any time, and do not continue using past about 1 week, MAX 2 weeks.

      Take my advice for what it’s worth.

  8. Hi all….

    I know this thread is old but I’m lost…

    I have been in pain management for 13 years, oxycodone 10mg 5x daily but the last two years I’ve been abusing them.. doing my whole script in a week and then buying them to keep up.. i recently went on Suboxone 8mg 2x daily and I want off… When I went to my vape ahope I snagged a bag of white Keaton.. I’ve tried the red vein and it knocked me out…

    My question(s) are
    Will white kratom help with withdrawal of I take it alone or should iix it with my red?..I am new at this and I need help. I want my life back, I want to be me again.. this is a horrid feeling.

    1. i have neuropathy in my feet lile a thousand needles sticking me it was horrible could not sleep..i tried the white hulu and white mangda..first time in 9 months i could sleep with no pain….everyone is different so try the white and green its usually good to switch up..
      hope this helps.

    2. Definitely use red strain if your trying to kick opiods. Trust me, the whites make me incredibly jittery although everyone is different. But it is common knowledge that red vein kratom is most similar to opiods.

      1. Hi there!
        I’ve got a question to ask you. Or anyone with experience wisdom, & knowledgeable facts.
        I’ve been off opioids for over 5 years and I always hardcore I’m not having any urges that’s not my question at hand with the” Kraytom “I’m wanting to utilize “Krayom if it would be safe & health benefits would outweigh the negative side effects. I know nothing. I’ve never used it can you or someone else please give me some knowledge and wisdom and facts and truth about Kratom as to if I were to use it & now after 5 years of not using opioid s. pain management used only & sometimes for energy but more like drinking a cup of green tea /chai / or coffee? Thanks soul family

        1. Kratom is a drug. If you take it regularly, then decide to stop, you will experience withrawls. I’ve experienced this multiple times with kratom and the withdrawals last for like a week. It works really good for pain; it has opioid-like effects, but taking it regularly causes physiological changes. If you have chronic pain, there is no perfect solution. You either decide that the benefits of managing the pain with kratom outweighs the cons of dependency, or you don’t take it at all. you can take 1 or 2 grams a day before a workout for energy without a problem, but it yields a diminishing effect over time, and if youre trying to avoid dependency you shouldnt increase the dose so its kind of a catch 22. Side note: a very small percentage of the population cannot take kratom at all because they cannot metabolize it, which will result in kidney and liver damage.

    3. Green Bali works great for all your symptoms. My gf was hot by drunk driver and had reconstructive surgery on her legs and the pain meds, oxy percocet and codeine did nothing for her. 1 teaspoon of green Bali she was doing everything she did before the accident, only she was in to leg braces on crutches with 48 staples and replaced tendons and ligaments

      1. Hit* and two* probably helps to proof read before posting.

        1. Imagine coming to a kratom forum and correcting punctuation. Especially when he’s just telling a story to help others around here. Maybe you go fuck yourself? Or just take hella opiods and leave the rest of the people trying to get straight alone 🙂 one less of you would be great.

          1. Hey Asshole (Fish)—he wasn’t criticizing someone else, he was correcting himself! You didn’t bother to notice that both posts were made by the same person (Dustin)? So instead of jumping to conclusions and popping off with the attitude, maybe you’re the one who should go fuck himself.

          2. He was correcting his own post settle down.

      2. Dustin,
        Sounds like your gf went through hell. I’m a long term chronic pain sufferer. Been on oxycodone regular IR tablets for 7 years this go around, I was taking Two 20mg oxy 4 x day for past 2-3 years and a few months ago I started taper. No help with it, just my Dr’s support and she’s been letting me go pretty slow.
        I’m currently taking 10mg every 6 hours and 20mg at bedtime. This dose isn’t helping my pain, it’s just preventing w/d.
        I tried Kratom 1st time 2 days ago, Red Maeng Da and started with 1g, worked up to 4g and got very little, if any pain relief. But it did prevent w/d.
        I’m pleasantly surprised at your comments about Green Bali and I’m about to order a sample pack.
        But I wonder… does Green Bali give mood boost effects and/or energy boost in addition to pain relief? Because I really need these effects as much as pain relief.
        Your girlfriend probably was getting depressed when she had all that pain and no relief. That’s where I am. Just exhausted and bummed out from constant pain.
        Sorry this is long, but sounds like you have some experience that could help me.
        Thanks. Glad I found this site!

    4. I use only the red seems to work best for me. I take one teaspoon 3 times daily. And I have no withdrawal systems. But from everything I’ve read it all effects different people differently the best is to experiment and find what works for you

    5. hi Mandy,
      I take kratom for Lyme disease, so dk about the withdrawal aspect, however,
      First, all k will relieve pain & uplift the mood.
      Greens are for daytime, give you non-edgy energy, good for focus. Yellow Vietnam I also like for day.

      Reds (&Gold Bali) I use at night. They will put me to sleep. Although experiment, all have a chill effect, but not all put me to sleep. Reds are supposed to have the most pain relieving constituents.
      White: I didn’t care for the white. Supposed to have the least pain-relief & the most energy, but it made me groggy.

      1. oops. Melio

  9. Hi all….

    I know this thread is old but I’m lost…

    I have been in pain management for 13 years, oxycodone 10mg 5x daily but the last two years I’ve been abusing them.. doing my whole script in a week and then buying them to keep up.. i recently went on Suboxone 8mg 2x daily and I want off… When I went to my vape ahope I snagged a bag of white Keaton.. I’ve tried the red vein and it knocked me out…

    My question(s) are
    Will white kratom help with withdrawal of I take it alone or should iix it with my red?..I am new at this and I need help. I want my life back, I want to be me again..

    1. I was in your shoes other than the abuse, I started Maeng Da witch is the strongest strain of the silver I took 10 caps
      3 times a day I found I had more energy , focus and not so bad pain relief. I now use the Red Vein Bali and dont even think about pain pills.You have to get your mind right that you want off of them or nothing will work. Good luck

    2. Hey brother I under stand I’ve been there before heroin 8 years subs to kick the h and back again …. I’ve worked in three vape shops in town tried allot of the product and researched passionately as I swear by it! But not with out its downside (NOTHING ever is ) but it’s far less than what you are taking. All strains are typically have the same ingredients but each strain has a difrent ratio of those ingredient s and thus the reason of difrent effects but best way to conceptualize is low dose is a stimulant… higher dosages a sedative effect !… 3 grams is thresh hold… now to make what kratom you use nearly double in strength and duration boil water add kratom with a squeeze of lemon juice . But an hour before spoon full of turmaric.. and or instead of tea use grapefruit juice. but online kratom in bulk as 1000 grams or kilo is only 75 bucks instead of only a 100 grams at best…. that’s my best advice… but best strains is red , gold, which typically is all the strains blended together😋

  10. I’ve been on methadone for about 10+ yr, I’ve detoxed down to 25mg. I dont know how much longer I’ll be able to use methadone. I’ve been reading the threads and have hope, but it seems most of you that have had success were coming of subs. Please if anyone has any helpful insight or experience with this please email me. [email protected]

    1. I understand exactly where u r coming from I however did it the stupid way and quit cold turkey on 55mg methadone 7 days ago and though most of the withdrawls r tolerable now the restless legs and lack of strength is what I’m trying to overcome now…I recently bout a bags of red bali and just took first dose an hr ago didnt feel much so I took more as most have suggested and I feel a little more relaxed but may need more so will just wait and see….does anyone recommend anything else I should do or try…I’m getting the white maeng da to help with energy.

  11. I am a kratom user/advocate and agree that it is great but what would be most helpful for advice also is the strain you are getting relief from. The one I use for everything from depression to anxiety, energy ,focus and pain relief is Red Maeng Da powder. I use it in a shake but it is not water soluable so it has to be mixed with yogurt first. I go for the powder due to my budget. That strain also leaves me with an incredible peaceful feeling as well! Be careful of whom you get it from as well, I buy from a reputable vendor online, please don’t get it from a “head shop” as some refer to them. Do your homework by looking up reviews for different sites/companies. Hope this helps, good luck , you can do this!

  12. Looking and hoping for some advice. I am currently (unfortunately) back on opioids after kicking them through subs a few years ago. I started back after spending some time in the hospital and stupidly allowing them to prescribe me oxycodone when I got out. A year later I’ve now been taking the “pressed” oxycodone which I’m pretty sure are nothing but fentanyl. I just had my first child and I am so ready to be free of this addiction again but I’ve experienced precepts withdrawals before with subs and also just the normal withdrawals when trying to come off. It’s debilitating. Someone recently told me about Kratom and I’m so hoping this can help me get back to a normal life. I just had my first child and I want to be the husband and father I need to be. It’s also starting to effect my work. My question is, can I start taking kratom within hours of taking my last opiate dose or is it like suboxone where it will send me into withdrawals? Also, what type and how much would suffice to get me started. I’m more motivated than ever to get back to where I was but I am super scared of going through the same withdrawals I have in the past. Currently I am taking about 5 30mg pressed oxycodone a day. Please any advice or help on the type and how much to start would be so appreciated. I’ve honestly never posted on anything like this but I really am desperate and ready to get back to being my self. I am currently starting counseling as well but I just need to get over this first hump of the immediate withdrawal from stopping the opiates. Thank you for any and all advice.

    1. -John, wassup buddy I’ve dealt with similar issues and I know where u are at. I was an opiate addict for years.. everything from fentanyl to heroin.. pretty much whatever I could get my hands on I’ve done extensive research on kratom and have surfed the web countless hours for reputable vendors and premium quality product. Kratom has changed my life without a doubt. If u would like some personal advice or any information on strains, dosage, use, vendor, etc, here’s my email. [email protected] I would love to help somebody who is willing to help themselves. Hit me up! Hope your doing better

    2. Kratom changed my life but I had to use methadone first at a clinic because h wasn’t able to be accountable enough to taper my opiates on my own.
      I wanted the change so I did not abuse my methadone and used kratom at night only. I had to be ok with not being ok for a little and once my methadone was at a completely taper I kept up with kratom and my life has changed. It has kept my mind clear and has stopped be several times from relapsing. Rehab and NA never worked for me but Kratom has.

    3. Hi John, I see a few people have already chimed in but I thought I’d get my 2 cents in as well. I tried to switch to kratom and taper myself off of opioid addiction by myself a couple years ago and found that I did not have the strength of will to stick to my schedule but if you think you can do it (especially if you have friends and/or family who you trust enough to ask for help) then I think it is worth a try. For me, Suboxone was a godsend, I stayed on a stable dose for 1 year until I was able to adjust my lifestyle then tapered over almost 2 years to keep withdrawal to a bare minimum. After stopping the subs about 2 weeks ago I have used a bit of kratom on 2 occasions to ease the symptoms for a specific reason (didn’t want to be sore and weepy at Christmas dinner lol) and it has been useful for that purpose. In short, my recommendation would be to go back on the subs and have some kratom on hand in case you really need it. As for precipitated withdrawal, it is probably not a concern when switching from fake oxys (definitely fentanyl if they are pressed but look like oxycontin, but could just be oxycodone IR) because oxycodone/fentanyl have very strong receptor affinity but kratom alkaloids do have weaker receptor activity so could cause PW if you take a very high dose.

  13. I took kratom like 6 hours into suboxone withdraw 3ish years worst decision of my life lol. And I really dont think kratom works the same..some people MAY have a bad reaction early like that while taking subs,but i feel like the docs tell you that to lower you’re chances of getting off the subs.

  14. I am currently on 8 msg of suboxone, was on 16 msg but been down to just 8 for almost a month now, is it ok for me to take kratom while I’m slowly working my way off of my suboxone or do I need to be completely off of it first?? My bf takes kratom and his mood is better than normal he loves it and I have sever depression and just want to be off this shit, I don’t want to relapse because of coming off too quickly and being sick like I did before so any comments would turkey help! Thank you!

    1. I was on about half of that dose when I started taking the Kratom. I started off with a smaller dose maybe like 2-3 grams n just started taking smaller n smaller pieces of sub. I didn’t have any adverse affects. Just start small, you can always add more but you can’t take it away lol. Good luck!!

    2. Krystal ,

      In that much Sub Kratom is not going to do anything for you . You need to break down your pills or films to 1/4s . Do 3/4 for a week then go to 1/2 a pill for a while . You don’t need 8 mg . You just think you do . I bet you would be fine going right to a 1/4 . And I speak this from years and years of experience . I was an oxy addict . Was on 190Mg of methadone for years . Because they would let you increase your dose at will . What a stupid thing to let an addict do huh . I’m on ly recently on Kratom myself . Got down to about and 1/8 of a sub every other day before I could feel the Kratom . But it helps . It really does . I have just gone almost 2 weeks without sub now and this is after being on 8mg a day for about 10 years .

    3. I think it’s ok only if you have the strength to continue your subs taper. I personally did not and needed accountability from the clinic. You’re just going to have to be ok with not feeling ol for a little but once you get past it like is much worth living and Kratom seriously changed my life and got me off the streets. I can now be a mom and have held the same job for over two years which was unheard of for me.

    4. I personally don’t think it would be a bad idea to begin taking kratom while you’re attempting to get off subs. My suggestion would be to wait until you need it and it should help take the sting out of some of the withdrawal symptoms. For example, if you go down to four mgs try taking one teaspoon of maeng da kratom three times a day, once in the morning, once at lunch, and once around dinner time. I take one tablespoon 3 times a day for anxiety for its “nervine tonic” effect. I didn’t start using kratom until I had about 3 years clean, and before I tried it I was pretty close minded to it and considered it like a narcotic or something. Although I’m persuaded one can overdo it, I don’t view kratom in and of itself as a bad thing. Hopefully you find my feedback useful. Blessings on ya.

  15. Good luck,Paul!
    I was on prescription pain meds,and have withdrawn completely months was using KRATOM for pain relief,and some depression,its a subtle feeling for me, not seeking euphoria,just to make the pain manageable..How are you doing? You only dose once daily? That holds you?
    Congratulations on your personal,✌ victory

  16. I was 39 hours off of my last 2mg dose of Subutex. I took a 0.5 mg capsule of Kratom and experienced tremendous relief instantly. I plan to once again go as long as I possibly can, hopefully another 36 hours, before taking another. I am prepared for the long fight. I refuse to be dependent for life. I spent 3 years tapering to 2mg a day of Subutex and I hope that Kratom can be my key to success. Wish me luck.

    1. Best of luck to you! I am a prior opiate user and Kratom has helped me to not pick it back up. It satisfies me but in high doses. I’ve tried various brands and strains For me the biggest drawback is being constipated, more than when I used opiates. I typically take a dose that is equivalent to 25 grams (I think) around 3-4 tablespoons but it’s also because I’ve developed a tolerance. I use it several times a week because I like how it makes me feel. I want the euphoric effect and helps satisfy the itch you know? One day at a time brother. Good luck, you can do this! Happy new year.

      1. Jennifer Clark,

        What kind of kratom do you buy and from where? How do you take the spoonfuls?

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