Can You Overdose On Kratom? In Short, No.

Can You Overdose On Kratom? In Short, No.

There seems to be a lot of misconception about people overdosing on kratom. Basically, it’s essentially impossible to actually overdose on the powdered leaf. The leaves contain a variety of alkaloids, 2 of which are primarily responsible for the plant’s opiate like effects, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

But the plant also contains what are believed to be opiate antagonists that become dominant over mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine as dosage increases. This results in nausea, vomiting  and general unpleasantness. It’s almost impossible to consume more than 1 ounce of powdered leaf at a time before these negative side effects makes it undesirable to consume more.

At the one ounce level, the amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine present is not anywhere near enough to cause an overdose even for someone with absolutely no tolerance. In a sense, it’s a built in safety mechanism.

Some, but not all, extracts remove the opiate antagonists, allowing for more to be consumed without the negative side effects becoming overwhelming. But with these, as dosage increases the effects level off, such that past a certain point there are diminishing returns where consuming more doesn’t really have any effect. Furthermore, to consume enough to actually get near an overdose level, it would be cost prohibitive.

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  1. I am bipolar and get terrifying hallucinations that are induced by stress. The meds that I am on work fine for reducing the frequency of episodes, but when I do have them kratom is a lifesaver! My psychiatrist is completely on board with me using it, and I may even be able to stop taking the klonopins I am prescribed for anxiety related to the hallucinations. If you are reading this and also experience psychotic episodes, give it a try. Start with small doses. Everyone is different but for me this really works and I feel like I can live a normal life again.

  2. Hello, I have a few questions. I have been on methadone for a few years…I have never taken more than 15 mgs a day…As a matter of fact I am on 10 mgs a day now. I am sick of paying $100 a week for this program and getting nowhere. I honestly don’t want to stay on Kratom, but I am wondering if anyone has ever used Kratom to dose down off of methadone? If so is it harder to come off kratom than it is to get off methadone? I am seriously wanting to stop all of this and desperately needing help with some answers. Thanks

    1. I am currently using Kratom to come off suboxone, I can’t answer if its harder to come off the kratom because I’m still taking it, but I know that it has definitely helped me to come off the suboxone (which I tried to come off cold turkey first and was not successful). The kratom helps to keep the dope sickness away and also helps with my chronic pain without getting me high (which is what I want, after 8 years of heroin use I just want a normal life).

      1. May I ask how that is working for you ? I really want to succeed at the same thing

      2. I have been using Kratom for almost 2 months. I am coming off pain meds after 15 years. Was taking 30 – 40 mg oxycodone daily for 15 yrs. Now I mix 2 mg Kratom with 32 oz powerade twice a day. No more narcotics. No more pain. In fact I have much less “breakthrough” pain.

    2. I was taking suboxone for 2 and a half years and prior to that opiates for 3 years. My fiancée told me about kratom and that I should give it a try to get off of suboxone and I have to say the kratom did help extremely with suboxone withdrawals, but I still had mild withdrawals from the suboxone. I definitely recommend giving kratom a try and getting yourself off of methadone. Trust me I was paying $600 for 60 suboxone strips, but I decreased myself down to 2 strips a day to a little sliver. My uncle is addicted to methadone and he’s lost all of teeth due to the substance so, although I don’t know you I’m very proud of you for taking the steps to get off methadone. I truly wish you the best!!

  3. Just started it. Question: How do you make this into a tea. I tried hot water and it taste so bad I couldn’t finish it. I also tried just putting it in my mouth and washing it down. Damn near choked. Help

    1. You just mix the kratom with water (I add some sugar) but its going to be nasty that way. I started buying the empty gel capsules and filling them with the powder. If you want to drink it try mixing it with chocolate milk, it won’t mix in all the way but it helps to cover some of the taste plus something in the milk makes your body absorb the kratom better, thus making it stronger.

      1. I mix it with just enough coffee to dissolve it. It also makes it stronger and the coffee covers the taste a bit.

    2. Mix it with orange juice or lemonade, still tastes pretty bad but it helps a lot.

    3. try using a sweet n sour gummy right after you drink it.I have gummy calcium i reserve for that time of WILL help you be able to recover from the taste immediately.HONEY,IS ANOTHER a balanced diet,because it helps to assimilate into your system.also,i only got sick when i tried to go without eating,and took my kratom ,And,before i got my ideal dose figured out.i got sick,And it was too much,is the reason..i do not suggest carbonated drinks with or around the time you use it.drink a cup of water to wash it into your system.a hot lemonade,or tea,or coffee washes it down nicely,and,as always,helps you relax.vegetables and fruits help,i is said some things mix better than others to circulate into your system.
      REMEMBER;LESS CAN BE MORE,as i have found to be the case here.find your own dose,do not rely on what others needs are,as we are All different.i have so many medical issues,it is hard for some people to fathom that i only use kratom for helps me sleep,also,not hurting All of the Can have a normal life.i have used this for years,And I WOULD NEVER MIX IT WITH DRUGS OR ALCOHOL,IT IS WHERE THE PROBLEMS HAVE COME IN,IT SEEMS.i wish you a painfree life.use your
      common sense.keep fighting for what is right.OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE.i Hope this helps you not being left with a bad taste in your mouth.

    4. 6I mix it with fruit punch flavors like powerade or koolaid. Makes it taste more like unsweet tea.

    5. Because the plant is so bitter, I have found hat Orange Juice or a pineapple orange juice kills the bitter in the best way. It’s still aweful, but the aftertaste is nothing compared to water alone. Heating the water first also helps, and making a tea of it. Don’t add sugar, that will increase the bitter taste if anything add a pinch of salt like people do for bitter beers. I also tried a couple other ways one of which was making the tea formula with the kratom and then in an empty o.j. bottle 2/3 full of the kratom tea and then adding Bolthouse Farms Green Goddess juice for the final third. This was the best result for me by far to get past the taste! Hope this helps and I with you all the courage in the world. This shit ain’t easy!

  4. I have severe fibromyalgia. I’ve been taking Kratom for about 2 months. Wow I am amazed how well it works. I have a very physical job and I have constant pain and it gets me through my day. I use one teaspoon and a glass of water in the morning and 1 teaspoon around 1 in the afternoon. That is my perfect amount. I used two teaspoons one day and it made me feel nauseous definitely too much. I weigh 170 lb and I’m 5 3. Overweight!!. I keep reading newspaper articles that they are having overdoses on Kratom I don’t even comprehend this. The FDA wants to ban it because it’s helpful. I’ve had my pain for two years and have not been given anything for my doctor that would help me! So if you’re looking for pain relief try it and use it wisely.

    1. What type are you using? I also have fibromyalgia along with osteoporosis.

    2. i Had been given drugs for fibromyalgia…i had hallucinations,AND,got physically ill for days.not This.kratom can be a lifesaver.

    3. I need your Lyrica. Lol

  5. Hello, I have bi polar sometimes schizophrenic I have found stress really makes it worse I have found tremendous relief in 2.5 grams a day of kratom in reducing stress lowering psychosis and depression and making me in an over all better mood

    1. You don’t “sometimes have schizophrenia.” You either have it or you don’t. That’s like saying you’re a little bit pregnant—you either are or you are not.

      1. Be nice. I think the person was saying the symptoms are worse at times

      2. ^o my word!

  6. Just wanted to pop in and say that I had a friend die from taking too much kratom. I’m not sure how much he took that night but he used it very heavily. I’m sure he was using the kind that stopped the throwing up too but he was having massive bags daily

    1. I’m sorry bout your friend but it wasn’t the kratom that killed him .. it’s Impossible to literally od on Kratom. If your friend was using kratom heavily then it’s probably fair to say that he or she had a problem with being addicted to drugs. So it’s probably fair to say that she or he was taking actual drugs on top of using kratom. I know because I am an addict myself and that’s why I use kratom as well , to stay clean off of drugs.

    2. Lies

    3. Lies

    4. Did he use other drugs?

  7. Hi i have a psychopharm background and have recently tried white cine kraton which is supposed to promote a stimulant effect. I found that 2 grams produce a pleasant increase in concentration with calmness. Get 4 grams was quite sedating and induced sleep. I am leafy of accepting that it is impossible to overdose. There have been deaths from water intoxication. So dose matters. It would be prudent to respect this herbal substance since accidental overdose will induce regulation and possibly banning.

  8. If you think that coffee withdrawal will be similar to Kratom withdrawal. You’re in for a ride. I think the worst part of overdose would be the vomiting. I’m on my 4th day of taper and I’m in hell. I was taking about 10-15 grams a day. I am already down to 2 grams a day. Hardly a taper since my taper is going really fast because I don’t have much time before this addiction drops me out of college. I really suggest a taper. I tried to cold turkey and I really felt like I was going to die. The restlessness and insomnia still keep me up at night. But taking a 1g pill in the morning and at night is just about keeping me sane. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place I just wanted to share. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for the information. I got a small bottle of green powdered leaf for a migraine. It was really worrisome regarding addiction. 15g a day sounds like a lot compared to the 900mg capsules I got today. Your story helped me be at ease with this planned one time use. Thank you again.

  9. I have been on kramton for a year and it has saved me totally.. I have lupus and fibro which means there are days I can’t walk due to pain. But kramton has make it possible for me to live with moderate pain and not intolerable pain.
    It is a true life saver for me

    1. Hi There
      How much do you take. I have lupus and bought some the other day to see if it helped. I put one teaspoon in a glass of water and didnt feel much of anything. Then this morning I put in two teaspoons and I vomited but still don’t feel much pain relief or anything. Perhaps it just doesnt do anything for some people?

      1. It may be the strain that you bought, for pain you want a red strain and I would suggest red maeng da

      2. you HAVE TO EAT.

  10. Kratom can’t be overdosed on, i just started buying it over a year ago, the energy and natural benefits of it’s power are beyond pharmas. It was just reading reviews, taking different doses and strains as per well demonstrated YouTube vids. Better trusting than if the doctor gives you something that you don’t know what’s in it and side affects out the yang make you feel horrible. Thank God for Kratom and it’s natural non- harming affects.

    1. some of those videos are ridiculous and some people are just taking it for the euphoric effect. I feel like that is going to mess up the ones of us who are taking it for the painkilling effect because they’re giving it a bad name and they have to take way more than just to relieve pain to get the euphoric effect. Also if Euphoria is what people are looking for they should be on their drugs, or drinking, or something else of their choice.Not trying to give Kratom a bad rap. Another thing, people get on the internet and show themself testing different strains,and some even do different strains in the same day. it is ridiculous,and Sad. I guess some have figured out it is Another way to make money on the internet by posting their videos and getting however many views. duh…with a camera,and some kratom,and an opinion,the majority of Them could be you or i doing the same thing.there ARE NOT ANY “KRATOM,PROFESSER EXPERTS.” all these “experts” on everything are popping up everywhere. Better to rely on yourself even if it takes a little bit of experimenting with different strains in different doses. just use your common sense as we should all be doing with everything. Some of us are paying close attention to what’s going on with this Kratom battle and we realize that we better be careful and smart. This is an answer to an age-old problem and we can make it a success if we minus the greed and really start caring about other people’s feelings and what it takes to make other people feel better. above all, be sensible.

  11. I’ve been taking Kratom for about a year now. I have extremely painful arthritis in my lower back and less painful in other areas. My Vicodin one day just stopped. The Dr said NO and that was that. I was scrambling to find something to help with the impending withdrawals, my Dr just washed his hands of me. I was not abusing it although the dosage wasn’t working as well as it once had. Thank God I found Kratom. It was an excellent substitute for vicodin, better even. I do struggle with depression and it even helps with that. Addicted? Yep, and I’m totally fine with that. It’ll only be a matter of time before it’s regulated, banned, etc. Big Pharma can’t have something from a tree taking $$ from their pockets. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Good for you! Kratom works.

    2. I’m an AML SURVIVOR and this shit is the truth!! Saved my life and got me off the Pain pills and Xanax that was pushed on me after my stem cell transplant. Anyone who says different is in the Big Pharma pay roll for damn sure.

    3. but,you Know you are not wrong.

  12. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing! I will definitely be back.

  13. I drink Kratom tea for my pain and its safer and works better than big Pharma shit. Kratom is saving lives and giving relief to so many. When people don’t understand that we don’t get high or try to get high. Yes you can build up a tollerence to it just like coffee but you don’t have withdrawal thst can kill you. Kratom rocks!

  14. I use Kratom cause I enjoy it. I learned about it years ago from good friend ds who have herion problems. Alot of my friends died from herion.and the ones that have made it off. A few off them used kratom. And swear on it. Almost pretty much all of them. I don’t even use opiates. I drink.
    Kratom makes me not wanna drink. Do I use kratom all day everyday? No I do think want to gain tolerance. I use it here and there thru out the week. Is kratom better to do then booze? Um… yes ofcourse. No overdose and alcohol gets me in trouble and affects every part of your body and of course ur liver. Kratom is like a stronger coffee relayed to coffee with a sedative effect with the right viens and amounts.if I take over 10 grams I feel bloated and burpy and uncomfortable. So I don’t. I know my sweet spot. Kratom is good.

  15. I bought some Royal Krayton Bali in a pouch at a local store. The clerk said it would help with my arthritis pain, I sustained from a car wreck last year,and is supposed to be natural.
    It says 5 grams/ 5 capsules…. Is that 1 gram per capsule or is that 5 grams per capsule? There is no recommend dosage on the pouch either… How many would I take and how often? These labels need to more clarification.
    I’m 5ft tall, and 170lbs. (Had weight gain after accident)
    I’m also a grandmother, on prescription water/ blood pressure medication.

    1. Capsules are 1/2 a gram so two capsules would be a gram 10 capsules =5 grams

      1. Besides your so late she stated that 5 cap to 5 grams was labeled on her pack. Give better advice like suggesting her to talk to her Dr with blood pressure issues as there is a possibility her condition would cause it to be a bad idea to take a dose too high your bad false advice could’ve led to.

        1. They don’t sell anywhere in the world a 1 gram cap any caps u buy are half a gram at any rate she’s an adult if she doesn’t have the common sense to speak to her doc how bout don’t be so negative an just don’t comment ain’t ur job to save her life when it most likely isn’t needed

          1. Be carefull saying “no where in the world” I guaritee you’ll never be able to win arguments with that amplitude of certainty.

          2. I mean… we have 1 gram capsules hanging on the wall in my shop as I’m reading this.

        2. Absolutely untrue. 000 size capsules easily hold a gram. Additionally, 5g/5cap means 1g/1cap. don’t talk with such certainty if you’re not certain, you know?

  16. I think Tom also makes the assumption that addiction is always bad. But addiction in of itself isn’t harmful, even according to the dictionary. So the assumption is that whatever adverse side effects an addictive substance may possess, when consumed in an amount or frequency to sustain the addiction those side effects will always cause harm. However I can think of at least a couple addictions that I have that aren’t unhealthy. I am addicted to caffeine. I need a few cups of coffee or an energy drink or two a day. At least I think I need it. Isn’t that was addiction is? I may even become a grouch – a form or physical withdrawal – if I don’t have my caffeine. But according to science a moderate amount of caffeine is not at all harmful, and it may even have health benefits. I am also addicted to the various chemicals my brain produces in excessive amounts when I go mountain biking. I can also say with confidence that this is a real addiction. But I don’t hear people frowning upon my activity because it can sometimes be very dangerous, such as during falls and accidents.

    1. It sounds to me you may need to lay off the coffee.

    2. Hi Jesse, I like your thinking. I can tell you are not fooling yourself about anything. You recognize that you have some addictions and you also recognize that there are some potential down falls to those addictions. Props to you mate.

  17. Lisa,

    I think you’re making the assumption that many people make – that natural things are good and artificial things bad.

    Plenty of natural things are addictive – Opium is completely natural plant extract and is highly addictive, completely natural pure tobacco is highly addictive too.

    Meanwhile there are completely artificial substances that are not at all addictive, such as acetaminophen or aspirin.

    Kratom is moderately addictive because of its natural chemicals produced inside the plant, for the same reason tobacco is highly addictive because of the nicotine and MAOI chemicals produced naturally in the plant. Coffee beans are not sprayed with anything but are addictive too, and even cocaine and morphine are natural and are merely extracted from their natural plant sources.

    So there is no need for it to be sprayed with anything for it to be addictive. Having said that, a few very dodgy “Kratom extract” packets from seedy headshops have been contaminated with the addictive painkiller and anti-depressant Tramadol. However I very much doubt this is the kind of stuff your family member uses, the powder Kratom from good online kratom vendors is nearly always pure.

    As for your family member, this is my honest advice from my own experience. Firstly, you could try to work out whether it is causing any harm or not. If it isn’t doing any harm, it might be fine just to continue it, but make sure the dosage doesn’t go up significantly.

    If it is a problem, one mild option would be to reduce the dosage and just use small amounts of it.

    Another option is to taper off of it. This is the best way to stop taking it if that’s what’s desired. If they slowly reduce dosage over a fairly long time, say 10% a week for ten weeks, it will be easy. 20% for five weeks would be fairly easy if you’re in more of a rush.

    I would not recommend stopping any addictive substance ‘cold turkey’ (i.e. straight away) – it will be a nasty experience that might strengthen an addiction. Some people can do it, but I know personally that I can’t and I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Give this person some love and show them a nice time if they struggle!

    But remember, kratom is only moderately addictive. Don’t get too worried about it, doing the ten week thing will be barely noticeable in terms of pain, which is why I recommend it.

    Don’t panic, it’s safe stuff. And good luck!

    1. I’m pretty absolutely positive that aspirin is quite natural and starts from he bark of a tree. ( just saying)

      1. When I was taking over the counter medications instead of taking the heavy-duty ones the doctor wanted me on I was getting sick AT LEAST once a month,For Days,and was told it was because aspirin can build up in your system,And be harmful.i don’t know if it’s a bark derivative or not,but I know that aspirin can and will make you sick.the same thing with acetaminophen, ibuprofen,…there’s warnings about kidneys and livers out on all these over-the-counter”Solutions” and people just shrug it off.another thing;i found that taking it in capsule form doesn’t work as good for me, as drinking kratom in tea and that might be the same idea as taking a sublingual medication,the way it works.

    2. acetaminophen and aspirin will kill you wayy before kratom or pure opium kill you tho soo???

  18. According to the 20/20 program the leaf as you call it is sprayed with several chemicals ..there has to be a reason for this leaf that is supposedly all natural to addictive ..any comments or help on this matter would be appreciated ..I have a family member that carries it around mixed in their bottle as a security blanket ..

    1. Lisa,

      Judging from the way you talk, you’re probably part of the reason your family member carries it around as a security blanket. I can guarantee that, if you’re planning some sort of “intervention” style thing, you will only distance yourself further from them.

      Their drug use is probably going to be a given at this point in their life. Focus on loving them for who they are, and making sure they don’t OVER dose. Maybe they’ll find the path to stop, but you’re deeefinitely not going to find it FOR them by being passive aggressive.

      When I read your comment, I immediately thought “If she spoke like this to me, I’d tune her out as soon as she started talking on a regular basis.”

      1. Haha Mister e is absolutely correct. His response is hilarious though sincere. If someone is planning on approaching this person, don’t let it be you Lisa.

      2. You cannot overdose. I was a distributor for nearly 10 years. Anyone can feel nauseated from consuming more than around an ounce per day. But that’s kind of the extent of concerns that most anyone should have about its use. Compare it to one’s use of caffeine. I consider kratom to be more benign than coffee.

        1. My boyfriend takes 8 capsules and 2 1/2 hours later another 8. He went through about 60 pills in 24 hours. Is that really bad? He said he has a high tolerance.

    2. Tons of “all natural” stuff is addictive. Morphine, cocaine, both all naturally addictive

    3. Don’t assume anything.they’re trying to make you think’s in the coffee family and you can get addicted to coffee there’s nothing sprayed on it if you have a reliable source. Do you not realize that natural things can be addictive? here’s an example:how about untreated tobacco straight off the plant,back in the day…. Pick It and Roll It.making people addicted to it way before they started adding chemicals. please use logic and sense.

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