Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom, just as its namesake island, is an ideal balance of pain relief and energy boost, smoothly blending many different effects of kratom into one.

Whether you want to rest your weary bones on the soft sands or work up a sweat riding the waves, Bali is the choice for you. It is often held up as the standard to which all other kratoms are compared. 



The details

An ideal balance of pain relief and energy boost, Bali Kratom works somewhat differently than a traditional red kratom.

the difference

While many reds are sedative, Bali manages to give a gentle energy boost, while maintaining the pain relief expected of a red. Bali is also known to help with relaxation and brings a mild sense of euphoria.

the science

Bali Kratom has traditionally been one of the most popular strains, due to its higher potency and blend of properties. For many years, Bali was one of the only strains available. While the effects match the relaxing, revitalizing islands for which it is named, it has been discovered that Bali may not actually be from the Bali area.

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Kratom Science

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  1. Carl

    Start before withdrawal gets so bad you start vomiting or you won’t be able to keep it down,
    Usually when the nose starts running or eyes watering, now if you were a heavy h user start with 6to 8 grams 3 times a day for day 1
    Day 2 drop each dose 1 gram
    Day 3 3to4 grams. 3 times a day
    Day 4 same amount skipp afternoon dose unless absolutely still need it.
    By day 7 start tapering half a gram a dose a day
    By day 12 only use 2 or 3 grams for bad cravings cravings only.

  2. kendell clark

    I’m no pharmacist, but aren’t the adranergic receptors what tizanidine, a muscle relaxer used for spasming muscles and insomnia and clonodine, supposedly used for opioid withdrawal bind to? If this is the case, why must I take both tizanidine and kratom in order to sleep? Tizanidine does nothing at all for my pain, since my pain is due to chronic stimulation of opioid receptors by tramadol. Kratom by itself does not allow me to sleep more than an hour or two. Tizanidine will add a couple of hours more. Over the counter sleep meds might as well be placebo, since they do nothing. Next month when I have money again, I’m torn between buying a thousand red bali capsules, or two bottles of 500 red maeng da capsules. It depends on which is better for pain relief. I’d really like a natural substance to kick the nicotine habbit, was forced to go to my local smoke shop and buy 2 more bottles of eLiquid, wish I’d never started that habbit, but it helped with the pain a bit when I was on tram six months or so ago.

  3. Heather

    I (40F) have Crohn’s disease, Interstitial Cystitis, and a partially paralyzed right foot from a fibroid tumor removal a few years back. The nephropathy pain in my foot becomes extreme at times, to the point I can not even stand a sheet to touch it. I became addicted to opiates about 2 years ago. It started out just getting a couple from my mom every once in a while and led to a several hundred dollar a week habit. I was terrified of withdrawing but I knew I HAD to and I decided that cold turkey was better than suboxen/subcutex/methadone. I know people who quit heroine but no one who could quit the “detox” meds. I found out about Kratom on Reddit. I used it for about a week daily 4 to 5 times a day about a tablespoon in a cup of mint tea, and other than a few random sweating episodes in the first 3 days or so, I had no other symptoms. After a week, I started cutting back and after 2 weeks I stopped the Kratom totally just to see what would happen. Nothing happened. NO withdrawals NOTHING. I now (and for the last few weeks) have been using it 2 times a day. I use about a Tablespoon (all be it a heaping one) in some tea before I go to bed, and about half as much before I go to work (I work 3rd shift).
    I generally use Red Borneo but sometimes I get the Maeng Da. We have a little place in my town (in East TN) that sells it as well as kava and other similar stuff. I would not call it a “head shop” but it’s not exactly NOT a head shop either. But I have also gotten it at a gas station in a bind and had great success other than paying way more.
    This stuff not only changed my life, it likely saved it and my 20 year marriage!
    PLEASE consider trying it if you want to break an addiction. It can and will help.
    of course you have to get your mind right about quitting too. I realized early on that until I stopped wanting to get that pill high, nothing would help. Once I got in the right state of mind, Kratom helped me do the rest.

    1. Amy

      I live in eastern NC and heroin(per capita) is more rampant here than most of eastern seaboard. Town of 20,000 and wasted half of my life w/26 years of heroin use. It had made me into someone I didnt recognize anymore. 24 broken bones, 19 surgeries, RSD, and compartment syndrome of leg made me depressed, suicidal, in constant extreme pain. I begged my Dr to amputate my leg & when he wouldnt I reallu contemplates suicide. I did the methadone thing for 7yrs, then Subs- with many relapses and OD’s intertwined. I had tried kratom once and told myself it was total BS but the truth is I wanted to be HIGH. Finally I tried it again out of desperation. Day 2 of withdrawing from a 2 gram/day habit. The only thing available at that hour was OPMS Maeng Da. I took 5 or 6 and felt so much better. It only lasted 3 hrs BUT IT HELPED. The next day I went to a local shop-vet owned and told them what my situation was. They warned me to try to avoid OPMS because of developing big tolerance but I looked at it this way. “I wasnt sticking a needle in my arm” & wasnt wearing liquid handcuffs (methadone.) I bought more, OPMS and 4 dif types of kratom. They were right about the tolerence thing. They told me to rotate kinds/strains every 2-3 days and It works for me and my Boyfriend(who has been clean since trying Kratom also). I know that kratom has saved my life & Im gonna be honest – I get a buzz most of the time I take it. As far as pain goes, it takes our brains a bit of time to start producing the “feel good endorphins” again. Sometimes years – but Im telling you that the initial gut wrenching pain caused by being highly opiate tolerant (& not having an opiate to take) does ease up. It has been getting better and better because of taking Kratom. I do more activities which in turn makes me stronger and helping the painful weak areas get stronger. Its a cycle- do more,feel better, feel better because i am getting more out of life. I prefer mixing red maeng da or Sumatra*) & a “feel good strain” like SG malay, SG Maeng da,green goblin… i sampled 25 dif types(more than once) and picked 12-15 that I rotate every 2-3 days and it keeps my tolerence down and I still get that warm fuzzy feeling I get from Kratom & my anxiety is so much better. Warning – taking only the stronger Reds long term can cause severe withdrawl upon stopping. Use for detoxing/mixed with extract for first 5 days. Lay off extract and save it for the really bad pain days for maximum results. Well thats my story and what worked for me. Kratom. Effects everyone differently. just keep sampling dif high quality kratom(like wht can get here) and dont give up. Oh yeah- eat something as soon as it starts to kick in to avoid nausea &/or bad gas & drink plenty of fluids. Kratom saved my life. Im trying to convince the many other addicts here to make the change. Im still new & learning about kratom. Been clean 65 days. Yay me. Yay kratom!!

      1. Matthew

        Thank You So much for sharing that info with me! about switching strains and eating something and the help with herion with drawls! im about to do the same thing to get clean and im gonna do the whole thing on YOUTUBE 5/20/20 dreamscometrueipromise D.C.T.I.P….. Thank You!! AMY from eastern NC

        1. Michelle A.

          I am going to buy some kratom today (red vein bali) to start my detox from heroin. I wanted to see your you tube video for some guidance, however I am unable to find it. Assistance please!! I have never used kratom before and I have been reading all of the comments and experiences from everyone that have posted,trying soak up as much information as possible. Naturally I am nervous, withdrawal is he’ll. I am hoping this is the miracle I need. I was clean for years due to the tool I learned in recovery. Recently I relapsed and DO NOT want to go the suboxone, methadone, etc route and cannot afford to be down for days. If you are able to give me any guidance through this process that would much appreciated.

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