Kratom Stories: Heidi Burger from Oklahoma

Heidi is a teacher, gardener, and spiritualist from Oklahoma. I lived in Oklahoma for a few years before I started here at Kratom Science, and got to hang out with Heidi and her husband Mike, who built an excellent greenhouse in their backyard, and have kick ass Halloween parties.

Kratom Science: When and how did you first find out about kratom and how long have you been consuming it?

Heidi Burger: June of 2018. 1 year. I call it part of my daily Trinity (CBD, THC and Kratom) nutrition plan. Using my trinity I was able to come off of five prescription medications (all), one being necessary in order to live. It’s been over a year now. I’m so happy. I feel great and I don’t have any of the negative side effects they claim with this plant. It’s awesome. There’s a lot of lies connected to this, just like cannabis was threatened.

KS: Can you elaborate on concept of the daily Trinity? Does it relate to your spirituality?

HB: Trinity does sound spiritual but initially it has been the most effective for me to function on a healthy physical and emotional level each day.  The spiritual side started with THC. Not only is it for medicinal purposes but profound spiritual practices, as well. So I would say it is spiritual now that I have made that connection with Kratom.  And it hasn’t hindered any spiritual connection I experience.

KS: What’s the difference between how you felt when you were on prescription meds vs. kratom/CBD/THC?

HB: I cry every time I think about it. I feel NORMAL. I feel less anxious and worried. I feel more at peace and ready to face the day. One of the best things I experienced was with how I was able to get motivated and stay focused on projects and tasks….especially at work (I have diagnosed ADD)! I feel like a rockstar teacher! I had energy and felt happy to work! Wow! Also certain strains help me with over eating and curbing my appetite. Some strains help me sleep through the night with RESTFUL sleep (I have a sleep bed that monitors this so I have proof!).

“I cry every time I think about it. I feel NORMAL. I feel less anxious and worried. I feel more at peace and ready to face the day.”

KS: What are your preferred strains? How much do you take on an average day? What’s your favorite way of preparing kratom?

Green & Red Maega Da, White Collision, Green Horn, Red Thai and others I take on occasion. I take anywhere from 2 to 6 g a day, spread out. My favorite way is toss and wash method with the powder form.

KS: Have you experienced any problems or side effects with kratom at all? Has it ever become severely addictive or turned into a bad habit?

HB: In the beginning when I was trying to figure out my dosage, I would throw up, have nausea or sweat when I took too much. No I haven’t experienced any side effects and my dosage has not changed over the year. I have not experienced any addictive effects. I can go without it just fine.

KS: Why do you think people are afraid of kratom? Is it the negative propaganda in the media that feeds that fear?

Not very many people I know are sold on it and I’ve only been able to share it with a small amount of people. People are just too scared or skeptical. Then again when I’m a walking living proof of how it benefits me they still don’t seem to have interest. And sometimes I think it’s because they rely too much on doctors and government feeding them bullshit lies.

I think a lot of people are just scared to try something that hasn’t been through any government testing. Plus they just do not know enough about it, or of enough people trying it. That’s usually how things get popular.

KS: Anything else you want to add?

HB: Only that I wish more people knew about It!

5 thoughts on “Kratom Stories: Heidi Burger from Oklahoma”

  1. its great to find a site sharing stories about the positive changes kratomand other plant medicines do for true spiritual seekers. thank you

  2. Thank you for your comments, Hiedi, but I have a question… I’m a 100% service connected disabled veteran that gets a monthly prescription of opioids, but I’m very interested in this. I’d just as soon get off the opioids all together, but I’m wondering if Kratom causes constipation like the opioids do.

    Thanks in advance for any response,

    1. As long as you drink enough water, you shouldn’t have any trouble with any constipation but it is a lot of plant matter when you use a toss & wash method or take capsules, so you MUST drink enough water. That is very important!! Good luck!! After 20 years of using opiates, I use our precious “leaf of life” & I’ve never felt better! My pain??on a regular basis is down to zero!!! (I have four fractures, peripheral neuropathy and degenerative disc disease) 💚🍃🌱🌿

    2. Hi Bill. I prepare kratom as a tea and have never experienced constipation. Most people get constipation from the “toss and wash” method, which forces a big wet ball of powder into your gut. Prepare it as a tea and let it steep for at least 30 minutes and you won’t have to worry about constipation

    3. I take emyzens, Activayou get at the yogurt area.and I find that helps .I’ve been doing alot of resetting on Jratom and read LOTS OF POSTIVE IN KRATOM .And it get me closer to getting of the pills sleep med .

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