Excellent database of Kratom studies, articles, books, talks, etc

For those of us researching Kratom science, this link is an excellent resource.


This is being shared publicly by Jane Babin, a San Diego lawyer with a PhD in molecular biology, and author of the excellent report “FDA Fails to Follow the Science on Kratom”


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  1. Joe

    Hey, Patrick. The two main alkoloids are hydroxymitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The later being most responsible for pain relief. It only makes up just over 1% of the entire alkoloid makeup. 7-hydroxymitragynine is increased in red and fermented strains. The more you take, the more “wobbles” you experience. Whites have lower amounts of the alkoloid.

  2. Patrick McConnell

    Hey there – great site! just found it today. Not sure where the best place to start posts is, still navigating the website. Occasionally, with certain strains/dosages there is an effect with blurring eyes, loss of motor control (stumbling), and vertigo, along with involuntary muscle spasms. Typically observed with Bali and certain “MD” products. Any idea what alkaloid(s) may be responsible for these actions? Other strains, e.g., white, can be taking in very large doses with no similar adverse consequences whatsoever.


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